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1906; appt'd Aid-de-Camp, with rank of Major, to
Gov. Charles E. Hughes, Jan. 1, 1907-Jan. 1, 1909;
Battalion Adj't 8th Coast Art'y Dist., Dec. 31, 1908,
with rank of 1st lieut., Dec. 23. 1908; detailed to Mil.
Staff of Gov. Hughes, Jan. 1, 1909; mil. sec. to Gov.
Hughes, with rank of major. June 30, 1910-Oct. 6,
1910. Mem. of Exec. com. and sec. Hughes Alliance.
1908 campaign. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Or-
der of Founders and Patriots of America, Soc. of
Colonial Wars, Sons of Revolution, Seventh Reg't Vet-
eran Ass'n (life mem.), N. Y. State Hist. Ass'n, N. Y.
University Alumni Ass'n. Mem. Delta Upsilon frater-
nity (trustee since 1910), Kane Lodge, F. and A. M.,
Knight Templar, life mem. Royal Arch Masons, Mecca
Temple, Mystic Shrine. For long and faithful service,
received 10-year decoration from 7th Reg't and 15-
vear decoration from N. Y. State. Sec. N. Y. Univ.
Alumni Ass'n, 1907-1909, v.-p. 1909-1911, pres. 1911-
1913, Recreations: Motor boating, fishing, tennis.
Club's: N. Y. Athletic, Delta Upsilon. Republican. Eco-
nomic. Residence: 2195 Andrews Av., Univ. Heights
Address: 101 Park Av., N. Y. City.




Educator; b. Brunswick, Me., Aug. 29, 1852; s. Rev.
Andrew Croswell and Caroline, d. Prof. Simon Green-
leaf, author Law of Evidence; grad. Harvard Univ.,
A.B., 1S73; post-grad, work in Bonn Univ., Germany;
M.A. (honorary), Hobart Coll., 1913; m. Dobbs Ferry,
N. Y., May 10, 1888, Leta, d. Charles Loring Brace,
of N. Y. City, founder of the Children's Aid Soc. Tu-
tor at St. Mark's Sch., Southborough, Mass.; ass't prof.
Greek and Latin, Harvard Coll., 1883-1887; head mas-
ter- Brearley Sch., N. Y. City, since 1SS7. Author and
editor of school books, and contributor of book re-
views, etc., to various journals. Insp. schoo'-s in N. Y.
Public School System. Episcopalian. Sec. Phi Beta
Kappa Soc. of Harvard Univ.; pres. Ass'n Schools and
Colleges of Middle States; pres. Schoolmasters' Ass'n
of N. Y., Head Masters' Ass'n of the United States;
mem. College Entrance Examination Board. Clubs:
Century, Harvard. Address: 60 E. 61st St., N. Y. City.


Dramatist; b. Bloomington, 111., d. Dr. Eli Kirk and
Marie Louise (de Pew) Crothers; grad. 111. Normal
Coll., Normal, 111., 1S92. Author (plays): The Three
of Us; The Coming of Mrs. Patrick; Myself Bettina;
A Man's World; The Herfords, etc. Has traveled
widely in America and Europe. Recreations: Golf,
tennis, swimming, riding, walking, basketball. Mem
Soc. Dramatic Authors. Club: Colony. Address: 550
Park Av N. Y. City.


Author, educator; b. Sackett's Harbor, N. Y.; d.
Rev. Dr. John Barlit and Mary Pendexter (Stilphen)
Foote; grad. Syracuse Univ., Ph.B., 1876; Ph.D., 1885;
m. 1884, John M. Crow, Ph.D., archaeologist and edu-
cator (died 1891). Preceptress Ives Sem., Antwerp,
N. Y., 1876-1S77; lady prin., Waynesburg Coll., Pa.,
1877-1878; teacher, Newton (Mass.) High Sch., 1878-
1882; lecturer on history, Wellesley Coll., 1882-1884;
lady prin., Iowa Coll., 1884-1891; sent abroad by Nat.
Bureau of Ed'n to investigate conditions of higher
ed'n of women in Great Britain, Germany, Italy and
other countries, attending lectures at Oxford, Cam-
bridge, Leipzig and Zurich, 1891-1S92; ass't prof. Eng-
lish literature, Univ. of Chicago, 1892-1900; ass't prof,
of Eng?ish literature and dean of women, Northwest-
ern Univ., Evanston, 111., 1900-1905. Mem. Phi Beta
Kappa, Alpha Phi, Nat. Ass'n Collegiate Alumnse
(pres., 1894-1896); hon. mem. N. Y. Browning Soc,
The Poetry Soc. of America, The Writers. Founder
"Open Door" Sunday afternoon lectureship, Chicago
Women's Club (for working women). Author
(verses): The Thought and the Song; The Lady of
Life; The Ministry of a Child; Alma Mater Syra-
cusana; also symbolic play, The World Above, and
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, in series called Modern
Poets and Christian Teaching, and Biography of Har-
riet Beecher Stowe; editor of an edition of Elizabethan
Sonnet-cycles, 4 vols. (London). Lecturer on literary
subjects; contb'r edn'l and literary articles to vari-
ous periodicals. Clubs: Sierra (mountain climbers.
Calif.), The Lyceum (London, Eng.). Residence
(summer): 910 Harrison St., Syracuse, N. Y. Address:
Tuckahoe, N. Y. City.


Eastern mg'r of A. W. Shaw Co.; b. Chicago, 111.,
Sept. 19, 1881; s. Rev. W. S. Crowe, D.D., and Clara
(Knaur) Crowe; ed. Hotchkiss Sch., Lakeville, Conn.,
Yale, A.B., class of 1903; m. East Orange, N. J., June
1, 1905, Katharine McClellan Higgins; children: Philip
Kingsland, b. Jan. 7, 1908; Richard Hart well, b. Nov.
27, 1910. Ass't to James R. Hay in mg'mt of real
estate business of the late Charles T. Barney, 1903-
1904. Eastern mg'r of A. W. Shaw Co., publishers of
System, Factory, and business books of N. Y. and
Chicago, in which purchased an interest when it was
incorporated under laws of Michigan some years ago.
Republican. Recreations: Golf, tennis, billiards, books
and music. Clubs: Yale (N. Y.), Aldine Ass'n. Resi-
dence: 129 E. 17th St. Address: 44 E. 23rd St.. N. Y.


Civil eng'r; b. West Chester, Pa., Oct. 13, 1848; s.
John and Katherine (Roney) Crowell; grad. Poly. Coll.
of Pa., B.C.E., 1867. later M.C.E.; m. N. Y. City, Jan.
27, 1881, Anna McKinstry Whiting; children: John
Whiting, M.A., Francis Stirling, C.E. Began profes-
sional work in Philadelphia municipal service; took
part in original surveys and explorations for Inter-
oceanic Canal in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama,
attached as civil eng'r to exploring expd'ns of U. S.
Gov't; principal ass't eng'r of grounds and bld'gs U.
S. Centennial Exp'n. Sometime eng'r of construction
to Pa. R. R. Co.; expert in railroad construction and
hydraulic eng'ring; in extensive practice in W. Indies,

Canada and Central America, besides U. S. Since 1891
consulting eng'r in N. Y. City. Besides private prac-
tice has served as consulting eng'r to several N. Y.
City dep'ts, to other cities at home and abroad, and to
liepublic of Haiti. Appt'd Comm'r of Street Cleaning
of the City of N. Y. by Mayor McClellan Nov. 25, 1907.
Served as boy in Home Guard, in Civil War, and was
under arms in July riots. Former mem. B*d of Health.
Non-partisan Democrat. Mem. and ex-dir. Am. Soc.
Civil Eng'rs, mem. Ijost'n Civil Eng'rs of Great Britain,
Geog. Soc. (for original exploration), Flushing Ass'n,
etc. Trustee Flushing Hosp. and Dispensary, 1903-
1907. Has written extensively on technical subjects,
also semi-technically for magazines, including articles
on Training a Tropic Torrent, How Holland Was
Made, Railroad Facilities of Suburban New York, Mod-
ern Wharves and Harbor Facilities, etc. As mem. of
sp'l com. Merchants' Ass'n of N. Y., took part in pre-
paring Report on Passenger Transportation Service In
the City of N. Y., also in preparing monumental re-
port by same ass'n on Water Supply of the City of
N. Y., and contributed to it sp'l original reports, in-
cluding one covering subject of Supplementary Water
Supply for Fire Protection on plans since adopted and
carried out by City of N. Y. Clubs: Engineers, Fire-
side. Address: 18 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Author, editor, economist; b. York, Pa., Nov. 1, 1857;
s. Daniel and Sarah Ann Crowell; grad. Yale Univ [
1883; Learned scholar in philosophy, Yale Univ., 1885-
1886; Ph.D., Columbia Univ.; Litt.D., Univ. of N.
Carolina; studied at Univ. of Berlin. Was prin. Schuyl-
kill Sem., Fredericksburg. Pa., 1883-1884, and 1886-
1887; pres. Trinity Coll., N. C, 1887-1894; head Dep't
Economics and Sociology, Smith Coll., Mass., 1895-
1897. Engaged in writing and lecturing on economics
and sociology, 1898-1899; expert U. S. Industrial
Comm'n, and expert on Internal Commerce, Bur. of
Statistics, Treasury Dep't, Aug. 1, 1900, to Oct. 1, 1904.
Has lectured on Internat. Trade and Commercial
Geog., Columbia Univ., 1903. Asso. editor The Wall
Street Journal, N. Y., since 1906. Sec. Econ. and Social
Science Sec. A.A.A.S. Edn'l dir. Intercontinental Cor-
respondence Univ., Washington. Author: A Program
of Progress, The True Function of the Americal Col-
lege, The Distribution of Farm Products in the United
States, The Logical Process of Social Development,
The Iron and Steel Trade of the United States, In-
ternal Commerce of the United States, and articles and
reports on economic and social subjects in reviews,
etc. Residence: 17 W. 91st St. Address: 44 Broad St.,
N. Y. City.


IGovernor of Okla. ; b. Crittenden County, Ky., July
S, 1863; s. James W. and Jane (Hill) Cruce; ed. country
public schs., principally; one year Vanderbilt Univ.;
m. Ardmore, Indian Territory, June 21, 1893, Chickle
La Flore; one d., Lorena Jane, b. July 19, 1895. Prac-
tised law in Ardmore, Indian Territory, 10 years; en-
gaged in banking, 1901, until election as Governor of
Okla., 1910. Was pres. Ardmore Nat. Bank. Democrat;
Presby'n. Mason, Woodman of World. Recreation:
Golf. Address: Oklahoma City, Okla.


Lawyer; b. Fredericton, N. B., 1847; s. John and Ma-
tilda (Irwin) Cruikshank; grad. N. Y. Univ. Law Sch.,
LL.B., 1874; m. 1st, N. Y. City, 1874, Jessie Goodliffe
(deceased); 2nd, 1911, Elisa Ruiz; children: Florence,
b 1875; Maude, b. 1878; Alice, b. 1881. Was employed
in banking business, Wall St., 1S65-1872; studied in
office of Elihu Root and Willard Bartlett, 1872-1874;
admitted to bar N. Y. City, 1874, and has practised law
actively ever since; senior mem. since 1904 law firm
of Atwater & Cruikshank; dir. Bronx Gas & Electric
Co. Served as private in Civil War in Co. D, 2d Mass.
Vol. Cav., in Shenandoah Valley, under Sheridan, 1864-
1865. Democrat; Episcopalian. Sir. Soc. for Preven-
tion of Crime. Hera. Com. of One Hundred in Mayoralty
Campaign, 1909. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. Co.
Lawyers' Ass'n, N. Y. Co. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar
Ass'n, Am. Bar Ass'n, Am. Economic Ass'n, Am. -Irish
Hist. Soc, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, Soc. Med.
Jurisprudence, Nat. Municipal League, Peace Soc. of
N. Y., Hamilton Post, G. A. R.; Am. Geog. Soc. Clubs:
Reform, N. Y. Press, Twilight, Canada Soc, National
Democratic. Residence: Nyack, N. Y. Address: 43
Cedar St., N. Y. City.


Mechanical eng'r; b. Albany, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1866; s.
James (DL.D.) and C. Rosa (Hough) Cruikshank; ed.
Adelphi Coll. (Brooklyn), classical course to senio.-
year; Brooklyn Polytechnic, grad. in mech. eng'ring
course, 1SS6; took post-graduate work until Feb., 1S87,
M.S. (non-resident work), 1896; D.Sc, Santa Clara



(Calif.) Coll., 1903 (resident work); m. Brooklyn, N.
Y., Dee. 23, 1891, Edith Louise Du Bois. Machinist and
tool maker, 1887-1888; ass't eng'r Boston Heating Co.,
1888-1889; sup't Brady Mf'r Co., 1889-1891; instr.
graphics and mathematics, Princeton Univ.,1891-1892;
sup't Hammond Typewriter Works, 1892-1893; head
Dep't of Manual Training, Manual Training High
School, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1893-1897; pres. Clarkson Sch.
of Technology, Univ. State of N. Y., 1897-1901; pres.
Gogswell [Polytechnic Coll., San Francisco, 1901-1903;
mech. and designing eng'r the Solvay Process Co.,
Syracuse, N. Y., 1903-1909; farming at Cedar Cliff, on
St. Lawrence, 1909-1910; timber contracting Lake of
the Woods, Minn., 1910-1911; consulting eng'r since
1911. Served private, corporal and serg't Troop A,
Cav., N. G. Calif., 1901-1903; organized Troop D, N. G.
N. Y.; elected capt. April 26, 1904, and served to June
1, 1908; mem. St. Lawrence Co. Sidepath Comm'n, 1900-
1901; treas. B'd of Dir. Syms Sch., N. Y. City. Repub-
lican. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Inst. Mining
Eng'rs, Am. Soc. Stationary Eng'rs, Am. Soc. for Test-
ing Materials, Am. Forestry Ass'n, Internat. Soc. for
Testing Materials, Mil. Order Loyal Legion of the
U. a, S. A. R.; Soc. Colonial Wars, Nat. Guard Ass'n,
Am. Cav. Ass'n, Internat. Soc. of Arboriculture, N. Y.
State Grange (Patrons of Husbandry). While in Calif,
was see. Sempervirens Club of Calif., and instrumental
in securing to the State the Beg Basin Reserve of Big
Trees. Club: Technology (Syracuse). Address: 30
Church St.. N. Y. City.


Fire underwriter; b. Yonkers, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1872; s.
Augustus and Annie C. (Rait) Cruikshank (father of
N. Y. City, mother of Scotland); ed. in public sch. sys-
tem of Brooklyn; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., FeT>. 20, 1895,
Florence Louise Wooden; children: Margaret A., i>.
1900; Lewis, b. 1904. Upon graduation from grammar
school, at age of 15, started as errand boy for hard-
ware firm; later clerk Pa. R. R. Co., clerk Home Ins.
Co. of N. Y., mg'r R. R. Dep't Phoenix Assurance Co.
of London at U. S. branch in N. Y.; organized firm of
Hard & Cruikshank (insurance brokers); pres. and
treas. F. R. Cruikshank & Co. (insurance brokers and
agents; N. Y. State corp'n), gen. agents for Am. Cen-
tral Ins. Co. of St. Louis, Boston Ins. Co., Brit. -Am.
Assurance Co. of Toronto, Farmers' Ins. Co. of York,
Pa.; German Fire Ins. Co. of Peoria, Milwaukee Me-
chanics' Ins. Co., of Milwaukee, Rhode Island Ins. Co.,
Teutonia Fire Ins. Co. of New Orleans. Appt'd by
Mayor McClellan, of N. Y. City, mem. Hudson-Fulton
Celebration Comm'n; mem. of com. to establish per-
manent internat. exp'n at or near N. Y. City. Repub-
lican; IPresby'n. Club: Nyack Country. Residence:
Nyack-on-Hudson, N. Y. Address: 1 Liberty St., N. Y.


Retired sch. principal; b. Argyle, N. Y., Aug. 28,
1831; s. Hugh and Elizabeth (Hughes) Cruikshank; ed.
Albany Acad., Union Coll., A.B., 1851 (LL.D.) ; m. June
9, 1857, Chloe Roseltha Hough, of Boonville, N. Y.; chil-
dren: Elizabeth (died 1864); Barton, mech. eng'r, b.
1866; George Hough, physician, b. 1871. Teacher in
rural and private schs. 5 years; In State Dep't of
Schs., 11 years as lecturer in teachers' institutes, dur-
ing which time was editor of N. Y. Teacher; asso.
sup't schs., Brooklyn, 6 years; principal Brooklyn
public schs. 31 years (25 years principal Evening High
Sch.); retired from active service In public schs. of
N. Y. City, Sept. 1, 1906. One of the founders, 1857,
life mem. and for several years officer in Nat. Edn'l
Ass'n. Mem. corp'n of Brooklyn Inst. Arts and Sci-
ences (fellow and treas. of Council). Trustee Berke-
ley Inst., Brooklyn. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Phi
Beta Kappa Alumni of N. Y Theta Delta Chi. Mason
(charter mem. Orion Lodge 717, Brooklyn). Recrea-
tion: Amateur worker in woods and metal and print-
ing. Club: University (Brooklyn). Address: 206 S.
Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Real estate; b. Hempstead. N. Y., May 5, 1861; s.
James and Mary Ann (Wheeler) Cruikshank; ed. vil-
lage sch., Hempstead, N. Y., and business coll.; m.
Hempstead, N. Y., May 20, 1885, Fanny Augusta Mlns-
hull; two sons: Russell Vernon, b. Nov. 15, 18S6;
Douglas Maynard, b. Dec. 9, 1890. Entered office of
E. A. Cruikshank & Co., real estate, 1877, admitted to
Arm 1886. Pres. Cruikshank Company, successors to
E. A. Cruikshank & Co., since incorporation, 1903. Dir.
Irving Nat. Bank. Broadway Trust Co., Merchants'
Refrigerating Co. Mem. Hist. Soc. Recreations: Hunt-
ing, fishing. Clubs: Wyandanch (Smithtown, N. Y.),
Adirondack League, Knickerbocker Field, Meridian.
Lawyers. Residence: 70 Lenox Road, Brooklyn. Ad-
dress: 141 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 28, 1867; s. Edward and
Geraldine B. (Arnold) Crummey; ed. Riverview Mil
Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Yale Univ., A.B., 1889; m
Goshen, N. Y., April 16, 1895, Katharine Duer Murray
children: George M., b. 1896; Edward 3d. b. 1898; Am
brose S. M., b. 1899. Admitted to the bar, May, 1891
practised in Poughkeepsie until 1901, then removed to
N. Y. City; has practised in all Courts of the State
of N. Y. Democrat. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon fra-
ternity, Dutchess Co. Soc. Clubs: University, Yale
(N. Y. City), Atlantic Yacht, Amrita, Apokeepsing
Boat (Poughkeepsie). Address: 165 Broadway. N Y


Physician; b. Pittsford, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1869; s. Samuel
and Susan Gray (Cutting) Crump; ed. common and
high schs., Pittsford: Princeton, grad. biol. course
1892; N. Y. Homos. Med. Coll., M.D., 1895: m. N. Y.
City, 1900, Eudora L. Wright, prof, gynecology, N. Y.
Med. Coll. and Hosp. for Women. Consulting surgeon
St. Gregory's Hosp.; consulting gynecologist, N. Y.
Hosp. for Women; attending gynecologist, Flower
Hosp.; attending surgeon Hahnemann Hosp.; also con-
sulting obstretrician, Yonkers Homce. Hosp. and con-
sulting gynecologist Jamaica Hosp.. Portchester Hosp.
Mem. Alpha Sigma Alumni Ass'n. Am. Inst. Homoeo-
pathy, Acad of Pathol. Science, N. Y. Co. Med. Soc.
Materia Medica Soc. Am. Mus. of Nat. Hist. Mason
32". Clu'bs: Dunham, New York Med. Address: 837
Madison Av., N. Y. City.


Physician, surgeon; b. Baltimore, Md., Mar. 3, 1849;
s. ilsaac (once pres. Produce Exchange Annex, N. Y.
Co.) and Mary E. Cruse; ed. Public Sch. 45, N. Y.
City, 1858-1863; Coll. City of N. Y., A.B., 1868, A.M.,
1871; N. Y. Univ. of Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., M.D.,
1870; m. 1884, Florence S. Warhurst; one son: Creigh-
ton, b. 1896. House surgeon Bellevue Hosp., N. Y
City, 1871; surgeon White Star Line steamers, 1871;
surgeon Bellevue Hosp. Bureau of Relief for Out-
Door Poor, 1872-1875. In practice, N. Y City, 1871-
1872; Tarrytown, N, Y., 1872-1875; Paris, France, 1878;
Leesburgh, Fla.. 1879; Washington, D. C, 1886-1887;
Wappingers Falls, N. Y., since 1887. Appt'd prof.
genito-urinary diseases, Chicago Coll. Phys. and Surg.,
1882; health officer, Wappingers Falls, 1886-1892; med
examiner, U. S. Pension Office, Washington, D. C,
1886; surgeon Clinton Point Stone Co., 1891-1898; sp'l
agent Am. Soc. Prevention Cruelty to Animals since
1893; surgeon Fishkill Gen. Hosp.. 1897; Wood Alumni
prize essayist for paper on Rupture of the Bladder
($100). 1871; prize essayist N. Y. State Med. Soc, 1874,
on Injuries to Wrist Joint ($100). Democrat. Mem.
Soc. Alumni of Bellevue Hosp., N. Y. .Med. Soc, County
Med. Soc. of Dutchess. N. Y., and Westchester, N. Y.,
Chi. Psi fraternity. Recreations: General athletics.
Clubs: Dutchess, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Address: Wap-
pingers Falls, N. Y.


Lawyer: b. Massena, N. Y.. Oct. 15, 1S71; s. William
H. and Martha S. (Jones) Cubley; ed. Massena Acad,
and Potsdam State Normal Sch.. 1892; Univ. of Roches-
ter, A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa), 1897; m. Copenhagen. N.
Y., Aug. 22, 1900, Bessie L. Humphrey; one d., Eliza-
beth H., b. 1904. Practising law since 1900, formerly
of firm of Swift. Fuller & Cubley; now att'y for R. G.
Dun & Co.. and a large number of representative
agencies. V.-p. and dir. Citizens' Nat. Bank of Pots-
dam, Potsdam Clothing Mf'g Co. For several years
editor-in-chief Normal Magazine: pres. Alumni Ass'n
State Normal Sch.. Potsdam; pres. Local B'd Potsdam
High Soh.; treas. B'd of Trustees of Thomas S. Clark-
son Memorial Sch. of Technology: att'y for Potsdam
Village. Presby'n. Address: Potsdam, N. Y.

Jurist; b. in Deer Park. N. Y., Mar. 25. 1854: pre-
pared at Goshen Acad, and attended Cornell Univ
1S70-1S74; admitted to bar. 1877; practised law at
Goshen, N. Y.. 1877-1SS5, and at Buffalo, 18S5-1913.
Chm'n Dem. Com. of Buffalo, 1S95-189S; corp'n counsel
Buffalo, 189S-1902; judge N. Y. Court of Appeals, since
1913. Address: Buffalo, N. Y.


Cotton seed oil mf'r; b. Cincinnati, O., Mar 16, 1853-
s. John J. and Amelia (Fonshill) Culbertson; ed. pub.
schs., Cincinnati S. I., ad N. Y. City; m. Jersey Citv
N. J., Sept. 6, 1SS1, Emily Lee; children: Emily, b!
1SS4 (grad. Dana Hall Wellesley, Mass., 1903); John,
Jr., t>. 1886 (grad. Yale, 1906); Florence, b. 1S88 (grad.
Dana Hall Wellesley, Mass., 1906). Organizer. 1900
(now v.-p.), Continental Cotton Oil Co.: organized and
built plants of following companies: Paris (Tex.! Oil
and Cotton Co.; Corsicana (Tex.) Cotton Oil Co.. Tern-



pie (Tex.) Cotton Oil Co., Shreveport (La.) Cotton Oil
Co., Ladonia (Tex.) Cotton Oil Co., Jackson (Miss, i
Cotton Oil Co., i 'handler (Okla.) Cotton Oil Co., Wynne-
wood (.okla.) Cotton Oil Co., and others, Made ex-
tended European trips. 1903, 11)05, 1907, 1908, 1910.
Pres. Jackson (Miss.), Ladonia (Tex.), Chandler
(Okla.) and Wvnnewood (Okla.) Cotton Oil Co.'s;
v.-p. Rosebud (Tex.) Cotton Oil Co., and Farmers'
Cotton Oil Co., of Farmersville (Tex.), dir. Corsicana
(Tex.), Waxahachie (Tex.), and Cooper (Tex.) Cotton
Oil Co's. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Nat. Ass'n
Forestry. Trustee Paris (Tex.) Humane Soc. Recrea-
tions: Golfing, fishing, travel. Residence: Paris, Tex.
Address: 96 William St., N. V. City.


Anthropologist; b. Philadelphia, July 13, 1S58; s. John
C. and Mira Barrett (Daniel) Culin, ed. Nazareth Hall,
Pa. Dlr. Dep't Archaeology, Univ. of Pa., 1S92-1899;
curator Section Am. and Gen. Ethnology, Free Museum
of Science and Art, Philadelphia, 1899-1903; since 11103
ethnologist of Museum of Brooklyn Inst. Arts and
Sciences. Sec. U. S. Comm'n to Columbian Hist. Exp'n,
Madrid, 1S92-1S93; fellow A.A.A.S. (sec. 1875, v.-p.
1902, Section H); mem. Am. Philos Soc, Am. Folklore
Soc. (pres. 1S97), Numismatic and Antiquarian Soc, fel-
low Am. Anthrop, Ass'n, hon. mem. Sociedad Cientitico
Antonio Alzate (Mexico); corr. mem. Madrid Royal
Acad. History, Florence Societa Italiano d'Antropolo-
glco, Etnologico e Psicologico Comp., Swedish Society
Anthropology and Geography, Wyoming Hist. Soc,
Am. Numismatic and Archaeol. Soc. Has written ex-
tensively on anthrop. subjects, particularly on com-
parative study of games, including Korean Games,
Chess and Playing Cards, Games of North American
Indians. Address: Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and Sci-
ences, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Jurist; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec 4, 1843; s. Dr. Henry
J. and Eliza M. (McCue) Cullen; prep, ed'n Kinderhook
Acad., Columbia Coll., A.B., 1860; LLD.. 1S92; LL.D.,
Union Co.., 1902; unmarried. Lieut. 1st U. S. Inf..
1S62-1865; col. 90th N. T. Vols., 1S63-1865. Admitted
to bar and practised until elected Justice Supreme
Court, State of N. Y., 1880; re-elected 1894, on the
nomination of both parties; designated Judge Court
of Appeals, Jan., 1900; app't chief judge same, Sept.,
1904, and elected as such on nomination of both .par-
ties Nov., 1904. Democrat; Episcopalian. Address:
144 'Willow St., Brooklyn, N. T.


Railway official; b. St. Louis, Mo.; s. Mathew R. and
Winona G. (Barbour) Cullen; ed. public sen. and high
sch.; unmarried. Entered railroad business as clerk
with Mo. Pacific R. R. in St. Louis; has since been
connected with Wabash R. R., Plant System of R'ys,
Western Passenger and Southern Traffic Ass'n; came
to N. Y. City, July 1, 1906, to assume position as gen.
passenger ag"t Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.
R.; promoted passenger traffic mg'r, 1911. Presby'n.
Dir. Olivet House Ass'n (Settlement), Chicago, and
active worker there until removed to N. Y. City. Re-
creations: Golf rowing. Residence: Orange, N. J.
Address: 90 West St., N. Y. City.


Shipping agent, state senator; b. Brooklyn, N. Y.,
March 29, 1865; s. James and Ellen Cullen; grad. St.
Francis Coll.. 1881; m. Brooklyn, 1887, Teresa Duns-
dale Lorley. Engaged in shipping business in N. Y.
City, and mem. Maritime Exchange. Democrat.
Elected to Assembly, 1895, 1896, 1897, to N. Y. Senate,
1898, 1900, 1902, 1904, 1906, 1908, 1910 and 1912, from
Third Senate Dist. (Kings County). Mem. 6th Ward
Democratic Club, Brooklyn. Residence: 256 President
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: Maritime Exchange, N.
Y. City.


Excise comm'r; b. Oswego, N. Y., June 26, 1851; ed.
Oswego High Sch.; grad. Cornell Univ., 1S72. Studied
law, and admitted to bar at Buffalo, June 10, 1875;
att'y for city of Oswego, 1877-1878; elected to Assem-
bly 1879, re-elected in 1880, and took prominent part
in struggle to elect U. S. Senators to succeed Roscoe
Conkling and Thomas C. Piatt; chm'n Com. Gen. Laws,
and devoted much time to codification of corp'n laws
of State; delegate to many Rep. State conventions, and
chm'n conv. at Syracuse, 1893; gen. counsel State Ex-
cise Dep't, 1896; prepared blanks and formulated"
methods of legal procedure to obtain enforcement of
liquor tax law; State excise comm'r since May 18,
1901. Pres. N. Y. State Waterways Ass'n, 1910-1911.
Mem. Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Address: Oswego,

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