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Shalom, Philadelphia, 1894-1899; dir. Jewish Chautau-
qua Soc, 1897-1899; hon. v.-p. Auxiliary Branch United
Hebrew Charities of Philadelphia; mg'r United Hebrew
Charities of N. Y., 1899-1908; resigned May 1, 1908, to
take up work with Russell Sage Foundation. Ass't sec.
1901, mem. Exec Com. 1902, v.-p. 1903, chm'n Com. on
Needy Families, 1905, N. Y. State Conf. Charities and
Correction; sec. Ellis Island Comm'n, appt'd by Pres.
Roosevelt, 1903; exec. sec. Federation of Contributors
to Jewish Communal Inst'ns" of N. Y"., 1907. Mg'r In-
dustrial Dep't (since 1909), ass't sec. (since 1910) and
6th v.-p. (since 1912) of Met. Life Ins. Co. Editor Jew-
ish Charity, 1905-1907; asso. editor Charities and the
Commons, 1907-1909. Pres., 1904, Monday Club of N.Y.;
lecturer N. Y. Sch. of Philanthropy, and mem. Faculty
Council, 1905; chm'n Com. on Dependent Children, Nat.
Conf. Jewish Charities; in charge Summer Sch. of
Philanthropy, Jewish Chautauqua Soc, 1902-1903;
chm'n Com. on Standard of Living, N. Y. State Conf. of
Charities, 1907; pres. Nat. Conf. of Jewish Charities,
1910-1912. Has delivered many addresses on charitable
and insurance subjects. Author (chemistry): The Oxi-
dation of Metallic Arsenides by the Electric Current;
Electrolysis of the Metallic Sulphocyanides; Gelatinous
Silvercyanide; Food Adulteration and the Pure Food
Law; The Jew and the Bible in Alchemy; also contb'r
of various articles on Jewish Charity in Ency. Ameri-
cana and Jewish Ency., and author of Common Sense
Charity; The Equipment of the Worker; The Uses and
Limitations of Material Relief; Unusual Forms of Re-
lief; Tuberculosis as Affecting Jewish Charities; Fifty
Years in Jewish Charity; Co-operation and Health In-
surance; Workingmen's Insurance in Europe (with M.
M. Dawson); Industrial Insurance and Child Welfare;
Popularizing Health Conservation; also various arti-
cles, pamphlets, etc., on insurance; editorials and arti-
cles in Jewish Charity. Mem. Judeans, Pharisees. Ad-
dress: 2643 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Actuary, philos. writer; b. Manchester, England, April

18. 1854; s. Sir Edward (K.C.B., F.R.S.) and Sophie
Jeannette Christiana (Fick) Frankland; ed. University
Coll. Sch., London, 1866-1869; University Coll., London,
1869-1872; Royal Coll. of Chemistry (Gov't Sch. of
Mines), London, 1873-1874; head boy and winner chief
prize (Cook Memorial Prize) at University Coll. Sch.



(mathematical exhibitioner), 2d in honor list, Univ. of
London, 1870; m. Wellington, New Zealand, April 30,
1879, Miriam Symons; children: Octavia Miriam, b.
1880; Frederick William Herston, b. 1882; Charles Ed-
ward Harold, b. 1897. Appt'd Gov't actuary and statist
of New Zealand, 1SS6; Gov't ins. comm'r of New Zea-
land, 1889; asso, actuary of N. Y. City Life Ins. Co. in
1893 to inaugurate that company's dep't for ins. of
under average lives, and in 1909 agent for negotiating
sale of New Zealand forest properties to Am., British
and European capitalists; appt'd delegate to Internat.
Congress of Hygiene and Demography at London, 1891.
Travelled in U. S., Canada, Great Britain, Ireland,
France, Germany, all Scandinavian countries (includ-
ing Iceland), Italy, Greece, Turkey, Asia Minor, Egypt,
India, China, Japan, P. I., Hawaii, Polynesian Islands,
Brazil, Canary Islands, Australia and New Zealand.
Agent for Tongariro Timber Co. Elected mem. Bor-
ough Council, New Zealand, 1905, and stood for Par-
liament, 1905, 1908. Progressive Republican (with So-
cialist leanings); mem. Ch. of England; mem. Am.
Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Royal Statis. Soc. of
London. Actuarial Soc. of America. Inst, of Actuaries of
Great Britain and Ireland, Am. Math. Soc, Nat. Geog.
Soc. of Washington, Math. Soc. of Palermo (Italy),
Royal Colonial Inst, of London, Imperial Inst, of Lon-
don. Recreations: Travel, philos. writing. Author:
Thoughts on Ultimate Problems (5th edition, David
Nutt, London), 1912; The Synoptic Problem, 1913, and
The Johannine Problem, 1909. Clubs: West Side Re-
publican, Circumnavigators (N. Y.), Royal Societies
(London), Wellington (New Zealand). Residence:
"Okataina," Foxton, Manawatu, New Zealand. Address:
Care Rufus W. Weeks, N. Y. Life Ins. Co., 346 Broad-
way, N. Y City.

Writer, lecturer; b. Windsor, Conn., 1847; d. Eliphalet
and Augusta (Niles) Ladd; A.B., Vassar Coll., 1869;
Johns Hopkins Univ., GOttingen, and Berlin; LL.D.,
1887, from Vassar; m. Windsor, Conn., Sept. 24, 1882,
Fabian Franklin; one d. : Margaret Ladd, b. 1884. Fel-
low in mathematics, Johns Hopkins Univ., 1879-1882;
asso. editor Baldwin Dictionary of Philosophy and
Psychology. Lecturer on logic and psychology, Johns
Hopkins Univ., 1904-1909. Lecturer Columbia Univ.
Mem. Am. Psychol. Ass'n, Am. Philos. Ass'n; fellow
A.A.A.S. Clubs: Colonial Dames, Women's Univ. Ad-
dress: 527 W. 110th St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Ashland, Baltimore Co., Md.; s. Walter S.
and Mary C. (Small) Franklin; grad. A.B., Harvard
Coll., 1902 (.Magna cum lau&e). Harvard Law Sen.,
1905, LL.B.; m. North Bennington, Vt., Sept. 2, 1911,
Elizabeth Jennings; one son: George S., Jr., b. March
23, 1913 Mem. law firm of Spooner & Cotton. Repub-
lican. Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y. Recreations: Golf,
tennis. Clubs: Harvard (N. Y.), Harvard (Boston).
Residence, 33 E? 3Sth St.- Address: 14 Wall S'.., N. Y.

Banker; b. N. Y. City, May 25, 1838; s. Morris and
Ann Eliza (Murray) Franklin; ed. private sch. of N. Y.
City m. Martha L. Mann; 6 children. Pres. and trustee
Queens County Savings Bank, Flushing, N. Y.; mem.
Advisory Bd. Flushing Branch of Corn Exchange Bank,
Charter mem. Co. A, 22d Regt N.G.N.Y.; in Civil War as
private corporal, serg't and lieui. V.-p. Flushing Hist.
Soc; charter mem. Queens County Chamber of Com-
merce. Address: 38 Sanford Av., Flushing, D. I., N. Y.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Jan. 10, 1865; s. James Ruford
and Mary C. (Kellers) Franklin; ed. Charlier Inst., N.Y.
City: Columbia Univ., A.B. 1886, A.M. 1887, LL.B. 1888;
m N Y City, April 13, 1893, Lilian Trowbridge Davis.
Active in political affairs in N. J^ and in philanthropic
undertakings in N. Y. and N. J. City Councilman, Sum-
mit, N. J., 1899-1908. Republican. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n,
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., N. J.
Hist. Soc, Nat. Municipal League, N. J. Child Labor
Com., Columbia Univ. Alumni Ass'n, N. J. Alumni Ass'n
of Columbia Univ. (pres. 1907-1908), N. Y. Ass'n of Zeta
Psi fraternity (pres. 1911). Mason. Trustee George
Junior Republic Ass'n of N. J. (pres. since 1910); trus-
tee National Ass'n of Junior Republics; trustee Zeta
Psi fraternity (chm'n 1912-1913). Clubs: Calumet, Ama-
teur Comedy (N. Y. City), Bay Head Yacht, Republican
of Summit, N. J. (pres. since 1911), Highland (Summit,
N. J.). Residence: Summit, N. J., and N. Y. City. Ad-
dress: 34 Nassau St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. Lancaster Co., Pa., July 29. 1852; s.
Jacob M. and Anna (Frick) Frantz; ed. Millersville
(Pa.) State Normal Sch.; grad. Hahnemann Med. Coll.,
Philadelphia, M.D., 1876; m. West Chester, Pa., Oct. 3,

1878, Gertrude L. Osborne; children: Viola, b. 1879;
Ethel O., Leroy, b. 1884; Jacob Harold, b. 1890; Horace
Ganthrop, b. 1891. Practised Wilmington, Del., 1873-
1883; mf'r of porcelain artificial teeth since 1879; pres.
Dentists' Supply Co. of N. Y., Standard Dental Mf'g
Co., E. de Trey & Sons Co. of Philadelphia, Ltd.; dir.
People's Bank and Nat. City Bank, New Rochelle. Re-
publican. Presby'n-. Trustee New Rochelle Presby'n
Ch., New Rochelle Branch Y.M.C.A. Mason. Clubs:
Republican (N. Y. City), Republican (New Rochelle),
New Rochelle Yacht, Wykagyl Country. Residence: 25
Maple Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. Address: 220 W. 42d
St., N.Y. City.


Portrait painter; b. Sweden; ed. schs. of Paris. Has
painted many prominent people. Mem. Nat. Acad, of
Design. Club: Lotos. Address: 222 W. 59th St., N. Y.


Patent Lawyer; b. Rochester, N. Y., 1859; s. Jef-
ferson and Amorette (Harrington) Fraser; ed. public
schs., N. Y.; m. Westfield, N. Y., 1892, Rose B Mc-
Lane. Was first a patent att'y or solicitor, then be-
came technical expert, giving testimony in patent
suits; afterward took to practise of law, confining
practise to law of patents and trade marks. Mem
Bar of N. Y. State, U. S. Dist. Courts, also U. S. Su-
preme Court; mem. firm Fraser, Turk and Myers,
att'ys-at-law. Mem. Inst, of Patent Ag'ts, London,
Patent Law Ass'n, Washington. Clubs: Lawyers (N.
Y. City). Address: 170 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. N. Y. City, Feb. 25, 1872; s. George S
and Anna M. (Corning) Fraser; grad. Princeton Univ.
B.S., 1893; Columbian (now George Washington) Univ.,
LL.B., 1895; m. St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 5, 1895, Jane G.
Tutt; children: George C, Jr., Myra T, Ann C, Jane,
Sarah. Mem. Ass'n Bar City N. Y., Am. Bar Ass'n,
N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, N. Y. Law Inst., N. Y. County
Lawyers' Ass'n, Am. Soc. of Internat. Law, A.A.A.S.,
Am. Geog. Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc, Washington Ass'n
of N. J., Acad, of Polit. Science, St. Andrew's Soc.
Clubs: University (N. Y.), Metropolitan (Wash., D. C),
Princeton, University Cottage (Princeton, N. J.), City
Midday, Morris County Golf, St. Louis (St. Louis)
Residence: South St. Morristown. N. J. Address: 20
Exchange PI., N. Y. City.


Manufacturing chemist; b. Providence, R. I.; s. Ed-
ward Simon and Mary (Waller) Fraser; grad. High
Sch., Davenport, Iowa. 1867; Ph.G., Philadelphia Coll.
of Pharmacy, 1872, Ph.M., 1908; M.D., St. Louis Coll.
Phys. and Surg., 1909; m. Oct. 31, 1S76, Nellie Davis,
of Davenport, la. Engaged in business as mf g chemist.
Pres. Fraser Tablet Co. Address: 583 Fifth Av., N. Y


Sculptor; studied sculpure in Chicago and Paris.
Awarded first prize of Am. Art Ass'n, Paris, com-
petitive medal for design, and many medals for nudes
in Paris drawing sch. Ass't to Augustus S. St
Gaudens; designed St. Gaudens's medal of Pan-Am-
Exp'n; also new five-cent piece, issued by Treasury
Dep't, Washington, D. C; made portrait bust of
George Pratt's children; Payne Whitney's children;
son of Walter Gordon; bas relief portrait of Morris
K. Jesup in Museum of Natural History, marble
fountain on Harriman estate at Arden, Bishop Pot-
ter statue in Ch. of St. John the Divine, bust of
Theodore Roosevelt in the Capitol. Address: 3 Mac-
dougal Alley, N. Y. City.


Artist; b. Montreal, Can., April 19, 1868; s. W. Lewis
and Sarah H. (Adams) Fraser; studied art under
Wyatt Eaton at the Art Students' League, Carrol
Beckwith, Gotham Art Students' and Walter Shir-
law, and at the Ecole Julien in Paris, under Boulan-
gier and Lefebvre; m. South Orange, N. J. June 10
1897, Katherine E. Church; one child: Phyllis, b. 1900.
Specializes as illustrator; notable examples of work
are found in the Century, St. Nicholas, and Cosmo-
politan magazines; has also illustrated Richard Car-
vel, Caleb West, Bret Harte's stories, etc. Club:
Salmagundi. Address: Brookhaven, L. I., N. Y.


Builder, State Senator; b. N. Y. City, Oct. 14, 1866, of
Irish parents; ed. in public and parochial schs; learned
plasterers' trade. Engaged as builder and contractor,
and erected some of finest houses on upper East Side;
later of firm of Frawley & Rooney, which con-
structed several large public works in N. Y. City.
Mem. Williams Eng'ring & Contracting Co., which
have constructed Blackwell's Island Bridge and the



Manhattan Bridge. Democrat; elected Democratic
leader of 32d Assembly Dist., 1901, and re-elected 1902.
Elected State Senator from the 20th Senate Dist.,
1902, re-elected 1904-1906-190S-1910 and 1912. Mem.
Senate committees on Insurance, on Forest, Fish and
Game Laws, on Public Ed'n, and on Public Health.
V.-p. and mem. B'd of Gov's. Am. Athletic Union sev-
eral terms, one of organizers of Outdoor Recreation
League, which was instrumental in getting gym-
nasiums erected in various schools; was capt. Knick-
erbocker Athletic team, and former pres. Greater N.
Y. Irish Athletic Club. Mem. Columbia Order, Knights
of Columbus. Clubs; Nat. Dem., Catholic, Miami,
Pastime, Union Settlement Athletic. Address: 'U3
Park Row, N. T. City.


Lawyer; b. Huron Co., Ohio, Sept. 15, 1S51; s. Am-
brose and Adaline (Lee) Frayer; ed. in country schs..
Oberlin Coll. (Prep. Dep't), Cornell Univ., A.B. (Phi
Beta Kappa), 1870. A.M., 1ST7; Columbia Law Sch.,
LL.B., 1879; m. Cornwall-on-Hudson, Oct. 19, 1880,
Fanny "Wilson. In gen. practise 10 years as partner
John De Witt Warner, 9 years as partner of Alfred
P. W. Seaman, and 5 years with Arm of Frayer,
Stotesbury & Gregg. Republican (Independent). Mem.
Bar Ass'n City of N. T. and N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, Ohio
Soc, Phi Beta Kappa Alumni, Delta Upsilon. Recrea-
tion: Golf. Clubs: West Side Republican, Cornell
University, Englewood Golf. Residence: 323 W. 104th
St. Address: 141 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Am. consul; b. Philadelphia, Dec. 8, 187S; s. Robert
and Elizabeth (McKibbin) Frazer; ed. sch. in Dresden,
Germany, P. E. Acad., Philadelphia, and Mass. Inst.
Technology, Boston: unmarried. Employed by Am.
Bank, Porto Rico, 1899-1901; engaged in sugar cane
planting, Porto Rico, 1901-1908; appt'd consul at
Valencia, Spain, July 16, 1909, and consul at Malaga,
Spain, since Aug. 22, 1912. Served as town council-
man of Salinas, Porto Rico, and on one occasion, ass't
supervisor of elections. Mem. Delta Psi fraternity.
Club: St. Anthony (N. Y.). Address: Care Con-
sular Bureau, Dep't of State, Washington, D. C.


Artist; b. Paris, France, June 14, 1867: s. Benjamin
West and Alice (Clarke) Frazier; ed. Lehigh Univ.,
Bethlehem, Pa., Julian Acad., Paris, France; grad. Le-
high Univ., 1887; m. Garrison, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1894,
Julia Fish Rogers; children: Veronica, b. 1S95; Susan
Alice b. 1899; Harriette, b. 1902. Studied art in Paris
from 1887 to 1S93; has painted portraits in New York,
Paris and London, since 1893. Mem. Nat. Acad. De-
sign. Club: Century Ass'n. Residence: Garrison-
on-Hudson, N. Y. Address: 80 W. 40th St., N. Y. City.


Decorator; b. Holmesville, N. J.; s. Hiram and
Abbie A. (Brown) Frear; direct descendant Peter
Stuyvesant and Henry Frleza, officer on staff of Gen.
Lafayette, and Mehitable Atwood, one of Mayflower
Pilgrims; ed. private tutors, and Cooper Inst. Repub-
lican. Mem. S. A. R., Soc. of Genesee, Veterans of
X. G., N. Y. Address: 665 Fifth Av., N. Y. City.


Capitalist; b. N. Y. City, Sept. 1, 1860; s. of Joseph
and Elizabeth (Davies) Freedman; ed. grammar sch.
59, and City Coll., N. Y.; unmarried. V.-p. and dir.
Wright Co.; dir. N. Y. Transportation Co.; Fifth Ave-
nue Coach Co.; Dobbs Ferry Traction Co.; Interbor-
ough-Met. Co.; Interborough Rapid Transit Co.; N. J.
Terminal Dock & Improvement Co.; N. Y. & Queens
County R'v; Rapid Transit Subway Construction Co.,
Subwav Realty Co.: Trustee N. Y. & L. I. R. R. Co.
Mem. Soc. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Met.
Mus. of Art; Am. Mus. of Nat. Hist. Clubs: Lawyers,
Democratic, Railroad. Opera. Lotos. Turf and Field.
Columbia Yacht, Deal Golf and Country, Coney Island
Jockey, Automobile of America. Aero of America, Bal-
tusrol Golf. Residence: 524 Fifth Av. Address: 11
Pine St., N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Warren, Pa., April 4, 1878; s. Lewis Ross
and Florence (Dale) Freeman; grad. Haverford Coll.,
A.B., N. Y. Law Sch., LL.B.; m. N. Y. City, Dec. 18,
1900, Grace Gertrude Dennison; children: Lewis Ross,
2nd; Marian Dennison. Mem. firm McLaughlin, Rus-
sell. Coe & Sprague; dir. Kent Light Co., and Hillis
Cereal Mf'g Co. Mem. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.
Clubs: Crescent Athletic, Lotos, Nat. Arts. Residence:
20 Montgomery PI., Brooklyn. Address: 165 Broad-
way, N. Y. City.


Hydraulic eng'r; b. W. Bridgeton, Me.. July 27, 1855;
s. Nathaniel D. and Mary E. (Morse) Freeman; grad.

Mass. Inst. Technology, B.S.; Sc.D., Brown Univ., 1904;
Tufts Univ.. 1905; m. Muskegon, Mich., 1887, Elizabeth
Farwell Clark. Principal ass't eng'r Water Power
Co., Lawrence, Mass., 1877-1880; principal ass't to
Hiram F. Mills, 1880-1886; engaged in individual prac-
tice as consulting eng'r since 1886. Chief eng'r and
sup't of inspection Ass'n of Factory Mutual Ins. Com-
panies, 1887-1896; eng'r mem. Mass. Met. Water B'd,
1895-1896; pres. and treas. Mf'rs Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
since 1896; consulting eng'r N. Y. City Water Supply,
since 1900, San Francisco Water Supply, since 1910,
Water Power Branch Dep't Interior Canadian Gov't,
since 1909. Served as mem. U. S. Gun Carriage Test
B'd, 1901; consulting eng'r on Owens River Aqueduct
for Dos Angeles, Calif., 1906; N. Y. State Water Supply
Comm'n, 1909-1912, to Isthmian Canal, 1907; Saint Law-
rence River Power Co., 1907; Mass. Met. Park Comm'n,
1903, also consulting eng'r to various mf'g cos. and
water power developments in Calif., Montana, Canada
and Mexico. Dir. Nat. Bank of Commerce, Providence,
R. I., Hosp. Trust Co., Providence, Piuvidence Gas Co.
Independent Republican; Unitarian. Twice awarded
Norman gold medal of Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs (v.-p.
1902); mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs (pres. 1904-1905),
N. E. Water Works Ass'n, Boston Soc. Civil Eng'rs
(pres. 1894). Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences,
Boston. Mem. Corp'n, Mass. Inst. Technology. Clubs:
Engineers' (N. Y), Art and University (Providence),
Technology (Boston). Address: B'd Water Supply,
Municipal Bld'g, N. Y. City.


Lawyer; b. Unity, Me., Feb. 14, 1876; s. Joseph
Hewitt and Aletta (Stone) Freeman; grad. Univ. of
Chicago, 1898, Ph.B. ; Georgetown Law Sch., LL.B.,
1901; post-grad, work at Harvard Daw Sch.; married.
Was 3 years accountant in U. S. Treasury Dep't, and
for a brief period in the banking business; sec. Am.
Sugar Refining Co. Republican; Congregationalfst.
Mem. Ass'n Bar City of N. Y., Mil. Order of the Loyal
Legion. Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Clubs: Har-
vard, Sleepv Hollow, Dunwoodie. Address: 117 Wall
St., N. Y. City.


Physician; b. N. Y. City, June 11, 1859; s. Alfred and
Amelia (Taylor) Freeman; ed. LawTenceville Sch..
1S75-1876; Columlbia Univ., A.B., 1879-1883; Coll. Phys.
and Surg., M.D., 1883-1886; Bellevue Hosp., 1886-1S87;
m N. Y. City, April, 1S87. Henrietta Taylor; children:
Elizabeth Gwinnett, b. 1892 (died 1903); Rowland God-
frey, Jr., b. 1S94. Studied in Europe from spring of
1887 to autumn of 1888. Attending physician to chil-
dren's ward, Roosevelt Hosp., N. Y. Foundling Hosp.,
N. Y. Nursery and Child's Hosp., and Seaside Hosp. of
St. John's Guild. Mem. Am. Pediatric Soc, Am. Public
Health Ass'n, Am. Med. Ass'n, Ass'n Am. Physicians,
N. Y. Acad. Medicine, Pathol. Soc. N. Y. County Med.
Soc. Clubs: Century, Barnard. Address: 211 W. 57th
St., N. Y. City.


Vice-pres. Columbia Gas and Electric Co.; b. Exeter,
Ont., Can., June 8, 1872; s. A. D. and Louisa A. (Win-
ans) Freeman; ed. public schools of Listowel, Ont.:
grad. No. 3 in high sch. class; m. Brooklyn, June 5,
1895, Ellen Augusta Burrows; children: Louise Phil-
lips, b. 1896; Chester Burrows, b. 1901; Weldon Winans,
Jr.. b. 1904. Began 'business career as stenographer
with Edison Electric Co. of Brooklyn, 1889; filled posi-
tions in turn of ass't sec, sec, sec. and treas., v.-p. and
gen. mg'r until 1912; 'became connected with banking
house of Sperling & Co., London, Eng., 1912, after
which became active in development of water powers
of Ala. by Sperling interests; appt'd 1913 v.-p.. with
headquarters in Cincinnati, of Columbia Gas & Elec-
tric Co., and subsidiaries, the Union Gas & Electric Co.,
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co., Cincinnati Gas & Trans-
portation Co.. S. Covington & Cincinnati St. R'y Co.,
Union Light, Heat & Power Co.. Cincinnati, Newport &
Covington Light & Traction Co., and many others.
Mem. N. Y. Elec. Soc, Illuminating Eng'ring Soc, Am.
Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, Ass'n of Edison Illuminating Cos.
(ex-pres. and mem. Exec. Com), Nat. Electric Light
Ass'n (ex-pres. and mem. Exec. Com.). Clubs: Lotos,
Engineers, Lawyers (N. Y.). Crescent Athletic (Brook-
lyn), Glenwood Country, Belle Terre (L. I.), Southern,
University, Country (Birmingham), Bouvier Country
(Montgomery). Address: Union Gas & Electric Co.,
Cincinnati, Ohio.


Retired banker: b. Boston. Mass.. July 20, 1863; s.
Francis O. and Ellen (Tuck) French; grad. Harvard
A.B.. 1885; m. Newport, R. I., Dec 2. 1885, Pauline Le
Roy. Was mem. N. Y. Stock Exchange for 3 years.
Was v.-p. Manhattan Trust Co. 15 years, and dir.
Northern Securities Co. Northern Pacific R'y. Mem. N.
Y. Chamber of Comme be, N. Y. Hist. Soc; dir. Lying-



In Hosp. of N. Y. Clubs: Metropolitan, Knickerbocker,
Union, Groiier, Harvard, N. Y. Yacht, Down Town, Turf
and Field, Tuxedo and Coney Island Jockey. Address:
Tuxedo Park, N. Y.


Sculptor; b. Exeter, N. H April 20, 1850; s. Henry
F. and Anne (Richardson) French; ed. Exeter and
Cambridge public schs., and Mass. Inst, of Technology,
class of 1872: A.M., Dartmouth; A.M., Yale, 1913; L.L.D.,
Columbia, 1913; m. Washington, D. C, 1888, Mary A.
French; one d.: Margaret, 'b. 1889. Practising art of
sculpture since 1869; since 1887 in N. Y. One of origi-
nal mems. Art Comm'n of City of N. Y., served 7 years;
mem. N. Y. City Improvement Comm'n. Has made
many statues, etc., including those of Rufus Choate in
Boston Court House, John Harvard, Cambridge, Mass.,
Dt. Gallaudet and His First Deaf Mute Pupil; also
Minute Man of Concord (at Concord, Mass.); four
groups: "Europe," "Asia," "Africa," and "America,"
for N. Y. Custom House; "Alma Mater," for Columbia
Univ.; bronze doors of Boston Public Library. Also (In
collaboration with Edward C. PotteT) equestrian stat-
ues of Generals Grant, Hooker, Devens and "Washing-
ton. Exhibited at Paris Salon (the Milmore Memo-
rial), medal; Statue of the Republic (colossal figure)
at World's Columbian Exp'n; Statue of Lincoln, Lin-
coln, Neb., etc. Trustee Met. Museum of Art, Am.
Acad, in Rome, Hon. Pres. Nat. Sculpture Soc, Archi-
tectural League of N. Y., Nat Acad. Design, Academla
di San Luca di Roma, Legion of Honor (France). Inst,
and Acad, of Arts and Letters, chm'n Federal Comm.
of Fine Arts. Clubs: Century, Nat. Arts, MacDowell.
Address: 125 W. 11th St., N. Y. City.


Merchant; b. Underhill, Vt., May 14, 1845; s. Levi and
Lois Morse (Holt) French; ed. common schools, Un-
derhill Acad, and Burlington (Vt.) Business Coll.; m.
Underhill, Vt., Nov. 2, 1869, Emma Lucretla Mead;
children: Mrs. Ethel French Stearns, b. 1876; Mrs. Inez
French Towl. b. 1880. In country store at Underhill,
Vt.. 1868-1885; with Lord & Taylor, N. Y. City, 1886-
1897; dir. Arnold Print Works, N. Adams, Mass., since
1897. Mem. Vt. Legislature, 1882-1883; postmaster,
Underhill, Vt., 1870-1885. Republican; Presiby'n; pres.
B'd Trustees West Park Presby'n Ch. Clubs: Repub-
lican. Merchants. Residence: 201 W. 79th St. Address:
320 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Manufacturer; b. Newport, R. I., Nov. 27, 1888; s.
Amos Tuck and Pauline W. (De Roy) French; grad.
Harvard Univ., A.B., class 1912. In office of Senator
John Kean, of N. J., after graduation; with Tidewater
Paving Brick Co., since 1912. Republican; Episcopa-
lian. Clubs: Knickerbocker, Harvard, Tuxedo. Resi-
dence: Tuxedo Park, N. Y. Address: Care Tidewater
Paving Brick Co., 26 Cortiandt St., N. Y. City.


Professor of Philosophy; b. Berkeley. Mass., Dec. 14,
1861; s. Cicero R. C. and Harriet (Crane) French;
grad. Brown Univ., A.B., 1885, A.M., 1888; studied in
Germany (Univ. of Berlin, and Strassburg, 1888-1890);
Cornell Univ., Ph.D., 1892; m. Hamilton, N. Y., July 1,
1896, Caroline Mott West; children: Rodney West, b.
1897; Katharine, b. 1898. Principal High Sch., West-
minster, Mass., 1885-1886;. Johnston, R. I., 1886-1888;
prof, philosophy, Colgate Univ., 1892-1894; Vassar Coll.,
1894-1901; Univ. of Neb., 1903-1910, and at Colgate
Univ. since 1910. Baptist. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa Soc,
Delta Upsilon fraternity, Am. Psychol. Ass'n, Am.
Philos. Ass'n; contb'r to various philosophical jour-
nals. Address: Hamilton, N. Y.


Educator; b. Cambridge, Vt, Sept. 29, 1843; s. Chris-

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