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Cassar, a negro servant of Caleb Dana, and Rose, a negro
servant of Capt. Caleb Kendrick, of Newton, were married.

The children of Phebe and Caleb Dasta were :

i. Caleb 4 Dana, b. in Cambridge, 20 March, 1726-7 ; d. 6 August,

ii. Phebe 4 Dana, b. in Cambridge, 12 July, 1729 ; m. 12 Sept.
1747, Henry Coolidge, son of Stephen Coolidge, whom. Sarah,
dan. of Capt. Jos'iah Parker. After the death of Stephen
Coolidge she m. second, Nicholas Pessenden, a noted school-
master. Two children.

ill. Pkiscilla 4 Dana. b. in Cambridge, 24 Aug. 1731.

iv. Caleb 4 Dana. 2d; d. 17 April, 1769, at Wallingford, Conn., a.
52, on a visit to his brother, Rev. James, after only twenty-
four hours illness. He m. at Brighton, Mass., 24 May, 1756,
Sarah Ballard.

The inventory of the estate of Caleb Dana, Jr., late of Brighton,
dec-eased, exhibited by the administratrix, Sarah Dana, Aug. 2, 17G9,
embraced, " Beef. £79 : 1 : 4 ; Beef Carts, Block and Cleaver, £8.:


10:8; Slays and Reef Wherries, £2 : 1 : 2 ; Chaise, £20 ; Slaughter
House," &c. The administratrix craved an allowance, Dee* 10,
1770, paid George Dana for tanning leather from May 1, 176'J. to
April 12, 1770, and an allowance for the use of the widow and five

" To Capt. Stephen Dana. You are authorized and empowered to
apprise all that part of the Estate of Caleb Dana, Esq., late of Cam-
bridge, deceased, testate, which was set off to Sarah, widow of his
son Caleb Dana, for her dower or thirds ; To Charles Dana, Grand
Son, one fifth part, of s d Dower." Dec. 1, 1779.

The return set off to Charles Dana, the grandson, the mansion-
house on the road to Springfield, in Cambridge. Five children.

v. James 4 Daxa, b. at Cambridge. 1735 ; d. 11 Aug. 1812, a. 77.
at New Haven, Conn. He was a graduate of Harvard Col-
lege, where he remained a resident graduate several years, pur-
suing his theological studies. In 1758 he went to Wallingf ord,
Conn. A council to settle him, and a consociation to 'prevent
his ordination, met in Wallingford the same day, the 11th Oct.
1758. The council denied the jurisdiction of the consociation.
and settled him ; but his pastoral relations were dissolved by
tuat body. It was a controversy between the Old Light and
the New Light parties. Mr. Dana was understood to belong
to the liberal school.
He took a decided stand with the patriots of the revolution, and
his Arminianism came to be regarded as a very pardonable offence.
In 1768 he was honored with the degree of Doctor of Divinity from
the University of Edinburgh. In 1780 he was called to the pastoral
charge of the first church in New Haven. His health failed in 1804 ;
and Mr. Stewart, who was afterwards professor, supplied his pulpit ;
and the society, July 30, 1805. signified by a vote their willingness
" that Dr. Dana should retire from his pastoral labors." He mani-
fested his feelings at being snubbed so curtly, by always afterwards
attendiug public service at the College Chapel, where he used to sit
in the pulpit with Dr. Timothy Dwight. In his old age he is recol-
lected as personally a mere shadow of a man — all, slender and ghost-
ly ; and his prayers at the communion service in the Chapel were re-
markably solemn, reverential and impressive. In his manners he was
extremely bland, courteous and gentlemanly. He was a trustee of
Yale College. An engraving of Dr. Dana adorns 4v The Historical
Discourses," by Rev. Dr. Bacon.

He m. first, 8 May, 1759, Catherine Whittlesey, of Wallingford.
She d. 28 Aug. 1795, a. 67, dau. of Rev.* Samuel Whittlesey, of Mil-
ford, Conn. Hem. second, 10 July, 1796, Abigail Porter, widow of
Col. Thomas Belding, Jr. She d. 17 March, 17'.)*, a. 61, dau. of Dr.
Ezekiel Porter. He m. third, 14 Sept. 179-S, Mary Miles, widow of
Mr. Rice. She d. 21 Dec. 1831, a. 91. A red sandstone monument,
in form like an Egyptian pyramid, just at the right hand of the
entrance of Cemetery at New Haven. Conn., marks the resting place
of the mortal remains of his three wives and himself. Two children.

His son, Samuel Whittlesey Dana, !>. 13 Feb. 1760; d. 1831. Y. C.
1775; LL. D. Senator in U. S. Congress from 1810 to 1821; voted


in 1812 with the peace partv; mayor of Middletown, Conn., 1822.

He in Mary Wyllis, widow of Kichard Alsop, b. 2:5 Jan. 1701, d.

20 Aug. 1815, at Fiatbush, L. I. The poet. She was dau. of

Samuel Wyllis.
Georoe 4 Daw. b. 1 Jan. 1744; <1. 11 April, 1787, at Ashburn-
ham, Mass., a. 43. Resided at Stow for a time; m. first. 14
Feb. 1764, Margaret 5 Clark, b. 7 July. 174:], d. 3 Oct. 1770,
at Brighton : dim. of Capt. Jolm 4 Clark, of Waltham, who m.
7 No\\ 1734. Hannah Cutting; gr.-dau. of John 3 and Ann
(Pierce) Clark, of Newton, gr.-gr.-dau. of John- Chirk son of
Hugh 1 Clark, of Watcrtown. "tie m. second. 1771, Eliza
Parks, b. 18 Jan. 1740. After Mr. Dana's death she ra. sec-
ond, Alexander Parmalee, of Woodstock, Vt. Ten children.

LYDIA 4 CHANDLER (Thomas, 3 William.- William 1 ) and
Ebenezcr' Felch, S. Reading, Mass. After her death, 23 May,
1731, he in. 2$ Jan. 1734^ Margaret Toothaker, in Billerica,
and their first child, Phebe, was born 17 Nov. 1734.

Child of Lydia and Ebenezer Felcii :
i. Lydia Felch, b. 15 June, 1720.


BRIDGET 4 CHANDLER (Tliomas, 3 William, 2 William 1 )
and Josiah 4 Wood. Pie was b. 14 March, 1701, son of Josiah 3
and Mary Blany AVood, of ancient Rowley. Edward 1 Wood m.
Ruth Mansel. Josiah- Wood m. Lydia Race. Josiah 4 AVood was
a goldsmith by trade, but left Newbury and bought a place in
Deny. Rev. James Chandler, of Rowley, said in his will, "To
Bridget Burroughs, only child of my sister Bridget AVood, I
give " £2 ; and " To John Chandler Burroughs, her Son," £4.
§he died 25 Dec, 1754, a. 42. He died 25 March, 1753, in his
50th year. He was taxed in Charlestown from 1727 to 1756.

The children of Bridget and Josiah AVood were :
i. Josiah 5 Wood, b. 17 Jan. 1732; ra. Susannah Giddings, 17.54.
ii. Josiah 5 Wood. b. 2 Oct. 1735 ; d. 1736.
iii. Bridget 5 AVood, b. 22 Feb. 1738-0 ; m. George Burroughs.

One child :
John Chandler Burroughs. His gr. -uncle, Kev. James Chandler, gave
him in his will £4.

iv. Josiah 5 Wood, d. 11 Sept. 1757, a. 23 years.


HANNAH 4 CHANDLER {Thomas* William,- William 1 )
and George Burroughs. Wyman says in his Genealogist
Estates iii Charlestown : Cxeorge Barrows, sea captain from



Monmouthshire, m. 1, Kahaim Ivovey ; ra. 2, Relief Rows; m.
3, Hannah Chandler, at Andover, 10 May, 1733, who was
buried 15 Sept. 1757. He was lost on a voyage to Europe.
He was probably son of Capt. Joseph 1 Burroughs, a tanner, of

"Newbury, Jan. 20, 17ti2. Whereas Thomas Chandler Late
of Andover dee' 1 , did in his Last will " " give unto his grand-
son, John Burroughs who is now dec' 1 Ten pounds Bills of
Credit of Old Tenor, we Hannah Burroughs mother and George
and Thomas Brothers of s' 1 John Burroughs deceased, have ree
of James and John Chandler the 10£ bequeathed to him, Jan.
20, 1762."

George and Thomas Burroughs, of Newburyport, the former
a tanner, conveyed to N. Winslow in 1774, the right of George
Burroughs in" the Proprietary Land in Falmouth. "These
were descendants of the minister, Reverend George Burroughs,
who was executed Aug. 19, 1692, on Gallows Hill, Salem,
Mass., for witchcraft."

The children of Hannah and George Burroughs were :

i. Capt. George 3 Burroughs, b. in Charlestown. 4 March. 1734 ;
m. first, Bridget Woods; m. second, 12 Aug. 1781), Mary
ii. Thomas 3 Burroughs, b. in Charlestown, 20 Sept. 173G ; m.

Rebecca . Rev. James Ch. gave in his will, 1787. Wi To

Rebecca Burroughs widow relict of my late Nephew Thomas
Burroughs £5. and to her Daughter Mary Burroughs that now
lives with me £10. and the bed she lodges on and bedding and
to each of the other children of s d Thomas Burroughs £3."

iii. JosiAn 3 Burroughs, b. in Charlestown, 9 January, 1737.

iv. John 3 Burroughs, b. in Charlestowu, 24 April, 1739.

- 102

ELIZABETH 1 CHANDLER (Thomas* William? William 1 )
and Dea. John 5 Dane, Jr., of Andover, Mass. He was b. 20
Nov. 1716; d. June, 1801, a. 8-3, son of John 1 Dane by his
wife Sarah Chandler. [See 84.]

He was chosen deacon of the then South Church in Andover,
4 Feb. 1755, and held that office until 25 March, 1794. He
was accustomed to read, the Psalm line by line for the choir to
sing. He resided about half a mile west of where stands the
meeting-house in the West Parish. He owned a large tract of
land there.

He devised in his Will of 25 May, 1795, to Elizabeth Dane,
"my beloved wife, the use and improvement of the East End
of my Dwelling House/' and ordered " my Son Philemon to
find my wife a Suitable horse to ride and a man to ride with her
to meeting and Elsewhere as She shall have occasion, so long


as she is able to ride." ITc gave " my Son Philemon Dane all
my land and buildings." He mentioned "my son Francis."
"The children of my Son John Dane, viz. John, James, Moses
and Elizabeth." " My gr.-daughter Elizabeth Foster, dau. of
Timothy," " my two gr.-daughters Priscilla, wife of Moses
Dane, and Elizabeth Foster, to have my household furniture
after my wife's death."

" My Son Philemon 6 Dane Sole Executor."

Mrs. Elizabeth Dane d. Nov. 1800, a. 83, member of church.

The children of Elizabeth Chandler and Dea. John Dane
were :

i. John 6 Dane, d. Nov. 1777, a. 39, " stra stroke at the Stillwater

fight;" m. Mary Moody?
ii. Philemon 6 Dane, b. in Audover. 2 Fel>. 1742 ; d. 18 May, 1816,
in Audover: m. Priscilla Phelps, who was I). 10 May, 1748.
They lived on the old Dana homestead where Mr. Strattou
lived, 1864. Three children.
iii. Elizabeth 6 Dane, b. in Audover, 6 Aug. 1745: m. Timothy

Foster. Two children,
iv. Benjamin* 3 Dane, b. 18 July. 1748: d. 6 Nov. 1774.
v. Priscilla 6 Dane.

vi. Francis 6 Dane. 1). iu Audover, 18 Feb. 1751 ; m. Abiah Burt?
He removed about 1820 from Danville to Derby, Vt. Five
vii. "William 6 Dane : West Parish, Audover.


JOSEPH 4 CHANDLER (Thomas, 3 William? William')
and Mary Abbot. She was b. 13 April, 172."), daughter of
Ebenezer and Hannah (Dane) Abbot. [Se« 2.]

Her husband, Joseph Chandler, d. 31 March, 1745, at the
age of 25, leaving one child. She m. second, 8 April, 174<>,
Isaac Blunt, " both of Andover," and they had

i. Mary Blunt, b. 17 Feb. 1747.
ii. Hannah Blunt, 1). 25 Sept. 1748.

" Received of the Rev. James Chandler, adm. on the Estate
of Joseph Chandler Dec' 1 £50. old Tenor, being what was left
to the widow of s d deceased now wife of Isaac Blunt.
Signed Isaac Blunt

Mary [ *£] + Blunt."

The only child of Joseph Chandler was :

27M. i. Joseph 5 Chandler, Jr., b. iu Andover, 8 June. 174.*} ; in.
Elizabeth Cook.



Rev. JOHN 4 CHANDLER {Thomas* William? William 1 )
and Alary White, Billeriea, Mass. She was 1). in Haverhill,
Mass., SO April, 1720. She was a descendant of William 1
White, who landed from Norfolk Co., Eng., at Ipswich, Mass.,
and became one of the early settlers of Haverhill. His son,
John" 3 White, 1). HMO, mar. Hannah French, and were parents
of John 3 White, Jr., Esq., of Haverhill, who m. Lydia, dau.
of Hon. John Oilman, of Exeter. Their son, Dea. William 4
White, Esq., of Haverhill, m. Sarah Phillips, dan. of Samuel
Phillips, goldsmith, of Salem, by his wife Mary Emerson, and
gr.-dau. of Rev. Samuel Phillips, of Rowley, Mass., son of
George, of Watertown.

Mrs. Mary Chandler was the 7th child of Dea. William
White by his wife Sarah Phillips. She died 19 days after the
birth of her .son William, and her remains lie by those of her
husband and their son.» John and William, both of whom died
in enrly youth. On a ^late-stone slab 2 ft. by 3 in the grave-
yard, about a mile south of the meeting-house, is inscribed:
" In memory of Mrs. Mary Chandler wife of Rev. John Chand-
ler and Daughter of William White Esq. Deceased. She
departed this Life June 2-S, 1757, having just Entered the 32
year of her age."

" She in her Life ye Paths of Virtue trod,
Her dost lies here, her soul now lives with God."

On 18 Jan. 1759, he m. Elizabeth White, who was b. 21
July, 1731, dau. of Samuel White, miller, of Haverhill, son of
'John and Lydia (Oilman) White, by his wife Ruth Phillips,
dau. of Samuel Phillips, goldsmith, of Salem, by his wife Mary
Emerson, and gr.-dau. of Rev. Samuel Phillips, of Rowley, by
his wife Sarah Appleton.

His wives were double first cousins. His last wife had the
prefix of J//'*, in the Town Records, when *' dignity of family"
rather than civil status was designated thereby. After his
death, 10 Nov. 17G2, she m. second, 14 June, 170(5, Dr. Robert
Luscombe, of Taunton, Mass. The Boston Chronicle of " Oct.
17 to 24 th ," 1768, says: -Died on the IP" inst. at Taunton,
much lamented, Mrs. Elizabeth Luscombe, the wife of Robert
Luscombe, Esq. She was relict of Rev. Mr. John Chandler, of
Billeriea, deceased, and daughter of Air. Samuel White, of

In April, 1747, the town of Billeriea made choice of Rev.
John Chandler, of Andover, as ail assistant with Rev. Mr.
Ruggles. They voted him £600 old tenor settlement with £200
salary of the same currency during the life of Mr. Ruggles, and


the addition of £100 after his decease, with 20 cords of wood.
On the 2Ut of Oct. following a Council of eight churches was

convened for his ordination. On this occasion Rev. James ■
Chandler of Rowley [his brother] preached from John iii. 11.
The Rev. Samac! Phillips, of Andover, gave the charge.

The accounts of Elizabeth Chandler, admin, on the Estate of
her late husband, Rev. John Chandler, rendered 21 Jan. 17(53,
and 7 March, 17<i»5, make the Estate amount to £354 : 13 : 3| ;
out of which, the widow was allowed by the Judge of Probate,
" for care and bringing up the youngest child and for provisions
for the family one "year £15. and for mourning apparel £(5."
The inventory of his Estate, rendered "December ye 21, 17(>2,"

1 Gnu. One Swoard and accoutrements . . £ 1: 5:0
7 Large Silver Spoons . ... ■ • • 30: 8:0
6 Silver Tea Spoons and 1 pr. Silver Tea Tongs 10:0

1 Silver Pepper Box and one Silver Mustard Pott 1:11:4

1 Silver Can &1&0

Delpli Ware and Glass in Corner Cupboard . 1: 2:8

2 Spinning Wheels 1 Cheese Press 1 lieii . . 5:16:0
14 Barrels of Cyder with Barrels . . • 4:12:4

1 Horse and Bridle 5: 6:8

2 Saddles 2 Prs Saddle Bags and Portmanteau . 1:14:0
1 Biding Chair with Harness .... 5: 6:8
Mr. Henry Annotations on the Bible . . . 4:16:0
Sundry other Books and Pamphlets . . . 13: 9:0
Real Estate 1 50: 0:0

Rev. Mr. Chandler was graduated at Harvard University in
1743. Ordained over the church at Billerica, 21 Oct. 1747, and
was dismissed from his office of pastor 5 June, 1700, and died
10 Nov. 1762, in his 30th year, " Sometime Pastor of ye church
in Billerica."

His relative, Rev. Samuel Chandler, then of York, Me.,
wrote in his Diary, 30 April, 1741): " Mr. John Chandler
preached my Lect. from Gallat. iv. 30. a Sweet Sermon d d
with much 'moderation ana* modesty. The people very atten-

Farmer, in his history of , says, "His Sermons were

written in a very neat style and Evinced a benevolent Spirit."

The children of John Chandler, were :

279. i. Mary, b. in Billerica, 8 Sept. 1749 ; bapt. 10 Sept. 1749 ;

m. 26 Oct. 1775, William White, of Haverhill.

280. ii. John, b. in Billerica, 9 May, 1752; d. 20 Oct. 17G0.

281. hi. William, b. in Billerica, 9 June, 1757; bapt. 12 June,

1757; d. 29 Oct. 17G0.

282. iv. Elizabeth, b. in Billerica, 6 Aug. 1760.; m. 12 Sept. 1780,

Thomas Plummer, tl both of Rowley."



MEHITABLE 4 CHANDLER {Joseph* William* William^)
and Robert 1 Crosby, Townsend, Mass. Whan married he was

t'-' ' •'• ouc °*' L ' ilJ l >io l H '' etol ' :i of North Town," Townsend.
&-&*{ y"' She was dismissed, 8 Dec. 1734, from the church in Andover
; . \ to the church in Townsend.

LX \ *-* . Their children were :

i. Robert 2 Ckosby, Jr. ; selectman of New Ipswich at the first town
meeting, 13 Sept. 1732 ; was one of the committee. Jan. 17G2,
r^ with John Chandler, Dea. Benjamin Adams and Capt. Reuben
K ,i'- r Kidder, " to build the Meeting House 50 ft. lon«; and 40 ft.

, fj* wide," for the Rev. Stephen Farrar, who was ordained there

yC 1 " 17G3 - His minister's rate, in 1763, was £3:6: 7.

■ j( d "• Jonah 2 Cbosby ; Bapt. 3 Oct. 1736. [Townsend Church Rec-

! VA',A l. ords.] He was received into the church in Townsend from

1 ; C \v'. _ jj. New Ipswich, 1759. When residiug in New Ipswich, in. in
YO, ' Ws. '. '^ ' Townsend, 22 Dec. 1757, Lydia Chandler, of Westford, Mass.
(a v o . ■ ^ [See 165.] ,

iii. Pdebe 9 CeOsby ; bapt. 10 Dec. 1738. | ,01-
iv. Joel 2 Crosby; bapt. 20 June. 1740; m. Hannah Adams. He
was taken prisoner by the Indians near Fort Edward, 20 July.

of Westfonl, .


Jr ,\t ,~r 1756, and his father in-law, Andrew Spalding.
Y i \ *( *~ " Mass - 5 petitioned the General Court of Massachusetts, in 1757,
I -f\\X to ransom him. Hannah and Joel Crosby were members of

lh \' \\ the church in New Ipswich before 1765. He settled on the

« y Spaldmg land. His minister's tax there, in 1763, was £4 •

i - 17:6.

v. JbsiAH 2 Crosby. His ministerial tax, in 1763, was £4': 6, in
New Ipswich. r ■' ■ -•,

Mehitable Chandler Crosby m. second^ 20 Nov. 1745, An-
drew 3 Spalding, who was b. 8 Dec. 1701, son of Andrew 2 and
gr.-son of Edward 1 Spalding. He was deacon of the church in
New Ipswich, X, H. Dea. Andrew Spalding was one of the
grantees of New Ipswich, X. H. He applied to the General
Court of Massachusetts for aid in regard to his son-in-law,
Joel Crosby, who- was taken captive by the Indians at Half- Way
Brook near Lake George, 20 June, 1758.

By Andrew 3 Spalding she had

i. Rem 4 Spalding, b. 2o Dec. 1746; m. Isaac Rutterlield.

ii. Solomon 4 Spalding, b. 28 Sept. 174$.

iii. Henry 4 Spalding, b. 5 July, 1750.

iv. Abigail 4 Spalding, b. 3 June, 1754 ; m. Oliver Taylor.



THOMAS 4 CHANDLER (Joseph, 3 William* William^)
and Elizabeth Walcott, Andover.


He was recorded as Junior, when married. lie died of
smallpox at Reading, Mass., 11 Dec. 1760, a. about 50 years.

The administration of the estate of Thomas Chandler, late of
Andover, deceased, was granted o April, 1761, to his widow
Elizabeth Chandler. The account of his estate, embracing- real
estate valued at £752 : G : 2, which she rendered, was signed
with her mark.

The guardianship of Joseph, Thomas and Asa, sons of the
late Thomas Chandler, was granted to Thomas Abbot, 28 .Tan.
17(34 ; and of Elijah and Peter, to Nehemiah Abbot, 23 Jan.
1764. These sons were all under 14 years old.

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth ( Waleott) Chand-
ler were :

i. Elizabeth, b. in Andover, 17 Dec. 1739 ; d. 15 Jan. 1740.
Elizabeth, b. 23 March 1742.

Bridget, 1». 2 April, 1741 ; d. at about 20 vears of age.
Eunice, b. 174G ; d. 20 May, 1749.
Ebekezer, b. $4 May, 1749 ; m. first, 29 Nov. 1768, Mary

fiurnap, in Heading; m. second, Sarah Averill, widow of

James Hutchinson ; m. third, Eeniembrance Fletcher,

widow of Moses Pierce.
Elijah, b. 6 Aug. 1753 ; killed in the Bunker Hill fight.
Peter, b. 25 March, 1755 ; in. Mercy Ingals.
Josei'ii, b. 22 Dec. 1756 ; in the U. S. service, and died

in it.
x\.sa, b. 25 April, 1759 ; m. Eleanor Richardson.
Thomas, b. 1761. He had a sore on one of his knees,

which occasioned the amputation of his leg ; d. at about

16 years of age.






















MARY 4 CHANDLER (Joseph, 3 William* William 1 ) and
James 4 Holt. He was born in Andover, 1707 ; son of 'James 3
and Susannah (Preston) Holt. She d. 10 Feb. 1751, in her
38th year. Member of the church in S. Andover. He hi. sec-
ond, ii Aug. 17G7, Mrs. Mary Mclntire.

The children of Mary and Ja.aies Holt were ;

i. Jesse 5 Holt, b. in Andover ; in. widow of Moses Gray, and

moved to Tewksbury.
ii. Lemuel 5 Holt ; m. Mehitable, dan. of Joseph Lovejoy.
iii. Mauy 5 Holt ; m. first, Mr. Andrews, of Boxford ; in. second,

Mr. Andrews,- his brother,
iv. Bridget 3 Hojlt; m. Levi Andrews, of Boxford: removed to
Nottingham, N. H.


v. Zela 5 Holt, b. 29 Dec. 1738 ; m. 16 Nov. 1702. Friscilla" Ab-
bot. b. 6 Feb. 1741, dan of Barraehias 4 and Hannah 4 (Holt)
Abbot; removed to Milton, X. H., and afterwards to Bethel,

Me. Six children.


JOSEPH 4 CHANDLER {Joseph* William,- William 1 )
and Sarah Richardson — or Richards, says Rev. James Chand-
ler's "Chandler Chart."

William 1 Richardson, b. in England about 1620; m. 23 Aug.
1654, Elizabeth Wiseman.

Joseph- Richardson, m. Margaret Godfrey.

Joseph 3 Richardson, m. Ann Riggs.

Joseph 4 Richardson, m. Hannah Nelson of Rowley.

Sarah 5 Richardson, b. 1719; m. 30 Dec. 1741, Joseph

His grandson, Judge William Chandler, of Lunenburg, Vt.,
wrote, " Joseph Chandler, as my father and uncle inform me,
moved from Andover to Readsboro', Vt., about 1765 ; resided
there 12 years, and removed to Ware, Mass. (or Weare, N.
H. ?), where he died."

The children of JosEra and Sarah (Richardson) Chandler
were :

293. i. Joseph, b. in Andover, 1 April, 1743.

294. ii. Reuben, b. 6 Dec. 1744. The Ashford Records say, '-Reu-

ben Chandler, y e son of Joseph Chandler, died May y e 7
Day, 1751."

295. in. Thomas, b. in Groton, 20 Jan. 17- G ; died of spotted fever

in or near Boston, about 1*00, leaving a large family —
one son Norman? He was a blacksmith.

296. iv. Sarah; m. Sturtevant? Eaton, Canada?

297. v. John, b. in Groton, " 29 May. New Stile 10 June Old Stile

1749 ;" d. in Southampton. Mass.. aged about 75.

" Warren, Mass.. March 25, 1775. There is a purpose
of marriage between John Chandler of Western and Eliza-
beth Estey of Sutton. Timothy Dwight, Town Clerk."

He was published 16 March, 1815, to Rebecca Atwood
" both of Easthampton," Mass.

298. vi. Solomon ; d. at Winchester, N. H. ? ( Published at Wan-en,

Mass., 27 July, 1776, to Experience Walcott, both of
Warren ?) .

299. vii. Hannah. " Hannah Dau. of Joseph and Sarah Chandler.

deceased 30 Nov. 1755." [Willington, Conn., Town Rec]

300. vui. Joseph, b. " at Willington, Conm, 3 Aug. 1756;" d. at

Baliston Spa.



JOSEPH 1 CHANDLER (Joseph, 3 William? William 1 ) and
Prudence Russell, Andover, Mass.

She d. j 5 Nov. 1745, about 8 months after her marriage.
She had m. first, 29 July, 1741, Moses Holt, 1>. in Andover,
21 Oct. 1715, d. 6 April, 1743, son of Moses 3 Holt by wife
Elizabeth Russell, by whom she had Phineas Holt, b. in An-
dover, 5 July, 1742?

He m. second, Hannah Phelps, who had m. 1734 Ephraim 4
Abbot. She was dau. of Sergt. Samuel Phelps by wife Han-
nah Dane.

" John Chandler and Jonathan Abbot, Jr. were chosen to
clear the Fish Courses iu Andover, called Alewives, for the
Year." [T. Records.]

He died 11 May, 1759, in the 38th year of his age.

The children of John and Pkudence (Russell) Chandler
were :

301. i. Jonx/b. 7 July, 1748 ; d. 14 March, 1749, in Andover.

302. u. John, b. 18 July, 1750; m. first, in Lancaster, 20 Feb.

1776, Katy Holman ; m. second, Jan. 1782, Mary Jack-

303. in. Joseph, b. 30 Jan. 1753 ; m. in Danvers, 12 Nov. 1780,

Dorcas Abbot.


HANNAH* CHANDLER (Joseph;" 'William.; 2 William')
and David' Abbot, Pembroke, N. H., son of Jonathan 3 by his
wife Zerviah Holt.

The children of Hannah and David Abbot were :

i. Bknjamin 5 Abbot, b. 2 Jan. 1743.

ii. Job 5 Abbot, b. in Andover; in. Phebe Farnum. They moved,
1783, from Pembroke to Barnet, Vt. Six children.


Hon. JOHN 4 CHANDLER (John? John? William 1 ) and
Hannah Gardiner. Worcester, Mass. Their banns were pub-
lished in Woodstock, Conn., 19 Sept. 1710, and they were
married on the " Isle of Wight," 23 Oct. 1716, by John Mul-
ford, Esq. His parents lived in New London, Conn., some six
or more years after he was born, for he (John 3 ('handler) was
" licensed to keep a house of Entertainment, 1689, in New
London. After which they removed to Woodstock, Conn.,


where he remained," says Miss Calkins, in her admirable
History of New London, " until the 23d of Oct. 1716. when

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