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a. 13 years.

Abigail, b. 30 Dec. 177-4; Greenfield; m. 1806, Jonas

Mehitable, b. 4 March, 1776 ; m. Levi Townsend.

Naomi, b. 1777; m. Abel Shedd.

Nehemiah, b. at Alstead, 11 June, 1780; m. Betsey Saw-
yer, of Alstead.
vi. Nathan, b. 17M ; in. Esther Marvin.

Joel, "id, b. 1789; in. Sophia Smith.
527. viu. Ruth; d. 8 Oct. 17'J1, aged 5 years.; buried at Alstead
















ZEBULON 5 CHANDLER (Nehemiah* Henry? Thomm?
William 1 ) and Miriam Simonds.

" Zeb. Chandler of Enfield intends marriage with Miriam
Symonds of Wilbraham ; and the same is Lawfully published
Feb. 3, 1770. I. WarrDjer, Town Clerk." [Wilbraham
Town Rec]

They went to Alstead, N. II., but soon moved out of town.
He was highway purveyor in Alstead, 1781 ; . llK | March, 1790,
was highway surveyor in Reading, Vt., and was moderator of
town meeting in Reading, Sept. 7, 1790. He resided in the
northeast part of Reading. It is in tradition that he went to

The children of Zebulon and Miriam (Simonds) Chandler
were :

52<S. i. Trypiiexa, b. in Alstead, N. EL, 19 Nov. 1777; m.

Cady, of Reading, Vt. Resided in Reading in 1.S10.

529. n. Margaret, b. 23 March, 1780; no. Cady, of Reading,

brother of the above.

530. m. Mary, b. in Reading, Vt., 11 April, 1790.

531. iv. Silas, I). 19 April, 1792.

532. v. Lora, b. 16 April, 1791.


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• CHLOE 5 CHANDLER (Isaac* Henri/? Thomas *William x )
and Israel Smith, Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y.

They lived in South HacUey, Mass.", until 1774. when they
removed to Brattleboro', Vt., and after the Revolution they re-
moved to Bainbridge, N. Y., where he was a fanner. All his
family but Chloe went with him to Jericho, now Bainbridge.
Their eight children all lived to see more than three-score years
and ten, and each and all were engaged in farming for a living.
She died in 1791.

The children of Ctiloe and Israel Smith were :

i. Chloe Smith ; m. 1779, Rutherford Hayes, tavern-keeper, at Brat-
tleboro'. lie came to Brattleboro', Fob. 1778, as a blacksmith.
Nine children, three sons, Russell, 1 Rutherford, 2 and William. 3
Rutherford Hayes m. Miss Lucy Bnrehard, of Newfane, Vt.
They had Rutherford Buftjhard Hayes, President of U. S. A.,
4 March, 1*77.

ii. Israel Smith; m. Electa Church; fanner in Bainbridge. Nine

iii. Sfbil Smith ; m. Jerrod Redfield, of Brattleboro' and Bain-

iv. Claiussa Smith ; m. Asahel Bixby, of Brattleboro', farmer, two

miles above the village, in Bainbridge, N. Y.
v. Simeon Smith ; in. Susanna Stockwell ; fanner, Bainbridge.

vi. Abigail Smith ; m. David McMaster, farmer in Bainbridge.
Two sons.

vii. Amos Smith ; m. Elizabeth Ellison, farmer in "Windsor, Broome
Co., N. Y.

viii. Azon Smith; m. 1803, Hepzibah Spenser, of Haddam, Conn. ;
farmer, Bainbridge, N. Y. No issue.


ISAAC 5 CHANDLER (Isaac, 4 Henry? Thomas? William')
and Anna Loornis, Windsor, Conn., b. 14 Jan. 1743-4.

She was a daughter of Reuben Loornis, of Windsor, where
she was brought up in the family of Roger and Margaret Moore.
He was by trade a tanner and currier ; also a farmer ; he died
10 July, 1791, a. 48, in Windsor.

Child of Isaac and Anna (Loornis) Chandler :

533. i. Isaac, b. 19 April, 1773 ; m. 3 Oct. 1790, Mary Wilson, of



MEHITABLE-' CHANDLER (Isaac, 4 Henry? Thomasy
William}) and Matthew 5 Keep, Jr., Longmeadow, Mass.

He was 1). 24 May, 1745; d. 6 Feb. 1827. "Was a descend-
ant of John 1 Keep, of Longmeadow, who m. 31 Dee. 1(503,
Sarah Leonard ; and of Ensign Samuel 2 Keep, who m. 27 Feb.
16J)6, Sarah Colton ; and of Matthew 3 Keep, who ra. Abigail
Wolcotf, dan. of Henry and Abigail Woleott, parents of Mat-
thew, 4 Jr., above.

Mr. Keep m. second, 9 June, 1797, Miriam Colton, widow
of Capt. Ebenezef Colton. [See 67.] Mrs. Mehitable Keep
died 22 Feb. 1795, a. 50.

The children of Mehitable and Matthew Keep. Jr., were :

i. Sylvantts 15 Keep, b. in Longmeadow, March; 1765. o ,-j

ii. Matthew 5 Keep, b. 13 Doe. 17C7, Albion, Erie Co., N=¥. ; m.
20 Feb. 1701, Sarah 5 Colton. who was b. 19 April. 1769.

iii. Marsena. 5 Keep, b. 25 March, #7(59 ; m.^-^AjJandall?

iv. Editiia 5 Keep, b. 4 April. 1772. Her uncle Isaac Chandler be-
queathed her £4. She in. 20 Sept. 1811, Walter Burdick, of
Ellington, Conn.

v. Mehitable 5 Keep, b. 8 Feb. 177* ; d. 10 Oct, 1842 ; m. 2 July,
1707, Oliver, son of Elihu, grandson of Capt. Samuel Dwight.
He b. 14 Aug. 1700 ; cooper in Longmeadow.

vi. Abigail 5 Keep, b. 5 March, 1780; m. 3 Sept. 1802, Freeman

vii. Herman 5 Keep, b. 22 Aug, 1782.
viii. Luther 5 Keep, b. 11 April, 178C.


Lieut. DAVID 5 CHANDLER (Isaac,* Henry? 17iomas*
William 1 ) and Miriam Simonds, Enfield, Conn., dan. of John
and Miriam Simonds, of Enfield.

He was a fanner on land owned by his grandfather Henry
Chandler, in the north part of the town. In 1779 he was one
of the committee of the town to purchase clothing for "the sol-
diers, and to look after their families, while the husbands and
fathers were absent in the service of their country. Between
£7,000 and £8,000 were paid out by Enfield during the Revo-
lutionary War, in its cause. In 1770 one item in the town's
accounts was, " To Cash p' 1 Ensign David Chandler Com* 50 of
Supplys, £144: (5: 0."

He was highway surveyor in 1773; one of the school com-
mittee in 1780, "1 and 7> ; juryman in 17<so and '5; inspector
of tobacco in 1804. lie died 2 Sept. 1816, in Enfield, aged 69.


The children of Lieut. David find Miriam (Simonds) Chand-
ler were :

534. i. Miriam, b. in Enfield, 24 May, 1772- m. Aaron Hale.

535. n. Luctnda, b. in Enfield, 24 Fob. 1774; d. 20 April, 1814 ;


536. in. David, b. 20 April, 177f> ; d. same day.

537. iv. David, b. 20 June, 1778; m. 13 Jan. 1810, Clarissa Good-


538. v. Delight.

539. vi. Ethan, b. 14 March, 1780; m. 10 April, 1811, Lavina

Read, of Orono, Me.

540. vii. Isaac, b. 14 Jan. 178:3 ; m. Jerusha Terry.

541. vin. Agnes, b. 6 Nov. 178."); d. L9 March, 1803.

542. ix. Belief, b. 3 Nov. 1788 ; d. 17 Sept. 1701, "in 3d year of

her age."

543. x. Jonathan, b. 20 June, 1792; m. 16 Nov. 1815, Betsey


544. xi. Azor, b. 15 Jan. 1701; d. 13 April, 1814, aged 20, of a

sweeping epidemic that carried off his sister Lucinda, and
many others in that region.

545. xn. John, b. 10 Oct. 1700, "on the old Chandler place;" m. 2

July, 1829, Laura Hall, of Chautauque Co., N. Y.


LYDIA 5 CHANDLER (Isaac* Henry? Thomas? William 1 )
and Isaac McCuno, near Brattleboro, Vt.

Their children were :

i. Whitney McCune. ,
ii. Sylvia McCune.
iii. Philena McCune.
iv. Isaac McCune.

v. Lyman McCune.

215 '

JOHN 5 CHANDLER (Isaac, 4 Henry* Thomas? William 1 )
and Aehsah Terry, Sangersficld, N. Y., but removed. Car-

Their children were numerous. Two sons and daughters.

540. i. Luther.
547. ii. John.


SUSANNA 5 CHANDLER (Isaac? Henry? Thomas? Wil-
Uam 1 ) and Dea. (Jesse?) Todd, West Springfield, Mass.


He died in West Springfield. She was his second wife, and
died in Fredonia, N. Y. When published she was designated
as Mrs.

TLc cLtildren of Susanna and Dea. Todd were :

i. Ltdia Toon ; rn. David Harris, farmer at North P^ast, Erie Co.,
Pa. Two children.

ii. Chandler Todd, b. at West Springfield, 6 May, 1707; d. 1 Doc
1862, at the age of (!"> years, by hanging in his own barn.
The newspaper said he was ' k a quiet, unobtrusive man, upright
in all his dealings, and a good member of society." lie had a
farm of eighty acres in the west part of the town of Dunkirk,
N. Y. He was a hatter by trade. He was published 1-1 May,
1826, to Ann Bagg, who was b. 1 Jan. 1707, dau. of Judah
Bagg, of West Springfield. She was a school-teacher. Two

iii. Mary Todd.


HENKY 5 CH ANDLEE (Isaac :, 4 Henry , 3 Thomas* William 1 )
and Penelope Terry, Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y.

She was sister of Dorcas Terry, who m. Samuel Chandler,
of Enfield, a nephew of her husband; moved to Brattleboro',
Vt., where they resided till 1803, when they removed to Bain-
bridge. They lived awhile in the neighboring town of Coven-
try, but removed back to Bainbridge. He was a farmer.
When a lad of seven, he lived with his sister, Cliloe Smith, in
South Hadley, Mass., and with her in Brattleboro' until he was
23 years old. He died in Bainbridge, 23 July, 1826, in his
71st year.

The children of Henry and Penelope (Terry) Chandler
were :

548. i. Penelope, b. at Brattleboro', 21 Dec. 1783 ; m. Feb. 1806,

Hardon Burnett.
540. ii. SoeniA. b. at Enfield, 7 Oct. 1785 ; m. at Bainbridge, 27

Feb. 1806, Phineas Bennett.

550. in. Abigail, b. Jan. 1788; m. 1808, Calvig Niles.

551. iv. Michael, b. 10 Feb. 1790; m. 1 Jan. 1812, Nathaniel


552. v. Infant son, b. May, 1792 ; d. in 11 days.

553. vi. Henry, b. 2o Sept. 1793 ; m. at Brimfield, Mass., 3 Nov.

1816, Sally Munger.

554. vn. Selah Terry, b. at Brattleboro', 11 Dec. 1795; m. 11

July, 18—, Wealthy Gillett.

555. vin. Bufus L., b. 11 April, 1798; m. 10 Jan. 1822, Laura


556. ix. David, b. 16 March, 1800; m. 8 Jan. 1824, Melinda




557. x. Lock-wood, b. 11 March, 1802; m. 29 Dec. 1825, Mary

Aun Bennett.

558. xi. Lois, b. 22 Aug. 1804 ; m. G March, 1829, William Wilson.










NATHANIEL'' CHANDLER (Isaac, 4 Henry? Thomas?
William 1 ) and Elizabeth Harris, Brattleboro', Vt.

He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War; a carpenter by
trade. Resided at West Brattleboro', where he died.

The children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Harris) Chand-
ler were :


Phineas Harris, b. 18 Feb. 1787 ; m. first. 13 June, 1809,
Olive Salisbury, of Brattleboro' ; m. second, 12 June,
1814, Annis Nourse.

Arad ; in. at Brattleboro', 29 Jan. 1819, Melinda Brown.

Nathaxiel, b. at Brattleboro', 3 June, 1793; in. Nov.
182G, Sylvia Smith, of Coleraine, Mass.
563. v. Azor. b. 26 July, 1795 ; m. 12 Aug. 1820, Lucinda Butler,
of Hinsdale. N. H.

Betsey; m. John Wilcox, of Brattleboro'.

Raymond ; m. Harriet Welhnan.

Lois, b. 29 Aug. 1.S00 ; m. first, Leonard Stockwell, of
Bainbridge, N. Y. ; m. second. Timothy Davis.

Agxes ; m. Azor Smith, of Bainbridge.

Isaac Gleason, b. 31 March, 1810; m. 9 Oct. 1843,
Betsey Kirkland. both of Brattleboro' ; no issue ; mer-
chant, of the firm of Chandler &. Davenport, in the
village of Brattleboro'.

_ 9-23











Capt. JOSEPH 5 CHANDLER (Joseph? Joseph? Thomas?
Will am 1 ) and Lydia Eastman, Epping, N. H.

She was born at Kensington, N. H., 19 Nov. 1720. After
the death of Capt. Chandler, she m. 19 Nov. 1778, John
Bartlett ; and after Mr. Bartlett's death she went to live with
her son 'John Chandler, at Monmouth, Me., where she died 9
March, 1820, in her 94th year.

He served in the French war ; was by trade a blacksmith)
and had a farm about a mile north of the centre of Epping,
near the Gov. Pluminer estate, on Oak Hill.

It is recorded at Epping, that "* in 17(i() Capt. Joseph Chand-
ler's cattle mark was a "crop of the left ear.'" He was high-
way surveyor in 17M3, and at the annual parish meeting held
14 March, 1774, he was chosen kk Parish Clerk." " Ou the 2d
Jan. 1775, Capt. Joseph Chandler was chosen one of the
Committee of Inspection and Correspondence for the Parish of


Epping." He was captain in the Revolutionary War, and at a
meeting, 22 July, 1 7 7 1> , of the New Hampshire Committee of
Safety, their records say: "Gave Southampton soldiers leave
to go and join Capt. Chandler's Company." He died in tin
service of his country, at Mt. Independence, 17 Sept., 1770.

An inventory of the estate of Capt. Joseph Chandler, late of
Epping, was exhibited 2d Jan. 1777, by the widow Lydia Chand-
ler, administratrix. The real and personal estate amounted t<»
£849:0:3, and on 25 Feb. 1778, she exhibited a further
account of personal estate of £272 : o : GJ, of which she had
paid out £224 : 4 : 8.


Signed Lydia x Chandler.


On the 26th Feb. 1778, Jeremiah Eastman was appointed
guardian of " Olla, Jeremiah and Jemima," children of the late
Capt. Joseph Chandler, of Epping, X. H.

The children of Jqseph and Lydia (Eastman) Chandler were :
569l i. N\xjmxtft. b. 22 Sept. 1748; m. Anna Preseott.

570. ii. Molly, b. 2?> April, 17.31 ; in. Maj. James Norris.

571. in. Lyi>:a. b. 15 May, 1753 ; m. 7 Mar. 1778, Joseph Whittier.

572. iv. Joseph, b. 29 July, 1755 ; in. Sarah Haynes.

573. v. Sarah, b. 5 Aug. 1757; d. ;, 4 Nov. 1774, a. 17 years 3

mos. wanting one day."

574. vi. Hannah, b. 22 Sept. 1750 ; m. David Maloon.

575. vii. John, b. in Epping, N. H.,« 1 Feb. 17G2; m. 27 Aug.

1783, Mary Whittier.

576. viii. Olla, b. 10 March, 1704 ; d. 10 July, 1783.

577. ix. Jemima, b. 7 Dec. 1700; d. 1 Nov. 1785.

578. x. Jeremiah, b. 20 March, 1709 ; d, 10 Sept. 1800, at Mon-

mouth, Me., leaving no issue. He was a blacksmith;
m. Dolly Runlett. .She m. second, at Gilmanton.


Maj. ISAAC 5 CHANDLER (Isaac,* Joseph, 3 Tb.oma*;-
William 1 ) and Meriel Cotton. Hopkinton, N. H.

On a slate-stone slab near the entrance to the graveyard in
Hopkinton village, by that of her husband, is inscribed :

In Memory of
Mekil Chandler
Consort of Maj. Isaac
Chandler, who died
January 3' 1 1805
JE 59 yea's.
Meril bid a long farewell
To all below where site did
Dwell. She trod the dark, the
Gloomy road, To dwell forever
With her God.


She was a short fleshy woman, and many of her children
died of palsy in advanced life. Her Cotton descent is given as
follows, in A niton's Giles Memorial.

2. Rev. John? Cotton, b. in Derby, England, Dec. 4. 1585, son
of Upland 1 Cotton, a lawyer of eminence ; educated at Trinity Col-
lege, Cambridge; rector of St. Botolph Church, in Boston, Lincoln-
shire, which was, perhaps, the most stately parish church edifice in
England, a cathedral in size and beauty. This superb building,
which would contain 5000 persons, he exchanged for the mud walls
and thatched roof of a rude meeting-house on these western shores.
He came to Boston, in New England, in the " Griffin," ;i ship of 300
tons, arriving there Sept. 4. 1633, with his wife Sarah Story, and
their children. " He was a famous light in his generation ; a glory
to both Euglands."

3. Rev. John 3 Cotton, his son, b. in Boston, N. E., March 15,
1039-40. H. U. 1G57; m. 7 Nov. 1660, Joanna Kosseter; ord.
pastor Plymouth, June 20, 1669; d. at Charlestown, N. C, whither
lie went. 1G'J7.

4. Rev. Roland 4 Cotton, his sou. b. at Plymouth, Dec. 27, 1GG7 ;
H. U. 1685; m. Sept. 1692, Elizabeth, widow of Rev. John Denison,
of Ipswich, and only dan. of Col. Nathaniel Saltoustall, of Haver-
hill, Mass., and sister of Gurdon Saltoustall, Governor of Connecti-
cut from 1708 to 1724.

5. Rev. Josiah 5 Cotton, his son, b. at Sandwich, June, 1703 ; H.
U. 1722; ord. at Providence, R. I., Oct. 23, 1728, pastor of a
Congregational church gathered that day; installed pastor of the
third church in Woburn, 15 July. 1747; dismissed June 30, 1756;
installed at Saudown. N. H., 28 Nov. 1758, aud died 27 May, 1780,
a. 77 ; in. Susanna, dau. of Thomas Salter, of Boston.

C. Maria (or Meriel, 6 or Muriel) Cottou, their daughter, m. Maj.
Isaac Chandler. She derived her Christian name probably from the
wife of Richard 1 Saltoustall, who married Muriel, dau. of Brampton
Gordon, Esq., by his wife Muriel Sedley, of Assington, County of
Suffolk, Eng. Their sou, Nathaniel 2 Saltonstall, m. Alice, dau. of
John and Alice Ward, and their dau. Elizabeth 3 Saltoustall m.
second. Rev. Roland Cotton, of Sandwich.

His father gave him, Maj. Isaac Chandler, and his brother
Joseph, all the land on the south side of the road, in what is
the village of Hopkinton. Pie settled there when only six
families were in the town. His large square house stood, in
1800, on the hill on the south side of the road, just west of the
village. « Isaac Chandler, Junr. discharged 5 Oct. 1748.
Served 18 weeks 2 days. Wages 12£ lis 5d, advance pay 2."
IBs grandson, Isaac Henry Chandler, Esq., of Hopkinton, has,
in good keeping, his gun, bearing the imprint of "-Isaac
Chandler, April 20, 1755." It is a highly finished, long barrel,
smooth bore of that day. It is the arm carried by him in the
old French war. He was sergeant in Capt. Jonathan Poors
company from Sept. to Nov. 17, 1755, on the Crown Point


Expedition, and received for travel of 210 miles on that expedi-
tion, £1, and for wages for 70 days, £4 : 5 : 3.

He was town clerk in Hopkinton; represented that town in
the legislature ; was selectman twenty-one years. At a town
meeting in Hopkinton, lo April, 1784, it was "Voted Maj,
Isaac Chandler be moderator, to Regulate said meeting." And
at the same meeting it was " Voted Mr, Peter How and Maj.
Isaac Chandler be a Committee to assist the Clerk in Coppling
the Lots together." He was chosen " Clerk of the Market,"
1799, and tithingman.

The children of Isaac and Meeiel (Cotton) Chandler
were :

579. i. Abigail, b. in Hopkinton, 21 Aug. 1770; in. G Oct. 1790,

Ebenezer Kay.

580. ii. Susanna, b. 7 July, 1772 ; m. Robert Holmes.

581. in. Phebe ; m. 9 Nov. 1800, Benjamin Eaton. I

582. iv. Moses, b. 30 March, 1771 ; m. Nelly Stinson.

583. v. Isaac, b. 4 March, 1778; m. in Koxbury, Mass., 24 Dee.

1809, Lucy Withingtou.
581. vi. Josiah, b. 1 July, 1780; m. 13 Nov. 1813, Margaret

Witherell, both of Hopkinton.
585. vn. Timothy, b. 11 July, 1787; m. 10 July, 1823, Laura B.



HANNAH 5 CHANDLER {Isaac, 4 Joseph* Thomas? Wil-
liam 1 ) and John 1 Chadwick, Sutton, N. H. Both lived to an
advanced age in Sutton.

Their children were :

i. Joseph 2 Ciiapwick, Sutton. The widow declining administra-
tion on his estate, Jonathan Chadwick and Benjamin Wadleigh,
Esq., both of Sutton, were appointed administrators, 28 July,

ii. John Chadwick ; d. 16 Jan. 1825, a. Go, in Hopkinton, N. H.
He kept a tavern in the large yellow house at the east end of
the village, on the north side of the road. The house has two
front doors, and one very large elm tree was standing in front of
it in 1866. He m. Abigail? She was appointed administratrix
on the estate of her husband, 21 Feb. 1825. She d. 21 Jan.
1858, aged 93 years, 7 mos. ; buried by her husband in Hop-
kintou. Seven children.

iii. Susan- Chadwick ; m. Wright, Sutton, N. H.


MARY 5 CHANDLER (Isaac? Joseph, 3 Thomas* William 1 )
and Abel 2 Kimball, Hopkinton, N. H.



He died 20 May, 1814; son of Aaron 1 Kimball, of Bradford.
Mass.; fanner in Hopkinton, one mile east on the Concord
road, on the hill where dames Story resided in 1866.

" When a young Miss living in Concord, N. II., as she was
milking the cows one evening, the guard who was stationed to
watch for the Indians gave the alarm that the Indians were com-
ing. She, in her fright, gave a bound, and jumped clear of a
five-rail fence," and ran into the fort for safety. She d. 7 Sept.
1819, in her 84th year.

The children of Mary and Abel Kimball were :

i. David 3 Kimball, b. in Hopkinton, 3 Aug. 1760; d. 9 Aug.
1799, a. 89 years ; buried at Hopkinton village ; m. Priscilla
Herrick ; farmer on homestead in Hopkinton. Five children.

ii. Mary 3 Kimball, b. in Hopkinton, 10 April, 1764; d. 1 Sept.
1840, a. 84 ; m. Enoch 2 Long, who d. 1G Jan. 1817, a. 59, son
of Enoch 1 Long, who d. 29 Nov. 1812, a. 84 years, in Hopkin-
ton. He was a bookbinder in Hopkinton. Three children,
hi. Moses 3 Kimball, b. at Hopkinton, 10 Nov. 1700; d. 14 Nov.
1812, in Hopkuiton; in. first, Lydia Poor, of Deerfield, N. H.
She d. 17 April, 1800, a. 30. He m. second, Jane Moore, who
was b. 25 Feb. 1782, dau. of Capt. John and Martha Moore;
farmer. Three children.

iv. Susanna 3 Kimball, b. in Hopkinton, 22 Oct. 1771 ; d. 29 Oct.
1855, a. 84; m. 17 Dec. 1793, Dea. Isaac 2 Long, who d. 10
Jan. 1840, aged 75, son of Enoch 1 and Abigail (Bailey) Long;
house-builder, fanner in Hopkinton, ••singer and musician."
Twelve children.

v. Sally 3 Kimball, b. in Hopkinton, 15 Nov. 1778 ; m. 28 May,

1799, Jonathan Kimball. Two children. ;


Lieut. JOSEPH' CHANDLER (Isaac;' Joseph, 3 Thomas^
William 1 ) and Betsey Jewett, Hopkinton, N. H.

She died 6 Sept. 1827, aged 51, at the house of Moses Story.
She was from Rowley, Mass., and ten years younger than her
husband, whom she married at the age of seventeen. They
lived on a farm opposite the court-house in Hopkinton, which
was left him by his father. Lieut. Isaac Chandler. He was in
Capt. Ebenezer Green's company, in Col. Timothy Bedel's Iieg't,
in the service of his country, at Fort Cedars, Canada East, on
the 19th May, 177(5. He d. in Hopkinton, 17 July, 1815, in
his 7Gth year.

The children of Lieut. Joseph and Betsey (Jewett) Chand-
ler were :

580. i. John, b. at Hopkinton, 10 Aug. 1704; m. 14 Feb. 1797,
TT'ggy Holme*, of Dumbarton, N. H.










Molly ; m. William Dustin, of Weave, X. H.

Joseph; m. 15 May, 1799, Hitty Currier, both of Hoitkin-

Sarah; m. 22 Nov. 1802, Moses Story.
v. Baunakd, 1). in Hopkinton ; d. in Georgia: anm. lie went

to Boston with his cousin Isaac Chandler, and was in

trade there a while, hut soon went to Georgia, where he

died at the age of about 25 years.

591. vi. Betsey. She was sent to the sand bank to get sand for

the floors, by her mother, and the bank caved in and
buried her up, at the age of about 10 years.

592. vii. Martha Osbokn ; m. 8 Dec. 1805, John Coburn Kendall.

593. vm. Khoda, b. 24 Jan. 1787; m. in Dunstable, 4 July, 1813,

Zadoe Wilkins.

594. ix. Sophia, b. at Hopkiuton, 22 Aug. 1792; m. 11 Sept. 1814,

Samuel Dodge, of New Boston.


MEREIAM 5 CHANDLER (Nathaniel* Joseph? Thomas?
WiUia-ut) am! Nathaniel 4 Abbot, Jr., Concord, N. II.

He was born 10 March, 1727; d. 1 ( .) Feb. 1800, aged 7!) ;
farmer, Concord : son of Capt. Nathaniel 3 Abbot, an original
proprietor of Concord ; one of Maj. liogcrs's Rangers in 1744,
and he held a commission in that corps. He was at the capture
of Cape Breton, 1745. His mother was Penelope Ballard. She
d. Jan. 1811, in her 83d year, in Concord.

The children of Merbiam and Nathaniel Abbot, Jr., were :

i. Nathaniel 5 Chandlee Abbot, b. 28 July, 1750; Revolution-
ary soldier ; blacksmith in Concord, N. H. ; moved to north
part of State ; published July 20, 1778, to Hannah Farring-
ton. Six children.

ii. Moses 5 Abbot, b. 19 June, 1752; d. 11 July, 1837, aged 85;
farmer. Concord, N. H. ; Revolutionary soldier ; m. Mary
Batchelder, of Loudon. Seven children. ... -

His son John Abbot, h. fi Sept. 1771); m. 1801, Hannah Flanders, b. 20
July, 1781, dau. of Richard Flanders and Mary 7 Chandler. [See

iii. Joseph 5 Abbot, b. 24 May, 1754; d. 24 Jan. 1774.

iv. Philip 5 Abbot, b. 4 Feb. 1757; d. 16- April, 1841. a. 84;

farmer. Rumford. Me. :* Revolutionary soldier; m. 10 Feb.

1791. Experience Howe, b. 1 April, 1771. Eight children.
v. Joshua 5 Abbot, b. 15 June. 1759; d. 4 March, 1737, a. 78;

innkeeper, Hooksett. N. EL ; Revolutionary soldier; m. first,

Polly Brown, who left six children ; m. second, Ann Manning.

Fifteen children.
vi. Susanna 5 Abbot, b. 21 Jan. 1762; d. 24 June. 1832; m. John

Garvin, farmer, Concord, N. II., who was b. 17(54, d. 10 Dec.

1826. Six children.


vii. Phebe 5 Abbot, b. 8 Aug. 1764; m. Nathan 5 Abbot (Reuben. 4
James, 3 William, 2 George 1 and Hannah Chandler), farmer,
Concord, N. II. Nine children.

viii. Levi 5 Abbot, b. 23 Sept. 17u7; d. 15 Dec. 182"> ; m. first, 10
July, 1701, Elsie, dau. of Ephraiin Moar, by his wife Hannah 4
Abbot. They were cousins. He was a farmer on the home-
stead of his father, in Concord. She died April, 1795, leav-
ing one daughter, Anne Abbot, who m. Samuel Moar. Levi
Abbot m. second, G Oct. 1795, Mary dau. of Joseph Carter.
Eleven children.
ix. David 5 Abbot, b. 8 Aug. 1770; d. 30 June, 1836; farmer,

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