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A. B. (valedictorian), 1882, A.M., Ph.D.; m. Potsdam,
N. Y., 1887, Jessie M. Henry; one son; Lewis Davton.
Pres. Citizens' Nat. Bank: dir. Northern Wall Paper
Co.; treas. Raquette River Pulp Co.; pres. Potsdam
Building & Loan Ass'n. Republican; Episcopalian.
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Sigma Phi. Mason. Trustee
Potsdam State Normal Sch.: pres. Potsdam Public
Library. Clubs: Potsdam (pres.); Century (Ogdens-
burg, N. Y.). Address: Potsdam, N. Y.


Wine-maker; b. Fort Wayne, Ind., Dec. 19, 1S43; s.
Hiram Todd and Susan Loftlev (Stapleford) Dewey
ed. public schools, Sandusky, O., Delaware (O.) Coll.;
m. Brooklyn, Oct. 10, 1872, Frances Amelia Cameron;
children: George F., b. 1878: Ralph C, b. 1881; Julia
L., b. 1S84: William H., b. 1885. Started in business
with father, 1859; was taken into partnership, 1872;
business incorporated (elected v. -p.), 1893; elected,
pres., 1900. H. T. Dewey & Sons Co. Received apptm't
as a representative of Erie County, O., by John \v
Mackey, judige of court, to serve on bodyguard to
Abraham Lincoln in 1863; served in 145th Ohio Vols -
appt'd 1st lieut. 1st Ohio Militia. Republican- Congre-
gationalist. Mem. G. A. R. : elected senior vice comd'r
John A. Dix Post 135. Dep't N. Y. afterward comd'r
for seven years: ass't q.-m. -gen.. Dep't of N. Y elect-
ed junior vice dep't comd'r, and later elected' senior
vice dep't comd'r, N. Y. State. Extensive traveler on
European and American continents and the islands
of the sea. Mem. Flag Ass'n, Founders and Patriots
of America, Soc War of 1812, Sons of Revolution
Residence: 651 Putnam Av., Brooklyn Address- 138
Fulton St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Burlington, Vt., Oct. 20, 1859: s Archi-
bald >.. and Lucina (Rich) Dewey; ed. Burlington



(Vt.) High Sch., 1871-1875; grad. Univ. Vt., A.B., 1879
(Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1884; LL.D., Univ. or,
Wis., 1904); m. Fenton, Mich., July 28, 1886, Alice Chip-
man; children: Fred A., Evelyn, Lucy A., Jane M.
Former prof, philosophy and dir. Sch. of Ed'n, Univ. of
Chicago; now prof, philosophy Columbia Univ. Mem.
and ex-pres. Am. Psychol. Ass'n and Am. Philos. Ass'n.
Author: Psychology; Leibnitz; Critical Theory of
Ethics; Study of Ethics; Psychology of Number; School
and Society; Studies in Logical Theory; with Prof.
Tufts, joint author of Ethics; contb'r to Philos. Re-
view, Psychol. Review, Mind, etc. Address: Columbia
Univ., N. T. City.


Educator, librarian; b. Adams Centre, N. Y., Dec. 10.
1851; grad. Amherst Coll., 1874; acting librarian Am-
herst, 1873-1876; 1876 moved to Boston, establishing
Am. Library Ass'n, Library Journal, Metric Bureau.
Spelling Reform Ass'n; also Library Bureau to secure
better library methods, appliances and supplies; man-
aged these till May, 1S83. when appt'd chief librarian
of Columbia Coll.; prof, library economy, 1884; 1887,
director Columbia Coll. Sch. of library economy, whose
establishment he had suggested; sec, treas. and exec,
officer Univ. of State of N. Y., 1889; dir. N. Y. State
Library, Chautauqua Library Sch.; N. Y. State dir. of
libraries, 1889-1906; sec. Am. Library Ass'n, 1870-1890;
1897-1898, treas., 1879-1881, pres. 1890-1893; edited
Library Journal, 1876-1881, Library Notes, Metric
Bulletin, Metric Advocate, Spelling Reform Bulletin.
Dir. N. Y. State ed'n exhibit, Columbian Exp'n, 1893.
The value of his peculiar work has been recognized
by universal exp'ns in Paris, 1878, 1889; Chicago, 1893,
and Paris, 1900, where of nine grand prizes awarded
to U. S., one was for an exhibit of methods of ed'n
by means of reading and traveling libraries, another
for gen. library exhibit (both prepared by N. Y. State
Library) and a third to him in honor of his dis-
tinguished services not only as a librarian, but as an
educator whose administration during period of re-
org'n of Univ. of State of N. Y. (1889-1900), produced
such marked advances in both secondary and higher
ed'n; a similar award of a go-Id medal was made by
La. Purchase Exp'n, 1904. Author: Library School
Rules; Simplified Library School Rules; Decimal
Classification and Relative Index. Address: Lake
Placid Club, Essex Co., N. Y.


Artist; b. Boston, May 4, 1851; student of Jules J.
Lefefbvre, at Paris, 1876-1879; m. Maria Richards
Oakey. Since 1879 professionally engaged as artist in
N. Y. City; painter of portraits and figure compo-
sitions. Received Clarke prize of Nat. Acad. Design,
1S87, for painting The Days. Asso. 1887, academician
since 1898, Nat. Acad. Design; mem. Soc. Am. Artists,
Ten Am. Painters. Club: The Players. Address: 12
W. 8th St., N. Y. City.


Actress; b. N. Y. City, 1865; d. Stephen and Georgina
(Copland) de Wolfe. Made debut dn Sardou's Ther-
midor, 1889-1890; many years with Empire Stock Co.,
leading support of John Drew; became a star in
1901; afterward managed own co., producing different
plays. Much interested in objets d'art, cor.ecting.
Now engaged in interior decorating at 4 W. 40th St.
Lives abroad several months each year. Mem. Colony
Club, which she furnished and made the most attrac-
tive woman's club in the country. Residence: 123 E.
55th St., N. Y. City, and (a villa at) Versailles, France.
Address: 4 W. 40th St.. N. Y. City.


Life ins. official; b. Augusta, Maine, Jan. 25, 1860; s.
Rev. Henry Vaughn (Baptist) and Mary E. (Board-
man) Dexter; ed. in common and high sch.; m.
Baldwinville. Mass., 1879, Nellie J. Greenwood; chil-
dren: Fred G.. b. 1881; Leon B., b. 1893. Second v.-p.
Mut. Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. Republican. Clubs:
Lawyers. N. Y. Athletic, Columbia Yacht. Address: 32
Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Black River, N. Y., May 4, 1858; s.
Simeon and Maria L. (Hardy) Dexter; ed. Watertown
High Sch.. Potsdam Normal Sch.; m. Camden, N. Y.,
Jan. 21, 1885. Clara L. Tisdale; children: Fannv E., b.
June 10, 1887: William C. b. Mar. 18, 1891; Marion L.,
b. Mar. 26. 1902. Pres. and mg'r H. C. Dexter Chair
Co. Republican. Mem. M. E. Ch. Address: Black
River. Jefferson Co., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. London. Eng., Oct. 3, 1857; s. Henry
Stanley and Annie Breese (Walker) Dexter; grad. Yale
Univ., B.A.. 1S7S; m. Benicia. Calif., Sept. 10, 1884,
Gabriella Manigault McAllister; children: Gabriella

M., b. 1886; Julian Stanley, b. 1896; Sidney Breese, b.
1897. Senior mem. firm Dexter, Osborn & Fleming;
referee in bankruptcy since 1898; mem. N. Y City and
State Bar Ass'ns (Com. on Federal Legislation); 27th
Assembly Dist. Rep. Org'n; dir. Mutual Trust Co. of
Westchester Co. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem.
Sons of Revolution, St. Nicholas Soc, Holland Lodge
8, F. and A. M. (past master). Scroll and Key Soc.
(Yale), Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: Union, University,
Down Town, Yale, Church, Republican, Piping Kock,
Seawanhaka Yacht, Mill Neck (Fishing). Residence:
(country) Oyster Bay, L. I.; (city) 48 W. 55th St. Ad-
dress: 71 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Newburgh, N. Y., Aug. 25, 1861; s. Abra-
ham and Mary J. (Bevier) Deyo; ed. New Paltz Acad.;
grad. Fort Edward Collegiate Inst, 1882; m. West
Somers, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1888, Mary Emma Osburn; one
child, Mildred Louise, b. 1892. Studied law In the
office of Hon. Alton B. Parker, at Kingston, N". Y.,
appt'd comm'r for Southern Dist. of N. Y.; att'y for
B'd Supervisors Ulster Co., 1893-1894 and 1896; sec
Rep. Co. Com. Ulster Co. for many years; mem. Dutch
Reformed Ch.; Ulster Co. Bar Ass'n; Kingston Club.
Address: 240 Fair St., Kingston, N. Y.


Clergyman; b. Highland, N. Y.; ed. St. Stephen's
Coll., Seabury Divinity Sch. and Ch. Divinity Sch. of
the Pacific; ordered deacon in Episcopal Ch. 1893;
ordained priest, 1895; principal St. Mark's Acad., Salt
Lake, 1892; rector St. Peter's Mission, Coronado, Calif.
1893; rector St. Luke's Ch., Los Gatos, Calif., 1896;
curate, Calvary Parish, N. Y., 1898; curate St Au-
gustine's Chapel, Trinity Parish, 1901; rector Ch. of
the Advocate since 1906. Address: Washingtan Av.
and E. 181st St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Union, Broome Co., N. Y., Jan. 28, 1854;
s. Richard and Caroline B. (Eckert) 'Deyo; grad. Am-
herst Coll., A.B., 1879; m. Binghamton, N. Y., June 26,
1SS9, Edith A. Weld; children: Austin W., b. 1892:
Dorothy W., b. 1899; Martin W., b. 1903. Admitted
to bar, Jan., 1SS3; mem. firm Deyo & Hitchcock. Mem.
N. Y. State Assembly, 1890-1893; one of comm'rs
appt'd by Gov. Flower, 1894, to investigate mg'mt
State Reformatory at Elmira; sec. Deyo-Macey Gas
Engine Co.; dir. Binghamton Gas Works. Republican:
Congregationalist. Former v.-p. N. Y. State Bar Ass'n;
mem. local B'd Mg'rs, Cortland State Normal Sch.:
trustee First Cong'l Church, Binghamton; Mason. 32";
Knight Templar and Shriner. Recreations: Horse*-
back riding, farming. Address: 32 North St., Bing-
hamton, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. near Newburgh, N. Y Aug. 19, 1843;
s. Dr. Nathaniel and Cornelia Bruvn (Dubois) Deyo;
grad. Princeton, 1864; Albany Law Sch., 1863; m. 1S76,
Jane Crawford Denniston. Justice of the Peace, New-
burgh, 1866; removed to N. Y. City same year; became
mem. law firm of Field & Deyo (with David Dudlev
Field and Dudley Field) ; delegate to Constitutional
Conv., 1894 (mem. Corns, on Rules, Education and Re-
vision); mem. first Civil Service Comm'n appt'd under
Greater N. Y. charter; mem. comm'n to inquire Into
delays and expenses in administration of justice in
counties of N. Y. and Kings; senior mem. firm Deyo.
Duer & Bauerdorf. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.,
Huguenot Soc, N. Y. Hist. Soc; chm'n Exec. Com.,
N. Y. Law Inst. Clubs: Manhattan, Democratic,
Princeton. Residence: 64 W. 47th St., N. Y. City.
Address: 111 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Civil eng'r, r'y official; b. Scotland, Pa.; s. George
and Agnes (Thomson) Dice; ed. public
schs. of Scotland, Acad, at Chambersburg; m. St. Clair,
Pa., Feb, 1887. Margaretta Boone; children: Frances
Dice Stauffer, to. June 18, 1889; Agnew Thomson, Jr., b.
March 17. 1890; Margaret Dice Prizer, b. Feb. 6, 1893.
Employed in Eng'ring Dept. of Pa. R. R., 18S1-1892;
N. Y. Central & Hudson River R. R., as supt. of sig-
nals, until April 1, 1:394; with Pa. & Reading R. R..
as supt., Atlantic City R. R.; later appt'd gen. sup't.
gen. mg'r, now v.-p. and gen. mg'r. Republican; Epis-
copalian. Mem Am. R'y Guild. Recreations: Golf,
automobiling. Clubs: Railroad (N. Y.), Union League
(Phila.), Wyomissing, Berkshire Country (Reading).
Address: S00 N. 5th St . Reading, Pa.


Manufacturer; b. Bethlehem, Pa., Dec. 12, 1874; s.
Hon. Charles Heber and Joy Ivy (Carter) Dickerman;
took preparatory course at William Penn Charter Sch.
(Phila.); grad. Lehigh Univ., M.E.. 1896; m. Dun-
church. Eng., June 19, 1905, Alice Carter (of Phila.);



children: William C. Dickerman, Jr., b. Feb. 2, 1907;
Joy Ivy Carter, b. Aug. 19, 1908; Charles Heber, Jr.,
b. Dec. 12, 1909; Hone : Uedington, b. Oct. 29, 1912.
Entered employ Milton Car Works, Milton, Pa., 1S97,
and on the formation of Am. Car & Foundry Co. was
made ass't dist. mg'r for Milton dist., salts ag't, 1900-
1905; v.-p. since 1900; dir. First Nat. Bank, Milton,
Pa.; Internat. Motor Co., N. Y. Enlisted in N. G. Pa.
(Co. C, 12th Reg't) May IS, 1897; battalion adj., 1st
lieut., 1S99-1901. Democrat. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech.
Eng'rs, Am. Inst, of Mining Eng'rs; N. Y. Soc. Colonial
Wars; mem. Delta Phi fraternity. Clubs: University.
Engineers, City Lunch (N. Y. City), Apavvamls, Am-
erican Yacht (Rye. X. Y.), Larchmont Yacht (Larch-
mont, N. Y.), University (Phila.). Address: Mamaro-
neck, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Newport R. I., Aug. 23, 1S52; grad. Trin-
ity Coll., A.B., 1874; Columbia Law Sch., LL.B., 1S76.
Mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity, City Bar Ass'n, Trinity
Coll. Alumni Ass'n. Clubs: Lawyers, St. Nicholas,
Tuxedo, Manhattan, Riding, Fencers, Lambs. Camera,
X. Y. Athletic, Larchmont Yacht, Suburban Ridins
and Driving, Belle Terre, Mendelssohn Glee, Rockaway
Hunt. X. Y. Yacht, Hudson River lee Yacht, Am. Yacht
(X. Y. City), Metropolitan (Washington, D. C), Hart-
ford (Conn.), California. Jonathan, Country (Los An-
geles), Travelers (Paris), Royal Thames Yacht (Eng-
land). Address: 141 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Xewburgh, X. Y., Jan. 11, 1845; studied
law at Albany Law Sch.; served in the Civil War
and rose from private to rank of col.; admitted to Bar
of N. Y. State; justice Supreme Court, Jan. 1, 1896-
Dec. 31. 1909. Address: 630 Ocean Av., Brooklyn, X. Y.


Chartered and certified public accountant; b. Lon-
don, England, Aug. 8, 1859; s. Lowes (portrait painter)
and Ellen (Williams) Dickinson; ed. Charterhouse
Sch., England (the school described in Thackeray's
book The Xewcomes) ; King's College, Cambridge
Univ., England; scholaT at school and grad. Wrangler
in Mathematical Tripos, 1884; took M.A. degree, 1888;
m. Aug. 3, 1888, Mary Katherine Jennings; children:
Mary Ellen, b. 1S89; Dora Kathleen, b. 1S91. Engaged
in practise as accountant and actuary in England,
later coming to N. Y. City; became American citizen
July, 1906. Now senior partner Price, Waterhouse &
Co., Jones, Caesar, Dickinson. Wilmot & Co.; director
X. Y. Breweries, Limited. Fellow Inst, of Chartered
Accountants of England and Wales; fellow Inst, of
Actuaries. Republican. Mem. Civil Service Reform
Ass'n, Am. Acad. Political and Social Science. Recrea-
tions: Golf, tennis, automobiling. Clubs: Lawyers,
University British Schools and Universities (N. Y.
City), Misquamicut Golf (Watch Hill, R. I.). Address:
54 William St., N. Y. City.


Med. dir. U.S.N., retired; b. Jamestown, X. Y.. Oct.
31, 1847; s. Edward Alexander and Sarah Mariah
(Fletcher) Dickinson; attended Jamestown Acad.,
Univ. of Buffalo, X. Y. (Med. Dept.), M.D., 1869; m.
Oakland, Calif., May 1882, Syria Elana Brown; chil-
dren: Spencer Edward, b. Feb. 9, 1883; Mayotta, b.
July 4, 1884; Dwight, b. Aug. 2, 18S6; Edward Fletcher,
b. April 29, 1890. Ass't surgeon U.S.X., April 21, 1869;
past ass't surgeon, April 21. 1872; surgeon, Dec. 9,
1879; med. insp. Xov. 11. 1895'; med. dir., with rank of
capt., Xov. 11, 1899; med. dir., with rank of commo.,
retired, Oct. 31. 1909. Mem. Am. Ass'n Mil. Surgeons,
Sons of Revolution. Recreations: Walking, travel.
Clubs: Metropolitan, Army and Xavv (Washington,
D. C), X. Y. Yacht Address: 1806 R St., X.W., Wash-
ington, D. C.


Pres. and treas. The Boynton Furnace Co.; b. Ban-
gor. Franklin Co., X. Y., Aug. 31, 1852; s. Wells S. and
Thusa (Fish) Dickinson; ed. Franklin Acad., Malone,
X. Y.; Univ. of Vt., Ph.B. (Phi Beta Kappa); m. X. Y.
City, Frances Boynton; children: Delight Wells S..
Edwin B. Was private sec. to V.-p. Wheeler during
his term of four years, 1877-1881. Pres. and treas.
The Boynton Furnace Co.; mem. Advisory B'd, Herald
Square Branch. The Greenwich Bank; dir. Tacoma
Land Co. Republican. Mem. Dutch Reformed Ch.
Mem. Sigma Phi. Clubs: Union League. St. Andrew's
Golf. Residence: 312 W. 77th St. Address: 106 W.
37th St.. X. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Richmond, Va.. Aug. 4, 1861; s. Rev.
Alfred E. (D.D.) and Fannie E. (Taylor) Dickinson;
ed. Richmond Coll., Va.: Univ. of Va. ; grad. Southern
Bapt. Theol. Sem.. Louisville, Ky. (honorary D.D.,

Richmond Coll.); m. Fairport X. Y., Oct. 18, L887,
Stella G. De Land; children: Margaret, Helen S., Lois
D. Pastor Xorth Bapt. Ch., Orange, X. J., 1886-1903;
First Bapt. Ch., Rochester, X. Y., Oct., 1903-Jan., 1912.
Studied and traveled in Europe, Jan., 1912-Sept., 1912.
Pastor Sixth Av. Bapt. Ch'., Brooklyn, N. Y., since
April, 1913. Trustee Rochester Theol. Sem.; dir. West-
ern X. Y. Deaf Mute Inst'n; chaplain Rochester Chap-
ter, S.A.R. Traveled widely in this country; seven
times visited Europe, and once the Orient. Has
written frequent contributions to religious journals.
Served for five years as mem. B'd of Ed'n, E. Orange,
X. J. Club: University, Rochester (one of its found-
ers). Address: 48 Montgomery PI., Brooklyn, N, Y.


Physician! b. Jersey City, X. J., Feb. 21, 1861; s.
Horace and Jcanette (.Latou) Dickinson; ed. Brooklyn
Polytechnic Inst, and in Switzerland and Germany;
grad. L. 1. Coll. Hosp., M.D., 1SS2; m. Brooklyn, 1890,
Sarah Truslow. Gynecologist to Brooklyn Hosp.; o'b-
stetrician-in-chief to M. E. Hosp., and consulting
gynecologist to St. Mary's Hosp., Jamaica, L. I. Mem.
Am. Gynecological Soc; X. Y. Acad, of Medicine, Kings
County Med. Soc, X. Y. Obstetric Soc. Brooklyn Gyne-
cological Soc, and British Gynecological Soc. Was co-
editor of the American Text-book of Obstetrics; has
published many researches. Club: Hamilton. AddTess:
168 Clinton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Manufacturer, mech. eng'r; 'b. X. Y. City, June 20,
1872; s. William Xoble and Mary Elizabeth (Coleman)
Dickinson; ed. publiic sch., Brooklyn Collegiate and
Poly. Inst., and by private tutor. Formerly foreman
of testing room, sup't of construction, m'gr of Boston
office, v.-p. Elekton Mf'g Co. of N. Y., with works at
Springfield, Mass.; mem. firm W. Noble Dickinson, Jr.
& Co., X. Y. ; mg'r of Foreign Dep't and 2d v.-p. Otis
Elevator Co. of Maine. Started and tested first low
speed motor in U. S. ; invented and designed various
machines and devices relating to elevator work.
Traveled extensively throughout U. S., S. America and
European countries. Republican; Episcopalian (mem.
Ch. of Holy Trinity, Brooklyn). Dir. and mem. Exec.
Com. Am. Mf'rs Export Ass'n; mem. House Com. Am.
Soc Mech. Eng'rs; fellow Am. Inst. Elec Eng'rs; mem.
Am. Electro-Chem. Soc, N. Y. Elec. Soc. (ex v.-p.),
Pan-Am. Soc. of U. S. Class E. mem. Nat. Electric
Light Ass'n. Recreations: Horseback riding, sailing,
tennis. Clubs: Engineers (X. Y.), Central (Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil), Young Mens (pTes.), Crescent
(Brooklyn). Residence: 38 DeKoven Court, Brook-
lyn. Address: 11th Av. & 26th St., N. Y. City.


Civil eng'r, contractor; b. Forestville, Md.. s. Hein-
rich Herman and Magdalena (Schmid) Diebitsch;
grad. Lehigh Univ.. C.E.; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., ApT. 21,
1906, Roberta P\ Watterson; three children deceased.
In command of Greenland Scientific Expd'n, 1895;
master builder of new Grand Central Terminal, N. Y.
City. Pres. Syenite Trap Rock Co., v.-p. John Peirce
Co. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs. Recreation: Golf.
Clubs: University (N. Y. City), University (Washing-
ton, D. C), Yountakah Golf, Nutley Field. Residence:
38 Burnett PI., Nutley, N. J. Address: 90 West St.,
N. Y. City.


Insurance m'gr; b. Sharon Springs, N. Y., Mar. 8,
1860; s. Douw B. and Alzina Diefendorf; ed. Canajo-
harie (N. Y.) High Sch., Fort Plain (N. Y.) Sem.; m.
Brooklyn. Jan. 25, 1887. Louisa Edwards Slocum; chil-
dren: Mabel S., Warren Edwin, Edith Louisa. Began
business career as clerk in dry goods store at Fort
Plain. N. Y., finally becoming partner, and later part
owner, as Cook & Diefendorf; at age of 23 organized
Garment Mf'g Co., and later retired from the firm of
Cook & Diefendorf; in 1887 parted with mf'g interest
and entered the insurance field as sp'l agent Mutual
Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. Treas. Adams-Diefendorf Realty
Co. Dir. Kings Co. Mortgage Co., the Country Invest-
ing Co of N. Y.. the Navahoe Realty Co. of N Y
Traveled in different States east of Mississippi River;
since 1889 mg'r Brooklyn and L. I. agency of the
company. Mem. M. E. Church, Westchester Chamber
of Commerce, Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce. Ma-
son 32, and Knight of Pythias; mem. Brooklyn
League. Clubs: Economic, City (N. Y.). Riding and
Driving, Crescent Athletic, Brooklyn (Brooklyn), Re
publican, Men's (Mt. Vernon. N. Y.). Address: 164
Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Tropical agr. : b. Panora. Iowa. July 9, 1869; s. D. W
and Rebecca (Anderson) Diehl; high sch. ed'n in Iowa;
sp'l course in St. Louis, Mo.; m. N. Y. City. May 29,
1905, Angelica L. Macias, g.-g.d. Marquise de Latorre,



of Spain; one d.: Lucile A., b. April, 1906. In news-
paper work until 1892; appt'd by Gov't chief clerli
Navajo Indian Agency, Ft. Defiance, Ariz., 1892-1S93;
returned to Iowa; engaged in abstract business until
1899; visited Mexico and Central America, 1898, and
frequent trips thereafter to Mexico and Cuba; became
Interested in Mexican enterprises in 1899, and is now
interested in Mexican and Cuban properties, both
mining and agr. Mem. Nat. Civic Federation, N. Y.
State Historical Ass'n. Republican. Mason, 32, and
Shriner. Recreations: Golf and big game hunting.
Club: Economic. Residence: 206 W. 95th St. Address:
26 Stone St., N. T. City.


Artist; b. Hanover, Germany, Deb. 25, 1847; grad.
Calvert Coll.. Maryland; served as draughtsman and
topographer in U. S. Eng'r offices at Fort Monroe and
Baltimore, 1866-1872; resigned to study art; spent 4
years as student in Royal Acad, of Munich; m. 1883,
Lilla Marion Benham. Practised his profession in N.
T. City since 1876, devoting himself to illustration
and etching, and to genre historical and mural paint-
ing; examples of his "work in latter dep't are 2 mosaic
panels. Law and History, in new Congressional Li-
brary; a series of 7 mural paintings in new building
of Washington Evening Star, and large decoration in
mosaic, called Thrift, in Albany Savings Bank. "Was
one of founders of Soc. of Am. Artists; elected Nat.
Academician, 18S3; pres. Nat. Acad. Design, 1899-1909;
pres. Fine Arts Federation of N. T. since 1910; mem.
and v.-p. Art Comm'n of N. Y. City, 1901-1903; appt'd
prof, descriptive geometry and drawing in Coll. of
City of N. Y., 1903. Club: Century. Address: Coll.
City of N. Y., N. Y. City.


Sec. Y. M. C. A.; b. Altoona, Pa., May 12, 1864; s.
Philip E. and Mary E. (Rial) Dietrich; ed. public schs.,
Altoona and Harris'burg, Pa.; m. Harrisburg, Pa., May
25, 1886, Nora Irene Early; children: Ruth Lucile, b.
1887; Robert Stamford, b. 1892; .Charles William, Jr.,
b. 1896. In hats and gents' furnishing business, Har-
risburg, 6 years; gen. sec. Y. M. C. A., Stamford, Oonn.,
5 years; Y. M. C. A., Troy, N. Y., 6 years; Y. M. C. A.,
Brooklyn, N. Y., since 1901. Treas. Peerless Tube Co.,
v.-p. Yankee Wizard Clock Co., N. Y. City. Progres-
sive; Congregationalist. Residence: 163 Stratford
Road. Address: 11 Bond St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Jurist; b. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; s. Camden C. and Jeannie
D (Scott) Dike; ed. Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst., Brown
Univ., Ph.B., Columbia Univ., LL.B. In 1895 appt'd by
Gov. Morton ass't to judge advocate general in Nat.
Guard of N. Y with rank of lt.-col., 1894; elected
supervisor 2 years in B'd of Supervisors of Kings Co.,
and was active in fight therein against J. Y. McKane,
1902; appt'd iby Gov. Odell, sheriff of Kings Co., on re-
moval of the incumbent Guden; in Dec, 1906, appt'd
by Gov. Higgins, county judge of Kings Co. Court,
and elected for full term in Nov., 1907; re-elected, 1913,
for full term 6 years. Republican; Congregationalist.
Pres. of Italian Settlement House until 1906. Mem.
Sons Revolution, Psi Upsilon. Clubs: University (N.
Y. City), Hamilton, Brooklyn, Riding and Driving,
Dyker Meadow, Crescent Athletic, Heights Casino, Psi
Upsilon. Residence: 194 Columbia Heights. Office:
Court Bouse, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Theatrical mg'r; m. Purchase, N. J., May 5, 1913,
Eileen Kearney. Has management of several theatri-
cal companies, stars and theatres. Address: Charles
Dillingham's Globe Theatre, Broadway & 46th St., N.
Y. City.


Publisher; b. Bangor, Me., May 3, 1861; s. Edwin F.
and Julia dSnell) Dillingham; grad. Yale Univ., A.B.,
1882; unmarried. Employed in Wall St. house, 1882-
1885; continuously engaged in publishing business,
1885-1896; connected with Charles Scribner's Sons
since 1896, being head of an important dep't of their
business. Republican; Episcopalian. Mem. Psi Up-
silon fraternity. Clubs: University, Yale, Aldine, En-
glewood Country, Graduates (New Haven). Residence:
148 W. 85th St. Address: 599 Fifth At., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; 'b. N. Y. City, Dec. 31, 1869; s. George Wel-
lington and Helena Wellington (Ayer) Dillingham;
grad. Yale Coll., A.B., 1891; Columbia Law Sch.. LL.B.,
1894; m. N. Y. City, Jan. 23, 1896, Louise Gregory

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