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Madison (now Colgate) Univ., and Eliza H. (Board-
man) Eaton; grad. Colgate Univ., A.B. (Sigma Phi,
Phi Beta Kappa), 1869 (A.M.. Ph.D.): Naval Acad..
1S74: m. Brooklyn, Sept.. 1890, Lizzie Blish: one son:
William West. b. Aug. 7, 1893. Comm'd chief eng'r,
June 1. 1895: fleet eng'r, Pacific Squadron, 1899-1900;
capt., Nov. IS. 1907; retired as commo. at own re-
quest, June 30. 1908. Detailed as head of Dep't
Eng'ring, Colgate Univ., 188S-1890; app'td by Vicerjy
Li Hung Chang examiner of naval eng'ring gradu-
ates. Imperial Univ., Tien-tsin, China, 1892. During
naval career performed duty on all '.he different
Naval Squadrons throughout the world. Last dutv
Inspector of Eng'ring Material and Ordnance for the
Navy till Oct. 1st, 1909. Address: Hamilton, N. Y.


Librarian; b. Randers, Denmark, Dec. 23, 1868; s.
Judge A. C. and Alfrida Eberlin; grad. Univ. Copen-
hagen, M.A., 1888; m. N. Y. City, 1895. Jennie Green;
children: Walter, b. 1899; Elsie, b. 1902; Viggo, b.
1904. Library work in Denmark: engaged in reli-
gious and sociol. work, N. Y City, 1S9O-190O; ass't
librarian. Astor Library, 1900: librarian Century
Club, 1902-1910: ass't librarian, N Y. Public Librarv.
since 1910. Address: 476 Fifth At., N. Y. City.


Major, U. S. A., retired; b. in Germany, April 21,
1847;, came to this country, 1857: ed. Riverside Mil.
Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; served in Civil War in
Company H. 4th U. S. Inf.; promoted to 2d lieut, 18th.
Inf.; served in compaigns against Indians; capt.,
1885; took part in Santiago attack during the
Spanish-Am. War; promoted major; retired after 35



years' service; prof, of military science, De La Salle
Inst., N Y.; appt'd by Mayor Low 1st deputy police
comm'r and put in charge of police matters in the Bor-
oughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Republican candidate
for pres. Borough of Brooklyn, 1905. Prof, military
science, St. Francis Xavier Coll., N. Y. City. Address:
1302 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Physician; b. Scotland, Jan. 1, 1S48; s. I>avld and
Isabella (Gibson) Eccles; ed. public and private schs.,
Great Britain and U. S. ; Long Island Med. Coll.,
M.D., 1SS1; Scio (O.) Coll., Phar.D.; Brooklyn Coll.
of Pharmacy, Ph.G. ; m. Kansas City, Mo., Sept.,
1S76, Mary Hance. Ex-Dean Brooklyn Coll. of Phar-
macy, ex-Gov't chemist, etc. Served 10 years on
Com. of Revision U. S. Pharmacopoeia (chm'n of sec-
tion on active principles of drugs); former pres. N.
Y. State Pharm. Ass'n; ores. Chem. Section Brooklyn
Inst., and chm'n Section of Ed'n, Am. Pharm. Ass'n.
Discoverer of a number of new active principles of
plants. Visited Pacific Coast from Alaska to Mexico,
and every point of interest to tourists from North
Cape to the Mediterranean; went, 1906, on tour of
Europe, Asia and Africa, -which occupied over one
year; formerly mem. Exec. Com. Rep. Party of
Kings Co. Evolutionist. Fellow A.A.A.S., Am. Med.
Ass'n, Am. Anat. Ass'n, Am. Pharm. Ass'n, Nat. Geog.
Soc, and other socs. Recreations: Travel, botaniz-
ing. Address: 681 Tenth St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Life ins. official, banker; b. Phoenicia, N. Y., Aug.
30, 1867; s. John C. and Catherine (Banker) Ecker;
ed. public schs. of Brooklyn; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., June
25, 1890, Henrietta W. Harris; children: Ethel Harris,
Frederic Worrall. Treas. and dir. Metropolitan Life
Ins. Co.; v.-p. Union Dime Savings Bank; dir. Metro-
politan Bank, Hamilton Trust Co., City of New York
Fire Ins. Co.. N. Y. Plate Glass Ins. Co., Wheeling
& Lake Erie R. R. Co. Mason. Clubs: Union League,
Crescent Athletic (Brooklyn), Manhattan, Economic
(N. Y.), Garden City Golf, Oakland Golf, Nat. Golf
Links of America. Residence: 196 New York Av.,
Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 1 Madison Av., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. New Britain, Conn., Nov. 29, 1872: s.
James H. and Maria N. (Brown) Eddy; ed. Yale Coll.,
A.B., Yale Law Sch., N. Y. Law Sch., B.L.; m. Alex-
andria, Va., June 7, 1902, Ellen Coolidge Burke. Mem.
law firm of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett. Mem. Am.
Bar Ass'n, N. Y. Bar Ass'n. Clubs: Yale, Railroad,
Plainfield Country. Address: 62 Cedar St., N. Y.


Surgeon; b. N. Y. City; grad. St. John's Coll., A.B.,
1871; A.M., 1S86; LL.D., 1903; Coll. Phys. and Surg.,
M.D., 1875; m. N. Y. City, Sept. 19, 1882, Barbara
Leyendecker: children: Alphonse J., A. Charlotte,
Frank E. House physician and surgeon, 1875-1879;
gynecologist, 1887-1903; consulting surgeon St.
Francis Hosp., N. Y. CSty. Prof, diseases of women,
N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp., and consulting-
gynecologist, 1887-1903; consulting surgeon St.
Hosp. Fellow N. Y. Acad. Medicine, Am. Gynecol.
Soc; hon. fellow Societe de Chirurgie de Bucarest;
mem. Med. Soc. State of N. Y., and others. Author
of many med. books. Address: 12 W. 50th St., N.
Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Palmira, Colombia, S. A.; s. James M.
and Lizzie (Benjamin) Eder; grad. Coll. Citv of N.
Y., A.B.; Harvard Coll. (Law Sch.), LL.B. Admitted
to bar, 1904; makes specialty of Spanish-Am. law;
formerly vice-consul of Colombia in N. Y. City. Pres.
and dir. Cauca Valley Agr'l Co.; dir. United Export
Co., Cali Electric Light & Power Co. Mem. Ass'n Bar
City of N. Y.. N. Y. Co. Lawyers' Ass'n, Am. Bar
Ass'n, Am. Acad, of frolit. Science, Pan-Am. Soc,
Pan-Am. Chamber of Commerce, Circulo Literario
Hispano; hon. v.-p. Pan-Am. States Ass'n; hon. mem.
Colombian Acad, of Jurisprudence. Asso. editor Bul-
letin of the Bureau of Comparative Law. Author:
The Mining Laws of Colombia, 1912; The Republic of
Colombia (S. A. series), 1913, and occasional arti-
cles. Republican. Clubs: Lawyers, Explorers, Ibero-
Americano, Phi Sigma Kappa, Houvenkopf Country,
Economic. Residence: 64 Groton St., Forest Hills
Gardens, L. I. Address: 60 Wall St., N. Y. City.


Actor; b. New Orleans, June 3, 1868; s. late George
R. (actor and stage mg'r) and George-Eliot (Porter)
Edeson. Made first appearance on stage, 1887, at
Park Theatre, Brooklyn, in "Fascination;" joined
Empire Theatre Co., 1S94, for three years; became

leading- man for Maude Adams in "Little Mini
during 1S97-1S9S; later as leading support of Mrs.
Lemoyne, Amelia Bingham and Henrietta Crossman,
becoming an independent star, March, 1902, as Clay
in "Soldiers of Fortune," and various other successes,
the greatest of which was "Strongheart," an Indian
play. Appeared in Boston, May, 1910, in own play,
"Where the Trail Divides;" at present in all-star cast
of "Fine Feathers." Address: Lambs Club, N. Y. City,
and Strongheart House, Sag Harbor, L. I., N. Y.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, June 14, 1859; s. James
Alexander and Mary (Coe) Edgar; studied 5 years at
St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H.; grad. Lafayette Coll.,
Ph.B., 1882, A.M., 1884; Med. Dep't Univ. City of N.
Y., M.D., 1885; post-grad, degree from Univ. Frauen
Klinik, Munich. Batavia; m. N. Y. City, May, 1889.
Ellen Muriel Beatrice Soutter. Prof, obstetrics and
olin. midwifery, Cornell Med. Coll.; surgeon to Man-
hattan Maternity Hosp. and to Emergency Hosp. of
Bellevue Hosp. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Acad, of
Medicine, Am. Gynecol. Soc, N. Y. Acad, of Med.,
N. Y. Co. Med. Soc, N. Y. Clinical Obstet. Soc. Edi-
tor: Winckel's Obstetrics. Author: The Practise of
Obstetrics; contb'r to med. journals and proceedings
on obst. practise. Recreation: Automobiling. Clubs:
Century, University, Tuxedo, Rockaway Hunt. Ad-
dress: 28 W. 56th St., N Y. City.


Economist; b. Nineveh, Broome Co., N. Y., Dec. 25,
1861; s. Franklin and Julia (Taggart) Edgerton; ed.
public schools, Nineveh, Afton and Walton, N. Y.,
Hamilton Coll., A.B., 1882, Cornell Univ., Columlbia
Univ.; m. Walton, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1884, Annie Benedict
White; children: Franklin, b. July 24, 1885; Henry
White, lb. Oct. 20, 1888; William Franklin, 'b. Sept. 30,
1893. Connected with banks in the West, 1882-1890;
mf g at Binghamton, N. Y. (treas. Wilkinson Mf';g Co.),
1890-1897; studying and teaching economics, 1897-
1899; fellow at Cornell, 1897-1898; teaching at Smith
Coll.. 1898-1899; since 1900 in Gov't service at Wash-
ington; now sp'l examiner, Bur. of Corp'ns. Resi-
dence: Ithaca, N. Y. Address: Bureau of Corp'ns,
Washington, D. C.


Editorial writer; b. Plantsville, Ohio, Jan. 30, 1869;
s. Richard and Tamar (Vernon) Edgerton; ed. public
schs.; Bartlett (O.) Acad.; Lebanon (O.) Normal
Univ.; Marietta (O.) Coll., A.M.; m. Lincoln, Neb., Mar.
21, 1895, Blanche Edgerton; children: Clark, b. 1896;
Selby, b. 1899; Esther, b. 1902; Eldon, b. 1904; Justin,
b. 1908; Elizalbeth, b. 1910. Editor and correspondent
in Nelb., 1890-1S95; editorial writer Denver News and
Times, 1899-1903; editorial and sp'l writer, Am. Press
Ass'n, 1904, 1906, 1908-1912; mem. editorial staff Tom
Watson's Magazine, 1905; editorial writer, N. Y. Am.,
1907. Sec. People's Party State Central Com., Neb.,
1893-1895, chm'n, 1895-1896; sec. Nat. Com., 1896-1904;
mem. Nat. Exec. Com., 1904-1908. Gen. organizer In-
dependence League, N. Y. State, 1906; purchasing ag't,
Post Office Dep't, Washington, since 1913. Author:
Glimpses of the Real; Songs of the People; Voices of
the Morning; In the Gardens of God, and other books.
Democrat; Quaker. Pres. Nat. New Thought Alliance,
since 1909. Mason. Clulb: National Press (Washing-
ton). Residence: 1439 Park Road. Address: P. O.
Dep't, Washington, D. C.


Electrician, inventor; b. Milan. Ohio, Feb. 11, 1847;
s. Samuel and Nancy Edison; had few educational op-
portunities, but received some instruction from his
mother, which 'he supplemented by reading such books
as were accessible (Ph.D., Union Coll., 1878); m. Mina
M. Miller. Was newsiboy on Grand Trunk R'y at 12;
studied telegraphy and was operator at various places
In U. S. and Canada. Fitted up small shop for re-
pairing telegraph instruments and making new ma-
chinery; moved to Indianapolis, and afterward to Cin-
cinnati, where established reputation as successful in-
ventor, and in 1876 located workshop at Newark, N.
J.; since then has devoted entire attention to research
and invention. Later located shop at Menlo Park, N.
J., and finally at W. Orange, N. J. Decorated by French
Gov't as Chevalier, and later as officer and com-
mandant Legion of Honor. Has received patents for
more than 900 inventions, among which are included
machines for quadruplex and sextuplex telegraphic
transmission, the carbon telephone transmitter, the
microtasimeter (for detecting small ohanges in tem-
perature), the megaphone, the phonograph, the aero-
phone, the incandescent lamp and light system, the
kinetoscope, etc. Club: Essex Co. Country. Address:
"Glenmont," Llewellyn Park, Orange, N. J




Electrical eng'r; b. Kalamazoo, Mich., April 30, 1877;
s. John and Maria Clara (Goodwin) Edmands; grad.
Worcester Poly. Inst., B.S., in Elec. Eng'ring, 1899;
m. Brooklyn, Nov. 2S, 1906, Althea Florence Miller.
With Am. Telephone and Telegraph Co., Providence,
R. I., 1899-1900; instr. elec. eng'ring, Ohio State Univ.,
1900-1901; instr. in applied electricity, Pratt Inst.,
1901-1902; head of Dep't of Applied Electricity, Pratt
Inst., 1902-1910; dir. Sen. of Science and Technology,
Pratt Inst., since July 1, 1910. Asso. mem. Am. Inst.
Elec. Eng'rs; mem. Am. Soc. for Promotion of
Eng'ring Ed'n; v.-p. N. Y. Elec. Soc; mem. Nat. Soc.
for Promotion of Industrial Ed'n. Address; Pratt
Inst, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Banker; b. Lisle, N. T., Oct. 17, 1853; s. Philotus and
Eliza T. (Van Orsdale) Edmister; ed. common sch.
of Lisle, N. Y.: m. Bing.hamton, N. Y., Oct. 19, 1876,
Emma J. Sedgwick. Pres. Hamilton Trust Co. or
Brooklyn, Dutcher & Edmister Co.; dir. Metropolitan
Bank; trustee Union Dime Savings Bank. Republican;
Congregationalist. Mem. Chamber of Commerce.
Trustee Central Cong'l Ch., Brooklyn; dir. Y. M. C. A.
Clubs: Union League, Crescent Athletic, Brooklyn;
Down Town Ass'n, Transportation, Congregational.
Address: 191 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Pottsville, Pa.; s. Howard and Mary E.
(Owen) Edmonds; m. N. Y. City, Nov. 21, 1901, Lillian
Coles; children: Stuart Coles, to. 1902; Helen Ormonde,
to. 1906; Caston Coles, to. 1911. Engaged in practice of
patent law since 1886. Republican; Episcopalian;
vestryman St. Mark's Ch. Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs,
Pa. Soc, Dwight Alumni. Clubs: Calumet, Lawyers.
Residence: 59 E. 77th St. Address: 32 Liberty St., N.
Y. City.


Educator; b. Skipton-in-Craven, Yorkshire, Eng.,
June 26, 1869; grad. London Univ., B.A., 1888; Cam-
bridge, England, B.A., 1891; Clark Univ., Worcester,
Mass., Ph.D., 1896; m. Perth, Ontario, 1897, Minnie
Ramsden. Ass't prof., 1896-1903; asso. prof, phvsics,
1903-1905; since 1905, prof, mathematics, N. Y. Univ.
Author: Examples in Co-ordinate Geometry; Men-
suration and Spherical Geometry (with W. Briggs) ;
Deductions in Euclid; and other mathematical text-
books; wrote on the Disruptive Discharge in Air and
Liquid Dielectrics; Physical Review, Fab., 1898. Mem.
Am. Mathematical Soc, Am. Physical Soc Address:
2677 Creston Av., N. Y. City.


Clergyman; b. Green Bay City, Wis., 1858; s. Charles
Carroll and Margaret (Goeller) Edmunds; grad.
Trinity Coll., A.B., 1877; Gen. Theol. Sem., S.T.B., 1880;
D.D. (St. Stephen's Coll.), 1908. Ordered deacon by
Bishop Doane, 1880, and ordained priest 1882. Minister
in oharge at Gloversville, 1880; Fort Edward, 1881-
1884; Herkimer, 1885-1893; Hoosic Falls, 1893-1896;
Trinity Ch., Trenton, N. J., 1896-1899; rector Grace
Ch., Newark, N. J., 1899-1906. Now prof, literature and
interpretation of New Testament, Gen. Theol. Sem., N.
Y. Deputy to Gen. Conv. of Episcopal Ch., 3 times;
mem. Standing Com. of diocese several years. Ad-
dress: 4 Chelsea Sq., N. Y. City.


Insurance, banking; b. Wayne Co., N. Y., May 8,
1866; s. Lora and Marv (Chapman) Edwards; m.
Portsmouth, N H., Aug. 26, 1890, Edith Wendell. Agent
Equitable Life Assurance Soc, 1886; became gen. ag't,
and since 1898 has been gen. mg'r. Identified with
politics of Brooklyn and N. Y. since 1892, as Inde-
pendent Democrat; delegate to Nat. Dem. Conv., 1892;
to Nat. Gold Dem. Oonv., 1896; comm'r of elections,
Brooklyn, 1895-1898; dir. Manhattan Bridge R. R., City
of N. Y. Ins. Co.; trustee Eastern JJist Savings Bank,
ex-pres. Life Underwriters' Ass'n of N. Y., and Nat.
Ass'n of Life Underwriters; pres. Gen. Agency Ass'n
Equitable Life Assurance Soc Recreation: Automo-
biling and aeronautics. Clubs: Lawyers, Aero (v.-p.),
Brooklyn, L. I. Automobile (ex-pres.). Address: 2U4
Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Clergyman; lb. Lisle, N. Y., May 5, 1876; s. Mortimer
B. and Harriet Louise (Boyd) Edwards; ed. Phillips
Andover Acad., Williams Coll., A. B., 1900; Union Theol.
Sem., 1904; m. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 24, 1904, Frances
McCarroll, tnird d. Comm'r William McCarroll: one d.:
Beatrice Clyde, to. 1905. Sec Intercollegiate Dep't of
Internat. Y. M. C. A., 1900; ordained, 1904; ass't pastor
Tompkins A v. Cong'l Ch., 1904-1905; pres. Brooklyn S.
S. Union. 1906-1908: pastor South Cong'l Ch., Brooklyn,
since 1908. Republican. Mem. Manhattan Ass'n ot

Cong'l Ministers, Union Sem. Alumni Club, Zeta Psi
fraternity, Soc. for Prevention of Crime, Cong'l Home
Missionary Soc, N. Y. State Home Missionary Soc, jN.
Y. State S. S. Ass'n, Nat. Temperance Soc, iSrooKlyn
S. S. Union, Kings Co. S. S. Ass'n. Address: 438 7th
St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Pres. Germania Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y.; ed. in Ger-
many and England. After 8 years' business ed'n in
a N. Y., China and S. Am. importing nouse, entered
employ of the Germania Fire Ins. Co. as a clerk in
1874, and gradually advanced to position ot sptciai
agent in the Eastern field. Alter 17 years' experience
in the field was promoted second v.-p., April, 1892;
v.-p., 1897; and pres. July, 1913. Address: 62-64 Will-
iam St., N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Fair Haven, Conn., 1850; ed. abroad and
art ed'n at Paris; m. Quincy, 111., March, 1S96, Anne
Johns Cox. Received medals from exb'ns in Boston,
and Pan-Am., Charleston and Barcelona Exb'ns. Dir.
Art Dept. of Collier's, 1S9S-1903: now connected with
Am. Bank Note Co. Painter of mural decoration
Hendrick Hudson, West Point Mil. Acad.; and de-
signer of diploma for Jamestown Exp'n 1007. Author:
Thumbnail Sketches, 1886; P'tit Matiiiie Monotones,
1887; The Rivalries of Long and Short Codiac, 1888;
Break O' Day and Other Stories. 1889; also illustrator
for several works. Mem. Am. Water Color Soc. Nat.
Sculpture Soc, Ex-Tibris Soc. of London. Clubs:
Nat. Arts. N. Y. Water Colors, Authors. Address:
Flatiron Bld'g, N. Y. City.


Retired clergyman; b. Acton, Mass., Sept. 21, 1834;
s John and Maria Adelaide (Heald) Edwards; grad.
Beloit Coll., Belolt, Wis., 1858, A.B., D.D., 1893; Union
Theo. Sem., N. Y., 1862; m. Brooklyn, July 25, 1901,
Anna Van Veghten Starr. Pastor of churches in
West Lebanon, N. H., Tidioute, Pa., Minneapolis,
Minn., and Erie, Pa. Served in Christian Comm'n,
Va, 1864. Editorial or sp'l contb'r to N. Y. Evange-
list, N. Y. Observer, etc. Author: God and Music,
1903; Essays and Verses, 1912, Genealogy of Edwards
Family, etc. Prestoy'n. Mem. Theta fraternity; dir.
Am. and Foreign Christian Union. Clubs: Century,
Alumni. Address: 122 Willow St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Lawyer, solicitor of patents; b. in Kent England,
Nov. 14, 1873; s. Ogden E. and Helen M. Edwards;
ed. private sens., Ala. Poly. Inst, B.Sc, 1894; George
Washington Univ. Law Sch., B.L., 189S; M.L., 1899;
Master of Patent Law, 1900: m. Oct 7. 1903, Harriet
E. Patton; children: Ogden Ellery, 3d; Melinda Caper-
ton. Worked as a mechanic, July. 1894, to Feb., 1896;
entered Patent Office as ass't examiner and remained
there until 1902, when came to N. Y. City and began
to practise as a patent lawyer and solicitor of patents.
One of Organizers of Public Health Defense League,
now merged with Com. of 1"0. Republican; Uni-
tarian: pres. N. Y. Unitarian Sunday School Union.
Mem. Young Republican Club, Brooklyn; Atlanta Ath-
letic Club. Address: 233 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Ephratah, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1862; s.
Eleazer Wells and Amy A. (Murray) Edwards'; ed.
Acad. Johnstown, N. Y.; Fort Edward Inst. Fort
Edward, X. Y.. and Boys Acad. Albany, N. Y. ; m.
Johnstown, N. Y., Feb. 3, 1S86, Josephine Adele Riton;
children: Joseph Jean, b. Jan. 8, 1887; Eleazer Wells,
b. July 11, 18S9; Amv Murray, b. Aug. 27. 1891; Harold.
b. Sept. 28, 1893; Oliver, Jr., b. Dec. 29, 1S96; Helen
Louise, b. Dec. 8, 1S9S. Inventor Edwards window
fixtures, and extension platform trap doors for rail-
road cars, both steam and electric, in universal use
throughout the world; also maker of well-known
Omeco line of padlocks and steel office furniture, and
bank and battleship furniture. Pres. The O. M. Ed-
wards Co., Inc. Mason (32), Knight Templar and
Shriner. Clubs: Citizens, Masonic Temple, Technology,
Onondaga Golf and Country, Sedgwick Farm. Auto-
mobile (Syracuse), South Bay, Stony Island. Fulton
Chain Yacht X 1 Y. Railroad Central Railroad, Trans-
portation. Residences: 103 ' W. Beard Av., Syracuse,
N, Y. ; Camp Paownvc, Adirondacks; Eagle .Bay,
Fourth Lake of Fulton Chain, N. Y. Address: The
O. M. Edwards Co., Inc., cor. Plum and Solar Sts.,
Syracuse, N. Y.


Clergyman; b. Thomaston, Maine: s. Alexander and
Mary Ann (Morton) Edwards; grad. Trinity Coll.,
Hartford, B.A., 1874; M.A., 1877. Ordained by Bishop
Neely as deacon and priest at St. Luke's Cathedral,
Portland. Me., in 1877. Formerly minister Fort Fair-



field, Me..; rector Kingsclcar, N. !'., Holy Trinity Ch.
(now St. George's), Detroit, Mich.; St. James' Ch.,
Cleveland, O.; St. Philip's Ch., Neligh, .Neb.; St. Paul's
Ch., Modesto, and St. James' Ch., iSonora, Calif,; 1st
ass't Trinity Ch., San Francisco; rector Grace Ch.,
Kiverhead, N. Y.; St. John's Ch., Long Island City;
Holy Comforter, Brooklyn, N, Y.; rector Ch. of
Messiah, Central Isliu, N. ST.; also a chaplain in Cen-
tral Isllp State Hosp. for the Insane. Joined Catholic
Ch., l'.uo, ana Third Order Regular of 'St. Francis
same year. Now mstr. of Hebrew, Ecclesiastical
Sem., and instr. Greek and German, St. Francis Coll.,
Loretto, Pa. Editor Anglo-Catholic for live years;
first State editor Detroit Evening Journal, Michigan
correspondent Chicago Tribune; editor Colorado
Farmer, Denver; asso. editor Pacific Rural Press, and
editor California Patron, San Francisco. Became lec-
turer for Colorado State Grange when it had lost its
national representation; restored it in less than a
,%ear. Mem. Delta Upsilon fraternity, N. Y. Alumni
of Trinity Coll. Address: Central Islip, L. I., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. Glenville, N. Y., April 24, 1839; s. Samuel
B. and Ruth B. (Rogers) Edwards; grad. Union Coll.,
A.B.. 1862; m. 1st, Oct. 2, 186*7, Harriet A. Mellen (died
July IS, 1S01); 2d, Feb. 1, 1898, Emma Willaid Peck.
Appt'd justice Supreme Court, State of N. Y., Jan.,
188i; in Nov., same year, was elected for full term of
14 years; asso. justice appellate division Supreme
Court, 1900-1901; not now in active practise. Address;
7 Willard PL, Hudson, N. T.


Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y.. Dec. 17, 1S55; s. Will-
iam \V. and Enrrna J. (Nation) Edwards; ed. public
sch. of Jersey City; Hasbrouck Inst, (prep.), Jersey
City; Univ. City of N. Y. (class of 1S75), A.B., A.M.;
Columbia Univ. Law Sch., class of 1S7S; m. Brooklyn,
N. Y\, Nov. 29, 1881, Lizzie Roberts. In practice ot
law Jersey City, since 1894; represented Central R. R.
of N. J.; Delaware, Lackawanna i: Western R. R.;
Rantan River R. R. Public Service Corp'n of N. J.,
in litigation making specialty of jury and tax cases.
Mem. firm Edwards & Smith lawyers; dir. and coun-
sel First Nat. Bank, Jersey City; Raritan River R. R.
Co. Corp'n att'y City of Bayonne, 1SS2-188S; State
senator, Hudson County, 1887-1889; corp n counsel,
Jersey City, 18S9-1S94. Democrat; mem. Reformed
Ch. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc. Clubs: Carteret,
Down Town (Jersey City), Railroad, Reform ON. Y.).
Residence' 2i>27 Boulevard, Jersey City. Address:
1 Exchange PI., Jersey City, N. J.


Comm'r Street Cleaning; b. i eb. 23, 1877; s. Hamil-
ton and Martha (Hanford) Edwards; grad. Princeton
Univ., B.S., class 190U; unmarried. Engaged in in-
surance until March 14, 1907; deputy street cleaning
comm'r 1907-1909, appt'd by Mayor McClellan; comm'r
1909-1913. Served 5 years in the 7th Reg'; N.Y.N.G.;
capt. Princeton Championship Foot Ball Team, 1S99.
Clubs: Princeton, Crescent (Brooklyn), Press, Mer-
chants Ass'n, Andiron. Residence; Marie Antoinette
Hotel. Address: 21 Park Row, N. Y. City.


Ambassador; b. Philadelphia, May 24, 1852; s.
Maurice and Margaret (MacMullen) Egan; ed. St.
Philip's Latin Sch.. Phila.; L a Salle Coll., Phila.;
Georgetown Univ. (LL.D.); A.B., A.M., La Salle Univ.;
Q. U. D., Ottawa Univ.; Ph.D., Villanova Univ.; m.
Philadelphia, Sept. 20, 18S0, Katharine Mullin; chil-
dren: Patricia (Mrs. Jerome Elmer Murphy), b. July
23, 1SS1; Gerald, b. March 17. 1S85; Carmel (Mrs.
Gabriel Ambrose O'Reilly), b. June 23, 1S86. Refused
legation (suggested by President Cleveland); Minister
to Copenhagen, since May 1, 1907; refused legation at
Vienna (suggested by Pres. Taft), 1912. Catholic.
Mem. Shakespeare Soc, N. Y. ; Am. Inst. Arts and
Letters; decorated by Henry Leopold of Belgium; re-
ceived Laetare Medal, 1911; mem. Indian Comm'n,
1906-1907. Author: The 'Wiles of Sexton Maginnie,
Everybody's St. Francis. Essays on Literature. Trans-
lator: Sonnets of Jose de Heredia, and songs and
sonnets. Recreations: Walking, riding. Address:
Am. Legation. 12 Amoliegode, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Manufacturer; b. Mariners Harbor, N. Y., July 30,
1851; s. Wesley and Margaret (Miller) Egbert; grad.
Mt. Washington Collegiate Inst., N. Y. City; m. Mari-
ners Harbor. N. Y.. July 3, 1872, Abbie D. Wood; chil-
dren: George Wesley, b. 1878; Percy J., b. 1881. First
engaged in wholesale dry goods business, later fire-
works mf'r. Treas. Saver Machine Co.. Northfield
Bld'g Loan & Savings Ass'n; pres. Mariners Harbor

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