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made to say on a slate-stone slab, at her grave :

" I bid my friends a Ion? farewell,
To dwell in dust and clay,
Till Christ my Saviour culls me home
At the srreat judgment day."

Upon the alarm following the capture of Fort William Henry
by Montcalm, 1757, four volunteer companies marched from
Windham Co., Conn. And in the one from Pomfret, com-
manded by Capt. John Grosvcnor, was enrolled Elijah Chand-
ler, then about 20 years old.

He was a wheelwright, and owned at one time what was in
1800, the Poor Farm in Monson, which he sold and bought an
intervale farm in the north-east part of the town on the south
side of the river, where his grandson Elijah afterwards lived.
He was highway surveyor and collector in 1789. "In the IP 1 '
year of his present Majesty's Reign George III. he had one
Cow, one Horse," &c. [Town Kecords.] He died 26 Nov.
1821, in his 84th year.

The children of Elijah and Sarah (Frizzcl) Chandleu
were :

829. i. Sakah, b. 22 July, 1771 ; m. in Monson, Nov. 1792, Royal

Merrick, of Monson.

830. ii. William, b. 28 Feb. 1773; pub. 10 April, 1805, to Mary

Webber, of Holland.

831. m. Lemuel, b. 22 Dec. 1778; m. Ercpta Pike.

832. iv. Charles, b. 23 June, 1779; m. 28 Feb. 1821, Margaret


833. v. Lucr, b. 6 July, 1780; d. 2G July, 1840; m. 24 Jan. 1808.

Elisha Marcy.

834. vi. Han.kah ; m. 2 May. 1810, James Fenton.




MARY" 1 CHANDLER (David;' Joseph?* John,- William')
and Dea. Elijah 4 Dana, Pomfret, Conn.

lie wu.> born in Poiufret, 4 Sept. 1740; d. 23 April, 1815,
at Pomfret ; was the eleventh child of Samuel 3 Dana by hi*
third wife Mary Sumner, b. 2 Nov. 1702, d. 2<s April, 1770,
and whom he m. 31 Dee. 1731. dau. of George 3 Sumner, 1). SI
Feb. 1 (>(>(>, m. Ann Tucker, of Roxbury, Mass., gr. dau. of
George' 3 Sumner, b. in England, 14 Feb. 1634, m. 7 Nov. liiH2,
Mary, dau. of Edward Baker, of Brush Hill, Milton, Mass.,
and gr. gr. dau. of William Sumner, of Dorchester, Mass.

Samuel 3 Dana was son of Jacob 2 Dana, eldest son of Richard 1
and Ann Bullard Dana, of Cambridge, Mass., by his wife
Patience. This Richard 1 Dana was born in France about 1612 ;
iled in 1629 with his father to England, to avoid religious perse-
cution, and came to America about 1640. Dea. Elijah 4 Dana
was a farmer, about one mile south-east of the meeting-house
in Pomfret. Conn., on the Dana road, where he had a farm.
He was chosen 20 March, 1793, deacon of the " Catholic
Christian Reformed Church in Pomfret,'* under the charge of
Oliver Dodge, of whom the " History of Ipswich, Mass.,"
says: "171)2, Oliver Dodge of the Hamlets is ordained at
Pomfret, Conn." This "Church" was formed "during the
latter part of the ministry" of Rev. Aaron Putnam, after " he
had lost his health and finally his voice, so that for several
years he was unable to preach." In the attempts of the society
" to settle a colleague, they became divided and almost extinct.
A part of the Church and Society went off and settled under
the pastoral care of one Oliver Dodge, who was the rejected
candidate for the office of colleague with Rev. Mr. Putnam.
This schism of the church lasted only five or six years. Mr.
Dodge, who had been the occasion of all their trouble, and
drew away the people of the old church after him, proved, after
a while, to be a drunkard and an apostate ; and his followers
became disgusted with him and cheerfully returned to the wor-
ship of the'ehurch they had left."

Mrs. Mary Dana d. 30 Nov. 1784, aged 48, leaving nine

Dea. Elijah 4 Dana m. second, 21 Jan. 1787, Elizabeth
Chandler. '[See 338.] She d. 20 May, 1831, aged 89.

The children of Mary and Dea. Elijah Dana were :

i. Lucy 5 Oa>ta, b. 8 April, 17G4 ; d. 4 Feb. 1783.
ii. Maky 5 Dana, b. 7 July, 1767; d. 2:>> May. 1825, in Pomfret;
m. 18 Oct. 1787, Elisha Gleason. He died 29 Jan. 1828, a.
62. He was deputy sheriff in Pomfret. He had a fracture of


the hone of the leg in a singular manner. . While on the stops
of the court-house, he slipped on the ice. and iu his great
effort to save himself from falling, he exerted so much muscu-
lar power that the bone was heard to snap, by those near him,
while his log was up from the steps. Nine children.

iii. Lemuel 5 Dana. h. in Pomfret, 2\) April, 1769; Peacham, Ver-
mont ; m. Keziah Barrett.

iv. Samuel 5 Dana. b. 21 June, 1771 ; Peacham. Vt.

v. Elijah 5 Dana, b. 27 July. 1773; Peacham, Vt. ; m. first,
Betsey Barrett: m. second, 30 Aug. 1832, Lucy Chandler,
widow of Simeon Shattuek. of Whcelock, Vt*., dau. of David
and Polly (Parks) Chandler. [See 837.] She died 5 Dec.
1834, at Peacham ; m. third, 26 July. 1838, Polly Cheney.

vi. John 5 Dana, It. in Pomfret. 24 Aug. 1775 ; m. — .

vii. David 5 Dana. b. 18 Sept. 1777; Peacham. Vt. ; m. Rachel

viii. Stephen 5 Dana. b. 5 Aug. 177!» ; d. 26 May, 1858, suddenly,
as he was walking in the highway, in Pomfret, aged 78, unm ;
farmer on homestead.

ix. Josiah 5 Dana. b. 23 March, 17<"S 2 ; Peacham, Vt. ; a " seventh-
son doctor : " m. Huldah Lee.


SARAH 5 CHANDLER {David , 4 Joseph* John? William')
and Capt. Stephen 2 Griggs, Pomfret, Conn.

He was 1). in Pomfret, 21 June, 1742; d. "Oct. ye 15 th ,
1786, in ye 45 year of his age," and was buried in the Wappa-
quians lot in Pomfret. He was son of Salmon Griggs, of Pom-
fret, by his wife Hannah. He was a fanner, on the line of
Woodstock, half a mile west of the Norwich and Worcester
turnpike, where his sons Benjamin and Nathan afterwards lived.

He was ensign in the 1st Co. 11th Rcg't, under Capt. Caleb
Clark, at New Haven, Conn., 13 Sept. 17 7li, on the march to
West Chester, N. Y., in the war of the Revolution.

As a specimen of church discipline of that day — held to be
orthodox and necessary to preserve church polity pure, until
(it was said) their pastor found himself, by some backsliding,
in the same category, and then and afterwards the doings of the
church on that point were no longer spread out on its records
— one may read on the old church records :

"April 24, 1768. Stephen Griggs and Sarah his wife made ye
peace w h ye church, confessing ye sine of fornication.

A. Putnam," Pastor.

And on the same day it is recorded they " owned the cove-
nant." She died 31 March, 1814, aged 73.


The children of Sarah and Capt. Stephen Griggs were :

i. Benjamin 3 Griggs, b. in Pomfret. o April. 1 7 1"> 7 : d. 5 Oct.
1831, in Pomfret; in. first, "21 Nov. 1702. Selah Howe, b.
1760, cl. 28 Jan. 1805, dim. of John Howe, of Plainfield,

Conn. She left four children. He m. second. Lurana Cleve-
land, b. 15 May, 1760, d. 16 May, 1831, dan. of Silas Cleve-
land, of Canterbury. Four children,
ii. Ciiloe 3 Gkiggs, 1). in Pomfret. 21 March, 1769; in. 12 Dec.
1787. Elijah Shumway. of Pomfret, Conn. Six children.

iii. Chester? Griggs*, b. 2 April, 1771 ; d. 10 March, 1773.

iv. Nathan 3 Griggs, b. 5 April. 1773 ; d. 20 Aug. 177(J.

v. Chester* Gkiggs, 2d. b. 20 May, 1775; d. 25 April, 1824;
num. He was in his last days insane, and wandered about his
neighborhood harmless. He made his brother's house his
home. •

vi. Llctnda 3 Griggs, b. 12 May. 1777; m. 11 Jan. 1808, John
Bennet. miller, at Rockingham. Vt. He m. second. Nabby
Perrin. of Woodstock. Two children.
vii. Nathan 3 Griggs, b. 12 June. 1 77U ; d. 28 Dec. 1831, in Pom-
fret; in. Sarah Marcy. dau. of Elisha and Sarah (Marcy)
Marey. She d. Jan. 1864, at the residence of her sou, William
H. Griggs, aged 73. He was a farmer, on half of the home-
stead farm in Pomfret. Four children.

iii. Stephen 3 Griggs, b. 17 Nov. 17*4; m. Rhoda Smith; resided
in Fayston, Vt. Seven children.


MEHITABL1? CHANDLER (David, 4 Joseph? John? Wil-
liam 1 ) and Ephraim 3 Tucker, 3d, Pomfret, Conn.

He was b. 23 May, O. S., 1745; d. 23 April, 1823, in
Pomfret, Conn., aged 78; son of Joseph" 3 Tucker, who was b.
1 Feb., 1714, d. 13 Jan., 1745, at the siege of Louisburg, in
the King's service, under Sir William Pepperell, by his wife
Betsey Garret, whom he married 6 Aug. 1744. (She m.
second, Beuj. Fascit, and had by him Lydia Fascit, who m.
Peter Stock well, and Grace Fascit, who m. 1774, Silas 5 Chand-
ler, a brother of Mrs. Mehitable Chandler Tucker.) Ephraim 3
Tucker was grandson of Joseph 1 by his wife Margaret.

Ephraim 3 Tucker was at New Haven, Conn., 13 Sept. 177(5,
in Capt. Caleb Clark's Co., 11th Conn. Reg't, on its march to
West Chester, X. Y. He was a fanner, about two miles N. W.
of the meeting-house in Pomfret.

She died 2 March, 1815, aged 73, leaving seven children.

The children of Mehitable and Ephraim Tucker, 3d,
were :

i. Walter 4 Tucker, b. in Pomfret, 2 April, 1770; d. 21 Aug.
18G1, in Quasset, Woodstock; farmer; m. first, l J Dec. 17'J4,



Lutheda Franklin, of Woodstock. She died, leaving three |
children. He m. second. 12 Dec. 1815, Lois Cleveland, of

Thompson, Conn. Five children.

Hi> dun. Dianthu Cleveland Tucker, b. 28 May, 1820; died, leaving one
son who was adopted by Gilbert Chandler, of Putnam, Cwm., and
took the name <>f Chandler; she in. 20 Aug., 1849, Edmund Chamber-

One child :
a. Lewis Chamberlain Chandler, b. 14 Jan. 1851. [See 1905.]

ii. Mary 4 Tucker, b. 3 Aug. 1772 ; d. 7 Aug. 1776.
iii. Lucy 4 Tucker, b. 27 Sept. 1774; d. 30 July, 177b.
iv. John 4 Tucker, b. 15 June, 1776 ; d. 8 Oct. 1849, at Coventry,
Conn. He was a blacksmith by trade, and resided on the
homestead, in Pomfret ; m. first, 28 Sept. 1800, Rebecca
Johnson. She d. 20 April, 1813. aged 40. leaving 6 children.
He m. second. 21 Oct. 1813, Peace Davis. Fleven children.
v. Lucy 4 Tucker, b. in Pomfret, 27 March. 1778; d. 1818; m. 31
July, 1799, Dea. William- Hyde Manning, of Woodstock,
Conn., who died 27 June, 1862, aged 85 years. 9 ms. 17 ds..
sou of William 1 Manning of the French and Revolutionary
wars, and who was fifty-six years deacon of the second Bap-
tist Church in South Woodstock, Quassett.
Dea. William 9 H. Manning settled in Pomfret, near his father-in-
law, Ephraim Tucker, 3d, about two miles N. \V. of the meeting-
house ; shoemaker by trade.

By his first wife Lucy Tucker, Dea. William H. Manuing had five

His dan. Mary Manning, b. 11 Jan. 1802; d. Oct. 1855; m. John 7
Chandler, Esq., son of Capt. John and Huldah Howard Chandler, of
Fredonia, N. Y. [See 1G71.J

vi. Calvin 4 Tuckkk, b. in Pomfret. 15 March, 1780; d. 21 April,
1858. at Worcester. He was a blacksmith by trade, and a
fanner in South Woodstock ; in. 19 June, 1804, Serepta 7
Gilbert, who was born 2 Oct. 1783, d. 21 Jan. 1839, at the
S. L. Hospital, Worcester, Mass. She was daughter of John 6
Gilbert, of Pomfret. and of Brooklyn, Conn, (whose death
was occasioned by a flash of lightning in the north part of
Brooklyn, on the 30th September, 1785, at the age of 39), by
his wife Rachel Pierce, dan. of Timothy Pierce. She, Serepta, 7
was twin of Septimus 7 Gilbert, and she was a descendant of
Sir John 1 Gilbert, who came, 1*137, from Devonshire. England,
and settled, 1638, at Taunton. Mass., through his son Thomas-
Gilbert, grandson Eleazer 3 Gilbert, gr. grandson Eleazer 4 Gil-
bert. Jr., of Norton, Mass., who was father of John 5 Gilbert,
who moved to that part of Pomfret, now the north-west part
of Brooklyn, Conn., and who was the father of John Gilbert,
b. in Pomfret. 1746, and died from a stroke of lightning, as
above stated. Eight children.

1. Johu Gilbert Tucker, b. at l'omfret, 22 Oct. 1806. He had his rhjht
arm amputated, 10 July, l»30,*by Dr. II. Holt, assisted by the writer
of this, for caries of the elbow joint. He learned to write with
his left hand very well in five weeks afterwards. He m. 13 May.
1832, Alice Parker, of Millbury; settled at Ware as a farmer. Two


vii. Ephraim 4 Tucker, b. 28 Aug. 1782; d. 11 or 12 May, 1873;
farmer, just south of his father, ou a part of the homestead ;
afterwards lived on the John II. Paysou place, just north of
the street in Pomfret. Conn. ; m. 29 May, 1811, Sarah Skinner,
who was b. '20 May. 1782, d. 4 Dec" 18G5, iu Pomfret. a
woman of great energy, dau. of William Skinner, of Wood-
stock, gr. dau. of William Skinner who came up from Maiden,
Mass., to Woodstock, Conn., with his father, Abraham
Skinner, Jr., about 1741. These two William Skinners were
long deacons of the church at Woodstock. Four children.


DAVID 5 CHANDLER (David,* Joseph* John; 2 William 1 )
and Polly Parks, Hanover, N. II.

She was of Thompson, Conn. ; d. 30 April, 1826, gr. dau.

of Parks by his wife 4 Copeland, of Brooklyn, Conn.

They both died in Hanover, he 17 Aug. 1822, and she in 1826.
He was a farmer near the centre of the town, and near Millville.
He went up to Hanover and worked one season, and then
returned for his wife and child (Barnabas), who were moved to
Hanover on an ox-sled, by her brother Isaac Parks, before
Daniel was born. He died 17 Aug. 1822, in his 79th year, in

The births of their ten children were recorded in Hanover
by William Chandler, town clerk.

The children of David and Polly (Parks) Chandler were :

835. i. Barnabas, b. 6 July, 1770; m. Susan Houghton, of St.
Johnsbury, Vermont.

830. n. Daniel, b. 28 Dec. 1771 ; m. 1G Jan. 179G, Mercy Hun-
toon, of Salisbury, N. II.

837. hi. Lucy, b. 15 May, 1775; m. first, 29 Feb. 1799, Simeon

Shattuek ; m. second, 30 Aug. 1832, Elijah Daua.

838. iv. Maky, b. 13 Jan. 1777 ; m. G March, 18U0, Comfort Allen


839. v. David, b. 23 May, 1780; m. Mary Carr, of Walden, Vt.

"They moved to the Holland Purchase."

840. vi. Isaac, b. 3 Jan. 1182. He was a playmate of the notori-

ous rogue, Stephen Burroughs ; went to Fort Edward,
N. Y. — ran away. His relatives say he "died young,
had no history."
811. vn. Oliver, b. 13 Jan. 17#5;- m. Betsey Parks.

842. vin. Rebecca, b. 15 July, 1787; m. Robert Holmes, of Hard-

wick, Vt.

843. ix. Betsey, b. 24 Nov. 1789 ; m. Daniel Lowell, Hanover, N.


844. x. Sally, b. 21 March, 1792 ; died 3 T oung.





HANNAH 5 CHANDLER (David,* Joseph, 3 John; 2 William ' )
and Isaac Parks, Thompson, Conn., one mile east of what is
t>.. tn.iiE Village 1882.

He was b. ; d. 5 Feb. 1823, in his 80th year.

They were buried on their own land, which became the " old
graveyard " in Killingly. She died 31 Dee. 1829, aged 64.

The children of Hannah and Isaac Parks were :

i. Peksey Parks, b. 28 Dec. 1774; d. 21 Dec. 177G, a. 1 y. 11
ms. 27 ds.

ii. Rebecca Parks, b. 21 Oct. 177G ; d. 25 April, 1840, in her
64th year ; m. Willard Leavens, who d. 8 Feb. 1823, in his
52d year, son of Pennel Leavens (who was killed at Eaton's,
afterwards Bandy's, gristmill, half a mile above Cargil's mills,
in Thompson), by his first wife, Elizabeth Johnson. Three

iii. Mary Parks, b. 13 April, 1779; m. Asa Brown, who d. 10
Aug. 1848, in Thompson. He was a farmer, about one mile
jN. E. of New Boston Village, in Thompson. After his death
she resided with her only daughter. One child.

iv. Peksey Parks, b. 15 Oct. 1781 ; d. 7 Feb. 1806.

v. Sarah Parks, b. 16 April, 1784; d. 18 May, i860, a. 76; m.
13 April, 1809. Eleazer M. Spalding, who was b. 8 Oct. 1785,
died 18 April, 1822, in his 37th year, son of Obed Spalding,
who was b. 14 Sept. 1753, d. 13 Jan. 1819, and who m. 30
Dec. 1784, Margaret Ames, who was b. 18 May. 1760, d. 20
Sept. 1792. daughter of John Ames, Esq., of Sterling, Conn.
E. M. Spalding was a farmer, one mile east of Putnam, Conn.
Two children.

vi. Willard Parks, b. 20 Nov. 1780 ; d. 28 Nov. 1854, a. 68; m.
28 Feb. 1813, Candis Spalding, b. 13 Dec. 1787, dau. of Obed
Spalding, of Killingly, by his wife Margaret Ames, of \"oluu-
town, now (i860) Sterling, Conn., dau. of John Ames, Esq.,
by his wife Miss Miller. They resided in Thompson, and in
1836 removed to Holland, thence to Oxford, and thence on to
the " old Williams farm," near the east line in Charlton, Mass.
Seven children.


DANIEL 5 CHANDLER (David * Joseph* John; 2 William 1 )
and Mary Galucia, Hanover, N. II.

She was born at or near Taunton, Mass. ; d. 6 March, 1812,
in her 57th year, dau. of Daniel Gallucia.

Ho was in Capt. Caleb Clark's company, on the 13th Sept.
177(>, at New Haven, Conn., when that company was on its
march to West Chester, N. Y., in the war of the Revolution;
and he there received 20 shillings on account of the expense of


the march. His son Daniel had the gun which he carried
through the war..

They removed from Pomfret, Conn., to Hanover, N. II., and
owned a farm of 200 acres near the geographical centre of that
town, tor which he paid in " continental " money.

He lived to be over 96 years old ; d. 1844. Most of his
seven children were born in Hanover.

The children of Daniel and Mary (Gallucia) Chandler
were :

845. i. Roxana, b. in Pomfret, Conn., 13 Aug. 1770; m. 30 Doc.

1805, Benjamin Webster.

846. ii. Ezra, b. 12 Nov. 1781 ; m. 3 Jan. 1808, Tabitha Johnson.

847. in, Daniel, b. 21 Jan. 1784; m. 8 Jan. 1808, Hannah Sloan,

of Lyme.
818. rv. Silas, b. 15 Jan. 1786; m. June, 1815, Diana Davis, of
Hanover, N. H.

849. v. Polly, b. 28 June, 1788 ; d. 1857 ; m. Amos Chase.

850. vi. Piiehe, b. 5 April, 1700; m. Feb. 1800, Chester Brown.

851. vii. Infant, b. 13 Aug. 1701.


SILAS 5 CHANDLER (David* Joseph* John,- William')
and Grace Fascit, Pomfret, Conn.

She died 2 Dec. 1815, aged 66, leaving eleven children.

Silas Chandler and Grace his wife were admitted to the
church in Pomfret, 3 Nov. 177(>.

He m. second, Miss Jemima Johnson, of Woodstock.

He was tithingman in Pomfret, 1783; was a farmer on his
father's homestead, where his son Charles and his grandson
Albert resided after him. He was a short tleshy man, of a
florid face in his old age. He was one of the last men of
" olden time" seen riding to meeting horseback, with his wife
on a pillion behind him.

As grand juror his office compelled him to stop travellers by
his house on the Sabbath, but he repented himself of so doing.
He died 16 April, 1829, in Pomfret, aged 76;

The children of Silas and Grace (Fascii) Chandler were :

852. i. John, b. 20 Feb. 1776; m. 1 June, 1707, Susanna
Lemuel, b. 7 April, 1777 ; in. 2 April, 1807, Mary Fowler.
Charles, b. 25 Aug. 1778; bapt. 6 Sept. 1778; m. 3

Aug. 1804, Hannah Cleveland.
Alice, b. 22 March, 1780.
v. Samuel, b. 16 April, 1781 ; m. 31 March, 1808, Mehitable










857. vi v Henrietta, b. 27 Feb. 1783; bapt. 9 March, 1783; m.

Alba Hyde, of Canterbury, Conn.

858. vii. Alice, b. 27 March, 1785; d. 24 July, 1801.

85'J. viii. Silas, b. 1 Sept. 1787; m. 14 Jan. 1810, Jane Hassot, of

South Brrmfield, Mass. I

860. ix. Lathuop, b. 28 Aug. 178 ( J ; m. 30 April, 1811, Betsey


861. x. Mary, b. 11 April, 1791; m. 20 Sept. 1809, Edmund

Spalding, of Eastford, Conn.
862.' xi. Lucy, b. 19 April, 1794; d. 29- Sept. 1821, in Pomfret,
aged 27 ; in. Stephen Fisk, of Stafford, Conn.


HANNAH 5 CHANDLER (Josiah,* Joseph,* John* Wil-
liam 1 ) and Eberiezer Johnson, Barre, Mass.

Mrs. Hannah Johnson died 6 Aug. 1777, in Barre, leaving
four children.

After the death of Mrs. Hannah (Chandler) Johnson, he
married second, Temple Gorham, and had by her seven child-

The children of Hannah and Ebenezeb Johnson were :

i. Anna Johnson; bapt. by Rev. J. Dana, of Barre, 21 July, 1771 ;

d. 2G July, 1790.
ii. Freelove Johnson ; bapt. 1G May, 1773.
iii. David Johnson ; bapt. 16 April, 1775.
iv. Elijah Johnson ; bapt. 20 July, 1777.


STEPHEN 5 CHANDLER (Josiah, 4 Joseph,* John, 2 Wil-
liam}) and Meribah N}-e, Rochester, Vt.

She was born in Hardwick, Mass., 27 Oct. 17(52; d. 18
March, 1803, aged 41 years, 4 ms. and 17 ds., leaving eight

He m. second, Catherine Lamson, widow of Ebenczer Har-
wood. They were married by Abncr Weston, Justice of the
Peace at Randolph, Vt.

Brookficld, Mass., Jan. 2G, 1809. "Received 343£ Dollars it
being one third part of the Real Estate that Ebenezer Harwood died
seized of, by me, Stephen Chandler."

Widow Catherine (Lamson Harwood) Chandler died at
Westbury, N. Y., and was buried there, aged 84 years.

In 1784 Stephen Chandler was one of the Prudential Com-
mittee of the Proprietors of Rochester, Vt. He was out three
years and ten months, in the service of his country, in the
Revolutionary war. He was at Boston, and at the taking of


Burgoyne ; was an active Jackson democrat in politics ; drew a
pension of ninety-six dollars a year, and was, 1840, on the
pension list, and lived with his son John in Potsdam, N. Y.
He was buried in the Union Graveyard, and on his white
marble iUonuiiiLid is inscribed :

One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh ; but
the earth abideth forever.

On an open book and below is :



a soldier of

the Revolution

died Aug. 25

aged 88 years.

The children of Stephen Chandler were :

8C3. i. John, b. in Barre, Mass., 9 April, 1783; rn. Waitstill

864. n. Samuel Robinson, b. 24 Jan. 1785; d. 28 Feb. 18G2 ; m.
2C> Jan. 1813, Sally Guernsey, of Rochester, Vt.

8G5. in. Gardner, b. in Rochester, Vt., 17 April, 1788; m. first,
2 Dec. 1813, Mary Wright, b. 6 Sept. 1783, d. Jan.
1851; m. second, 20 Feb. 1.S52, Thirza Wright, b. 1G
Jan. 1790, dau. of Capt. Jonathan and Mary Porter
Wright ; m. third, Adeline Andrus. He now lives in
the centre of Rochester, Vt. He has been engaged in
attending saw and gristmills for thirty, years in Roches-
ter and vicinity. He had no child or his own, but
adopted Mary Ann F., dau. of his sister Roxanna Mosher.
She took the name of Chandler, but died 15 Oct. 1839,
at the age of 22 years.

8GG. iv. Henry, b. in Rochester, Vt., 1 March, 1790; m. 16 Sept.
1819, Anna Rogers.

867. v. Hannah, b. in Rochester, 24 Jan. 1792 ; m. Mica Lincoln,

of New Braintree, Mass.

868. vi. Roxanna, b. 24 Nov. 1794 ; d. 18 Jan. 1848, in Potsdam ;

m. Roswell Mosher, of Rochester, Vt. ; farmer in Hop-
kinton, N. Y., where he moved in 18G2, and d. Feb.

869. vn. David, b. 8 June, 1796; d. 9 Dec. 1842, in Potsdam, N.

Y. ; m. 13 Feb. 1823, Orilla Smith, of Potsdam.

870. toi. Meridah, b. 15 Feb. 1802 ; m. 3 Jan. 1828, William B.


871. rx. Josiah Cotton, b. 20 Oct. 1804; m. 12 Oct. 1843, Mary



872. x. Joseph Nye, b. 27 Nov. 1805 ; lives at Adrian, Mich. ;

m. 8 Jan. 1837, Elizabeth Burbank Alvord, at Tecnmseh,
where he then lived. She was dan. of David Alvord. of
Leicester, N. Y.. and was born 3 March, 1820, d. 19 Jan.
18-44, and was buried at Tecnmseh. He m. second, 11
Nov. 1847, Lncinda Stevens, widow of Anson Clark, son
of Stephen Clark, and by him she had one son, Edwin
Clark, druggist, Cold Water. She was b. 17 Oct. 1803.
Joseph Nye' Chandler was a wheelwright by trade, and
afterwards became an ingenious dentist, and succeeded
in making whole sets of teeth with continuous gums of
porcelain. Pie wrote and published % - A Scientific Expo-
sition of the Cause and Cure of the Potato Rot." He
had no issue.

873. xi. Clark, b. 2 Feb. 1807; m. 18 Sept, 1837, Hermona

Shifter, of Stockholm, N. Y.


NATHAN 5 CHANDLER (Josfah, 4 Joscjih, 3 John,- William')
and Lucy Wing, Rochester, Vt. She was of Hardwick.

After serving his country in the army of the Revolution, he
located himself as a farmer on the hills sloping south, about
two miles up the "Emerson" branch of the White River, in
Rochester, Vt. His house stood near where a neat school-house
was erected in 18 GO.

After his children had grown up and some of them had gone
to Potsdam, N. Y., he moved there and bought a farm of
seventy-three acres about two miles north of the village there.
He died and was buried in the cemetery near the depot of the
railroad, where a reddish clouded marble slab has inscribed
thereon: "Nathan Chandler died May 19, 1835, aged 76

He was nine months or more in the Revolutionary army, and
was. at the taking of Burgoyne. He drew a pension of ninety-
six dollars, which his widow continued to receive after his
death, in Potsdam, up to 1840. She resided with her son,
Chester Colton Chandler, of Potsdam. In his last years he was
confined much to his house. During his whole life he had been

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