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Theol. Sem., 1893 and 1896, repeating latter course, by
invitation, at Lane, Allegheny and Auburn Sems., same
year; John H. Converse lecturer on Missions at Mc-
Cormick Theol. Sem., Chicago, 1907; chm'n of com. on
statistics, and mem. of Exec. Com. of Ecumenical Conf.
on Foreign Missions, N. Y. City. Mem. of Comm'n and
chm'n of Com. on Statistics, World Missionary Confer-
ence, Edinburgh, 1910; trustee Syrian Protestant CoM.,
Beirut, and sec. of the B'd. Mem. Presby'n B'd of For-
eign Missions. Author: Foreign Missions After a Cen-
tury; Christian Missions and Social Progress (3 vols);
Centennial Survey of Foreign Missions; The New Hor-
oscope of Missions; The Modern Call of Missions.
Mem. Soc. of Mayflower Descendants. Soc. Colonial
Wars, Sons of Revolution. Presby'n Jnion of X. Y.,
Chi Alpha. Sigma Chi, Am. Polit. Science Ass'n, Am.
Acad, of Polit. and Social Science, Am. Soeiol. Soc;
fellow Am. Geog. Soc. Clubs: Princeton, Presb'n Union.
Address: Montclair, N. J.


Lawyer: b. Johnsonburgh. N. J., Dec. 30, 1860; s.
Lewis and Amanda (Davis) Dennis; ed. Blair Hall, N.
J.. Princeton Univ., Columbia Univ. Law Sch., A.M.,
LL.B..; m. Kingston, N. Y., April 16, 1S90, Mary Shafer.
Dir. Lawyers' Surety Co., counsel U. S. Fidelity and
Guaranty Co. Republican; Presbv'n. Address: 49 Cedar
St., N. Y. City.


Chemist, educator; b. Chicago, May 26, 1S63; s.
Joseph and Faustina (Munroe) Dennis; ed. Chicago
public schools; grad. Univ. of Mich., Ph.B., 1S85. B.S.,
in chemistry, 1886; advanced study at Univ. of Munich,
Polytechnikum of Dresden, Polytechnikum of Aix-la-
Chapelle, and private laboratory of Fresenius, Wies-
baden; m. Grand Rapids. Mich., Aug. 25, 1SS7. Minnie
Clark. Has been teaching since 1886; head chem. dep't
and prof, inorganic chemistry, Cornell Univ. Fel'ow
A.A.A.S. ; mem. Am. Chem. Soc, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta
Kappa. Author: Chemical Problems in Inorganic
Chemistry, 1S90: Elementary (with F. W. Clarke),
1902; Laboratory of Elementary Chemistry (with
same), 1902; Manual of Qualitative Analysis (with
Theodore Whittlesey). 1902: Gas Analysis, 1913. Trans-
lator: Methods of Gas Analysts (Walter Hempel), 1902.
Contb'r to Am. and German chem. journals. Address:
722 University Av., Ithaca, N. Y.


Trustee and dir.; b. Newark, N. J., Sept. 11, 1852;
s. Alfred Lewis and Eliza (Shepard) Dennis; prep,
ed'n Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; entered Yale,
class of 1874, but obliged to withdraw on account of
ill health; m. April 15, 18S4, Eliza Thomas, of Chi-
cago. Traveled extensively in Europe and the Orient:
on return became associated with hardware firm of
Gifford & Beach, N. Y. ; retired 1S80, to devote at-
tention to father's estate; pres. Howard Savings
Inst'n of Newark; v.-p. and dir. United Railroads of
N. J.; dir. Chicago Junction R'ys, and Union Stock-
yards Co.; Pittsburgh. Cincinnati. Chicago & St. Louis
R'v Co.; Pa. Tunnel & Terminal R. R. Co. (N. Y.);
Am. Ins. Co.; Nat. Newark Banking Co. Republican;
Episcopalian. Trustee Syrian Protestant Coll. Bei-
rut): Dennis Library (Newton, N. J.); mem. Soc of

Cincinnati, N. J. Hist. Soc, Washington Ass'n (Mor-
ristown, N. J.); fellow Am. Geog. Soc. Clubs: Cen-
tury, Union, Down Town Ass'n (N. Y.). Residence:
Morristown, X. J. Address: Newark, N. J.


Am. Consul; b. Columbus, O.; Oct. 28, 1S72; s. William
Neil and Mary Ulaldeman) Dennison; ed. St. Paul's
Sch., Concord, X. H., and Yale Univ.; m. London, Eng-
land, Oct. 30, 190S, Lucie Tessler, of Quebec, Can. In
Indian service of Am. Gov't, 10 years; cousul at RI-
mouski, Quebec, 3 years. Bombay, India, 5 years, Dun-
dee. Scotland, since 1910. Address: Am. Consulate
Dundee, Scotland.


Physician; b. Castleton, Vt., Aug. 25, 1876; s. Gustave
Ernest and Roxana Adella (Hoskins) Denno; grad.
Yale Univ., A.B., 1903 (hon. Soc Sigma Xi), Columbia
Univ., M.D., 1906; unmarried. Interne at Gen. Memo-
rial Hosp., N. Y. City, 1906-1908; identified with tuber-
culosis work of Dep't of Health since 1910, now ass't
chief of Tuberculosis Section of that Dep't. Democrat;
Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, N. Y. State Med.
Soc, N. Y. County Med. Soc, Internat. Soc. "Pneumo-
thorax Artificialis," Nu Sigmu Nu fraternity. Recrea-
tions: Tennis, golf, auction, chess. Club: Yale. Ad-
dress: 14 Central Park W., N. Y. City.


Clergyman, theologian; b. Lynn, Mass., 1852; s-
Dwight B. and Lois (Staple) Denslow; grad. Yale, B.A.,
1S73; Kenyon Coll., hon. M.A., 1896, D.D., Gen. Theol.
Sem., 1907; m. New Haven, Conn., 1877, Anna M. Olm-
stead. Ordered deacon, 1S78, and ordained priest, 1879.
by Bishop Williams, in ministry of the Episcopal
Church. Rector Grace Ch., New Haven, Conn., 1878-
1882, Rutland, Vt., 1882-1S85, Seneca Falls, N. Y., 1885-
1893; rector Gambier, O., chaplain and instr. in litur-
gies, Kenyon Coll., 1893-1896; rector Grace Ch., Muncie,
Ind., 1S96-1901, St. John's, Lafayette, Ind.. 1901-1902;
since 1902, prof, pastoral theology, Gen. Theol. Sem.,
N. Y. City. Address: 2 Chelsea Sq., N. Y. City.


Author, i.'Iustrator, designer of stage productions;
b. Philadelphia, May 5, 1856; s. William Wallace and
Jane E. (Evans) Denslow; ed. N. Y. public schools,
Cooper Inst, and Nat. Acad. Design, N. Y.; m. N. Y.
City, Dec. 26, 1903, Frances G. Doolittle. Worked on
most of the principal newspapers and magazines.
Among his best pictures are: What's the Use, Victory.
Since 1899, devoted principally to the illustration of
books for children, including: A New Invasion of the
South; Seventy-first, N. G. S. N. J.: Father Goose; His
Book: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; Dot and Tot of
Merryland; Denslow's Mother Goose; Denslow's Night
Before Christmas; One-Ring Circus; Humpty Dumpty;
Scare Crow and Tin Man; Denslow's Picture Books for
Children (16 vols.), the last four mentioned being com-
piled or written 'by Mr. Denslow; also The Pearl and
The Pumpkin, collaborating on the text with Paul
West; illustrated Billy Bounce, collaborating on text
with Dudley A. Bragdon. Designed the eccentric cos-
tumes for the play of The Wizard of Oz, and made de-
signs for the entire stage production of The Pearl
and the Pumpkin. Illustrated The Jeweled Toad;
wrote and illustrated When I Grow Up (published by
the Century Co.), Dreams of Childhood. Illustrated
Parlor Animals. Signs his drawings with a totem, the
Hippocampus or Sea Horse. Much of his time is spent
in Bermuda, where he has built a winter home upon an
island named after him. Recreation: Yachting. Clubs:
Press (Chicago). Columbia Yacht (N. Y. City), Dingey
(Hamilton. Bermuda), Ad Club (Buffalo). Address:
200 Fifth Av., X. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Gardiner, N. Y.. May 11, 1855; s. Anthony
Y. and Cornelia (Schoonmaker) Denton; ed. public
schools, Farmer Hall Acad. (Goshen, N. Y.), Free
Acad. (Elmira, N Y.) : m Monterey, Mass., Sept. 14,
1881, Louise Bidwell: children: Esther, b. 1884: Alice,
b. 1887; Edgar, Jr., b. 1SS9; Mary Elizabeth, ib. 1895;
John Bidwell, b. 1S99. Admitted to bar, 1879, and has
practised in Elmira ever since; dist. att'y Chemung
Co. 7 years; pres. B'd Ed'n, 7% years; City Judge, El-
mira, 4 years; Mayor, Elmira, 2 years. Democrat;
Oongregationalist. Address: Elmira, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Fitchburg, Mass., Dec. 10, 1865; s. Stephen
Egbert and Ann Eliza Denton; grad. Canandaigua (N.
Y.) Acad., June, 1883; Univ. of Rochester, A.B. 1887;
m. Rochester, May 17, 1904, Mary Helena, d. of Harvey
W. Brown. Admitted to bar. 1889. and since then en-
gaged in practice alone in Rochester, except the years
1895-1900, when was partner of George F. Slocum in,



firm of Slocum & Denton. Traveled in British Isles
and continental Europe, 1890. Trustee and 2d v.-p.
People's Rescue Mission of Rochester; vestryman of
Christ Episcopal Ch. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon fra-
ternity, N. Y. State (Bar Ass'n, Rochester Bar Ass'n,
Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Club: University
(Rochester).* Address: 232 Powers Bldg., Rochester,
N. Y.


U. S. Senator; b. Peekskill, N. Y., April 23, 1834; s.
Isaac and Martha (Mitchell) Depew; grad. Yale Coll..
1856; hon LL.D.; m. 1st. Nov. 9, 1871, Elise Hegeman
(died Mar., 1893); 2d, Dec, 1901, May Palmer; one son,
Read law with Hon. William Nelson, of Peekskill,
and admitted to bar, 185S, beginning practise of pro-
fession, 1S59; in 1SB1 elected to Assembly, and re-
elected 1862, serving as clim'n of com. on ways and
means in latter term; in 1863 led Republican cam-
paign in N. Y. as candidate for sec. of state, and re-
versed Democratic success of 1862, being elected by
30,000 majority;, refused a renomination; app'd min-
ister to Japan, and was confirmed toy the Senate, but
declined to accept the office; in 1S66 appt'd att'y for
N. Y. & Harlem R. R. Co.; gen. counsel of N. Y. Cen-
tral & Hudson River R. R. Co., 1875, and has since
continuously been identified with that company and
various other railroads comprising and allied to the
Vanderbilt system; became pres. N. Y. Central & Hud-
son River R. R., 1885; resigned in 1899 to become chm'n
of B'd of Dirs. N. Y. Central, Lake Shore and N. Y.,
Chicago & St. Louis R. R. Cos.; in 1867 appt'd clerk
of Westchester Co. toy Gov. Fenton and resigned; in
1870 made immigration comm'r by N. Y. Legislature,
but declined to serve; in 1875 appt'd and served as
boundary comm'r, fixing. State line with adjoining
States; defeated as candidate for lieut.-gov. on Liberal
Republican ticket, 1872. Elected regent of State Univ.,
1874, and appt'd one of comm'rs to build State Capitol;
candidate for U. S. Senator, 1881; elected U. S. Sen-
ator, 1899 re-elected, 1905; received 99 votes for pres.
in Nat. Rep. Conv., 1888, but withdrew in favor of
Gen. Benjamin Harrison; delegate-at-large to 6 Nat.
Rep. Convs.; made nominating speeches for Harrison,
1892, and for Roosevelt, 1904. Adj. 18th Reg't, N.G.
N.Y., which served in Civil War. Col. and Judge Ad-
vocate on staff of Major-Gen. James W. Husted, N.G.
N.Y. Distinguished as orator, making addresses on
many occasions of nat. importance, and as after-
dinner speaker. Mem. Corp'n of Yale Univ. 12
years. Mem. Chamber of Commerce, Soc. Colonial
Wars, Soc. of Cincinnati, Phi Beta Kappa Soc, St.
Nicholas Soc, N. Y. Hist Soc, Am. Science and His-
toric Preservation Soc, Met. Museum of Art, Nat.
Horse Show, A.A.A.S., Holland Soc, Hugenot Soc, N.
E. Soc, Lafayette Post, Kane Lodge. Clubs: Century,
Metropolitan, Union League, University, St. Nicholas,
Lotos, Republican, Transportation, Lawyers, Tuxedo,
Riding, Yale, N. Y. Yacht, Ardsley, Players, Strollers,
Psi Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa (N. Y. City), Metro-
politan (N. Y. City), Country, Ohevy Chase, Alibi,
Metropolitan (Washington, D. C). Address: 2T W.
54th St., N. Y. City.


Pres. Buffalo & Susquehanna Coal & Coke Co., v.-p.
Goodyear Lumber Co.; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Mar. 6. 1866:
s. William B. and Helen S. G. Depew; grad. Buffalo
High Sch., 1884; m. Nov. 15, 1894, Grace E. Goodyear.
Admitted to bar, 1887, and engaged in practise until
1902. Mem. S. A. R. Clubs: Buffalo, Saturn, Ellicott,
Park, Country. Address: Buffalo, X. Y.


Merchant, mf'r; b. Saginaw, Mich.. July 19, 1866; s.
Benjamin and Helen (Little) Derby; ed. public sens,
of Saginaw; grad. Univ. of Mich.; m. Boston, Oct. 30,
1889, Josephine Turner; children: Marguerite T., John
N., Jr., Helen T. V.-p. and dir. Manning. Maxwell &
Moore (Inc.), Ashcroft Mf'g Co., United Injector Co.,
Hayden & Derby Mf'g Co., Hancock Inspirator Co. and
Consolidated Safety Valve Co. Mem. Michigan Soc,
Alpha Delta Phi. Recreations: Outdoor sports, golf-
ing, yachting. Clubs: Engineers, Univ. of Mich., Ma-
chinerv. Residence: 279 Boston Post Road, Mamaro-
neck, N. Y. Address: 85 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; grad. Gen. Theol. Sem., N. Y. City, B.D..
1885. Ordered deacon, 1S85, by Bishop Starkey, and
ordained priest, 1886. bv Bishop Potter, in ministry of
Episcopal Ch. Rector Grace Ch., West Farms, and
chaplain of Home for Incurables, N. Y. City, since 1885.
Address: 1907 Vyse Av N. Y. City.


Real estate; b. Parkersburg, Va., Oct. 29, 1856; s.
Edward Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Monroe (Shrews-
burv) De Selding; ed. Adelphi Acad.. Brooklyn; m.

Brooklyn, April 30, 1885, Anna Josephine Clark; chil-
dren: Frederick Monroe, b. 1888; Edward Fitzgerald,
I, 1891. Mem. firm of De Selding Bros., real estate
agents. Episcopalian. Mem. Summit (N. J.) B'd of
I ide. Represents 1st Ward in Common Council.
Clubs: City (N. Y.), Athenteum, of Summit, N. J.
(pres.). Residence: 193 Summit Av., Summit, N. J-
Address: 12S Broadway, N. Y. City.


Insurance broker; b. N. Y. City, Dec. 14, 1859; s.
Clement Johnson and Matilda (Pratt) Despard; ed. X.
Y. City schs., and Munich and Bonn. Germany; m. Bay
Ridge, L. I., Nov. 1, 18S3, Cornelia Corlies White; chil-
dren: Douglas Cornell, b. Jan., 1SS5; Marie Corlies,
Estelle Pendleton, to. Oct., 1886. Vice-pres. Hagedorn
& Co.; treas. Zanzibar Electric Light Co.; trustee Am.
Seaman's Friend Soc. Mem. N. Y. Chamber Commerce,
Ass'n Average Adjusters, Internat. Law Ass'n, Met.
Mus. of Art, Am. Mus. Natural Hist., N. Y. Bot. Soc,
Xat. Geog. Soc. Republican. Recreations: Automo-
biling, traveling, music Clubs: Down Town, New
York. Residence: 241 W. 70th St. Address: 6 Han-
over St., N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 22, 1867; ed. public
sch., studied art at Nat. Acad, of Design under MM.
Bouguereau and Tonv Robert Fleury, and at Ecole
des Beaux Arts, Paris; m. N. Y. City, 1891, Elizabeth"
Coombe. Medal World's Columbian Exp'n, 1903, pic-
ture bought by French Gov't, 1893; mention Carnegie
Inst., 1897; first Hallgarten prize, Nat. Acad, of Design,
1900. Mem. Nat. Acad, of Design. Clubs:' Salmagundi,
Lotos. Address: 27 W. 67th St., N. Y. City.


Merchant; b. Cleveland, O.; s. Henry and Josephine
(Kleine) Detmer; ed. in public schs.; m. 1896, Esther
M. Downey; children: Esther Marie, to. 1S98; Eugene,
b. 1899; Jerome, b. 1901. Engaged since 18S6 in whole-
sale woolen business as pres. Detmer Woolen Co., the
headquarters of which are in N. Y. City. Address:
Tarrytown, N. Y


Jurist, b. Deerfield, Oneida, Co., N. Y., April 23, 1S46;
s. John C. and Elmina (Barnard) Deuel; ed. public
.schools, Whitestown (Utica) Sem.; m. Utica, Nov. 5.
1874, Cornelia C. Downer- children: Chester M., Mary
A. Commonwealth att'y, Hampton, Va., 1869-1871; sec
to Roscoe Conkling, 1871-1874; ass't U. S. Att'y, N. Y.
City, 1874-1876; deputy clerk, U. S. Circuit Court and
U. S. Comm'r, 1876-1878; clerk U. S. Circuit Court, N.
Y. City, 1S79-1882; police justice, N. Y: City, 1894; city
magistrate, N. Y. City, 1895-1903; pres. B'd City Magi-
strates, 1898-1903; justice Court Special Sessions, City
N. Y., 1904. Author: Children's Court Law for New
York City. Address: 125 W. 80th St., N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. Danube, N. Y., Nov. 2, 1856; s. Levenus and
Margaret (Walrath) Devendorf; grad. from Little
Falls Acad., 1877; m. Herkimer, N. Y., 1882, Margaret
Bellinger. Admitted to the bar. 1880, and engaged
in practice at Herkimer, N. Y. Dist. Att'y. 18S9-1S94,
County Judge and Surrogate, 1896-1906. of Herkimer
County; elected Nov., 1905, on Republican ticket, a
Justice of the Supreme Court of N. Y. for the term
expiring Dec. 31, 1919. Address: Herkimer, N. Y.


Educator, author, social worker; b. Union, Iowa,
May 6, 1867; s. John and Laura (Hall) Devine; grad.
Albion Sem., 1S83; Cornell Coll., la., A.B., 1887 (A.M.,
1S90; LL.D., 1904); Univ. of Halle, 1890-1S91; fellow
Wharton Sch. Finance, Univ. of Pa., Ph.D., 1891-1S95;
m. Aug. 15, 1889, Hattie Evelyn Scovel; children: Elmer
Thomas, b. 1895; Ruth, b. 1900. Taught in public and
private schs. in Iowa 5 years; staff lecturer in eco-
nomics, 1891-1896, Am. Soc. Extension of Univ. Teach-
ing (sec. 1894-1S96); lecturer at Oxford (Eng.) Univ.,
1892 and 1894; also at Edinburgh; gen. sec.
Charity Org'n Soc, City of N. Y., 1896-1912; sec. since
1912, taking active part in many reform movements,
especially tenement house reform, restriction of child
labor and movements for prevention of tuberculosis;
dir. N. Y. Sch. of Philanthropy, 1904-1907 and since
1912; founded, 1898, and until 1912 editor, and at
present asso. editor Charities, weekly periodical of
:-^al a i gen. philanthropy; Lend a Hand and the
leview were consolidated with it. and later
ions (Chicago) and Jewish Charity (N. Y.
e also merged. Prof, social economy, Colum-
1905: sp'l representative Am. Red Cross in
charge <f relief in San Francisco 1906; sp'l representa-
:ed Cross in charge of relief in Dayton, 1913.
rnnomics, 1S89 (Macmillan); The Practice of
mi -1904 (Dodd. Mead): The Principles of Re-



lief, 1904 Maemillian); Efficiency and Relief, 1906 (Co-
lumbia Univ. Press, Macmillan). Report on the desira-
?, v y , n L es ,!?, bllsh , ms an employment bureau in City of
N. 1., 1909 (charities Publication Com.); Misery and Its
Causes, 1909 (.Macmillan); Social Forces, 1909 (Chari-
,cf, s , ^"bl'cation Com.); The Spirit of Social Work,
1911 (Charities Publication Com.); The Family and
Social Work 1912 (V. 11. C. A. Press). Mem. Council
Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Council Am.
Economic Ass n, Nat. Inst, of Social Sciences, B'd Dirs.
an d ~ E ,? eo - 9 om - Nat - Ass ' n for Study and Prevention
of Tuberculosis. B'd Trustees Nat. Child Labor Com.;
Council Am. Ass'n for Labor Legislation, Permanent
Internat. Com. on Unemployment, Am. Sociol. Soc;
mem. of Com. on Org'n of the Internat. Congress of
.Hygiene and Demography, Exec. B'd Am. Inst, of
criminal Law and Criminology, Nat. Relief B'd Am.
Red Cross of NT.. Advisory Am. Com. Internat.
Prison Congress, 1910; B'd of Dirs. N. Y. Probation
and Protective Ass'n; Comm'r Church and Social
Service; pres. Section on Hygienic Social, Industrial
and Economic Aspects in Internat. Congress on Tu-
berculosis, Washington. D. C, 1908. Hon. fellow Am

iA- a ^ ,o J i e i ci "?- Clubs: Aldine, Century. Address:
iuo a,, jjnd fat., ,\. T. City.


Printer; b. Stamford, Conn., Dec. 25, 1S2S; s. Daniel
and Joanna Augusta (Low) De Vinne; ed. public sens.
Catskill, White Plains and Amenia, N. Y. ; A.M., Co-
lumbia and Yale Univ., for proficiency in printing- m.
N. Y. City, Grace Brockbank (died May 7, 1905); one
son. Entered printing office of Newburgh (N Y )
Gazette. 1844; removed to N. Y. City. 1S48. and became
connected with printing house of Francis Hart. In
, 1858 became junior partner, and seven years after
death of Mr. Hart, 1877. firm was changed to Theodore
L. De Vinne & Co., with son as junior partner. Is
leader in improvement of typography: prints the St.
Nicholas and Century Magazines, and Centurv Dic-
tionary, and has printed many editions de luxe for
various publishers. Mem New York Tvpot'heta> and
Aldine Ass'n. Author: Printers' Price LJst, 1S69 In
vention of Printing, 1S76; Historic Tvpe. 1884: Chris-
topher Plantin. 1888: Plain Printing Types, 1900; Cor-
rect Composition, 1901: Notable Printers of Italy, 1910
and Title Pages. 1902; Book Composition, 1904. 'Clubs:
;S, utnors - Grolier, Century, National Arts. Residence:
300 W T . 76th St. Address: 395 Lafayette St.. N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. .Y. City, Sept. 6, 1882: s. Charles and
Annie Cornelius (Beck) Devoe; descendant nf Fred-
erick Devaux, who in 16.85 emigrated from La Rochelle.
in France, and came to what is now New Rochelle.
and subsequently Manhattan: ed. Berkeley Sen and
Horace Mann Sch.. X. Y. City; Columbia Univ. (held
hon. scholarship there for two vears, 1902-1904) A B
1906; LL.B., N. Y. Law Sch.. 1908; m. Montclair. N. J.,
Oct. 6. 1908, Edith Guy Taylor: one son, Alan Tavlor,
b. Oct. 13. 1909. Admitted to N. Y. State bar in 1908-
since then connected first with law firm of Beattys &
Lamb, then with James. Schell & Elkus. Now ass't
counsel Hamburg-Am. Dine. Republican: Presbv'n.
Mem. Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Address: 3 Durvea
Road. Upper Montclair, N. J.


Physician: b. Newtown, King and Queen Co., Va
Oct. IS, 1843; s. Benjamin F. and Marv Susan (Gar-
nett) Dew; grad. Univ. of Va.. M.D.. 1867: Oity Hosp..
N. T. City, 1869; m. N. Y. City, June 18. 1885'. Bessie
Martin, of Georgia, daughter of Dr. E. H. Martin; one
d., Caroline Well'born (Mrs. George D. Knox), b 1889.
Physician in active gen. practice; nine vears prof,
anatomy, physiology and hygiene in N. Y. High School.
Surgeon N. Y. Confederate Veteran Camp: served in
Confederate Armv in Civil War. Episcopalian.. Mem.
N. Y. County Med. Soc, N. Y. Stat? Med. Soc, Acad, of
Medicine of N. Y., Alumni Citv Hosp.. Am. Med. Ass'n,
Mem. N. Y. Southern Soc, The Virginians. Alumni of
Univ. of Va. Address: 65 W. 68th St., N. Y. City.


Physician: b. Berne, Switzerland, Dec. 30, 1854: s
Edward de Watteville, whose f:'.ther was a lieut.-gen.
who served in the British army ed. Latin Sch., Berne;
Royal Coll. Surgeons, Edinburgh, Scotland (where one
of his teachers was Sir Joseph Lister), M.D.. 1880:
made trip to Australia as physician on emigrant ship;
finished studies at Univ. of Betne. Physician of Don-
ald Currie & Co., ship owners making trips to Cape
pf Good Hope, Southeast Africa, Port Natal, etc.. and
later physician for Inman Lin .- on their steamers be-
tween Liverpool and N. Y. Cit.-: since 1SS2 in general
practice as physician in X. Y. Citv. Club: Swiss (ex-
pres.). Address: 155 E. 36th S . X. Y City.


Physician; b. Kennedyville, Md., July 12, 1869' s
Daniel Udree and Emily Amanda (Raysor) Dewees;
ni. Kennedyville grammar sch., 1881; Norristown (Pa.)

1 i > ul. I'hila. Coll. of Pharmacy, Ph.G

1891; Univ. Pa. (Med.), M.D., 1894; unmarried. In 1894
travelled through England, Ireland, Scotland and
W ales, and visited Paris; attended clinics of Annan-
dale and Cheyne in Edinburgh; practised in Phlla.
until 1901; removed to Buffalo, X. Y.. 1902, and be-
came house surgeon at the New Emergency Hosp.;
now visiting surgeon Mercy Hosp. Republican: Epis-
copalian. Mem. Acad, Medicine, Erie Co. Med Soc
N. Y. State Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n. Recreations:
Music, travel. Address: 186 S. Park Av., Buffalo, N. Y.


Lawyer: b. New Haven. Conn.. Sept. 17, 1870; s. late
James Dudley and Mary E. (Keves) Dewell; ed. Hop-
kins Grammar Sch. (New Haven); grad. Yale Univ..
1893; m. New Haven, Conn., July 6, 1900, Clara Feucht-
wanger. Republican: Episcopalian. Mem. Theta Delta
Chi, Phi Delta Phi. Yale Graduates' Club (New
Haven). Address: 129 Church St., Xew Haven, Conn.


Artist; b. Lowville, N. Y 1849; s. Silas B. and Jane
(iStoddard) Dewey; studied in Paris, winters of 1876-
1877, in atelier of Carolus Duran; engaged as artist
painter ever since; m. N. Y. City, May 2, 1887, Julia
Henshaw. Represented by important works in the
Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, Corcoran Nat. Gallery (Washing-
ton, D. C), Buffalo Acad., and in many private col-
lections of note. Academician. Nat. Acad, of Design;
mem. Inst. Arts and Letters. Clubs: Lotos, Nat. \rts.
Address: 222 W. 23d St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Freetown, Cortland Co., N. Y., June IT,
1S54: s. David Wesley and Phcebe Ann (Delavan)
Dewey; grad. State Normal Sch., Cortland, N. Y., 1877;
Syracuse Univ., A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa, commencement)
speaker), 1885; N. Y. Univ., Ph.D., 1890; Brooklyn Law
Sch., LL.B.. 1904; m. Aug. 12. 1886, Louise Higle'y; chil-
dren: Mary Agnes, b. 1888; Charles Oliver, Jr., b. 1896.
Has been principal of sohools for twenty-six years.
Mem. N. Y. bar. Served in 13th Reg't, Heavy Art'y,
N. G. N. Y., private to 2d lieut. Republican; Methodist.
Mem. Brooklyn Principals' Ass'n; pres. Principals'
Ass'n (N. Y. City), N. Y. State Teachers' Ass'n
(pres. 1906), Nat. Ed'n Ass'n. Mem. Psi Upsilon,
Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Ass'n. Sons of Revolution,
Knight Templar. Recreations: Bowling, fishing, shoot-
ing, mountain climbing, camping. Clubs: Lincoln,
University (Brooklyn), Schoolmasters' (N. Y City).
Address: 467 McDonough St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Banker; b. Otego, N. Y., 1880; s. William A. ana
Loderna A. (Killborn) Dewey; grad. Hamilton Coll.,

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