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bury, of 150 acres, 3 Dee. 17:31, about one and a quarter miles east
of uorth of the meeting-house in Hampton, and his two story dwell-
ing house was occupied, 1858, by Lewis Fuller. Dea. Thomas Sted-
Uiau lived ou this farm till 20 Jan, 1761, when he gave a deed of it,


then containing 170 acres, to his son Jaines Stedman, and he went to
live on anotlier farm which his son Daniel lived on, adjoining.
Four of their eleven children were horn before they removed to

Capt. James Stedman built and lived on the homestead. He was a
good farmer, carpenter and joiner, and he made a large number of
stunt wooden wheel clocks that kept true time. He was town treas-
urer and collector, a man of influence and was much respected.

He was appointed by the Legislature of Connecticut,. 26 June.
177C, *• Captain, in place of Ripley resigned," of the military
company raised at Hampton. He was in' the battles of » White
Plains," " Harlem Plains," marched with Washington, in his retreat
through New Jersey, crossed the Delaware with him, and suffered
with him in his dreary camp at Valley Forge.

The Colonel of Capt. James Stedman's regiment was Andrew
Ward, of Guilford. • " On the 8 th July 1776 this regiment was ordered
to New York instead of Boston." And it was in Bucks Co.. Peun.,
on 24 Dec. 177C Of the march through New Jersey, the orderly
Sergeant of Capt. James Stedman's company. Nehemiah Holt, of
Hampton, often said: "All night long Washington rode at the I'ijrht
ul Uie cuiumu, a blue in advance, but so near me that I could most
of the tune put my hand upon the rump of the powerful grav charger
noon which he rode, made restive by the cold sleet pouring down
upon us. but whose maddened spirit was curbed in and controlled
with apparent ease, by his more powerful rider, his rein hand resting;
upon the pommel of the saddle. Washington." said he. " spoke
scarcely a word during that dreadful march." Capt. James Stedman
died 17NS.

A portrait of Capt. Stedman, taken after death by Rev. Joseph
Steward. — m. Sarah, dan. of Rev. Samuel Mosley— -of Hampton,
and afterwards proprietor of '• The Museum" at Hartford, Conn., in
crayon, with one by the same artist of his widow, is in the keeping
of Mrs. Waldo Lincoln, of Worcester, Mass., their gr. -grand daugh-
ter. He is represented with light complexion, gray eyes, red cheeks
and of medium size, dressed in a white wig, red coat, a single
breasted closely buttoned dark vest, and white cravat with shirt
collar turned over. She is represented at the age of 56 — a large
woman of dark, clear skin, dark hazel eyes, dark hair, chin large,
mouth compressed — dressed in a single bordered cap, with black
crape band round her head, full white dress shawl, and pearl beads
round her neck.

Said Miss E. D. Lamed in her History of Windham Co. : ; - Capt.
Jas. Stedman owned much land and carried on extensive farmino"
operations, and was greatly respected as a man of substance and
business capacity. At the Lexington alarm, the soldiers hastily
assembled. The company attended prayers in the Meeting House and
it was sunset before they set out for Pomfret, led by Capt. James
Stedman. 22 Apr. 177o. There they found companies from Canada
Parish and Ashford awaiting them."

Anna- 1 Seaver. b. lClil) ; m. 9 April, 1721. Thomas Stedman, Jr.
Anna' Seaver. dait. of John 3 and Sarah Seaver, gr.-dau. of Nathan-


id' 2 and Sarah Seuver, gr.-grand dau. Hubert 1 Seaver; b. ah. 1608;
in. 10 Dec. 1051), Elizabeth Allard or Ballard.

Their daughter Mary Stedman, b. at Hampton, ir> Jan. 1772; bapt. 17
Jan. 177:: : <1. 5 Jan. 18:52, in Poinfret, Conn.: m. 'JO Nov. 17'J-\ Maj.
John Wilkes Ohancller. of Pomfret. [See 381.]

ii. Ebenezer 2 Griffin, b. at Hainptoh", 20 July, 1734; bapt. 28
July, 1734; fanner at Hampton, Conn.; in. 1 Feb. 1757.
Elizabeth Martin, "when she was 18 years 7 mos. and one
day old." She was b. 1 Aug. 1738, dau. of Ebenezer Martin
by his wife Jerusha. Ten children.

Their dan. Hannah Griffin, b. 1 Aug. 17ii3; bapt.- 1 Aug. 17<;3 ; cl. 2-J
Feb. 1814, at Greenfield, Mass.: in. 17S">, Lieut. Calvin Mann, of
Greenfield, where he settled in 1792. He was b. at Monsan, Mass.,
17(51: d. 3 May, 1850. at Springfield, Vt.. but buried at Greenfield.
where he had lived and kept tavern where the Mansion House stand's.
He entered the army in 1777, and served his country till the of
the Revolution. He was in Col. Shepherd's and Col. Vose's regi-
ments; was one year under the command of Lafayette in Virgiuia;
under Sullivan at the evacuation of Long Island. He was at the
siege of Yorktown, the taking of Cornwallis, and he witnessed the
execution of Andre. At one time he was drill-sergeant, and Lad in
his squad Miss Deborah Sampson, under the name of Robert Shurt-
hii, wno served a long time m the Revolution. After the war snu ru.
Mr. Gannett, for whom, as the widower of a revolutionary soldier,
President J. Q. Adams was active in getting a pension.

Sarah- Griffin, b. in Hampton, 12 Aug. 1736 : d. 8 May.
1806; she was 20 years. 5 mos. 7 days old when she in. IS
Jan. 1757. Lieut. Thomas Fuller, who was b. 10 June. 1732,
d. 14 Nov. 1813, aged si vein's, 5 mos. 4 days. He was son
of Stephen and Hannah (Moulton) Fuller. They lived by
Little River, S. E. of meeting-house, in Hampton, Conn.
Seven children.

Her son Thomas Fuller, b. L'l July, 17t!">: m. Polly Fuller, who was b.
13 Oct. 17—. dau. of Joseph Fuller, of Hampton. He studied
" physic'' with Dr. Brewster, of Hampton. Settled at Coopers-
town, N. Y. : became much respected as a physician, and was suc-
cessful as a business man. It was said by some of his relations
that he was the original of Cooper's " Dr. Elnathan Todd, of the

Lucy 3 Gkiffis, b. at Hampton, 17 April, 1737; bapt. 22 April,
1739; d. 20 Aug. 1824; in. 15 Nov. 1758, Hezekiah Ham-
mond, of Hampton, who was b. 4 Nov. 1733, d. L» Dec. 1813,
son of Josiah ; farmer at Hampton. Six children.

Meuitaule- Griffin, b. at Hampton. 2'J Nov. 1741 : at IS yrs.
'J mos. 21 days old, in. at Hampton, 13 Sept. 1760, Thomas 3
Stedman, b. at Brookline, Mass., 1732. He joined the
church at Hampton. 23 June, 177<>, and his wife G Nov. 1815;
carpenter by trade, town clerk from organization of the town.
1 7S<> to 17U8 ; represented Hampton in Legislature in the
October session of 17s7. and May and Oct. 17i)J ; a "tall,
spare, bony man of few words but always to the point." Son
of Thomas- Stedman, Jr., by his wife Anne Seaver. Ten


vi. Mauy- Gkiffin, I). 16 March. 174 4; in. 6 March, 1766,
Ephraim Cleveland, b. 20 Aug. 1740, in Canterbury, Conn.
Six children.

vii. Benjamin 2 Griffin, b. 7 Aug. 1740; d. 11 Nov. 1748.
viii. X.vl'ii'^ "r.' Gi:ii-fin, b. 23 Aug. 1748; d. 7 Sunt. 1754.

ix. Oix'VE 2 Griffin, I). 17.30; bapt.-3 Feb-. 1 7 ~> I ; died,
x. Benjamin- Griffin, 2d, b. 10 May, 1754 : at the age of 21 yrs.

8 nios. 28 days, in. H Feb, 177G, Chioc Howard, who was then I

20 yrs. 4 m. 1<* days old ; she was b.-18 Sept. 1755. She was |

dau. of John Howard, Jr., by ids wife Sarah Bennett. She
died 16 Nov. 1784, leaving- five children. He then m. 4 Jan.
1786, Mary Howard, sister of his first wife. She was b. 22 f

Sept. 1746, After his 6th child was born, Capt. Benj. Griffin
sold his farm in Hampton, and uemoved west. He " was an
intelligent man, of good personal appearance." Six children.


MARY 4 CHANDLER {Philemon? William* William 1 ) and
Thomas Dresser, - Pom-fret, Conn. Son of Jonathan and Sarah
(Leavens) Dresser.

They had one .child.

i. Nathan 3 Deessek; d. "Feb. .'3d, 1805," in the 68th year of his
age, and was buried in the Wappaquains burial-ground in
Pomfret. He lived in the east part of Pomfret, now Putnam,
on the river road, in the first house south of where his son
Abel and his grandson Ezra Dresser resided after him. He m.
19 April, 1750, Orinda 6 Carpenter, who was b. 13 March,
173-S, d. 13 Feb. 1805, in the 07th year of her age. Her an-
cestor. William Carpenter, came from Horwell, England, and
sailed in the ship '"Bevis" from Southampton, 1738, then
aged 62 years. With him came his son William,- aged 33, his
wife Abigail, aged 32, and his grandson. William 3 Carpenter
the 3d, who was b. 1631. This William 3 Carpenter, 3d, in.
for his second wife, Miriam Surls, and was town clerk of Reho-
both from 1GG8 to 1703, save the year 16U3. He had by wife
Miriam Surls, a sou Joshua 4 Carpenter, b. at Rehoboth. 18
Dee. 1664, who m. Ki'.i2,- Elizabeth Reed. He was a cord-
•waiuer in A ttle borough, Mass. Their fourth child was Com-
fort"' Carpenter, b. 8 May, 170!). and m. 12 Nov. 1730. Huldah
Bower. He. Capt. Comfort 5 Carpenter, was graduated at H.
C. 1730; was a lawyer and merchant in Rehohoth, Mass.
He was killed by the Indians at Charlestown, X. II., 13
Sept. 1739, in his 31st year. lie was father of Orinda 1 ' Car-
penter, b. 13 March, 173>>. Eleven children.

MKIIITAP.LE 1 CHANDLER (Philemon? William? Will-
iam 1 ) and Paul 4 Holt, Hampton, Conn. He wash. inAiidover,
Aug. 1720; d. 21 Dec. 1804, a. fro. Son of Paul' Holt by his


wife Abigail, 2 dau. of Nicholas 1 Holt by his wife Mary; grand-
son of Henry- Holt by his wife Sarah Ballard, dau. of William,
and gr. -grandson of Nicholas 1 Holt, who immigrated to America,
(i April, 1635, and arrived in Boston the 3d of June following
— a tanner from Il.qm.scy, England, with his wife Elizabeth.

-lie removed to Hampton, Conn., 172(5. She died while
engaged washing at a tub, 10 May, 1773, in her 55th year, in

The children of Mehitable and Paul 4 Holt were :

i. Paul 5 Holt. b. in Hamilton. 4 Jan. 1743; d. 27 Oct. 1827; m.
first, 20 Aug. 1707. Sarah Welch, b. July, 174:!. d. 12 August,
1782. He in. second, 15 Jan. 1789, Phebe Welsh Cady, who
d. 31 May, 1800; m. third, 27 Nov. 1800, Dinah, dau. of
Joshua Holt, and widow of Mr. Stowell. She d. 21 Feb.
1821b a. 75. Mr. Paul Holt was a soldier iu the war of the
revolution, and was present at the battle of Bunker Hill, lb-
resided on the homestead, in Hampton. Ten children.

ii. Philemon 5 Holt, b. in Hampton, 22 June, 1744: resided at
Willington. Conn. Three children.

hi. 6 Holt. b. 2:3 Feb. 1740; m. 29 Aug. 1771, Mary
Collins. He resided at Sandistield and Pittsfield, Vt. Six

iv. Stephen 5 Holt, b. 12 March, 1748; d. 31 Dec. 1838, a. 90 yrs.
9 mos. 9 days, in Pittsfield; m. 20 Nov. 1774. Hannah Gcer,
b. 2 Nov. lll'>, d. at Chaplin, Conn., 1-858, aged 103. He
lived in Pittsfield. Vt., and was one of the first settlers. Eight

v. James 5 Holt, b. in Hampton. 21 May, 1750; d. 1820. a. 70, in
Bristol, Conn. ; m. first. 31 Dec. 1769, Huldab Stiles, who d.
12 July, 17D0; in. second, 29 June. 1800, Cbloe Stiles, her
sister. Two children.

vi. Thomas 3 Holt, b. in Hampton, 25 Feb. 1752; d. 17 Aug. 1754.

vii. Jos i ah 5 Holt. b. iu Hampton, 28 May, 1754; m. 28 May, 1777,
Keziah Adams, who d. 1811, a. 04 ; no issue. He was surgeon
in the revolutionary war ; during which time a British vessel
laden with drugs was east away near New York and the cargo
confiscated. He purchased the cargo, anil it made him rich.
\iii. Mehitable 5 Holt, b. 1 May. 17.">."> ; in. Jeremiah Phelps, Hamp-

ton, Conn.


MARY 4 CHANDLER (TJiomas, 3 William? William 1 )- and
'losiah Ballard. Andover, Mass. She d. 3 April, 1739, a. 37;
member of church in S. Andover.

The children of Mary and Josiati Ballard were :

i. Mary" 3 Ballard, b. in Andover,, 29 Dec 1725.
ii. bvoi.v- Ballard, b. in Andover, 12 March, 1728.


iii. James 9 Ballard, b. in Andover, 3 July, 1730.

iv. Hannah 9 Ballard, h. in Andover, .''> Jan. \1'V.\.

v. Sarah 9 Ballakd, b. in Andover, 2!) July, 1731.

vi. Phere 9 Ballard, b. in Andover, 2"> July, 1738.

vii. Donoim- Ballard, li. in Andover, 24 June, 1741.


WILLIAM 1 CHANDLER (Thomas* William,* William 1 )
and Elizabeth Blanchard, Andover. Mass. She d. 15 July,
i-735, leaving five children. She joined the church in S. And


ver, with her husband, 28 Aug. 172(5.

He was 'published to his 2d wife, Mary Holt, 31 Jan. 17S8,
"both of Andover/" She d. 17 June, 17."><>; member of
church in S. Andover, leaving three Chandler children.

After William Chandler's death, l."> April, 1741, she married,
21) May, 1^"4."), Jeremiah Osgood, both of Andover.

".Rowley, Oct. 2.*>, 1763. Rec 1 ' of our Son in Law Thomas
( 'handler £1 : 1 : Ah : being our Portion and proportion (/. e.)
one sixth part of the. Portion of our Late son James Chandler
deceased in the Two thirds of his Late Father William Chand-
ler's Real Estate that was settled by Hon. Judge of Probate for
Essex Co. on the said Thomas Chandler his Eldest Son.

tt-., TT , Jeremiah Osgood

\\ ltness our Hands ,, ,. .,

Mary ( Ksgood.

" Committee to set oft* the One third part of the Estate of
Wm. Chandler late of Andover, dec' 1 , intestate, to Mary Chand-
ler Widow of S ! Win. Chandler deceased who is now the wife
of Jeremiah Osgood of S' 1 Town," — "have set oft' to the
aforesaid Mary Chandler alias Osgood as Widow, Relict of S' 1
Deceased, twelve acres of land in Andover on the westerly part
of Pine Plane."

William Chandler was a miller. He died 15 April, 1741,
while his children were young, and his widow Mary was
appointed guardian of James, Stevens and Mary Chandler, all
minors under 14 years of age, P) Ap. 1742. The inventory of
his estate by Nicholas Holt, May 11, 1742, was: real estate,
£167:4:6; personal, £11)4 : 111": 0.

The children of WfLLiA.M Chandler were:.

270. i. Thomas, b. 3 Oct. 172f, ; m. Sarah French.

271. n. Rose, b. 12 April, 1728; m. in Salem, Mass., 1 June.

1748, John Tenny, Jr., both of Rowley.

272. in. Elizabeth, b. 19 Feb. 17:'><>; ,1. i;t \ w /. 1731,

278. iv. William. 1>. 2"> Jan. 17J2: in. 11 Feb. 17.VJ, Jane Nelson,

of Rowley.
274. v. Elizabeth, h. 10 June, 1734; d. 1 Jan. 1 730.



27"). vi. James, b. 13 Doc. 173&; d. between 1712 and 1763.

27G. vii. Stkvkxs, b. 15 Dee. 1738; in. first. Alice Snow; m.

second. June. 1784, Mary Preston; in. third, 13 Jau.

1700, Sarah Keyes.
277. vni. Matcy, b. 8 Feb. 1741 ; m. 18 Nov. 1702. Joseph Snow,

Jr., of Rowley. . .. . . .


Rev. JAMES 4 QHANDLER {Thoma*,* WiUiam\ William 1 )
and Mary Hale, Rowley, Mass. She
y**ru6 &Un$&-£ was ( i au . f i> cv . Moses Hale, of

[72$ Byfield, I). 1713, by his wife Mary
Moody, and grand-daughter of Joseph Hale, son of John and
Sarah (Synionds) Hale. " Ap. 17, 1737. Before the Sacra-
ment Mary Chandler wife of the Pastor of the church was
admitted to the communion of it being recommended thereto
from the church in Byfield."

On a slate-stone near her residence while living, is inscribed :

" Mrs. Mary Chandler Relict of Rev. James Chandler,
Died Sept. 2, 1806, M. 02:

When I lie deep buried in the dust

My flesh shall be thy Cart'.
These withering limbs with thee I trust.

To raise them strong and fair."

They resided about half a mile east of where the present
church stands, and near where the first church stood.

They had no children, lie was graduated at Harvard, 172*,
in a class numbering 42, and his rank in •' Dignity of Family"
and scholarship was 23d.

Jan. 4, 1782. The Parish in Rowley invited him to settle
over it as its Pastor. Every man in the meeting voted for it,
and he was ordained over it 18 Oct. 1782. ''July 17, 1733,
the Parish voted they would be at the expense of raising Rev.
Mr. Chandler's house and barn, and agreed to give Mr. Stephen
Nelson £12. to make provision for the same." That house was
burnt April 4, 1825. it stood upon the spot where Stephen M.
Nelson's house now (I860) stands.

June 15, 1757. Rev. James Chandler's name stood at the
head of the Alarm List of 20 in Rowley, under the command
of Capt. Richard Thurston, at a time when the whole commu-
nity were alarmed by the fear of the French invasion. This
list included the old, the lame and one blind man, all indeed
who were not able-bodied soldiers.

" He was active and influential in civil and religious affairs ;
guardian of children and administrator of Estates. He was
xumd in doctrine, exemplary in life and conversation, dignified



in deportment and greatly esteemed, generally by his own
people, highly respected abroad, and very successful in his

lie was quite a fruit-grower in bis day. lie introduced and
cultivated Htp Hosf kinds r> f apples, and also many kinds of
medicinal plants.

In his Will, hearing date 22 May, 1787, he says: " I James
Chandler, Clerk, of Rowley, being very aged," &c. "my wife
Mary," " my Sister Elizabeth Dane." " To the children of my
late Iirother William Chandler dec' 1 I give his Eldest Son
Thomas Chandler" £7. ""William" £5 "and my English
Dictionary," and to Stevens £7. " To his youngest daughter
Mary Snow'' £7. and to "Mary Spotlbrd and Hannah Tenny
daughters of his late daughter Rose Tenny, dec', each of them
£,")." " To Joseph Chandler only child of my late Brother
Joseph Chandler dec' 1 £7."

" To the children of my late Brother John Chandler dec'' I
give his daughter Mary, wife of Mr. William White," £4.
And to his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Thomas Plummer,

"To each of the female children of my late sister Mary
Ballard fifteen shillings."

" The children of my late sister Phebe Dana dec are plenti-
fully provided for by Providence so as not to need gifts of
mine. However to the widow of her late Son Caleb Dana dee' 1
I give " £3.

"To Bridget Burroughs only child of my sister Bridget
Wood I give £2," and " To her Son John Chandler Bur-
roughs," £4.

"To the children of my late sister Hannah Burroughs dec' 1
I orive" "to her Son ('apt. George Burroughs 40 shillings"
" and a note." &c. " To Rebecca Burroughs Widow, Relict of
nn late nephew Thomas Burroughs, £5." "To her daughter
Mary Burroughs that now lives with me £10, and the bed she
lodges on and bedding," and "to each of the other children of
s' 1 Thomas Burroughs dec'" £3.

"To Sophia Spotlbrd only daughter and only living child of
the late Dr. Isaac Spotlbrd and of my late dear niece [in Law]
Mary [Aver] his wife, I give my gold Sleeve Buttons."

"*I give to Samuel Merrill the lad that lives with me," £3.

" To my Negro woman Pliillis her manumission or freedom
and five £, a chest and such other things in my house as are
known as her things and also the Bed that she and her mother
lodge in, and all the bedding belonging to it ; and I hereby
testily that I gave her her freedom when she was IS years old
ami covenanted with her that, if she would live and serve in
my familv. I would give her one pound aim six shillings and


eight pence per year for her services and Hud her her clothes.
She has live with and served nie ever since, and I have paid
her nothing of the money that I promised as her wages, and
therefore I owe it to her and order my Executors to pay it to
Iter. I suppose my keeping her child more than answers for
interest, hut I release what more it might he reckoned at."

Cicero Green, of Newburyport, and Phillis Chandler, of
Rowlev, Negroes, were married by Rev. James Chandler, 1
March', 1183.

" My apparel I dispose of thus. My Gown and Linen 1
give to my wife. The remainder of my apparel I give to
Thomas Chandler and Stevens Chandler, Sons of my late
Brother William, and to Joseph ('handler Son of my late
Brother Joseph, to be equally divided between them."

" The Pew in the meeting House in the West Parish in Row-
ley, I give to my Nephew and kinsman John Tenny Jun r , son
of my late sister Pose Tenny dec' 1 ."'

"To this church and Parish" £K>, "to begin a Library.
My Real Estate I give to the Parish for a Parsonage [on condi-
tion that the Parish take care of my widow]." John Tenny,
Jr. to be sole Executor. Will approved 5 May, 1789. His
Estate was inventoried at £4*2 : 2s.

By the State Valuation, 1798, Mary Chandler, of Rowley,
had half a house and 80 perches of land valued at 242 Dols.
and 40 acres at 720 Dols.

Of the writings of Rev. James Chandler there have been
printed :

1. "Two Sermons preached at Rowley, West Parish,
Mass., Feb. 10, 1754. 12mo. Boston, 1754. On Tempta-
tion and Prayer."

2. "A Sermon preached at the Ordination of Rev. Thomas
Lan 'aster to the Pastoral Care of the First Church at Scar-
borough, Me., Nov. 8, 1775. 5vo. Portsmouth, N. H.,

3. "A Sermon preached at Newburyport, Mass., June 25,
1767." This Sermon was preached at a Fast Sanctitied by the
Congregational Church and Society there, under bereavement
of their Pastor Rev. John Lowell, who died May 15, 171! 7.
Its publication drew out a "letter of 27 pages in Reply, from
Rev. John Tucker, pastor of the Fii^t Church in Newburyport,
dated Aug. 25, 17(57.

4. This was followed by "An Answer " of some 3b' pages
by the author of the Sermon, dated Rowley, Oct. 16, 1767.

5. After this Mr. Chandler published "A Serious Address,"
of 38 pages, "to that pail of the Congregational Church in
Newburyport, whieh, for the present, attend the public worship
of God in the Court House ; occasioned by two letters published


by the Rev. John Tucker, to make void in part a Sermon
preached to paid Church on their Solemn Fast, June 2"), 17(17."
It contains al.-<>, an account of the division of said Church and
Paiish into two Christian Societies.

Ho Tm-irWl the Convention Sermon 1774, which was not

The funeral charges of Rev. James Chandler were paid by
the parish, and, on a black slate slab, 6 ft. by 3, resting on a
solid granite base, 2i feet square by 5£ long, in the graveyard
opposite his dwelling house, is inscribed the following:

This Monument

is Erected in Memory of

Rev. James Chandler

first Pastor of the Second Church

of Christ in Rowley

who departed this life

April ye lU' h 17<S'J in the"

83 rd year of his age and 58 th

of his Pastoral Care of s' 1 Church.

Beneath the honor of this tomb
We've placed our Pastor's dear remains

To rest in Silence here
Till the last trumpet shall be blown
By the Eternal's high command
To bid the world draw near.
Then will he wake with sweet surprise
And join the Saints above the skies
To sing and triumph there.


PHEBE 4 CHANDLER (Thomas* William? William')
and Caleb 3 Dana, Brighton, Mass.

He was b. in 1(51*7, in that part of Cambridge now Brighton ;
and on a slate-stone tablet supported by brick, in the most
prominent place in the old cemetery, in the rear of the first
church in Brighton, is inscribed,: "Here lie intornbed the re-
mains of Caleb Dana, Esq. who departed this life, April ve 28 th
A. D. 1769, JEf 72." His grandfather. Richard 1 Dana, was born
in France about K>12. In 1629 he fled to England with his
father to avoid persecution, being Protestants. He came to
America about 1640, and married, 1(547, Ann Bui lard, of Cam-
bridge. In l(io<s they were members of the church there. He own-
ed most of what is now the village of Brighton. Of his twelve
children, Daniel- Dana was 1). 20 March, ll5(>;j ; baptized in the
Old South Church, Boston, 3 April, 1664; d. 10 Oct. 1749 ; m.
Naomi Croswell, and was father of Caleb 3 Dana, b. 1697, who.

I 2
1 2


lived in 'that part of Cambridge south of Charles River, now
Brighton. The Massachusetts Gazette', of May 4, 1769, says:
" Friday last died at Cambridge, Caleb Dana, Esq. M 73: a
or. child of his died a few days before ; and also his son^ whom
vve mentioned last week, died at Wallingford, all within a

Caleb Dana was a tanner. He left an estate, as appraised, of
real, £54b'8 : 13 : 4 ; and of personal, £371 : 5 : 8.

An Inventory of the Estate of Phebe Dana, late of Cambridge.

Wearing apparel * s - <*•

One dark Lute string Gown . . . -. 2 8

One Padua soy " ..... 4

;t Damask " ..... 2

« Calico " . . . . - 10

" Poplin " 8

" Pr. Stays-

" black Taffety Quilt . ■ . . .
" " Callamunso Quilt . .

" Hght Cnnl d " 12

" Black Velvet Cloak 18

" Camblet " ....... 9

" broad Cloth Ridinghood . . . . • • 1 8

" Camblet " .... . .. 8

Linen .......... 2 10

Total of personal estate . . 65 18 7

Cambridge Feb. 9, 1773.
James Bryant, ~\
Daniel Dana, > Appraisers.
Stephen Dana, )

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