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To boarding and nursing his aged grandmother

two months and seventeen days, three weeks of

said time she being helpless,
To paying the doctor and funeral expenses of his


£5 : 18 : 6



The children of Isaac and Betty (Proctor) Chandler were :

443. i. Isaac, b. at Westford, 5 June, 1760 ; m. Rachel Proctor.

444. ii. Betty,!). 10 Sept. 1763; bapt. 11 Sept. 1763; m. 3 June,

1784, John Patch, Jr., both of Westford.

445. Hi. Lytua. b. 20 July, 17G5; bapt. 21 July, 17G5.



44G. iv. Henry, b. 1 March. 17G8; bapt. 27 March, 1768; m. 13

April, 1796, Polly Proctor, both of Westfoid.
417. v. John, b. 17 March,' 1771.


RACHEL 3 CHANDLER (William, 4 William, 3 Thomas, 2
William 1 ) and Thomas 5 Spalding, New Ipswich, N. II. lie
was b. 28 Aug. 1737, son of Thomas, 1 Henry, 3 Andrew, 3
Edward 1 Spalding. He in. second, Betty Blood, of Marl-
borough, N. II.

Went to Xew Ipswich about 17(10. He settled on a farm,
says the History of Xew Ipswich, near Mill Village, which was
afterwards owned by his son Stephen.

The children of Rachel and Thomas Spalding were :

i. Levi 6 Spalding, b. recorded in Westfoid, IS Nov. 1758; d.

in Fairfax, Vt. ; in. Mrs. Rebecca Robbius.
ii. Rachel Spalding, b. in New Ipswich, 1761.
iii. Thomas 6 Spat mxo. )>. 1763: in. 1813, Sarah Champuey.
iv. Stephen Spalding, b. 1766; d. bS^G.
v. Lydia 6 Spalding, b. 17(18.
vi. Ruth 6 Spalding, b. 1769; in. Z. Taylor.
vii. Lucy Spalding, b. 1772.
viii. Haskell 6 Spalding ; m. 1810, Sally Richardson.


JACOB 5 CHANDLER ( William, 4 William* Thomas;'
William 1 ) Winthrop, Me., and . One child:

448. i. Jacob; m. 29 March, 1792, Deborah Chandler.


HANNAH 5 CHANDLER (Moses 4 William, 3 Thomas*
William}) and Joseph 1 Whitney.

He died 7 April, 17i.H>, in the 80th year of his age, in Shel-
burue, Mass. She died in Shelburnc, 2 April, 1788, in her
01st year.

The children of Hannah and Joseph Whitney were :

i. Hannah- Whitney; d. 4 May, 1708, a. 24 at Shelbnrne.
ii. Joseph- Whitney ; d. 29 Dec. 1813, a. GG, at Shelbnrne; m.
Abigail Barnard. She died "27 Dec. 1813, a. 03; both buried
in one crave. He was a fanner one mile north of the old
centre. Six children.

Her dan. Abigail Whitney, 2d, b. 13 Feb. 178G; m. Rev. Amariah 6
Chandler. [See 461.]



iii. Anna 2 Whitney ; m. Moses 6 Chandler, Jr., of Shelburne. [Sm>

iv. Mollv 3 Whitney; in. Ephraim Burrows, of Shutesbury, Mass.

Six children.
v. Llci- Whitney ; ni. Martin Severance, of Shelburne, Mass. Six



SANBORN 5 CHANDLER (Moses* William* Thomas?
William 1 } and Hannah , Moultonboro', N. II.

" She was crazy when they came into Moultonboro', and re-
mained so until her death. At one time she left her home and
was gone some time, and when found she had a young bear in
her possession."

When they settled in Moultonboro', they lived at first in a
small hut, and he and his boys indulged in hunting and trap-
ping for furs, which were plenty at that day in the woods on
the Neck, and on the shores of the Winnepisseogee. After a
few years they moved farther down on the Neck, and lived on
what was, in 1865, the town farm.

He died in 1790.

The children of Sanborn and Hannah Chandler were :

449. i. Hannah, b. at Hampton, N. II., 15 June, 1750.

450. H. Moses, b. 23 Nov. 1751; d. at Moultonboro' ; m. at M.,

Jan. 1781, Sarah Glincs.

451. in. Joseph. iw Joseph, son of Sanborn Chandler, of Rye, bap-

tized 5 Ang. 1753, Hampton, N. II." [Church Rec] ; in.
Abigail .

452. vi. Ebenkzkk ; bapt. 1(5 Nov. 1755, Hampton, N. H. ; ni. Sally

Sargent, of Canterbury, N. II.

453. v. Aiietas ; bapt. at Hampton, N. II., 4 Dec. 1757.

454. vi. Abraham. " Abraham, son of Sanborn Chandler, of Rye,

Bapt. 22, July, 1751) ;" m. Abial Drake.

455. vn. Comfort; " dau. of Sanborn Chandler, of Rye, Bapt. 28

Nov. 1761, at Hampton ;" in. at Moultonboro', 20 March,
1784, James Sanborn.


MOSES 5 CHANDLER (Moses,* William* Thomas? Wil-
liam 1 ) and Persia Harris, Deerfield, Mass.

She was born 10 Aug. 1735 ; d. 13 April, L799.

His father dying when lie was quite young, he went to Deer-
field and resided at " Cheapside." lie attended the ferry and
owned a farm there, and it was the birthplace of all his child-


He was out iii the service of His Majesty at two periods from
Deerfield, during several years. He was under Gen. James
Abererombie, who was intrusted by Pitt, in 175*, with 50,000
troops for the retaking of Fort William Henry, and other places
i:: the hand;: of the 1 rendu He was at Crown Point, and at
the taking of Montreal, 6 Sept. 1760. He did not draw a

He died Jan. 1812, in Shelburne, in his 80th year.

The children of Moses and Peksis (Harris) Chandler were :
[Births recorded in Greenfield, of which Deerfield was a part.]

450. i. Moses, b. in Deerfield, 25 Oct. 1759 ; m. Anna Whitney.
-157. ii. Persis, b. 4 April, 17G2 ; m. 4 March, 179(3, Daniel Wild-
er, of Shelburne.

458. in. Anna, b. 29 May, 17G4; d. G Jan. 17G7; buried in Green-


459. iv. David, b. 14 Oct. 17CG ; d. 27 Nov. 1793, in New Haven,

Conn., on his return from a fishing voyage for his health,
a. 27 ; unm.

ICQ. v. Naomi, b. 7 Sept. 17G<S; in. Elisha Barnard.

461. vi. Stephen, b. 25 July, 1771 ; hi. in Troy, 18 Jan. 1795,
Lydia Nichols, of Troy, N. Y.

4G2. vn. AmajriAh, b. Aug. 1774: d. 27 Oct. 1775.

463. viii. Eunice, b. 11 March, 1777 ; in. Elijah Seaver, of Heath.

4G4. ix. AiiARiui. 2d. b. 27 Oct. 1782; m. 'first, 2 Oct. 1808, Abi-
gail Whitney; m. second, 17 Nov. 1840, Mary Niins,
widow of H. Roberts ; in. third. 2 Oct. 1855, Eliza Bixby,
widow of S. Gleason.


ANN 5 CHANDLER (Moses, 4 William, ^Thomas* William})
and John Farrar. One child :

i. Nathaniel Fakrar. His mother dying while he was young, he
was brought up by his aunt, Hannah Whitney, in Shelburne ;
m. 19 March, lttOO, Sarah Hinsdale. Nine children.


HEPZIBAH 5 CHANDLER {Timothy 4 Thomas* Thomas?
William 1 ) and Capt. Benjamin 1 Ames, Andover, Mass.

He was b. 24 Feb. 1724; d. "10 Jan. 1809, aged 86 years,
a patriot of the Revolution," say the Town Records. His monu-
ment in the graveyard says he "died 9 Jan. 1810, a. *5." The
Farmer's Atuseuni, Walpole, N. EL, of Feb. 20, 1809, says:
"Hied in Andover, Mass., Capt. Benjamin Ames, aged 83.
He was an officer in the American Revolution, and commanded
a company in the memorable battle of Bunker Hill."


On the llUh April, 1775, Capt. Benj. Ames, who had com-
mand of one of the two military companies raised that year in
Andover, marched with hi.s company of minute-men, under Col.
James Five, to Cambridge. They were out at that time seven
days. David Chandler was lieutenant of his company; Wil-
liam Chandler, a sergeant, received for the seven days, twelve
shillings ; Peter Chandler, of the rank and tile, received for the
seven days, ten shillings, and Nathan and Joseph Chandler the

In the battle of Bunker Hill, Capt. B. Ames's company of
fifty-eight men — more than fifty of whom were from the South
Parish in Andover — lost three of its men, and seven more
were wounded.

Capt. Ames was a fanner, and resided about one mile west
of what is now the West Parish meeting-house.

He m. second, Dorcas Lovejoy. She joined the church in
South Andover, 13 June, 1773, and was discharged to the
church in the West Parish, 2(3 Nov. 182G. She d. 25 Jan.
is* 13, a . 96. By her he hud Timothy, Richard and Elizabeth.

In his will, dated li) May, 1800, Capt. Benj. Ames mentions
his " wife Dorcas;" children — 1, Benjamin; 2, Timothy; 3,
Hannah Boynton, wife of Thomas ; 4, heirs of daughter
Hepzibah, "formerly wife of Mr. Bixby Abbot; 5, Dorcas,
wife of Isaac Phelps ; 6, Abigail, wife of David Johnson ; and
7, son Simeon Ames," to whom he gave " all my lands and
buildings and all my husbandry utensils of every denomination,
and all my live stock of brute creatures, money and obliga-
tions for money, my desk and cloak, my tire arms, sword and
military equipments, and one half of my wearing apparel —
One half of my wearing apparel I give to my son Timothy."
" Son Simeon Ames to be Executor."

Mrs. Hepzibah Ames joined the church in S. Andover, 23
March, 1746, and died a member thereof, 19 Jan. 17G8, a. 42.

The children of Hepzibah and Capt. Benjamin Ames were :

i. Chandler 2 Ames, b. in Andover, 14 Nov. 1747; d. 24 Sept.

ii. Benjamin" 2 Ames, b. 9 Nov. 1749 ; d. 21 Nov. 1810, in Andover,
suddenly; m. 30 April, 1772. Phube Chandler, of Andover,
dan. of Nathan Chandler, •* ye younger," by his wife Phebe
Abbot. [See 973.] He built the *• Elm Tavern," by the
depot in Andover, and kept it many years, and it went by the
uaine of the ki Old Ames Tavern."

iii. Timothy 2 Ames ; moved to Peterboro, N. H.

iv. Hannah 2 Ames; in. Thomas Boynton. They resided one mile
west of the stone meeting-house in West Parish, Andover.
He was by trade a painter. Eight children.


His son David Boynton, b. 19 Jan. 1784: d. 2. r i March. 182r. ; m. 29
Nov. 1.S1C, Elizabeth Amos, his cousin, both of Andover. She was
b. 19 Jan. 178f*, dan. of Benjamin Amos. Jr.. by las wife Pliebc
Chandler, dan. of Nathan Chandler "ye younger." [See 973.]

Her daughter Hepzibah Bovnton. b. 18 Nov. 1792; in. 22 SepU 18 14,
James Chandler, whe was b. 16 May. 1788. [See 2192.]

Hepzibah 9 Ames, b. 3 Nov. 1755 ; d. May, 1796, a. 41 ; a mem-
ber of the church in South Andover; m. 19 Jan. 1772, Bixby* 5
Abbot, of Andover, and settled at Greenfield, N. IT. ; son of
William 5 Abbot by his wife Experience Bixby, and grandson
of Dea. Nehemiah 4 and Sarah (Foster) Abbot, of Lexington.
Eleven children.


TIMOTHY 5 CHANDLER (David,' Thomas* Tliomas*
William 1 ) and Mary Walker.
She died at Shelburne, X. H.

Timothy Chandler marched from Andover for the relief of
Foil William Henry, 15 Aug. 1757, in Lieut. Nathan Chand-
ler's company, in Col. John Osgood's regiment, before he was
" of nge ; " and the pay of the privates was 2s. a day.

"Roll of travel of Capt. Samuel Johnson's Company in Col.
Wiggles worth's lieg 1 from Albany to their residences ; " " 210
miles — Timothy Chandler."

"Timothy Chandler age 40 June 22, 1777 (or 8) 5 feet 10
inch high, light complexion;'' in Capt. Holt's company in
Col. Samuel Johnson's regiment.

Timothy Chandler and Mary his wife admitted to full com-
munion with the church, 17 May, 17*57, and their daughter
bapt. (Mary). [Church Rcc. of S. Andover.]

The children of Timothy and Mary (Walker) Chandler
were :

Mart; bapt. 17 May, 17G7, S. Andover; m. first.

Parker; ra. second, Dea. Jonathan Allen.
Elizabeth, " dau. of Timo. Chandler, Junr. Bapt. 6 Sept.

1707." [Church Bee, S. Andover.]
David Walker; bapt. 6 Aug. 1769, S. Andover; "went

off to work," said Betsey Young.
Chloe, b. 30 Aug. 1771 ; bapt. 1 Sept. 1771 ; m. 10 Nov.

1795, David Holt.
Ar.iEL, b. in Andover, May, 1773; bapt. 13 June, 1773;

ra. 1 June, 17'J8, Betsey Young.
Timothy, b. 1774 ; m. 13 Nov. 1798, Phebe Holt.
Amos, b. at Andover, Mass., Dec. 1777; bapt. 15 Dec.

1777, by Rev. Jonathan French; ra. Ruth Head.
















HULDAH 5 CHANDLER (David,' Thomas, 3 Tliomas* Wil-
liam 1 ) and Nathan 1 Ward well.


She m. second, Stephen 2 Stiles, who d. a member of the
church in S. Andover, after 1784. She joined the church in S.
Andover, 10 May, 1705, after her tirst marriage.

The children of HuLDAH and Nathan Waudwell were :

i. Nathak 2 "Wardwell, b. in Andover, 10 Nov. 1765; m. Phebe

. Four children.

ii. Olive 2 Waruwxi, b. 3 duly, 1708.

By second husband :
iii. STErHEN 2 Stiles, b. 18 July, 1777.
iv. Moses- Stiles, b. 19 Nov. 1781.


HENTiY 5 CHANDLER {Henry* Henry? Thoracis? Wil-
liam 1 ) and Mercy Colton, Enfield, Conn.

She d. li» Dec. 1701, at Wilmington, Vt. ; dan. of Isaac and
Mercy (Burt, dau. of Dea. Nathaniel Burt) Colton.

The children of Henry and Mercy (Colton) Chandler
were :

472. i. Hannah, b. at Enfield, 28 Oct. 1751 ; d. 21 Sept. 1778.

473. ii. Simeon, b. 25 Nov. 1753 ; m. 5 June, 1781, Anna Barker,

of Wilbraham, Mass.

474. m. Solomon, b. 17 Jan. 1756; m. Althea Doty.

475. iv. Henry, b. 10 Oct. 1758; m. 7 Feb. 1782, Sarah Merrick.
470. v. 'Reuben, b. 7 Jan. 1701 ; d. 14 May, 1761.

477. vi. Reuben, 2d, b. 10 March, 1702; d. 17 July, 1702.

478. vii. Reuben, 3d, b. 2 Nov. 1703; non compos mentis.

479. vni. Mercy, b. 7 Feb. 1700; d. 23 Dec. 177s.

480. ix. Hannah, b. 22 Dec. 1778.


JOHN 5 CHANDLER {Henry , 4 Henry , 3 Thomas? William 1 )
and Elizabeth Wells, Wilmington, Vt.

She was born at Colchester, Conn., 4 May, 1740; d. 25
March, 1832, in Wilmington, Vt., at the residence of her
daughter, Mrs. Lucina Ball. She was dan. of Ephraim Wells.

While living in South Hadley, Mass., they resided in the
dwelling-house made of the old meeting-house, in 1770. He
appears to have been the first purchaser of it, about 17(54.
[Hist, of Hadley.]

He was selectman in Hadley. 1701.

While in Bennington, Vt., 1800, he lived on a farm just
under the mountain, in the east part of the town where Dicker-
son Eider lived, 1*04, and died there, 25 April, 1800, in his
74th year.



The children of John Chandler and Elizabeth Wells
were :

481. i. Elizabeth, 1). in South Iladley, Mass., 25 Nov. 1758 ; m.

482. ii. Hannah, b. 15 Sept. 1760; d. 28 Oct. 1760.

483. in. Hannah, 2d, h. 28 Oct. 1761 ; in. Medad Smith.

484. iv. John, b. 30 Jan. 1704; <1. 14 Sept. 1707.

485. v. Simeon, b. 31 March, 170(5 ; m. 2G Feb. 1788, Elizabeth

480. vi. Lucina, b. S. Hadley, 3 April, 1768 ; m. Lemuel Ball.

487. vii. Mary. b. 20 May, 1770; ra. 10 Jan. 1799, James Pettee.

488. vin. John, 2d, b. 19 Nov. 1772; d. 2 March, 1775.

489. ix. Levi, b. in Wilmington, Vt., 9 Jan. 177.">; m. Eunice Ray.

490. x. Sarah, b. 10 Dee. 1770; d. Aug. 1777.

491. xi. Sally, 1). Jan. 1779; d. March, 1780.

492. xii. Sally, b. 20 Oct. 17S0 ; m. Richard Otis.

493. xiii. Claras b. 20 Oct. 1780; m. Hiram Hill.

494. xiv. Roxa. b. Oct. 17*2; d. 1788.


STEPHEN 5 CHANDLER (Henry* Henry* TTimnas* Wil-
liam 1 } and Mary Steele, Enfield, Conn.

She d. 8 Dee. 1700, of -smallpox; dan. of John Steele: left
three children.

He m. second, Hepzibah Chandler, b. 11 Aug. 1730, dan.
and only surviving child of Capt. Samuel and Hepzibah (Col-
ton) Chandler, of Longmeadow, and widow of Stephen Warri-
ner of Springfield, Mass., by whom she had had Mary Warri-
rier, 1). in Springfield, 7 Sept. 1755. [See 191. J

Mrs. Hepzibah Chandler died 1 Oct. 1803, in her 73d year;
and the red sandstone slab at her grave in West Longmeadow

"Death, like an overflowing stream,
Sweeps us away, oiu" life's a dream."

Ho was a volunteer " in His Majesty's service in 1755, under
Capt. Benjamin Day in ye Southern Regiment in the County of
Hampshire, for the reinforcing the Army."

Stephen Chandler and Hepzibah his wife, of Enfield, Conn.,
sold their homestead of forty-five acres, 30 March, 178(1, to
their sons, Stephen Chandler, of Longmeadow, Mass., and
Samuel Chandler, of Enfield, Conn. He d. 10 Sept. 1804, in
Longmeadow, a. 73.

The children of Stephen Chandler were :

495. i. Mart, b. 7 Dec. 17.V2 ; m. first. 10 June, 1773, Asahel
Bliss; m. second, 3 Sept. 1781, Ebenezer Rumrill.


496. ii. Stephen, b. 15 Oct. 1754 ; m. 9 July, 1778, Freclovc

Hancock, both of Springfield.

497. in. Tryphena, b. ('. Aug. 1759. Longmeadow ; m. in Enfield.

21 Jan. 1778, William Hancock, Jr., of Springfield.

498. iv. SwrEi., b. 8 March, 1702; m. 11 Dec. 1783, Dorcas


499. v. .Hiel, b. 9 Aug. 1703 ; d. in Marlboro', Vt. ; in. Miss

Pratt, of Marlboro', but who was b. in Shrewsbury,
Mass. She was called "Aunt Senath." They lived to
be aged. She died in a fit, before her husband's death,
by taking a steam-bath. " Hiel Chandler, aged 10
years, of stature 5 feet 3 inches and of light complexion,
marched on the loth of July, 1780. from Springfield,
Mass. in the 5th Division Of Six Months Men, under
Lieut. Taylor, to reinforce the Continental Army."
Hiel Chandler worked as a journeyman at the clothier's
business, in Coleraine, Mass. He settled on a farm in
the west part of Marlboro', Vt., on the Bennington road.
He brought up a boy, Hubbard Winchester, who suc-
ceeded to the property of Mr. Chandler, but no monu-
ment marks the graves of the foster parents in Marlboro'.

Hepzibah, b. 21 May, 1705; d. 19 June, 1705.

Amy, 1). 21 Feb. 1707; m. 2 Feb, 1790, John Haskell.

Abner, b. 14 March, 1709; m. at Springfield, 20 Oct.
1792, Eunice Colton, of Longmeadow.
503. ix. Hepzibah, 2d, b. 1 Feb. 1771; m. 11 March, 1801,
Chauucy Hitchcock, of Montgomery.

191 I








HEPZIBAH 5 CHANDLER (Samuel,* Henry* Thomas?
William 1 ) and Stephen 1 Warriner.

Stephen Warriner, of Springfield, " entered the bonds of
matrimony with Hepzibah Chandler, Jr.," of Enfield, Oct. 5,
1754, and " posted same day." After his death she m. second,
her cousin Stephen 5 Chandler. [Sec 189.]

Hepzibah and Stephen Wakkixeu had one child :

i. Mary 9 YVarrister, b. in Springfield, 7 Sept. 1755.


JOSEPH"' CHANDLER (Daniel? Henry? Thomas? Wil-
liam)) and Mary Chapin, Enfield.

She was b. 24 Feb. 1744; d. 1 Jan. 1828, in her 84th year;
dan. of David Chapin, of Entield, by his wife Thankful.

Joseph Chandler was one of those who k * Enlisted into the
Continental Army agreeable to a Vote of the Town of Enfield,
Nov. l!», 1777, and he received of the town £12 for his


expenses, to march to West Point under the command of Capt.
K. Abbe, at the order of the Committee."

He was partially sun-struck or lieated in the army, and was
obliged to leave and get a substitute — which misfortune was
the occasion .•!' his mental derangement in after life, and the
reason why he did not receive a pension for his military
services. A farmer ; he died in Enfield, lb" Sept. 1816, in his
85th year.

The children of Joseph and Mary (Chapin) Chandleu
were :

504. i. Mast, b. 18 Aug. 17(50; m. 24 Nov. 171)4, Truman


505. li. Sarah, b. G April, 17G9 ; m. 28 June, 1787, Noah Cooley,

of Enfield.

Their daughter, Hannah Cooley, was I). 4 Nov. 1787. She married.

50G. in. Joseph, b. 27 July, 1771; m. first, Lydia Hawkins; in.
second, 4 March, 1825, Alary Hardy, widow of

fSnfl ■"

507. iv. Thomas, b. 29 July, 1775; in. 14 Feb. 1796, Mary Steele.

508. v. Meditable, b. 18 Nov. 1777; m. 1705, Jonathan Taylor.

509. vi. Daniel, b. 17 Dec. 1780; m. 17 Aug. 1802, Clarissa Hale.

510. vii. George, b. 10 Nov. 1784; in. first, 20 Nov. 1810, Cathe-

rine Bancroft, of Granville, Mass. ; m. second, 14 Jan.
1845, Eunice Saeket.


SARAH 5 CHANDLER (David,* Henry, 3 Thomas* Wil-
liam 1 } and Jabez 2 Keep, Homer, Cortlandt Co., N. Y.

He died 17 Sept. 1805, and his remains were buried in the
cemetery, near the County Poor Farm, by the remains of his
wife and some of his children. Son of John 1 and Abigail
Keep, of Monson, Mass.

She died in Homer, 8 Oct. 1819, in her 79th year.

The children of Sarah and Jabez Keep were :

i. John 3 Keep; d. 1G March, 1832, aged f>G, and buried near his
home farm, which is the County Farm of Cortlandt Co. He
was County Judge until age disqualified him for that office.
No issue ; m. Fanny Goodell, a very hospitable woman and a
zealous Baptist, and she made all of that sect welcome to her
house. She said she could and would entertain as many
Baptists as there were boards in the tioor of her house, so that
each could have a board to sleep ou.
ii. Sarah 3 Keep; d. 22 Sept. 1844, in her 77th year.
iii. Meuitaulk 3 Keep ; lived in Fabius ; m. a widower.




Jabez 3 Keep; d. 7 April, 1849, in his 75th year; buried at
County House Cemetery ; farmer at Homer ; m. widow Cynthia
Simons, who d. 15 Aug. 1855, aged 71) years. No issue, lb
gave in his will one-half of his property to the American
Homo Missionary Society,
v. Thomas 3 Keep ; m. He was a farmer at Homer. Four children,
vi. A daughter'; m. Elder Peter Root, of Fabius and Homer.
vii. A daughter 3 ; m. Mr. Dibble, of Fabius.


Kiny ol niihtui formed 1< 76 m Alstead.

le inventory of his estate, presented by Jonathan Chandler,

inistrator, 30 Sept. 1 7 <s 4 , amounted to . £397 : 12: 11

Lieut. SAMUEL 5 CHANDLER (XehemiuhS Henry*
Thomas,** William 1 ) and Margaret Thompson, Alstead, N. II.

He, with his brothers Joel and Zebulon, went to Alstead
about 1767. "He took up a whole ' right,' 360 acres of land,
in that Town.'" He was selectman there in 1769. " At the
Proprietors' Meeting, 9 Oct. 1770, Voted and Chose Lieut.
Sam' Chandler Proprietors' Committee." And 6 April, 1772,
" Lieut. Sam" Chandler was chosen a Com tlee to take care of
the prudentials of the propriety." He was lieut. of the first
company of militia formed 1773 in Alstead.


and afterwards a balance of . . . . 74 : 4 .

which the administrator was ordered by the court to distribute
among the heirs as follows :

To the widow, £24:4:3

To the oldest son, Jonathan, a double share, 14 : 2 : 8

And to each of the other six heirs, . . 7:1:4

He was an Episcopalian, and was suspected of toryism at
" the time when men's souls were tried ; " and tradition has it
that he was imprisoned within the limits of his own farm. He
died 2b Jan. 17^4, in his 47th year, in Alstead.

The children of Lieut. Samuel and Maugauet (Thompson)
Chandler were :

511. i. Jonathan, b. 10 Feb. 1702; m. 31 Oct. 1784, Polly

Marvin, of Surry. N. II.

512. ii. John. b. 29 Feb. 17(11 ; m. first, 2 Jan. 1787, Lucy Brown ;

m. second, Eleanor Huntley.

513. in. Elizabeth, b. 1766; m. K/.ra Wait, of Alstead.

514. tv. Mary, b. 1 Sept. 17G7; in. 20 April, 1789, Nath'l Vilas,

of Alstead.

515. v. Samuel, b. at Alstead, 25 Aug. 17(59; d. G Oct. 1780, in

the 18th year of Lis age; bapt. 12 April, 1772, by Rev.
Clement Simons.
51G. vi. James, b. 23 April, 1771 ; m. 29 Sept. 1705, Abigail Vilas,
both of Alstead.


517. vii. MAUGAiu/rf b. 10 April, 1773 ; d. 2 June, 1777, tit Alstead.

518. VUL Nkiikmiah, 1j. 9 Feb. 1778; m. at Hancock, N. II., 31

May, 1803, Abigail Ditstm.


NEHEMIAH 5 CHANDLER {Neliemiah* Henry* Thomas?
Witliam 1 ) and Jane Terry, Enfield, Conn.

She died 26 Oct. 1814, a. 70 years, and was buried in
En field.

He was killed in East Longmeadow, by falling from a load
of wood, 20 Oct. 1814, in his 71st year.

He was chosen in Enfield, 177(5, constable, and in 1786, '89,
'93, constable and collector; selectman in 1791, and in 1794
" key keeper," in room of Obadiah King, removed. In P780
he was of the committee '"to take the care of soldiers 1 wives
and to purchase clothing."

Nehemiaii and Jane (Terry) Chandler had one child :

511). i. Silil, b. in Eufield, 29 April, 1773; d. 5 March, 1834, a.
Gl ; pub. 2 Jan. 180.3, to Zebulon Pease, Jr., both of

They lived on the property of her father, by the meeting-
house, in Entield, on the east side of the street.

On a red sand-stone in Enfield is inscribed :

To Commemorate

Mrs. Sybtl Chandlek

Relict of

Zebulon Pease Jr.

who died

March 15, 1834

JE G2 years.

Zebulon and Sybil Pease had one child, Jane, b. 5 June,
1807, who was rickety.


JOEL 5 CHANDLER, Esq. {Nehemiah* Henry? Thomas; 2
William 1 ) and Abigail Simmons, Alstead, N. II.

She died 25 Sept. 1822, a. 75 years, and was buried by the
remains of her husband at Alstead Centre.

They lived on top of the hill about one mile west of the
meeting-house, where his grandson, Charles Townsend, after-
wards 'resided. This was his "home farm of four hundred


acres," inventoried after his death at $3,000f His whole estate
was inventoried at 65,378.52. He was a constable, and mod-
erator of the town meeting in 1778; was selectman in 179<s;
represented the town in the legislature ; justice of the peace in
1812. lie died iii Alstead, 2u Aug. 1825, in his 77th year.

The children of Joel and Abigail (Simmons) Chandler
were :

Joel, b. at Alstead, 14 Nov. 1773 ; drowned 7 Sept. 17.SG,

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