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and adopted her. But many of her mother's personal valuables
were kept from her by Mrs. Luscombe.

Mrs. Elizabeth Chandler Plummer was a talented woman,
and quite literary in her tastes and habits. She d. 11 Jan.
1839, in her 09th year, in Haverhill.

The children of Elizabeth and Thomas Plummer were :

i. Daniel 3 Farnham Plummer, b. in Rowley, 17 Dec. 1780; d. 12
. Oct. 1857, at Haverhill, Mass. Mr. D. Farnham Plummer
was a man of great mechanical genius, : nd was the author of
many useful inventions. Among them the "Comb Cutting"
. machine, even now, 18G7, generally used by comb-makers.
The single arched bridges over the Nashua river, in Lancaster,
Mass., where he resided many years, were constructed on the
plan furnished by him. He had a taste for genealogy, and his
researches were assisted hy the • t Chart of the Chandler
Family," by Rev. James Chandler, of Rowley, which was in
his keeping. His "Plummer Papers" have been often
referred to. He was atiiicted with palsy in his last days. He
m. 24 Aug. 1801, Nancy Sawyer, " hoth of Haverhill." She
d. 27 Dec. 1831, at Lancaster, leaving nine children. She
was dau. of Amos and Hannah (Dustin) Sawyer. Mr. Farn-
ham Plummer m. second, in Loltou, 10 June, 1834, Abigail
Richardson, wid. of Henry Ballard, who was killed by the fall
of a tree, 12 January, 1830. a. :ttj, buried in Lancaster. She
died 5 Feb. 1842, aged 42 years, leaving twins. Twelve


His daughter Elizabeth Chandler Plummer, b. 17 Aug. 1815. Has n
cultivated taste for genealogical research and has in her keeping tin
Rev. James Chandler's " Chart of the Chandlers." She married
Edmund Fletcher, of Chelsea, Mass.

ii. -Tf>iiN 3 Cuanwkr Plummer, b. 20 May, 1783. He resided at
Haverhill, Mass. ; m. first, 21 Feb. 1811, Sally Johnson, of
Bradford. She d. 1 Oct. 1821; m. second, 25 April, 1821,
Mrs. Eliza McFarland. Four children.

iii. Mary 3 Plummer, b. 2G June, 1785; in. 29 Dec. 1811, John
Marsh, merchant, Haverhill, Mass. Six children.

iv. Elizabeth 3 White Plummer, b. 22 Aug. 1789.

v. Anna 3 Plummer, b. 3 April, 1793; m. in Haverhill, 3 May,
1820, Samuel Hale, resided at Haverhill. Three children.

vi. Thomas 3 Plummer, b. 3 June, 1795.


EBEXEZER 5 CHANDLER (Thwias, 4 Joseph* William;-
William 1 ) and Mary Burnap, "Wilton, X. H.

She died 22 Oct. 1778, leaving five daughters. He in.
second, Sarah Averill, wid. of James Hutchinson, and dau. of
Air. Averill by his wife Sarah Kneeland. She died, having
had by him live sons and four daughters, and he m. third,
Remembrance Fletcher, wid. of Moses Pierce.

His father died when he was young, and the care of the
family devolved very much upon him. He died 15 Sept. 1823,
in his 75th year, in Wilton.

The children of Edexezek Chandler were :

Mary, b. 17 Oct. 17G9 ; m. Isaac Jewett, of Temple.
Bette, b. 7 Feb. 1771; no issue; in. first, John Prince,

of Brooklyn, Conn. ; m. second, Joseph Meleudy, of

Lyndeboro', N. II.
Eunice, b. 12 Feb. 1773; m. 27 Nov. 1800, Timothy 11.

Ruth, b. 15, March, 1775; d. in Wilton; no issue; m. in

Nashua, 12 Sept. 1830, Darius Douglas, farmer on her

father's homestead in Wilton.
Hannah, b. 27 July, 1778; m. Nathaniel Blodget.
Ehenezek, b. 12 March, 17*0; d. May. 1781.
Edenezeu, 2d, b. in Wilton, 11 May, 1781 ; m. Damaris

Howe, of Peterboro', N. H.
Thomas, b. 8 Jan. 17*3 ; m. first, 17 Nov. 1805, Dolly

Holt; m. second, 14 Oct. 1828, Sally Averill.
Sarah, b. 28 Feb. 1785; m. first, 2<S Nov. 1820, Jacob

Clark ; m. second, 19 Feb. 1835, Ezra Clark.
Amy, b. 18 Nov. 1787; in, Chapin Bolster.
Joseph, b. 28 Jan. 1789; m. first, Asenath Pratt; m.

second, Dorcas Pratt.
078. xn. Edna, b. 10 June, 1790; d. 21 June, 1790.
679. xiii. Edna, 2d, b. Sept. 1791 ; in. in Wilton, 15 Oct. 1815,

Nehemiah Bennett.
























680. xiv. Joel, b. 19 June, 1794 ; m. 19 Feb. 1818, Lucy Burnham



PETER 5 CHANDLER {Thomas* Joseph* William? Wil-
liam' 1 ) and Mercy Ingals, Nelson, N. II.

She d.-12 Feb. 1842, in Nelson, but was buried in Wilton,
N. II., at the age of 81. She was dau. of David Ingals. He
was a soldier in the Continental Army, and was out during the
whole war.

He was chosen " Hog Reeve" in Nelson, 1787, which indi-
cates the year of his marriage, according to the election customs
of that day. He d. in Nelson, July, 1819, a. 64.

He said in his will of 9 July, 1819: "I Peter Chandler of
Nelson," "Husbandman," "give and bequeath to my wife all
the money due to me from the United States, on a certificate of
a Pension dated at the War Office the fifth day of March, 1819,
numbered 7311, together with all my personal estate, to enable
her to pay all my debts and funeral charges, and bequests here-
after mentioned." "I give my Son Moses," $1. "My Son
Elijah," $1. "My Daughter Hannah Ingals," $1. " My
Daughter Priscilla," $1. "I constitute and order my Brother-
in-Law, Josiah Holt of Greenfield, N. II., Sole Ex." The
above will was presented for Probate at Jeffrey, by Joshua
Holt, the Executor, 11 Sept. 1819.

The children of Peter and Mercy (Ingals) Chandler were :

681. i. Isaac.

082. n. Moses, b. 13 Feb. 1788 ; died in Jackson Co., 111., 12 Apr.
1850. "He was 5 ft. 9 in. high, heavy built, fair com-
plexion, black hair, bine eyes, square chin." Married
first, Matilda Trion ; died Oct. 1831 ; widow of Benjamin
Johnson and by him had John T. and Adelphe Johnson.
She was dau. of Jeremiah Trion bj his wife Mary Ann.

1. Uvrus Chandler, b. 1831; died 11 Sept. 1*33.

2. Russell Chandler, b. 21 Apr. 1833, in Green Co., 111., near Manches-

ter, the county seat. His address is St. George P. 0., Washing-
ton Co., Utah. Married first, 1 May, 1808, Cornelia Brown, dau.
of James Brown. She died 187r>-0, leaving no issue. Married
second, Mary Ellen Keeley. who was horn 22 July, 1861, at Prpvo,
Utah, dau. of Russell Keeley, by his wife Mary Ann Scragin.
She died 21 July, 1879, leaving
Mary Ann Chandler, born in Richfield, Utah, 27 June, 1879 ;
and died 6 Aug. 1879.

3. Mary Ann Chandler, b. 17 July, 1835; m. 19 May, 1881, Daniel

M. Thomas. They live at Saint George, Utah.

4. Mercy Chandler, b. 1837; d. a child.

5. Alcy Jane Chandler, b. 17 March. 1839; m. James Hobbs.

i. Mary Jane Hohbs, h. about 1859.
ii. Amanda Hobbs, b. Feb. 1804.
iii. Sarah Ellsworth Hobbs.
iv. Leroy Hohbs, b. abt. 1872

v. Obadiah Hobbs, b. 187."J.
vi. Havehill C. Hobbs.
vii. Martha Ann Hobbs, b. July, 1879.



Moses Chandler in. second, in the spring of 1847, Mary Owens,
of Williamson Co., 111., and by her had

fi. Zachariah Andrew Jackson Chandler, born 1848. He was in Marion
Co., 111., 30 years ago.

683. in. Elijah, b. 8 Feb. 1700; in. Lydia Burton, wid. of Mr.

Rock wood. He went to Alabama? Returned and lived
in Wilton. No issue.

684. iv. Hannah, b. 17 -Inly, 1792; m. John Ingals, of Nelson, N.

H. ; farmer.

i. Jool Ingals.

<).8.j. v. Nathaniel, b. 14 Apr. 1794; d. 11 Sept. 1795.

686. vi. Peiscilla, b. 12 J.une, 1706.

687. vii. Ruth, b. 23 July, 171)8 ; d. 2:3 Jan. 1800 ; scalded to death.

688. viii. Sallv, b. 15 Apr. 1800 ; d. at the age of 13.


ASA 5 CHANDLER (Thomas, 4 Joseph,* William* William')
and Eleanor Richardson, Stoddard, N. H.

She wasb. 22 July, 1752 ; d. 6 Dec. 1834. She was adopted
by Mr. Hartshorn, of Andover. " She was seven years older
than her husband, but she was very smart."

He was out at the Lexington alarm, and afterwards served
two or three years in the Revolutionary war in the marine ser-
vice, was wounded and lost about three inches of one of the
bones of his left arm. He settled on a stream in Stoddard, and
built a saw and grist-mill, the latter of which has not been kept
up. His place was called " Chandler's Mills." He must have
been industrious to get even a scanty fare in so rough and
barren a place. He died 7 Dec. 1820, in his (55th year.

The children of Asa and Eleanor (Richardson) Chandler
were :

680. i. Asa, b. 19 Nov. 1782 ; m. Sally Barrett, of Stoddard.

600. it. Eleanor, b. 15 April, 1785; d. 26 Nov. 1853, of consump-

tion ; unm.

601. in. Luke, b. 24 May, 1787; d. 14 Oct. 1804.

692. iv. Aciisaii. b. 12 Sept. 1795 ; unm. ; lives in Sullivan, near
"Chandler's Mills."

297 —

JOHN 5 CHANDLER (Joseph, 4 Joseph, 3 William* William')
and Elizabeth Esty.

She d. 19 April, 1812, a. 50, at Lunenburg, Vt. In his
family Bible it is recorded on the birthday of his oldest child,
'* June 21, 1778, John Chandler, 29 years and eleven days old.


Elizabeth Chandler, his wife, 22 years, seven months and 2
days old." Shoemaker.

The children of John and Elizabeth (Esty) Chandler
were :

093. i. Abigail, b. in Brimfield, Mass., 21 Jane, 177*. " Putney.
Vt. : Aaron Fisk, of Chesterfield, married Nabby Chand-
ler, of Putney, Feb. 11. 1799."

G!)4. ii. John, Jr., b. in Palmer, Mass., 22 April, 17*3; m. first,
28 Jan. 1810, Sarah Whipple; m." second, 23 March,
1S24, Nancy Whipple; third, 28 June, 1854, Betsey
Porter, wid. of Mr. Stevenson.

G95. in. William, b. in Sturbridge, Mass., 15 June. 1785; m. 24
Dec. 1807, to Tolly Bloss, by John Willard, minister.

G9f>. iv. Hannah, b. 24 Aug. 1788 ; m. 3 'Oct. 1808, Daniel Barns.
both of Lnnenburg, Vt.

097. v. Reuben, b. in Westmoreland, N. 11.. 1 April, 1791 ; m. in

Townshend, Jan. 1814, Fanny Whipple, of Townshend.

098. vi. Isaac, b. in Chesterfield, N. 11., 30 May, 1793; grocer,

Cincinnati, O.. and Jackson, 111., and California.

699. vn. Sarah, b. 11 May, 1795; m. in Bath, X. II., 14 Jan.

1819, Dr. Ogden B. Newton.

700. vin. David, b. in Westmoreland, 23 April, 1797; d. before he

was of age in one of the Hamptons, Mass., where his
father died.

701. ix. Joel, b. in Putney, Vt., 29 March, 17'.)!); m. 24 Jan.

1830, Reheeea Morse.


JOHN 5 CHANDLER (John, 4 Joseph* William* William')
and Kuty Holman, Princeton, Mass.

She d. 18 Feb. 1781, in her 28th year, leaving two sons. He
m. second, Mary Jackson.

He lived in Sterling and New Braintree, and he moved into
Princeton about 17**. His log house stood very nearly on the
spot where his grandson Ephraim 7 Chandler now lives, a) tout
two miles East of the centre of the town and half a mile N. W.
of the "Parker" Cemetery, where lie his earthly remains and
those of his family. No monument marks the spot. He was a
large, bony and muscular man, and of great activity. He was
a farmer. He kept for many years a diary of passing events,
which, it is feared, has been destroyed by the busy hand of
domestic industry. He d. 26 March, 1832, aged 81.

The children of John Chandler were :

702. i. John, b. in Sterling, 22 Ma}', 1777.; in. in Chelsea, Mary
Wyman, of Lunenburg.



703. ii. Joseph, b. in Sterling, 20 March, 1780 ; pub. Dec. 17.

1809, in Charlestown, Mass. ; in. Sally Bennet, of Luncn-
bufg, Mass.

704. in. Ei'iiKUM, b. in New Braintree, 9 June, 1783; in. 1!) April,

1810, Mary Powers, " both" of Princeton.

705. iv. Makv, 1). in Princeton, 31 May, 1795; m. Silas Holman.


JOSEPH"' CHANDLER (John,* Joseph? William; 2 Wil-
liam 1 ) and Dorcas 5 Abbott, Salem, Mass.

She was 1). in Andovcr, 2(5 Oct. 1755 ; d. in Salem, 10 Aug.
1821, a. 65. She was daughter of Joseph 4 Abbott, Jr., by his
wife Anna Peabody, of Andovcr, gr. dan. of Joseph 3 Abbot,
by his wife Hannah Allen. He was in the Revolutionary

He lived many years in the family of Mr. Derby, as " gard-

His family Bible has this record, "'Joseph Chandler, His
Bib]., brhfght April y" 3, 1780. Price 120 Dollars."

His. house on Ash st. was set off to his widow, and the lower
house kk as per will " to his son Joseph Abbot Chandler. He
d. 27 Nov. 1827, aged 74, of a tit, in the streets of Salem.

The children of Joseph and Dorcas (Abbot) Chandler
w r erc :

70G. i.

707. ii.

708. in.

709. iv.

Hannah, b. in Danvers, 15 Dec. 1781 ; bapt. 3 Mar. 1782,
by Mr. Holt, So. Danvers ; m. 20 Oct. 1805, Jonathan
Kenney, of Salem.

Doucas, b. 11 June, 177"); bapt. 19 June, 1785, by Mr.
Holt, So. Danvers; d. 1 Feb. 1843, of "cancer of the
breast, a. 57, the 11 of June, previous" in Salem. In
her will of 23 Jan. 1843, she said, " I Dorcas Chandler of
Salem, singlewotnan give." &c. "to Joseph" T. Chand-
ler" — "to hold for his father Joseph 6 A. Chandler, pay-
ing him the interest annually; and, after his death to be
paid to my niece Susan E. Chandler," &c. Besides her
filial affection, she had many other noble traits of charac-

Joseph Abbot, b. 28 Dec. 1781) ; in. 24 May, 1812, Deborah

John, b. 21 July, 1795; d. 27 Sept. 1803, a. 8 years.


MARY 5 CHANDLER (John;' John? John? WMiam 1 ) and
Benjamin 7 Greene, Boston.

lie was b. 11 Jan. 1713; d. 2^ Feb. 1750, a. 39.


His ancestry was :

Robert 1 Greene, of Gillinghani, Knu., 1545, in the reijrn of
Henry VIII.

Richard- Grconc, heir to the- estate of Bowridge Hill, in

Richard 3 Greene, Jr., married Mary .

Dr. John 4 Greene, who came from Salisbury, Eug., sailed in
the good ship " James," April, 1635, from Southampton, and
was an associate with Roger Williams in the " Providence Pur-
chase," in 1038. He with Samuel Gorton and Randall Holden,
had authority from "The Commissioners," in England, 15 May,
l<>4b\ "to pass with freedom through Massachusetts Bay to
Narragansett." He m. first, in Salisbury, 4 Xov. 1G19, Joan
Tattershall; m. second, in Eng., Alice Daniels; m. third,
Phillippa, and he left issue :

1. John 5 Greene; of Warwick, R. I.

2. Petek 5 Gkeenk ; m. Mary, dau. of Samuel Gorton.

3. James 5 Greene; gr. gr. father of Gen. Nath 1 Greene of the

Revolutionary War.

4. Mary 3 Greene; in. James Sweet, progenitor of the boue-settino;

Sweets ; and

5. Thomas 5 Greene ; whose mother was Joan Tattershall ; m. 30

June, 1659, Elizabeth, dan. of Gen. Knfus Barton, of Warwick,
R. 1., and had for his youngest child,

6. Nathaniel 15 Greene, b. in Warwick, R. I., 10 April, 167'J; d. 8

Aug. 1714, aged 32; removed to Boston, and in. in Boston, 27
Feb. 1703-4, Ann, dan. of Thomas and Frances (Robinson)
'• Gold. She d. 16 January, 1728, aged 43 ; and they were parents
of Benjamin 7 Greene, who was b. 11 Jan. 1713, as above, and
parents of Thomas Greene ; m. Elizabeth Gardiner; m. second,
Martha Coit Hubbard. He was a merchant in Boston; was a
Director of the Massachusetts Bank, 178 ( J.

" She was the eldest of the seven daughters of Judge Chand-
ler, who from their beauty, intelligence and social position were
called ' The Seven Stars.'"

The children of Mary and Benjamin Gkeene were :

i. Benjamin 7 Greene, Jr.. b. 1G June, 1-738; d. Feb. 1807, a.
68; m. 5 March, 1761, Elizabeth Hubbard, who was bom in
New London, 1738, died in Boston, 16 May, 1806, aged 68.
She was dan. of Sheriff Daniel Hubbard, of New London, by
his wife Martha, dan. of John Coit, who m. Mehitable Chand-
ler, of Woodstock, Conn. [See 34.] Seven children.

Their dau. Elizabeth Greene, b. 21 April, 17GG; in. 5 June, 1800, John
Chandler. [See 1010.]

ii. Hannah 8 Greene, b. 2'J March, 1741.
hi. John 8 Greene, b. 27 Sept. 1743; d. 16 Nov. 1743.


iv. Maky 8 Gkeene" b. 3 Oct. 1745; m. 1(5 Aug. 17GG, Joseph
Greene, who was b. in Boston, 2G Jan. 1715, son of Thomas
Greene, by his second wife Martha Coit, wid. of Sheriff
Daniel Hubbard, of New Loudon, Conn. Four children.

Their dau. Lueretia Callahan Greene, 1>. 11 Sept. 1770; m. G Oct. 17u;,,

Gardiner Leonard Chandler. [See 731.]
Their daughter Rebecca Rose Greene; m. 7 Aug. 1709, Johu Smith.

aud their daughter Rose Smith, m. Robert B. Forbes.

v. Lucretia 8 Greene, b. 16 July. 1748; m. (says the News-Letter
of Nov. 3, 1774), " Capt. John Callahan." And the Reper-
tory of Nov. 18, 1806, said. "Died at Demarara, Capt. John
Callahan, of Boston, whose death is very much lamented ; a
fond husband ; an indulgent parent ; a worthy member of
society and an honest man." u- I decline the administration
of the Estate of my late Husband, and I wish my Eldest Son
John H. Callahan, merchant, to be appointed adm r ." May 7,
1807. Five children.

Their dau. Elizabeth Greene Callahan ; d. 10 Nov. l.SCO, at Florence,
Italy; m. first, 1812, James Perkins, Jr., son of James and Sarah
(Pain*) ]%'};5ns [see 308] ; m. second. Rt. Rev. George Washington
Poaue, Bishop of New Jersey. Two children.

vi. Sakaii 8 Gkeene, b. 17 Dec. 1750; num.

vii. Gardiner 8 Greene, b. 23 Sept. 1753; d. VJ Dec. 1832, aged 79,
in Boston.

He resided on a hill where Pemberton Scpiare now is. This estate
he devised in his will of 21 May, 1M28: "For the ardent love and
tender affection I have towards my Dear Wife Elizabeth Clarke
Greene, born Copley, over the £3000 annual settlement made iu
London ou ye 2""' i July, 1800, in Lieu of Dower, my Dwelling house
that 1 bot of Jona. Mason, Esq.," besides t; 8200,000."

He also said in his will: k> it is my will that Harry, my mulatto
man, be manumitted (having long considered and treated him as a
freeman) ; that he be paid SG0 yearly, and occupy the ten foot build-
ing in Red way's Lane, ami have further allowance if necessary."

He also devised to i- my friend," Hon. Samuel Hubbard, a large
amount to be expended by him '* iu a manner most likely to subserve
the cause of the civilization of our fellow beings, the Negroes — and
of their conversion to the Religion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus

He was a successful merchant, president of the U. S. Branch Bank
at Boston. He presented Harvard College, in 1818, the proof
engraviugs of all of his brother-in-law's (John Singleton Copley)
historical paintings.

Mr. Gardiner Greene m. first, Nancy Readiug ; no issue; m.
second, 25 Nov. 1780, Elizabeth Hubbard, who was the daughter of
Daniel (son of Sheriff Daniel) Hubbard,, of New Loudon, Conn.,
who m. Martha, dau. of John and Mehitable (Chandler) Coit [see 31]
Hubbard, who was probably born in New London, 13 June, 1730, by
his wife Mary Greene, born 1 May, 1734, dau. of Thomas and
Elizabeth (Gardiner) Greene. Shi- Left four children. Mr. Greene
in. third, iu London, IrtOO, Elizabeth Clarke Copley, sister to the late


Lord Lyndhurst, England, and dan. of John Singleton Copley, the
celebrated painter, by his wife Susanna, dan. of Richard Clarke, of
Boston, one of the consignees of "the tea" that was thrown over-
board in Boston harbor on the evening of .the 16th Dec. 1773. The
w/irolrcnse of this Richard Clarke and sons stood at the lower end of
King Street, bat he resided in School Street, Boston. Eleven

1. Mary Ann Greene, b. 19 April, 1790.; m. 17 June, 1815, Hon. Samuel

Hubbard, who was b. at Boston, 1785; d. 24 Dec. 1847, at Boston,
aged G2, son of William Hubbard, of New London, Conn., and
Boston, by his second wife Lydia Lathrop. [See 34.] He was
graduated at Y. C. 1802, and received the degree of LL.D. 1827;
commissioned Justice of Supreme Court of Massachusetts, 1842;
member of the Prudential Committee of the A. B. C. F. Missions.
One-ninth of «the estate of Gardiner Greene was devised ' l to my
highly esteemed son-in-law, Samuel Hubbard," in trust for his five
children by his first wife. Five children.

2. Gardiner Greene, Jr., b. 5 Jan. 1792; d. young.

3. Benjamin Daniel Greene, b. at Demarara, W. I., 29 Dec. 1793; d. 14

Oct. 1S62, in Boston; H. U. 1812; read law; m. 30 May, 1826,
Margaret Morton Quincy, dau. of Hon. Josiah Quincy, by his wife
Eliza Susan Morton.

4. William Parkinson Greene, b. 7 Sept. 1795; d. 18 June, 1804; H. U.

Isl4; read law. He was an owner in and a^ent of the Thames
Manufacturing Co., Norwich, Conn. He resided on the Barrell
estate on Washington Street, Norwich. He was Mayor of Norwich,
1842; "a good citizen;" in. 14 July, 1819, Augusta Elizabeth
Borland, in Boston, the Rev. John S. J. Gardiner, D.D., Rector of
Trinity Church, officiating.

By his third wife, Elizabeth C. Copley, Gardiner Greene had :

5. Gardiner Greene, 2d. Jr., who died young.

6. Elizabeth Hubbard Greene; m. Henry Timmius, of Broad Meadow,

near Birmingham, England, and of Boston. Three children.

7. Susan Copley Greene ; d. 22 March. 1844, aged 38; m. 5 Nov. 1828,

Samuel Hammond, who was b. 7 Oct. 1807; d. 10 Sept. 1834, mer-
chant in Boston. He was son of Asa Hammond, whose name was
changed after the death of a brother, to Sa uuel, b. 12 July, 17»',G;
m. 1794, Sarali Dawes. He was a grandson of Samuel and Mary
Eiske Hammond. Two children.

8. Sarah Greene ; d. 18G4, in Paris.

9. Martha Babcock Greene; m. Charles Arnory, sou of Thomas and

Elizabeth (Coffin) Arnory.

10. John Singleton Copley Greene, H. U. 1828; read medicine; was

settled over the Episcopal church at West Newton. Afterwards
resided at Longwood, Brookliue; m. first, 15 June. 1830, Elizabeth
Patterson Hubbard, who d. without issue, dau. of John Hubbard,
and gr. granddaughter of Sheriff Daniel Hubbard and Martha Coit;
m. second, Mary Ann, dau. of Hon. William Appleton, of Boston,
by his wife Mary Ann Cutler, dau. of James Cutler, his wife
Mehitable, dau. of Gov. James Sullivan; and she was granddad, of
Rev. Joseph and Mary (Hook) Appleton, of North Brooktield,
Mass. ; m. third, Isabel McCullock, of Washington, D. C, He d.
at Longwood, 6 July, 1872. He was b. 1811, and was 61. Four

11. Mary Copley Greene; m. James Sullivan Amory, gr. son of Gov.

James Sullivan. Six children.

viii. Anne 8 Gkeene, b. in Boston, 28 Feb. 1756.



ESTHER 5 CHANDLER (John* John* John? William 1 )
and Coi. Thomas 5 Clap, Scituate, Mass.

He was b. at Scituate, 11 Nov. 1705; d. 31 May, 1774, in
his 69th year, at Scituate. He was son of Lieut. John 4 Clap.
b. lf>77, m. 1702, Hannah Gill, his cousin; grandson of
Samuel 3 Clap, who was b. at Scituate, about 1642, m. 1666,
Hannah Gill ; and great gr. son of Dea. Thomas 2 Clap (son of
Richard 1 ), who was b. at Dorchester, Eng., 1597. and came to
America 1633, and after stopping a while at Weymouth, settled
in 1640 at Scituate, Mass., and was regarded " as an active,
useful and venerable man." His farm was on the north-west
corner of Stockbridge Mill Pond, near which lies the scene of
" the Old Oaken Bucket," a famous temperance ode, by
Samuel Woodworth, a native of Scituate.

Thomas 5 Clap was graduated at Harvard. College, 1725, was
Pettier! as the fifth pastor, over the first church at Taunton,
Mass., 1729. He left Taunton, 1738, and returned to Scituate,
said one, " on account of some trouble in collecting his salary,"
and others said "they would never have another rich man for
their minister." He was not again in the ministry, but was
much in public life. He was colonel of the militia, represented
that town many years in the Legislature, and he was judge of
the courts for the County of Plymouth, and his fatal illness
(palsy) came upon him while presiding on the bench at Ply-
mouth. He died in his 69th year, on the 31st of May, 1774,
after a long and wearisome seven years' illness.- He wps a man
of medium height, rather fleshy, but of fine personal appear-
ance. He was social in his temper, and extremely fond of
company, and very hospitable. Before being afflicted with
palsy he was remarkably pleasant and mild in his intercourse
with others, but afterwards he was irritable and hard to please,
which is the usual effect of this malady. His remains were
buried in the "common" graveyard, but the stone has been
removed to the family yard near his residence, which has been
occupied by his grandson Leonard Clap, who m. Eliza Stetson.

Rev. Thomas Clap m. 9 Sept. 17 — , Mary Leonard, who
was born " where her father lived in baronial style," at Norton,
Mass., 17 Jan. 1714, and died 27 June, 1741, of measles, at
Scituate, but was buried with her " fathers." She was dau. of
Major George Leonard, by his wife Rachael Clapp, dau. of
Stephen and Temperance Clapp, of Norton, and wid. of Mr.
Lane. This family of Leonard trace their lineage through
"John of Gaunt" to Edward III., and claim the title of
" Lord Dacre." But in this country the members of the family

"■ -r/ Sl

Worcester: Mass '<" I


made the observation true that " where you can find iron works
there you will find a Leonard."

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