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and had a daughter Lois Griswold Mather, who married Oliver Ely of

17. Elizabeth Ely, bom 171 5, daughter of William Ely and Eliza-
beth Smith, married Samuel Smith. The date of her marriage has not
been preserved. It is said they had a daughter named Elizabeth, who
married Joshua Raymond. (See History of Norwich, page 199, by Miss

The Genealogical and Historical Department of the Mail and Express, in the
issne of Jany. 2Z, i899» contains a communication numbered 2853 and signed E. F.
L. N. in reference to Samuel Smith as follows :

"Samuel Smith, bom 1676, married (probably) Elizabeth Ely, of Lyme, Conn.
They had daughter, Elizabeth. Samuel was the sen of Nehemiah Smith and Lydia
Winchester. Nehemiah was son of the Reverend Nehemiah, of Norwich, Conn.,
and Sarah Bourne. They had Elizabeth, bom 1645."

This EUzabath Smith married William Ely, son of Richard Ely of Plymouth,
Eng., May 12, x68z.

18. Mary Ely, daughter of William Ely and Elizabeth Smith, was
bom in 1691, and died in 1767.

She married Moses Noyes, who was bom in 1676, and who died in


Children of Mary Ely and Moses Noyes:

1. William, b. 1728; d. 1807; m. Eunice Marvin.

19. Deborah Ely, daughter of William Ely and Elizabeth Smith,
married 1717 Ebenezer Dennis, son of George Dennis and Elizabeth
Raymond. He was bom in 1682 and died in 1726.

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After the death of her first husband, in 1727, Deborah Ely married
'Captain Walter Butler, an aid of Sir William Johnson during the French
and Indian War.

Children of Deborah Ely and Walter Butler:
/' '-^ — I. George, b. 1718.

2. John, b. 1728. - e' •'r9i.

Their son John, was an officer who served with Brandt and Sir John

- Johnson during the Revolutionary War, and was killed in the battie of

Cherry Valley.

J^ , :^ Sec Calkin's History of New London.
*^ \ « Documents relating to Colonial History of N. Y.

10. Joanna Ely, daughter of William Ely and Elizabeth Smith, was
bom in 1700, and died in 1776.

She married, in 1716, Nathaniel Matson, bom in 1684, son of Na*

thaniel Matson and Thomas (sister of Ray Thomas). He died

in 1776.

Nathaniel Matson was the son of the emigrant of the same name
who settled in Boston. His first wife was named Ruth Roe^

Children of Joanna Ely and Nathaniel Matson:

1. Ruth, b. 1717; d. 1762; nL I747. Joseph Sill.

2. William, d. 1804; m. 1763, Eunice Skinner. D I KJ fS H

3. Nathaniel, b. 1725; d. 1787; m. 1761, Desire Ne>a-ton.

4. Elizabeth, b. 1719; d. 1815; m. Timotny i\iather.

5. Rtthama, b. 1728; d. 1820; m. 1748, Travis Ayer.

6. Joanna, b. 1738; d. 1814; m. Joseph Mather.

7. Mary, m. 1761, Joseph Smith.

8. Abigail, b. 1744; d. 1820; m. 1773, John Coults.

9. Deborah, b. 1743; d. 1793; «• ist, Williams, 2nd, Sara. Sanford.

21. Samuel Ely, eldest son of Richard Ely and Mary Marvin, was
bom Oct, 21, 1686, in Lyme.

His wife was Jane Lord, born about 1686, daughter of Lieut. Richard
Lord and his wife, Elizabeth Hyde. Lieut. Lord's will, an abstract of
which is printed in E. E. & E. M. Salisbury's "Family Histories and
Genealogies," Vol. L, page 287, is dated 1725, and contains legacies "to
two grandchildren, Samuel and Elizabeth Ely, children of daughter Jane,
deceased." All the known descendants of this Samuel Ely were included
in Walworth's "Hyde Genealogy," published in 1864, occupying many
pages of that voluminous work. The date of Mr. Ely's death has not
been ascertained.

Children of Samuel Ely and Jane Lord:

1. Samncl, b. 1713; d. Feb. 11. 1784; m. May 20, 1739. Hannah Marsh.

2. Elizabeth, b. 1715; d. 1790; m, Oct. 7, 1735, Elisha Sheldon.

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The connection between the Hyde, Griswold and Ely Families, as
given in the Hyde Genealogy, is as follows :

William Hyde the first (great, great, great, great grandfather of Z. Stiles
Ely), of Norwich, is not certainly known to have been connected with any of the
Hyde families who came to this country from England, of which there were
several in the United States. Among other families of that name were the

I. Samuel Hyde, who came to Newton, Mass., about 1640, and has many de*

a. Jonathan Hyde, his younger brother, who married i Mary French, and 2
Mary Rediat, and had 19 children. He was the grandfather of Jonathan Hyde, who
settled at Pomfret, Conn., in 17 14, and had 6 sons; and who was probably the
ancestor of most of the Pomfret and Canterbury Hydes, whose descendants are
now extensively scattered in different parts of the United States. He was the
ancestor of the Rev. Ephraim Hyde, who graduated at Yale, I759> and was minister
of Rehoboth, and of the venerable Dr. John Angier Hyde, a distinguished physician
of Freeport, Me., who was living in 1856, at the advanced age of 84 years.

3. Humphrey Hyde, who came from England, and was an extensive land-
holder at Fairfield, Conn., in 1655. He made his will 8 May, 1666, devising divers
tracts of land to his son John, and to his daughters Hannah and Sarah. His son,
John Hyde, who died 1689, at Fairfield, had by his wife Elizabeth one son and
three daughters. He was the ancestor of the late Thomas S. Jesup, quartermaster
general of the U. S. A. ; of Samuel Burr Sherwood, of Westport, Conn., who grad.
at Yale in 1786, and w^as a member of Congress ; of Sarah Sherwood, wife of the
late Gov. Bissell of Conn. ; and of Rachel Hyde, wife of Judge Ebenezer Andrews
of Milan, O., who grad. at Yale in 1817.

4. John Hyde, of Richmond, Va., who came to America about 1750, and has
descendants in various parts of the Union.

The name of William Hyde (z)' first apppears at Hartford, Conn., in 163,6,
And his name is on the monument in the old cemetery at that place as one of the
original settlers ; and he had lands assigned to him there.

Many families of the name of Hyde had been settled in different parts of
England for five or six hundred years prior to the settlement of New England.
One of the name, Sir Nicholas Hyde, was xhief justice of the court of King's
Bench in 1626 ; another, Sir Robert Hyde, was chief justice of the court of common
pleas in 1660. And a third, Sir Edward Hyde, afterwards the Earl of Qarendon,
was lord chancellor at the restoration, 1660; and was the grandfather of Queen
Mary the Second, and Queen Ann, and of Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury, who was
one of the provincial Governors of New York.

William Hyde (x) the first, of Norwich, was a contemporary of Sir Robert
Hyde and of the Earl of Qarendon, but was undoubtedly of humbler origin. I
have not been ableTo ascertain from what part of England he came ; to what family
he belonged; or where he first landed in this country, or the precise time when
he arrived here. He probably, however, came over in 1633, ^'ith the Rev. Thomas
Hooker, the first minister of Hartford ; sojourned a short time at Newton, Mass.,
and removed with him to Hartford in 1636. The time of his removal to Say-
brooke is not ascertained, but he owned lands in Hartford as late as 1639. He
probably went to Saybrooke soon after that, and his daughter was married there

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early in 1652. No information ha9 been obtained as to the name of his wife, or
when, or where she died. From the age of the son when he died (forty), he must
have been bom in 1636. His mother was of course then living, and probably died
at Hartford or Saybrooke, before the removal of her husband to Norwich ; as no
account of her death is found upon the Norwich records. The daughter either
was bom in England or was married very young; the date of her birth, or her age
of the time of her death in 1703, have not been ascertained.

Norwich was settled in 1660. The 35 original proprietors of that town were
the Rev. James Fitch, the first minister of that place; Major John Mason, after-
wards Lieut Gov. of Connecticut; Lieut Thomas Leffingwell; Lieut Thomas
Tracy and his eldest son, John Tracy; Deacon Thomas Adgate; Christopher Hunt-
ington, and his brother, Deacon Simon Huntington; Ensign Thomas Waterman;
William Hyde and his son Samuel Hyde, and his son-in-law, John Post; Thomas
Post; Lieut William Backus, and his brother Stephen Backus; Deacon Hugh
Calkins, and his son, John Calkins, and his son-in-law, Jonathan Royce; John
Reynolds; Thomas Bliss; Francis Griswold; John Birchard; Robert Wade; Mor-
gan Bowers; John Gager; Thomas Howard; Dr. John Olmstead; Nehemiah Smith;
Richard Eggerton; John Elderkin; John Bradford; Thomas Bingham; Robert Al-
len ; John Baldwin and John Pease. Most of these original proprietors of Norwich
were from Saybrook, and East Saybrook, (now Lyme). Hugh Calkins, and his
son and son-in-law, and John Pease, John Gager, Nehemiah Smith and Robert
Allen, were from New London. Thomas Waterman and John Bradford were from
Marshfield, Mass.

William Hyde was a man of considerable importance among the settlers of
Norwich, and was frequently elected as one of the townsmen, or selectmen. He
died at Norwich, 6 January, 1681. His home lot was devised to his grandson, Will-
iam Hyde (6) the second. And a part of it was owned by William Mansfield, a
descendant of the latter ; and was occupied by him as the site of his dwelling house
in 1859.

The children of William Hyde were :

2. Samuel, b. about 1637, at Hartford ; m. Jane Lee.

3. Hester, b. prob. in England ; m. John Post

II. SAMUEL HYDE (2), bom at Hartford, Conn., about 1637, only son of
the first William Hyde of Norwich, m. in June, 1659, Jane Lee of East Saybrooke
(now Lyme). She was the daughter of Thomas Lee and Brown, his wife.

(This Thomas Lee came from England in 1641, with his wife and three chil-
dren. He died on the passage; and his widow and children came to Saybrook.
The first Thomas Lee of Lyme was a brother of Jane, wife of this Samuel Hyde.
And Sarah Lee, who married John Large of Lyme, and setled on Long Island, was
their sister.)

Thomas Lee lived at Saybrook, Conn. ; he was made ensign October 12, 1676,
and sergeant October 8, 1685.

The Mail and Express of Nov. 4, 1899, sUtes that Thomas Lee came to
America about 164X with his mother, Phebe, and two sisters, Phebe and Jane. . Tra-
dition says that his father, whose name was also Thomas, had died on the vojrage
over. They landed at Boston, and went from there to Saybrook, Conn.

He married Sarah Kirkland, of Saybrook, and had by her five children :

John, born 1670 ; married Elizabeth Smith, of Lyme.

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Mary, twin of John ; married Thomas Lord, of Lyme.

Thomas, bom 1672 ; married Elizabeth Graham, of Hartford.

Sarah, bom 1674; married Daniel Buckingham, of Saybrook.

Phebe, bom 1676; married Capt Reinold Marvin, of Lyme.

He married, secondly, June, 1676, Mary DeWolf— probably the daughter of

Belshazar DeWolf, and had by her nine children :
Elizabeth, bom x68i ; married Samuel Peck, of Lyme.
William, bom 1684; married Mary Griffin, of Long Island.
Stephen, bom 1686; died 1694.
Joseph, bom 1688; died 1705.
Benjamin, bom 1690; died 1692.
Benjamin, second, bom 1692.
Hannah, bom 1695; married John Griswold.
Stephen, second, bom 1698; married Abigail Lord.
Lydia, bom 1701.

At a Court of Election, held at Hartford, May 12, 1^70^ Thomas Lee was
elected a Freeman of Lyme. He represented Lyme as a Deputy at a General Court
held at Hartford October 8, 1685, at the former session being recorded as '^sign**
Thomas Lee, and at the latter as "'Sergeant" He died December 5, 1704.

Thomas Lee was one of the first settlers at Lyme and had large possessions
there. He married first Sarah Kirtland, of Saybrook, and had by her fire children.
He married secondly Mary De Wolf and had by her nine children. Thomas Lee
died December 5, 1704, at Lyme. His widow, Mary De Wolf, married May 30^ 1705,
Matthew Griswold. She died October 27, 1724, aged 68 years.

Jane Lee, daughter of Thomas Lee and Brown, married June, 1659^

Samuel Hyde at Hartford. She died July 8, 1745- Sarah Lee n^arried John Largs,
of Lyme (or John Lay).

Samuel Hyde (2) (great-great-great-grandfather of Z. Stiles Ely) and his
wife came to Norwich in x66a Their eldest daughter, Elizabeth, bom in August
of that year, was the first white child bom in Norwich. He was a farmer and
had lands assigned to him at Norwich West Farms, where he died in 1677, at the
age of 40 years. And John Birchard became the guardian of his children, who were
all minors at that time. The date of his wife's death is not ascertained.

Their children were:

4. Samuel, b. in May, 1665, at Norwich; m. Elizabeth Calkins.

5. John, b. in Dec, 1667, at Norwich ; m. Experience Abel.

6. William, b. in Jan., 1670, at Norwich; m. Anne BushnelL

7. Thomas, b. in July, 1672, at Norwich; m. Mary Badmt. (See note.)

8. Jabez, b. in May, 1677* at Norwich; m. Elizabeth BushnelL

9. Elizabeth, b. in August, 1660, at Norwich ; m. Lieut Richard Lord,
lo^fhebe, b. in Jan., 2663, at Norwich ; m. Matthew Griswold.

XX. Sarah, b. in Feb., 1675; d. the same year.

In the (jenealogical (Column of the Mail and Express of June x8, 1898, we find
the following details as to Jane Hyde:

Jane Hyde, bom at Norwich, Conn. — (that part of the town is now called
Franklin)— December 4, 1704; youngest daughter of Thomas Hyde and Mary
Backus ; was granddaughter of Samuel Hyde and Jane Lee, of Norwich ; she mar-

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ricd, March 20, 1828, John Birchard, born April 12, 1704, at Norwich; third son
of James Birchard and EHzabetfa Beckwith, of Norwich. They had Ezra, John,
Gideon, Phincas, Matthew, Jemima, born February 13, 1729, at Norwich, married
Jedediah Lathrop, of Bozrah, his second wife; Phebe, Jane, Lois, Elizabeth, Lucy.
Mrs. Jane Hyde Birchard died December 5, 2754. John Birchard married, second,
Mrs. Mary Barrol, and after her death, Mrs. Sarah Hyde. H. R.

Na 2,628 (Answer). — In reference to your inquiry regarding Jane Hyde, she
was the daughter of Thomas Hyde, grandson of William Hyde, of Norwich, Conn.
He married Mary Backus, bom November, 1672. Jane was bom December 4, 1704*
She married, March 20, 1728, John Birchard, bom April 12, 1704. They had
eleven children. One of the daughters, Jemima, bom Febraary 13, 1729, married
Capt. Jedediah Lathrop, of Bozrah, whose first wife was Abigail Hyde, daughter
of Capt. Daniel Hyde and Elizabeth Calkins. Abigail died October i, I75i» ^<1
Capt Jedediah Lathrop married. May 18, 1752, Jemima Birchard, bom February
I3> 1729 (daughter of John Birchard and Jane Hyde). They had eight children.

H. C. P.

HL PHEBE HYDE (xo), bom at Norwich, Conn., in Jan., 1663 (great, great,
grandmother of Z. S. Ely), the second daughter of Samuel Hyde (2) and Jane
Lee, was a granddaughter of William Hyde the first of Norwich. She married
21 May, 1683, Matthew Griswold, bom in 1653 at East Saybrook, the eldest son
of Matthew Griswold and Anna Wolcott of Lyme.

(This Matthew Griswold the first of Lyme and his four brothers, Thomas,
Edward, Francis and (jeorge, were bom in England, and were the sons of Edward
Griswold of Kenilworth in Warwickshire. All these five sons, except Thomas,
came to America ; and Edward, (jeorge and Francis lived at Windsor in Sept, 1649.
Edward settled at Killingworth, Conn.; Francis settled at Saybrook, and removed
from there to Norwich in 1660, and had two sons and six daughters; George
settled in Simsbury; and Matthew, bom about 1597 in England, came with his
brothers to Windsor, where he married, about 1636, Anne Wolcott (eldest daugh-
ter of Henry Wolcott, Esq., and Elizabeth Sanders of Windsor), and settled at
Saybrook at the first establishment of that town, about 1639. He was one of
its first commissioners of the peace or magistrates. He had the charge of (jov.
Fenwick's affairs when the latter left the colony. He had a large tract of land
in East Saybrook (now old Lyme), at a place now called Black Hall; most of
which is still in the hands of his descendants. Upon those lands he afterwards
settled. He died there at the age of 96 and was buried at Saybrook, on the oppo-
site side of the Connecticut river.)

Matthew Griswold, and his wife, Pheby Hyde, settled at Lyme. He was a
man of distinction, and one of the assistants of the colony. She died at Lyme, 29
Nov., 1704.

Their children were:

72. Matthew, b. 15 Sept, 1688, at Lyme, who died in 1712, unm.

73. John, b. 22 Dec., 1690, at Lyme, m. Hannah Lee.

74. George, b. 13 Aug., 1692, at Lyme, m. i Hannah L}'nde, 2 Elizabeth


75. Samuel, b. in 1701, at Lyme, and d 9 June, 1727, unm.

76. Thomas, b. in 1703, at Lyme, and d. in July, 1719.

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77. Phebe, b. 15 Aug., 1684, at Lyme, and d. in 1702, unm.

78. Elizabeth, b. 19 Nov^ 1685, at Lyme, and d. in 1704, unm.

79. Sarah, b. 19 March, 1687, at Lyme, and d. 4 Jan., 1760, unm.

80. Mary, b. tz April, 1694, at Lyme, m. Edmund Dorr.

81. Deborah, b. in 1696, at Lyme, m. Robert Dentson.

82. Patience, b. in 1698, at Lyme, m. John Denison. (Great grandparents of
Z.S. E.)

After the death of his first wife, he m. jo May, 1705, the widow Mary Lee.
He d. 13 Jan., I7i6» aged 6z^ She d. 27 Oct, 1724, aged 68. And they were buried
in the cemetery at Old Lyme, below the hill. She was the widow of Thomas Lee the
first of Lyme, and her maiden name was Mary De Wolf; probably daughter of Bal-
thazar De Wolf.

IV. JANE LORD (fij), bom at Lyme about 1688, the third daughter of
Lieut Richard Lord and Elizabeth Hyde (9) of Lyme, was a granddaughter of
Samuel Hyde (2) the first, and Jane Lee of Norwich. She married Samuel Ely,
the eldest son of Richard Ely of Lyme, whose wife was Mary Marvin, bom 1666,
eldest daughter of Lieut Reinold Marvin and Sarah Clark, his wife, of Lyme.

Samuel Ely and Jane Lord settled at Saybrook, where they died; but I have
not asceruined the dates of their deaths.

Their children were:

461. Samuel, bora at Saybrook, married Hannah Marsh.

462. Elizabeth, bora at Saybrook, married Elisha Sheldon.

22. Mary Ely, daughter of Richard Ely and Mary Marvin, was bom
in 1689.

She married Nilcs, of Hebron, Conn. We have no record

of any children.

23. Sarah Ely, daughter of Richard Ely and Mary Marvin, was bom
in 1695.

She married, January 3, 1717, General Jonathan Gillette, of Colches-
ter, Conn.

The following particulars as to the Gillette ancestry are communi-
cated by Mr. C- E. Qapp, of the firm of Park Bros. & Co., Pittsburgh,
Penn. :

(The Jonathan Gillette genealogy is to be found in the N. E. Gen. Hist Rec,
April, 1883).

Mr. Clapp wrote under date of Dec 23, 189s :

General Jonathan Gillette, or Gillet, was bom at Windsor, Conn., July aS, 1685,
and died at Colchester, Conn., Jany. 3» ^775- He married Jany. 3. 1717, Sarah
Ely, bom 1695, died Aug. 4. 1759. daughter of Richard Ely, bora in PlymouUi, Eng-
land, in 1656, and of Mary Marvin, bom 1666. The parents of Richard Ely were
Richard Ely of Plymouth, Eng., and Joan Phipps. Mary Marvm was the daughter
of Reinold Marvin of Lyme, Conn., and of Sarah Qark. his wife.

The father of General Gillette was Josiah Gillet, who was bora at Windsor,
Conn., August, 1650, and who died in Colchester, Conn., where he removed in 170a,

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« 1.



on the 29th day of Oct., 173d. He married July 30, 1676, Joanne Taintor, bom
Apr, 1657, died Jany. 23, 1735.

She was the daughter of Michael Taintor of Bradford, Conn., who was bom
in Wales, and who is mentioned in 1650 as a resident of Bradford, Conn.

Mr. Taintor was the master of a yacht trading in Virginia in 1653. He was
Judge of Court, Commissioner, and Member of the General Assembly; he married
Elizabeth Rose, daughter of Robert Rose. She died in August, 1659.

The father of Michael Taintor was Charles Taintor of Fairfield, Conn., and
of Weathersfield, Conn., who came from Wales not later than 1643, on account
of religious persecution. Mr. Taintor was a man of wealth, who had been de^
prived by confiscation of large estates in Wales. He held a position of importance
among the New England settlers and was Deputy to the General Court or Assem-
bly in 1647-1648. He was lost at sea in the year 1654.

The father of Josiah Gillet was Jonathan Gillet, who was bom about 1600,
and departed this life August 23, 1677. His wife Mary, family name not known,
died Jan. 5, i68s Mr. Gillet arrived at Kantasket from Dorchester, Devonshire, or
Somersetshire, England, in the ship "Mary and John,** May 30^ 1630. He settled
in Dorchester, but removed about 1636 to Windsor, Conn., where he made his per-
manent home.

24. Richard Ely, youngest son of Richard Ely and Mary Marvin,
was bom Oct 27, 1697, at Lyme, Conn., and died Feb. 24, 1777. His
tombstone is to be seen in the Ely Burial Ground at Lyme. He married
first Elizabeth (Phebe) Peck, and resided near the residence of Mr. Z.
Stiles Ely. (See Ely Reunion pamphlet, page 56.)

Mrs. Ely died Oct. 8, 1730, and Mr. Ely remarried Oct 26, 1732.

His second wife was Phebe Hubbard, of Middletown, Conn., in
regard to whom it is interesting to know that she was fourth in descent
from George Hubbard, one of the original settlers of Hartford, Conn.,
her ancestry being as follows :

Her great-grandparents were : George Hubbard, who married Eliza-
beth Watts,

Their son, Joseph Hubbard, married Mary Foster, and their son,
Robert Hubbard, married Abigail Adams, of Middletown, Conn., the
latter being the parents of Phebe, the second wife of Deacon Richard

Children of Richard Ely and Elizabeth Peck :—

1. Elizabeth, b. Oct 11, 1724; d. Feb. 12, 1802; ni. Col. Samuel Sheldon,

captured at battle of Long Island, 1776, and died a prisoner, N. Y.,
Oct. II, 1776.

2. Esther, b. Mar. 22, 1726; d. Dec. 2, 1736.

3. Ezra, b. Jan. 22, 1728; d. 1793; m. ist, Sarah Starling; m. 2nd, Anna


4. Mary, b. Oct. 21, 1729; died in infancy.

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Children of Richard Ely and Phebe Hubbard (second wife) : —

5. Richard (minister), b. Sep. jo, 1733; d. Aug. 23, 1814; m. Nov. 23, 1757.

Jenisha Sheldon, of Northampton, Mass.

6. Seth, b. Dec. 11, 1734; d. Jan. 3, 1821; m. Lydia Reynolds, of Norwich.

7. Elihu, b. Nov. 10, 1736; died in infancy.

8. Elihu, b. Nov. 15, 1737; d. Jun. 25, 1815; m. May 30, I77i» Anna Ely,

second dau. of John Ely.

9. Josiah, b. July 20, 1739; d. Apr. 26, 1826; m. Phebe Denison, of Lyme,

and Elizabeth Lord, wid. Reuben Lord, dau. of Joseph Ely.

10. Robert, b. June 26, 1741 ; d. Dec. 5, 1828; m. Jerusha Lay, of Saybrook.

11. Phebe, b. May 16, 1743; m. James D. Colt, of Pittsfield.

12. Hepzibah, b. June 6, 1745; d. 1815; m. May 13, 1771, John Pratt, of

Colchester, b. Dec 14, 1740.

13. David (minister), b. June 7, 1749; d. 1816; m. 1777, Hepzibah Mills, of



Richard Ely was a man of conspicuous piety and great (Thristian
activity. He was generally known as Deacon Richard Ely, perhaps not
only on account of his religious office, but also to distinguish Him from

Digitized by





his cousin, Capt. Richard Ely, seven years his senior, the son of Judge
William Ely.

I have been permitted,, thanks to the courtesy of Mr. Z. Stfles Ely,
to see copies made from the family Bible of the worthy Deacon. This
yellow and time stained copy gives evidence of the pious and methodical
nature of Deacon Ely. Not only the year, month, and day of each advent
into the family is recorded, but also the hour, and, when possible, the
minutes are noted. A spirit of faith and Christian piety voices itself in
many entries. Blessings are acknowledged with thanksgiving, deaths
are recorded with resignation. One can reconstruct the man from these
entries in the Family Bible.

"Richard Ely, of Lyme, Conn., bora i6g7* died I777f married Elizabeth
Peck. Who were his parents?" Signed E I. L.^Mail and Express Genealogical
Column, Sat eve., Nov. 26, 1896.

(The first wife of Richard Ely was Elizabeth Peck. Elizabeth Ely,
their daughter, bom 11 Oct., 1724, at Lyme, married 23 May, 1745,
Col. Samuel Selden, of the Revolutionary army, uncle of the Rev. Eli-
phalet Nott, D. D., Prest. of Union College, and was the mother of Chas.
Selden and Joseph Dudley Selden, who settled at Troy, N. Y., and
the grandmother of Elizabeth Spencer, wife of Gov. Lewis Cass, of
Michigan. This Richard Ely was the only brother of Samuel Ely, who

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