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&c.) ; and elsewhere. The deaths of the following persons are
recorded in the Gentleman'' s or London Magazine : Alexander
Arbuthnot, Commissioner for Customs in Scotland, 1764;
George Arlmtlmot, J. P., Middlesex, 1762; James Arbuthnot,
Collector of Customs, Antigua, 1732 ; Eev. John Arbuthnot,
of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1745; Joshua Arbuthnot ('a
near relation of the celebrated Dr. Arbuthnot'), 1773; and
William Arliuthnot, a Captain in the Navy, 1761.

In the l)allad of ' Sir Hugh le Blond,' printed in TJie Book of
Scottish Ballads, edited by Alexander Whitelaw, an account is
given of the knight to whom Arbattle — aftenvards called
Arbuthnot — was first granted. When the Queen's honour
was called in question, Sir Hugh le Blond came forward as
her champion, and vindicated her by killing her false accuser
in single combat. When the dying man had confessed,

The queen then said unto the king, ■

'Arbattle's near the sea.
Give it unto the north ei-n knight

That this clay fought for me.'
Then said the king, ' Come here, Sir Knight,

And drink a glass of wine ;
And if Arbattle's not enough

To it we'll Fordoun join.*



(When not stated, the place of publication was London.)

Collected Works.

The Miscellaneous Works of the late Dr. Arbuthnot. 2 vols.

Glasgow, 1 751. 120. (Published in September, 1750.)

2nd ed., with additions. 2 vols. Glasgow, 1751. 12°.

— — A new edition. 2 vols. London. 1770. 120 (witli a

short life of Arbuthnot).
[These volumes contain a number of pieces which are not

by Arbuthnot. All the pieces in the collection are

separately noticed below, and are distinguished by an



Single Works.

An Account of the Eev. John Flamsteed. By F. Baily. 1835.
4". [Contains correspondence with Arbuthnot.]

An Appendix to John Bull Still in His Senses : or, Law is a
Bottomless-Pit. Printed from a Manuscript found in
the Cabinet of the famous Sir Humphry Poleswoi-th :
and publish'd (as well as the three former Parts) by the
Author of the New Atalantis (May 8) 17 12. 8'\ (Anon.)

second ed. 171 2. 8°.

third ed. 171 2. 80.

fourth ed. 171 2. 8".

An Argument for Divine Pi'ovidence, taken from the constant
regularity observed in the Births of both Sexes (' Philo-



sophical Transactions ' of the Royal Society, 17 10, vol.
27, p. 186; and reprinted in the 'Abridgment,' V. ii.

* A brief Account of Mr. John Ginglicutt's Treatise concerning
the Altei-cation or Scolding of the Ancients. By the
Author. (Februaiy) 1731. S".

The Dunciad. (May 28) 1728. Dublin printed. London
reprinted. 8°.

second edition. With Notes, Variorum, &c. 1729.

4°. (Arbuthnot made contributions to the notes, intro-
ductions, &c., including 'Virgilius Restauratus. ')

An Epitaph on Francis Chartres. (See The. London Magazine,
April, 1732.)

An Essay concerning the Effects of Air on Human Bodies.

(July) 1733. 80.
(In French.) Paris, 1742. 120.

(February) 1751. 80.

(In Latin ; notes by F. de Felice.) Naples, 1753. 80.

1756. 80.

An Essay concerning the Nature of Aliments, and the choice
of them, according to the different Constitutions of
Human Bodies. (May) 173 1. 80.

second edition. 2 vols. 1731, 1732. 80. (May, 1732.)

* To which is added. Practical Rules of Diet in the
various Constitutions and Diseases of Human Bodies.'
(These ' Rules ' were sold separately, to i^erfect the
former edition.)

third ed. 2 vols. 1735-6. 80.

Dublin. 1 731. 80.

(In German.) Hamburgh, 1744. 40.

1751. 8°.

1756. 80.

An Essay of the Learned Martinus Scriblerus concerning the
Origin of Sciences. (See ' Miscellanies in Prose and
Verse,' 172 7-1 732, vol. III.)

*An Essay on the Usefulness of Mathematical Learning, in a
Letter from a Gentleman in the City to his Friend in



Oxford. Oxford, 1701. 8°. (Dated 25 Nov. 1700 ;

Imprimatur, Jan. 28, 1700-1701.) (Anon.)
*An Essay, &c., seconded. Oxford, 1721. 80.
third ed. London, 1745. S^.

*An Examination of Dr. Woodward's Account of the Deluge,
&c. With a Comparison between Steno's Philosophy
and the Doctor's, in the case of Marine Bodies dug out
of the Earth. By J. A., M.D. 1697. 80. (Said by
Thomas Hearne to have been suppressed by the author.)

A Philosophico-Critical History of the Deluge. . . . By

Dr. Ai-buthnot and Dr. Wotton. With other curious
pieces. (Curll.) (July) 1741. 80.

*rNQei SE'AYTON. Know Yourself. A Poem. 1734. ip.
(Anon.) (Reprinted in Dodsley's ' Collection of Poems
by several hands.' 1748, I. 196.)

The History of John Bull. (See 'Miscellanies in Prose and
Verse,' 1727, vol. II. In vol. V. of the edition of
Swift's Works published by Bathurst, &c., 1734, 'John
Bull ' is given, with some illustrations by J. S. Mtiller.)

Edinburgh, 171 2. 80. (Anon.) ('Law is a Bottomless-

Pit, exemplify'd, &c. In Three Parts. With the

Appendix, and a complete Key.')
Londres, 1753. 120. ('Le Proces sans Fin, ou I'Histoire

de John Bull. Par le Docteur Swift.')
Glasgow, 1766. 80. ('Law is a Bottomless-Pit, or the

History of John Bull.')

1S83. 8°. ('English Garner,' ed. Edward Ai-ber,

vol. 6.)

1889. 120. (Cassell's 'National Library,' ed. Henry

Morley, vol. 204.)
[The 'History of John Bull' first appeared in 17 12, in a
series of pamphlets, each of which is fully described
under its own title, viz. :

1. Law is a Bottomless-Pit.

2. John Bull in his Senses.

3. John Bull still in his Senses.

4. An Appendix to John Bull still in his Senses.

5. Lewis Baboon turned Honest, and John Bull



A History of Music. By Sir John Hawkins. 1853. 8".

[In vol. II. 872, is given a burlesque — taken from Harl.
MS. 7316, f. 149, where it is attributed to Arbuthnot —
of lines written by Pope for Signora Margarita Dura-
stanti to recite upon her formal retirement from the
English operatic stage in 1723. Pope's lines end,
' Happy soil, adieu, adieu ' ; Arbuthnot's, ' Bubbles all,
adieu, adieu.' These lines are also given in the 'Annual
Register' for 1775, and in the 'Additions to Pope's
Works,' 1776.]

John Bull in His Senses : Being the Second Part of Law is a
Bottomless-Pit. Printed from a Manuscript found in
the Cabinet of the famous Su- Humphry Polesworth,
(March 13-20) 17 12. 8°. (Anon.)

second ed. (March 21) 1712. S".

third ed. 17 12. 80.

fourth ed. 1712. 80.

Edinburgh. 1712. 8°.

John Bull Still in His Senses ; Being the Third Part of Law
is a Bottomless-Pit. Printed from a Manuscript found
in the Cabinet of the famous Sir Humphry Polesworth.
And publish 'd (as well as the two former Parts) by the
Author of the New Atalantis. (March 15-17) 1 712. 8^.

second ed. (April 17-24) 1712.

third ed. (April 24-May i) 1712. 8".

Law is a Bottomless-Pit. Exemplify'd in the case of the Lord
Strutt, John Bull, Nicholas Frog, and Lewis Baboon,
Wlio spent all they had in a Law-Suit. Printed from
a Manuscrij^t found in the Cabinet of the famous Sir
Humphiy Polesworth. (Feb. 28-March 6) 1712. 80.
(Anon. )

second ed. (March 13) 1712. 80.

third ed. (March 20-27) 1712. S".

fourth ed. 171 2. 8°.

fifth ed. 1 71 2. 80.

sixth ed. 17 12. 8°.

Edinburgh, 171 2. 80.

Letters to and from Henrietta, Countess of Suffolk. Edited by
Croker. 2 vols. 1824, 8<^. [Letters from Arbuthnot.]

N 2


Letters written by eminent persons in the Seventeenth and
Eighteenth Centuries. 3 vols. 181 3. 80.
[Letters from Arbuthnot to Dr. Charlett, L 176, 178.]

Lewis Baboon turned Honest, And John Bull Politician.
Being the Foui"th Part of Law is a Bottomless-Pit.
Printed from a Manuscript found in the Cabinet of the
famous Sir Humphry Polesworth : And Publish'd (as
well as the Three former Parts and Appendix) by the
Author of the New Atalantis. (July 31) 171 2. 80.

second ed. (Sept. 11-18) 17 12. 8".

Edinburgh, 17 12. 8°.

Literary Eelics. Edited by George Monck Berkeley. 1789. 8°.

[Letter from Berkeley to Arbuthnot, pp. 83-92.]

Lives of the Queens of England, By Agnes Strickland.
1852. 80.

[Vol. VIII contains Letters to Arbuthnot.]

The London Magazine. April 1732. 8°. [Contains Arbuthnot's
'Epitaph on Don Francisco,' i. e. Francis Chartres.]

Memoirs of the extraordinary Life, Works, and Discoveries of
Martinus Scriblerus. (See ' The Works of Mr. Alexander
Pope. In Prose. Vol. II.')

Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. (Preface signed by Swift
and Pope.) 3 vols. 1727. 8°.
[Vol. II. contains ' The History of John Bull ' and the
' Art of Political Lying.'

4 vols. 1727-32. 8°.

[Vol. III. contains * The Humlile Petition of the Colliers,'
&c,, 'An Essay concerning the Origin of Sciences,' and
' It cannot rain but it pours.']

Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. By the Eev. Dr. Swift,
Dr. Arbuthnot, Mr. Pope, &c. 3 vols. (Oct.) 1730. 120.

Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. The Third Volume. To
which are added several Poems, and other Curious
Ti-acts not in the English Edition. Second ed. London
printed, and reprinted in Dublin. 1733. 80. (Anon.)

Miscellanies. Containing [pieces as in ' A Supplement to Dr.
Swift's and Mr. Pope's Works,' Dublin, 1739, <l-v.]' By


Dr. Arbuthnot. Now first collected in one Volume. To
which is added, All the Pieces in Verse and Prose
published in Dr. Swift's and Mr. Pope's Miscellanies,
which are not printed in their separate Works. Dublin,

1746. 12°.

*0f the Laws of Chance. 1692. 120. (Anon.) (Printed in
the Miscellaneous WorliS as ' Huygens de Eatiociniis in
Ludo Aleae : Translated into English by Dr. Ai'buthnot.')

seconded. 17 14. 8". (Anon.)

fourth ed. Kevised by John Ham. 1738. 8". (Anon.)

Oratio Anniversaria Harvaeana, habita in Theatx'o Collegii
Eegalis Medicor. Lend. Die XVIII Octobris, a.d.

1727. 40.

Proposals for printing a veiy Curious Discourse, in Two Volumes
in Quarto, Intitled, ^ETAOAon'A hoaitikh' ; or, A
Treatise of the Art of Political Lying, with an Abstract
of the First Volume of the said Treatise. (Oct. 9-16)
1712. 80. (Anon.)

second ed. (Dec.) 17 12. 8°.

Edinburgh, 1746. 8'>.

Seasons humbly offer'd by the Company exercising the Trade
and Mysteiy of Upholders, against part of the Bill, For
the better Viewing, Searching, and Examining Drugs,
Medicines, &c. 1724. 40. (Anon.)

*A Sermon preach'd to the People at the Mercat- Cross of Edin-
burgh ; on the Subject of the Union. Eccles. Chap. 10.
Ver. 27. Printed in the Year 1706 (Edinburgh). 4°.

(Edinburgh? 1707?). 8". (Anon.)

Dublin (1706). 80. (Anon.)

London 1707. 4°. (Dec. 1706, according to 'History of

the Works of the Learned.') (Anon.)

1745 (?). (With a Preface— reprinted in the Miscellaneous

WorliS — which is attributed to Duncombe, * setting forth
the advantages which had accrued to Scotland by the
Union.' See Nichols' Literary Anecdotes, VIII. 269).

A Supplement to Dr. Swift's and Mr. Pope's Works .... Now
first collected into one Volume. Dublin, 1739. i2^\
[The following pieces are ascribed to Arbuthnot in the Table


of Contents : — * History of John Bull.' * A Wonderful
Prophecy.' 'Memoirs of P. P.' 'The Country Post.'
' Stradling v. Styles. ' ' Proposals for Printing the Art
of Political Lying.' ' Eolation of the Circumcision of E.
Curll.' ' God's Kevenge against Punning,' ' Petition of
the Colliers, &c.' 'The Upholders' Eeasons.' 'Annus
Mirabilis.' 'Essay concerning the origin of Sciences.'
' Virgilius Eestauratus.' 'It cannot rain but it pours.'
'True Narrative of what passed in London.' 'Art of
Sinking in Poetry.' 'Epitaph on Fr — s Ch — is. 'J

Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights and Measures, explain'd and
exemplify'd in several Dissei-tations (Name not given,
but prefixed are verses to the King by the author's son,
Charles Arbuthnot). 1727. 40.

second ed. ' To which is added. An Appendix, containing

Obsei-vations on Dr. Arbuthnot's Dissertations on Coins,
Weights and Measures. By Benjamin Langwith, D.D.'

1754. 4*^.
Caroli Arbuthnotii Tabulae (Notes by D. Konigius, M.D.)

Trajecti ad Ehenum. 1756. 40.
Do. Ludg. Bat. 1764. 4".

Tables of the Grecian, Eoman and Jewish Measures, Weights
and Coins ; reduc'd to the English Standard. ( 1 705.) 8°.

Theses Medicae de Secretione Animali, .... pro Gradu Doctor-
atus in Medicina Consequendo, Publico Examini subjicit
Joannes Arbuthnot Auct. et Eesp Ex Ofiicina

Georgii Mosman [St. Andrews]. 1696. 4°.

Three Hours after Marriage. A Comedy. By John Gay. 1 7 1 7.
8". [Gay was assisted by Pope and Arbuthnot.]

To the Eight Honourable The Mayor and Aldermen of the City
of London : The Humble Petition of the Colliers, Cooks,
Cook-Maids, Blacksmiths, Jack-makers, Brasiers, and
others, s. sh. fol. 1716. (Anon.)

Virgilius Eestauratus : seu Martini Scribleri Summi Critici
Castigationum in Aeneidem Specimen.
[See 'Dunciad,' second edition; and 'Works of Mr.
Alexander Pope, in Prose,' vol. II.]


The Works of Mr, Alexander Pope, In Prose. Vol. II. 1741.
40 and fol.
[Contains ' Memoirs of Scriblerus,' ' Vir-gilius Eestauratus,'
and ' Essay on the Origin of Sciences 'J.

The Works of Alexander Pope. Edited by the Kev. W. Ehvin
and W. J. Coui-thope. 10 vols. 1 871-1889. 8'^.
[Letters to and from Arbuthnot. ' Memoirs of Martinus
Scriblerus,' ' Essay concerning the Origin of Sciences,'
and 'Virgilius Eestauratus 'J.
The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D. Edited by Sir Waltei
Scott, Bart. 19 vols. 1824. 8".
[Letters to and from Arbuthnot, and prose tracts.]


Other Works that have been attributed to Arbuthnot.

*An Account of the Sickness and Death of Dr. W — d\v — d ] As
also of what appeared upon opening his body. In a letter
to a Friend in the Countiy. By Dr. Technicum (j)seud. ).
1 719. 40. (Dated April 4, 1719.)

* An Account of the State of Learning in the Empire of Lilliput ;

together with the History and Character of Bullum the
Emperor's Library-Keeper. 1728. S^.

"^The Congress of Bees : or, Political Kemarks on the Bees
swarming at St. James's. With a Prognostication on
that Occasion, from the Smyrna Coffee-house. (Anon.)
(Published July 18, 1728, without date.) 80.

* Critical Remarks on Capt. Gulliver's Travels. By Dr. Bantley.

Published from the Author's Original MSS. Cambridge,
1735' 80. (Dated Cambridge, Jan. 26, 1734-5; Dedi-
cation signed 'R. B.')
third ed. 1735. Cambridge, London, reprinted. 8°.

*The Devil to pay at St. James's ; or a full and true Account
of a most horrid and bloody Battle between Madam
Faustina and Madam Cuzzoni, &c. 1727. 4".

*An Epitaph on a Greyhound.

* The Freeholder's Political Catechism. 1733. S".

Written by Dr. Arbuthnot. First Printed in MDCCXXXIII,

and reprinted in MDCCLXIX. N. P. 80.


* Gulliver Decypher'd : or Remarks on a late Book, intitled,

Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. By
Capt. Lemuel Gulliver. Vindicating the Reverend Dean
on whom it is maliciously father'd. With some probable
Conjectures concerning the Real Author. Second ed.,
vi^ith a complete Key. [1728 ?]. 80.

* Harmony in an Uproar : A Letter to T — d — k H — d — 1, Esq.,

M — r of the — a H — e in the Hay-Market, from Hurlo-
thrumbo Johnson, Esq. ; Composer Extraordinary to all
the Theatres in G — t B — t — n, excepting that of the
Hay-Market. (Dated Feb. 12, 1733.)

'The History of John Bull. Part III. Containing among
other curious Particulars, A Faithful Narrative of the
most Secret and Important Transactions of the Worship-
ful and Antient Family of the Bulls, from Aug. i, 17 14
to June 11,1727. By Nathan Polesworth, Sir Humphry's
Nephew, and sole Executor. 1744. 120.

An Invitation to Peace ; or Toby's Preliminaries to Nestor
Ironside. 1 7 1 3. 80.

It cannot rain but it pours : Or, London strow'd with Rarities.
Being an Account of the arrival of a White Bear at the
House of Mr. Ratcliff in Bishopsgate Street ] As also of
the Faustina, the celebrated Italian Singmg Woman ;
and of the Copper Farthing Dean from Ireland. And
lastly, of the wonderful Wild Man that was nursed in
the Woods of Germany by a Wild Beast; &c. 1726.

*Kiss my A is no Treason : Or, an Historical and Critical

Dissertation upon the Art of Selling Bargains. (Anon.)

1728. 80.

*A Learned Dissertation on Dumpling, its Dignity, Antiquity,
and Excellence. With a Word upon Pudding, &c.
Fourth ed. 1726. 8°. (By T. Gordon.)

fifth ed. 1726. 80

seventh ed. 1727. 8".

A Letter from the famous Sir Humphry Poleswoiih to the
Author of the Examiner ; with A Dialogue between Nic
Frog, Tom Frog, his Brother, and Dick Frog his kinsman.
[Printed in the Examiner for May 8 to 15, 1712.]


*A Letter to the Reverend Mr. Dean Swift, occasioned l^y u
Satyre said to bo written by him, entitled, A Dedication
to a Great Man, concerning Dedications, &c. (Signed
P. A., Jan. 30, 1718-9.)

*The Life and Adventures of Don Bilioso de L'Estomac.
Translated from the original Spanish into French ; done
from the French into English. With a Letter to the
College of Physicians. 1 7 1 9. 8". (Anon. )

*The Longitude Examin'd ... By Jeremy Thacker, of Beverley
in Yorkshire. 1714. 8°.

*The Manifesto of Lord Peter (Signed Solomon Audrian).

*The Masquerade. A Poem. Inscribed to C— t H— d— g— r.
By Lemuel Gulliver, Poet Laureat to the Bang of
Lilliput. Jan. 30, 1728. 80. (By Hemy Fielding.)

*The Most Wonderful Wonder that ever appeared to the
Wonder of the British Nation. Being an Account of
the Travels of Mynheer Veteranus through the Woods
of Germany. And an Account of his taking a most
monstrous She Bear, who had nursed up the Wild
Boy ; &c. Written by the Copper-Farthing Dean.
Second ed. 1726. 40.
[The verses upon William Sutherland given at the end of
this tract are claimed for William Meston, in his
'Poetical Works,' 1767.)

* Notes and Memorandums of the Six Days preceding the

Death of a late Eight Reverend . Containing many

remarkable Passages, with an Inscrii^tion design'd for
his Monument. 17 15. 8°. (Anon.)

second ed. 17 15. 80.

*The State Quacks, or the Political Botchers. 1715. 80.

The Stoiy of the St. Alb— ns Ghost, or the Apparition of
Mother Haggy. Collected from the best Manuscripts.
(Feb. 16-19) 1 712. 80.

fifth ed. (July 17-19) 1712. 80.

*A Supplement to Dean Sw— t's Miscellanies : By the Author.
Containing, I. A Letter to the Students of both Univer-
sities, relating to the new Discoveries in Religion and


the Sciences, and the principal Inventors of them. — II.
An Essay upon an Apothecary. — III. An Account of a
surprising Apparition, October 2 0, 1722. 1723. 8°.



Biographia Britannica, edited by Kippis. Vol. L 1778. f'ol.

A Complete Key to the New Farce, called Three Hours after
Marriage. With an Account of the Authors. By E.
Parker, Philomath, (pseud.) 171 7. 8°.

A Complete Key to the Three Parts of Law is a Bottomless-
Pit, and the Stoiy of the St. Alb — ns Ghost. N. P.
1 71 2. 8°. (Anon.)

seconded. Corrected. N. P. 1712. 80. (Anon.)

third ed. N. P. 171 2. 8°. (Key to 'Four Pai-ts,' &c.)

A complete Key to Law is a Bottomless-Pit, the Story of the
St. Albans Ghost, and Prince Mirabel, &c. Sixth edition,
enlarged. 17 13. 80.

The Confederates. By Joseph Gay (i. e. Capt. Breval.)
1717. 80.

The Cornhill Magazine, vol. XXXIX. 91.

Dictionaiy of National Biography (Article on Arbuthnot by
Mr. Leslie Stephen).

An Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot (by Pope). 1734. folio. (Jan.

GuUiveriana : Or, a Fourth Volume of Miscellanies. Being a
Sequel to the Three Volumes published by Pope and
Swift. 1728. 80.

Law not a Bottomless-Pit : or Arguments against Peace, and
some Queries Pro and Con. London, J. Baker. 1 7 1 2.
(4 pp.) folio.

The Leisure Hour. Vol. XV. 390.

Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. 1861.
[Vol. II. 17-20. Three letters to Arbuthnot.]


Letters of Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield.
Edited by Lord Mahon. 1845. 8",
[Vol. II. contains a character of Dr. Arbuthnoi]

A Letter to Mr. John Gay concerning his late Farce, entituled,
A Comedy. By Timothy Drub (pseud.). 171 7. 8^.

Literae de lie Nummaria ; in opposition to the Common Opinion
that the Denarii Eomani were never larger than seven
in an ounce : With some Eemarks on Dr. Arbuthnot's
Book and Tables. By the Eev. William Smith, Eector
of Melsonby, Newcastle-on-Tyne. (July) 1729. 8".

London Magazine. I. 48, 117; 11. 374; VI. 112; X. 364;
XX. 96.

The Monthly Eeview, September, 1 750. (Notice of the Miscella-
neous Worhs.)

Notes and Queries. Fii-st Series, vol. 12 ; third Series, vols.
I, 2, 6 ; fourth Series, vols. 6, 7 ; fifth Series, vol. 12 ;
sixth Series, vols, i, 7, 8.

Observations on Dr. Arbuthnot's Dissertation on Coins, &c.
By B. Langwith. 1747. 4*^.

The Eetrospective Eeview, vol. VIII.


Some Imitations of the 'History of John Bull.'

A Fragment of the Histoiy of that Illustrious Personage, John

Bull, Esq By Peregrine Pinfold of Grub-Hatch,

Esq. (pseud.) (1785.) 8°.
[Gives what purports to be Parts IV and V of the ' History
of John Bull.']

"The History of John Bull, Part III. (See § IIL)

The History of John Bull, with the Birth, Parentage, Education
and Humours of Jack Eadical. By Horace Hombergh,
Esq. 1820. 8°.

The History of the Proceedings in the Case of Margaret, com-
monly called Peg, only lawful Sister to John Bull, Esq.
(By Adam Ferguson.) 1761. 80.

seconded. 1761. 8^^.


John Bull's Bible ; or, Memoirs of the Stewardship and
Stewards of John Bull's Manor of Great Albion. By
Democritus Publicola. 2 vols. 1816. 80.

John Bull's last Will and Testament, as it was drawn by a
Welsh Attorney in the Temple. London printed,
Edinburgh reprinted, s. sh. fol. 17 13. (Tory piece.)

John Bull's Last Will and Testament, as it was drawn by
a Welsh Attorney. With a Preface to the Ai' — p
of C — ry. By an Eminent Lawyer of the Temple.
1713. 80.

second ed., corrected by the Author's own hand. 1 7 1 3. S^.

Letters to John Bull, Esq., on affairs connected with his landed
property, and the persons who live thereon. By Lord
Lytton. 1 85 1. 8°. [And various i)amphlets in reply. ]

A Postscript to John Bull, containing the History of the Crown-
Inn, with the Death of the Widow, and what happened
thereupon. (1714.) 8°. — Seconded. (1714.) 80. — Third
ed. (1714.) 80.— SLxth ed. (1714.) 8".

A Continuation of the History of the Crown-Inn. Part 11.
(1714.) 80. — Second ed. (1714.) 8^ — Third ed.
(1714.) 80.

A Farther Continuation of the History of the Crown-Inn : Part
III. (17 14.) 80.— Second ed. (1714.) 8<\— Third ed.
(1714.) 80.

The Fourth and Last Part of the History of the Crown-Inn.
With the character of John Bull, and other Novels.
Part IV. (1714.) 80.— Second ed. (1714.) 80.

An Appendix to the History of the Crown-Inn : With a Key
to the whole. (17 14.) 80.

The Present State of the Crown-Inn, for the first Three Years
under the New Landlord .... By the Author of the
History of the Crown-Inn. 1 7 1 7. 80.

second ed. 1717. 80.

A Supplement to the Histoiy of the Crown-Inn. ( 1 7 1 7 ?). 8".

A Keview of the State of John Bull's Family, ever since the
Probat of his Last Will and Testament. With some
account of the two Trumpeters, the hii-elings of Koger
Bold. 1 713. 80,




[Seepages 44-48.]


When I was first called to the office of historiographer to
John Bull, he expressed himself to this purpose : ' Sir Humphry
Polesworth ^, I know you are a plain dealer ; it is for that
reason I have chosen you for this important trust ; speak the
truth, and spare not.' That I might fulfil those his honourable
intentions, I obtained leave to repair to and attend him in his
most secret retu-ements ; and I put the journals of all trans-
actions into a strong box, to be opened at a fitting occasion,
after the manner of the historiographers of some eastern
monarchs. This I thought was the safest way ; though I declare
I was never afraid to be choped^ by my master for telling
the truth. It is from those journals that my memoii-s are
compiled : therefore let not posterity a thousand years hence
look for truth in the voluminous annals of pedants, who are
entu'ely ignorant of the secret springs of great actions ; if they
do, let me tell them they will be nebused *.

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