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lap; ed. public schs. and Linsly Inst, of Wheeling, W.
Va.; m. Wheeling, W. Va., Jan. 7, 1886, Isadora Pol-
lock; children: La Belle, b. 1S89; Boyce, b. 1891; John
R., b. 1893. Began civil eng'ring work 1S73; engaged
in active newspaper work since 1874. Pres. and gen.
mg'r The Louisville (Ky.) Daily Commercial, 1884-
1887; founded The India Rubber World, N. Y., 1889;
Hardware, 1S90, and The Engineering Magazine, 1891,
of which is still editor and pres. Author: Jeffersonian
Democracy, 494 pages (Jeffersonian Soc), 1902. Demo-
crat; Unitarian. Mem. Efficiency Soc, Ky. Soc. of N.
Y., Soc. of Army of Cumberland. Recreation: Golf.
Clubs: Nat Democratic, Greenwich Country. Resi-
dence: 55 E. 53d St. Address: 140 Nassau St., N. Y.

Editor, writer, illustrator; b. Suspension Bridge
(now Niagara Falls), N. Y. ; s. Jacob and Matilda Dun-
lap; ed. schs. of Niagara Falls; m. Niagara Falls, N.
Y., Aug. 7, 1895, Agnes K. Stevenson; children: Orrin
E.. Jr., b. Aug. 23, 1896; Charles Monroe, b. Nov. 23,
1897; Helen Agnes, b. July 1. 1904; Arthur Stevenson,
b. Sept. 10, 1910. Sec. and ass't treas. Internat.
Acheson Graphite Co. Mem. B'd of Ed'n, Niagara
Falls, Nr Y. Club: Ongiara. Address: 1029 Cleveland
Av., Niagara Falls, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Rush, Susquehanna Co., Pa., Mar. 28,
1845; s. Matthew and Sarah (James) Dunmore; ed.
Wyoming Bern., Kingston, Pa.; grad. Wesleyan Univ.,
A B., 1871, A.M., 1874; Hamilton Coll. Law Sch., DL.B.,
1S75; m. 1st, Utica, N. Y.. Julv 9, 1878, Minnie E.
Goodier (died Dec. 11, 1904); 2d, June 27, 190S, Cora
Wheeler; children: James Sterling, b. 1879; Watson
T., Jr., b. 1881; Clara T., b. 1883; Russell G b. 1885;
Earl W., b. 1887; Delia, b. 1889. Practised law at
Utica, N. Y., since Sept., 1875 (excepting while on the
bench). Elected sp'l county judge, Oneida Co., 1886;
re-elected, 1899; elected county judge, 1892; re-elected,
1898. Served as treas. N. Y. State League Bld'g &
Loan Ass'n, 1SSS-1S92 (pres. 1892-1893). Now mem.
firm Dunmore & Ferris, lawyers. Pres. Commercial
Warehouse Co.. of Utica; v.-p. Citizens Trust Co., of
Utica; dir. Utica Knitting Co., Clayville Knitting Co.,
of Clajyville. N. Y. ; Airy Knit Co.; pres. Homestead
Aid Asfs'n of Utica. Republican; Presbyterian. Mem.
Oneida Hist. Soc, Alpha Delta Phi Soc; trustee



Homoeopathic Hosp. Odd Fellow. Mason. Recreations:
Golf, bowling, fishing. Clubs: Fort Schuyler, Yohun-
dasis Golf, Pine Lake. Address: 75 Rutger St., Utica,
N. Y.


Oil producer; b. San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 25, 1883;
s. Charles W. and Alice Ida (Baker) Dunn; received
public sch. ed'n; unmarried. V.-p.. treas. & dir. N. B.
Cook Oil Co. and dir. Monmouth Oil & Guano Co., and
Great South Beach Improvement Co., of Fire Island.
Independent Republican. Residence: 63 Jefferson Av..
Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 148 Front St., N. Y. City.


Patent lawyer; b. Trenton, N. J., July 25, 1ST'.: s.
Lewis A. and Sarah Parselis (Shurts) Dunn; ed. Adel-
phi Acad, and Poly. Inst., Brooklyn; N. Y. Law Sch.,
LL.B. Studied law three years in office of William
B. Hornblower; has practised patent law 7 years, hav-
ing been admitted to practice in courts of 17 States.
Has represented the Otis Elevator Co., Baker Heater
Co., Holland Submarine Boat Co., J. H. Lane & Co.,
and other large corp'ns. Traveled extensively. Demo-
crat; Presby'n. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Bng'rs., Am.
Electro-Chem. Soc, Franklin Inst, of Philadelphia,
Brooklyn Inst. Arts and Sciences. Recreation: Yacht-
ing. Clubs: National Arts, N. Y. Canoe. Pleiades. Ad-
dress: 50 Church St.. N. Y. City.


Electrical eng'r; b. N. Y., Oct. 18, 1870; s. N. Gano
and Amelia (Sillick) Dunn; B.S., Coll. City of N. Y.,
1889; M.S., 1897; E.E., Columbia, 1891; unmarried.
With Western Union Telegraph Co., 1886-1891; v.-p.
and chief eng'r Crocker-Wheeler Co., 1898-1911; v.-p.
in charge eng'ring and construction, J. G. White &
Co., Inc.. 1911-1913; pres. The J. G. White Eng'ring
Corp'n, N. Y., since 1913. Pres. N. Y. Elec. Soc, 1900-
1902; pres. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs. 1911-1912; pres.
United Eng'ring Soc, 1913; sec. Elec. Lighting and
Distribution, Internat. Elec. Congress, St. Louis, 1904;
v.-p. and U. S. Delegate. Internat. Elec. Congress,
Turin, 1911; mem. Internat. Electro-technical Comm'n.
Hon. mem. Ass'n Iron and Steel Elec. Eng'rs; fellow
Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs; mem. Am. Soc. Mechanical
Eng'rs, British Inst'n Elec. Eng'rs, Franklin Inst., Il-
luminating Eng'ring Soc, A.A.A.S., N. Y. Hist. Soc.
N. Y. Zool. Soc, Simplified Spelling B'd, N. Y. Acad.
Sciences. CTtrbe: University, Fencers. Columbia Uni-
versity. Engineers'. N. Y. Athletic, Recess. Sons of
Revolution. Address: 43 Exchange Place, N. Y. City.


Banker: b. N Y. City, Feb. 28, 1878; s. Gano and
Amelia (Sillick) Dunn; grad. Coll. Citv of N. Y , BS
1897; m. Nov. 29, 1905. Ella Smvthe Turner: one s..
Harris Ashton, Jr., b. Dec. 4. 1906. Treas. Columbia-
Knickerbocker Trust Co., Tanana Vallev R. R. Co.: dir.
Merchants' Safe Deposit Co. Republican; mem. M. E.
Ch. Mem. Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Sons of
Revolution. Residence, 253 W. 91st St. Address: 60
Broadway, N. Y. City.


President of the Bradstreet Co.; b. Brooklvn. Dec. 9,
1868; ed. public sch.: m. Rochester. N. Y.. June 24, 1896.
Elizabeth Wadsworth Ives: three children. Pres. and
dir. The Bradstreet Co. Mem. Chamber of Commerce
of the State of N. Y., Metropolitan Mus. of Arts. Club:
Merchants. Residence: 53 E. 79th St. Address: 346
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Mem. Congress; b. Providence, R. I, March 16, 1853
removed to Rochester 1858; ed. public schs.; m. 1889,
Jlorence L. Robinson. Elected State Senator. 1906.
?r tat ,? T r . eas " 1908 : elected to 63d Congress from 38th
N. Y. Dist. Republican. Trustee Chamber of Com-
merce (pres. 2 years); Rochester Orphan Asylum;
chief comm'r N. Y. State comm'n to Jamestown Ter-
centennial Exp'n, 1907. 32" Mason. Address: Roch-
ester, N. Y.


Author, journalist; b. Chicago, July 10 1S67; s.
Peter and Ellen (Finley) Dunne; ed. Chicago public
schools; m. N. Y. City, Dec. 9, 1902, Margaret Abbott.
Connected with Chicago newspapers from 1883 to
1899. Associate editor American Magazine. Catholic
Author: Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War, 1898; Mr.
Dooley in the Hearts of His Countrymen, 189S; Mr.
Dooley's Philosophy, 1900; Mr. Dooley's Opinions. 1901:
Observations by Mr. Dooley. 1902; Dissertations bv
Mr. Dooley. 1906: Mr. Dooley Says, 1910. Clubs:
Racquet and Tennis. Metropolitan, Riding and Brook.
Address: 136 E. 64th St.. N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 11, lios; s. Samuel W.
and Mary Matilda (Smith) Dunscomb; grad. Coll.
City of N. Y., AJB. (valedictorian, winner of 21 first
prizes), 1888; Columbia Univ., A.M., 1891; Ph.D. and
LL.B., 1893; Seligman Prize, fellow in political Science,
1891-1893; unmarried. Admitted to bar Nov., 1893; en-
gaged in gen. practise of law N. Y. City (State and
U. S. Courts) since 1893; att'y in law dep't Title
Guarantee & Trujt Co., 1899. Author: Bankruptcy.
A Study in Comparative Legislation, 1893; contb'i
to press, legal and economic journals. Episcopalian.
Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar
City of N. Y., Royal Soc. of Arts, London; N. British
Acad, of Arts (life fellow and hon. councillor). Phi
Beta Kappa. Acad, of Polit. Science, Am. Numis. Soc.
Residence. 766 N. Broadway, Yonkers. Address: 132
Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Physician, educator; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 28, 1807, of
French ancestry; ed. in France and America; grad.
N Y. Univ., 1895, A.B., M.D. ; married. Examiner in
lunacy for State of N. Y. ; fellow Med. Soc. Greater
N. Y. ; life mem. Soc Science, Letters and Art. of
London, Eng. Mem. Alumni N. Y. Univ.; mem. Alumni
French Hospital. Col. Nat. Volunteer Emergency
Service. Mem. Masonic Order, Chapter, Commandery
and Mystic Shrine; active mem. and Grand Sec Gen.
of Sovereign Grand Consistory and Supreme Council
A.A.R.S. for the U. S., its Territories and Dependen-
cies, and is a 33 Mason ad vitem, Rite of Memphis 95.
Member B. P. O. Elks. Devotee of music and art.
Dir. Grand Conservatory of Music. An organizer of
the Pleiades Club. Address: 310 W. 23d St.. N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Cincinnati, Ohio. Oct. 30, 1859; s. John
and Martha Boyd (Stewart) Durand: grad. Yale Univ.,
A.B., 1881; Columbia Law Sch., LL.B.. 1883; m. N. Y
City, April 16, 1887, Emma Louise Weber Ely; one
son, Henry Stewart Durand, b. Aug. 13, 1900. Mem.
Am. Hist. Ass'n, Am. Geog. Soc, State and City Bar
Ass'ns, Soc. of Med. Jurisprudence, Am. Statist. Ass'n.
Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Am. Num'smatic
and Archseol. Soc, Am. Museum of Nat. Hist., Nat.
Geog. Soc, N. Y. Hist. Soc. Recreations: Automo-
biling, fishing, reading. Mem. Kane Lodge, F. and
A. M. Clubs: University. Yale. Automobile of Amer-
ica, Union League, Phi Delta Phi. Republican, West
Side Republican. Fulton. Residence: 124 W. 79th St.
Address: 81 Fulton St., N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Livonia. Mich., Feb. 5, 1805; s. Reuben
Stark and Mary (Wightman) Durfee; grad. Univ.
of Mich., A.B., 1S76; Johns Hopkins Univ., Ph.D.. 1883;
m. 1st, Lowell Mass., April. 1888, Charlotte Elizabeth
Racao; 2d, Geneva, X. Y.. June, 1S98. Katharine
Stevens Butts; children: Walter Hetherington, b. Jan.,
1889; Elizabeth Racao. b. Aug., 1894; Mary Katharine
Perry, b. March. 1900. Prof. Mathematics, Hobart Coll..
since Jan., 1SS4; dean since 1888; acting pres.. 1S9i,
1901, 1903, 1912. Republican; Episcopalian. Fellow
A.A.A.S., mem. Am. Math. Soc. Phi Beta Kappa Soc.
Residence: 039 Main St. Address: Hobart College.
Geneva. N. Y.


Educator; b. Shelby. N. Car., Jan. 2, 1872: s. David
N. and Esther Ruth (Coleman) Durham: grad. Furman
Univ., M.A.. 1S91: Cornell Univ. (Fellow in Latin and
Greek, 1S96-1S97), Ph.D., 1S99; Univs. of Leipzig and
Munich; m. N. Y. City, March 4, 1903. Jean L. Glendin-
ning; children. Helen Coleman, b. Mav 21, 1907: Archi-
bald Glendinning, b. Nov 23, 1909. Instr. Greek and
mathematics, Furman Univ., 1891-1896: instr. Latin.
Cornell Univ., 1S97-1901; ass't prof. Latin. Cornell
Univ., 1901-1909; Prof. Latin, since 1909. Democrat:
Baptist. Mem. Chi Psi fraternity. Recreations: Golf,
music. Residence: 43 East Av., Ithaca. N. Y. Ad-
dress: Goldwin Smith Hall, Cornell LTniv., Ithaca, X. V.


Lawyer; b. Chicago, 111.. Aug. 29, 1S.80: s. Caleb
Wheeler and Clarissa Safford (Welles) Durham: ed.
Columbia Univ.. A.B., AiM., LL.B.; unmarried. En-
gaged in general practise of law in N. Y. Citv. Mem.
Troop C, First Cav., N. G.. N. Y. Republican: Pre = by'n.
Mem. Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Acad, of Polit. Science,
Am. Bar Ass'n., N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n.. pres.
Chelsea Neighborhood Ass'n. Recreations: Tennis,
riding. Clubs: Beta Theta Pi, Squadron A., Columbia
Univ., Manor, Pelham Country. Residence: 1 Gramercv
Park. Address: 49 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Chicago, 111.. June 4, 1878; s. Caleb Wheel-
er an>' i Safford (Wells) Durham: ed. in private



schs., Columbia Coll., A.B., 1900; Coll. Phys. and Surg.
(Columbia), M.D.. 1903; m. Radnor, Pa., -May 10, 1905,
Helen Holman; children: Roger, Jr., b. Jan. 16, 1908;
Helen Clare, b. April 17, loll. Interne, Seney Hosp..
Brooklyn, 1ST. Y., May, 1903-May. 1906, Ass't attending
surgeon to Seney Hosp.; attending physician to Brook-
lyn Home for Destitute Children. Republican;
Presby'n. Sec. and treas. Brooklyn Surgical Soc;
mem. Am. Med. Ass'n., Associated Physicians of L. 1.,
Med. Soc. of the State of X. Y., sec. Milk Comm'n of
the Med. Soc, County of Kings; Kx-interne Soc. of the
Seney Hosp, Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Address: 322
Park PI., Brooklyn, N. T.


Merchant; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 23, 1S62; s. John
S. and Hannah (Smith) Durkee; ed. in public schs.,
Brooklyn; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 12. 3 sy;i, Emily
Holt; children: Charles II 01 1, b. 1894; Jasper, b. 11)01.
Began business career 1S79, as dealer in marine hard-
ware; Incorporated business, 1S94, as Charles D. Dur-
kee & Co., Inc., of which is pres. Past master Coven-
ant Lodge, F. and A. M.: mem. Royal Arcanum. Clubs:
Brooklyn Yacht, Bensonhurst Yacht, Arcanum Yacht.
Address: 2 and 3 South St., N. Y. City.


Real estate; b. Oneida Co., N. Y., Dec. 1, 1S68; s.
Neil and Elizabeth (Conlon) Duross; ed. public schs.,
and Georgetown Univ Washington, D. C, B.A., 1890;
m. Anna T. Mulry; children: Neil, b. 1901; Thomas, b.
1903; Parthema, b. 1905; Elizabeth, b. 1907; Charles,
b. 190S. Started in real estate business in N. Y., 1896;
founded corp'n of Duross Co., 1907, becoming its pres.;
pres. and dir. Prudential Real Estate Corp'n since
189S; trustee West Side Savings Bank since 1S99; mem.
Ozanam Ass'n.. Soc. of St. Vincent de Paul. Democrat;
Roman Catholic. Club: Catholic. Address: 155 W.
14th St., X. Y. City.


Investment banker; b. Wooster, Wayne Co., Ohio.
Sept. 7, 1S57; s. Jacob and Mary A. (Hartman) Durs-
tine; grad. Univ. of Wooster (Ohio), A.B., 1878. A.M.,
1881; m. Boscobel, Wis., Dec. 25, 1878, Katharine M.
Sarles; children: Florence S., b. 1SS3; Roy S., b. 18S6.
Sup't school Conneaut, O., 1878-1S82; wholesale and
retail lumber dealer in Wis. and N. Dakota, 1S82-
1889; mg'r. and insp. of agencies N. Y. Life Ins. Co.,
1SS3-1907; pres. and dir. N. Am. Life Ins. Co., of New-
ark, N. J., 1907-1911; investment banker, 1911-1913;
v.-p. and dir. The White Investing Co.; dir. Standard
Slate Corp'n.; trustee Alumni Ass'n of Wooster Univ.
Republican; Presby'n. Mem. Sigma Chi fraternity.
Mason, Knight Templar and Shriner. Clubs: Graduates
(mem. B'd Gov.). Lawyers. Residence: 67 Riverside
Drive. Address: 55 Liberty St., N. Y. City.


Advertising writer; b. Jamestown, N. D., Dec. 13,
1886; s. Lee B. and Katherine (Sarles) Durstine; grad.
Dawrenceville Sch., class of 1904; Princeton Univ. A.B.,
class of 1908; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 12, 1912, Harriet
Grosvenor Hutchins. On staff N. Y. Sun, 190S-1912; in
charge of press bureau Progressive Party's Nat.
Headquarters, 1912; mem. service staff, Calkins &
Holden, advertising agents, since 1912. Clubs: Cap
and Gown (Princeton), Nassau (Princeton), Princeton
(N. Y.). Residence: Pleasantville, N. Y. Address: 250
Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Stock ibroker; b. G?en Cove, Long Island, June 11,
1873; s. Wright Duryea and Susan (Wright) Duryea;
ed. - West Point and Columbia Law School; m. Ded"^
ham, Mass., June 27, 1895, Grace Cousins Wolcott; one
son: Wright Duryea, b. 1896. Since, leaving college
engaged in financial business. Mem. Zeta Psi frater-
nity. Clubs: N. Y. Yacht. Calumet, N. Y. Athletic,
Strollers, Larchmont Yacht, Atlantic Yacht. Resi-
dence: 30 Montgomery Place, Brooklyn. Address: 71
Broadway, N. Y. City.


Retired mf'r; b. Manhasset, L. I., N. Y., April 1^.
1834; s. Hendrick Vanderbilt and Ann Elizabeth
(Wright) Duryea; ed. private and public schs.; m.
1868, Laura D. Burnell; children: Henry H., Chester
B., Anna E., Millicent S. Became partner with father's
starch mf'g business at age of 21; v.-p. and pres. Glen
Cove Starch Mf'g Co. many years; later became pres.
Nat. Starch Co.. which succeeded Glen Cove Co.: now
retired. 1st lieut. of art'y, 48th Reg't, State Militia.
1855; in Civil War as caot. in 5th N. Y. Inf. (Duryea
Zouaves); promoted majoV 1861: lieut. col. Sept., 1861;
commanded reg't in Peninsula and Md. campaigns, and
other battles; several times commended in official re-
ports for distinguished service; appt'd col. Oct.. L862,
and comm'd toy Pres. U. S., brevet brig.-gen. of vols.,

1866, for distinguished service in Battle of Gaines Mills,
Va. Pres. Veterans' Ass'n; mem. Veteran Ass'n of
Reg't he commanded during war, Loyal Legion, Soc.
of 5th Army Corps. Holland Soc. Clubs: Army and
Navy, Crescent Athletic. Address: 80 Madison Av., N.
Y. City.


Merchant, mf'r; b. N. Y. City, July 11, 1864; s. Caleb
Coles and Amelia Wheeler (Newcomb) Dusenbury; ed.
public schools and Coll. City of N. Y.; m. N. Y. City,
1894, Edith Hamblet; children: Pauline S., Louis H.
Started in 1880 in woolen business; mem. firm
Dusenbury & Bond, 1883, C. Coles Dusenbury &
Son, 1897, Louis Dusenbury, cottons and woolens,
since 1904, and pres. of Louis Dusenbury & Co.,
inc., since Feb. 17, 1909. Pres. Westboro Mills, car-
pets, Westboro, Mass. Republican (independent in
city affairs); Presby'n. Sup't Bible Sch. of West End
Presby'n Ch.; mem. Session, West End Presby'n Ch.
Recreations: Golf, boating, automobiling. Residence:
162 W. lo.lth St., N. Y. City. Address: 222 Fourth Av.,
N. Y. City.


Publisher and bookseller; b. Keene, N. H., Jan. 4,
1831; s. George D. and Mary (Pomeroy) Dutton; fam-
ily moved to Boston when he was two years old; ed.
Boston Latin Sch.; m. Jan. 23, 1856, Julia Sleeper, d.
Hon. Jacob Sleeper, of Boston. Began in business in
Boston, Oct. 1, 1852; moved to N. Y. City. 1869, lo-
cated at 713 Broadway till 1882. when moved to W.
23d St. Residence: 24 W 51st St. Address: 6S1 Fifth
Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Cato, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Sept. 16, 1862;
s. Edmund S. and Naomi (Rhoades) Dutton; ed. pub-
lic schs. and Munro Collegiate Inst., Elbridge, N. Y.,
1882-1884; N. Y. Univ. Daw Sch., N. Y. City (post-
grad, course), 1892-1897, LL.M. ; unmarried. Admit-
ted to bar, 1S87; in gen. practise of law, Auburn, N.
Y., 1887-1889, since then mem. N. Y. firm Hurry &
Dutton. Dir. Wahle-Phill ! ps Co., Stanley Court Real-
ty & Construction Co., E. & R. Realty Co. Active in
polit. affairs. Republican. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n, N.
Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Soc. Med.
Jurisprudence. Clubs: Republican, Patria, Dun-
woodie, Mason'c. Residence: 610 W. 111th St. Ad-
dress: SO Maiden Lane, N. Y. City.


Educator; b. Hillsboro, N. H., Oct. 16. 1S49; s. Jere-
miah and Rebecca (Train) Dutton; ed. New London
Acad.; grad Yale Univ.. A.B., 1873; A.M., 1S90; LL.D.,
Baylor Univ., 1912; m. New Haven, Conn., Oct. 8, 1874,
Cornelia North; children: Maude B., Lillian. In
charge of schs. S. Norwalk, Conn., 1S73-1878; prin-
cipal Eaton Sch.. New Haven, 187S-18S2; sup't schs. of
New Haven, 18S2-1890. and of Brookline, Mass., 1890-
1900; lecturer on pedagogy at Harvard. 1895-1897:
Chicago Univ., 1897-182S; Boston Univ.. 189S; prof, of
sch administration and sup't of schs.. Teachers' Coll.,
Columbia Univ.; sec. N. Y. Peace Soc; chm'n Exec.
Com. Nat. Arbitration and Peace Congress, 1907; trus-
tee Wheeler School and Library, North Stonington,
Conn.; trustee Constantinople Coll. for Women, the
Canton Christian Coll., Canton, the World Peace Foun-
dation, American Scandinavian Foundation; hon. sec.
Japan Soc; 1913 mem. of Internat. Comm'n on the
Balkan War. Author: Social Phases of Education,
School Management; joint author Administration of
Public Education in the United States; editor Histori-
cal and World at Work Series; asso. editor Christian
Work. Clubs: Yale. Columbia Faculty. Address:
Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ., N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Utiea, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1847; s. Will-
iam H. and Mary Huntington (Dalliba) Dutton; ed.
Utica Acad, and by private tutors in U. S. and Europe;
m. 1st, Germantown. Pa.. June 30, 1873, Eva Dunbar
Bradley: 2d, N. Y. City, June 1, 1911, Mrs. Augusta
Temple Merritt; one s.: Louis, b. 1873. Made first tour
in Europe, 1867; .became associated "with father in
business; later assumed control until 1892; moved to
N. Y. and necame connected with Hardman, Peck &
Co., mf'rs of pianos; treas. and dir., since incorpora-
tion of firm, after death of Mr. Peck. Associated with
Independent movement in municipal politics in Phila-
delphia; mem. Exec. Com. of Fifty. Independent Re-
publican. Pres. Nat. Piano Mf'rs Ass'n. Interested
in art; became active mem. Com. on Org'n of Phila-
delphia Art Club. 1S88, one of the strongest inst'ns
of its kind in the country. App't by Gov. of Pa.
advisory chm'n Pa. Com. on Fine Arts for Columbian
Exp'n and organized Com. of Selection, consisting of
well-known artists, sculptors and architects; at re-
quest o:' late John Boyd Thatcher. Chief of Bureau of



Awards, Chicago, selected Am. Com. on Fine Arts for
Columbian Exp'n. Mem. Soc. Colonial Wars, Sons of
Revolution, Soc. Mayflower Descendants, Huguenot Soc.
Club: Metropolitan. Residence: 116 E. "3d St. Ad-
dress: 433 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Late pres. South Bound R. R. Co., and Florida Cen-
tral & Peninsula R. R. Co.; >b. Baltimore, Oct. 17, 1843;
s. John Rawlings and Elizabeth Warfield (Rieman)
Duval, of Md.; ed. St. Timothy's Hall and Springfield
Hall, Md.; m. Anne Gordon, d. John Hanson Thomas,
of Baltimore. Served in Confederate Army through
and to the end of the war, under Gen. Lee. Trustee
Mutual Life Ins. Co.; dir. Nat. Surety Co. Chm'n B'd
Dirs. Am. Beet Sugar Co.; dir. Am. Car & Foundry
Co., Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R'y Co., Santa Fe
Pacific R. R. Co.; chm'n b'd Transatlantic Trust Co.
Vestryman St. Mark's Episcopal Ch., Islip, L. I.; mem.
Cincinnati and Huguenot Soc. Clubs: Union, South
Side Sportsmen's, Recess. Address: 32 Nassau St., N.
Y. City.


Banker, broker; b. N. Y. City, July 4. 1S51; s. Will-
iam and Caroline Nichols (Clark) Du Val. ; ed. private
schs. N. Y. City; m. N. Y. City, 1878, Ida Livingston
Frost; one s.: Oiive Livingston (Yale, 1903). Began
^business career in Wall St. in 1866; engaged in rail-
road business in 1874, tout returned to Wall St. in
1906 and established firm of Du Val, Greer & Co.; dir.
Mechanics' Bank, Brooklyn; Brooklyn Rapid Transit
Co.. Brooklyn Heights R. R. Co.; Brooklyn Warehouse
and Storage Co:, Kings Co. Electric Light and Power
Co., Edison Electric Light and Power Co.; comm'r b'd
Atlantic Av. Improvement Co., 1905; was mem. 7th
Reg't (1st lieut., brevet capt.). N. G. N. Y. Republican.
Unitarian. Made 28 trips to Europe, practically In
consecutive years; around the world in 1903. Recrea-
tions: Golf, foreign travel. Clubs: Union League,
Calumet, N Y. Yacht. Lotos. Brooklyn, Dyke Meadow
Golf, Crescent Athletic, Riding and Driving. AddTess:
995 Madison Av.. N. Y. City.


Insurance; b. N. Y. City, Nov. 23, 1856: s. Edmund
and Harriet Allen (Butler) Dwight; ed. Coll. City of
N. Y.; Columbia Coll. Law Sch.: m. 1st, N. Y. City,
1881, Mary F. Blake; 2d, N. Y. City, 1896, Carolyn A.
Allen; children: Mrs. Alfred A. Booth, b. 1883; Julia
H., b. 1903. Mem. firm of Dwight & Hilles; resident
m'gr for N. Y. Employers' Liahility Assurance Corp'n.
Ltd., of London; v.-p. and dir. Bld'g and Sanitary In-
spection Co., Stanley Court Realty and Construction
Co. (sec); v.-p. N. Y. Juvenile Asylum. Republican:
Episcopalian. Mem. Chamber of Commerce, Merchants
Ass'n. Clubs: Metropolitan, Downtown, Morris Co.
Golf, Metropolitan (Washington). Residence: 211 W.
79th St. Address: 56 Maiden Dane, N. Y. City.


Banker; ib. Dr-yden, N. Y., May 24, 1859; s. Jeremiah
W. and Rebecca A. (Cady) Dwight: ed. at New Haven,
Conn.; m. Los Angeles, Calif.. 1895. Emma Childs.
Elected to Congress, 1902, to fill vacancy in 57th Con-
gress, caused bv resignation of George W. Ray, appt'd
U. S. judge. Elected to 58th, 59th. 60th, 61st and 62d
Congresses. Address: Dry den, N. Y.


Lawyer, jurist; lb. N. Y. City, March 15, 1881; s. Dr.
John and Marv (Cahill) Dwyer; ed. Public Sch. 83,
N. Y. Citv. Manhattan Coll.. Columbia Law Sch..LL.B.;
m. N. Y. Citv, Jan. 13, 1910, Lily E. Nagle. Comm'r
of Appraisal. Ashokan Reservoir. 1909; judge Munici-
pal Court. 8th Dist., N. Y. Citv, 1910: deputy att'y gen.
State of N. Y. since 1911. Democrat; Catholic. Mem.
N. Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n. Clubs: Irish-Am. Ath-
letic. Horseshoe Harbor Yacht. New Rochelle Rowing.
Residence: 51 E 129th St. Address: 299 Broadway,
N. Y. City.


Banker; b. Providence, R. I.; s. Gov. Elisha ana
Nancy A. (Vlall) Dyer; grad. Brown Univ., A.B.. 1883;
Columbia Law 'Sch., LL.B., 1SS5; m. Mrs. Sidney Turner
Swan. Admitted to bar, 1SS5, but engaged in business
as banker and broker. Pres. and dir. Popp Compressed

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