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of this nonsense as himself — suffered." Said another: " An-
dover had its full share of this frenzy in 1692, and it is said that
Mr. Dane was implicated, which served in some measure to
check the delusion, and it was not deemed credible that a man of


his known piety and uprightness could be in league with the
devil. lie expressed his sympathy and used his best exertions
for the relief of those of his parishioners who were imprisoned,
by writing to the court, and also by signing a certificate in their
tavoi .

That Mr. Dane was implicated is shown by the examination
and confession, Sept. 8, 1692, of Mary Osgood, wife of Capt.
Osgood, of Andover, taken before John Hawthorn, and others,
his Majesty's justices."

She confesses, ''that about Eleven years ago, while she was
in a Melancholy State, she used to walk abroad in her orchard,
and upon a certain time she saw the appearance of a cat at the
end of the house, which she thought was a real cat. However,
at that time, it diverted her from praying to God ; and, instead
of that she prayed to the devil; about which time she made a
covenant with the devil, who, as a black man, came and pre-
sented her a book upon which she laid her finger, and that left
a red spot, and upon her Signing the devil told her • he was her
God,' and that she ' should serve and worship rum ' and she be-
lieves she consented to it."

She says further, "that about two years agone, she was
carried through the air and back, to 'five mile pond.* to be bap-
tized by the devil, in company with Dea. Frye's wile, Ebenezer
Barker's wife and Goody Tyler, and that they were carried upon
a pole."

She confesses " she has afflicted these persons, and that she
did it by pinching her bed clothes, and giving her consent the
devil should do it in her shape : and that the devil could not do
it without her consent." She confesses " afflicting persons hi
the court by the glance of her eye."

" In answer to the question, k Who taught you this way of
Witchcraft?' she answered, 'The Devil;' and that he promised
her abundance of Satisfaction and quietness in her future state,
but never did anything: and that she has since lived more
miserable and more discontented than ever before."

;1 She confesses further, that she herself in company with
Goody Parke]', Goody Tyler and Goody Dean, had a meeting
at Moses Tyler's house last Monday night, to afflict, and that
she and Goody Dean carried the shape of Mr, Dean [Dane]
their minister, between them to make persons believe that
Mr. Dean afflicted. Says the Court., • What hindered you
from accomplishing what you intended?' Answer; • The Lord
would not sutler it to be so, that the devil should afflict in an
innocent person's shape."

The Rev. Mr. Dane, in his will of 25 April, lb93, and which
was probated 8 March, 1697, gave his " Dear wife Hannah
20£," and •■ what Chests or goods my said wife brought to my


house.' He said, "] leave them to her to dispose of to whom
she will — only what tobacco, meat or candles were there
brought excepted, and then spent." Thirteen children.

The descendants of Hannah and George Abbot were :
i. Joux* Abbot, b. 2 March, 1648; d. V.) March, 1721 ; lived with
Ins parents in the garrison house : was much in Town busiueds :
selectman. Upon the organization of the Parish Church in S.
Andover, 171 1. he was chosen deacon, and he used that "otllce
well;" m. 1673, Sarah Barker, dan. of Richard. Shed 10
Feb. 1720, a. 82. Nine children. '

Ones Sarah Abbot, b. 7 Dec. IG80; m. 1707, Zebcdiah Chandler, -on of
Capt Jolnr'aml Hannah 3 (Abbot) Chandler, 2d cousins. [See 39.1

ii. Josei'ii* Abbot, b. I! March, 1649; d. 24 June, 1650; the first
death of a white person in Andover on record.

iii. Hannah- Abbot, b. 9 June, 1650; d. 2 March, 1740 or i. a. DO,
in Andover; m. Die. 1(576. John 3 Chandler, !>. -J."/ Oct! Yb'77*
son of Thomas 2 and Hannah Brewer, her cousin. r$ee. 8 1

iv. Joseph^ Abbot, 2d, b. 30 March. 1652; d. is April, L 1676. The
first in Andover who fell a victim to Indian warfare. He was
Svpnt una resolute, and probably made resistance; and there is
a tradition that he killed one- or more of them before he was.

v. George 3 Abbot, Jr., b. 7 June. 1655; d. 27 Feb. 1736. Captain,
selectman, honest and upright; m. 1678, Dorcas Graves, clan'
of Mark. Shed. 1740. Andover, 1672, •• in Town lneetino-
it is ordered that whatsoever dogs shall be in the Meeting
House on Sabbath Day, the owner thereof shall pay sixpence
every time being there, and George Abbot, Jr. is appointed to
take notice thereof and have the pay for his pains and oather
it up." Nine children.

Their son Daniel Abbot, b. 10 Jan. 1668; m. Sept. 1711 Hannah*
Chandler, dan. of Capt. John 3 Chandler by his wife Hannah 2 \bbot
They moved to Ashford, Conn., about 1732, with their children."
[See 41.1

And their sen Isaac Abbot, b. 4 Apr. 1609; H. U. 1.723: •lvn. S Cine.!,
Andcver, 44 yrs. ; "read Psalm line by line in meet nurs;" trader; d.
Aug. 1784; in. 1st, 1739, Phebe Lovejoy; m. 2d, Elizabeth Oaliev.
1L> son Isaac- 4 Abbot, b. 13 Feb. 171.-.; d. Jane. 183,'j : deacon, town
clerk, selectman, lient., wounded at Bunker Hill, and was the first
postmaster in Andover: m. 28 Oct. 17G5, Phebe 6 Chandler r S. ■»■
^'J.s.J '- ' '

vi. William 2 Abbot, b. 18 Nov. 1657; d. 24 Oct. 1713; a Puritan

in faith and Christian conduct; lived near Prof. Stuart's house
tii_ Andover; m. 2 June, 1682, Elizabeth Gray. She d. Dec.
1712. Twelve children. . -■:• '/ /• 1/ •,

vii. Sarah 3 AubOt, b. 14 Nov. 16,59; d. 28 June, lYl 1.' in the 5 2d
year of her age ; m. 1680, Ens. Ephraim Stevens, who d. 26
Jtme. 1718, a. 70. Seven children.

viii. Benjamin 2 Abbot, 1). 20 Dec. 1661; d. 80 March, 1703. Re
made and lived on a farm near Nhawshine river, where James
Abbot afterwards lived, ii) Andover. enterprising and respect-
ed; ra. 1685, Sarah Faraurn, dau. of Ralph.


In the trial of Martha Carrier, Aug. 2, 1602, for afflicting Elizabeth
Hubbard, by witchcraft, Benjamin Abbot -ave in his testimony, '-that
lust March was a twelve month, this Carrier was very angry with him
upon laying out some land near her husband's." Her expressions in
tins anger were, thai she •• would stick as to Abbot as the bark
sticks to a tree ;" and that " he should repem of it before seven year,
come to an end. so as doctor Preseott should m ver cure him." These
words were heard by others besides Abbot himself, who also heard
her say. she •• would hold his nose as close to the grindstone as ever
it was held smee his name was Abbot." Presently after this be was
taken with a swelling in his foot, and then with aj.ain in his side and
exceedingly tormented. It bred a sore which was lanced by Dr
Preseot, and several gallons of corruption ran out of it. Foi

r six

weeks it continued very bad ; and then another sore bred in his -noiii
which was also lanced by Dr. Preseot. Another sore bred hi his
groin, which was likewise cut, and put him to very -rent misery. He
was brought to death's door, and so remained until Carrier was taken
ano earned away by the constable; from which very day he beo*n
to menu, and so grew better every day, and is well ever since

Sarah Abbot also, his^ife, testified, "that her husband was not
only all this while afflicted in his body, but also that strange, extra-
ordinary and unaccountable calamities befel bis cattle; their death
being such as they could guess no natural reason for. Flir-iK-th
Johnson confessed before Dudley Bradstreet, that she and GoodVv
Carrier afflicted Benjamin Abbot." [From •• Wonders of ti • [nvi<{.
bie \\ orld," by Rev. Cotton Mather.] Two children.

Their gr. son Jonathan-' Abbot, m 1759, Mary Chandler. [See 39CO

ix. Timothy 3 Abbot, b. 17 Nov. 1668; d. 9 Sept. 1730. On the 8
April, 1676, the same day his brother Joseph was killed by the
Indians, he was taken a prisoner by them and retained, a num-
ber of months; he was brought "hack bv & squaw, bavins
suffered much by hunger, but had been' treated as' well as
circumstances would admit; m. Jan. 1600, Hannah Graves!
who d. 16 Nov. 1726. Three children

x. Thomas 2 Abbot, b. 6 May, 1666; d. 28 April, 1728; farmer on
wo-^t side of Shawshiue river, in Andover; in. 7 Dee. 1697
Hannah Gray, who was b. 30 Nov. 1674, d. 1763. Ten

Their son Edward, b. 9 June. 1702: d. U April, 1759, a. 57. Concord,
N. H. One of the proprietors of Penaeook; one of the first select-
men. His house was a garrison, and it stood ou the west side of
Main street, south of the brook that runs between the State house
and the Court house in Concord; m. 15 July, 1728, Dorcas-' Chand-
ler, dan. of Thomas 1 and .Man (Peters) Chandler, d. J.C M.-iv, 17^8
[Sec- 57.]

si. Edward 9 Abbot, drowned while youn«.

xii. Natjelikiel 9 Abbot, b. I July. 1671 ;' d. Dee. 1749, a. 7* : m . 1
Nov. 1695, Dorcas Hibbeit, who d. 7 Feb. 1743, He was a
member of Kev. Thomas Barnard's Church, Audover. Ten


Their son Nathaniel Abbot, b. l(ii)G. Captata, origijut] proprietor of
('oncoi'd, N. II. Ho- held the ollice of lieutenant in the Provincial
service against Crown Point . and w;is licut. in Capt. Richard ttogers's
Co. of Rangers. He was, at the Fort William Eleury massacre, 1757,
and at the capture >>t" Cape Breton. 174.1 •, m. Penelope Ballard.
TiieLk* sun, Maili&uiur 1 Abbot, of Concord, N. 11.. ni. Miriaui* Chw-nU-
ier. [See 283.]

Their dau. Tabitha Abbot, b. 1707: m. John 5 Chandler. [See K.7.J
Pioneexs to Concord. N. H.

Their gr. son Joshua Moor, of Milford, NT. II.. m. Deborah Chandler.
[Sec 905.]

Their dau. Rebecca Abbot, b. 1717; d. 1803, a. SO: ia. IH March, L742,
Abiel 5 Chandler, son of John and Hannah ; m. second, Amos Abbot,
son of James and Abigail Farnum Abbot

xiii. Elizabeth* Abbot, 1*.;) Feb. 1G73; d. 1 May. 1750; m. 1082,
Nathan Stevens. Two children.

Capt. THOMAS- CHAXDLEH (WiTliatn 1 ) and Hannah
Brewer, Andover, Mass. She died in Andover, -*> Oct. 1717,
ii. 87. He came v.'iHi ! '<■•> parents in i ! »'.)T to this country, when
he was about seven years old. He was one of the proprietor*
and early pioneers in the settlement of Andover. Hi* name is
" 2od of householders in order as they came to Town."

He was employed with. George Abbot, Sen., and others, to
lay* out land- granted individuals/ by General Court.

• k It is ordered, that Thomas? Chandler be leften'nt in ye tlbot
Company in Andover, John Stephens, Ens-sign, under the com-
mand of Dudley Bradstreet. Capt."

lie was a representative to the General Court in 11578 and 9,
from Andover.

He was probably buried in the graveyard at X. Andover, as
"he died 15 day. 17 { >H," and Rev. S. Phillips of the then South
Parish (now Andover; said, "Mr. Roberl Russell died, in
Deceml). A. D. 1710 and his Body was ye first that was Laid in
our Burying-plaee."

Said; Sataii Loring Bailey, historian of Andover, " 1 . G. was
a blacksmith, ultimately a rich man, carrying on a considerable
iron works."

Will of TJiowas Chandler, of Andover.

I Thomas Chandler Sen r of the Town of Andover, being aged and
weak iu Body but. through the Goodness of God, composed in Mind,
not knowing bow soon God may take me out of this world; Dot;
make this my last Will and Testament.

linn" L give my Soul into the hands of my blessed Lord Jesus
Christ, who hath [jurehased the same with his pretious blood ; And
my Bodv i leave to my Executors and ffriends, &c.

Item/ Fir«t i:.\ Will is that all my dust Debts and ffimeval charges
'<•• pai i by my Executors out of my Stock (Except Two Cows which


I have given to my Wife) and out of the income of my Share of tin
Iron Works. And, what falls Short of paying my Debts, my will i-
that Each of my Sons shall bear his proportion of payment according
to Whal I have given them. And that my share of the Iron Works
should be in the hands of my Executors mntille my Debts are paid.

Item. Second. I give unto my Dear and Loving Wife Hannah
Chandler that Room we now live in to be kept warm and comfortable
for her by my son Henry and what firewood she ueedeth to be cut and
brought into her Kopm. And Two Cows to be kept and maintained
for her During her Life and Ten Bush 11 * Indian Corn and Ten ih;>h :;
wheat, Three bush 11 * of Rye and Two Bush"' of Malt to be paid her
yearly by my Sons in such proportions as shall be hereafter men-
tioned; and what apples she shall see Cause to Lay up; and a Barrel
of Cyder yearly. And forty Shillings in Money a year out of the
Income of my Share of the Iron Works ; and the Two Cows above s 1
to be at her Disposal at her Decease.

Item Third. I give to my Son John Chandlei the Lands he now
liveth on. And the Land 1 had of William Johnson and what I had
laid out by it. And that piece of meadow he nseth to mow in the
further clay pitt meadow, and one fourth part of my Share of the
Iron Works; And my Will is that my Son John shall pay yearly to
his Mother fourteen Shillings in the above mentioned grain and. Ten
Shilling. - in money a year. All which to be paid During her Life!

Item Fourth. I give to my Son William's Sons a piece of meadow
in the hither clay-pitt-meadow Lying on the South side of the Brook
and a bitt of Swamp adjoining to that Lund w ch I gave my said Son a
Deed of Gift of, to be Equally Divided among my Son William's
Three Sons: and, if any of them Die before they come of age. Then
the said Land to fall to the Survivour.

.Item Fifth. J give to my Son Thomas the Land he now liveth on
with all my land adjoining to it. with the meadow Lying round on the
East Side of hi> Lott — running round as the Brook runneth. And
one acre next the Dinner Tree and a fourth, part of ye Iron Works.
He paving to his Mother yearly Seven Shillings in the above men-
tioned Grain and Ten Shillings in money a year. All which to be
[.aid During her Life.

Item Sixth. I give to my Son Henry one half of my homestead
and pasture land and all my housing and orchard. He to have the
Last End of the Lott and pasture. And half of my share of my
hither clay-pitt-meadow That I have not given to William's Sons,
And halt' of the Land and Meadow adjoining to John Russei's
meadow, and a fourth p rt of my Share of the Iron Works, lie pay-
ing his Mother yearly Eight and twenty Shillings and Sixpence in the
above mentioned Grain aud Two Bushels of Malt and a. Barrel of
Syder and what apples she need-, and her tire wood cutt aud brought
into her Room And Tenu Shillings a year in money. Ail which to be
paid yearly During her natural Life.

item Seventh. I give to my Sou Joseph a fourth p rr of my Share
of the Iron Works. I have formerly given him the value of what I
intended to bequeath to him in Lands. .Aud when my Son Joseph
counts to have his Share of the Iron Works, my will is ho shall pay
his Mother Ten Shillings a year During her Life.



Item Eight. I give to my Two Daughters Hannah Rigsbee and
Sarah Phelns, besides what 1 have given them already, my household
goods to he Equally divided between them, after' their Mother's

t. „, - ,.,!, T p oc hereby constitute and appoint mv Sons John
and Henry to lie Executors of this my Last Will, hereby "making void
all former writings of this nature.

As Witness my hand and Seal This Thirteenth Day of September

in the year of Our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred'.

-jb am,*. S £ fciud t*>~

Signed and Sealed in the
Presence of

Thomas Barnard

Andrew Peters

Walter -f- Wright
Essex ss Before John Appleton, Judge of Pro]),
, - tt'eb T 8 1702-3 proved — approved and allowed

Examined — Vivt:>.

It is in tradition that iron works early existed where Marhiml
Village is in 1882. His son, Capt. Joseph Chandler, sold.
1718, "One half of ye whole Iron works in Salisbury on ye
{'alls commonly called ye Powow River."

The children of Thomas and Hanxaii (Brewer) Chaxolei; were:

7. i. Thomas, b. 2 Oct. 1652 ; d. 6 June, 1659, a. 7 years.

Salem Records.

8. fi. John, b. 11 Mai'ch, 1655 : Andover; m. 20 Dee. 0. S. 1(370,

Hannah Abbot.

9. in. Haxxah, m. 2 Dee. 1674, Daniel Bixby. of Andover.

10. iv. William, b. 2* May, 0. S. 1659 ; "m. 21' April, 1(187.

Eleanor Phelps, by Rev. Francis Oane, of S. Andover.
LI. \. Sarah, b. 20 Dec. 1661 ; ra. 29 Slay, L682, Snumel Phelps. -

12. vi. Thomas, i>. 9 Oct. 1664; m. 22 May. 1086, Mary Peters.

by Major Saltoustall.

13. vii. Hi:\i;v. h. 28 May. 1667; m. 28 Nov. 1695, Lydia Abbot.

of Andover.

14. via. Jospeii, b. o Ang. 1669 ; re. 26 Nov. 1691, Sarah Abbot.

WILLIAM- CHANDLER, Jr. ( WMmw}) and Mary Dane,
Andover, "Mass. She was horn in Ipswich, Mass.. 1038; died
10 May. 167!>, at Andover, Mass.

She was daughter of Dr. John Dane, "the chiriergon," who
uas probably i»orn at Barkham.sicad, England, about UM2,
:'nd died 2M S.ept. L1584, :it Eps-wit-h, by liis first wife Eleanor
[Clark]. This In. Dane wa.s the author of "A Declaration of


Remarkable Prouidoncos in the Corse of my Life," reprinted in
the JST. E. I/is. and Gen. Iter/ister for 1854 ; ;m( ] tie was son of
John Dune, of Barkhamstead and Bishop's Stortford, Hens,
England, and of Ipswich and Roxbury, Mass. ; and who mar-
ried for his second wife, Annis Chandler, the widow of William
Chandler, Sen., and mother of William Chandler. Jr., above
named. Another son of .John Dane, Sen., the Rev. Francis
Dane, of Andover, married in his old age Hannah Chan. tier,
the widow of George Abbot, of Andover, and daughter of
William Chandler, Sen., of Roxbury. Dr. John Dane tells us
in his "Declaration," that he was a "taylor"by trade, ••:md
dwelt in a place called Wood Roe in hatfield." Soon " th are
was a great cmning to mi ingland." " When I was much ben1
to cum J went to Stafford to my father to tell him." •• Mv first
cumin was to Roxburey." - u My lather and mother hasten after
me as sone as thay could."

Mary Dime's brother John Dane, Jr., of Ipswich, was a juror
in the witchcraft eases, and was great-grandfather of Jl-w.

• ■':- - true, or JL»c\ eriy , .Mass. Aiarj i>..:i ! , having borne to
Mr. Chandler eleven children, died 10 May, 1.079, and he mar-
ried Bridget Henchman within five months thereafter. They
"entered into a Covenant of Marriage this [8] day of October,
1C79, as certified by me, Samuel Adams, commissioner." [Town
Records of Chelmsford.]

Bridget Henchman was daughter of Maj . Thomas Henchman,
who moved from Concord to Chelmsford.

She as "Bridget Hurtksman" had previously married, on the
28 Nov. 16G0, Lieut, dame- Richardson.

Mrs. Bridget Chandler died March, 1731; but her pastor,
Rev. Samuel Phillips, says she attained the age of 100 year.-.

William Chandler was admitted freeman 10(10. -

" I "William Chandler, of Andover, brickrmJver, and Bridget, my
Wife," Sold land for 9£ to Joseph Ballard of Andover, husbandman,
iw all that parcell of Meadow which I had of the Town of Andover
being laid out to mo for part of Two acres and a half.*' u of my first
Division of Meadow upon the Shawshin River in a Crook of s ;1 river,
behig bounded with s' 1 river on all parts Except ye Southerly or South
East side which is hounded with a pine plane. •> -July, 1G83-''

William Chandler kept an Inn on the Ipswich road to Bitleri-
ca. The sign was a " horse shoe." lie was " licensed 17 day
of June, 17!'2,'" by their Majesties Justices at a Gen. Sessions "
at Salem.

Mr. William Chandler died 1698, in Andover, aged about 64
or 65.

■ ''Andover March I, 1 098-9,

This informs any that are Concerned y' Whereas William Chandler



late <>f Andover deceased, was the InnholdeT of our Towne, And kc-
being likely to he Vacant,

Wee desire Mr. Andrew Peeters may he the person for ye next
Year for y ! end ; he having license from ye Quart 1- Sessions for ye
■■:'.: formerly, and lie!:aved himself without offence soc farr as v.ce
know : lie is also one of our Selectmen, and our Towne Treas 1- ,

Dudley Biiai>stheet, j

John Chanixleu, | l , ,

t . >• Selectmen.

John Abbot,

Samuel Fkie, J


Will of William Chandler, o/Andover.

Septemb' ye 15 th , 1697. The Last Will and Testament of William.
Chandler, of Andior.

In the name of God, Amen. I William Chandler being nl this time
in p'fect vnderstanding and Composed Memory, doe make this my
last Will and Testament in manner as ffolloweth.

flirst of all commitl my Soul into ye hand.-, of God Almighty — My
Bicspod Redeemer: and my Bou^ to Desent Burial in hopes of a joy-
ful I Resurrection to Eternal Life.

I dispose of that outward estate which ye Lord hath Graciously
Given me in manner as ffolloweth.

Item. After my lawfull debts are paid I dispose of ye Rest of my
Estate as hereinafter expressed.

Impi Js . 1 give unto my beloved wife Bridget ye one half of all my
housing. Orchards, Gardens Pastures Mowing Grounds and arable,
hind, viz my homestead with half a piece of meadow lying vpon Fos-
ters brook, hounded on ye East w th n bridge goeing to Wooburne and
on ye Lower End Westerly w th some Clumps of Bushes standing in ye
meadow, and this 1 give to her During the time she shall Remain My
Widow : further I give to my beloved wife two cows and six sheep,
and one : also I give to her ye ffeather hed that I Nov,- lye on
w sh all Comfortable ffurniture belonging to s' 1 bed. I give her also one
Great brass Kettle, one little kettle, one Iron Pott, one Pewter quart
Pott, a Pewter Lyra Lick, two Pewter Platts. one pewter cup, one
brass with one Stieu, one pair of Tongs, w' h Suitable neeessai'ies as to
Lumber. This for her to Injoy During her Natural Life, obliging my
said wife to a Carefull vse of Said things, and then to he Returned
into ye hands of my Executors.

It. I give my Sons forty pounds apiece.

It. I give my Son William all my Meadow vpon ye East side of
Miawshin Riucr bounded vpon ye meadow fformerly George Abbots,
on ye North and on ye South hounded by ye vpland.

It. I give to my s' ; Son William A tract of land vpland that I
fformerly Bought of Samuel Hutchinson by Estimation Eighteen Acres
hounded vpon ye East Corner w th a Stake and heap of stones and
oil ye West Coiner by :i brook, and on ye North Corner by a Stake
and a heap of stones.

Also, I give to my S l! son five acres of vpland that I fformerly
'-Height •.;' Thomas Osgood. Ail his vpland and Meadow I value to



be worth fifty pounds — obliging my Said Son to pay Ten pounds to
my Executors.

It. 1 give to my two Sons Philemon and Thomas a p T cell of vpland
and meadow lying upon ye East Side of Shawshin Rlner, being, by
Estimation, one hmulred acres — more or less— to be Equally Divider
between them — Excepting Eighteen acres w Ph is my Son Philemon's
owne Purchase. The Meadow hereby bequeathed is bounded from ye
Rest of my Meadow by a maple tree and a rock.

ffurther, J giue to my Said Two Sons a piece of vpland and Swamp
bounded by ye highway Gocing to Wooburne Lying by ye hither End
of pine plaine. All w ch vpland and meadow hereby bequeathed to my
two Sons Philemon and Thomas 1 value to be worth seventy-five

It. I give to my Son Joseph my homestead ; one half of it to be
his when he comes to age, and ye other half after his mothers decease.

Also 1 give my s d Son a piece of Meadow w ch is part of that w ch I
gave to my beloved wife During her Life; my wife haviug one half
and my Son Joseph ye other half — y ; whole I give to my Said Son
after his Mothers Decease, and ye half to Enjoy when he comes to
age. All of w c " Gifts 1 value to be worth Ninety pounds — obliging
my Said Son to pass ye overplus of forty pounds to my Executors
w t,! Iii j,u bpuce (»i Liiiee years after his mothers Decease.

It. I give to my four Daughters Twenty pounds apiece.

My Daughter Mary I have given her her portion.

It. My wish, is that my movable Estate w' I leave of itt shall ffall
into ye hands of my Executor.-, after ray Daughters portions are paid.
Ye Remaind Shall be Equally Divided among nry four Sons, and if
by Gods Providence any extraordinary change should arise- to me
Whereby 1 shall be brought to Need, my four sons shall be equally
obliged to bear their proportion of s 1 Charge out of their Portion that
I have Given them.

It. I doe constitute and appoint my beloved wife and my Son
William and my louing ffriend .John Barker to be my Executors to

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