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W. 44th St., X. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Fond du Lac, Wis.. 1S56; s. John
and Jane (Smith) Armory; ed. Riverview .Mil. Acad .
Poughkeepsie (capt. and adj.); m. Poughkeepsie, N.
Y., Mary S. Hull: children: John Hull. Eugene H
Clement Gould. Miner at Tombstone, Ariz., 1878-1SS0;
ag't of Pacific Express Co., Texarkana, Texas, 1881-
1882; hotel prop'r, Billings, Mont., 1883-1884; sec and
treas. Armstrong Mfg. Co., Bridgeport, Conn., .l&a~>-
1886; now pres. Gas Engine & Power Co.. and Charles
L, Seabury & Co., Consolidated, N. Y. City. Repub-
lican; Episcopalian. Mem. Soc. Naval Architects and
Marine Eng'rs, Nat. Ass'n of Engine and Boat Mf'rs,
Nat Civic Federation. Clubs: Larchmont Yacht, N.
Y. Yacht. Columbia Yacht, Transportation. Address:
Morris Heights. N. Y. City.


Merchant, banker; b. Syracuse, N. Y., Dec, 1853; s.
Jacob and Mary Amos; ed. Syracuse High Sch.; m.
Syracuse, N. Y.. Sept., 1880, Florence E. Wells; one
d.; Christine. Pres. Paragon Plaster Co., v.-p. Third
Nat. Bank, C. L. Amos Coal Co.; trustee Syracuse
savings Bank; dir. Commercial Nat. Bank, Syracuse
Independent Telephone Co., Am. Floyds Ins. Co.,
Great Western Floyds Ins. Co. Mem. N. Y. Produce
Exchange. Formerly mayor of Syracuse; trustee Vil-
lage of Baldwinsville. Republican. Mason. Knight
Templar. Clubs: Century, citizens, Onondaga Golf.
Address: Syracuse, N. Y.


Sec. Foreign Dep't., Internat. Com. Y.M.C. Ass'n; b.
Svneke. Bornholm, Denmark, Nov. 6, 1862; s. Hans K.

and Ane Mana (Dahl) Andersen; grad. St. Johnsbury
(Vt.)-Acad., 1681, Dartmouth ColL, A.B., 1886 (Phi
Beta Kappa); m. Jersey City, N. J., June 2, 1892,
Louis, Mason; one d., Dorothy Andersen. Upon
leaving to. lege became sec. Young Men's Inst., X.
Y. City, 18S6-89; sec. Y. M. C. A., Asheville, N. C,
which organized 1889-1892; field sec. Internat. Am. Y.
M. C. Ass'ns for the South, 1892-1898; sec. Student
Dep't, Internat. Com., 1898-1908; sec. Foreign Dep't
since 1902. Traveled in Europe summers of 1887,
1889, 1900, 1902, 1905, 1909, 1910, 1911. Address: 124
East 28th St., N. Y. City.


Artist; b. X. J., 1847; s. William and Sarah Louise
(Ryerson) Anderson ; gen. ed'n at Columbia Coll.,
Grammar Sch., and in Europe under private tutors;
art ed'n in Paris, under Bonnat, Cabanel, Collin,
Cormon, Godin; m. 1887, Elizabeth Milbank. Resided
for many years in Paris, where was pres. Am. Art
Assn, Paris (now honorary pres.); exhibited at Paris
Salon, and at the Exposition Universelle, 1899, as
well as in various other exb'ns. Specialty is por-
traiture; v.-p. Portrait Soc. of America. Among
more notable portraits are those of the late Bishop
Arthur Cleveland Coxe, Henrv B. Clafiin, Gen. Oliver
O. Howard, Governor Morgan, Thomas A. Edison,
John Wanamaker, Sec Root, etc. Built the Bryant
Park Studio Building. Recreations: Hunting, motor-
ing, golf. Special sup't Teton and Yellowstone
Forest Preserves, Wyoming; v.-p. League of Am.
Sportsmen; mem. N. Y. Soc. for Protection of Game,
N. Y. Acad. Science, Nat. Geog. Soc, X. Y. Zool. Gar-
dens. Clubs: Union League, Riding, Automobile of
America, Lambs, Fairfield County Golf, Lakewood
Country. Address: Bryant Park Studio Bldg., N. Y. City.


Collector of internal revenue; b. in Ohio, of African
descent; worked his way through high school and
commercial college while supporting a widow.-d
mother and two sisters; afterwards studied law, but
was not admitted to bar. Took up newspaper work
in X. Y. ; later engaged in politics; for several years
supervisor of racing accounts in connection with
the N. Y. State Racing Comm'n; appt'd, 1906, col-
lector of internal revenue for 2d Dist., N. Y. City;
four years chief clerk State Treasury of N. Y. Mem.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, N. Y\ Peace Soc, Inst,
of Arts and Sciences of Columbia Coll., Aoad. of
Polit. Science, Nat. Geog. Soc; speaker. Address:
Custom House, N. Y. City.


Librarian; b. Zionsville, Ind., Sept. 27, 1861; s. Phil-
ander and Emma A. (Duzan) Anderson; grad. Wabash
''oil., A.B. 1883; A.M. 188.7; spent a year at N. Y. State
Ltbrary Sch., Albany, N. Y. ; m. Glencoe, 111., Dec. 22,
1891. Frances R. Plummer. Cataloguer one year at
Newberry Library, Chicago, 111.; librarian Carnegie
Free Library, Braddock, Pa., three years: organized
and was first librarian of Carnegie Library of Pitts-
burgh. Pa., 1895-1904; engaged in zinc and lead mining
at Carthage. Mo., during- 1905; dir. N. Y. State Library;
N. Y. Library Sch., Albany, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1906-
June 1, 1908, resigning June 1, 1908, to become ass't
dir N. Y. Public Library; appt'd dir. N. Y. Public Li-
brary, May 14, 1913. Pres. Keystone State Library
Ass'n 1901-1902, mem. Public Records Comm'n of Pa",
and of Historical Archives Comm'n of Pa., 1903-1904;
pres. N. Y. (State) Library Ass'n, 1908; pres N. Y
(City) Library Club. 1910-1911: pres. Am. Librarv
Ass'n, 1913-1914. Club: Century. Residence: Scars'-
dale. N. Y. Address: N. Y. Public Library, N. Y. City.


Naval officer: b. Staten Island. July 20, 1852; s. Will-
iam C. and Louisa (Morgan) Anderson; grad. Coll of
City of N. Y., A.B., class 1871; Coll. Phys. and Surg..
M.D., 1874; m. London. Eng.. June 17. 1886, Eleanor
Calder Coffin; children: Dorothv Morgan, b. 1887;
Eleanor (Mrs. Rush Southgate Fay), b. 1890. Appt'd
Med. Dir. U.S.N.. Dec. 13. 1909. Pres. Naval Examining
B'd; mem. B'd of Med. Examiners. Mem. Alpha Delta
Phi fraternity. Clubs: University, X. Y. Yacht (N. Y.
City): Army & Navy (Washington. D. C); Chew Chase
(Md.). Address: 1628 19th St.. Washington, D. C.


Lawyer, journalist: b. Bloomington, 111., Aug. 20,
1869; s. Orson Brittin and Harriet V. (Smith) Ander-
son; ed. public schs., Springfield, 111.. Shurtleff Coil-
Upper Alton, 111.: Law Dep't. 111. Weslevan Univ.,
Bloomington, LL.B; m. Springfield, 111.. Oct 31, 1895,
Mary A. Kumler; children: Mary K.. b. Dec, 1905;
George K., b. Oct. 20. 1912. Engaged in newspaper



work, 1893-1896, in Springflelil, [11., ;uid Chicago; mn'g
editor Peoria Journal, 181*6-1900; editor and mg'r
Springfield News, 1900-1904; consul at Hangchow,
China, 1904-1905; consul at Amoy, 1905-1906; consul
gen. at Rio de Janeiro, 1906-1910, and Hong Kong since
1910. Address: Am. Consulate, Hons Kong, China.


Manufacturer electrical apparatus and patent so-
licltor; b. Mt Sterling (Hopewell P.O.), Muskingum
Co., O., Jan. 18, 1846; s. Alban and Frames Ann (Wil-
son) Anderson; ed. Ohio sens.; m. Verplanck, N. Y..
1866. Pilena Estelle Stinson; children: Homer Alban
(lawyer), Katherlne Estelle (organist), Douglas De
Forest (surveyor); Entered U. S. Volunteer Army at
age of 16; served as corporal Co. 1, 90th Ohio Vol. Inf.,
1862; disabled in campaign through K in ick> and
Tennessee, Oct. 1 to Dec. 10, 1S62; discharged Dee. 24,
1S62; served with Army of Potomac in service of ('. S.
Sanitary Comm'n, Jan. 1, 1864, to close of war. Water
comm'r Peekskill two terms. 1895-1S9S, last term pres.
of board; mem. B'd of Ed'n 1S91-1893; sec. of board
1S91-1S92. Methodist. One Of original mems. Am.
Inst. Elec. Eng'rs (not now mem.). Mem. Centennial
Hose Co. Abraham Vosbtirgh Post, G. A. R. (past
comd'r); Westchester Co. Ass'n G. A. R. (sec); Lin-
coln Soc, Peeks'kill (pres.); sec. Veterans' Monument
Ass'n in Town of Cortlandt (inc.); Lincoln Soc.
(pres.). Address: Peekskill, N. Y.


Artist; b. Oxford, O., Jan. 13, 1874; s. I. M. and Emma
(Smith) Anderson; ed. public schools, Art Inst, of
Chicago, and pupil of Mucha, Paris; m. Marietta, O.,
Sept. 1, 1904, Helen Edgerton Buell. After studies in
Paris art schools, painted in the Netherlands and Spain,
also portrait painter and book illustrator. Has done
much work in illustration for Saturday Evening Post,
Collier's Weekly. Scribner's Magazine, etc. Mem. Ass'n
of Am. Painters and Sculptors. Asso. Nat. Acad, of De-
sign, Silver Medal, Carnegie Inst., 1911; represent' id In
parmanent collection. Art Inst., Chicago, and many
private collections. Club; Salmagundi. Residence:
Westport, Conn.


Diplomat; b. Paris, France (of Am. parents), Aug.
15, 1866; s. Gen. Nicholas Longworth and Elizabeth
Coles (Kilgour) Anderson; ed. Phillips Exeter Acad.,
class of 1884; Harvard Coll., A.B., class of 18SS; Har-
vard Law Sch., one year; m; Boston. June 10. 1897,
Isabel Weld (d. Commo. George Perkins, USX )
Second sec. Legation and Embassy at London. 1891-
1894; 1st see. Embassy and Charge d'Affaires at Rome.
1894-1897; cap*., and ass't adj. gen., acting adj. gen. of
Div., U.S. V., 1897; envoy extraordinary and minister
plenipotentiary to Belgium, 1911-1912; ambassador
extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Japan. 1912.
Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Soc. of Cincinnati,
Mil. Order Loyal Legion, Order of Spanish War, Alpha
Delta Phi, and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternities.
Comd'r Sts. Maurice and Lazare (Italy), grand officer
of Crown of Italy. Clubs: Union, University. Harvard,
N. Y. Yacht (N. Y. City). Residence (summer):
"Weld." Brc-okline, Mass. (winter): 2118 Massachu-
setts Av., Washington, D. C.


Former sup't Bureau of Surveys, N. Y. B'd Fire Un-
derwriters; b. N. Y. City; ed. in public and private
schools of N. Y. City. Began business life as clerk
with Howard Ins. Co., at age of 14, and remained with
company for 14 years, entered service of Mercan-
tile Ins. Co., of which was elected sec, 1S64, and
pres. 1870. During that period was treas. and
also mem. of Patrol Com. and Corns, on Police and
Origin of Fires of N. Y. B'd Fire Underwriters. Pre-
pared report on the regulations and requirements
governing the installation of electricity, embodied in
a paper which he read before the United Fire Under-
writers of America; were adopted by that body. Also
prepared standard of requirements for automatic
sprinklers; resigned from Mercantile Ins. Co.. 1S88, to
become sup't Bureau of Surveys for N. Y. B'd Fire
Underwriters, which position retained until Jan. 1,
1911; v.-p. Nat. Fire Prevention Ass'n; mem. B'd Con-
sulting Eng'rs of Nat. B'd Fire Underwriters, until re-
tirement from active business. Address: 123 William
St., N. Y. City.

Captain U. S. A.; b. Lexington, Va., Jan. 6, 1881; s.
Gen. William Alexander and Mary Louisa (Blair) An-
derson; ed. Washington & Lee Univ., Lexington, Va. ;
U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, N. Y Eng'r Sch., Wash-
ington Barracks, D. C; m. Carrollton, Ga Aug. 24,
1905, Maude, d. Judge William F. Brown, Insp. and
lnstr. of eng'r troops, N.G.N.Y., Pa. and Ohio; instr.

of eng'ring at U, S. Mil. Acad., L908 1912; 2d lieut.
Corps oi Eng'rs, I S. A.. June 16, [904; 1st lieut.,
Jan. 1, 1906; capt, Feb. 27, 1912; in charge of mil.
map 01 Cuba, 1907-190S. Mini. Aztec Soc Army of
Cuban Pacification. Recreations: Track athb
sports, shooting. Mem. various army clubs. Resi-
dence: Arrowhead Court, 117th St. and Pinehurst
Av. Address: 280 Broadway, X V. City.


Lawyer; b. Greenwich, Conn., Aug. 4, 1S74; s. Ralph
Leigh, Jr., ami Susie il'hilbin) Anderton; ed. St. Louis
Coll., Coll. City of N. Y., N. Y. Univ. Law Sch., LL.B.,
1900; in. May 14, 1904, Louise Marie Durrie, d. late
George Boice Durrie, M.l>. Mem. firm Beekman, Men-
ken & Griscom. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. V., N. V.
County Lawyers' Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Assn. Am.
Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Theta Delta Chi, Economic Resi-
dence: 408 W. 110th si. Address: .".2 William St.. X. Y.


Lawyer; 'b. Boston, April 29, 185S; s. Gov. John Al-
bion and Eliza T. (Hersej p Andrew; student at Law-
rence Scientific Sch., Harvard, 188U, Law Sch., Univ.
of Ga., also Germany and Italy; m. Jan. 10, 1801, Mary
R. Garrettson; children: Beatrice, Margaret Forrester,
John Albion. Founded W. Va. News, Ronceverte, W.
Va., 18'JS; now engaged in law practice, W. Va. Re-
publican nominee for State Senate from Sth W. Va.
Dist., 1S98; organized Light Inf., 1880. and comm'nd
capt., also 2d Reg't, W. Va. Militia and comm'nd col.
Republican. Episcopalian. Vestryman All Saints Ch.,
Union, W. Va. Mem. Washington Continental Guard
of N. Y. Soc Founders and Patriots of N. Y., Soc. of
Colonial Wars of Mass., S.A.R. Clubs: Somerset
(Boston), Metropolitan (Wash., D. C), Armv and Navy
(N. Y. City). Address: 507 West End Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer, capitalist; b. Massena, N. Y., April 4, 1864;
s. Hannibal and Harriet (De Lano) Andrews; ed.
Williston Sem., Easthampton, Mass., grad. U. S. Mil.
Acad., West Point, N. Y., 1886; Columbian Univ. Law
Sch., LL.B., N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1802; m. Governor's
Island, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1888, Mary Campbell, d. Lieut.-
Gen. John M. Schofield, U.S.A.; children: Schofield, b.
Aug. 7, 1SS9; De Lano, ib. March 4, 1894. Practised
law N. Y. City, 1893-1903. V.-p. and dir. Gen. Asphalt
Co., Barber Asphalt Paving Co., United R'y Co., and
others. Lieut. 5th U. S. Art'y, U.S.A., 1886-1893; a.d.c
to Maj.-gen. commanding army, 1889-1S92; resigned
from army, 1893; major and eng'r officer, 1st Brigade,
X.G.N.Y., 1893-1S9S; major commanding Squadron A,
N.G.N. Y. 189S; Lieut.-Col. U. S. Vols, during Spanish
War; adj. -gen. State of N. Y. and chief of staff to
Gov. Roosevelt, 1S99; police comm'r, N. Y. City, 1894-
1S96. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Soc Foreign
Wars, Acad, of Design, Philadelphia. Clubs: Centurv,
University, Squadron A (New York), Rittenhous'e,
Racquet and Country (Phila.), Armv and Navy (Wash-
ington). Address: Land Title Bld'g, Philadelphia, Pa.


Publisher- b. Morrison, 111., Dec. 27. 1883; s. James
DeWitt and Minnie (Barrett) Andrews; ed. Univ. of
Chicago, Chicago, 111.; m. Oak Park, 111., June IS, 1906,
Hannah Dunlop. Sec and advertising mg'r Vogue
Pub. Co., Vanity Fair Pub. Co., Inc.; pres. Eastchester
Mortgage & Realty Co.; formerly connected with Re-
view of Reviews and Butterick Pub. Co. Clubs: Uni-
versity (Chicago), Aldine Ass'n, Alpha Delta Phi
(mem. exec, council). Sphinx (v.-p.), Scarsdale Golf
and Country, Sleepy Hollow Country. Republican (N.
Y. City). Residence: Lawrence Park, Bronxville, N.
Y. Address: 443 4th Av., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Plantsville, Conn.. April 2, 1877; s.
Levi and Emily Elsie (Foote) Andrews; ed. Lewis
High Sch., 1891-1893: Itt. Hermon Boys' Sch., Mt. Her-
mon, Mass.; Coll. Phys. -.nd Surg., N. Y. City, 1S07-
1899; Baltimore Med. Coll., 1903-1906, M.D.; m. Mt.
Morris, X. Y., June 22, 1909, Charlotte Curtis Sey-
mour; one son: Norman Seymour, b. July 19, 1912.
Became interne 1906, later junior ass't at Craig Col-
ony for Epileptics, Sonyea, N. Y.; 3d ass't, seven
years; now engaged in private practice, Rochester,
N. Y. Mem. Med. Soc. County of Monroe Med. Soc
State of N. Y., Am. Med. Ass'n, Rochester Acad. Medi-
cine; Mason. Address: 238 Rugby Av., Rochester, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Yazoo City, Miss., May 13, 1875; s. Col.
Garnett and Rosalie Champe (Beirne) Andrews,
father was author Andrews' Mississippi Digest;
grandfather, Judge Garnett Andrews, was Judge Su-
preme Court of Ga.: maternal great-grandfather, An-
drew O'Beirne, of Va., represented the Greenbrier



Diat. for many years in U. S. Congress; girad. Ala.
Polytechnic Inst., B.Sc, 1894; m. San Juan, Porto
Rico, Henrietta K5rber. For 7 years counsel Med.
Soc. County of N. Y. Contb'd frequently to l<'orum.
Cosmopolitan, Journal of Am. Med. Ass'n, Med. News,
N. Y. Times, Yale Law Journal, and other magazines,
chiefly on foreign travel and on legal topics, par-
ticularly on the law relating to physicians and sur-
geons, the unlawful practice of medicine, and the
dangers of quackery. Certiiied to War Dep't as first
honor mil. student Ala. Polytechnic Inst., 1894; capt.
3d Tenn. Inf., U. S. Vols., 1898-1899; recommended for
commission in regular army, but declined; now an
officer in the 9th Coast Artillery Dist., N.G.N.Y.
Pres. and dir. A. B. Andrews Co.; dir. estate of
Garnett Andrews. Democrat. Mem. Med. Juris-
prudence Sac.; hon. mem. Peekskill Lincoln Soc;
Met Museum of Art, Municipal Art Soc, Naval and
Mil. Order Spanish War, Spanish War Veterans (past
com'dr N. Y. State Dep't), Sons of Revolution; assu.
mem. Confederate Veterans; v.-p. Tennessee Soc,
Georgia Soc, Virginia Soc; pres. Ala. Polytechnic
Inst. Alumni Ass'n in N. Y.; Sigma Alpha Bpsuon
Ass'n (past pres.); mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.,
Am. Bar Ass'n, Elks (past exalted ruler, 1902-1904)
Clubs: Army and Navy, Pen. Address; 200 Fifth
Av., N. Y. City.

Stock broker; b. Baltimore, Md., Oct. 28, 1858; s.
Richard S. and Mary C. (Lee) Andrews; grad. Univ.
of Pa, A.M., 1891; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1893, Edith
Walden; children: Richard S., b. 1894; Charles L
Jr., and Caroline A. W., b. 1897. Mem. N. Y. Stock
Exchange since 1887, mem. firm De Coppet & Doremus.
Served in 1st Battalion, N. Y. Naval Militia, 1892, ad-
vanced to lieut., resigned 1903; served in Spanish-Am.
War on U.S.S. Yankee as ensign. Mem. Southern Soc,
Md. Soc, Mil. Order Foreign Wars, Naval and Mil.
Order Spanish-Am. War, Delta Kappa Epsilon fratern-
ity. Clubs: Union, Army and Navy, Manhasset Bay
Yacht. Address: 42 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Banker; b N. Y. City, 1844; s. Loring and Blandina
B Andrews; ed. Columbia Coll. Grammar Sch. and at
Dusseldorf, Germany; med. course Bellevue Hosp. Med.
Coll m Blanche Landgraf Vance, widow of Louis S.
J Brewster; one daughter, Constance B. Jones.
Served as volunteer med. ass't in Civil War. Early
business life was partner of Loring Andrews & Son,
leather merchants of "The Swamp;" later senior mem.
banking firms, Constant A. Andrews & Co.; organizer
and pres. U. S. Savings Bank (20 years); pres. Elk-
horn Co Practically retired from active social and
business life, owing to long illness in the family.
Formerly mem. Co. H, 7th Reg*t; was first treas. of
Reform Club; many years treas. N. Y. City Mission
and Tract Soc, and of Charity Organization Soc. Life
mem. Museum of Nat. Hist, and Met. Museum of Art.
Clubs: City (life). National Arts (life), Ardsley, N. Y.
Athletic. Manhasset Bay Yacht (honorary mem.). Ad-
dress: White Plains, N. Y.


Banker; b. Collinsville, Conn., Sept., 1843; s. F. N.
and Julia (Merritt) Andrews; ed. common sch., Low-
ell, Warner & Rankin Commercial Coll., Binghamton,
N. Y., 1S61; m. Union Center, N. Y., Aug. 22, 1867,
Eliza A. Robinson; one d.: Elma. In mercantile busi-
ness at Union Center, N. Y., 1878-1908, under Shores
& Andrews, 1878-1883, and Andrews & Pitkin, 1883-
1908. Pres.. and dir. Farmers' Nat. Bank of Union,
N. Y.; treas. and dir. Crystal Creamery Co.. Union
Center, N. Y., since org'n, 1892. Mem. Broome Co.
B'd of Supervisors, 1884, 1889, 1890; postmaster Union
Center N. Y., 8 years. Mem. B'd of Control, N. Y.
Agr'l Experiment Station, Geneva, N. Y. Democrat;
Methodist. Address: R. F. D. 2, Union, N. Y.


Attorney and counsellor-at-law; b. Tarrytown, N.
Y., Jan. 2S, 1866; s. George and Mary (Pierson) An-
drews; ed. public sch.; Mt. Pleasant Acad., Cooper
Inst. (Art School), Harlem Evening High Sch., N. Y.
Univ. Law Sch. (LL.B.); m. Philadelphia, Pa., April
12, 1898, Margaret King Martin. Author: Andrews
Manual of Customs Laws; Andrews on the Transfer
Tax Law. Tres. Renault Taxi Sei- ; treas. Motor
Taximeter Cab Co.; sec. Distributing mporting Co.,

Inc. Mem. Assembly, 1S95, 1896^ i ip lican

nominee for Congress. 17th N. Y. D1;l. t ap-

praiser Port of N. Y., 1898-1908; ap-

praiser; .\". Y. County. 1909-1912. R >i; Episco-

palian. Mem. N. Y. Univ. Alumni A - mnty

Lawyers' Ass'n, Harlem B'd of Conn. ttlon:

Reading. Clubs: Republican, Phi Delta Pi>i Resi-
dence: 54 W. 40th St. Address: 2 Ri : 81 .City.


R'y official; b. Cleveland, O.. 1863; s. Samuel and
Mary (Cole) Andrews; grad. Yale Univ., Ph.B., 1882.
Pres. N. Y. State R'ys, Mohawk Valley Co., Utah &
Mohawk Valley | R'y Co., Syracuse Rapid Transit R'y
Co.; dir. Cleveland R'y Co., Schenectady R'y Co.,
Lackawanna Stetel Co., Chatham & Phenix Nat. Bank,
N. Y. Residence: Mentor, O. Address: Grand Central
Terminal, N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Thomaston Me., Nov. 17, 1860; s.
William and Harriet B. Andrews; ed. Thomaston
Acad.; m. Chicagol Oct. 2, 1888, Kate Gresham; chil-
dren: Walter Urftsham, b. July 16, 1889; Harriet
Carleton, o. March 3, 1892. Pres. Pratt & Lambert
Varnish Co., Me., dir. Federal Telephone Co., Security
Safe Deposit Co., Central Nat. BanK, Buffalo. Pres.
Howe Thrift Ass'n, mem. N. Y. Chamber of Commerce.
Clubs: Buffalo, Saturn. Country (Buffalo), Auto of
America. Residence: 130 E. 67th St.; (summer),
Watch Hill, R. I. Address: 185 Madison Av., N. Y. City.


Merchant, author; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 9, 1837; s.
Loring and Caroline C. (Delmateri Andrews; ed. pri-
vate schools (hon. M.A., Yale, 1893); m. Oct. 17, 1860,
Jane Elizabeth, d. Theodore Crane, N. Y. City. Trus-
tee, Bank for Savings; dir. Continental Ins. Co.; for
eleven years one of mg'rs House of Refuge, Ran-
dall's Island. Trustee, mem. exec, com., honorary
librarian, Met. Museum of Art. Mem. council, N. Y.
Univ., honorary mem. 11th Army Corps Ass'n, mem.
Nat. Acad. Design, N. Y. Hist. Soc, Am. Geog. Soc,
Chamber of Commerce; founder and pres. Soc of
Iconophlles of N. Y.; retired from active business,
1877. Author: New Amsterdam, New Orange, New
York; Old Booksellers of New York; Fragments of
American History; Prospectus of Colleges in Cam-
bridge; Sexto Decemos et Infra; A Trio of French
Engravers; Portraiture of the American Revolution-
ary War; James Lyne's Survey; Gossip About Book
Collecting; Paul Revere and His Engraving; Icon-
ography of the Battery and Castle Garden; Bibliopegy
In the United States; Treatise of Fysshinge With an
Angle, from the Book of St. Albans; Historical Sketch
of the Continental Fire Insurance Co. of the City of
New York; New York as Washington Knew It After
the Revolution. Clubs: Century, Grolier (one of
founders and second pres.), Union League, Saville
(London). Address: 16 E. 38th St., N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1858; s. Charles
and Marcia (Shankland) Andrews; grad. Harvard,
A.B., 1880; Columbia, LL.B., 1882; m. N. Y. City, Dec.
31, 1884, Mary Raymond Shipman. Engaged In prac-
tise of law at Syracuse until elected, 1899, a Justice
of the Supreme Court of the State of N. Y., for the
term expiring Dec. 31, 1913. Republican. Address:
Onondaga, N. Y.


Lawyer, inventor; b. Mo., Nov. 21, 1S65; s. Gustavus
Henry and Carolina Emma von Koch-Andriano; ed. by
private tutors in Italy, Switzerland, France, Ger-
many; m. Topeka, Kan., Dec, 1902, Leila Shears.
Newspaper mg'r and financial writer. Admitted to
practise of law in Calif., May 15, 1897; inventor of
telephone and elec devices. Pres. and dir. Direct-
Line Telephone Co. of N. Y. (N. J. Corp'n); Direct-
Line Telephone Co. (N. Y. Corp'n); 1st v.-p. and mn'g
dir. Direct-Line Gen. Telephone Co.; mn'g dir. Direct-
Line Telephone Co. (Calif, corp'n). Republican; Ro-
man Catholic. Mem. Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Sci-
ence, Navy League of U. S. Recreations: Reading,
traveling. Clubs: Rocky Mountain, Press (N. Y.),
Bohemian (San Francisco), Omaha (Omaha, Neb.).
Residence: 10 Gramercy Park. Address: 810 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.


Lawyer, banker; b. Roxbury, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1861; s.
Daniel D. and Kate N. (Stratton) Andrus: ed. public
schs. ; grad. Albany Law Sch., LL.B., 1S85; m. N. Y.
City, 1887, Nellie E. Pierce; one daughter. Pres. and
dir. Nat. Bank of Roxbury; treas. Order Golden Seal
(ins. co.); also pres. and dir. in several minor corp'ns.
Democrat; mem. Dutch Reformed Ch. Royal Arch
Mason, Shriner. Knight Templar, Odd Fellow. Pres.
B'd of Ed'n of Roxbury High Sch. Clubs: Forest Lake
(dir. and mg'r), Kingston, Rondout. Address: Rox-
bury, N. Y.


Ex-Congressman, mf'r; b. Pleasantville, Westches-
ter Co., N. Y., Feb. 16, 1841; s. Rev. Loyal B. and Ann
(Palmer) Andrus; ed. Charlotteville (N. Y.) Sem.;



Wesleyan Univ. (Conn.), A.B., 1S62: LL.D., 1911; m.
Yonkers, N. Y., June 23, I860, Julia M. Dyckman.
Taught school in N. J. four years; engaged as m'r
medicinal preparations; pres. Palisade Mfg. Co.; treaa.

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