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Arlington Chem. Co.; pres. N. Y. Pharmacal Ass'n;
treas. N. Y. Conf. ; v. -p. and treas. Ocean Grove Ass'n;
trustee N. Y. Life Ins. Co., 1900; elected Mayor of
Yonkers 1903; mem. Congress from lyth N. Y. Dlst.,
1904, 1906, 190S and 1910. Republican. Methodist.
Trustee Wesleyan Univ. Address: Yonkers, N. T.


Actress; o. Ottawa, Canada; d. Timothy Warren and
Ellen (McTavish) Anglin; ed. at Loretto Abbey, To-
ronto, and Convent of the Sacred Heart Montreal; m.
May 8, 1911, Howard Hull, writer. Made debut in the
play of Shenandoah, N. Y. City, Sept., 1894, with
marked success; became leading lady with James
O'Neill in repertoire, 1896-1SU7; with B. H. Sothern,
1897-1S9S; with Kichard Mansfield, 189S-1899; In Em-
pire Theatre Stock Co., 1899-1905. Starred in Zira,
1903-1900; with Henry Miller, in the Great Divide,
1900-1907. Toured this country and Australia, 1909-
1910 under own mngm't in The Awakening of Helena
Richie, under own mngm't produced and played in
Green Stockings 1911-1912; now ' successfully pro-
ducing Shakespearean repertoire as actress mg'r.
Address: 25 W. 42d St., N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. Benson, N. Y., 1851; s. Samuel L. and
Emeline (Brownell) Anibal; (d. Judge Cyrus H. Brow-
nell); ed. in schools of Buffalo, N. Y. ; Northville, N.
Y., and Ft. Plain Sem.; m. Nov. 28, 1890, Laura C, d.
Thomas M. and Abbie P. Blllington, of Amsterdam,
N. Y. Admitted to N. Y. Bar, 1879, and later to U. S.
courts; practising at NOTthville, N. Y. Mason, 32,
and has held offices in the various Masonic bodies.
Identified with local financial and edn'l inst'ns. Ad-
dress: Northville Bank Bldg., Northville, N. Y.

Lawyer; b. Erie County, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1838; s. Hud-
son and Maria (Heaton) Ansley; ed. dlst. sen. and
Gowanda and Fredonia Acads.; m. Gowanda, N. Y.,
Nov. 4, 1863, Elzina J. Hanford; one son: George H.
Engaged in practise of law, since admission to bar,
1863; mem. firm Ansley & Ansley; att'y and dir. First
Nat. Bank, since org'n. Surrogate by apptm't of Gov.
Robinson; mem. State Democratic Com., 1884-1888;
supervisor Salamanca, 8 years; postmaster, 1892-1896;
hosp. steward, 64th N. Y. Vol. Reg't. Democrat. Pres.
Cattaraugus County Bar Ass'n. Mason, Knight Tem-
plar. Recreations: Automobiling, traveling. Club:
City. Address; Salamanca, N. Y.


Capitalist; b. N. Y. City, May 24, 1861; s. Edward
and Margaret R. Anthony; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B.,
1881; m. N. Y. City, Amelia Van Valkenburgh. En-
gaged in mercantile business since leaving coll. V.-p.
Boonton Iron & Steel Co.; treas. Loando Hard Rubber
Co.; trustee U. S. Savings Bank. Mem. Sons of Revo-
lution, St. Nicholas Soc, Holland Soc. of N. Y., Soc. of
War of 1812. Clubs: University, Lawyers. Residence:
125 W. 58th St. Address: 42 Broadway, N. Y. City.

Journalist; b. Marion, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1869; s. Phi-
lander and Elizabeth Harriet (Lyke) Antisdale; grad
Univ. of Rochester, A.B., 1893; m. Rochester, 1895i
Margaret Mclntyre; children: Elizabeth Phillips, b.
May 31, 1S96; Margaret Dewey, b. Sept. 14, 1897; Mary
Claire, b. Nov. 9. 1898. Reporter, Rochester Herald.
1890-1893, business mg'r, 1894-1897, editor-in-chief
since 1S98. Sec. and dlr. Rochester Herald Co. Dep-
uty collector Internal Revenue, 1893-1894. Democrat.
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, and Delta Upsilon frater-
nity. Clubs: Genesee Valley, University, Humdrum.
Alembic. Residence: 180 Dartmouth St. Address: 30
Exchange St., Rochester, N. Y.


Broker; b. Chambersburg, Pa., Oct. 26, 1877; s
David K. and Elizabeth (Fohl) Appenzellar: grad.
from Chambersburg Acad., 1895; Dickinson Coll., Ph.B..
1899; m. Apr. 30, 1907, Katherine O'Gorman; children:
Elizabeth Rose, b. 1908, Donald C, Jr., b. 1911. Mg'r
Stock Exchange Dep't Swartwout & Appenzellar
Traveled abroad in England, France, Germany, Switz-
erland, Russia, summer of 1906. Republican. Mem.
Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Residence: 72 Liberty Av..
New Rochelle, N. Y. Address: 44 Pine St., N. Y. City.

Banker; b. Chambersburg, Pa,, 1875; s David K. and
Elizabeth F. 'Appenzellar; grad. Dickinson Coll.. Ph.B..
1895; m. N. Jr. City, 1909, Edna F. Howell. Mem. firm
Swartwout & Appenzellar. bankers, and member N. Y.

Stock Exchange; dir. Am.-La Fiance Fire Engine Co.,
Inc., v.-p. and dlr. The Holding Cor'p. Republican;
Presby'n. Mem. Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Club:
Union League. Residence: The Barnard, Central Park
W. and 71st St. Address: 44 Pine St., N. Y. City.

Publisher; b. N. Y. City; s. John A. Appleton; g. s.
Daniel Appleton, founder D. Appleton & Co.; ed. In
N. Y. City and Carlsruhe, Germany; entered Harvard
but discontinued course in 1871 to enter business;
unmarried. Clerk in publishing house of D. Appleton
& Co. until 1879; since then mem. of the firm; now
v.-p. of company. Entered Boston Cadet Corps, 1867;
enlisted Oct. 31, 1871, private Co. F, 7th Reg't, N.G.N. Y.;
promoted capt. Jan., 1S79; elected colonel of reg't July
18, 1899. Clubs: Union, Century, N. Y. Yacht, N. Y.
Athletic, Army and Navy, Fencers, Country. Resi-
dence: Hotel Astor. Address: 35 W. 32d St., N. Y. City.


Publisher; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 10, 1858; s. John
Adams and Serena Parker (Dale) Appleton; grad.
Trinity Coll.. Hartford, Conn., A.B., 1880; m. N. Y.
City, 1894, Charlotte Lamson. Connected with firm of
D. Appleton & Co., as v.-p. and mg'r of the Chicago
Branch, 1880-1904; now connected with Robert Apple-
ton Co., publishers of The Catholic Encyclopedia.
Mem. Chicago Hist. Soc, Delta Psl, Trinity Coll.
Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: Aldine, University, St. Anthony,
Century, Oakland Golf (N. Y. City). Residence: Bay-
side, L. I. Address: 16 E. 40th St., N. Y. City.


Merchant; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 5, 1854; s. Daniel
Fuller and Julia (Randall) Appleton; grad. Harvard
Coll., A.B., 1875; Columbia Law Sch.. LL.B., 1877; m.
Lenox, Mass., Oct. 7, 1884, Fanny Lanier, d. Charles
Lanier; children: Francis Randall, Jr., b. July 9, 1885;
Charles Lanier, b. Sept. 25, 1886; Ruth, b. Jan. 10,
1891; Alice, b. Dec. 8, 1894; James, b. Mar. 6, 1899.
Mem. firm Rotbins & Appleton; v.-p. and dir. Wal-
tham Watch Co.; dir. Nat. Park Bank Manhattan
Trust Co., Mount Morris Bank. Mem. B'd of Over-
seers of Harvard Coll. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon,
New England Soc. Clubs: Harvard, University, Knick-
erbocker, Racquet and Tennis, Turf and Field,
Meadow Brook, Somerset, Myopia Hunt, Down Town.
Address: 26 E. 37th St,, N. Y. City.


Retired; b. N. Y. City, June 7, 1863; s. William
Henry and Mary (Worthen) Appleton; ed. Trinity
Coll., Hartford, Conn., class 1885; m. Kansas ' City.
Mo., July 10, 1900, Dora Threlkeld. Stockholder in
D. Appleton & Co., publishers, N. Y. City. 2d lieut.,
12th Reg't, N.G.N.Y. Democrat. Mem. Delta Psl
fraternity. Recreation: Yachting. Clubs: Players,
City Island Yacht. Address: City Island, N. Y.


Banker; b. in Beaver Co., Pa., 1853; ed. in public
schs. Entered mercantile 'business at early age; was
employed in auditing dep't' Pa. R. R. at Pittsburgh;
afterwards as auditor with Wheeler & Wilson Mf'g
Co. Removed to Brooklyn in 1878. where he has
been active in social, political and charitable work.
Representative of party in State Com.; delegate to
Republican Nat. Conv.; presidential elector for elec-
tion of 1908 and 1912. Appt'd tax comm'r by Mayor
Schieren; continued in office under Mayor Wurster;
appt'd mem. of the Municipal Civil Service Comm'n
by Mayor McClellan during both terms. Mem. Exec.
Com. Civil Service Reform Ass'n; one of the organ-
izers of Brooklyn Public Library and a trustee since
its inception; personal trustee of Andrew Carnegie
for expenditure of funds for the Carnegie Branch
Libraries in Brooklyn. Life mem. Brooklyn Inst, of
Arts and Sciences; mem. Chamber of Commerce;
mem. Exec. Com. Central Mercantile Ass'n. Clubs:
Hamilton, Rembrandt Art, Lotos, Aldine. Address:
Security Bank, 5th Av. and 14th St., N. Y. City.


Publisher; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1845; s. William H.
and Mary M. (Worthen) Appleton; received prep, ed'n,
studied abroad; m_ Boston, Mass., April 20, 1881. Anna
D. Sargent. Admitted as partner in D. Appleton &
Co., 1868, now chm'n B'd of Dirs. ; trustee Bank for
Savings. Prominent in securing passage of Copyright
Act of 1891. Trustee and chm'n com. on circulation
N. Y. Public Library; pres. Am. Publishers' Copyright
League. Address: 35 W. 32d St., N. Y. City.


Capitalist; b. Leesburg, O., July 26, 1848; ed. schs.
of Ohio; m. Annie M. Mills. In Pa. oil regions 1864-
1875; became pres. Acme Oil Co.; dir. since 1875 and
now v.-p. Standard Oil Co.; Pres. B'd of trustees,
Syracuse Univ. Mem. Ohio Soc, Am. Geog. Soc, Met.



Museum Pine Arts, Am. Museum Natural History.
Identified witli various philanthropies; gave new
building at 451 West 12d st., to N. Y. Kindergarten
Ass'n as memorial to his daughter, .Mrs. Frances
Dana Archbold Waloott. Clubs: Union League,,
Racquet and Tennis, Knollwood Golf, New York
Yacht, Larchmont Yacht. Address: 261 South Broad-
way, Tarrytown-on-Hudson, N. Y.

Actor, playwright; b St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 14, 1864;
s. Arden Richard and Mary Berkeley (Hunter)
Smith; ed. public sens., St. Louis, Mo.; m. N. Y. City,
Feb. 21, 1883, Agnes Ann Eagleson Keene; one d- :
Mildred Hunter, b. June 14, 1888. Formerly Gov't
clerk, miner, newspaper reporter and theatrical
mg'r. Club: Lambs. Residence: 60 West 75th St.
Address: 130 West 44th St., N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Trenton, ,N. J., Dec. 18, 1S6U; s.
Frank E. and Mary F. ( Whitley) Arend. Engaged in
centrifugal separator business from beginning busi-
ness life; later in development of the steam turbine,
real estate, mining, etc. Treas. and gen. mg'r The
De Laval Separator Co.; pres. De Laval Mf'g Co.; sec.
and treas. De Laval Steam Turbine Co.; pres. Amerigo
Realty Co.; dir. Coal & Iron Nat. Bank. Mem. Met.
Museum of Art, Am. Museum of Natural History, Am.
Geog Soc, and numerous trade and civic ass'ns.
Clubs: City, Automobile of America, X. Y. Athletic,
Railroad, Sleepy Hollow, etc. Residence: 32 West
73d St., N. Y. City, and Deal Beach, N. J. Address:
165 Broadway, N. Y. City.

Conductor, vocal teacher; b. Neef, Germany, Oct. 28,
1856; s. Clemens and Anna Mary (Schmitz) Arens;
ed Normal Sen. St. Francis, Wis.; M'unich Royal Sch.
of Music. Royal Conservatory, Dresden -(prize testi-
monial at graduation); voice culture with Prof.
Julius Hey, Berlin; m. Canal Dover, O., May 15, 1.885,
Emma L. Huegel; children: Egmont, b. 1S88; Ralph
Waldo, b. 1891; Winfried, lb. 1893. Organist and sch.
teacher, Milwaukee. Wis., 1S74-1876; prof, music, St.
Oanisius Coll., Buffalo, N. Y., 1S77-1880; conductor
Cleveland Philharmonic Soc. and Gesangverein. 1884-
1888; conductor of orchestral concerts devoted to
Am composers in Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Leipzig,
Weimar Sond-rshausen, Vienna, 1890-1892; conductor
of Indianapolis Mav Music Festival; pres. Metropoli-
tan Sch. of Music and principal Vocal Dep't, Indian-
apolis, Ind., 1893-1S98; founder, 1900, and since then
conductor of People's Symphonj Concerts, N. Y. City.
Vocal teacher. Trustee People's Symphony Concerts.
Clubs: Lambs, German Liederkranz. Address: 308
West 56th St., N. Y. City.

State senator; b. in Pa., 1874; ed. public schs., State
Normal Sch., and post-grad, courses. In mf'g busi-
ness Rochester since 1892. Elected State senator,
1910, re-elected 1912; appt'd mem. corns, on Public
Health, Revision and Cities, 1911, and Cities, Com-
merce and Navigation, and Revision, 1913. Mem.
Rochester Chamber of Commerce and other inst'ns.
Address: Senate Chambers, Albany, N. Y.

Mining eng'r; b. Chicago, 111., Aug. 4, 1S72; s. H.
H. and Alice Mary (MacPherson) Armstead; ed.
Brooklyn Poly. Inst., Brooklyn Latin Sch.. Berkeley
Sch., class 1893; Sch. of Mines, class 1897. Consulting
eng'r since 1897 with Mexican mines as specialty.
Traveled extensively in U. S. and Mexico. Pres. and
dir. Armstead United Companies, Inc., Mexican United
Co., Colmena Mining Co.. La Lucita Mining Co., v.-p.
Mont. Mexico Mining Co. Republican. Mem. Am.
Inst. Mining Eng'rs, Pan-Am. Soc, Alpha Delta Phi
fraternity. Recre'ations: Exploration, riding, hunt-
ing. Clubs: Racquet and Tennis, Calumet, Alpha
Delta Phi, Columbia Univ., Country, Sleepy Hollow,
N. Y. Yacht, Metropolitan (Washington, D. C), Uni-
versity, American, Country, Jockey (Mexico). Resi-
dence: Ritz Carlton. N. Y. City, and Hacienda de
Guadalupe, Guanajuato, Mexico. Addresses: 29 Broad-
way, N. Y. City, and Isabel La Catolica 33, Mexico,
D.F., and Plaza Mayor, Guanajuato, Mexico.


Advertising and sales service; b. Fayetteville, N. Y.,
June 11, 1853; s. Ethan and Miriam (Collin) Arm-
strong; grad. Amherst Coll.. A.B., 1S77: m. Xeenah,
Wis., Elizabeth Hale. Reporter on N. Y. World.
March 19, 1876-June 2S, 1878; financial editor, N. T.
Sun. June 28, L878-Oct. 1, 1902; pres. Collin Armstrong.
Inc. Mem. X. Y s. i'ber of Commerce, and

Westchester County Chamber of Commerce. V.-p.
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, 19(14-1908: pres. Soc. of the

Onondagas, 1908-1909; pres. "Sun" Alumni Ass'n 1910-
1918. Clubs. Alpha Delta Phi, University. Lotos. Sal-
magundi, Sphinx, Lawyers (pres. 1912-1913). Rowfant
(Cleveland, O.). Address: 115 Broadway, N. Y. City.

Artist, b. Newburgh, N. jr., 1836; ed. Trinity Coll..
Hartford, A.B., 1858; A.M.; studied law, admitted to
practised several years in N. Y r . Studied painting
in Rome and Paris; was a pupil of Luc Olivier Merson.
Am. Consul-General at Rome four years: dir. Am. Art
Dep't. Paris Exp'n, 1878; received Decoration Legion
d'Honneur from French Gov't; asso. mem. Nat. Acad,
of Design; Nat'l Soc. Mural Painters; Architectural
League of N. Y.; life fellow Metropolitan .Museum of
Art; trustee N. Y. Soc. Library mem. Alpha Delta Phi
fraternity: Club: Century. Residence: 58 W. loth St.
Address: 61 Washington Square S.. N V. City.

Am, representative Manchester Ship Canal Co.; b.
Bi I iui bet. County Cavan, Ireland. Jan. 17. 1861; s.
John Armstrong, eminent Irish lawyer, and Sarah
Helen (Moffatt) Armstrong; ed. Royal sen., Cavan;
Dr. Benson's, Dublin; Army Acad, under Dr. Chetwode
Crawley; m. Nov. '21, 1912, Margaret Hanway. Com'd
lieut. County Cavan Reg't, Feb., 1878; served in Royal
.Irish Fusiliers and 105th Reg't, attached to 38tn
Reg't; resigned from army, 18S4. Confb'd numerous
articles to Army and Navy Gazette and The Broad
Arrow; wrote and published many drill books; Cate-
chism of Squad Drill (2 editions.) ; Words of Command
and Caution used in Company Drill, Words of Com-
mand and Caution used in Battalion Drill (2 editions);
Catechism of Regulations for Encampment. Acted as
amateur, and after leaving army played round of
Shakespearean and Old Comedy with F. R. Benson -
Shakespearean Co.; later joined Hay market Theatre
Co., London, then under the Bancroft m'gmt; played
in production of Hugh Conway's Dark Days; business
mg'r for William Duck, mn'g David James in "(jur
Boys," "As in a Looking Glass," "Fedora," etc.; busi-
ness mg'r for Sir Charles Wyndham at Strand and
Comedy Theatres, 1S88-1S92. Left stage for commer-
cial life; mg'r and sec. Mexican Land and Colonizat.on
Co.; appt'd 1S96 Am. representative for Manchester
Ship Canal Co. Fellow Royal Geog. Soc. London.
Recreations: Sailing, swimming, rowing, walking
Clubs: Raleigh (London), United Service (Dublin),
Savage (London), Calumet, Down Town Ass'n, Lotos.
Press, Marine and Field (N. Y. City), Western Nova
Scotia Yacht. Addresses: Aughnamullen Bally bay, Co.
Monaghan, Ireland, and 267 5th Av., N. T. City.

Lawyer; b. July 4, 1834; s. Henry and Eliz
(Cady) Armstrong; grad. Owego Acad. Hobart Coll.
A.M., LL.D.; m. 1st Catskill, N. Y., Mar. 23. 1859, Mary
E. Baker; 2nd, Julv 14, 1903, Elizabeth Douglas; chil-
dren: July E., b. Feb. 3. 1860; Allie S., b. Mar. 20, 1865;
James, b. Sept. 2o, 180b. Practised law in Davenport,
Iowa, June 1859-Feb. 1873; collector of Internal Rev-
enue for 2d Dist. Iowa, which comprised one-half the
entire state, 1866, 1S67 and 1808, under Presidents
Johnston and Grant. Removed to N. Y. City Feb.,
187a. and has continued practise of law in X. Y.. prin-
cipally for corp'ns, and H. B. Claflin & Co. Pres. and
dir. Armstrong & Brown, Club Bld'g Co.. Mortgage
Holding Co. Democrat; Episcopalian. Mem. Alpha
Delta Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, N. Y. County Lawyers'
Ass'n. Club: Lawyers. Residence: 74 E. 55th St.
Address: 27 Cedar St., N. Y. City.

Lawyer; b. New Haven, Conn., Dec. 21. 1875: s.
Charles P. and Sarah A. (Searles) Armstrong; grad.
Yale Univ.. B.A., 1899, N. Y. Law Sch.. LL.B.; m. Nov.
27, 1913, Molly Bangs. Mem. law firm Armstrong &
Keith; dir, and 2nd v.-p. Fajardo Sugar Co.; dir. and
sec. The West India Sugar Finance Corp'n: dir. Am.
Indemnity Co., Electric Cable Co. Mem. Bar Ass'n. Clubs:
University X V Yacht, Vale, Greenwich Country, In-
dian Harbor Yacht. Address: 40 Wall St., N. Y. City.

Artist, illustrator; b. N. Y. City. Sept. 24, 1S67: d.
Maitland and Helen (Neilson) Armstrong: received
private sch. ed'n. Made extensive travels in West, for
artistic and botanical purposes. Episcopalian. Mem.
Woman's Polit. Union. Dir. Ass'n fo ' pled

Children. D. Y. N. T. Soc. for "Work 'oor.

Recreations; Out-door life, camping, ,, J ress.

r,S W. Kith St., X. Y. City.

Lawyi r, former State senator: b. . Y.,

1864; moved with parents in boyhi i, N.

Y , where was educated in public ! k of



B'd of Supervisors of Orleans Co.. N. Y., 1SS4-1SS7;
admitted to bar, 1888, and removed to Rochester,
where has since been engaged in practice of law.
Elected to B'd of Supervisors of - Monroe Co., from
Rochester. 1893; to the Assembly, 1889. State Senate
from the 44th Senate Dlst, 1398; re-elected 1900. 1902,
1904, 1906; appt'd, 1307. chm'n' Finance Com.
When Gov. Higgnis sent a message to the extraor-
dinary session of the Legislature of 1905, submitting
to it the subject of the condition of the life in-
surance companies of the State, Senator Armstrong
introduced a resolution for the investigation of the
companies, and on passage of this resolution, received
an apptm't as chm'n of the com. making the note-
worthy life insurance investigation of 1905. Address:
Rochester, N. Y.


Electrical eng'r, inventor; b. Cazenovia, Mich., Aug.
14. 1861; s. Joseph and Geraldine (Revnolds) Arnold;
ed. High Sell., Ashland. Neb.; Univ. of Neb.; Hillsdale
(Mich.) Coll., B.S., 1SS4, A.M., 1SS7. M.Ph., 18S9; post-
grad, work at Cornell, 1889; B.E., Univ. of Neb., 1897;
honorary D.Sc, Armour, 1908; diploma extraordinary,
Hillsdale Coll.. 1903; m. Reading, Mich.. Feb. 14, 1886,
Carrie Estelle Berry (.deceased); children: Maud
Lucille, Stanley Berry, Robert Melville. Draughts-
man for Edward P. Allis Co., Milwaukee, Wis., and
later chief designer for Iowa Iron Works; consulting
eng'r Gen. Elec. Co. at Chicago, 1889-1893; since then
as consulting elec. eng'r. Designed and built power
plant, and consulting eng'r for the Intramural R'y,
which operated at World's Columbian Exp'n, Chicago,
1893; consulting eng'r, Chicago & Milwaukee Elec.
R'y, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R., Chicago; B'd
of Trade; mem. Comm'n which devised plan for elec.
operation N. T. Central trains in and out of N. Y. City;
consulting eng'r city of Chicago on traction matters.
Invented direct-connected power station system using
magnetic clutches, storage battery improvements,
magnetic clutch, and new devices and systems for
electric traction; first to put into operation the high-
tension transmitting rotary converter sub-station
system for electric railways, and early pioneer and
the strongest advocate of the single-phase elec. r'y
system, one type of which is used by N. Y., New
Haven & Hartford R. R. Pres. The Arnold Co.; dir.
Elgin & Belvidere Electric Railway Co.; now chief
eng'r and chm'n B'd of Supervising Eng'rs in charge
of reconstruction of the street railway systems of
Chicago, upon which is to be spent about 540,000,000:
consulting eng'r to the Public Service Comm'n of the
First Dist., State of N. Y. Acted in similar capacity
for the State R'y Commissioners of Wis. and for the
city of Toronto. Consulting eng'r Grand Trunk R. R.
for electrification of St. Clair Tunnel. Republican.
Trustee Hillsdale Coll.. Mich. Mem. Inst, of Elec.
Engr's, Am. Soc. for the Promotion of Eng'ring- Ed'n,
A.A.A.S. Recreations: Automobiling, traveling.
Clubs: Mid-Day, Union League, Engineers. Industrial,
South Shore Country, Aeronautique. Press (Chicago),
Transportation. Engineers (N. Y. Citv). Addresses:
181 La Salle St., Chicago; 154 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Newport, R. I., Sept. 17, 1S72; s. Richard
J. and Minnie S. (Clarke) Arnold; grad. Princeton
Univ., A.B., 1895: N. Y. Law Sch.. LL.B.. lx7; m.
Flushing. N. Y.. July 19. 1902, Cassandia Lawrence Lee;
children: Jennie Clarke, b. Jan. 22, 1908; Carrington
G., Jr., Oct. 11, 1911. Mem. Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Univer-
sity, Princeton, Oakland Golf, Marvland (Baltimore),
Down Town Ass'n. Address: 30 Broad St.. N. V. City.


Educator; b. X. Y. City, June 15, 1S79; s. George
and Eliza (Shiek) Arnold; grad. Coll. Citv of N. Y.,
A.B., 1898 (mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc), N. Y. Univ..
Pd.M., 1902; Pd.D., 1903; Columbia Univ.. Ph.D., 1905;
unmarried. Lecturer Dep't of Ed'n, Baltimore, 1906;
lecturer philosophy, Columbia Univ., 1907; on ed'n N.
Y. Univ.. during summer of 1910; principal of Public
Sch. 30, N. Y. Fellow A.A.A.S., N. Y. Acad, of Sciences;
mem. Am. Anthropo!. Ass'n, Am. Psychol. Ass'n, Am.
Sociol. Soc. Royal Soc. of Arts. Author: Attention
and Interest, Psychology of Association, Outline His-
tory of Education, Text-Book of School Management
(2 vols.). Special Methods of Instruction, and articles
on psychology and edn'l topics. Address: S24 St.
Nicholas Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Syracuse, N. Y., May 25. 1S75: s. William
A. and Myrtle C. (Baldwin) Arnold; grad. Syracuse
Univ., LL.B., 1S98; m. Olga M. Little, of Greenwich,
Conn., d. of Charles Clements Little, late v.-p.
Phoenix Ins. Co., of Brooklyn, and Carrie Cecilia
(Stetson) Little. After graduation studied law with

Senator Horace White at Syracuse, N. v.. admitted
to bar Feb. 2, 1900; came to N. V. City, Jan., 1905,
and became associated with the Am. Bonding Co., of
B more, as mg'r and ass't sec. Subsequently en-
gaging in gen. law practice and promotion of in-
dustrial enterprises, now associated witli the Johnston
C. Collins Co., of N. 1'., gen. ag'ts of the Travelers
Ins. Co., as mg'r. Enlisted July 14, 1898, in U. S.
Vol. Inf., Co. A, 203d N. Y. Reg't, in Spanish War;
honorably discharged for physical disability through
typhoid fever contracted in the service; former mem.
Nat. Guard, Co. A, 141st Reg't. Republican; Protestant.
Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon 'fraternity, Theta Nu
Epsilon. Mason, Central City Commaiidery, No. 25
K. T., Central City Consistory, A.A.A.S. Rite 32"
Mason, Mystic Shrine. Clubs: Century, Syracuse
Yacht. Citizens (Syracuse), Greenwich Country, In-
dian Harbor Yacht (Greenwich, Conn.). Residence:
Greenwich, Conn. Address: 55 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer: b. San Francisco, Cal.,' Sept. 29, 1S73; s.
Nathaniel D. Arnot, now and for 33 years Superior
Court Judge in Cal., and Eugenia M. (Holbrook)
Arnot; ed. Cal. Mil. Acad., Oakland, Cal., 1885-1887;
Phillips Exeter Acad., 1S87-1890; grad. Yale Coll.,
B.A., 1894; Yale Law Sch., LL.B., cum laude, 1896;
m. Rochester, N. Y., April 21, 1908, Josephine, d.
Henry S. Hanford; one son, Nathaniel D., b. Oct. 21,
1912. Has practised law in Rochester since 1896;
formerly mem. firm of Bly & Arnot; now practising
alone. Dir. Newton Mf'g Co., Emporium Milk By-
products Co. Independent Republican. Was treas.
five years of Rochester Humane Soc. Author of nu-
merous magazine articles on historical and legal sub-
jects. Gives illustrated lectures on New Zealand, In-
dustries of Niagara Falis, astronomy, paper making
and other subjects. Has reiad many papers before

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