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the citizens took place between this out-post and the main
settlement of Rumford, Lovejoy's garrison was abandoned by
order of a committee, "March ye 21, 1646-7;" and Henry
Lovejoy, Abiel Chandler and others were ordered "to do duty
at the garrison stated round the house of Rev. Timothy |

Walker." I

But Jan. 2, 1747-8, seventy-one persons in Rumtord, Con-
toocook and Canterbury, petitioned his Excellency, Benning
Wentworth, that whereas "the said Henry Lovejoy appears
desirous of residing there again, provided he might be favored
with such a number of soldiers as just to keep his garrison with
a tolerable degree of safety; and that, as an additional
encouragement "to us, to appear as petitioners on his -behalf, |

and to your Excellency," &c. "to grant our said petition, he
-will become engaged, "with all convenient speed, to erect a
forge for making Parr Iron, which may also stand under com-
mand of said garrison," "We therefore pray" "that your
Excellency would grant unto the said Lovejoy such a protection
as may encouage" him to reenter and possess his present
abandoned irarrrson." Signed by John Chandler, Ebenezer
Eastman, Ezra Carter, Isaac Chandler, John Chandler, Jr.,
&c, of Rumford.

Immediately on the passage of a resolve, March 14, 1776,
by Congress for " disarming all persons who refuse to associate
to defend by arms the United Colonies against Hostile Attempts
of the British Fleets and Armies," 156 of the men of Concord
subscribed a pledge of their lives and fortunes to oppose the
British : among whom were Henry Lovejoy, Chandler Lovejoy,
Nathan Chandler and Daniel Chandler.

Henry Lovejoy was selectman in Concord, 1740. His town
rate in 1778 was £3 : 00 : 5 : but his parish rate for the support
of Rev. Timothy Walker was, in 1755-6, £10 : 16 : 8 old tenor.

The children of Piiebe and Capt. Henry Lovejoy were :

i. Dorcas 2 Lovejoy, b. in Amlover, 10 Sept. 173LL



ii Cbandler 2 Lovejot, b. in Andover, 23 Jan. 1742; d. 20 Nov.

1827, in Concord. N. EL, a. 86 years; in. first, Miriam -5

m. second, at Concord. 2* Sept. 1814, Azubah Graham, who
d 29 July, 1829, in Concord, aged 91, dau. of Asa Graham
(b 3 Nov. 1771, son of Geo. Graham) by his wife Sarah
West, dan. of Kbenezer West, by his wife Mary Chandler.
[See 947.] Seven children.

Henry 2 Lovejot ; d. 22 Oct. 1745.

Henry* Lovejoy, b. in Concord, 27 Sept. 1746; d. 18 Aug. 1-4/.

Hannah 2 Lovejoy, b. 26 June, 1748.

Phebe 2 Lovejoy ; d. 4 Jan. 1789, in Concord, >«. H. ; m. -•>
April, 176.). Joseph 4 Abbot, b. 23 Oct. 1741, d. 1832, a. 91,
farmer on his father's farm, in Concord. N. II., son of Dea
George Abbot, of Concord. N. H., whose wife was Sarah-'
Abbot. Ten children.

Her dau. Sarah Abbot, b. 3 Jan. 17G9; m. Nov. 1787, Mag. Timothy'
Chandler, of Concord, N. H. [See 942.]


ABIEL 5 CHANDLER (John, 4 John* Thomas? William 1 )
and Rebecca 3 Abbot, Concord, N. II. .

She was b. in Andover, 1717; d. 1805, a. 86 years; dau.
of Nathaniel and Dorcas (Hibhert) Abbot.

Abiel Chandler was chosen fence viewer, 20 March, 174U;
was chosen highway surveyor and hogreeve, March 31, 1.'43,
in Rumford. In 1746 his family was to seek protection from
the Indians in Henry Lovejoy's garrison in the \V est Parish,
Concord. But in " March ye 21, 1746-7," Abiel Chandler vvas
ordered to do duty round the house (garrison) of Lev. limothy

"Walker. _ n . „ .

A warrant to John Chandler, Timothy Bradley, &c, to
divide the estate of Abiel Chandler, deceased, made return as
follows May 2 1768: "We have set off to Abiel the Eldest
son of the dec- 1 the House Lot No. 7 in the Second Range
containing one and a half acres." « And to Peter the Second
Son of the dec 1 we have set off 67 acres of land m Concord
which Mas laid out to the Rights of John Chandler tor his bO
acre grant," and "To Sarah the other half part of said 20
acres " &c " And according to our judgement we have set olt
to the Eldest Son one half of s' 1 Estate, both Quantity and
Quality, and one fourth to each of the other children."

The children of Abiel and Rebecca (Abbot) Chandler
were :

399. i. Abiel, b. in Andover. Mass., 27 June, ^±' 2 -

400. ii. Abiel, b. in Concord, N. H., 11 May, 1744; in. Judith

Walker, of Concord, N. H.


401. in. Peter, b. in Concord, 9 Oct. 1747; d- 25 June, 177P,, i n

the army. He was in Capt. Joshua Abbot's company at
Bunker Hill, and in Capt. Abbot's company at other

places in the service of his country.

402. iv. Sauah.


LYDIA 5 CHANDLER (John,* John,* Thomas? Wilh'am 1 )
and Dea. Hezekiah- Ballard, Jr., Andover, Mass.

He d. 31 Dec. 1801, a. 81 ; son of Hezekiah 1 Ballard. lie
was chosen deacon of the South Church 4 Nov. 1755, with John
Dane, and both resigned that office 25 March, 17 C J4, and both
died the same rear.

Mrs. Ballard died 9 Nov. 1803, a. 83.

The children of Lydta and Dca. H. Ballard were :

i. Lydia 2 Ballard, b. in Andover, 30 July. 17-12; d. 28 Nov.
1813; m. 13 Dec. 1763, Dane 5 Holt, b. in Andover, 1 April,
1740, d. 15 Dec. 1818, a. 78, son of Timothy 4 and Harriet
(Dane) Holt, soldier in Capt. Ebenezer Jones's company in the
Canada Expedition in 1758. Five children.
ii. Rebecca 2 Ballard, b. 16 May, 1744; d. 15 Sept. 1821. in
Andover; m. Dea. Zebadiah 5 Abbot, Jr., b. 8 Oct. 1739, d. 24
Nov. 1793. son of Zebadiah Abbot b} 7 his wife Anna Lovejoy,
grandson of Nehemiah Abbot, He was a trader in the "West
Parish, and member of the Convention for forming the Con-
stitution of Massachusetts. Three children.

iii. Lois 2 Ballard, b. 19 July, 1746; d. 21 Dec. 183(3; m. Joshua
Phelps, farmer, in the West Parish, Andover. Of her three
children was Hannah Phelps, m. 1702, Nathan Abbot, son of
Jonathan Abbot, by his wife Mary Chandler, dau. of Nathan
and Priscilla.

iv. Hannah 2 Ballard, b. 6 Dec. 1748; d. 22 Dec. 1808; m. first,
Obadiah Foster; m. second, 7 June. 1702. Capt. Joshua
Chandler, whose son Joshua Chandler, m. 18 Oct. 1798, her
dau. Dorcas Foster, who died 26 Dec. 1830, aged 53 years.

v. Mart 9 Ballard, b. 27 Feb. 1751; d. 1835, in Andover; m.
Henry Phelps, son of Samuel and Mary.

Their dau. Mary Phelps, who died 29 Feb. 1832, aged 48, at the West
Parish in Andover, in. Joseph Chandler, son of Joseph and Mary

Their son Chandler Phelps, b. 5 March, 1786, lived on the Phelps home-
stead in Andover, one quarter of a mile north of the West Parish
meeting-house in Andover; m. first, Lydia, dau. of Andrew Park-
hurst, by his wife Lydia Chandler, dau. of Zebediah and Deborah.

Their son Jacob Sidney Phelps, b. 1818; d. 29 Sept. 1851; m. 11 May,
184!). Rebecca, dau. of Joseph and Mary (Phelps) Chandler. She
left no issue.

Mr. Chandler Phelps m. second, 8 Mav, 1834, Hannah Frve Ballard, b.
2 Aug. 1791: d. 7 July, 1836; dau. of Hezekiah Ballard, Jr., by his
wife Mary, dau. of ZeUediah and Deborah Chandler.


vi. Joshua 2 Ballard, b. 27 June, 1753 ; died at the age of three

years by being choked with a kernel of parched com while

rocking in a chair.
vii. Sakah 2 Ballard, b. in Andover, 27 Jan. 1756; d. 1825; m.

1777. Dea. Nathan 5 Abbot, son of Jacob, 1 by his wife AbiaP


Of their twelve children, Job Abbot, b. 7 Aug 1782, Captain lived
with his father one mile south of the Seminary in Andover: m.
27 Jan. 18US. Lucy, dau. of Nathan and Lucy (Ballard) Chandler.

viii. Dorcas 3 Ballard, b. 16 Oct. 1757; d. 2i) Aug. 1775, in her
, 18th year,
ix. Lucy 3 Ballard, b. 4 April, 17G0; d. 8 June, 1827. in Concord,
N. H. ; m. 27 Nov. 1782, Nathan 7 Chandler [see 974], who
was born 1G June, 1750, d. 21 Jan. 1837. in Concord, N. II. ;
son of Nathan and Phebe Abbot Chandler.
x. Hezkkiah 3 Ballaru, Jr., 1). 18 July. 1762: d. 4 Oct. 1*47, a.
85 yrs. 2 m. 16 ds. : in. 10 Dec. 1783, Mary 7 Chandler, b. 4
April, 1764, d. 30 March, 1834. [See 968.]


JOANNA 5 CHAKDLER (Zebadiah, 4 John, 2 Thorna*, 2 Wil-
liam 1 ) and Joseph 1 Shattuck, Andover.

He settled upon a farm which he bought in 1731, partly of
his father-in-law Zebadiah Chandler, in the West Parish near
the Merrimack River. lie died 21 March, 1772, in the 66th
year of his age, leaving a will of 6th June, 1761, and proved on
the 7th of April, 1772^ The estate was appraised at £232 : 10.

Mrs. Joanna Shattuck died 8 Aug. 1791, a. 81. Her nine
children were born in Andover.

The children of Joanna and Joseph Shattuck were :

i. Hannah 3 Shattuck, b. 14 July, 1729 ; m. 18 Oct. 1753, Samuel
Stevens, Jr.. of Andover, who d. 1809. Three children.

Their sou Joshua Stevens, m. Polly Mehitable Chandler. [See 624.]

ii. Joseph- Shattuck, b. 27 Nov. 1731 ; d. 9 April, 1778; farmer
on the homestead of his father and grandfather Zebediah
Chandler, in Andover; m. 13 April, 1756, Anna Johnson,
who was dau. of Cornelius Johnson, of Haverhill. She d. in
Hillsboro'. Eleven children.

His son Joseph Shattuck. b. 8 Nov. 17"; m. first, 23 June, 1784; Han-
nah 7 Chandler [see 971] ; m. second, 30 March, 1790, Phebe Abbot,
[See 3'J7.]

iii. Isaac 2 Shattuck, b. 24 March. 1733; m. 24 March, 1757, Mary
dau. of Nathaniel and Ruth Barnard. Six children.

His son Isaac Shattuck, 2d, b. 13 July, 17r,(>; m. 17 Jan. 1785, Kebecca
Ingals, and by her for his eighth child had Phiueas Shattuck, who
m. rtrst, E. Hill ; m. second, K. Chandler.

His son Samuel Shattuck, b. 31 March, 1772; in. 18 Feb. 1793, Lucy

PRISCILLA 5 CHANDLER (ZebecUah,* John, 3 Thomas*
William 1 ) and Samuel- Phelps, Jr., Andover, Muss.

He d. 1795, a. 82; son of Samuel 1 Phelps. Mrs. Phelps
died 5 Jan. 1778, in her 65th year; member of the church in

The children of Priscilla and Samuel Phelps were :

i. Samuel 3 Phelps, b. in Andover; d. in the old French war.
ii. Joshua 3 Phelps, b. 25 June, 1738; d. 22 Dec. 1798, in West.
Parish; m. Lois Ballard, b. 19 July, 1746, d. 21 Dec. 1836.
[See 145.]
iii. Henry 3 Phelps, b. 5 Sept. 1740; m. Mary Ballard, dau. of
Joshua Ballard by his wife Miss Chandler. Five children.

His dau. Mary Phelps, d. 28 Feb. 1832. aged 48; ru. Joseph Chandler.
[See 2154.]

iv. Hannah 3 Phelps, b. in Andover, 5 May, 1745 ; d. 1826, in

Lewiston, Me. ; m. Benjamin Moar. Nine children.
v. Priscilla 3 Phelps, b. in Andover, 10 May, 1748 ; m. Philemon 6
Dane, who was b. 2 Feb. 1742, d. 18 May. 1826, son of Dea.
John 5 Dane by his wife Elizabeth 4 Chandler. He was a farmer
and lived one mile south of the meeting-house in the West
Parish, Andover, Mass. Three children.



iv. ZebadtAH 2 Shattuck, b. 26 Oct. 1736; m. first, 30 Aug. 175',t,
Elizabeth Abbot, dau. of Baraehias. b. 13 Nov. 1740. d. Sept.
177!): m. second, 25 Dec. 1781, Sarah Chandler. [See 9G2.1
v. Sarah 2 Shattuck ; m. John Barnard, of Andover.
vi. Abikl 2 Shattuck ; d. young,
vii. Elizabeth 3 Shattuck ; d. young.

viii. Mary 2 Shattuck, b. 13 July, 1746 ; m. Thomas Phelps.
ix. Elizabeth 2 Shattuck ; d. young.


BEXJAMIN 5 CHANDLER ( William, 4 William? Thomas;'
William 1 ) and Hannah Dutton, Petersham, Mass.

This Benjamin has not been traced to any branch of the Chand-
ler family by the usual links of church or town records ; but he
is introduced here because his putative grandparents moved into
Westford with a younger son Benjamin, who died early ; and
because his supposed father, William Chandler, would be apt,
out of filial affection for a younger brother, to wish to perpetu-
ate the rememberance of such a brother ; and because no other
family of Chandler has been traced to Westford; also because
Mrs. Ahnira Jones Chandler [see 996], said "Benjamin Chand-
ler and Hannah Dutton his wife, came up to Petersham from



Mrs* Harmah Chandler died "June ye 3d 1777," aged 32
years, 11 mos. of smallpox, and was buried by the side of her
husband in Petersham. They were married by Rev. Willard
Hall, of Westford, who undoubtedly was a favorite, as his sur-
name will be found prefixed to the patronymic of many of the
descendants of this Benjamin and Hannah.

She was dismissed from the church at Westford to the church
at Nitchawangue. After her death Mr. Chandler in. second,
Martha Rice,°dau. of Jothain Rice by Ins wife Mary Earl, dan.
of Ralph Earl, of Barre, Mass., and widow of Mr. Walker, by
whom she had had two sons, Jothain and William Walker.

Mr. Benjamin Chandler had a farm about one mile south-east
of Petersham Centre. He d. 14 June, 1798, a. 80.

The children of Benjamin and Hannah (Dutton) Chandler
were :

103. i. Hannah, b. " Oct. ye 20, 1711 " [Petersham T. Rec] ; m.

30 Dec. 1707, Samuel Morse.

104. ii. Sarah, b. Oct. 11, 1747 ; m. 24 Sept. 17G7, James Glyssou

* k both of Petersham."
405. m. Benjamin, b. " August ye 4, 1752, 0. S. ;" pub. 28 Dec.

1770, to Jerusha Kegus, •' both of Petersham."
400. iv. Rebecca, b. "Oct. ye 1, 1750;" m. 1773, Reuben Cum-

mings, Jr.. of Templeton.

407. v. Willaed, b. " Nov. ye 16, 1758;" m. Oct. 1782, Lydia

Walker, both of Petersham.

408. vi. William, b. " Nov. ye 22. 17G1 ;" m. 1788, Lovisa Shum-

400. vii. Lucy, b. 16 May, 1705; m. in Petersham, 3 Feb. 1/89,

Solomon Wilson.
410. vni. Henry, b. in Petersham, 10 July, 1707 ; m. first, 24 June,

1792, Abigail Hutcluus, of Chester; m. second, 4 July,

1813, Betsey Redfield.


WILLIAM 5 CHANDLER, Jn. ( William* 4 William* Thoiu- William 1 ) and Dorcas Blood, Westford.

He lived at the fulling mill, by the water privilege, near the
line of Chelmsford. He was a clothier ; and in the " 11 th year
of His present Majesty's Reign," 1771, there was assessed to
him " One fulling mill, one house, one barn and four polls."
Fie died seized of one half of the fifteen acres called the "Old
Place," in common with Isaac Chandler, valued at £40. The
widow having declined the administration, the son William
Chandler was appointed to administer, 18 Sept. 1788: and he
was ordered by the Judge of Probate, Oliver Prescott, after pay-
ing the charge's against'the estate, among which were " Funeral


charges of Grand Mother Chandler and Doctoring, £1 : 12 : 8,"
" Funeral eharges of my Father, £1 : 12," and " an allowance
to the Widow for her necessary support, £20," to distribute the
remainder to Dorcas Chandler, the widow, one third of the
estate; to William Chandler, Dorcas Chandler, Jr., Silas
Chandler, and to Ebenezer Chandler.

The children of William and Dorcas (Blood) Chandler
were :

411. i. William, b. 12 Dec. 1751; bapt. 22 Dec. 1751, in West-

ford ; m. Joanna Reed, of Westford.

412. ii. Done as.

413. in. Ebenezer, b. 20 March, 1753; bapt. 1 April, 1753; m. 17

April, 1781, Ruth Wright, both of Westford.

414. iv. Silas, b. 16 May, 1755 ; m. in Billerica, 12 April, 1803,

Mary Brown.


MOSES 5 CHANDLER ( William, 4 William? Thomas?
William 1 ) and Dorothy Marble, Farmington, Me.

She was born 23 Sept. 171U ; d. 11 April, 1760, a. 40 yrs.
5 ms. 18 ds., and was buried in Westford, having had nine
children .

They " owned the covenant Sept. 1st, 1742," say the West-
ford Church Records. He m. second, Elizabeth Kimball, of
Litchfield, N. H. She was born May, 1725 ; d. 7 Sept. 180(5,
at Wilton. He was a soldier in the French war of 1745 ; black-
smith by trade, and the first one in the town of Winthrop, Me.
He was one of the Committee of Inspection and Safely there in
1780. He died 10 March, 1800, in his 80th year, at East Wil-
ton, Me., and was buried there ; but his remains were removed
to Jay.

The children of Moses Chandler were :

415. i. Hannah, b. at Westford. Mass., 1G Aug. 1742; in. 12
Nov. 1761, Samuel Butterfteld, of Dunstable.
Dorothy, b. 22 May, 1744; d. 1 June, 1744. ) ' .
Susanna, b. 22 May, 1744 ; d. 11 June, 1744. } ivvin& -
Samuel, b. 7 Aug. 1745; bapt. 11 Aug. 1745; m. Rebecca

411). v. Susanna, 2d, b. at Westford, 14 July, 1747 ; bapt. 19 July,
1747 ; d. 17 .July, 1753.

420. vi. Uenky, b. 2D Oct. 1749 ; d. 8 Oct. 17G4, at Amherst, N. H.

At noon time he climbed a tree, aud the boys in sport cut
it almost off, and as it was rotten it fell sooner than they
expected, and be was killed by the fall of it.

421. vu. DoKoxiiY, b. 4 July, 1752; m. Bunker Clark.

422. vin. Susanna, 3d, b. 9 Dec. 1751; m. Jacob Reed.








423. ix. Moses, b. 27 Aug. 1757; bapt. 28 Aug. 1757; m. Sarah


424. x. Jacob, b. 2 Sept. 1703; bapt. 4 Sept. 17G3 ; m. first,

Rhoda Pollard, of Winthrop ; m. second, 1792, Judith
Pctfis. of Winthrop : m. third, Love Pease.

425. xi. Henrt, b. 17 Sept. 1705; m. 29 Sept. 1791, Mehitable

Bean, both of Winthrop.



JOHN 5 CHANDLER ( William, 4 William* Thomas?
William 1 ) and Lydia Taylor, Winthrop, Me.

She died 8 Feb. 1810, a. 82. He was selectman in Ipswich,
N. H., 1763.

In Rev. Charles Walker's History of New Ipswich, N. II., it
is said : '♦ In 1750 the Masonian Proprietors granted a consider-
able portion of the Town to 34 individuals, of whom John

AARON 5 CHANDLER (William? William? Tfiomas?
William 1 ) and Ruth Pmtterfield, Westmoreland, N. H.

She died 12 Feb. 1806, a. 83, and was buried in South West-
moreland. She was dismissed from the church in Westford,
Mass., 26 Nov. 1752, to the church at Nitchawauque, Peter-
sham, Mass. She was blind many years before her death.

He was a farmer on the river in the south part of Westmore-
land ; highway surveyor in 1775, tithingman in 1770; member
of the Congregational church in Westmoreland. His school tax
in 1797 was $2.14.

Petersham, 30 May, 1771, "a very terrible storm of wind
and hail, which lasted an hour, did great damage, particularly
on land of Aaron Chandler, destroying grain and grass, break-
ing apple trees ; it also broke almost all the windows of his
dwelling house. The hail stones were very large, and such
great quantities fell that it was near ten inches deep and lay for
three days, although the weather was warm." — [Boston Gazette
of June 14, 1771.] He d. 24 July, 1819, a. 96.

The children of Aaron and Rutit (Buttertield) Chandler
were :

420. i. AttEL, b. at Petersham, 2 Oct. 1752.

427. ii. Susanna., b. 4 Sept. 1754.

428. m. Marian ; m. Timothy Butterfield.

429. iv. Ruth; m. 29 March, 1787, Jonas Buttertield, both of


430. v. Susanna, b. in Petersham, 3 Oct. 1761 ; m. Samuel Works.


Chandler was one, on condition that the occupants should he at
the expense of dividing the land ; that in two years each resi-
dent should have three acres cleared and an house, with a room
at least ll> feet square, and a family in it, — that all white pine
trees 6t for the royal navy, should be reserved for His Majesty's

In 1760 Rev. Stephen Farrar was settled in New Ipswich,
and John Chandler was one of those who signed ''the covenant'"
of his church, and was of the committee to build the church in

Eugene Batchelder said in his "Border Adventures" of New-
Ipswich, N. II. :

" The Applctons and Chandlers also came"
% To link New Ipswich with their growing fame;

The Chandlers on Skowhegan built a mill,
And Kidder '11 point you to its ruins still."

John Chandler came to New Ipswich from Wcstford, Mass.,
and had a grant of land to build mills at the Falls of the Sou-

"In the spring of 1767 Mr. John Chandler came with his
family to Winthrop. He had considerable property. Amos
Stevens, then a young man 18 years old, came with him as a
hired man. They came from New Ipswich, N. II. His was
the fourth family which settled in Pond Town. xVs yet they
had no road to the Kennebec River, and as there was no saw-
mill in the place, they dwelt in log houses. Mr. Chandler
built a sawmill on the stream where the cotton manufactory
now stands, and in the course of this year erected a grist-mill.
But to get the millstones from the river was a great achieve-
ment. It is said to have required k the whole strength of the
place both in men and oxen during nearly a week.' For his
encouragement to settle and build these mills, he had the grant
of what is contained in the following document :

" We the Subscribers, the Committee of the Kennebec Fur-
chase from the late Colony of New Plymouth, Do hereby agree
that Mr. John Chandler shall have a grant of two lots of land,
of two hundred acres each, near the mill stream in Pond Town,
and also one other lot in some other place in said Township,
upon Condition that he give bonds to build a Saw Mill in One
Year, and a Grist Mill in three years, and make one settlement
on the said 400 acres, and another settlement on the 200 acre
lott, both on the Condition- aforsaid.

Boston, June 11, 17<>7. James Bowdoin,

James Pitts,
Benjamin IIallowell,
Silv. Gardiner,
John Hancock."


At the first town meeting held 20 May, 1771, at 8 o'eloek in
the morning at the house of Esquire Bishop, innholder, on a
warrant therefor dated the sixth of May, 1771, at Fort Weston,
issued by James Howard, Justice of Peaee, to Mr. John Chand-
ler, to notify the legal voters of Pond Town to assemble under
the new name of Winfhrop : John Chandler was chosen first
selectman, which office he held in 1775, '6. He was town treas-
urer from 1773 to 1784, inclusive ; constable in 1772, '3. In
1791 he was put on the " fish committee," having in charge a
business involving a long, vexed and difficult matter. A dam
had been built in 17i><) across the Cabbossee Contee stream, at
what is now Gardiner, and it prevented the fish from coming up
into their ponds and brooks as they did formerly in great abun-
dance. The desire of the town was to induce Dr. Sylvester
Gardiner ki to open a suitable sluice through or round his mill
dam, for the fish to go up for the benefit of the town." From
1771 to 18(H) the town tried in vain to accomplish that desirable

On 27 May, 1771, he was appointed first on a committee "to
hire preaching for eight sabbaths the ensuing summer." And
in 1775 he was one of a committee " to effect the finishing of
the meeting-house."

'At the entrance of the graveyard in Winthrop, a slate-stone
slab about three by four feet has inscribed on it :


to the Memory of

Mr. John Chandler

who died

Dec. 10, 1812,

v aged 86 years.

r>chold beneath the turf her. lies
A tender Husband, kind and dear,'
Esteemed by men, a friend to all.
Farewell ! the voice of God doth call.

The children of John and Lydia (Taylor) Chandler were :

431. i. John, b. 27 Nov. 1754; m. 10 June, 1783, ' Hannah


432. ii. Noah, b. 2h April, 1756; was in the Revolutionary army

and taken prisoner. It is in tradition that his father tried
to get him released by giving up a negro for him ; but
afterwards he sold the negro for a watch and a guu.

433. in. Joel, b. 10 Sept. 1757; m. 1 April, 1784, Deborah Jen-


434. rv. Lydia, b. 4 July, 1759 ; m. Seth Delano, and had Rachel,

b. 9 April, 1777?

435. v. Keziaii, b, 17 April, 1761.



436. vt. Molly, b. in New Ipswich, N. H., March, 17C>3 ; m.

Sept. 1780, Dr. Moses Wing.

437. vir. Lucy, b. 7 March, 17G5; m. Ebenezer Wing.

438. vnr. Susanna, 1). 22 July, 1766 ; d. 7 .Inn. 1771, in Winthrop.
13!>. ix. Hannah, b. 12 Jan-. 1768 : m. 20 Sept. 1786, Daniel

Marrow. Jr.

440. x. Riioda, b. 21 Aug. 1700; m. Iehabod Wing, of Readfield,

Maine, fanner.

441. xi. Susanna, b. 3 Sept. 1772; Monmouth.

442. xii. David, b. in Winthrop, 26 Jan. 1775; in. 9 June, 171k;,

Sarah Pullen.



ISAAC 5 CHANDLER (William, 4 William* Thomas* Wil-
liam?) and Betty Proctor, Westford, Mass.

" Isaac Chandler and Betty his wife owned the Covenant
July 27, 1760." [Westford Church Rec]

He was a miller and a husbandman, and in 1771, iL the IP 1 '
year of His Present Majesty's Reign," the valuation of his 1
house, 1 grist-mill, 1 barn, and real estate, was £6 : 13

The account of Isaac Chandler, administrator on the estate
of Isaac Chandler, late of Westford, rendered the 11th Sept.
1785, amounted to £300:13:8, and included sixty acres of
land. In this account he craves allowance for supporting his
aged grandmother two years and eight months, in full, to the
11th Sept. 1785, at 3s. per week.

" Having considered the above, we consent to the same.


Betsey X Chandler. Isaac Chandler."


And again, Isaac Chandler presented his account on the 10th
Dec. 1 71)0, and charges the estate,

To cash paid Rachell Chandler for bond.

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