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Bretton Hall. Address: 32 New Chambers St., N. Y


Educa'or; b. London, Eng.. Feb. 1, 1835: parents emi-
grated to America, Mar., 1842; ed. public schools of
city and grad. Coll. of City of N. Y. in first graduating
class, July, 1853; tutor in college. 1853-1809; prof, of
physics (mechanics, etc., mixed mathematics); acting
pres. of college Dec. 1, 1902-Sept. 1, 1903. between the
resignation of Pres. Alexander S. Webb and apptm't
of his successor, John H. Finley. Author: First Lessons
in Wood Working; First Lessons in Metal Working;
The Speed Lathe (with J. H. de Groodt); The Engine
Lathe (with J. H. de Groodt) ; Some Common Errors
of Speech; A Manual of Logarithmic Computation.
Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs, Am. Inst, of Elec. Eng'rs.
City Coll. Club. Address: 40 W T . 126th St., N. Y. City.


Lecturer, natural history artist and wood engraver:
to. Otto, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1854; d. Marvin and Phebe (Irish >
Botsford; grad. Chamberlain Inst., Randolph, N. Y.,
1873, Cornell, 1885; studied art at ' Cooper Union and
under John P. Davis; m. 1S78, Prof. John Henry Corn-
stock, of Cornell. Ass't prof. Cornell Extension work
in nature-study, 1898. Lecturer Leland Stanford. Jr.,
LTniv. Extension work 1899-1900 and in Univ. of
Calif., 1905. Ass't prof, nature-studv in Cornell Univ..
State Coll. of Agr., 1913. Editor: Cornell leaflets for
Home Nature-study, 1903-1911. Pres. Am. Nature-study
Soc, 1913. Exhibited wood engravings at Chicago
Exp'n. 1893; Paris Exp'n, 1900; Pan-Am. Exp'n, 1901.
prize medal. Author: Ways of the Six-footed; How
to Keep Bees; Handbook of Nature-study; Confessions
to a Heathen Idol; joint-author: How to Know the
Butterflies. Mem. Soc. of Am. Wood Engravers, Sigma
Xi, Kappa Alpha Theta fraternities. Address: Ithaca.
N. Y.


Sec. N. Y. Soc. for Suppression of Vice; b. New
Canaan, Conn., Mar. 7, 1S44; s. Thomas Anthony and
Polly Ann (Lockwood) Comstock; ed. dist. sen. and
Wyckoff's Acad., New Canaan, and one year in New-
Britain (Conn.) High Sch. ; m. Brooklyn, Jan. 25, 1871,
MaTgaret Hamilton; children: Adele R., to. 1883, and
one deceased. Volunteered Dec, 1863, in 17th Conn.
Vols.; served under Gen. Gilmore in 3d Separate Bri-
gade, Dep't of South; hon. discharge, July, 1865; came
to N. Y. City, 1867; worked consecutively as porter,
stock clerk and salesman in wholesale dry gooas
houses, 1867-1873. Made first seven arrests of venders
of otoscene books. Mar. 3, 1S72. and has been sec. and
chief special agent N. Y. Soc. for Suppression of Vice
since its incorporation in 1873. Appt'd sp'l agent (now
called insp.) Post-office Dep't Mar. 5, 1873, and until
Jan., 1907, served Gov't of U. S. in that capacity with-
out salary. Has made over three thousand six hun-
dred arrests and seized more than 155 tons of obscene
literature and other contraband matter. Republican.
Mem. Central Presby'n Ch., Summit. N. J. Has been
prominent in Y. M. C. A. work. Author: Frauds Ex-
posed; Gambling Outrages; Morals vs. Art; Traps tor
the Young. Recreations: Cabinet work with tools and
philatelist. Residence: 35 Beekman Road, Summit, N.
J. Office: 140-142 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Retired mf'r; b. N. Y. City. June 13, 1859; s. George
W. and Lydia (Sayre) Comstock; ed. in Germany, one



year, Switzerland, out year; grad. Princeton, am,
1S80, Modern Language Fellow, 1880-1881, Princeton,
m. 1S90. Adelaide Cuthbert Adams; children: Km I
Katherine Say re, Francis Adams, Adelaide iVatrico
Engaged In mf'g. 1SS1-1908; treas. Com toi I. Hon Mf'g
Co., leather goods; sold mf'g 'busim ss 1908; now sec.
and dir. Nat. Protection Co.; also dir. 3 in 1 ' "1 Co.
Spent 4 summers mountain climbing- in Switzerland.
the Tyrol and Carinthia; 8 summers climbing and
camping in British Columbia; visited sources of Atha-
basca and Saskatchewan Rivers, 1900. Independent in
politics; Presby'n. Residence; South Orange, N. J.
Address: 68 William St., N. Y. City.


Author; b. Nichol, Tioga Co., N. Y., 1860; d. S. A.1-
pheus and Jean A. (Downey) Smith; ed. Plainfleld.
N. J.; m. Brooklyn N. Y., Philip Comstock; children:
Philip S., Albert. Author: A Boy of a Thousand Years
Ago; Tower ot Throne; Cedric the Saxon; When the
British Came; A Dusky Hero; Queen's Hostage; Joyce
of the North Woods (dramatized); Princess Rags ana
Tatters: A Son of the Hills; Camp Brave Pine; also
short juvenile stories in magazines. Unitarian. Life
mem. Am. Unitarian Ass'n, mem. N. Y. League of Uni-
tarian Women, and several suffrage ass'ns. Club: Pen
and Brush. Address: 415 E. 18th St., Flatbush. Brook-
lyn. N. Y.

Physician, surgeon; b. Salisbury, N. Y'., Jan. 1. 1856;
s. Morris William and Sarah (Rice) Comstock; ed. dist.
sen., Whittstown Sem., Univ. of N. Y., M.D., 1879; m.
Williamstown. N. Y., April 7, 1880, Emma L. Bartlett;
children: Morris W., Mav A.. Aletha E.. Chas. W. Has
practised in N. Y. Mills. N. Y., since Jlay 1, ISSn. Ilea.
examiner Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y.. and other In-
surance companies. Republican; Methodist. Member
Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y". State Med. Ass'n. Oneida Co.
Med. Soc. and Utica Med. Library Ass'n; Mason, 32,
and Shriner: Odd Fellow (Encampment and Canton).
Clubs: Masonic, Sadaquada. Address: New York
Mills. N. Y.

Elec. eng'r; b. Kenosha, Wis., Jan. 8, 1S65; s. Charles
Henrv and Mercy Carolyn (Bronson) Comstock; graa.
Univ." of Mich., Ph.B., 1S88; <m. N. Y. City. Sept. 12, 19U2,
Anne Stevens Wilson; one son, Thomas Brownell, b.
1904. Engaged in elec. and mech. eng'ring since grad-
uation; three years sup't construction Western Elec-
tric Co.; four years elec. and mech. eng'r George A.
Fuller Co.: travelled in Mexico, West Indies and Cen-
tral and South America; since Jan. 1..1904, pres. and
dir. L. K. Comstock & Co., Inc. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech.
Eng'rs, Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, Western Soc. Eng'rs,
Am. Electrochemical Soc, Delta Kappa Epsilon Ass'n.
Clubs: Engineers. Lawyers, Railroad, Whitehall, Re-
publican. Address: 30 Church St., N. Y. City.

Lawver; sec. to Judge Frank H. Hiscock; b. Long
Island City, X. Y., Nov. 23, 1868; s. James E. and Chloe
E (Springer) Comstock; ed. public schs. of Oswego,
N. Y".; m. Syracuse, N. Y.. Sept. S, 1S96. Nettie Pearle
Hale; children: Hollis Hale, b. 1901; Chloris Annette,
b. 1903. After leaving school worked in store for 3
vears; studied shorthand and entered office of His-
cock, Doheny & Hiscock, Syracuse. N. Y., 1SS7, as sten-
ographer: studied law and admitted to ibar 1893; ra'ng
clerk in Judge Hiscock's office, 1894-1896; sec. to Judge
Hiscock since 1896; also acts as court stenographer
and engaged in real estate and building business. He-
publican. Baptist. Mem. Onondaga County Bar Ass'n,
N Y. State Bar Ass'n, Chamber of Commerce. Clubs:
Citizens, South Bay, Liederkranz (Syracuse). Resi-
dence: 729 Sumner Av. Address: 401 Court House,
Syracuse, N. Y.

Portrait painter, naturalist; b. Chelsea, Orange Co.,
Vt., Sept. 24, 1821; s. Caleb and Sally (Barnes) Conant:
ed. Randolph Acad., Vt., Gouverneur Wesleyan Sem.;
grad. 1844,. Madison Univ., A.M., 1S55; Mo. State Univ.,
1868; m. 1st, Chelsea, Vt., 1845, Sarah M. Howes (died
1S67); 2d, 1869, Brianna Constance Bryan, of San
Francisco; children: A. J., Jr.; Carrie Conant Smith.
Painted portraits of Lincoln, Sherman, heads of cabi-
net departments, U. S., Washington, D. C; justices, ot
Court of Appeals, N. Y. and U. S. Supreme Courts;
merchant princes of St. Louis for Cham'ber of Com-
merce. Among historical works: Burial of De Soto,
and Anderson at Sumter When the Attack Began mow
at West Point). Three months volunteer service in
Mo., in 1S65; 8 years curator of State Univ. of -VI o.;
chm'n com. which founded Sch. of Mines and Metal-
lurgy under Morrill Land Grant of 330,000 acres (was
supervisor 3 years). Made numerous mound and cave
explorations in valley of Mississippi River and tribu-

taries and the Ozark foothills. Was choir leader and
organist 20 years, and teacher in Sacred Music D* I't,
I Willanl Sem.. Troy, N. Y. Author: Archa?ology
of .Mississippi Valley (translated into many European
languages); Footprints of Vanished Races; Prehistoric.
Pagan and Creek Art; Esthetics of the Bible. FOI
merly Clay Whig, since then Republican. Mem. A. A.
A.S.. St. Louis Acad, of Science, Anthropol. Soc, Wash-
ington, D. C, 1880; Institution Ethnographique, Pa
France. Club: Authors. Address: 51 W. loth St., N. Y-


Financial expert; b. Winchester, Mass., July 2, 1861;
grad. Winchester (Mass.) High Sch., 1879. Was en.
gaged in newspaper work for about 20 years, be-
ginning at Boston, 1880, was for 10 years Washington
corr. N. Y. Journal of Commerce. Was Dem. candidate
for Congress in Harvard Univ. Dist. in 1894, and dele-
gate to the Gold Dem. Conv., 1S96. Became a Re-
publican after 1904, and mentioned for Sec. of Treas-
ury, under Pres. Taft. Associated with Exec. Com. of
Indianapolis Monetary Conv., 1897, and suggested sev-
eral provisions of the Gold Standard Law of March
14, 1900. Appt'd by Sec. Root, sp'l comm'r to the P.
I. in summer of 1901, for purpose of investigating
coinage and banking conditions there, his report be-
ing the basis for Philippine Coinage Act of 1903, from
which the new coins became popularly known as
"Conants." In Feb.. 1902. elected treas. Morton Trust
Co. of N. Y., resigning at close of 1906. Visited Mexico,
1903, on invitation of Mexican Gov't to confer with
a com. regarding reform of Mexican currency. Appt'd
by Pres. Roosevelt, mem. Comm'n on Internat. Ex-
change of U. S., which, in summer of 1903, conferred
with European Gov'ts in regard to a reform of cur-
rency systems in China and other Oriental countries.
In 1904. aided the War Dep't in suggesting a cur-
rency measure for Panama, similar to that of the
Philippines. Appt'd. 1906. sp'l com. of the N. Y.
Chamber of Commerce on Reform of Currency, whose
report was adopted by Chamber, Nov. 1, 1906, and was
among first formal endorsements of a central bank of
issue. In 1909 prepared monographs of Nat. Monetary
Comm'n on Nat. Bank of Belgium, and banking sys-
tem of Mexico. Tn 1910 and 1912. sole technical dele-
gate of U. S. to Internat. Conf. at The Hague on In-
ternat. Bills of Exchange. Winter of 1911-1912, pre-
pared with F. C. Harrison plan of monetary reform
for Nicaragua. Author: A history of Modern Banks
of Issue, with an account of economic crises of 19th
centurv and the crises of 1907. fourth edition, 1909:
The United States in the Orient; The Nature of the
Economic Problem, 1900; Wall Street and the Country,
1904; and The Principles of Money and Banking (two
vols.), 1905 (the latter was translated into French by
Raphael Georges-Levy, and published in Paris, 1907).
Dir. Manila R'y, Nat. Bank of Nicaragua and Credit
Clearing House. Mem. Chamber of Commerce State of
N. Y. Am. Economic Ass'n, A.A.A.S., Am. Asiatic Ass'n,
Am. Civil Service Reform League, Societe d'Economie
Politique de France. Clubs: Reform. Lawyers, City
(N. Y.), Cosmos (Washington). Residence: 693 Madi-
son Av. Address: 34 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Dudley, Mass., Sept. 11, 1859; s. Charles
R. and Ann F. (Ross) Conant; ed. Harvard Coll., A.B.,
1884; Johns Hopkins Univ. and Md. Law Sch., 18S4-
18S6; Harvard, A.M., LL.B., 1SS9; m. 1903, Blanche M.
Allison. Instr. in English, Harvard Coll.. 2 years;
instr. in law and lecturer on internat. law. Harvard
Univ., 2 years; since then engaged in practising law
in N. Y. Citv and Havana, Cuba. For eight years
alter the Spanish War, resided in Havana. Was
Counsel to Military Governor, Havana, 1899-1900; pres.
Havana Finance Comm'n for Examining Financial
Condition of Havana, 1S99-1900. Mem. Havana Char-
ter Comm'n. 1900; sp'l pros, att'y (fiscal) in Cuban
post-office fraud cases. 1901. In 1906 resumed resi-
dence and practice of law in New York City. Dir.
Am. Type Founders Co.: mem. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n;
Ass'n Bar Citv of N. Y. Clubs: University, Harvard.
Address: 34 Nassau St.. N. Y. City.


Banker; wholesale grocer; t). Oct. 1, 1S57; s. Richard
Odell and Emma (Loring) Conant; grad. Bowdoiri
Coll., A.B., 1S80; A.M., 1S83: m. Eva Merrill; children:
Elizabeth M., b. 1S86; Persis L b. 1887; Richard O., b.
1888; Reginald O., lb. 1889. Pres. Conant, Patrick &
Co., Portland, Me.; Atlantic Shore R'y; v. -p. Fidelity
Trust Co. Pres. Me. Geneal. Soc; member Me. Hist.
Soc, Portland Pub?ie Library, Me. Geneal. Soc. Clubs:
Collectors (N. Y. City), Cumberland (pres.), Country
and Athletic (Portland). Residences: 143 Park St.,
Portland, and Cumberland, Me. Address: 229 Com-
mercial St., Portland, Me.




Lawyer, consul; b. Monroe, Mich., May 5, 1844; s.
Harry and Maria (Stewart) Conant; ed. Monroe public
sens., Mich. State Normal Sch., Univ. of Mich.- m,
Pontiac, Mich., May 27, 1868, Mary Morris Thurber
State Senator, Mich., 1879; sec. State of Mich., two
terms, 1883-1887; Am. consul at Naples, Italy, and
Windsor, Ontario.. Dir. Union Trust Co., Detroit, Mich
First Nat. Bank, Monroe, Mich. Republican. Recrea-
tions: Golf and lawn ibowllng. Residence: Monroe
Mich. Address: Am. Consulate, Windsor, Ont, Can.

Editor; b. Hamilton, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1838; s. Rev
Thomas J. (D.D.) and Hannah O'Brien (Chaplin)
Conant; ed. Milbury (Mass) Acad.; Collegiate Inst.,
Rochester, N. Y.; Brooklyn (N. Y.) Poly. Inst. (hon.
LL.D., Mercer Univ., Macon, Ga.); m. Rochester, N. Y
Jan. 29, 1862, Martha Wilson; children: Henry Dun-
ning, Mrs. Susan C. Snow, Mrs. Isabel C. Hiilhouse.
Held a clerical position in U. S. Assay Office, N. Y.
City, 1861-1893, resigning- to become ass't editor The
Examiner, N. Y. City, of whose staff was mem. for
over 25 years; chief editor since Jan. 1, 1896; con-
sulting editor since Oct. 1 1912. Has written ex-
tensively for other publications; was N. Y. corr. Chi-
cago Inter-Ocean, 2 years; mem. B'd of Ed'n, Eliza-
beth, N. J., 2 years. Republican. Baptist. Mem. and
treas. from org'n, March 3, 1890, Quill Club of N. Y.
City; mem. Soc. of the Genesee. Address: 23 E. 26th
St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Passaic, N. J., May 7, 1888; s. Henry A.
and Sara L. (Shinn) Conant; ed. Morris Acad., Morris-
town, N. J.; grad. Brown Univ., Ph.B. Asso. head
master of Blake Country Sch., Tarrytown, 1912-1913;
head master and prop'r Blake Sch., N. Y. City, since
1913. V.-p. Cecil Mackie, Inc. Progressive. Clubs:
Brown University. Graduates, Musicians. Residence:
65 W. 44th St. Address: 2 W. 45th St., N. Y. City.


Mech. and elec. eng'r; b. Newark, N. J., Mar. 7,
1862; s. J. Elliot and Sarah J. Condict; ed. in sens, of
N. Y. and Philadelphia and Univ. of Pa.; m. Philadel-
phia, 18S8, Anna Neill. Entered emplov Central Gas
Light Co., San Francisco, 18S2; built and repaired gas
works. Ass't of Mr. Van Depoele in elec. r'y and light-
ing experiments and installing trolley line, New Or-
leans Exp'n and South Bend, Ind., 1885; gen. mg'r Elec.
Car. Co. of America, 1886; eng'r Elec. Storage Battery
Co., 1895; eng'r-in-chief Elec. Vehicle Co., 1897; v.-p.
Electro-Dynamic Co., 1903; now consulting mech. and
elec. eng'r. Inventor of many elec. devices, including
the series-parallel controller now universally used in
operating electric cars. Republican; Preby'n. Mem.
Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, N. Y. Elec. Soc, Franklin Inst.
(Philadelphia). Recreations: Golf, automobiling. Club:
Engineers. Address: Whitehall B'd'g, N. Y. City.


Mining; b. Cornwall, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1864; s. Edward
M. and Anna (Birdsall) Condon; ed. Phillips Acad.,
Andover, Mass.; m. Chicago, 111., Oct. 1, 1891, Emily
Burr Beach; children: Gwendolin Beach, b. 1893; Ed-
ward Beach, b. 1896; Elizabeth Stuyvesant, b. 1903.
Developed coal and iron industries in N. Mex. and
Colo.; built Silver City & Northern R. R.; made the
Portland Gold Mine of Cripple Creek. Pres. and dir.
Fireproofing Co.; dir. Curtis Coal Co.; v.-p. and dir.
Southwestern Coal and Iron Co., and controls or Is
interested in other mining properties in the West and
Mexico. Mem. Am. Geog. Soc, Museum Natural His-
tory, Met. Museum of Art. Recreations: Golf, and
many outdoor sports. Clubs: Union, Racquet, N. Y.
Yacht. Down Town, Tuxedo. Strollers, Arts. Resi-
dence: 50 E. 75th St. Address: 35 Nassau St.. N. Y.


Educator, writer; ib. N. Y., Mar. 8, 1859; d. John C.
Cone and Julia D. (Gray) Cone; grad. N. Y. City Nor-
mal Coll., 1876; hon. L.H.M., N. Y. Univ., 1908. Assisted
Jeanette L. Gilder in editing Pen Portraits of Literary
Women; since 1899 prof. English at N. Y. City Normal
Coll. Author: Oberon and Puck; The Ride to the Lady,
and Other Poems; Soldiers of the Light, 1910; cont'b'r
to current magazines. Address: 51 E. 90th St., N. Y.


Insurance official; Ib. Baltimore, Md., Sept. 4, 1872:
s. Samuel H. and Henrietta (Cromwell) Congdon; ed
Baltimore public schs.; m. Washington. D. C, Oct. 15,
1902. Bertha T. Weed; children: Gilbert, Jr., b. 1905;
Linus W., b. 1907; Julia, b. 1910. Began business life
as mg'r of a rubber company in Baltimore; was trav-
eling representative of rubber mf'r of Cleveland, Ohio,

until 1896. In 1908 became sup't of agencies for U. S.
Fidelity and Guaranty Co.; resigned to take similar
position with the Title Guaranty & Trust Co.; agency
sup't and ass't sec. Nat'l Surety Co., 1904-1908; ass't
sec. and mg'r Agency Dep't of Empire State Surety Co.
of N. Y., Feb. 1908-Feb. 1910, sec. and agency sup't of
same company Feb. 1910-March 1913, when 'became
mg r Bond Dep't of Equitable Mortgage and Trust Co ,
Baltimore, Md. Independent in politics; Episcopalian
Residence: 5 Melvin Av., Catonsville, Md.

Architect; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1834; s. Charles and
Anna E. (Pearce) Congdon; ed. Cheshire Soh., Colum-
bia Grammar Sch., Columbia Coll., A.B., 1854; m N Y
City, 1S65, Charlotte Greenleaf; children: Ernest Ar-
nold, b. 1866; Herbert Wheaton, b. 1S76. Church archi-
tect; designer of many important churches in U. S.;
senior partner Henry M. Congdon & Son, architects.
Mem. 6th Co., 7th Reg't N. G. N. Y., during Civil War,
joining as private and leaving as orderly-sergeant
Episcopalian. Fellow Am. Inst. Architects (past sec);
mem. Psi Upsilon. Address: 18 Broadway, N. Y. City.

Manufacturer, banker, ex-state Senator; b. Groton,
Tompkins Co., N. Y., Ocf. 29, 1856; ed. schs. of Groton.
Began mercantile business in well-known house of C.
W. Conger & Co.. Groton, N. Y., and at age of 21 ad-
mitted a partner in concern; since then has been active
in promoting and enlarging the business. Has also
large interests in several mf'g plants of native town.
Pres. Mechanics' Bank of Groton, N. Y.; also interested
in structural steel business, being v.-p. Boston Bridge
Works, Boston; connected as stockholder and dir. with
several other large structural concerns. Served two
terms in Assembly, 1900-1901; elected State Senator on
Republican ticket, 1908. Address: Groton, Tompkins
Co., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Monroe, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1874; s. George R
and Isabella (Roberts) Conklin; grad. Phillips Exeter
Acad., 1892; Yale Univ., B.A., 1896; N. Y. Law Sch.,
LLB., 1898; m. Aug. 22, 1906, Grace H. Frisby, of New
Haven, Conn. Clerk for Frederic G. Dow, Dec. 1898-
Jan. 1, 1901; with him as mem. of firm of Dow & Conk-
lin, Jan. 1-Dec. 28, 1901, when Mr. Dow died; practised
alone until May 1, 1906; with Elbert B. Hamlin, in
firm Hamlin & Conklin, 1906-1913; now practising
alone at 59 Wall Street, New York, and Ridgewood,
New Jersey. Dir. The Am. Syndicate, George A. Feld
Co., Diamond Expansion Bolt Co., Am. Hard Rubber
Co., Am. Offset Co., Hall Printing Press Co., Bankers'
Service Corp'n, Garwood Co., Electric Heat Storage
Co. Instr. N. Y. Law Sch., 1898-1902. Republican,
churchman. Recreation: Golf. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa
Alumni in N. Y., Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Am. Acad.
Polit. and Social Science. Clubs: Hardware, Beta
Theta Pi, Ridgewood Country. Residence; Ridgewood,
N. J. Address: 59 Wall St., N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. Albany, N. Y., Aug. 2, 1876; s. Josiah and
Anna J. (Hughes) Conklin; ed Albany High Sch., U. S.
Mil. Acad., Columbia Sch. of Mines, Columbia Law Sch..
LL.B. Reporter, Albany Evening Journal, 1893-1896;
in N. Y. Police Dep't, 1897-1899; foreman N. Y. State
Dep't Public Works, 1900-1901; sec. Buyers' Ass'n of
America and editor of Purchaser, 1902-1903; local
sup't, Free Lecture System, N. Y. City Edn'l Dep't,
1904-1906. Republican; mem of Assembly from 21st
Dist., N. Y. Co., 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910; mem. N. Y. State
Bar Ass'n, Republican Co. Com. Recreations: Rowing,
canoeing, walking, all out-of-door sports. Clubs:
Manhattan Republican, Sterling Rep. and Republican
Club of the 23d Dist., N. Y.; Lawn Tennis Club (N. Y
City), Fort Orange (Albany). Residence; 610 River-
sile Drive. Address: 34 Pine St., N. Y. City.

Banker, capitalist; b. Urbana, 111., Feb. 1, 1858; s.
Joseph Okell and Julia Louise (Hunt) Conklin; of
Scotch-English descent; Immediate ances, John Conk-
lin, settled North Shore of L I., 1640; ed. Champaign,
111.; grad. Univ. of 111., 1880; honorary Lltt. M., 1890;
m. Paris, France, May 4. 1898, Mary Macfadden; chil-
dren: Julia Cecilia, b. Feb. 1, 1899; Roland Hunt, b.
June 23, 1904; Rosemary, b. July 20, 1908. In real es-
tate business at Kansas City, 1880-1892; founder and
mem. largest real estate firm in Southern Kan , which
developed vast resources of great West; headquarters
were removed to N. Y. City, 1893, and same vear the
famous panic occurred, which drove company into
liquidation; reorganization was effected, under N Am
Trust Co., conducting general banking business. Com-
pany was appt d fiscal agent for U. S. Gov't in Cuba,
1898, being first Am. company to begin business in
Cuba after war. Elected v.-p. of corp'n 1896. and re-



signed, 1899. Undertook numerous financial opera-
tions for development of Cuba, which have attained
marked success. Was one of the principal organizers
and founders of Nat. Bank of Cuba, Havana Telephone
Co., and Cuban Telephone Co.; has been instrumental
In reorganizing and consolidating numerous sugar
cos., now being v.-p. Central Cuba Sugar Co., owning
and operating four mills; v.-p. Central Moron Sugar
Co., Jucaro & Moron R'y Co. Developed system of
railways and sugar mills, which Is now engaged in
combining and bld'g In Cuba; company operates the
oldest r'y in Cuba, and with completion of about 300
miles of new road, and seveTal sugar mills, company
will open up richest sugar dist. on island. Has spent
much time in travel, having made many trips abroad.
Pres. Hunting Ass'n. Recreation: Collecting for valua-
ble library. Clubs: St. Nicholas, Automobile of America,
Lotos. City Lunch. Nassau Country, Huntington Coun-
try, Seawanhaka, Corinthian Yacht, Huntington Yacht.
Am. of Havana, Havana Country. Residences (Coun-
try): Rosemary Farm, Huntington, L. I. (has been resi-
dence of family since 1663). (City): 55th St. & 7th Av.
Address: 1 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Lawver, author; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 28. 1S50; s. Fred-
erick \. and Eleanora (Ronalds) Conkling; grad. Yale
Univ., Ph.B., 1S70; Columbia Coll., LL.B., 1879: resident
graduate at Harvard Univ. Course lectures. Cam-
bridge, Mass., 1870-1S71; also one Semester Univ. of
Berlin, Germany. 1S73: m. April 9, 1890. Ethel East-
man Johnson; children: Muriel L. R., Olga L.. Vivian
E. H. Admitted to N. Y. Bar 1S79; since then engaged
in practice. Pres. Realtv League of N. Y. City. Exten-
sive traveler and linguist; traveled all over Europe
and the East, 1S72-1S74; Colo.. N. Mex., Nev. and Calif.,
as U. S. geologist, 1875-1877; Canada, 1S84: Mexico,
1SS3-1SS4. Author: Appleton's Guide to Mexico, 1884-
1889 (5 editions); Life and Letters of Roscoe Conk-
ling, 1889; Hand-book for Voters, 1894; City Govern-
ment in the United States (4 editions). Republican;
Presbv'n. Mem. Nat. Municipal League. Recreations:
Rowing, lawn tennis, baseball, foreign travel; fond of
music and opera. Clubs: Metropolitan, Republican.
Tuxedo. Summer residence: Morristown. N. J. Win-
ter residence: 157 E. 70th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, real estate operator; b. N. Y. City, 1S56: s.

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