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Medicine, N. Y. Surg. Soc, N. Y. Clin. Soc, West End
Med Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n. Recreations: Sailing, rid-
ing. Clubs: Century, Alpha Delta Phi. Address: 127
W. 72d St., N. Y. City.


Physican, surgeon; b. Newark (Woodside), N. J.,
Dec. 22, 1872; s. Joseph Ivimey and Mary Jane (Shep-
pard) Dowling: ed. private and public schools in Brook-
lyn, public schools in Philadelphia and Phila. High
Sch.; in 1S92 entered Philadelphia Medlico-Chirurg.
Coll., completed first vear; took freshman year faculty
prize; in 1893 entered N. Y. Homce. Med. Coll., M.D.,

1895; m. Brooklyn, Nov 6, 1901, Elizabeth M. Seaverns;
children: Frank Seaverns, b. Oct. S, 1902: Elizabeth
Thayer, b. Sept. 26, 1909. Specialist in eye, ear, nose
and throat. Resident surgeon, Flower Hosp., N. V.
City, 1895-1896; physician, Five Points House of In-
dustry, 1896-1898; surgeon, N. Y. Ophthalmic Hospital,
1898-1899; med. sch. insp., N. Y. B'd of Health, 1896-
1S98; attending oculist, aurlst, larvngologist and
rhinologist to Albany Homce. Hosp.; pres. Albany Co.
Homo;. Med. Society, 1902 and 190S; sec. Am. Homce.
Ophthalmol., Otol. and Daryngological Soc, 1903-1904;
mem. N. Y. State. Homce. Medical Soc, Am. Inst,
of Homceopathy, Alpha Chapter Alpha Sigma; pres.
Eastern N. Y. Auxiliary N. Y. Homce. Med. Coll. and
Flower Hosp., 1909. Spent four months in European
travel, in studying, 1906. Author of many papers rela-
tive to gen. and sp'l practise, attending specialist eye,
ear, nose and throat. Acad, of Sacred Heart, Ken-
wood, Albany, and Dominican Convent, Albany; mem.
Sons of Revolution, State of N. Y.; Soc. Mayflrm.i
Descendants, Albany Hist, and Art Soc, Albany Cham-
ber of Commerce. Asso. mem. Dunham Club, New
York. Clubs: Fort Orange, University, Country.
Residence and office: 116 Washington Av., Al-
bany, N. Y.


Real estate operator; t>. Mokelumme Hill. Calif., Oct.
21, 1866; ed. public schs.. Coll. City of N. Y.; m. N.
Y. City, June 28, 1894, Minnetta A. Link; children:
Robert Whittle. Ruth Percival. Took up study of law,
but branched off in real estate business; organized N.
Y. Realty Co., with Robert Flake, 1890, later merged
into N. Y. Realty Corp'n, becoming v.-p. and continu-
ing until dissolution of company. Pres. City Invest-
ing Co., organized 1905, and owners of City Invest-
ing Bld'g. Also pres and dir. Broadway Cortlandt
Bld'g, 68 William Street Co., 72d St. Co.; v.-p. and dir.
Improved Property Holding Co., State Investing Co.,
N. Y. Ins. Co. Made many large real estate purchases in
N. Y., including Hotel Empire, Hotel Langham,
Yerkes Mansion, Yerkes Art Gallery, and others.
Veteran 22d Reg't, N.G.N.Y. Democrat. Clubs: Man-
hattan, Lawyers, N. Y. Riding. Residence: 332 W.
S3d St. Address: 165 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Jurist; b. N. Y. City, July 20, 1S66; s. Denis and
Elizabeth Fierlants (Faider) Dowling; ed. St. Peter's
Sch., 1879; De La Salle Inst., 1SS1; Manhattan Coll..
A.B., 1883, A.M., 1888, LL.D., 1906; studied law in
office of Judge James Fitzgerald and Law Sch. Univ.
City of N. Y., LL.B. (double first prizes for the best
written and best oral examinations), 1887, LL.D., 190S;
LL.D.. Fordham Univ., 1911; m. Middletown, Conn., June
16, 1S91, Mary Agnes Ford. Admitted to bar, 1S87,
was in continuous practise of law until 1905. Mem.
Assembly from 24th Dist, 1894; State senator, 18th
Dist, 1901-1904; appt'd justice Supreme Court of N.
Y., Jan., 1905, for term expiring Dec. 31, 1918; desig-
nated Justice of Appellate Divs. 1st Dep't, by Gov.
Hughes, 1910. Democrat; sec. exec. com. 24th X. Y.
Dist.. Tammany Hall, 1895-1898; tendered nomination
for City Court Judge by United Labor Party, 1899;
mem. exec. com. 24th Dist.. Tammany Hall, 1902-1903:
sachem Tammany Soc, 1903-1904; delegate to State
and Nat. Dem. conventions. Catholic; mem. Catholic
Com., Washington Centennial, 1SS9; State sec. Catholic
Benevolent Legion, 1888-1894; supreme representative
same, 1894-1899; State pres., 1S99-190O: delegate to
Catholic Congresses, Baltimore and Chicago; mem.
Com. of 3, Catnolic Columbian Parade, 1892. Mem.
Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Friendly
Sons of St. Patrick, N. Y. Hist. Soc, N. Y. State Hist.
Soc, Am. Catholic Hist. Soc, U. S. Catholic Hist. Soc,
Bibliophile Soc (Boston), Catholic Benevolent Legion,
Knights of Columbus. Clubs: Catholic, Manhattan
(pres.), Irish-American Athletic, Oakland Golf, Hobby,
Grolier. Address: 27 Madison Av., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Jersey City, N. J., May 3, 1866; s. Al-
fred Sayre and Caroline (LaVere) Downer; grad. Coll.
City of N. Y., A.B.. 1S86: Columbia Univ., Ph.D., 1901.
Pro'f. of Romance Languages, Coll. City of X. Y. since
1904. Author: Frederic Mistral, Poet and Leader in
Provence, Downer's First Book in Frendh. Democrat;
mem. Ethical Culture Soc. Pres. City Coll. Quarterly
Ass'n; dir. Alumni Ass'n: mem. Alumni Council of
Columbia Univ.; v.-p. Ass'n of Doctors of Philosophy,
Columbia Univ.; mem. Phi Delta Theta fraternity,
Phi Beta Kappa Soc: Chevalier de la Legion d'Hon-
neur, 1913; mem. Modern Language Ass'n; dir. Federa-
tion de l'Alliance Franchise; mem. Society Nationale
des Professeurs, Frangaise en Amerique. Residence:
S02 W. 181st St. Address: Coll. City of N. Y., X. Y.




First ass't comm'r of education; b. Baltimore-. Md..
Oct 18, 1856; s. George F, and Margaret (Walter)
Downing; grad. Pa. Coll., Gettysburg, Pa., A.B., 181 I.
A.M., 1877 (honorary LL.D. Syracuse Univ., 1906,
Pd.D., State Normal Coll., Albany, 1906; L.H.D., Pa
Coll., 1912; LL.D., Muhlenberg- Coll., 1913); m. Palmyra.
N. Y., July 17, 1S89, Louise J. Brown; children: George
S., b. 1890; Margaret w.. b. is;i2. After graduation
taught for one year at Wagner Coll., Newark, N. Y.,
and later in dist. sen. for 3 years; ass't principal

Palmyra Classical and Onion Sch., 1877-1882; pri

Fan-port Union Sch.. 1NN2; principal of seh. at Palmyra.
1SS5-1SS9; head dep't mathematics, high sch. at
Newark, N. J., 18S9-1S90; State Inst, conductor, 1890-
1S95; State supervisor of teachers' institutes and
training classes, 189."-1S9^; organized, and was prin-
cipal, 1S9S-10O4, of N. T. Training Sch. for Teachers,
N. Y. City; from 1A04-1908, third ass't comm'r of ed'n
in charge of th.e elementary schs. of State and of the
training of teachers for such schs.; since Oct. 1. 1908,
first ass't comm'r of education in charge of higher
ed'n, including matters relating to unlvs. and colls.,
professional and technical schs., and to the execution
of edn'l laws concerning the professions. Democrat;
Lutheran. Mem. Nat. Ed'n Ass'n, Nat. Council of
Ed'n. Mason, Palmyra Lodge 24S, Eagle Chapter 79,
Zenobia Commandery. Recreations: Hunting. Ash-
ing. Clubs. Harlem. City (N. Y. City), University
(Albany, X. Y. i. Residence: 141 S. Allen St., Albany,
N Y. ' Address: State Education Dep't, State Ed'n
Bldg.. Albany, X. Y.


Banker; b. Downingtown, Pa., May 26, 1841; s. Charles
and Ann (Trimble) Downing; ed. Westtown Friends
Boarding Sch.; unmarried. Started as clerk in Down-
ingtown Nat. Bank; was clerk, 1861-1863: cashier,
1S63-1889, and pres. since 18S9. Republican. Mem.
Soc. of Friends. Address: E. Downingtown. Pa.


Sculptor and stone quarrier; b. Steubenville, O., Jan.
28, 1S57; s. George and Alice Catherine (Butler) Doyle;
ed. in private schools in Italy and high school, Louis-
ville. Ky. ; m. Hallowell, Me., Dec. 31, 1880, Fannie
Belle Johnson; one d., Grace, b. 1883. Has executed
many statues, chiefly for public monuments, includ-
ing those of Horace Greeley, for N. Y. City; Senators
Benton, Blair and Kenna for U. S. Capitol; Generals
Johnston and Lee. for New Orleans; Philip Schuyler,
for Nat, Monument Saratoga; Emma Willard, for
Trov, N. Y.; Senator Hill and Henry W. Grady, for
Atlanta. Ga.; Soldiers' Monument at New Haven, and
statue of General Garfield in Tomb, at Cleveland, O.;
Soldiers' Monument. Montgomery, Ala. Succeeded,
1S9S, to stone quarrying business of father, and now
sole prop'r George Doyle & Co.. quarriers of Bedford
(Ind.) limestone. Mem. Ohio iSoc. ; pres. Squirrel Island
(Me.) Athletic and Yachting Ass'n. Recreation:
Yachting. Club: N. Y. Athletic. Summer residence
on Squirrel Tsland, Me. Address: 287 Fourth Av., N.
Y. City.


Lawyer; b. X. Y. City, June 7, 1S61; s. James and
Lucinda M. (Loss) Doyle; LL.B.. Unir. City of N. Y..
1SS2. Att'y and counsel Nat. Park Bank of N. Y., and
other corp'ns. Traveled extensively in Europe, Russia,
Spain, Sweden and other countries. Pres. Tyler Tube
& Pipe Co. Democrat. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y.,
N. Y r . Countv Lawyers' Ass'n (sec. Com. on Judiciary),
Am. Bar Ass'n, X. Y. State Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Metro-
politan, Manhattan, Lawyers, N. Y. Athletic. Nat.
Democratic. Residence: 48 W. 59th St. Address-
Trinity Bldg., Ill Broadway, N. Y. City.


Artist, illustrator; b. X. Y., June 4, 1856: ed. common
schools; studied at Academie Julien. Paris, under
Constant and Doucet; exhibited at Paris Exp'ns of
1889 (honorable mention), and 1900: illustrated Rud-
vard Kipling's Jungle Book. Asso. Nat. Acad. Design.
Mem. Am. Water Color Soc, N. Y. Water Color Club.
Fine Arts Federation, N. Y. Zoological Soc. Artists'
Fund Soc Club: Salmagundi. Address: Salmagundi
Club, 14 W. 12th St.. N. Y. City.


Purchasing agent; b. Waquoit, Mass.. Aug. 10. 1855;
s. Charles Tinglev and Ellen M. (Childs) Draper. Pur-
chasing agent N. Y.. Ontario & Western R'y Co. Re-
publican. Mem. Sons of Revolution, Soc Colonial
Wars, N. E. Soc. Vet. Corps of Art'y and Mil. Order
War of 1812. Club: Union League. Address: Grand
Central Terminal. N. Y. City.


Me rologlst; I.. N. Y. City, April 2. 1841, s. Prof.

John W. (M.D., UL.D) and Antonia (Gardner) Draper;
ed grammar sch. of X. Y. Univ., under lather; hon.
Ph [', issu; in. Si. Louis. Mo., April 28, 1887, Ann M.
Ludlow; children: Dorothy C., Harriet M John Will-
lam. Ass't to father several years in chemistry and
physiology, X. V. Univ., and amanuensis to father for
intellectual Development of Europe and other works;
5 years' apprenticeship with -Novelty Iron Works,
N. Y. City; assisted brother in constructing observa-
tory at Hastings; also ass't port eng'r of line of
steamers between N. Y. and New Orleans. Established
1869. and has since been dir. N. Y. Meteol. Observa-
tory in Central Park, inventing many instruments
and making other improvements; made many re-
searches. Pres. Draper Mf'g Co., N. Y. City. Mem.
Health Dep't, N. Y., 1S70. Fellow A.A.A.S. ; mem. Am.
l'hilos. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc. Address: 1-52 Front St.,
N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Washington, D. C, May 15, 1885;
s. Amos G. and Luella Bell (Merrill) Draper; grad.
Amherst Coll., A.B., 1906 (Magna cum laude) ; m. Feb.
7. 1911, Mary W. Childs. Engaged In real estate busi-
ness with de Selding Bros., one year; 2 years in school
book business with Charles E. Merrill Co.; 1 year in
hardware business with White, Van Glahn & Co. V.-p.
American Creosoting Co. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi. Phi
Beta Kappa fraternities. Clubs: Alpha Delta Phi,
Marine and Field. Residence: 61 Prospect Park West,
Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 95 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


'Physician and surgeon; b. N. Y. City, Aug. 21, 1871;
s. Rev. Mytton Maury, D.D., and Virginia (Draper)
Maury; ed. University Grammar Sch.. N. Y. City;
Waltham (Mass.) High Sch., Mass. Inst. Technology,
1891-1892; Harvard, B.S., 1895; N. Y. Univ., M.D., 1S9S;
m. Shirley, Mass., June 12, 1901, Alice Hortense Pray.
Engaged in practise of medicine and surgery in N. Y.
City since 1S9S. Instr. in histology, Univ. Med. Coll.,
1900-1901; instr. in operative surgery N. Y. Polyclinic
Sch. and Hosp., 1900-1902; ass't orthopedic surgeon
Bellevue Hosp. (Out-Patient Dep't); instr. in surgery
in Surg. Research Laboratory, Coll. Phys. and Surg.
(Columbia Univ.). Dir. Laboratory of Surg. Research,
M'ayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., 1909-1912; asso. in sur-
gery, and dir. Laboratory of Surg. Research, N. Y.
Univ., Med. Coll. 1913. Author: Surgical Differentials,
also contb'r to med. periodicals. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n,
N Y. State Med. Soc Soc. Experimental Medicine:
fellow N. Y. Acad. Medicine. Address: 104 E. 40th St..
N. Y. City.


Physician, surgeon; b. Carthage, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1S65;
s. Philorus and Emeline (Cowan) Draper; ed. Ives
Bern, Antwerp, N. Y. ; Hahnemann Med. Coll., of Chi-
cago, M.D., 1890; Med. Dep't Univ. of Buffalo, 1#99 ; m.
Wilson, N. Y., 1896, Anna Schoelles. Has practised
profession at Wilson, N. Y., since 1890. Elected mem.
of Assem'blv from 2d Dist. of Niagara Co., in 1906; re-
elected 1906, 1907, 190S; serving in sessions of 1906-
1909. Republican. Mem. B'd Ed'n, Wilson, N. Y., since
1S99; has been pres. Wilson Village 4 times. Mason,
Ontario Lodge 376, Genessee Commandery 10, Ames
Chapter 88, Ismalia Temple (Shrine), Odd Fellows and
several insurance orders. Residence: Niagara Falls,
N. Y. Address: 429 Brisbane Bld'g. Buffalo, N. Y.


Manufacturer, congressman; b. Worcester Co., Mass.
June 24, 1841; s. Stephen and Hariett Draper; moved
to Troy, N. Y., 1847; ed. public schs.; m. Schenectady,
N. Y., 1864 Miss Livingston; children: Andrew Liv-
ingston, Edward Elliott, Bessie Magdalene. Engaged
in manufacture of cordage and twine, firm of Wm.
H. Draper & Son, Troy, N. Y. ; now W. H. Draper &
Sons. Trustee Lansingburg, 1SS3-1892; comm'r jurors
Rensselaer Co. N. Y., 1S96-1900; mem. of Congress,
19th N. Y. Dist., 1901-1903, 22d dist, 1903-1911, and
22d dist., 1911-1013. Republican. Address: Troy, N. Y.


Illustrator; b. Philadelphia; d. George and Mary
(Fitzgerald) Gebbie; ed. Convent of Notre Dame.
Phila.; Eden Hall, Pa.; m. June 23, 1911. W. Heyward
Drayton, 3rd. Address: S30 Park Av., N. Y. City.


Consul; b. Lexington Co., S. C, Oct. 2S, 1S46; s. John
Jacob and Martha Elizabeth (Counts) Dreher; ed.
acads in S. C: grad. Roanoke Coll., Salem. Va, A.B..
1871' 'AM 1S74; Ph.D., Williams Coll., 1881; LL.D.,
Roanoke Coll.. 1005: m. Richmond Hill, Scranton. Pa.,
Sept 5, 1906, Emeline Kirtland Richmond. Taught



sch. In S. C. 3 years; ass't prof, and financial sec.
Roanoke Coll., 1871-1878; pres. Roanoke Coll., 1878-
1908; Am. consul at Tahiti, Society Islands (South
Seas), 1906-1910, and Port Antonio, Jamaica, B. W. I.,
since 1910. Served as private and lieut. in Confederate
Army. Has traveled in every State in U. S., in Can-
ada, Alaska, Europe, Society Islands (South Pacific).
Mem. Nat. Geog. Soc; Inst, of Jamaica. Author numer-
ous published addresses on edn'l topics. Address: Am.
Consulate. Port Antonio, Jamaica, B. W. I.


Painter; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1877; d.
Theodor and Dorothea Dreier. Individual exhibitions,
London, 1911; Frankfort, 1912; Leipzig, 1912; New
York, 1913; exhibitor Salon des Beaux Art, Paris, 1911;
Kunsthalle Bremen, 1912; N. T. Internat. Exp'n,
Munich "Juryfrei," 1913. Translator: Recollection of
Van Gogh by his sister Mme. du Quesne Van Gogh
(Houghton, Mifflin & Co.), 1913. Woman Suffragist.
Mem. Kunstlerninen Verein, Munich. Founder and
dir. Little Italy Neighborhood Ass'n, treas. German
Home for Recreation. Clubs: Colony, Nat. Arts (N.
T.), Ladies' Athenaeum (London). Residence: Red-
ding, Conn. Address: 80 W. 40th St., N. Y. City.


Author, editor; b. Terre Haute, Ind Aug. 27, 1871;
s. John P. and Sarah (Schanaib) Dreiser; ed. public
sobs, of Warsaw, Ind.; State Univ. of Indiana; m.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 28, 1898, Sarah O. White. En-
tered work on Chicago Daily Glooe, 1892; dramatic
editor and traveling correspondent of St. Louis Globe
Democrat, 1S92-1S93; St. Louis Republic, 1893-1894.
Editor: Every Month (literary and musical publi-
cation), 1896-189S; engaged in sp'l work for Harper's.
McClure's, Scribner's, Cosmopolitan and Munsey's
magazines; editor Smith's Magazine, 1905-1906; mn'g
editor Broadway Magazine, 190G-19O7; editor-in-chier
Delineator, 1907-1910. Author: Sister Carrie, 1900;
Jennie GeHhardt, 1911: The Financier, 1912; A Traveller
at Forty, 1913; The Titan, 1914. Address: 3607 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.


Actor; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1853; s. John Drew (Irish
comedian, who died in 1862) and Mrs. John Drew
(actress and manager, who died 1897); ed. Protestant
Episcopal Acad., Philadelphia, and by private tutors;
went on stage at 19; m. Josephine Baker, of Phila-
delphia. Was for many years mem. Augustin Daly's
company; since 1894 has starred under mg'mt of
Charles Frohman, plaving in Rosemary, Richard Car-
vel, De Lancey, His House in Order, My Wife, Jack
Straw, Inconstant George, Smith, Perplexed Husband,
Much Ado About Nothing, etc. Clubs: Lambs, Brook,
Players, Racquet and Tennis, Westchester Country.
Address: East Hampton, L. I., N. Y.


Lawyer, educator; lb. Newton, Iowa, Nov. 1, 1864; s.
Orrin Gilman and Mary Emily Drew; grad. Univ. of
Iowa, B.S., 1889, LL.B., 1S92: attended Harvard Law
Sob., 1892-1893; one of student editors of Harvard
Law Review; m. Omaha, Neib., Oct. 2, 1895, Lida June
ShallenJberger. Practised law in Omaha, Neb., 1893-
1896; ass't prof, law, Univ. of Wis., 1896-1898; prof,
law, Univ. of HI., 1898-1904; Cornell Univ., since 1904.
Democrat. Mem. Phi Delta Phi. Address: 13 East
Av., Ithaca, N. Y.

Lawyer; b. Saginaw, Mich., Dec. 1, 1876; s. Leroy
Channing and Mary (La Tourette) Driggs; descended
from old and distinguished Colonial families on
father's side, and earliest Hugenot stock on mother's
side; ed. Portland (Ore.) High Sch., Univ. of Michigan,
N. Y. Law Sch.; m. Yonkers-on^Hudson, June 29, 1904,
Mary Ogden; children: Ogden, .b. 1905; Laurence L.,
Jr., b. 1906. After admission to bar became trial at-
torney for Brooklyn Heights R. R. Co., and sp'l coun-
sel for other corp'ns and individuals. In private prac-
tice since 1905; frequently appt'd receiver and trustee
by judges of Federal Courts. Interested in developing
ranch land, and raising pure bred cattle, in Texas
Panhandle, since 1911. Actively engaged in politics.
Nominated for Congress hv Republicans of 11 bh Cong.
Dlst. in 190S, defeated bv C. V. Fornes. Sp'l deputy
att'y gen. in prosecution of election frauds; delegate
to various poMt. convs., and mem. of numerous corns,
and ass'ns. Has written several articles on subject
of municipal control of City Markets, and lectured on
same subject in various cities of N. Y. : chm'n City
Club Com. on Markets and appt'd mem. City Market
Comm'n bv Mayor Gaynor, 1912. Has traveled ex-
tensively throughout America and Europe. Mem.
Squadron C. N. Y. N. G., 1902-1905. Trustee Northern
Dispensary since 1904. Republican; Episcopalian.
Mem. Sons of Revolution. Soc. of Colonial Wars, St.

Nicholas Soc, Soc. of War of 1S12; Veteran Corps of
Art'y, Delta Upsilon fraternity. Recreations: Various
outdoor exercises. Clubs: City, Aero of America. Ad-
dress: 135 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Former first deputy Police Comm'r, N. Y. City; b.
N. Y. City, Nov. 23, 1882; s. Timothy M. and Elizabeth
(McCarthy) Driscoll; received elementary ed'n St.
James Acad., N. Y. City, N. Y. High Sch., N. Y. Law
Sch. Began life as reporter, and promoted to ass't
city editor, city editor, ass't mn'g editor, polit. editor,
advertising mg'r, sp'l writer for Hearst newspapers
throughout the country. Was appt'd sp'l comm'r to
investigate the case of Moyer, TIaywood and Petti-
bone, who were charged with murder of Gov. Stuen-
nenberg of Idaho, for magazines and newspapers of
this country. Spent six months in Far West investi-
gating case, and then began a campaign to give them
a fair trial, afterward acquitted of charge. When
time was not taken up by employer, was actively en-
gaged in fighting battles of poorer people of city, and
especially the lower East Side, where still resides.
Was actively engaged in the movement to prevent
construction of an elevated railroad on Delancey St..
the plan to remove the "L" structure on Allen St.,
better sch. accommodations and more sch. room for
children of East Side, the fight against the promis-
cuous sale of morphine and cocaine, and had a law
enacted which made it a felony to sell cocaine with-
out a doctor's prescription, and to have it on your
person unless with the authority of a physician.
Appt'd comm'r of Weights and Measures, City of N.
Y., by Mayor Gaynor, May, 1910; resigned to become
1st deputy Police Comm'r. N. Y City. Oct. 20, 1910;
now connected with the Bureau of Municipal Research.
Pres. and dir. West Thirty-eighth Street Improve-
ment Ass'n; founder and pres. East Side Pure Milk
League, Council of Local Sch. B'ds, comprising all
of dist. sch. comm'rs of N. Y. City: Congestion Comm'n
of City of N. Y., also comm'r and chm'n of manv im-
portant corns. Democrat: Catholic. Clubs: Nat. Dem-
ocratic, N T . Y, Press. Crescent Athletic. Citv. Address:
9 Oliver St.. N. Y. City.


Mem. Congress; b. Buffalo, N. Y., Mar. 6, 1875; ed.
public schs., and Central High Sch. Engaged in un-
dertaking business of father, Timothy Driscoll; also
engaged in other business enterprises;' elected to 61st
Congress, 1908: re-elected to 62d and 63d Congresses.
Address: Buffalo, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Fairmont. N. Y April 24, 1857; s. Michael
and Ellen Driscoll; ed. Munroe Collegiate Inst., El-
bridge, N. Y., and Williams Coll.. grad. 1881; m. Syra-
cuse, N. Y., June 20, 1887, Kate F. Shanahan; children:
Keith F.. b. 1893, and M. Ernestine, b. 1S96. Engaged
in practice of law 30 years at Syracuse, N. Y. ; has
been mem. of several local b'ds and comm'ns. Traveled
through Europe, Mexico, Culba and Northern Can. Xow
mem. Fair Comm'n; appt'd by Gov. Dix trustee State
Coll. of Forestry of Syracuse Univ., and reappt'd by
Gov. Sulzer. Roman Catholic. Elk, Knight of Co-
lumbus. Recreation: Fishing. Clulbs: University (N.
Y. City), University (Syracuse), Citizens. Residence:
907 W. Genesee St. Address: 915-919 Univ. BlocR,
Syracuse, N. Y. ,


Telephone official; b. Beverly, Mass., 1839; m.
Beverly, Mass., 1869. Treas. Am. Telephone & Tele-
graph Co.; dir. Nat. Bank of Commerce, Boston: Am.
Trust Co., Boston: Bell Telephone Co. of Canada.
Montreal. Served with U. S. Volunteers. 1861-1865.
Residence: Beverly, Mass. Address: 125 Milk St., Bos-
ton, Mass., and 15 Dey St., N. Y. City.


Merchant; b. N. Y. City. Aug. 31, 1860; s. Henry
Thayer and Sarah (Arnold) Drowne; descended from
old N. E. stock, its ancestors dating back to early
Puritan days and with Arnold. Rhodes, Stafford,
Greene, Russell, Rice, Loud and Tillinghast branches
are prominently connected with founding and early
history of State of R. I.; ed. Dr. Callisen's Sch.; started
as young man in dry goods comm'n business; after
being with several prominent houses, in Dec, 1S95, es-
tablished woollen comm'n house of Stockton &
Drowne, which was later succeeded by present firm of
Lawrie, Mann & Drowne; has fine collection of books
and engravings, Revolutionary and early documents
connected with Am. history, old coins, paper money
and hist, relics; for 10 years was sec. Am. Numismatic
Soc, later one of its govs; was elected life mem. N.
Y. Geneal. and Biog. Soc, 1901; became sec. of that
soc, 1903: elected hereditary mem. R. I. Soc. of Cin-
cinnati, Julv, 1S98, by right of g.-grandfather. Dr.



Solomon Drowne, surgeon 2d Reg't Inf., K. I. State
Brigade, in Continental service; mem. since L888. sec.
since 1906, Sons of Revolution, State of N. Y. Club:
Nat. Arts. Address 54 Pearl St., N'. Y. City.


Lawyer: b. Auburn, N. \ , Jan. 2. 1S79; s. Robert L.
and Anna E. (Burke) Drummond; grad. Auburn
Academic High Sch., 1897; Hamilton roll., A.B., 19U1,
A.M., 1904; Albany Law Sch., I.L.I:., L903; m. Auburn,
N. Y., Sept. 14, 1904, Lura B. Wills; children: Klspeth.
b. Oct. lti, 1905; BurK- Wills, b. .Ma> 16, 1909. Ad-
mitted to bar. July. 1903, with father and brother, in
law Arm of Drummond, Drummond <& Drummond,
1903-1911; since then practising alone. Democrat;
Presby'n. Elected city judge of Auburn, 1902; election
invalidated by courts, because held prematurely under
City charter; twice re-elected, and served as city judge

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