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this nry last Will ; and, in Testimony of this my firm act and Deed, 1
have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal ye Day and Year above written.


Abigail Dane,
Rich' 1 Walker.

Essex ss. Before ye Hon bl ° Jonathan Corwin, Judge of Probate, &e.

Mr: John Dane and Richard Walker p r sonally appeared, at Salem
Decemb r 12 th 1698, and made oath, that they wir p r sent and did see
William Chandler of Andiur Syne and Sea!, and heard him Publish
and Declare ye w"in written Instrument to be his last Will and Testa-
ment, and that lie was then of a disposing mind to their best Discern-
ing, and that Abigail Dane Syned to gether w t! them a* a Witness at
ye same time and that they all Syned in his presence.

Sworn. Attest, John Hiuginson, Reg r .

Vpon w"' 1 this will is proned, approued ami allowed.

Examined p r John EJigginson.

Attest, John tligudnson, Reg r .


Andovci? March ye 20, 1698-9.

This informs any y' arc concerned y' Was it was ye pleasure of my
Hon u (father William Chandler Late of Audover Dee' 1 , to appoint nice
WiPirun Chandler his Sou to he one of ye Executors to His Last Will
and Testament, having proved ye Will and taken up ye Same and
yet meddled not with any of ye Goods —

vpou due Consideration I Doe hereby Decline y ! . 1 ye Said Wil-
liam Chandler doe renounce and revoke my Said Executorship, and I
ye Said William having agreed with my mother-in- Law, viz. Bridget
Chandler. Widow and Executrix unto my said ffathers Will as follow-
ing namely.

I ye Said William Chandler having receiv" my portion already and
thirty pounds more to me In hand paid by my said .Mother in Law,
Bridget Chandler, to my full Content ami full Satisfaction, do hereby
agree and Declare y' i ye said William will Satisfy and pay unto mv
two brothers — y* is to say Philemon Chandler and Thomas Chandler
and my Sister Mary Chandler alias Sherwin to each of y 1 " yo portions
according to my Said ffathers Will and Testament; and." also. ! ye
Said William Chandler doe oblige myself to pay unto Coll. John
Waiuwright on my said ffathers Engagement In^Money to him hi
Ipswich — nr> meiuiiu- i;> thai 1 will pay vvh.ic is above Ex prey t out of
my own estate. If not paid already, and to y £ End T ye above named
Will" 1 Chandler for myself and both my Brothers Viz. Philemon and
Thomas Cliandler have remised and forever quitt claim" and. by these
p'sents acquitt my Said Mother-in-Law and our brother Joseph
Chandler of ye fifty pounds w' 1 ' Joseph is to pay according as is ex-
pressed In our Said ffathers Will and W ever else in then/possession.

To have and to hold forever and for y ! sure plormance of all W :h 1
ye above named William Chandler do bind myself, my heirs executors
administrators unto my said Mother in Law Bridget Chandler and
Joseph Chandler. Their heirs, exe rs , adm'- and assignees and Certain
Attorney, In a peuall Sum of five hundred pounds Currency Silvei
Money of New England.

In witness hereof I have sett my hand and Seal ye Day and year
above written.

In presence of William Ciiandlki:.

ffrancis Ellis,
Andrew Peeters.

Essex ss. William Chandler p r soually appeared this 20 of March
1698-9 before me one of His Maj e " Justices for Said County, and
acknowledged ye within written Instrument to be his act and Deed.

Jonathan Coiavrx.
Adm. De Bonis non. William Chandler.

Essex ss. Ipswich. April! Kb 1716. Letters att Large of Admin-
istration of all ye goods and estate of William Chandler Late of Au-
dover Dee' ! . not Desposed of In his Last Will and Testament, was
granted to his widow Bridget Chandler, She having given bonds to
admin 1- according to Law, to exhibit an Inventory and render an
account of her s J Adm. uppon oath at or before ye first Monday In
J .line next Ensuing.

David Ropes, Reg'r. John Appleton.


Know nil ISti-ii by these presents, that we Thorwas Chandler of Au-
dover, Joiia. Tyler and Phebe his wife, Timothy Llolt and RIiocIm his
wife of Auflbver, Nathaniel Robbing of Chavlestown and Hannah ins
wife, and .John Sherwin and Mary his wife, all chihlven of our Hon' 1
Father. William Chandler of Audover Dee 11 , In consideration of a
Certain Sum of Money to us in hand paid to om full Satisfaction, quit
claim to our loving brother William Chandler of Audover, Husband-
man, all our right to the homestead of our father in Audover.

21 Feb. •• in the 4 th year of George," 1718.

Children of Willi am, Jr. and Mary (Dane) Chandler :

1"). i. Mary, b. in Andover, ~> July, 1G59 ; m. 30 Sept. 1GU1, John
Sherwin of Ipswich, Mass.

IG. ii. William, b. 81 Jan. 1GG1 ; m. 28 Dec. 1GS2, Sarah Buck-

17. in. Sarah, 1>. J'J Jan. 1662; d. 12 May, 1GGS.

is. iv. Thomas, b. IGG3.

19. v. John, b. IGG5; d. 28 Dec. 1681, a. 16 years.

20. vr. Philemon, b. 21 Aug. 1G67 ; d. (1 May, 1GG8.
:il. vu. Thomas, 2,1. b. 2 March, IGG8 : d. G Oct. 1G70.

22. vim. Philemon, 2d. b. 4 Sept. 1071 ; m. first, Hannah Clary ; in.
second, 2 May, llo'.K Mrs. Patience Griggs, of Wood-
stock, Conn.

■_'J. ix. Hannah, b. 5 Feb. 1673 ; m. Nathaniel Robbing, of Charles-
town. -:

2-i. x. Thomas, 2d, •••/uni." b. 5 Dee. 1G7G, in Audover; m, Mary

25. x>. Joseph, h. LG79.

2G. xn. Pheije. b. 17 Sunt. 1680; m. 14 June. 1708, Jonathan Tyler.

27. xi.u. Josni'iF. 2d, b. 1/ July, 108.2; in. in Audover, i.0 June.

1703, Mehitable Russell.

28. xiv. RiiooA. b. 2G Sept. 1684; m. 19 April. 1705, Timothy Holt

b\" Rev. Mr. Barnard.

Doa. JOHN- CHANDLEE ( William;) and Elizabeth Doug-
las, Woodstpck, Conn., b. *tfttfcj Il$f

" Elizabeth, late wife to Deacon Chandler, of Woodstock,
Deceased at New London, 7" r 23, 1705.'' [Town Records of

She was daughter of William Douglas by his wife Anna
Mattlo, dan. of Thomas Mattle, of Kingstead, in Northampton-
shire, KiiL''. William Douglas was burn aboul !<>!(), and so
was Lis wife. He was at Ipswich, Mass., 1(541, in Boston,
1(145, and was made freeman in Massachusetts, 1040. lie
moved, IG5:>, to New London, Conn., of which place he was
one of the j^ranfees. 1.003, from King Charles LI,, which grant
was continued 14 Out. 1704, by the Governor and Company of
Connecticut. This William Douglas was one o.t the ''Towns-
men" in New London in 1003, '00 and '07; Recorder and


Moderator in 1(168. Nov. 24, 1665, '* Mr. Douglas was Con-
firmed in his place for the Town Packer of Meat, and also he
was voted and chosen to hrandmark all horses with L on the
left shoulder and is to record all horses Soc branded." Cooper

i»> Li'iuu - ,

The Rev. Governor Simon Bradstrcet records Of him : " July
-'<;, 1682, Mr. William Douglas, one of ye Deacons of this
Church, dyed in ye 72' 1 year of his age. lie was an able
Christian and this poor church will want him much."

"Deacon Douglas was at least active in Church Economy,
awl held the box at the door for Contributions." In regard to
this office, he, as town clerk, recorded, " 15 Aug. N57 : Myselfe
Chosen to hold the box for Contributions and this to be pro-
pounded to Mr. Bradstreel to have his advise therein.':

Roxbury, Mass.. Records. k> 28 3 in. 1665, Elizabeth, wife
to John Chandler, admitted to full communion." "16 3 m.
HH55, John Chandler Solemnly owned ye Covenant." " 167y
month 2 day 13, John Chandler Confessed Christ and joyned to
full Communion. " _

koximry, Mass. "On ine 19; Jan. '5 G, Willy am Hopkins
was chosen to dige graues for the Town, and he is to haue for
men and. wimens two Shillings per man or Woman, and for
Children vnder tenn years of age, he is to haue Twelve pence
per Child/"

"27 Jan. '61. John Chandler was chosen to digg the


At A Gen' 11 Court held att Boston, the 7 th of Nouvenib 1 L633. In
answer to the Petition of Select men of Roxbury ana in there
hehalfe, Dated Oetob r 10 th & 17: 1683, for a Tract of Land for A
Viliascetobe Lav'd out about Quialtesett to the Quantity of Seaven
miles' square — The Court Grants their Request prouided that the
Grant to Maj. Thompson, Mr. Stongliton, Mr. Dudley and Company,
haue the first choyce, they makeing thee; choyee before the tenth of
■Iw.iv next. Are! prouided thirty families be Netted on the Said Plan-
tation within three' years of that time and maintaiue among-' T a an
able and orthodox Godly Minister.

Octoly" Vnno Dom. 168-t. The Town of Roxbury in prosecution ot
the Grant Improu'd L' Sam" Ruggles, John Ruggles Sen'' John Curtis
Isaac Morris to vew the wilderness and fiude a convenient place
where they niisrht rake tip the aboue Said grant. Who, after Due
time Spmi in Searching, found a couuenieiit place in the Wapaquaset
Couutr\ Westward of Mvanekesett Riuer. April 5 1686 Seueral
persons came as Planters and Setlers and took actual Possession <; 5 >y
Ihvnkimr up laud and Planting Come) of the laud Granted to kox-
Imry for a viliage, called (by the planters New Roxbury) by the
Antient uatiues, Wapaquaset.

July 21. For the more orderly selling the afores a village or grant
liiw-f was a meeting in Roxbury of a certaine number, Inhabitants or



Roxbury under the denomination of "goers" to settle the s' 1 Planta-
tiou. And made these following agreements.

first that every man should take up what number of acres he
pleaseth in his horn lo'tt not exceeding thirty; and after Rights and
deuitions of Lauds shall arise according to the proportion of his horn
lot ; and all alter charges to arise Proportionally upon the horn lots
for the first Six years. Lastly that within one month they will go
personally to there new plantation afores u and there make further
agreem'" deuitions and Settlements. The Planters. Aug** the Twenty
fifth being niett att New-Roxbury alias Wapaquasett hal [all] agree
that the place where the hum lots shall begin Shal be upon the phtine

The Planters Finding some delieulty in their proposals of Settle-
ment did mutually agree and ehuse Seaven men — naimly Joseph
Griggs Edw d Morris Hen 1 Bowing Sen 1 John Chandler Seu r Sain"
Craft Sam 11 Scarborough and Jonathan Smeathers to State [stake]
highwaise needful for the present settlenr\ to state a lott for the
Minister and consider of Land couuenient for the Planters to Settle
on, for a conuenient place for a meeting House to Stand ; and to give
liberty, if any number of persons agree and desire to draw lots for
their horn lots on any particular piece of Land By y ,n selues otherwise
for the Who! to SuLle us the lots shal fall by a lott. The Planters
also declare what number (each pellicular man desired) of acres in
his horn lot, which are as is hereafter expresed in the number and
order of there lots, and as eitery man was willing and thought him
selfe able to cary on publique charges.

The Comitte afore s d after uewing the Land Judged it Couuenient-
est for the Inhabitants to settle on these places folowing the plain
hil, the Eastward vale, and the Westward hil, and have stated high-
ways as foloweth, a high way of Eight Pod wide, &c.

The goers or planters being mett together Saturday the twenty
eight of August. In order to drawing lots where hoia lots should
be ; and there appearing companies to Sit down on each pellicular
place before stated apart by them Seines, then liberty was giuen to
those that desired to Sit dowue on the plaiue hil to draw by them
Selves others desiring to Sit down on the Estward vale had liberty to
draw for that by them Selves, others desiring to Settle on the West
hil had liberty to draw by them Selves. John Chandler Sen r having
liberty to ehuse the place of his horn lott. tooke the Same on the
brook on both sides the high way att the North End the Estward
Vale in Respect of the accomodation of water. The Land being
not so good the same addition was allowed him as was allowed those
nine lots on the plane by the Comitte of Seaven men, the Planters
then present agreeing :

The Bounds of the lands of the Horn lot N" 10. belonging and
Granted unto John Chandler Sen r w' jh is a thirty acre horn lot w"'
thirty acre Rights and hath like allowance with the forementioned
lots, viz thre acres for two ; to make up in Quantit}' what it wanted
in Quality.

The Whom iott, which iyeth in tin- Eastward Vale :it the North
End on a Certaine brook called Saw mill Brooke bounded East and
South on Highwaise West and North on Comou measuring ia leangth


from Eastt to Westt one hundred perch and In breadth from North
to South, Sixty eight porch and thirteen "feet and Contains forty-three
acres. Nine acres more on the other side of the Highway at the Est
of the above mentioned land which is bounded west by the hi ah way ;
North by the Cofiion, Est partly by the brook and partly by a Steep
hrough, South by Lands of Nath 1 . Sawyer, both these pieces make
fifty two acres w ch amounts to the Whom lott.

"IJohn Chandler Sen r of Roxbury," husbandman, and Elizabeth
his wife, sold a "certain parcel" of land in Roxbury " containinc: "
ten acres " on which the said John Chandler his mansion house
Standeth, and is,- by virtue of a lease for a term of Seven years, in
the occupation of Richard Bonsey," '-bounded by land of Mr.
Joshua Lamb or the heirs of Mr. George Alcock on the West in
part," &c. "to Mr. Nchcmiah Walter" •■ for £205." Auo-. 20, IG89.
At that date Roxbury included New Roxbury (Woodstock- Conn.),

April 27, 1687. The Company of Planters att a Gen' 11 Meeting did
then Chuse Edw' 1 Morris, John' Chandler Sen r Nath 1 Johnson' and
Joseph White to treatt and agree with William Bartholomew of Brad-
ford, for the building of a Corn Mill on as Reasonable tearms as they
can; which tearms the Publique is to stand to. &c.

i'iie Committee, above said did. in the Town's behalf, trive and
grant to W' n Bartholomew above Said, on Condition of his building a
Corn Mill on the fails below Muddy Brook ponds [These were after-
wards the "Hosmer" and the "Harris" Mills], and findino' the
Town with grinding good meal clear of gritt, " the place at the afore-
said falls " containing acres.

The inhabitants met "at the House of Dea. Chandler March
I), 1G98-9 for to Chuse town officers."

Att a gen" town meeting, " at the House of Benj" Sabin,
then was chosen John Chandler Sen r " and other- "for Select-
men for the year ensuing whose instructions are the whole
power of the. Town Excepting granting land and admitting

In 1693-4, he was " first Selectman," and was chosen again
to that office in 10*93-4, but he was released, by the Town.
from serving. lie was 2d Nov. 1G94, moderator of the town
meeting. John Chandler was one of the deacons of the church
in Woodstock under the pastoral care of Rev. Josiah D wight.

He was chosen, 28 Sept. LG91, one of a Committee to build
a Meeting House, which was erected on tk Plaine Hill," nearly
iii trout of the old Bowen mansion, which stood where Col".
Matthew Bowen, one of the descendants of that family, lived in
isdo, and his son, ('apt. Andrew Bowen. lived in 1871.

Dea. John Chandler was one of the six who bought of Capt.
James Fitch, of Norwich, Conn., "The Mashamoquet Pur-
chase" of 1500 acres for the consideration of thirty pounds.

"Alt a meeting of the Inhabitants of Mashamoquet (Pom-
tret) March ye 1, 1(587, then was chosen Samuel Scarborough


to actt in the Room of Joseph Peak Deceased, w th John Chand-
ler" "about the patient.'" The youngest son of John Chandler"
afterwards settled at Mushamoquet.

John Chandler removed from old Roxbury to New Rovhury,
lf>8T>, and made hi !..,:;.-. on the Eastward Vale just north of
Saw Mill brook, on the corner, hounded west and north by the
Common. This place passed down to his great-grandchildren,
and by them to Christopher Arnold about 1700.

In the burying-£>Tound at Woodstock, near the entrance,
stands a rude tiat stone about fifteen inches high ami twenty
wide, on which is inscribed in Roman capitals un ler an hour
glass :


The mortal remains of One son, Judge John Chandler, and of
eight others of hi- descendants, repose by his side.

Will of Jokn, Chandler, of Woodstock, Cam.

In the name of God, Ameu. Tin- fust day of June 1702, I John
Chandler of Woodstock, in the County of Suffolk within the Provence
of Massachusetts Bay in New-England, Husbandman, Being (through
mercy) in good measure of health and of sound disposing mind and
memory. Yet knowing the uncertainty of this present life : and that
peaee and love may be kept and maintained in my family after I am
gone the way of all flesh : —

Do therefore Settle and dispose of my temporal Goods and Estates,
By this my last Will and Testament in the manner as herein after

Imp'. I will that my just debts and necessary charges for my In-
terment be well and truly paid and discharged with what conveuiency
may he.

Item. I give and bequeath to Elizabeth, my loving wife during her
widowhood, my house for her to dwell in : the use of one milks cow ;
a bed and furniture, necessary utensils for the same, and Eight
pounds per Annum; and What more of my Estate her necessity may
require, to be paid by my Children according to the proportion they
receive of my Estate, and, in Case she many again, I give and be-,
queath to hei Twelve pounds.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my Son-in-Law. Robert Mason,
five Shillings.

Item. I givo and bequeath unto my Grand Son Robert Mason, my
Land on the East side of the Township of Woodstock (which I value
at Ten pounds) if he arrive to the age of twenty one year-, otherwise
to return to my children and be proportionally divided with my other


Item. 1 give and bequeath to my Grant! Daughter Hannah
Draper, the Sum of Ton pounds.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my Son Joseph Chandler the sum
of Ten pounds.

[tern. All the vest and residue of my Estate. Real and Personal
(The East End of the house and my Shop being my Son John's and
so not included) 1 give Equally among my four children. Viz. John,
Joseph, Mehitable and Sarah and their heirs. John (only) to have n
double portion of the land and to have my house and homestead at
the value at which, it wns apprised when lie entered upon it. Viz.
Two hundred thirty six pounds and six Shillings: and .Joseph to have
my lot in Mashanioquet, lying upon the Line— to be ^*-\t oft with him
at Twenty pounds of his proportion of my Estate; arid, if he See
Cause, all my Mashamoquet Lauds as they shall be appraised, and I
will that distribution be made of my Estate as soon as may be after
my Death. Save what my wife shall Improve as herein before pro-
vided, which shall be distributed upon a new apprisement after her
decease. Provided also that m\ Son John Shall not be obliged to pay
an\ - tiling out of the before mentioned Two hundred thirty six pounds
Six Shillings, until the End of Two years after his Mother's decease,
nor of the Value of my other Lands in Woodstock as they shall be
apprised in Case tie desires to have them.

And I do make my Son John my Sole Executor of this my last
Will and Testament, hereby revoking all wills whatsoever by me here-
tofore made.

In Witness whereof I have hereto set m}" hand and Seal the day and
the year first above written.

John Chandler. [Seal.]
Signed, Sealed and Published by
the above named John Chandler
to l>e his last Will and Testament
in presence of us.
Nathaniel Sanger
Smith Johnson
John Child
Jonathan. Peake

Examined by Paul Dudley. Regis r .
Inventory of the Estate of John Chandler late of Woodstock, tn the
County of Suffolk in New England, Husbandman, who died April
15 th one thousand Seven hundred and three.

House, Barn and Homestead .....

l"i Acres Land Called " Second Addition "

•"'") ■• on Wappaquasset Hill .....

2"> •• on the next IJan^e .....

3 Acres h of Meadow in " Flagg Meadow"

After Rights or undivided Lands in Woodstock

Lands on the East side of the Township of Woodstock

;*)0 acres of Land in Roxbury .

11 I acres of Land (more or less) on Mashamoquet Lint

200 acres ditto near Mashamoquet Brooke

Undivided Laud in Mashamoquet ....




















J ■)













* 1


















Wearing apparel, books. Arms anil ammunition
Money and Plate ......

12 head of neat Cattle, one old horse and 1 Swine
A Chest of Drawers, G Turkey Wrought Chairs and :i
Looking Glass ......

Bed, Bedding, Table Linen and Bedsteads
A Chest, a pi\ of Stilliards and a pair of Money Scale
A Cart and Wheels with Chain and Tackling
Pewter brass and iron Ware ....

A Table. Chairs. Cushions, and Wooden Vessels .
Mustard Seed. Cullering, beeswax, Saddle and Pillion
Provision in the House .....

A Meal Trough with other Lumber
A Tobacco [Stool] and Tackling fit to work
Debts due the Estate from the Children
Barley in the Barn, not known how much

Taken pr us the Subscribers the 22 day
of Aprill anno Domini 17<j:».

Benjamin Sabhi,

, . , J -, . .

John Holmes.
John Chandler. Executor, made oath to the above,
Boston May 20, 170.°,.

Isaac Addinoton, Esq.. Judge of Probate.
The births of all their eight children were recorded in Rox-
bury :

29. i. Jorrx, b. 1 March, 1659 ; and on a Slate

Stone at the South West Corner of , ( , IIV ,„,, V1 ,, , r)
., ur . , i • t> i r I1N:( THANDLAR

the Eliot burymg-ground mltoxbury, , ,,,. [v ., ,

Mass., is inscribed : The Town records ' . -\ „ J ,',',", '. ,-.'-
t i c t i f\ ii .1 1.1 D.TOM: ltd

say, John son or John (.handler " bu

15 Dee. 1GG0."
The top and Corners of the stone are much worn off. This
stone has the earliest date of any yet found in this coun-
try erected .to the memory of the Chandler family.

30. .ii. Elizabeth, '-borne ffeb T 20, 1661;" m. 18 Nov. 1G80,

Robert Mason, of Roxbury.
S" 31, til. John", b. 16 April, 1665, and baptized, say the Eliot Church
Records, " 1665, Month 1 Day 23 " ; m. first, 10 Nov.
1692, Mary Raymond, of New London, Conn., by Capt.
Witherly ; m. second. 14 Nov. 171!, Esther Britman,
widow of Palsgrave Alcoek.
:V2. iv. Joskpii. b. 3 April- 1667: d. monetli
•s. day 1. 1668, and was buried in the
Eliot"" Yard on Enstis Street, Box- JOSEPFLCHAKD
bury, Mass., and the slate-stone LAll:AGEI):18M
monument, about seven inches wide DyED:2l4D:7M

by twelve high, standing hy that of :16G8:

his brother John and sister Hannah,
is thus inscribed :



.;.;. v. II.yn.vaii. b. L8 Sept. 1669 ; ni. 7 July, 168a. Moses Draper
of Roxbury. 1669, monefch 7, day 19, Ilanna dau. to
.John Ch., Bapt.

:;!. vi. Mehitaiile, b. 24 Aug. 1073 : Eliot Church Records say
she was baptized ''31 Day Month -i 1673;" m. 2") Juno,
16'jo, John Coit, of New Loudon, Conn., by Rev. Josiab
D wight.

:\.'i. vn. S.vk.wi, b. 19 Nov. 167G ; d. 3 July, 1711 ; in. first, 9 June,
1697, William Coit. of New London, by Rev. Josiali
Dwigbt, of Woodstock ; in. second. 2 Sept. 17015, John.
Gardiuer, of Gardiner's Island.

36. mil Joseph; b. 1 June, 1683; in. 29 June, 1708, Susannah i\i-
rin, of Roxbury.

SARAH- CHANDLER, b. in Roxbury; ni. first, Nov. 1(559,

William Cleaves ; m. second, Wilson; m. third. 11 Oct.

16ns. Ephraim Stevens; in. fourth, Allen.

William Cleaves was killed April 21', 107(5 (O. S.) by the
Indians at Sudbury, Mass. On a stone monument at Sudbury
(Acton) is inscribed " Capt. Samuel Wadswortb of Milton,
Lieut. Sharpe of Brookline, Ms., Capt. Broeklebauk of Rowley,
Mass. and 2(5 Souldiers, righting for the defence of their Coun-
try were Slain by the Indian Enemy April 1<S, 1676 (X. S.)
and lye buried in this place."
/ The administration of the estate of William Cleaves was
granted May 1, 1676, "to Sara his Relict in behalf of herself
and children. "

The inventory of his estate, May 1, LC7t5, with other items,
included :

House and Land
We; ring Apparel

In Swine and one cow

£40: 00: 00
5 : 00 : 00
-1 : 00: 00

Total of the estate

£85 : i : 00

** Sara" Cleaves made oath before the Worshipful William
Stoughtou, and "Thomas Clark Esq." certified " that the above
is a just and true inventory of ye Estate of W'" Cleaves her late

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