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Bulkley; children: Louise Bulkley, Winthrop Bulkley,
Dorothy Ayer, Helena Ayer, Hope, Sherburne. Ad-
mitted to bar. 1894; since then practising law in N. Y.
City; mem. firm Rounds, Hatch, Dillingham & Debe-
volse. Pres. Guanica Centrale; dir. South Porto Rico

Sugar Co. (sec); Metallurgical Securities Co. (sec);
Lake Placid Improvement Co., Century Mortgage Co.
(treas.); Am. Colonial Bank of Porto Rico, Highland
Forest Co. (treas.). Republican. Mem. Delta Kappa
Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi and Phi Beta Kappa fraterni-
ties. Clubs: Yale Deutsche Verein. Residence: Mill-
burn, Essex County, N. J. Address: 62 Cedar St., N. Y.


Physician; b. Bangor, Me., April 7. 1857; s. Edwin
F. and Julia (Snell) Dillingham: grad. Bowdoin Coll.,
A.B., 1S77: A.M., 1880; Columbia Univ. (Coll. Phys. and
Surg.), M.D., 1880: m. 1st, N. Y. City, Nov. 15, 1893,
Helen Alexandra Ganson (died Jan. 20, 1894); 2d, N.
Y. City, Nov. 3, 1897, Susy Maria Ferguson. Engaged
in practise of medicine, N. Y. City, since 1S80; appt'd
on B'd of Health, N. Y. City, 1882; ass't sanitary sup't,
1S93, resigned, 1903. Prof, dermatology, N. Y. Poly-
clinic, dermatologist St. Francis Hosp.; visiting physi-
cian and dermatologist, St. Joseph's Hosp. Mem. Acad.
Medicine, N. Y. Co. Med. Soc, Med. Ass'n Greater N.
Y., N. Y. Polyclinic Clinical Soc, West Side Clinical
Soc, Physicians' Mut. Aid Ass'n, Soc. Relief Widows
and Orphans of Med. Men, Me. Soc; sec. Bowdoin
Alumni Ass'n, 1886-1908, pres, 1909-1910. Club: Psi
Upsilon. Address: 148 W. Soth St., N. Y. City.


Architect; b. St. Louis, Mo., 1869; s. John Alvarez
and Blanche Mary (Valle) Dillon; ed. Phillips Exeter
(N. H. ) Acad., Mass. Inst. Technology, Boston, Ecole
des Beaux Arts, Paris. Practising since 1896; mem.
of firm of Dillon, McLellan & Beadel. Mem. Archi-
tectural League. Am. Inst. Architects, Soc Beaux Arts
Architects. Sigma Chi. Address: 3 W. 29th St., N.
Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Northampton, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1831; s.
Thomas and Rosannah Dillon: grad. med. dep't Univ.
of Iowa: m. Davenport, la., 1853, Anna M. Price. After
six months' med practice studied law; admitted to
bar. 1852; State pros, att'y, 1S52-185S; judge 7th Judi-
cial dist., la., 1858-1863; judge Supreme Court, la.,
1S63-1S69; judge U S. Circuit Court, 8th judicial dist.,
1869-1879; resigned; prof, real estate and equity juris-
prudence, Columbia Law Sch., 1879-1882; resumed prac-
tise of law in 1882; author of numerous legal works
and lecturer on legal subjects; mem. third annual conf.
Ass'n for Codification of Law of Nations, l'lnstitut de
Droit Internat.; gen. and consulting counsel to Inter-
borough R. R.. Texas & Pacific R'y, Union Pacific R. R.,
Mo. Pacific R'y, Western Union Telegraph Co. Resi-
dence: Far Hills, N. J. Address: 195 Broadway, N.
Y. City.


Architect; b. Three Tuns, Montgomerv County, Pa.,
Feb. 17, 1867; s. Charles August and Elizabeth (Hess)
Dilthey; on paternal side descended -from Scotch
ancestors, who settled in America 65 years ago, com-
ing here from Prussia, Germany, and from Scotland
about 200 years ?>rior; on maternal side of direct
German descent: ed. public school, night schools and
Spring Garden Inst., Philadelphia; Brooklyn Inst, of
Arts and Sciences; unmarried. Engaged in general
practise of architecture; designed and erected 14-
story mercantile building at 555 Broadway for
Charles Broadwav Rouss, 1900; 15-story mercantile
building at 123-125 Mercer St., erected 1907-190S for
Peter Winchester Rouss, and private mansion. Pros-
pect Park W. and Garfield PI., Brooklyn: has also
designed and remodelled many other buildings for
leading business men and citizens of N. Y. City, Long
Island, New Jersey and Pa. Pres. Arizona Copper
Belt Mining Co., owning 300 acres of mineral property
in Arizona. Republican; twice nominated for General
Assembly bv both the Republican and the Citizens'
Union Party in the 2d Assembly Dist. of Brooklyn.
Mem. Down Town Taxpayers' Ass'n, Young Men's
Christian Ass'n, Franklin Literary Soc. Has traveled
in the South and West to Pacific Coast. Club: Young
Republican. Residence: 332 Jay St., Brooklyn. Ad-
dress: 1-3 Union Square, W., N. Y. City.


Mf'r of iron work for buildings: b. Garrisons, Put-
nam Co., N. Y., Sept. 1, 1S54: s. William and Catharine
(Smith) Dimond; ed. in N. Y. public schools, at night
sch., and at Packard's Business Coll.; studied the prin-
ciples of architecture with James Renwick, architect,
for three years; m. N. Y. City, July 10, 1S79. Jennie
Kelly; children: James Renwick, George Arnold, Flor-
ence May. Now prop'r Thomas Dimond Iron Works;
trustee and mem. Bond and Mortgage Co., Bank for
Savings; dir. and mem. Exec. Corns. Mutual Bank,
Colonial Ins. Co. and Am. Lloyds^ enm'n Exec. Com.
Great Western Lloyds Ins, - Co7 Mem. 7th Reg't



N.G.N.Y., 1ST6-1SSG, now col. Veteran Ass'n of reg't.
Vestryman All Angels' Episcopal Ch. Pres. Iron
League of N. Y., and N. J. (trade org'n); dir. Bid's
Trade Ass'n, N. Y. City, and its treas. for past two
years, fighting big iron strike. Mem. Museum of Na-
tural History, Mechanics and Tradesmen Soc, N. Y.
Hist. Soc, Architectural Iron Soc. (trustee); mem.
Chamber of Commerce, Pilgrims of U. S., Mil. Service
Inst'n of U. S. Clubs: Met. Opera, Church, Am. Yacht
(trustee), N. Y. Athletic, Bld'g Trades, Apawamis Golf,
Knollwood Golf, Chelsea Plantation (S. Car.), Lau-
rentian, Schewinagin (fishing of Canada). Nassau
(Princeton, N. J.), Automobile of America. Residence:
20 W. 73d St. Address: 130 W. 32d St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Lennoxville, Can.; s. Rev. Le6n and
Rose Anna (Molleur) Dionne; grad. Wooster Univ.,
A.B., 1893; A.M., Columbia Univ., 1901: m. Flushing,
N. Y., June 30, 1904, Elsie Van Kleeck; one s., Leo
Van Kleeck, b. Oct. 3, 1905. Instr. Detroit Sch. for
Boys, Detroit, Mich., 1894-1896; Blair Hall, Blairstown,
X. *J., 1S96-189S; Berkeley Sch.. N. Y. City, 1S9S-1904;
founder and headmaster The Kelvin Sch., since Oct.,
1934. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Schoolmasters'
Assn, Alliance Franoaise, Delta Tau Delta fraternity.
Recreation: Tennis. Clubs: West Side Tennis,
Chemistry Teachers. Residence: 206 W. 95th St.
Address: 331 W. 70th St., N. Y. City.


Editor; b. N. Y., May 22, 1854; ed. public schools of
N. Y.; m. 1S82, Ella B. Knapp. On editorial staffs
Evening Post and N. Y. Times since 1871; editor of
Saturday Review Supplement of New York Times.
1902-1907; editorial writer since 1907. Author: John
Dr.'W A Biographical Sketch. Clubs: Savage (Lon-
don), National Arts (N. Y. City). Residence: 146
Central Pk. W. Address: 229 W. 43d St.. X. Y. City.


Phvsician; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1S77; s. Andrew J.
and Mary M. (Stewart) Ditman; grad. Yale Univ.,
Ph.B., Columbia Univ., A.M., Ph.D., M.D. Mem. Am.
Med. Ass'n, N. Y. Acad. Med., N. Y. County Med. Soc.
A.A.A.S., Am. Statist, Ass'n, Am. Museum of Safety.
CI ibs: University, Yale, Sleepy Hollow. Residence:
402 Madison Av. Address: 24 E. 48th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Astoria, L. I., N. Y.; grad. Columbia Law
Sch., 1S83; unmarried. Mem. Sons of Revolution, Hol-
land Soc, Aldine Ass'n. Club: Crescent Athletic.
Residence: Hotel St. George, Brooklyn. Address: 302
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Phvsician and surgeon; b. Washington, Iowa, Nov.
10, 1857; s- Isaac Styker and Catharine (Wood) Dit-
mars; ed. in high school, Washington, Iowa, and
Denison Univ., Granville, Ohio. B.A., 1S82. Principal
public schools, Hanover, Ohio, 1882-1SS3, M.A., 188S,
Long Island Coll. Hosp., Brooklyn, M.D.. 1S9S; m. Gran-
ville, Ohio, Sept. 21, 1881, Eva Jane Blue; children:
Lester Loomis, b. 1S88; Edwin C. J., b. 1891; Vioiette
Hope, b. 1896; Eva Marguerite, b. 1S9S. Engaged in
practise as phvsician and surgeon in Brooklyn from
1898. Republican. Mem. Kings Co. Med. Soc. Ad-
dress: 510-9th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Curator of reptiles; b. Newark, N. J., June 22, 1876;
s. John V. H. and Marv A. (Knous) Ditmars; ed. public
sch. and Bernard Mil. Sch., N. Y. City; m. N. Y. City,
Feb. 4, 1903, Clara Elizabeth Hurd; children: Gladys
Muriel, Beatrice Evelyn. Was 6 years ass't curator
of entomology in Am. Museum of Nat. Hist., N. Y.
City; 1 year commercial stenographer; then court re-
porter on staff N. Y. Times; 10 years curator of rep-
tiles and ass't curator of mammals in N. Y. Zoological
Park, N. Y. City. Served as volunteer and drill master
during the Spanish-Am. War. Fellow N. Y. Zool. Soc,
corr. mem. Zool. Soc. of London; mem. Am. Ophiologi-
cal Soc, Delta Chapter Chi Sigma Chi. Writer and lec-
turer on reptiles; has lectured in greater number of
N. Y. public schs. Author: The Reptile Book, Reptiles
of the World, Reptiles >of the Vicinity of N. Y. City,
Batrachians of the Vicinity of N. Y. City, Story of the
Reptiles (Baskett & Ditmars), Snakes Found Within
Fifty Miles of N. Y. City, The Poisonous Reptiles of
the United States; numerous lengthy articles on rep-
tiles in publications of N. Y. Zool. Soc, also popular
articles in magazines and newspapers. Address: N.
Y. Zoological Park, N. Y. City.


Publisher of music; b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 11, 1845;
s. Oliver and Catherine (Delano) Ditson; ed. Boston
High Sch.; m. N. Y. City, Oct. 7, 1890, Alice M. Tappin,

of N. Y. City. Entire business life spent in business
established by father; now pres. Oliver Ditson Co., of
Boston; pres. Charles H. Ditson & Co., of N. Y. City.
Republican; Unitarian. Mem. N. E. Soc., Soc May-
flower Descendants; trustee Oliver Ditson Soc. for Re-
lief of Needy Musicians (Boston). Clubs: Players (N.
Y. City), Algonquin (Boston). Residence: 19 E. 37th
St. Address: 8 E. 34th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; t>. Charleston, S. C, Mar. 17, 1836; s. Isaac
and Babetta Dittenhoefer; moved when 4 years old to
N. Y. City with parents; grad. Columbia Coll., A.B.
(head of class in classics). .Admitted to bar at 21;
appt'd toy Gov. Fenton, of N. Y., justice of City Court,
to fill vacancy; later nominated to same office, but
declined; presidential elector for Lincoln and Johnson,
1864; offered apptm't as U. S. dist. judge for S. C, by
President Lincoln; delegate to Rep. Nat. Conv., 1876,
and other Rep. convs.; chm'n German Rep. Central
Oom., 12 terms; counsel for numerous corp'ns; promi-
nent in numerous litigations; counsel for brokers and
newspaper men who were indicted for refusing to
answer U. S. Senate Investigating Com. as to who
gave them the information published by them in the
newspaper relating to sugar scandal; counsel for dirs.
and capt. of illfated General Slocum, and for Rosen-
thal & Co., Who were prosecuted in U. S. courts in
connection "with Japanese silk smuggling' frauds;
authority on law of drama and stage; as counsel for
Met. Opera House, N. Y. City, succeeded in defeating
application of widow of Richard Wagner for In-
junction restraining production of Parsifal at that
opera house. There has hardly been a litigation in-
volving the law of stage and of dramatic literature,
during last thirty years, in which has not been on
one side or the other, and generally successful; se-
cured enactment of amendments to U. S. Copyright
Law, and to Penal Code of State of N. Y., making it a
misdemeanor to pirate plays, since which time piracy
has been almost entirelv stamped out, and as an ap-
preciation of his efforts, the American Dramatists'
Club, of which Bronson Howard was pres., presented
to him handsomely illuminated resolutions. Also se-
cured repeal of N. Y. law giving to Soc for Re-
formation of Juvenile Delinquents the theatre license
fees, thus removing the stigma that the theatre is the
nursery of crime. The Actors' Fund of America, of
which is an honorary mem., presented him about a
year ago with beautifully illuminated resolutions, re-
citing his achievements in courts and before legis-
lative bodies in interests of the profession and
dramatic writers. Was one of successful counsel up
to Court of Appeals in matter of application for
mandamus to compel the Consolidated Telegraph and
Electrical Sulbway Co., owned bv Consolidated Gas Co.,
to give space in its subway ducts for distribution of
electricity to Long Acre Electric Light & Power Co.
Residence: 17 E. 83d St. Address: 96 Broadway N Y


Ex-Governor of New York; b. Glens Falls, Warren
Co., N. Y. Pres. Iroquois Paper Co.; v.-p. Blandy
Paper Co.; First Nat. Bank, Albany; mg'r Moose River
Lumber Co.; treas. Am. Wood Board Co.; dir. Albany
Trust Co.; Glens Falls Trust Co.; Nat. Bank o
Schuylerville, Adirondack Trust Co. Nominated by 1
Dem. party for lieut.-gov. 190S, defeated with ticket;
chm'n Democratic State Com., 1910; nominated for
Gov. Rochester Conv., 1910, elected Nov. 8, 1910 and
served until 1912. Residence: Thomson, N. Y.;
(winter): 491 State St., Albany, N. Y.


Sec. The Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y.; b. Newark,
N. J., Nov. 18, 1S67; s. John Edwin and Mary Fisher
(Joy) Dix; grad. Princeton Univ. (honors in English
literature), 1SS9; m. E. Orange, N. J., June 2, 1900,
Mary Alice Tennille; children: Tennille, b. Nov. 21,
1902; Alison Joy, b. Nov. 3, 1905; and Norman Brooke,
b. Oct. 19, 1909. Was mn'g editor Nassau Lit. Maga-
zine at Princeton; after graduation traveled in Europe,
N. Africa, Asia Minor, India, Burma, China and Japan;
on return, engaged in literary work; literary editor
The Churchman, 1894; in 1900, toecame editor of the
Home Journal, which soon after dhanged Its name to
Town and Country; resigned editorship, May 1, 1906,
to become sec. The Mutual L ! fe Ins. Co. Author: The
Face in the Girandole, a romance of old furniture;
The Lost Princess (novel); Daphne of the Forest
(novel). Gov. of Soc. Colonial Wars. State of N. J.;
mem. N. J. Soc. of Founders and Patriots. Clubs:
Authors (N. Y. City); Crystal Lake Skating. Resi-
dence: 59 Washington St., E. Orange, N. J. Address:
34 Nassau St., N. Y. City.




Born Reading-, Kansas; d. John McClellan and Ellen
Adelaide (MacPherson) Stevenson; studied piano and
harmony, Northwestern Conservatory, Minneapolis,
Minn., 1897-1901; under Prof. Hal S. Woodruff. 1902-
1906; studied voice under Emilio Belari and Charles A.
Rice, 1906-1907, and vocal anatomy and physiology
under Charles A. Hire, 1906-1913; m. Blair, Neb., Aug,
1, 1913, Frederic Kenny Dixon. Ass't teacher and
coaoh with Charles A. Rice, 1908-1913; succeeded late
Charles A. Rice 1913, as teacher and exponent of Belari
Method of tone production. Address: Carnegie Hall.
N. Y. City


Concert pianist, instr. ; b. Blair, Neb.: s. Asa and
Alice (MaeManigal) Dixon; ed. by Thilo Becker,
pianist, in Dos Angeles, Calif., 1902: studied piano
under Max Landow at Omaha, Neb., 1908; organ un-
der J. Simms, of Omaha, 1910; and with Rafael Jo-
seffy, N. T. City, 1912; m. Blair, Neb., Aug. 1, 1913,
Anne Ethel Stevenson. Accompanist and concert
pianist throughout the West, appearing many times
in Omaha, Kansas City, Mo., Dos Angeles and Pasa-
dena, Calif.; also instr. in piano, N. Y. City. Address:
Carnegie Hall, N. Y. City.


Author; ib. Cleveland Co., N. C, Jan. 11, 1864; s. Rev.
Thomas and Amanda (McAfee) Dixon; grad. "Wake
Forest (N. C.) Coll., A.B., 1882, A.M., 1883; Greensboro
(N. C.) Daw Sen., DD.B., 1886; scholar in history and
politics, Johns Hopkins Univ., 1883-1884; m. Mont-
gomery, Ala., Mar. 3, 1886, Harriet Bussey. Admitted
to N. C. bar, 18S6; practised law in N. C. ; admitted to
bar of U. S. Supreme Court, and mem. N. C. Degis-
lature, 1885-1886; entered ministry, 1887, as pastor
Bapt. Ch., Raleigh, N. C; pastor Bapt. Ch., at Boston,
1888-1889; at N. Y. Citv, 1889-1899; lyceum lecturer,
1899-1902; novelist and dramatist since 1902. Author:
The Deopard's Spots, 1902; The One "Woman, 1903; The
Clansman, 1904; The Dife Worth Diving, 1905; The
Traitor, 1907; Comrades, 1909; The Root of Evil, 1911:
T'.ie Sins of the Father, 1912; The Southerner, 1913.
Dramatized The Clansman, 1905; The One "Woman,
1906; The Traitor, 1908; The Sins of the Father, 1911;
The Deopard's Spots, 1913. Address: 308 W. 82d St.,
N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Mar. 19, 1847; s. Courtlandt
P. Dixon; grad. Yale Coll., 1868; Columbia Daw Sch.,
1870; widower. Mem. firm Dixon & Holmes. Trustee
Mut. Dife Ins. Co.; dir. Am. Exchange Nat. Bank,
Lawyers' Title Ins. & Trust Co., Fidelity & Casualty
Co., City of N. Y. Ins." Co., Mortgage Bond Co., Lawyers'
"Westchester Mortgage & Title Co., Queens County
Mortgage Co. Pres. and dir. N. Y. Real Estate Ass'n,
Manhattan Real Estate Ass'n, Central Real Estate
Ass'n, Colonial Real Estate Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City of
N. Y. Clubs: Yale, University, Union, Metropolitan,
Dawyers. Rockaway Hunt, Century, Down Town. Resi-
dence: 29 "W. 49th St. Address: 32 Liberty St., N.
Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Portsmouth, Va., Sept. 9, 1861; s. Kev.
C. E. W. (D.D.) and Mary DlizaJbeth (Barrett) DObbs;
ed. public school, Dexington, Ky.. Warren Coll., Bowl-
ing Green, Kv classical course Bethel Coll. (Russell-
ville, Ky.), A.B., 1880; m. June 7, 1884, Mary Ragland.
of Bowling Green, Ky. ; children: Hugh, <b. 1885; Paul,
b. 1887; Carl, b. 1889; Mary Ruth, b. 1892; "Willoughby,
b. 1896; Theodore Roosevelt, b. 1899; Margaret, b. 1901:
Eliza, b. 1903. Taught school in Fayette and "Warren
counties, Ky. ; admitted to bar, Jan., 1883, in "Warren
Circuit Court, Bowling Green, Ky. ; prop'r and editor
Allen Sentinel, Allen County, Ky., 1888-1S89; editor
Democrat, Bowling Green, Ky., 1884; mn'g editor Daily
Times and Daily Gazette, Bowling Green, Ky., 1885-
1886; practised la/w, Scottsville, Ky., 1887-1S92; mem.
Central B'd Examiners in U. S. Civil Service Com.,
"Washington, (D. C, 1892-1895; chieif examiner Police
Dep't, N. Y. City, 1895-1897; admitted to bar, N. Y.
State, 1897. Mem. of Assembly 32d A. D., N. Y., 1907.
Chm'n Dem. Oo. Com., Allen Co., Ky.. 1891-1892. Demo-
crat; Baptist. Charter mem. The Kentuckians; past
regent Bronx Council 1416, Royal Arcanum; mem.
Hebron Dodge 813, F. and A. M. Recreations: Music,
reading, games. Residence: E. 217th St., "Williams-
bridge. Address: 203 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Editor: lb. Liverpool, Eng Oct. 5, 1850; s. Henry and
Ellen (Pinkham) Do'bson: ed. Diverpool Acad.; m.
Helen Maher: one son: George Evelyn. For years
engaged in journalism, chiefly as editorial writer; now
asso. editor-in-chief. Brooklyn Eagle. Pres. and dir.

Harway Improvement Co.: sec. and air. Hanover
Theatre Co., Metropolitan Jockey Club; dir. Dawrence
Realty Co., Laurelton Land Co.. Dreamland ^ec>
Democrat; Episcopalian. Club: Brooklyn. Residence:
St. George Hotel. Address: The Brooklyn iiagie,
Brooklyn, N Y


Real estate; b. N. Y. City, Feb., 1851; s. Prof. Gerardus
B. and Mary (Thorne) Docharty; ed. Coll. of City of
N. Y.; m. N. Y. City, June, 1876, Emma Kearney. Reg-
ister City and County of N. Y., 1881-1883; see. Dep't of
Docks, 1889-1895; sec. N. Y. Fire Dep't, 1898-1901; since
then in real estate business. Democrat; Episcopalian.
Mem. Am. Geog. Soc, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick.
Clubs: Seneca, N. Y. Athletic. Address: 43 W. 58th
St.. X. Y. City.


Banker; b. March 20, 1S66; s. John and Caroline
(Fanning) Dockendorff; grad. Brooklyn Poly. Inst..
1885; Yale Univ., Ph.B.. 1888; m. Macon, Ga.. Florence
Cornell; children: John E Jr., b. April 3, 1905; N.
Cornell, b. Oct. 15, 1906. Head of firm of J. E. Docken-
dorff & Co. ; dir. N. Y. Knife Co.; treas. Wykagyl Reser-
vation, Inc. Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Berzelius
Soc. (Yale Univ.). Clubs: Yale. Railroad, Darchmont
Yacht, Megaritie. Residence: Larchmont, N. Y. Ad-
dress: 20 Broad St., N. Y. City.


Publisher; b. Bloomfield, N. J., April 12, 1844; s. M.
W. Dodd; ed. Bloomfield Acad.; m. 1868, .Martha Bliss
Parker; children: Edward H., Jennie S., Harriet P.,
.Katherine R. Until 1870 was connected with publish-
ing business of father, M. W. Dodd (founded in Brick
Ch. Chapel, Printing House Sq., 1839); succeeded to
business, 1870, and with Edward S. Mead formed firm
of Dodd & Mead; now active head Dodd, Mead & Co.,
publishers. Also pres. Riverside Ass'n, and trustee
Greenwich Savings Bank and N. Y. Kindergarten.
Established The Bookman, 1896; The New Internat.
Encyclopedia. 1902, and other important publications.
Pres. Am. Publishers' Ass'n. Mem. N. Y. Chamber of
Commerce. Clubs: Century, Citv (N. Y. City), National
(Dondon). Residence: 333 W. 77th St. Address: 4th
Av. & 30th St., N. Y. Oity.


Author, playwright; b. Franklin, Pa., July 11, 1879;
s. S. C. T. and Melvina (Smith) Dodd; grad. Sheffield
Scientific School, Yale Univ., Ph.B., 1899; N. Y. Daw
Sch., DL.B., 1902 Author: A Modern Alchemist and
Other Poems, 1906; The Return of Eve, a comedv.
1908; Speed, a comedv, 1911; The Reckless Age, a
drama, 1913 Clubs: The Lambs, Yale. Address: 257
"W. 86th St., N. Y. City.


Electrical eng'r; b. in China, Jan. 30, 1866; s. Rev.
Samuel and Sarah (Green) Dodd; grad. Huntington
High Sch., 1883; Princeton, A.B., 1887, A.M., 1888; E.E.,
1893; m. N. Y. City, 1895, Eva J. Davies; children:
Samuel T, Jr., b. 1896; Jessie D., b. 1901; John G., b.
1904. Instr. physics and electricitv, Princeton, 1888-
1893; foreman testing dep't Brush Elec. Co., 1893-1894;
master mechanic Consolidated Traction Co., Jersey
City and Newark, 1894-1895; ass't chief eng'r, Walker
Co., Cleveland, O., 1895-1899; eng'r r'y dep't, Stanley
Elec. Co., Pittsfield, Mass., 1901-1904; since 1904 with
r'y eng'ring dep't, Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady. Re-
publican; Presby'n. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs.
Clubs: Princeton (N. Y. City), Electrical (Cleveland.
O). Address: Railway Engineering Dep't, General
Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y.


Philanthropist; b. Hartford, Conn., 1855; d. late Mar-
shall Jewell, once U. S. Minister to Russia and after-
wards 'Postmaster-Gen. in Cabinet of Gen. Grant; m.
A. M. Dodge (died 1896). Has been very prominent
and successful in organization of Day Nurseries, and
identified with a number of other charitable enter-
prises. Pres. Nat. Ass'n Opposed to Woman Suffrage.
Editor The Woman's Protest (anti-suffrage monthly).
Address: 563 Park Av., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Cape Vincent, N. Y., Jan. 15, 1S63; 6.
Jasper Newton and Charlotte Augusta (Wright)
Dodge; grad. Univ. of Mich., B.S., 1S86, M.S., 1889; m.
Rochester, N. Y., July IS, 1894, Louise Wolcott Hooker.
Instr. botany and zoology, Detroit (Mich.) High Sen..
1886-1889; instr. biology, 1890-1892; prof, biology since
1892, Univ. of Rochester; biologist Health Dep't, City
of Rochester, since 1894. Mem. N. Y. Science Teachers'
Ass'n (pres. 1900), Rochester Acad. Science (corr. sec.
1892-1902, pres. 1902-1903); fellow A.A.A.S., Rochester
Acad. Medicine: mem. Am. Soc. Naturalists. Am. Public



Health Ass'n, asso. mem. Biol. Soc. Washington, Am.
ornithologists' Union. Author: Introduction of Ele-
mentary Practical Biology, Orton-Dodge General
Zoology; also revised Orton': Comparative Zoology.
Address: 330 Oxford St., Rochester. N. Y.


Merchant; b. N. V. City, J. m. 2? i860; s. William
Earl and Sarah H. Dodge; ed Princeton Univ., A.B.,
1879, A.M., 1882; m. [rvington-on-Hudson, N. Y., Grace
Parish. V.-p. Phelps Dodge & Co.; dir. Nat. ('it
Bank, Farmers' Loan and Trust Co.. N. Y. Life Ins.
and Trust Co., Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co., Copper Queen
Consolidated Mining Co.: treas. and dir. El Paso &
Southwestern R. R. Co.; sec. Carnegie Inst'n of Wash-
ington; trustee Carnegie Endowment for Internat.
Peace, N. T. Public Library. John F. Slater Fund;
treas. Russell Sage Foundation; v.-p. Am. Museum of
Natural History. Clubs: Century Ass'n, University.
City, National Arts Union, N. 1". Yacht. Residence:
Riverdale, N. Y. Address: 99 John St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Auburn, N. Y., May 14, 1S6S; s. Col. John
A. and Parthenia J. (Stevenson) Dodge; ed. Columbia
Grammar Sch., Columb'a Univ., N. Y. Univ. Law Sch..
LL.B. Appt'd sp'l deputy Sup't of banks in charge of
Union Bank of Brooklyn in liquidation, April 5, 1910;

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