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*" C-i 2 - 1808, and was buried at

Buckland Corners, in Mansfield, Conn., by the remains of her

husband, one daughter, and those of Jonathan Burnham, who

d. 17 Feb. 1787, aged 91.

He was in the revolutionary war, and was on his march to

Westchester, X. Y., at Xew Haven, Conn., on the 13th Sept.

1770, a private in Capt. Caleb Clark's company, the first Co.

in the 11th Reg't, which was made up mostly from Pomfret,

19 "


Conn. He had the title of captain, and it is said commanded a
company in the war.

lie settled at East Hartford, Conn., and had a farm there
about six miles east of the Connecticut River. Merchant.
Had a stone ijuurr) on his farm, which is about half a mile
north of Buckland Corners, and he lived near the graveyard

The parents of Mrs. Violet ('handler lived with her. The
East Hartford Town Records have the following, probably in
reference to her father. Town meeting, Dec. 8, 1785 : "Voted,
if Daniel Chandlers account airainst the Town for taking care
of Jonathan Burnha.m be allowed ; Voted in the negative."

Capt. Daniel Chandler died 7 Jan. 1790, in East Hartford.
On the Probate Records for Hartford Co. is: "We Abijah
Chandler, James Bellows and Tryphcna his wife of Lebanon,"
N. II., "Sell to said Daniel Chandler [of Hartford] his heirs
and assigns all our right, title, claim and demands in and unto
all the interest and estate of our Honored Father Daniel Chand-
ler, late of s d Hartford, dec' 1 , cither real or personal laying in
s a East Hartford or else where of which he died seized of and
intestate, or which may belong to us by any will or Instrument
made in his life under which we may have any right title or
claim as his heirs or legatees to said deceased's," &c. Feb. 10,

Abijah Chandler, [s.]
James Bellows, [s.]

Teyphena Bellows, [s.]

" Grafton, ss. Lebanon, May 1, 1792, personally appeared
the above A. C. J. B. and Tryphena B. 12 June, 1792."

"I Daniel Chandler of East Hartford" "do by these
presents, Lease out to Violet Chandler [of East Hartford]
during her natural life, the use and improvement of one half of
the old House that Mr. Daniel Chandler, Dec' 1 , lived in and
one half of the lot of land containing about fifteen acres,
bounded South by the highway ; North on land of George
Buckland ; West on the highway, and East on land laid out to
George" [Stocking]. Nov. 12, 1792.

Daniel Chandler and Violet Chandler, of East Hartford.
" Lease to Lebeus Andrews of East Hartford, during the term
of three years from the first of March, 1794, the whole of our
Quarry and Shops, house lot," &c

In presence of Daniel Chandler, [s.]

Abijah Chandler, Violet Chandler, [s.]

W- Bidweli.


" Know all men " " that I Violet Chandler, of Lebanon," N.
H., "Widow to Daniel Chandler of East Hartford, " Conn..
"Deceased," "Sell to Levi Xehemiah Risley and Elisha
Evans," "all right, title, interest and claim I have during my
natural lift-* in and unto a certain parcel of land, situate in East
Hartford, containing 32 acres," "to have and to hold s' 1
acquitted premises to them the s d Levi," &c. " during my
natural life." " In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and Seal this 6 th Day of April A. D. 1803."


Violet x Chandler.


Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of
Elisha Paine, Jr.
Sabra Chandler.

Mrs. Violet Chandler resided awhile at Williston, Vt., with
her daughter Hannah, hut finally returned to East Hartford, to
obtain her portion of the estate,: but failing in that, she fell in
her old age upon the town.

Mrs. Susanna Sabin, of Pomfret, Conn., wrote her sister
Eunice Burlingame, of East Greenwich, R. I., 7 March, 1759,
" Brother Dan 11 has lost his oldest son and 2 Daughters aud an
Infant child."

The children of Daniel and Violet (Burnham) Chandler
were :

n. Infant daughter.

Trypuena ; bapt. at Ashford, 19 Nov. 1758; m. April,

1780, James Bellows.
Jonathan; bapt. at Ashford, Conn., 11 Feb. 1759.
Susanna; bapt. 6 July, 17<'>0, East Hartford.
Abijah ; in. Sabra Mann.
Daniel, b. at East Hartford, 5 Dec. 1764; bapt. 24 June,

1705 ; m. 2o June, 17U7. Polly Ayres, both of Lebanon.

N. H.
Hannah ; m. Amos Kimball.
Susanna, 2d, b. 8 Sept. 1771 ; m. Jan. 1792, Lebbeus

Andrus, a native of East Haddam, Conn.



















13 G

PETER' CHAXDLER (Joseph* John; 2 WlJh'am 1 ) and
Mary 4 Hodges, Pomfret, Conn.

She was born at Taunton, Mass. ; d. 14 Sept. 1796, a. <>4,
at Pomfret, of dropsy ; — Woodstock Records, Mrs. Alary
Hodges died in Woodstock, April 20, 1756; — dau. of Capt.


William 3 Hodges, of Taunton, by his second wife Mary Ctapp;
gr.-daughfer of John- Hodges-, of Taunton, by his wife Eliza-
beth Maey, whom he m. 15 May, 1(572 ; she was dau. of Lieut.
George Maey of King Phillip's war ; and gr. gr.-dau. of Capt.
"William 1 Hodges, the first at Taunton, by his wife Mary
Andrews, dau. of Henry Andrews and his wife Mary Gilbert
Williams, who was dau. of Samuel Williams and Jane Gilbert
his wife ; and this Samuel Williams was son of Richard
Williams and Frances Djghton his wife, of Taunton.

She was said to have been a lady of great personal beauty;
not tall, her figure straight and slender, and when a young
woman, a half a yard string was tied in a bow knot around her
waist, as tradition in the family tells. She had a fair complex-
ion, red cheeks, very dark hazel or coal black eyes. Of her
fourteen children, all but her youngest, Nathan, had dark hazel

She was received into the church in Pomfret from the church
in Woodstock, 17 GO.

Mr. Peter Chandler married second, Abigail Wales, widow
of Thomas Gray, Esq., of Windham, Conn.

Her children by Mr. Gray were four :

i. Elizabeth Gray; m. 14 April, 1790, Dr. Thomas Hubbard, of

Pomfret, Conn., and Professor of .Surgery in Yale College.
ii. Lucy Giiay ; m. first. Dr. Samuel Lee, of Windham, Conn.,
maker of Lee's Pills ; m. second, Dr. Thomas Hubbard, the
widower of her sister Elizabeth.
iii. Lydia Gray; m. 24 Sept. 1797, Charles Clapp Chandler, of

Pomfret. Conn., her step-son. [See 384.]
iv. Prudence Gray ; m. Payson Grosvenor, of Pomfret.

Mrs. Abigail Wales (Gray) Chandler was b. 20 Jan. 174S ;
d. 31 Dec. 1820. She was to her second husband, Peter
Chandler, an affectionate wife, to his children a kind mother-
in-law, and a noble woman.

Peter Chandler, the youngest of twelve children, resided
with his father on the homestead, which was thus referred to by
his grandfather, Dea. John Chandler, of Woodstock, in his will :
"Joseph to have nry lot in Mashamoquet lying upon the Line
to be set off" to him at twenty pounds, amounting to one hun-
dred and fourteen acres. This farm he sold about 1793 to his
son, John Wilkes Chandler.

Peter Chandler kept tavern at one time in the "Street" in
Pomfret, and again he kept a store of goods. Put the last years
of his life he livecton the Dennison firm, where his son Nathan
and his grandson Nathan Horace Chandler lived after him, and
which became the inheritance of the latter on his arriving at the
age of twenty-six years, from his grandfather Peter.


Peter Chandler took the oath of '< fidelity," Dee. 1754; was
Society's collector. 17 C>2 ; lister in 1767. In 1771) was select-
man and he was chosen grand juror, but paid his fine; was one
of the Society's committee in 1781; was moderator of town
meeting in i7oi ; and was then chosen one of " the committee
to go to Windham to ascertain the challenges this town has to

Mr. Chandler had great industry and capacity for business ;
was able to draft his own papers and legal instruments in writ-
ing. He was successful in accumulating property.

His religious sentiments were liberal for his day, and his
brethren in the church tried to restrain his wanderings. In his
last days he read the holy scriptures much, and found consola-
tion in their promises. He died 25 Oct. 1810, in his 84th

His mortal remains, and those of his two wives, four sons,
one daughter, and some of his grandchildren and st.-ot. -child-
ren, were interred " with their faces upward and eastward, and
their feet to the eastward, as if watching for that brighter day,
glorious that is coming," side by side in the "Little God's Acre,"
set off by him for that purpose, about forty rods south of the
Chandler hearth-stone, which was first warmed by his pious pa-
rents on the 29th of June, 1708, about one quarter of a mile
south of Woodstock line on the Worcester and Norwich
turnpike. Here too stand* a double-headed cenotaph of Capt.
Joseph Chandler and his wife Susanna Perrin, while their
bodies repose three miles south in the graveyard by the Wap-
paquians brook ; and here also lie the remains of '< Old Dinah,''
who had been a slave, and who had served and died in the
family of Peter Chandler, on the north line of this Chandler lot
at the east corner. She was remembered in her old age as a
dignified person of the darkest skin, tall and stout, with a red
handkerchief bound around her head.

When the Chandler homestead was sold out of the name, this
spot was reserved in the family of Maj. John Wilkes Chandler,
and free access to it secured.

The children of .Peter and Mary (Hodges) Chandler were :

375. i. Lemuel, b. in Pomfret, 25 May, 1758; in. 8 Feb. 1781,

Alice Thurber, of Pomfret.

376. ii. Mart, b. 15 Aug. 17G0; m. 22 Dec. 1788, William Bowen.

377. ni. Lucy, b. 23 March, 17G2; m. 1780, Dr. Joseph Lord, of
Preston, Conn.

iv. Matilda, b. 15 March, 1764; bapt. 18 March, 1764; m.
12 Sept. 1787, Dr. Thomas Edwards.
379. v. Joux, b. 17 Feb. 17G6 ; bapt. 2 March, 1766$ d. 27 March,



380. vi. Clarina, b. 8 April, 17(17; bapt. 12 April, 17G7; m. 2fi

Feb. 1792, Col. Israel Putnam. Jr.

381. vii. John Wilkes, b. 4 July, 1769; bapt. 9 July, 1709 ; m. 20

Nov. 1792, Mary Stedman.

382. viii. Susanna, b. 12 July, 1771; m. 6 Oct. 1794. John Win-

throp Chandler. [See 803.]

383. ix. Charles Clapp, b. 8 Jan. 1774; m. 24 Sept. 1797, Lydia

Cray, of Windham.

384. x. Abigail Hodoks, 1). 8 Jan. 1774; twin; d. 15 Jan. 1775,

a. 1 year, 7 days.

385. xi. Nathan, 1). 22 Sept. 177G; m. 10 Jan. 1802, Elizabeth


jFtftfj antj Stxti) Generations.


Capt. JOHN" CHANDLER (Johar John? Thomas? Wil-
liam 1 ) and Tahitha 3 Abbot, Concord. N. H.

She was daughter of Nathaniel- Abbot by his wife Dorcas
Hibberd. [See 2.] He was one of the original proprietors of
Concord. They lived in Andover until after their eldest child
was born. He was one of the original petitioners, in 1721, to the
General Court of Massachusetts Bay, for the grant of land at
Penny Cook, and he attended the sittings of the committee to
make inquiries and " inform the General Court of the circum-
stances of the petitioners and others, in order to admitting such
of them as shall be thought most suitable or bringing forward
the settlement of Penny Cook, at the house of Ebenezer East-
man, innholder. in Haverhill, Mass., Feb. 2, 1725.'' And he
was, Feb. 3, 1725, admitted by the committee " a Settler;" the
fee for which was twenty shillings. At a meeting held in An-
dover, Feb. 7 and 8, 1726, he drew Lot No. 68, second Range,
on "the Great Plain." the interval east of Horse Shoe Pond.
At a meeting of the proprietors held in Ipswtch, i> Sept. 172l>,
Ensign John Chandler was chosen one of the committee " to go
out and clear a sufficient cart-way to Penny Cook, the nighest
and best way they can from Haverhill." But at Bradford. Aug.
27, 172i>, it was voted that " Ensign John Chandler and Mr.
Eben 1 ' Eastman are desired and empowered to alter the way to
• Penny Cook in some places," &c. When the committee to lay
out Penny Cook arrived there, they encamped on Sugar Ball
Plain, and the next day, Saturday, May 14, 1726, Ens. John


Chandler was appointed and sworn chairman to survey the plain
on the east side of the river.

He was moderator of a meeting of the proprietors at Andover
8 Jan. 172.S, and k ' upon adjournment on the 12 March, 172<s,
at th° hdnse o f> Mr. John Griffin in Bradford, the moderator
Ens. John Chandler opened the meeting ;" and he was modera-
tor, 14 Oct. 1730, of a meeting of the admitted settlers or
grantees of Penny Cook, at the meeting-house in .-aid township.
In a report of the state and condition of the settlement, Oct.
1731, it was recorded: "John Chandler. A house built and
inhabited. The order fully complied with." lie was select-
man at the organization of the town ; and was of the committee
to settle Rev. Timothy Walker in rhe work of the ministry.
He was treasurer from 1732 to 1738 ; and, as treasurer, " he
was ordered, ID May, 1735, by the town, to make the several
collectors that were in arrears, forthwith pay in what was due."
He signed the petition with others, among whom were Abiel
and Daniel Chandler, 1774, to " His Excellency and our Capt.
General and ye General Assembly at Portsmouth, for aid to
protect Kumrbrd." " In 1745, Capt. John Chandler was leader
of a scout of 10 men to repel their enemies the French and
Indians.'' He " entered service Jan. 21, dismissed March l<s.
Time 2 mos. Wages £3 ; 10 : 00."

In 1746-7, Capt. John Chandler had charge of both garrisons
the " Stickney and the Abbot Houses." In 1754 Capt. C. had
command of a company of men in His Majesty's service from
the 8th to the 17th of September, and his charge therefor was
£1:2: 10.

" Voted that.Lieut. John Chandler have liberty to build a
saw mill on Rattle Snake Brook [the outlet of Long Pond] ,
and have liberty to flow the Great Pond for 15 years from 24
Feb. 1734." In 1739, Jos. Eastman and Lieut. John Chand-
ler were appointed "to inform of all breaches of an act for the
better preservation and increase of Deer within the Province,
and to take care that the violators thereof be duly prosecuted
and punished."

He was put forward in the "Bow" controversy, and the
"prudence, decision and readiness for conciliation on just prin-
ciples which distinguished the proprietors in all subsequent pro-
ceedings, appear from their records." This controversy be-
tween the towns of Concord and Bow terminated in 1772. The
common lands which had been reserved, were divided and laid
oil' to the respective proprietors and grantees by a committee
chosen by the proprietors, Oct. 8, 1771, consisting of Capt.
John Chandler, Philip Eastman and Mr. Abiel Chandler. " Mr.
Chandler deserved and enjoyed largely the confidence and re-
spect of his townsmen ; and received from them, during his


long life, civil and military honors." In 1748 Capt. C. was
elected to represent Rumford in the General Assembly-. |

In his will, after making bequests to his family, he said : " I
give to my son Joshua Chandler " " 40 acres of land lying at a
pla-jc called Cany Hill." " Also I give my s' 1 son Joshua Que
Hundred Dollars. * * * Likewise I give my son John
Chandler (whom I appoint sole executor of this my will, &c.)
the whole of my personal estate to him, his heirs and assigns
forever. Also all my lands and buildings in Concord aforesaid
and Else Where upon the following conditions, viz. that he pay
all my just debts, also that he shall make suitable provision for
my support and maintenance in sickness and health during my
natural life and bestow a decent funeral to my Remains at my
decease, and also that he pay all the legacies herein before
mentioned. John Chandler, [s.]"

2 Feb. 1775.

Presented and proved 17 Nov. 1775.

His part of Rev. Mr. Timothy Walker's salary in 1755 was
£12. 15s. old tenor, which., according to a " correct table," pub-
lished 1750 in Boston, " to bring old tenor into lawful money at
the rate of dollars at six shillings per piece," amounted to only
£1 9s., four dollars and a half. And only three men in the
parish were rated higher than Capt. John Chandler.

Capt. Chandler lived in a house on the road which runs west
by Richard Bradley's, from the north end of Main Street, on
the spot where the house of Hamilton Perkins, Esq., stands.
Here his son Daniel lived. An apple tree stands growing
where the old cellar was. Capt. John Chandler died 26 July,
1774, a. 72.

The children of Capt. John and Tabitha (Abbot) Chand-
ler, were :

^386. i. Hannah, b. in Andover ; d. 4 Aug. 1728, in Andover,
Mass. •

387. ii. John, b. 15 Aug. 1730; pub. 13 Oct. and m. 1751 to Mary

Carter, both of Rumford, N. H.

388. in. Timothy, b. 15 Aug. 1733 ; m. Elizabeth Copp.

389. iv. Daniel, b. 15 Feb. 1735; m. first, 1755, .Sarah Eastman;

m. second, Sarah Merrill.

390. v. Joshua, b. 9 June, 1710; pub. 10 April, and m. 1768 to

Irene Copp, both of Concord.

391. vi' Hannah? b. 3 Sept. 1741; m. first, Jacob? Worthen ; m.

second, Austin.


JOSHUA 5 CHANDLER (John, 4 John, 3 Thomas* William 1 )
and Sarah Chandler, Andover, Mass.


She was 1). 1708; d. 2$ March, 1768, a. 60. They were
first cousins. [See 149.] They lived in West Andover,
where their great-grandson, Capt. Joshua Chandler, resided in

'• The balance of person estate clear of charges,'' "which was
proportioned as the law directs, one third to the widow forever,
the other two thirds to the Children of s d deceased, viz.

To the widow Sarah Chandler, 28 : 11 : 5

Zebediah Chandler, Two Shares, 38
Joshua Chandler, one Shave, 10

was £85: 11: 5"

He died 24 March, 1734, aged 29 years.

The children of Joshua and Sarah (Chandler) Chandler

392. i. Zebediah, " Junr." b. 23 Dee. 1720; m. 19 June, 1750,

Deborah Blanehard.

393. ii. Joshua, Jr., b. 23 July, 1732; m. first, 21 Sept. 1756,

Hannah Chandler [see 300] ; m. second, 7 Jane, 17 ( J2,
Hannah Ballard, widow of Obadiah Foster.


Lieut. NATHAN 5 CHANDLER {John,' John, 3 Thomas*
William 1 ) and Priscilla 4 Holt, Andover, Mass., West Parish.

She was b. about 1700; dau. of Sergeant Oliver 3 Holt,
blacksmith, of Scotland District, in Andover, by his wife Han-
nah Russell, granddaughter of Henry- Holt, who had permis-
sion to erect a mill on Ladle Brook, by hi? wife Sarah, dau. of
William Ballard, and gr. granddaughter of Nicholas 1 Holt, of
Pomsey, Eng., who sailed from Southampton, April, 1635, in
the ship " James," of London, arriving in Boston June follow-
ing, and settlimr at Newbury, and afterwards at Andover,

Nathan Chandler was the lieutenant and commander of the
Andover company, in Col. John Osgood's regiment, and march-
ed with his company, 15 Aug. 1757, for the relief of Fort Wil-
liam Henry. They reached Leicester, when they were ordered
to return. They were gone ten days. He had in his company
of his relatives, Timothy Chandler, under age, and Philemon
Chandler, all of Andover. Lieut. Nathan Chandlers pay was
three shillings and ninepence a day for that service.

"Andover, 1774. In Town Meeting. Whereas the Pro-
vincial Congress have recommended it to the people, that there


be no disorderly behaviour among us unbecoming the character
of Americans, citizens or Christians : —

" Therefore Resolved that Col. George Abbot, Col. James
Frye, Lieut. Nathan Chandler, Ens. Joshua Holt, Pea. Joshua
Abbot, Bat'ntWiaa Abbot, Capt. John Abbot and William Ab-
bot, be a Committee of Safety, whose duty it shall be to En-
deavor to maintain peace and harmony, hitherto so happily con-
tinued among us."

He was in 1746 a tithiugman ; in 1747, surveyor; in 1750,
constable. He d. 31 July, 1784, a. 76 years, 7 m. 28 days.
Issue, five children.

In his will of 14 Oct. 1778, and which was presented for pro-
bate 5 Oct. 1784, the following has been extracted : "I Nathan
Chandler, of Andover," " give to my s' 1 wife the time and im-
provement of my Negro woman named Flora as long as my
wife continues in Life." " Nathan my son to be my sole

The estate was inventoried 26 Aug. 1784, at £654 : : 6.

The children of Lieut. Nathan and Priscilla (Holt) Chand-
ler were :

394. i. Nathan, b. in Andover, 19 Feb. 1730 ; bapt. 22 Feb. 1730 ;

ni. 18 April, 1754, Phebe Abbot.

395. ii. Isaac, b. 8 April, 1732 ; m. 14 April. 1757, Hannah* Bal-


396. in. Hannah, b. 20 May, 1735; d. 14 Feb. 1791 ; m. 31 March,

1757, Joshua Chandler. [See 393. J

397. iv. Mary, b. 15 June, 1740; in. 13 Nov. 1759, Jonathan 4 Ab-

bot, 3d.

398. v. Phebe, b. 4 June, 1742 ; m. 28 Oct. 1705, Uea. Isaac Ab-

bot, Jr.


HANNAH 5 CHANDLER (John, 4 Jo/in* Thomas* Wil-
liam 1 ) and Timothy 1 Ballard, Andover. He died 30 Oct. 1773.
Member of the church in South Andover..

In his will of 15 May, 1770, the tenth year of His Majesty's
reign, " 4 being advanced in years," he willed that his wife
'' Hannah shall be comfortabh provided for by his Executor"
" with all the necessaries of Lite, agreeable to her Degree, and
Sufficient to treat her children and friends ; and provide her a
Suitable horse to ride on and a Suitable person to ride before
her to meeting and Elsewhere, as she shall see reason," &c. &c.
" to her full Content and Satisfaction, which if he or his Suc-
cessor shall refuse to do, she shall have her Dowry out of my
Estate." "My son Joseph" to be "my Executor."



His estate inventoried — House, at £100 ; homestead of 40
acres, £200. Total, £1,057 : 11 : 8.

The children of Hannah and Timothy Ballard were :

i. Tnioinr 7 BaIlaud, b. in Andover, 1 March, 1730; d. 12 July,
1768 ; member of the church in S. Andover; m. 1755, Sarah 5
Abbot, who was b. 14 Aug. 1733 ; d. May, 1809, a. 76, dau.
of Zeb. 4 and Auna (Lovejoy) Abbot. The mother was appoint-
ed guardian of her children after their father's death. The
oldest was then 14 years old. Five children.

ii. Mary 2 Ballard, b. 1 May, 1732; m. Capt. David Chandler.
[See 245.] Her father gave her, in his will, two pounds law-
ful money and one fifth part of his household furniture, "-which
with £52 worth of goods I gave her at her marriage, y l shall
be her portion."

iii. John 2 Ballard, b. 9 June, 1734.

iv. Joseph 2 Ballard; d. 17 Jan. 1747.
v. John- Ballard, b. 9 April, 1739.

vi. Nathan 2 Ballard, b. 1 Nov. 1744; d. 17 Jan. 1835, a. 90
years, 2 mos., in Concord, N. II. ; in. Hannah"' Holt, b. at
.Andovpr. 19 Deo. 1745, dau. of Jonathan 4 Holt by his wife
Lydia Blanchard. and gr. -daughter of Oliver 3 Holt. He was
lieutenant in Capt. Goss's company, which was in the battle of
Bennington, and he commanded the company that day. He
had camp-fever while in the army, which was his only sick-
ness. Six children.

vii. Hannah 2 Ballard ; m. Abbot.

viii. Elizabeth 2 Ballard. She received of her father's estate, "£42
and a cow."

ix. Piieue 2 Ballard, b. at Andover, 5 Nov. 1753. - ;

x. Joseph 9 Ballard. He inherited the homestead in Andover.

xi. Dorothy 2 Ballard.


P1IEBE 5 CHANDLER (John, 4 John* Thomas? William')
and Capt. Henry 1 Lovejoy, J]-., Concord, X. H.

He was born in Andover, Mass. ; d. in Concord, N. H., 15
March, 1792, a. 78.

They joined the church in S. Andover by profession of faith,
16 Sept. 1744, and were discharged to the church in Rumford,
N. II., 30 June, 1745. Henry Lovejoy, of Haverhill, was one
of the original grantees of Rumford, Me., one quarter of one
right in 1774.

Oct. 19, 1732. The proprietors of Penny Cook voted " that
any person that is agreeable, &c. that will build a grist mill on
Turkey River [now Millvillc] for the use of the proprietors,
shall have one hundred acres of land convenient to the mill and
the benefit of the whole stream of said Turkey River from the
place where the mill shall be built to the great pond on Turkey


River," &c, forever, " and liberty of flowing the swamp for 20
years'" "and also fort v pounds," &c. These conditions were
taken up by Henry Lovejoy and Baruck Farnura. And 26

March, 1733, it was "Voted, that Mr. John Chandler" and
others " ho a Cdiiiiiiittcc to layout the 140 acres of land which
is voted as encouragement to build mills in Penny Cook." In
due time the mills (grist and saw) were built at what is now
called Millville, at the lower falls— afterwards owned by Dr.
Georo-e C. Shattuck, of Boston.

In 1746 the house of Henry Lovejoy (where Levi Hutchins
afterwards lived, in the West Parish Village) was made a
garrison. Put, as the "massacre" by the Indians of five of

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