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elected a member for Congress. As a man of genius and ability, he
was universally known and respected ; as a man of philanthropy and
goodness, he was universally beloved. He needs not the soft hand
of flattery to pourtray his virtues ; his best and most honorable epitaph
is ingraven in the memory of all who had the pleasure of his acquaint-
ance. A widow with six children and an aged mother, and numerous
more distant relations, with the public at large, regret his loss."

His estate was appraised 27 Dec. 1787, by Peter Chandler,
Thomas Chandler and Jabez Denison, and it amounted to
£8,584 : 9 : 7£. The 'farm on the west side of the road, £1,822.



the eldest dau.


s i


2d "








4th "




5th "


The division was made 3 Sept., 1789, to

Marian Chandler, vvid. . . . £1,701 : 13 : 9

704 : 13 : 7
704 : 13 : 7
704 : 13 : 7
704 : 13 : 7

"I, Sally Chandler, of Northampton, for 500 Dollars to me paid
by Eben r Lane of Northampton and his wife Marian," discharge. &c,
"the said Lane from all my claims to the estate of my IIon d Father,
Charles Church Chandler," &c, 8 Sept. 18—.

In presence of Sally Chandler.

Ursula Chandler.

Hannah Chandler.

The children of Hon. Charles Church and Marian (Gris-
wold) Chandler were :

777. i. Dorothy, b. 19 Aug. 1770; m. 15 Sept. 1793, James

77S. i;. &AMUEL ; d. 1G June, 1782, aged 10 years.

779. in. Marian-, b. 29 July, 1774; m. at Woodstock, 18 . May,

1794, James Lanman, Esq.

780. iv. Ursula, b. 1 Dec. 1776; m. Dr. Harvey Frink.

781. v. Charles; d. 19 Sept. 1787, of scarlet fever.

782. vi. Hannah, b. 29 March, 1780; m. 8 Feb. 1818, Theodore

Ely, by Rev. Joseph Lothrop.

783. vii. Sally, b. Nov. 1782; m. Sept. 1802, Richard Dalton


784. vm. Esther, b. 2G Feb. 1784.

785. in. Elizabeth, b. 10 Sept. 1786; d. 13 Aug. 1787, of scarlet



JOHN 5 CHANDLER (Thomas, 4 John? John? William 1 )
and Esther Painter, Chester, Vt.

She d. 3 Feb. 1790; dau. of Capt. Painter (or Penther), of
New Haven, Conn. She had nine children born in Chester.

He m. second, Olive Archer. She left three children,

He married himself third to Anna Tarbell before Air. Justice
Heakl of Chester. While residing at Walpole, N. H., he was
chosen " Hay ward."

As one of the first three families that settled in Chester, Vt.,
the proprietors thereof voted him 500 acres of land, and he
chose it in " The Great Meadow," on the west side of the river,
opposite his brother Thomas's lot, beginning at the Great Elm
Tree. He was constable in Chester in J7*i5 ; and at the first
town meeting held there, he was chosen one of the selectmen


and surveyor. He held a " Dedimus Potestafeem" commission
from the Government of New York, from 1766 to 1772; and
during the same period he was assistant judge of the Inferior
Court. He held the office of county clerk from July 16, 1766,
f ° ?•*> Feb. 1772, when he was removed from office for miscon-

He d. 1821, in Andover, Vt., in the 84tli year of his age.

The children of John and Esther (Painter) Chandler
were :

786. i. John Elliot, h. in Woodstock, Conn., 31 Dec. 1759; m.

Mary White, of Rockingham.

787. . n. Thomas Chester, b. the first child of white parents in

Chester, Vt., 26 Dec. 1763 ; m. Eathera Robinson.

788. in. Bela Mix. b. 31 March, 1765 ; m. 1790, Esther Baker.

789. iv. Henry Roswell, b. 20 March, 1767; went as teacher to

North Carolina, and died there.

790. v. Esther, b. 10 Sept. 176!) ; d. 1847 ; m. at Springfield, Vt.,

8 Jan. 1804, Theophilus Bates, of Springfield, Vt.

791. vi. Charles Wolcott, b. 8 Sept. 1771 ; m. first, Oct. 1803,

Nancy White ; m. second, Mary Hopkins, widow of Mr.
Lark in.

792. vii. Chauxcy Cheney, b. 23 Oct. 1773 ; m. first, 12 Jan. 1794,

Susanna Field ; m. second, 1810, Lovisa Miller.

793. vm. Mira Alpheus, b. 11 Dec. 1775; d. in Belfast or Win-

throp. Me. A monument in East Winthrop has on it,
"Alpheus Chandler died Feb. 22, 1854, Aet 77. An
honest man. the noblest work of God."

794. rx. William Anson, b. 9 June, 1778 ; m. in Wallingford, Vt.,

Lydia Bump.


Hon. Judge THOMAS 5 CHANDLER, Jr. (Thomas f John?

Join,- William 1 ) and Sarah 5 Lord, Chester, Vt., dau. of
Joseph, 4 of Joseph, 3 of Thomas,- of Robert 1 Lord and Mary
Wait, of Ipswich, Mass., 1636.

As one of the first three settlers, the proprietors voted him
500 acres, and he chose them by the elm tree in the "Big
Meadow." At an adjourned meeting of the Proprietors of New
Flamstead, held at Worcester, Mass., 22 March, 1703, he was
chosen clerk of the proprietors, and for several years after was
re-chosen to the same office.

In convention of the people held at Westminster, 15 Jan.

1777, of X. H. Grants, he was the member from Chester, and
chairman of the committee to arrange the State government.

At the first session (J' the Legislature. of Vermont, 12 March,

1778, Major Thomas Chandler was chosen clerk of the House,
and on the next day, the loth, he was chosen Secretary of


State, and held both offices. On the 8th Oct., 1778, he \v:is
made Speaker of the House of Representatives. He represented
the town of Chester in the General Assembly, in 1777, 17*3,
and also in 1787 : he was member of the Council in 1770 and
'SO ? wi* justice of the first Superior Court, and was Cominis-
sioner of Sequestration of Tory Estates.

In the "Westminster Massacre" he opposed the course of
the Court and Tory party, favoring the side of the people, and
used his influence not to have the court try to sit for the trial
of civil cases.

Although he lost his place as speaker from his former connec-
tion with Xew York, he always exerted himself in the American
cause in his town, and his patriotism was undoubted.

Having been reduced to poverty by long sickness in his
family, he died, it is supposed, as much embarrassed, though
not as miserable, as his father. While the country was under
the regime of Xew York, he held high offices, which he lost as
it became a State.

But it has been said of him "that he retrieved the reputation
of liis family name by his opposition to his lather's policy.''
He was conspicuous in the formation of the State Government
of Vermont.

The children of Thomas and Sarah (Lord) Chandler
were :

705. i. Lucy, b. 28 May, 1761 ; m. 23 May, 1782, Ezekiel Colburn.
both of Chester, Vt.

Sarah, b. 30 Sept. 17G6 ; m. Daniel Field, near Ogdeus-

Thomas Lord, b. 24 Aug. 17G8 ; m. 14 Sept. 1794, Asenath
Adams, of Chester, Vt.

Elizabeth, b. 10 May, 1770; m. 11 Fell. Alvan Symonds,
of Andover, Vt. ; moved to St. Lawrence Co., N. Y.

Persis, b. IS Feb. 1772; m. Anthony Atwood, of Chester.

Matilda ; m. Daniel Atwood, of Chester ; moved to Jeffer-
son Co., N. Y.
801. vii. Henrietta, b. 2.s Nov. 1779 ; d. 27 March, 1781.












ELIZABETH 5 CHANDLER (Thomas,* John? John? Wil-
liam?) and Timothv 4 Olcott, Esq., Chester, Vt.

He was b. 1741 \ d. 24 June, 1832, a. 90 years, 8 ms. and 2
ds., at Chester; son of Timothy 3 Olcott, Jr., of Bolton, Conn.,
who was bapt. 11 Oct. 1740, a. 43 yrs., m. 1 Nov. 1732,
Eunice 4 White, of Hatfield, who was a descendant of elder
John 1 White, of Hartford, Conn., through Sergt. John 2 . White-,
Dea. John 3 White and Eunice 4 White, who m. Timothy 3 Olcott,


Jr, son of Timothy 2 Olcott, of Coventry, Conn., son of Thomas 1
Olcott, of Hartford, Conn.

He (Timothy 1 Olcott) was a successful farmer on the Wil-
liams River, in Chester, Vt. ; Justice of the Peace.

In the yard ! >y the Baptist Church, at Chester, there is
inscribed on a slate-stone, about two by three feet, under a
" rising sun : M

Mrs. Elizabeth Olcott,


Of Timothy Olcott, Esq.,

Died 28 Jan.. 1827,

Aged 82 years.

She was the second female

That came to Town.

Oh cruel death, thou end of fate.
Thou robbed me of my loving mate.
Her ar;e was Eighty years and two
When from this world her spirit Hew.

, The children of Elizabeth and Timothy Olcott, Esq.,
were :

i. Elizabeth 5 Olcott, b. 1 Dec. 1 7 fi G ; m. first. Nicholas Smith.

of Chester; m. second; Israel Taylor, of Springfield, Vt.

Six children,
ii. Eunice 5 Olcott, b. 8 Sept. 1768 ; m. Abel Johnson. Three

iii. Timothy 5 Olcott, b. 11 Aug. 1770; d. 30 Mar. 1814; m. first,

Susan Smith (widow of Mr. Whitney), who d. leaving 1

child ; m. second, Hannah Warren, of Andover. Vt. She d.

5 March, 1854, a. 73 years, childless. One child.
iv. Hannah 5 Olcott, b. 27 Nov. 1772; rx . Joshua Beaman, of

Chester. Eight children.
v. Thomas 5 Chandler Olcott, b. 2 May, 1775 ; d. 18 March, 1843,

a. 08 ; m. first, 14 March, , Betsey Mann, of Chester.

dan. of Charles Mann, much distinguished at White Plains

and at Monmouth. They live on the homestead in Chester.

He in. second, Sophia Williams, a descendant of Roger, of

Rhode Island ; a farmer. Seven children.
vi. Bulkley 5 Olcott, b. 16 April. 1778; lived in Moira, N. Y. ;

m. Lavina Coleman, of Chester. Six children,
vii. Lucy 5 Olcott, b. 1 Feb. 1781: d. 28 Aug. 1848; m. Samuel

Johnson, of Chester, an Englishman, clothier by trade.

Seven children.
viii. Eusebta 5 Olcott, b. 9 Sept. 1783; m. 1812, Jesse H. Hosmer,

of Chester, Vt. Four children.
ix. Roxalana 5 Olcott, I). 4 March, 1780; d. 27 Feb. 1847; m.

Luther Damon, of Chester, Vt.



Col. JOHN" 5 CHANDLER (Joseph? Joseph? John? Wil-
liam 1 ) and Mary 5 Chandler ( William? John? John? William 1 )
Newtown. Conn.

She was b. 4 Feb. 1738 ; d. 3 Feb. 1816, at the residence of
her dau. Mrs. Anne Maria Phelps, in Farnham, Canada East.
She was dau. of Capt. William 4 and Jemima Chandler, of Kill-
ingly, near Woodstock. They were second cousins.

" Grafton, ss. New Hampshire. I Mary Chandler of Newton in
Conn, relict of John Chandler, deceased, but now of Peacham. Vt.
depose and say that, in the life time of the said John Chandler, and
about the time of the Marriage of his daughter Elizabeth J. Chandler
to William Edmonds, said Chandler gave the said Elizabeth one hun-
dred and thirty pounds lawful money's value, in household furniture,
including one Cow. as her marriage settlement, which she, the said
Elizabeth, received as part of her portion of s d Chandler's estate in
s d Newtown, which was estimated by s d Chandler and myself to be
worth the aforesaid sum ; and that about two years after, she
Tecelvfd. at Ppmfrct, at the decease of the deceased's father, to the
value of nine pounds in s' 1 kind of furniture, which 1 also considered
as part of her portiou of my late husband's estate, and further saith

(Signed) Mary Chandler.

In Peacham, Jan. 11, 1790, Personally appeared Mary Chandler,
the above signed, and made solemn oath that the above deposition
contained the truth, before me,

Joseph Lord, Jus. Peace."

Mrs. Chandler went to reside with her daughter Mrs. Anne
Maria Phelps, at Farnham, C. E., and died there ; but there is
a cenotaph in the family lot at Peacham to her memory, which
says .she " Died at Stanbridge, L. C, Feb. 3d, 1816, aged 78

Mr. Chandler was one of eight young men from the small
town of Pomfret, Conn., who were graduated at Yale College,
in the class of 1751*. The seven others afterwards settled in
various towns in Massachusetts, as congregational clergymen ;
but he settled at Newtown as a physician, and became a
preacher of the gospel. He built there the two-story gambrel-
roofed house, shingled on the sides, which is the first house
south of the meeting house, on the west side of the street at
the centre of the town. He kept tavern in that house, and
Gen. Washington stopped there with him over night on his way
to Cambridge, to take command of the American forces. At
one time, during the Revolutionary war, the French army was
encamped on the hills just in front of his house.


"On the 14th June, 177tf, John Chandler, Esq., was
appointed by the Legislature of Connecticut, Lieutenant-Colonel
under Col. Gold Sellick Silliman, Esq,, of the first Battalion
of Foot,'' " ordered to be raised/' and he marched directly to
New York to join the continental army.

His regiment and Col. Durkee's, in Gen. Gold S. Silliman's
brigade, were left by General Washington to cover the army's
retreat from Long Island, on the night of the 29th of August,

1770 : and after the army had crossed over to , Gen.

Washington sent word to Cols. Chandler and Durkee, " To get
oil' the best way they could, in order or not." In their retreat
they passed through a field of grain, and in doing so, Col.
Chandler got wet, from which he "took cold,'" that resulted in
chronic rheumatism, by which he was not long afterwards dis-
abled from active duty in the field. Of this retreat of the
army, " The Testimony of Hezekiah Ripley, Chaplain," con-
tains the following : "On or about the 15th Sept. 177G, Gen.
Putnam informed me that the British had landed on the East
side of the Island in X. Y., and I must escape on the west side.
Gen. John Chandler, then acting Colonel in Gen. Gold S. Silli-
man's Brigade, told me that the bravery and <rood conduct of
Col. Aaron Burr saved that Brigade from falling into the hands
of the British."

Justice of the Peace, 1780.

He was appointed by the Legislature to the command of the
Eleventh Regiment, ordered to be raised in 1777.

He acted as paymaster for the commissary department,
towards the close of the war.

Himnan, in his Genealogy, says : " Col. Chandler, after-
wards General, proved himself patriotic and a useful officer
during the war."

He was a member of the convention to ratify the constitution
of the United States in 1788, and voted to ratify; was side
Judge of the County Courts for Fairfield County, Conn., in
1790, and " first side Judge " in 17l>4 ; a member of the Court
of Appeals. He was nominated for " Assistant" in 1789, and
elected in 17U5.

When about to remove to Vermont, there appeared in the
" Phoenix " (Windham, Conn.), the following card :

"The subscriber, contemplating a removal with his family, from
his present place of residence, into the State of Vermont, acknowl-
edges with gratitude the repeated testimony of his friends in his
favor ; and requests they will no longer consider him as a candidate
for any office in this State.

(Signed) John Chandler.

Newton, Dec. 26, 1795."


Gen. Chandler removed to Peachani, Vt., with his family,
but lived only a few days after arriving there ; and his was the
first recorded death of an adult, " March 15, 1796," in that

Mr. Chandler vras inclined to scientific pursuits, and for that
purpose had one room in his house devoted to that object, in
which were kept the retorts, vials, &e. of the chemist. As
this room was usually kept closed when he was not in it, and
as anybody, at that day, who might be engaged in anything
that was not materially useful awakened the suspicions of the
ignorant, stories were told in the neighborhood of Mr. Chand-
ler's dealing in the 4 ' black art," his searching for the philoso-
pher's stone, i£c.

" While in the service he had acquired the generous and
hospitable habits of the officers of the army, which were
incompatible with the ability to save much money."

On a white marble slab, two and a half by five feet, in
Peacham Cemetery, is inscribed :

John Chandler

died March 15 1796

aged 60 years.

He served his country as Colouel

in the Revolutionary Army.

Mary Chandler

his wife

died at Staubridge, L. C.

Feb. 3 1816

aged 78 years.

The children of Gen. John and Mary (Chandler) Chandler
were :

802. i. Elizaleth Jemima, b. 31 May, 1765; ru. 30 Nov. 1784,

William Edmoud, Esq.

803. ii. John Winthrop, b. 1 June, 1707; m. 5 Oct. 17U4, Susanna 5

Chandler, of Pomfret, Conn.

804. in. Maria Lucretia. b. 30 Nov. 1768 ; d. 15 April, 1776, aged

7 years 4 ms. 16 ds.

805. rv. William, b. 12 Dee. 1770; d. 26 Dee. 1770, aged 14 days.

806. v. William Hilton, b. 28 Sept. 1772 ; d. 25 Sept. 1775, aged

2 years 11 ms. 27 ds.

807. vi. Anna Maria, b. 21 Dec. 1778; m. Elkanah Phelps.


Capt. SETH 5 CHANDLER (Joseph,* Joseph* John, 2 Wil-
liam 1 ) and Eunice Durkee, X. Woodstock, Conn.


She was b. 21 May, 1741 : bapt. 12 July, 1741, in Wood-
stock; d. 11 Doc. 1824; dau. of Andrew Durkee, by his wife

She was a large fleshy woman of 200 pounds, with keen
black eyes, handsome ; a good woman and universally beloved.
An oil painting of her was exhibited at Putnam, 25 March,

They settled on a farm on the sharp hills in the north-east
part of Muddy Brook. He was a man of large frame, light
complexion, light eyes and large chin ; was one of the collectors
of taxes in 1770, a lister and surveyor of highways in 1774, in
N. Woodstock; selectman in 178'J and '91, and moderator of
town meetings the same years.

"New Haven, Conn., Sept. ye 13, 1776. Lieut. Stephen
Tucker received pay for his Company — the 6 th co. 11 th Reg. —
Numbering 22 in all," of which company " Seth Chandler was
1st Sergeant." [Army Rolls.]

He died 3 March, 1818, in Woodstock, of apoplexy, in his
80th year. In his will dated 22 Nov. 1815, he mentions his
!t wife Eunice,' " my Daughter Polly Bacon," to whom he gave
§30. " Nabby May," $30 ; Lucy Dana, $5 ; " Eunice Carroll,"
$5. " I give my son Ezra," 850. ' ; To the Heirs of my Son
Andrew," $50; " my Son Joseph," §20. "I give to the two
children, one Son, and one Daughter, of my Son Perley Chand-
ler late Deceased," S10. " My Son Cyril," $20. " My Son
John," "my desk." "My wearing apparel" to Ezra, Cyril
and John, " and all the rest" " to my son John."

The children of Capt. Setii and Eunice (Durkee) Cilandlek
were :

808. i. Ezra, b. in Woodstock, 3 April, 1701 ; m. in Woodstock,

2S April, 1781, Fanny Allard, of Woodstock.

809. — if. Am>iu:w, b. 27 Oct. 1 7<;-_> ; m. 13 May, 1781, Relief Haven,

of Woodstock.

810. in. Mary, b. 16 July, 1701 ; m. 27 Dec. 1787. Ebenezer Bacon.

811. iv. Joseph, b. 30 June, 1700 ; m. 24 Jan. 1793, Polly Tucker,

of Woodstoek.

812. v. Aiuoail, b. 1 May, 17G-S ; in. 4 March, 1790. Ephraim May.

813. vi. Perley, b. 2 .Sept. 1770; m. at Norwich, Vt., Jan. 18U4,

Mehitable Hatch.
811. vn. Elizabeth, b. 29 Aug. 1772; m. 14 June, 1792, Freeman

815. vm. Lucy, b. 27 Sept. 1771 ; in. 17 Feb. 1802, Josiak Dana.
MIC. ix. Cyril, b. 16 July, 1770; in. at Hanover, 1800, Abigail

Carpenter, of Hanover. N. H.
< s 17. x. John, b. 9 June. 1779 ; m. Deborah Eddy.
«1«. xi. Eunice, b. 1 May, 1782 ; m. first, 3 May," 1804, Dr. Amasa

Carroll; m. second, 21 Oct. 1821. Dr. Thomas Winslow,

of Chelsea.



Lieut. JOSEPH 5 CHANDLER (Joseph* Joseph? John? x ) and Olive Backus, PomtVet, Conn.

She was horn in Woodstock, 21 Nov. 1757 ; d. in Pomiret,
13 Nov. 1< S 32, in the 75th year of her age.

They lived on his father's homestead farm, and he was success-
ful by saving his hard-earned gains. He used to say in his old
age that he had worked hard seventy years. He had the pecu-
liarities of person infused into this branch of the family by his
mother Sumner, of large bones, light 1 complexion, very light
eyes and large chin. He was a strong muscular man.

He was 1st sergeant of the 1st Co. 11th Reg. of Connectieut
soldiers, under Capt. Caleb Clark, at New Haven, Conn., 13
Sept. 177*;, on their march to West Chester, X. Y. He was
sometimes called lieutenant. While living he gave his sons
each, as they went from home, $1,000, and his daughters $500.
He died 11 Oct. 1831, a. 86.

The children of Joseph and Olive (Backus) Chandler
were :

819. i. Rufus, b. 4 Jan. 1778 ; was scalded to death. The inscrip-

tion at his grave, by the Wappaquians Brook, in Poinfret,
is. " Rufus, son of Lieut. Joseph Chandler and Mrs.
Olive his wife, who died Nov. ye 25 th 1784, in ye 7 th year
of his Age."

820. ii. Randolph, b. 24 July. 1770 ; d. 12 Sept. 1861, in Thomp-

son, Conn. ; ni. 22 Feb. 1814, Harriet Tisdale, in Taun-
ton, Mass.

821. in. Euastl-s, b. 2 April, 1781 ; d. 1G June, 1823, of cancer of

the face. He was in trade with his brother Randolph, in
Providence, and was successful by his industry and

822. iv. Mary, b. 24 July, 1783 ; m. 22 Feb. 1803, William Hodges,

of Taunton, Mass.

823. v. Rutus. b. 26 May, 1785 ; m. 1 Oct. 1812, Nancy Treviliau,

of Caroline County, Va.

824. vi. Stephen, b. 20 April. 1787; m. 19 Oct. 1813, Abigail

Holmes, of Pomfrct.

825. vii. Elizabeth, b. 12 Dec. 1789; m. 23 Jan. 1812, John

Stearns, of Chelsea, Vt.

826. vin. Abigail, b. 12 Dec. 1701 ; m. 1 Oct. 1818, Jacob Kimball


827. ix. John Backus, b. 28 July. 1794; d. 15 May, 1861, of

pleurisy, in Poinfret. He had lived unmarried on the
homestead, peaceable, honest and faithful to duty.

828. x. William, b. 22 Feb. 1802 ; farmed on homestead until his

mind became unsound, then boarded with his brother




ABIGAIL 5 CHANDLER {Joseph,^ Joseph, 2 John? William 1 )
and Maj. Elijah 2 Williams.

Ho was born in Pomfret, 25 Oct. 1744; d. 11 March, 1825,
at Providence, aged 81 years; son of David 1 Williams by his
wife Elizabeth Dana, b. 7 April, 1725, dau. of Samuel Dana,
of Pomfret, by his second wife Susanna Starr.

" They lived at one time at the east end of Pucker Street, in
the Old Salt Box, opposite Gen. Lemuel Grosvenor's store, in
Pomfret," Conn., and had a store just East of his house.
"Feb. 28, 1773, Elijah Williams and Abigail his wife admitted
to the church." [Clih. Records of Pomfret.]

Proprietors' Records of Woodstock, Conn. "Upon the
special request of Air. Elijah Williams, of Pomfret, for liberty
of the Proprietors of the South Half of Woodstock, to set up
a store in the most convenient place on the said Proprietors'
land, near the house he lately purchased of Asa Bishop of s' 1

'■ Jtdcdiah Morse, Proprietors' clerk, notified a meeting to
be held May 14, 1784, to hear the request of s' 1 Elijah Williams
and act thereon." " At a meeting on the above May 14, 1784,
Voted that Maj. P^lijah Williams have liberty to set up a store
near the he lately purchased," &c. " for <>s. 8d. annually."

"At a Meeting Jan. 1801, of the Proprietors of the South
Half of Woodstock, Nathan Child Moderator, Voted that the
promoters for an Academy have a privilege to set a building on
the Common North of the Meeting House near Maj. Elijah
Williams's Land for s' 1 purpose."

Maj. Elijah Williams sold his stand to Wm. Bowen and his
son Maj. John 3 Williams, who associated himself in trade with
Mr. Wm. Bowen, afterwards removed to Providence, R. I.,
and resided at No. 51. George Street.

Mrs. Abigail Williams died 14 June, 1834, aged 87, in
Providence, R. I.

The children of Abigail and Maj. Elijah Williams were:

i. John 3 Williams, b. at Pomfret. Conn., 11 Oct. 1772 ; m. Hannah
Bowen, b. 21 April, 1770. dau. of Capt. Matthew Bowen, of
Woodstock, by his wife Mary Dana.
ii. Jason 3 Williams, b. at Pomfret, 8 Sept. 1774 ; bapt. 10 Sept.
1774 ; d. 6 June. 18G3, at No. ">1 George Street. Providence,
R. I. (where he had lived many years), in his 89th year;
merchant; m. 11 April. 1802, Sarah Rose, who d. 23 March,
1863, aged 84 years, 4 mos. 8 days, dau. of John Rose, of
North Kingston, R. I. Eight children.


Henrietta 3 Williams, b. 7 March, 1777; d. younaj of smallpox
by inoculation, and was buried by the roadside, as was then


the custom, al>out half a mile south of the " Gary school- house
in Pomfret. Conn."' Tradition has it that " a young doctor.
to injure the reputation of his senior, put salt in the medicine
of the old doctor, and that killed the patient. This being so
understood by the people, they drove the young doctor out of
iv. William 3 Hilton Williams, b. "24 Dec. 1780; bapt. 30 Doc.
1780, in Pomfret; died at the East Indies, of fever. lie had
graduated at Brown University in 1799. and had enlisted in
the U. S. N.


ELIJAH 3 CHANDLER (Dark?,* Joseph,* John: 2 William 1 )
and Sarah Frizzcl, Monson, Mass.

She was born 14 Nov. 1740: d. 2 Aug. 1811, aged 70 years,
and was buried by the side of her husband in Monson, ami is

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