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Sandidield, Mass. ; m. 6 March, 17(50, Ruth Chapi«. Seven

v. Eleanor 5 Pease, b. 15 Match, 1741.

vi. .Tank 5 Prase, b. 13 Aug. 1743 ; had one son and four daughters ;
m. Ohadiah Hurlburt.

vii.' Mehitable 5 Pease, b. 23 Sept. 1745; had two sons and four

daughters : m. Edward Parsons.
viii. Sarah 3 Pease, b. 28 Feb. 1747; had two sons and two daugh-
ters ; m. Jehiel Markham.

ix. Abigail 5 Pease, b. 15 March. 1740.

x. Isaac 5 Pease, b. 1 June. 17.12; d. in Enfield. Conn.; m.

. Eight children.

xi. Oliver 5 Pease, b. 6 Sept. 1 70-1 ; d. young.


MARY 4 CHANDLER (Ilenn/* Thomas? William 1 ) and
Timothy 4 Pease, Enfield, Qo*w. ' He -was J>. 1713; d. 1794.
He was son of Isaac, ■' and a brother of his sister Hannah's bus-
band. He was in the " Old French War."

She d. 13 Nov., 1789, in her 77th year, in Enfield.

The children of Mart and Timothy Pease were :

i. ;t Mary, 5 and

ii. Martha 5 Pease, who were twins and daughters of Timothy and
Mary Pease, were born June ye lG th 1737 with which children
ye mother of them did not go out her full time but wanted
about three months of it which two children of ye said
Timothy and Mary Pease died ye same day and year that they
were born — namely June 10 th 1737." [Enfield, Conn., Town

iii. Timothy 5 Pease, b. 27 June, 1738; in. . He settled

in Enfield. He had three sons and two daughters : Abigail.
Levi, Ruth, Jonathan and Justin. They were Shakers at
Enfield, Conn. Justin was killed by lightning, while engaged
in getting in hay [abt. 1820]. Levi, the 2d child, b. 5 Aug.
1771. removed to Watervliet. N. Y., 15 June. 17'JO, and d.
there in the Shaker Society, highly respected, 5 Sept. i.s:>2.

iv. Mart 5 Pease, b. 12 Jan. 1740; m. Markham Parsons.

v. Martha 5 Pease, 2d. h. 10 May. 1741 ; d. 7 June, 1702.

vi. Deborah 5 Pease, b. 5 Dec. 1742: m. Gideon Pease,
vii. Mehitable 5 Pease, b. 23 Sept. 174:3.

viii. Edward 5 Pease, b. 7 Sept. 17-14; m. Abigail . "Abigail

Pease was a pensioner 1 June, 1840, at the age of 86. She
then lived with Heber Pease, iu Enfield, Conn.'" Three

ix. James 5 Pease, b. 9 April. 174f>; m. Freegraec Hancock.

x. Abigail 5 Pease, b. 20 Nov. 1747: m. David Terry.



xi. Lydia"' Pease, b. 21 June, 174!) ; m. Ezekiel Pease, 2d, of

xii. Dorgas 5 Pease, b. 19 March, 1750; m. Isaac Pease, 2d, of

xiii. MismwT.LT. 5 Prase, b. 8 Jan. 1753 ; in. Samuel Hale,
xiv. Hepzibah 5 Pease, b. 14 Jan. 175,"); m. Benjamin King.


SARAH 4 CHANDLER (Joseph? Thomas? William}) and
John 1 Russell, Andover, Mass. Married, second, John 1 Rovvell.

The children of Sarah and John Russell were :

i. Sarah- Russell, b. in Andover. 5 April, 1713.
ii. 2 Russell, h. in Andover. 13 June, I71H.
iii. Jonv : Russell, 1). in Andover, 8 June, 1717.

ISAAC 4 CHANDLER {Henry? Thomas? William}) and
Abigail Ilalc, Enfield, Conn., dau. of John Hale.

"Isaac ('handler entered ye mark of his Creatures which is
a Swallow tail in the top of Right Ear and a half penny ye
under Side of same Ear." [Town Records, Enfield.]

April 7, 1765, Isaac Chandler entered on Town Records the
following: -'Taken up and Seized 3 Logs at the mouth ol
grape brook."

He d. 5 June, 1787, in Enfield, a. 70.

The children of Isaac and Abigail (Hale) Chandler were:

200. i. Abigail, b. 11 Sept. 1741 ; d. in Brattleboro', num.

210. ii. Ciiloe ; m. Israel Smith, of South Hadley, Mass.

211. in. I=aac, b. in Enfield, 24 June, 1743 ; m. 3 Oct. 1771. Anna


212. rv. Mehitable, b. in Enfield, 17 Dee. 1744 ; m. 29 Nov. 1764,

Matthew Keep, of Longmeadow.

213. v. David, b. 24 Sept. 1747; m. 5 March, 1772, Miriam

Simouds. of Enfield.

214. vi. Lvdia, b. 23 Oct. 1740 ; m. 14 Feb. 1781, Isaac McCune.

215. vii. John. Vi. 13 Feb. 1752; m. Achsah Terry, of Enfield,


216. VIII. Susanna, b. 3 Feb. 1754; intentions of marriage entered

4. and published 7 Feb. 1790, m. Dea. Todd, of West
Springfield, Mass.

217. ix. Henry, b. 20 Feb. 1 750 ; m. in Enfield. 17*3. Penelope


218. x. Lovick, b. 14 Aug. 175.S; m. 13 March, 1798, Lieut.

Valentine Harris, each of Brattleboro', Vt.
21 { J. xi. Nathaniel, b. Juue, 17<!0; m. Elizabeth Harris.




iv. Joseph^ Russeli^, b. in Andover, 8 Jan. 1720.

v. Robert 9 Russki.l, b. in Andover, .'>1 Jan. 1722.

vi. Isaac 2 Russell-, b. in Andover, 3 Dec. 1724.

vii. Hannah- Russell, b. in Andover, 2b Dee. 1730.


JOSEPH 1 CHANDLER, Jit. {Joseph? Thomas? William')
and Mary Tucker.

They were published in Amesbury, Deo. "ye 2<s 1717," and
in. by Rev. Thomas Wells.

He .sold land in Nottingham, N. 11., 4 March, 172"), in
presence of Thos. Waite and Phebe Chandler by her mark -\-.
He was then of Salisbury, of Southampton, 1753, and of
Epping in 1 755.

He worked at blaeksniithing and iron making, and while
straightening a bar of iron under the trip hammer, it (lew up
and knocked all his front teeth out. But .he was a good singer

The children of Joseph, Jr. and Mai:y (Tucker) Chandleb
were :

220. i. Sarah, h. in Amesbury, 25 Jan. 1718-19.

221. ii. Maev, b. in Salisbury, 15 Aug. 1721.

222. in. Joseph, b. in Salisbury, 11 -Mar. 1721; d. 8 Apr. 1724, in

Salisbury. .

223. iv. Joseph, b. iu Salisbury, 1725: in. 1 Jan. 1746, Lydia


224. v. Hannah, b. in Salisbury', 19 March, 1727.

225. Vi. IIann.ui. b. in Salisbury. 5 Oct. 1730.
220. vm. Lydia, b. in Salisbury, 3 Feb. 1731-5.


Lieut. ISAAC 4 CHANDLER (Joseph? Thomas? William 1 )
and Susanna Barnard, Concord, X. II.

Isaac Chandler of Salisbury, and Susanna Barnard of Ames-
bury, were married January 7, 1719—20. She lived with her
son Joseph, in Hopkinton, and died there. The births of their
five eldest children were recorded in Amesbury, and the birth
of Joseph, 2d, in Concord, N. II.

After the massacre, 11 Aug. 174(5, of the Bradleys and
others, about two miles west on the Hopkinton road, by the
Indians, " new arrangements were made concerning. the garri-
sons ; " and from "District of Rumford, March y* 21'\ 174(5-
~? '• Lt. Isaac Chandler and his Son Isaac are ordered to
remove and do their duty at the Garrison round the house of
til- aforesaid Kev. Timothy Walker."


" Rumford Jan. 2' 1 1747-8, Isaac Chandler and others of
Ruinford, Obntooeook and Canterbury, petitioned his Excel-
leuev Benning Wcntworth, Es<j. Captain General and Governor
of his Majesty's Province of X. II.," and tk to grant unto Henry
Lovejoy ciueu a protection as may entourage him to reenter and
possess his — at present— abandoned garrison," to protect " his,
the only Grist Mill in all the three towns, that stands under the
command of the guns of the garrison.''

In a deposition given relative to the Bow controversy. 1757,
Isaac Chandler and Jacob Pillsburv, of Ruinford, state :

That there was no way for the people, in their power, to defend
themselves against their [Indian] Enemies, but by assembling
together, by common agreement, as many families as conveniently
could, and first Erecting a fort or garrison sufficient to contain them,
and then building within the same a house for each family, to screen
them from the inclemency of the weather. And all this they did at
their own expense. Moreover, by being obliged to keep Watch and
Ward, and to work together in huge companies for the greater safety
daring the Summer; and their being called from their business —
either by some assault oi Luv. discovery of the Indians — and other
avocations occasioned by the war. the deponents really believe that-
the said inhabitants lost nearly one half of their time during the most
busy and valuable part of the year; for all which they never, as the
deponents heard of, had any allowance or consideration.

And notwithstanding all these discouragements, they have stood
their ground against the Enemy; supported themselves with all the
necessaries of life; and also yearly spared considerable quantities of
provisions to the neighboring villages in the said province — which
must have suffered very much if they had not their assistance.

And they have always been ready, upon notice of distress or danger
among their neighbors, during the War, to go to their relief, many
times in considerable companies, to places at a distance, all at their
own expense ; besides the losses they have sustained, not only of
human lives, but also of their stocks of catth , many scores of which
were destroyed at other times.

Isaac Chandler.

Jacob Pillsburt.
[Rev. N. Bouton's Hist, of Concord. N. IE]

He gave his sons Isaac and Joseph Chandler large tracts of
land in Hopkinton, where the village now stands.

The children of Isaac and Susanna (Barnard) Chandler
were :

•'27. i. Joseph, b. in Amesbury, Mass., Sept. 23, 1720.
^22«. ii. Isaac, b. 15 May, 1727; m. Meriel Cotton, of Woburn,
22!). in. Hannah, b. .'30 Aug. 172'J ; m. in Mass. John Chadwick, of

230. iv. Most:-, b. 21 Aug. 1733.

_ » •-.,. . -w~ a — c *' 1 1 *-/ ■ "7 ~2~ <-/ -_


2:51. v. Mary, b. 4 November, 1735; m. in Hopkinton, N. H., 22
Dec. 17.")7, Abel Kimball, "both of this town, before me,
Rev. James Scales.''

232. vi. Joseph, b. in Concord, X. II., 23 April, 1710; m. Betsey
Jewett. of Rowley, Mass.
Was tncre a sister who rn. a Townseud and went to Rindsre?


XIEHITABLE 4 CHANDLER (Joseph, 3 Thomas, 2 William 1 )
and Iehabod 1 Davis. They were married by Rev. Thomas
Wells. Aiiiesbiiry Records say : " were married tog'ether by
Thomas Wells, minister of Amesbuiy, Feb. ye 28, 1717— 18."

She m. second, John Radclillb.

They had one child :
t. Joseph 3 Davis, b. in Amesbury, .'30 Oct. 1719.


NATHANIEL* CHANDLER (Joseph, 3 Thomas* William 1 )
and Susanna Rowel 1, Amesbury, .Mass. When married he was
of Salisbury, and she of Amesbury, 4 Jan. 172*.

In their petition *' To the Lord Proprietor — John Tufton
Mason — the associates were represented by the Heirs of
Nathaniel Chandler in One Right" in the township of Ilopkiii-
ton, X. H.

The children of Nathaniel and Susannah (Howell) Chand-
ler were :

233. i. Merriam, b. in Salisbury, 24 Nov. 1728. She was "of

Dunstable," when published, 4 Dee. 1748, to Nathaniel
Abbot, Jr. of Rumford.

234. ii. Sarah, b. 10 April. 1731.

235. ni. Phebe, b. 11 May, 1 7.48.

230. i\. Moses, b. 25 May, 1735; m. Sarah . "Sarah Chand-
ler, now Weed. 17 June, 1705, was appointed administra-
trix on the estate of Moses Chandler, late of Amesbury."

2-47. v. Aaron, b. in Amesbury, 1 Oct. 1737; d. 1!) Oct. 1784, in
Salisbury ; eordwainer : m. first, at Lynn. 20 March,
1761, Sarah Chadwell, of Lynn; m. second, 4 April,
1772, Eliza Quimby, of Amesbury, Administration on
estate of Aaron Chandler, late of Salisbury, was granted
13 June, 17-ss. to Betty Chandler. Inventory of estate of
Aaron Chandler, takes 22 Oct. 1788, €08 16s. id., was
signed Elizabeth Chandler (her mark -(-).

238. vi. Philip, b. at Concord. X. II.. 23 Dec. 1739?



JOSIAH* CHANDLER {William* William? William 1 )
and Sarah Ingals, Andover, Mass. She d. 13 Feb. 1754, of a
lever, aged li9. •• Site was admitted to ye full Communion
with the Church in S. Andover, 7 June, 1713, and he 30 Se}>.
1716." He was field-driver in Andover, 1711!. and was chosen
" to proseeute the law about swine," in 1717 and 1720.

He died 12 Aug. 17.32, in Andover, in his 69th year. His
will, made 18 Feb. 1748-9, says: "I Josiah Chandler of An-
dover, Yeoman," and mentions his wife Sarah, sons Benjamin,
Josiah and Samuel Chandler; to the last he gives "Twenty
Shillings which sum with a liberal Education at Cambridge,"
&c. Daughter Sarah Chandler, "Son Abijah," -'he having
helped me in the management of my affairs several years since
he came of xlge." k< Son David to be my executor and my son

The children of Josiah and Sarah (Tngals) Chandler were :

239. i. Benjamin, b. after 3 July. 1707, of Suncook; m. in-Groton..

22 Dec. 1737, Phebe Lakin.

240. ii. Josiah, b. 1711 ; rn. Sarah Parker.

241. in. Samuel, b. 1713; bapt. 5 July, 1713, by Rev. Saranel

Phillips; in. 12 Sept. 1738. Ann Pecker, of Haverhill.

242. iv. Sarah, b. Nov. 1716; bapt. 18 Nov. 1716. Her brother,

Rev. Samuel Chandler, wrote in hi* diary, under date of
6 June, 17G4, " Lodged at Brother Josiah's (in Bradford)
dined there, then went over the River, went to West
Parish to see my Sister Sarah, lodged at mothers.'" &e.

243. v. Abijah, b. 24 March, 1719; published 27 Jan. 1700, to

Abigail Tay, of Woburn.

244. vi. Jonathan, b. 21 Feb. 1722; bapt. 25 Feb. 1722: d. 24

Oct. 1745. aged 23, at Louisburg, in the king's service.
" The first Break in our Family," said his brother, Rev.
Samuel Chandler. Administration on his estate was. 31
Aug. 17.32, granted to his brother Josiah Chandler, and on
the 2d June, 1755, Josiah Chandler, of Bradford, made
oath to the inventory of the estate.

245. vn. David, 1». 15 Dec. 1724; m. 30 Aug. 1750, Mary Ballard.

both of Andover.
240. viii. Danikl, b. 8 Aug. 1727; d. 27 March, 1752, of fever. Ad-
ministration on his estate was, 13 April, 1752, granted to
his father, Josiah 4 Chandler, of Andover. But the father
having died on the 12th August. 1752. administration on
the estate was. 2 Oct. 1752, granted to his brother .josiah 5
Chandler, of Bradford, who. as administrator de bonis
uon of the estate of Daniel 5 Chandler, late of Andover,
made oath to the following inventory :

Bible, 2-4£; Shoemakers Seat, 2-; Ditto tools 12- ICs. 4fd
a pr. pumps 3-4 a Coat 4-8 Old Britches 2-8 10 8


Notes . . . . ■ • . . . . 11 00 1

£12 7 If

247. ix. Sarah, b. 3 May, 173G.


PIIILEMOX 4 CHANDLER ( William* William* William 1 )
and Elizabeth Rogers, Andover, Mass. She died 7 Sept. 1775,
a. 80 years 1 mo.

" Know all men by these presents y l we Philemon Chandler
and Elizabeth his wife*, both of Andover, have received of br'
John Rogers of Billerica, £50 in full of all our portion in ye
Estate of our Father Thomas Rogers of said Billerica." July
1, 1717.

Philemon Chandler, of Andover, blacksmith, bought, 1718,
of William Chandler, husbandman, of said Andover, land " be-
fore y' Parsonage," in South Parish, Andover, adjoining land of
Thomas Chandler.

Dee. 31, 1734, Philemon Chandler, of Andover, blacksmith,
bought for £90, of Josiah Johnson, of Billerica, all his right in
land in Suncook, in the County of Middlesex, which was grant-
ed to him by the General Court for gratuity for his services
done in the Indian war, under the command of Captain John

Mr. Philemon Chandler lived on the road leading south from
the Seminary, as it turns to the right, where David Hidden
resided in 1865. Ilis ancestors had probably lived on that
spot before him. He owned about thirty acres around the
house, a large tract of meadow and woodland by Chandler's
Bridge, south of Preston's Plains; a pasture where the stone
(Latin) Academy stand.-, &c.

The next owner of this Chandler place was his son William, 5
and after him his son William,'"' who married Elizabeth Chand-
ler, and the next Isaac Chandler (a brother of this last William)
who married Abigail Holt, parents of Mary Chandler, who
married David Hidden. He died 22 July, 1760, in his 71st
year, in Andover.

In his will of July 3d, 1759, he said : k - I Philemon Chandler
of Andover," " give my wife Elizabeth," "my Bible for her
sole use," '" my Son William Chandler all my blacksmith
tools," «« land and buildings in Andover, when my wife shall
have done with them at her decease or when she shall marry."

The inventory of the estate of Philemon Chandler, taken
Sopt. 23, 1760, "amounted to £3P> : 6 : 8.


The children of Philemon and Elizabeth (Rogers) Chand-
ler were :

248. i. Philemon, b. 27 Oct. 1717; m. first, 20 Nov. 1730, Ketura

How; m. second, 2 Feb. 1789, Hannah, widow of Job

249. ir. Elizabeth, b. 80 June, 1710; d. 21 Feb. 1721.

250. in. Elizaueth. b. IS .Inly, 1721; m. Air. Wright.

251. iv. William, b. 28 April, 172:1; m. first, 7 June. 1744, Alary

Ballard; m. second, 21 Nov. 1751, Rebecca Lovejoy.

252. v. Abigail, b. 7 March, 1725'; m. Ezra Kendall, of fewks-

258. vi. Isaac, b. 24 Sept, 1727; d. IS Feb. 1745, in his 10th year,
at Louisburg, " with sickness," in the king's service.

254. vn. Phere, b. 3 July, 1720; m, 13 Jan. 1750, Joseph Martin,

Jr., of Andover.

255. viii. Zachariah, b. 28 May, 1731 ; bapt. 80 May, 1781 ; <1. 2")

April, 1750, in his 18th year.
250. ix. Jacob, b. 23 May. 1781 ; bapt. 30 May, 1781 ; d. 3 July.

257. x. Mary. b. 15 Jan. 1780; bapt. 2.j Jan. 1780; d. 1 August,



SARAH 4 CHAXDLEP ( William* William? William 1 ) and
John 1 Dane, Andover, Mass.

He was b. 18 Sept. 1692; d. 10 Jan. 1703; a. 71, in An-
dover; son of Lieut. Francis 3 Dane, Jr., b. 8 Dec. 1050, by his
wife Hannah Poor, grandson of Rev. Francis- Dane, of An-
dover, by his wife Elizabeth, dan. of Edmund Fngals, and gr.
grandson of John 1 Dane, of Barkhampstcad, Eng.. lie men-
tioned in his tv ill of 1700, "four sons, John. Joseph, Daniel
and William, and daughters Hannah and Mary," to whom he
gave all his household furniture. She died 17. Juno, 1747, in
her 55th year. Member of the church in South Parish.

The children of Sarah and John Daxe were :

i. Sarah 5 Dane, b. at Andover, Nov. 1714.

ii. John 5 Dane. "b. 20 Nov. 1710; d. June, 18.01, a. 85. Me was
deacon of the church at South Andover from 4 Feb. 1755. to
25 March, 1704. He lived in what is now the West Parish,
Andover. He m. 20 May. 1700, Elizabeth Chandler. [See
iii. Hannah"' Dane. b. 17 Dec. 1718.
iv. Phebe 5 Dane, b. 21 May, 1721 : d. 27 Sept. 1728.
v. Joseph 5 Dane. b. 10 Aug. 1728; d. Sept. 1807, a. 84. Member

of the church in South Andover.
vi. Francis 5 Dane. 1». 21 Dee. 1725; d. with sickness in the king's
sendee at Louisburg, 12 Nov. 1745, in his 20th year.


vii. William 5 Dank. b. 15 March, 172*.
viii. Maey 5 Dank, b. "27 April. 1731 ; m. Air. Chickering.
ix. Daniki." 1 Dam:, h. 10 Nov. 1-735. Discharged from church in

South Andover, to church in Francestown, N. II... 171)0; m.

Prudence Phelps?


ZACHARIAH 4 CHANDLER ( William, 3 William? Wil-
liam 1 ) and Margaret Bishop, Roxbury. She was dau. of
Thomas Bishop, of Roxluiry, Mass.

" Zach. Chandler and Margaret his wife dau. of Thomas
Bishop all of Roxbury and one of the Xairaganset soldiers,"
"sold to John Markdougal of Roxbury, Laborer, " " land"' •• in
Sarragansett Township on the Merrimack River next Dunstable
in right of Thos. Bishop Ap. 30, 1735."

Zachariah Chandler lived in West Roxbury, where John
Lowder afterwards? lived, on the north side of the Dedhamroad.

lie wa.> a shoemaker, and \~ March 3, 1717, he was chosen
Sealer of Leather " in Roxbury and for several years afterwards,
and there was inventoried on his Estate " 1 small Drum," '* a
powdering Tub and cask in ye Cellar 40s."

Boston, Nov. 11. 1740. Rec d of Mr. Zachariah Chandler, cue
hundred and ten pounds, in full for a Negro Boy Sold and delivered
liim, for my master John Joues.

£110. William Merchant, Jun r .

Abstract of the Will of Zachariah Chandler.

29 April, 1750. The Last Will and Testament of 'Zachariah Chand-
ler of Roxbury in the County of Suffolk and Province of Massa-
chusetts Bay in New England, this twenty fourth day of April Anno
Domini one thousand seven hundred and fifty. 1 beqeath my soul
into the Hands of Almighty (rod throu h Jesus Christ my Lord in
whom I trust for Eternal Life, and my body to the Earth to he de-
cently buried at the direction of my only Son Thomas ('handler whom
I name, constitute and Ordain Executor of this my last Will and
Testament. I dispose of my temporal Estate in manner ami form

Imprimis. I n\xo to my well beloved wife Margaret Chandler, &c.

I give to my Said Sou Thomas Chandler all the remainder of my
housing and lands, good., and chattels, nothing Excepted or Reserved
to be to him. his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns forever,
he or they paying my. just debts, funeral charges, the two thirds of
the yearly income of my Est:it<; in Roxbury to his Mother and Sister
[Mary Lowther. wife of John Lowthcr, of Roxbury], and the several


legacies aforesaid ; and I hereby revoke all other will or wills by me

Signed, Sealed, pronounced,
and delivered by the Testator.
u> be Lis. last Will and Testament

in the presence of us Zach : Chandler, and a seal.

Joseph Heath
Elizabeth Heath
John Heath

Examined p.

By the Hon ble Thomas Hutchinson Esqr. Jnd. Prob.

Euneral Expenses of Zachariah Chandler, £5 5s. Od.

Jonathan Ireland.

Inventory of the Estate of Zach. Chandler of Roxbury, 14 July,
17.') 2.

Imprimis. The Dwelling House, Barn, Cyder Mill and house
with about 14 acres of land be it move or less, part orchard and
pasture land on the North westerly side of ye road leading to
Dedham £280. 0.0

half an Acre in Andover, in all £834. 3. 3

Appraised by .fos. Williams, Sam 11 Griffin and Ebenezer Newell.

The ace' of Edw' 1 Child. Guardian to Zachary, Hannah, Abigail
and Margaret Chandler. Children of Zachariah Chandler, late of Rox-
bury. dec d . Presented 30 May, 1766. Charges himself with what
he has ree d and for rent of Room Sett off to the Children 5 years at
1.1.4 per.year, £5. 6. 8 and for Rent of House and 12 acres of land
2 years at £0. 0. 8 and £10. 13. 4.

April 15, 1763.

The children of Zachariah and Margaret (Bishop) Chand-
ler were :

258. i. Thomas,, b. at Roxbury, 7 Dec 1716; bapt. 16 Dec. 1716,

m. Hannah Gofl'e.

259. ii. Margaret, b. at Roxbury, 4 Jan 1718; d. 9 Jan. 1725,

a. 7 years.
2(50. in. Sarah, b. at Roxbury, 22 Jan. 1720; d. 7 Jan. 1725, a. 5

261. iv. Mary, b. at Roxburv, 20 March, 1721; bapt. 29 March.

1721; d. If) Dee. 1792; m. in Dorchester, 12 March.
1745, John Lowder.

262. v. Zachariah, b. at Roxbury, 24 Oct. 1727; d. 19 Jan.

26:). vi. Margaret, bapt. 15 April, 17:10; m. C> Nov. 1753, Thos.
Hake, of Boston ?

264. vii. William, b. 2 Nov. 17:51? bapt. 7 Nov. 1731. "I.

William Chandler a minor aged about IS years, son of
Zachariah Chandler of Roxbury, have made choice of
and named Ebenezer Picrpont of Roxbury, as my guar-
dian. :><> May 171! I."

265. vm. Hannah.

266. ix. Ann, .ml.



2t>7. x. Zacuariaii. "Boston, March 28, 1766, Rich' 1 Ward, of
Cambridge, to be Guardian to Zachariah Chandler, a
minor above 14, .son of Zachariah Chandler, late of
Roxbury, Cordwainer."


PHILEMON^ CHANDLER, Jr. {Philemon? William?
William 1 ) and Lydia Eaton, Ponifret, Conn. ■

After the death of Mr. Chandler, 5 Jan. L736, she in. 7
March, 1737, Edward Goodale.

Mr, Chandler was chosen Society's collector, 17 Dec. L733.
He died 5 Jan. 1735-(>, in his 30th year.

The children of Philemon and Lydia (Eaton) Ghandlek
were :

268. i. Josiah. b. 10 Nov. 17:32; d. 19 June, 1795, in Pomfret, a.

62; m. 14 June, 1753, Hannah Holbrook.
2G9. ii. Philemon, b. 24 Jan. 1734; d. 2* April, 1752, "in ye 19 th

year of his age," and was buried by the Wappaquiaus



HANNAH 4 CHANDLER (Philemon? William? William 1 )
and Dea. Ebenezer 1 Griffin, Hampton, Conn. Was he son of
Joseph and Sarah, b. <^ Aug. 1705?

"He came up from Newtown" (Cambridge), Mass.. to
Ponifret, and thence to Hampton or Windham Village, where
he bought of William Durkee, about one hundred acres of land,
about one mile N. W. of the meeting house.

They joined the church at Hampton, 28 June, 17oo, and he
was chosen Deacon thereof in 1744.

The children of Hannah and Dea. Eijexe/ku Griffin were :

i. Hannah 2 Griffin, b. at Hampton, 11 Sept. 17:32; in. at the age
of 18 yrs. 7 mos. on 11 April, 1751, Capt. James Stedman,
who was b. G March, 172(3, at Muddy River, Brookiine, Mass.,
1725; d. 7 Sept. 1788. Three children.
They were m. by Rev. Samuel Mosley, of Hamilton. He was son
of Thomas- Stedman, Jr., b. 1G98, of Brookiine. by his wife Anna
Seaver, whom he m. 9 April. 1721. Anna 1 Seaver. dau. of John
:md Sarah, b. 13 Dec. 1701 ; d. 20 April. 1787, a. 88; - . Dea: Thomas -2
Stedman, Jr., was killed \) April. 177:3. a. 75, by falling from a load
of logs and the wheel passing over him. Thomas Stedman, Jr.
(Deacon) and Anna his wife, bought a lot of laud of Nath. Kings-

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