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fond of reading, and this was a source of great pleasure to him
in his last days.

The children of Nathan and Lucy (Wing) Chandler w T ere :

874. i. Frkki.ove, b. at Rochester, Vt., 27 Nov. 1787*; m. Joseph


875. n. Lucy, b. 2<S Jan. 1700; m. William Baker.

876. in. Nathaniel W., b. 7 March, 1792, St. Lawrence Co., N.

Y. ; m. 'J Oct. 1820, Lucinda Wright, of Rochester, Vt.


877. iv. Chester Coltox, b. 4 March, 1794; d. 10 March, 18G1 ;

m. Betsey Walker, dau. of Tilley Walker, of Morris-
town. St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. They have no children.
He was a farmer in Potsdam. After his death she went
to Wisconsin and died there.

878. v. Koxv, b. 24 July, 1796; d. in Bethel, Vt. ; m. 19 March,

18-42, Jeremiah Morse, a farmer of Bethel, Vt. They
have no issue.

879. vi. Daniel, b. 16 July, 1798; m. Sarah Killer, of Clinton ville,

N. Y.

880. vii. Ika, b. 28 Sept. 1800; m. 25 June. 1839, Sophronia


881. vin. Naomi, b. 28 July, 1802 ; d. young.

882. ix. James, b. 2 Feb. 1<S05 ; m. Harriet Sprague.

883. x. Freeman, b. at Rochester. 2G Feb. 1808 ; m. 1 Jan. 1840,

Mary Eliza Pennick, of Tecumseh, Mich.


CHLOE 5 CHANDLER (Josiah,* Joseph, 3 John; 2 William')
and Jeremiah- Stockwell, Rochester, Vt.

He v::- b. at Springfield, Mass., 25 Sept. 1765; d. 24 Feb.
1851, aged 85, son of Guild 1 Stockwell by his wife Lois
Fletcher. He was a fanner. After the death of his wife
Chloe he m. second, Irene Rust, of Alstead, N. II., and by her
had five children.

Mrs. Chloe Stockwell died 27 Aug. 1809, in her 43d year.

The children of Chloe and Jeremiah S'jPockwell were :

i. Gould 3 Stockwell, b. at Rochester, 2 May. 1798; m. first, 12
Oct. 1834, Mary J. Stevens. She was b. 17 Jan. 1811 ; d. 4
Nov. 1854, aged 43. dau. of Joseph Stevens by his wife Mary
Morse ; m. second, 10 Dec. 1855, Elnora Parker, widow of
Mr. Joel Gleason. Farmer at Rochester, Vt. Four children.
ii. Josiah 3 Ciiaxdlei; Stockwell, b. at Rochester, 20 Feb. 1800;
died 22 Feb. 1801, at Nelson, Portage Co., Ohio; m. 4 July,
1824, Amanda Converse Martin. She was b. at Rochester, 14
June, 1800, dau. of Fbeuezer and Abigail (Currier) Martin.
They removed, 183G, to Freedom, Ohio; farmer. Six child-

iii. Lydia 3 Stockwell, b. 23 Jan. 1802 ; d. 23 July, 1803, of dysen-

iv. Dr. Alaxsox 3 Stockwell, b. 23 Dec. 1804. He worked on a
farm and taught school until 21, and read medicine at Roches-
ter ; was graduated at the medical school at Woodstock, Vt.,
11 June, 1833, and that year settled at Chatham, Sangamon
Co., 111., in the practice of his profession, where he continued
until 1838, when he removed to Fremont. Tazewell Co., 111.,
and thence to Fl Paso, 111. ; m. 3 April, 1839, Elizabeth S.
Kellogg, and he entered the U. S. service and was engaged as
assistant surgeon in the 4th U. S. C. Artillery (heavy), on
duty in 18G5 at Columbus, Ky. Four children.


v. Lucius 3 Stockwell, b. 15 Feb. 1807; was a teacher of schools
in winter and a fanner in summer, until 1835, when he moved
to Ohio and devoted himself to school-keeping. In 1840 he
moved to Illinois, and there taught singing-schools and com-
mon schools. For ten years he was in mercantile business.
He bought a farm in 18G0 at Groveland, 111. ; m. 7 Nov. 1848,
Melinda Raszell, b. at Frederick Co.,' Va., 30 Aug. 1814, and
widow of Mr. Morrison. Two children.
vi. Ciiloe 3 Stock well, b. 15 April, 1809; killed in 1811 by a log
rolling over her.


LYDIA 5 CHANDLER (Joaiah,* Joseph, 3 John;" William')
and Nathaniel- Wing, Rochester, Vt.

He was b. at Cape Cod, 3 Nov. 17(37; d. 20 Nov. 1844,
aged 77, son of James 1 Wing, of Rochester. Mrs. Chandler
said she had spun and wove, from flax grown on their farm, all
the linen cloth that had ever been used in their house. She
was a most excellent woman, Christian-like, kind and benevo-
lent. He was a farmer. She died 27 June, 1846, in her 77th

The children of Lydia and Nathaniel Wing were :


i. Jason 3 Wing, b. at Rochester, 25 Oct. 1793; shoemaker;

farmer at Clarksfield, Ohio ; m. Sally Gary,
ii. Claka 3 Wing, b, 14 Jan. 1796; d. 11 March, 1825, aged 29,

at Rochester, leaving no issue ; m. John Amy, shoemaker.
iii. Fanny 3 Wing, b. 6 Oct. 1797; d. 22 Feb. 1822, at Rochester,

leaving no issue; m. Ezra McCollum, farmer at Rochester,
iv. Daniel 3 Wing, b. 29 March, 1799 ; farmer at Otsego, Allegan

Co., Mich.
v. Lucy 3 Wing, b. 26 May, 1801 ; d. 2 Aug. 1803.
vi. James 3 Wing, b. 30 Oct. 1803; m. 21 March, 1827, Ruth
Foster, b. 17 Feb. 1807, dan. of Maj. Rufus and Susanna
(Hubbard) Foster ; farmer on the homestead at Rochester ;
has been member of the Legislature three years, and one of
the selectmen ten years. Three children.
vif. Gardner 3 C. Wing, b. 24 Jan. 1806 ; d. 26 March, 1848, from
a fall in the dry dock in New York city, where he was ship
carpenter ; unm.

viii. Georoe 3 Wing, b. 29 Feb. ; d. 16 May, 1840, at Cold

Water, Mich. ; shoemaker.
Lx. Lyman 3 Wing, b. 13 Feb. 1810 ; d. 2 July, 1843 ; m. Adeline
Cowderey, of Tuubridge, Vt. He was a Methodist preacher.
His son, George Lyman, d. 26 May, 1862, in the U. S. service.
x. Nathaniel 3 S. Wing, b. 12 Oct. 1811; resides 207 West 43d
Street, N. Y. city.



Pea. JOSIAH 5 C. CHANDLER {Josiah* Joseph, 3 John; 2
William 1 ) and Olive Fay. Hardwick.

She was born 1782; d. 17 Nov. 1837, aged 55, in Enfield,
Mass., and was buried there. She was dan. of Timothy Fay,
of Lamb Town, afterwards called Hardwick, Mass.

Dea. Chandler rn. second, Abigail Mauley, a native of Easton,
Mass., and dau. of Reuben and Thankful Manley. After his
death his widow m. second, 11 Sept. 1850, at the age of 66,
Dea. Isaac Stone, of Auburn, Mass., who was then 80 years

Dea. Chandler lived, at one time, about one mile east of
Hardwick Centre, where his brother-in-law Basset Fa} r after-
wards resided. He was by trade a carpenter, and he had a
mechanical turn of mind. In winters he worked at cabinet-
making and the manufacture of plows. He had a farm. On
18 April, 1819, he was chosen deacon of the church in Hard-
wick. He often had religious meetings appointed at his house,
and conducted them himself. The last ten years of his life he
spent in Enfield, Mass. "At the celebration at Hardwick,
Nov. 15, 1838, one hymn was sung in the old style to the tune
called ' St. Martins.' It was read line by line by Dea. Josiah
C. Chandler, formerly an inhabitant of Hardwick and deacon of
the church." He died 12 March, 1849, in Ids 75th year.

The estate of Dea. J. C. Chandler, late of Enfield, as
presented by his son, S. N. Chandler, the administrator, 1849,
consisted, as inventoried, of a "chest of plains," $5.00; five
saws and five iron squares, 65.00 ; horse and harness, $30.00 ;
cow, $35.00; two beds and bedding, $10.00; twenty-five acres
of land and buildings thereon, $1,050.00, Total, $1,223,132.

The children of Dea. Josiah C. and Olive (Fay) Chandler
were :

88-4. i. Joux, b. at Hardwick, 29 Aug. 1800 ; d. 16 Sept. 1832 ;
unin. He fell from the high beams in the barn, when
about eleven years old, and was injured for life. He
died at the House of Industry, South Boston, and was
buried on the farm there.
Infaut ; died a few hours old.
Infant ; died a few hours old.
Philander ; died.

Philander, 2d, b. at Hardwick, 1 June, 1805 ; rn. 29 Nov.
1833, Myra Keith, of Prescott, Mass.
889. vi. Elizauetu Lindsay, b. 15 Oct. 1808 ; in. 6 Feb. 1833,
Frederick W. IS haw, of Enfield.











800. vii. Samuel Newell, b. 3 Sept. 1815. He is employed in tlio
Hope Mill, ut Staffordville, Conn. He was one year in
Amherst College. Taught school awhile ; his health
failed; died in Asylum for Iusane, at Concord, N. 11.,
8 Au<j;. 1872.



891. viii. William Fay, b. at New Braintree, 17 Dec. 1817; in. 4

March, 1SG5, Mary Jane Ayers, b. 1832, dan. of Adiu
and Lucy Ayers ; head machinist, Wood's Mills, Enfield,

892. ix. Hannah Maria, b. 31 May, 1820; ru. March 1, 1848,

Warren Chap in.

893. x. Josiah Henry, b. 26 May, 1822 ; m. first, 12 March, 184(3,

Irene Mary Hopkins, of Belchertown ; m. second, 22
Jan. 185G, Lucy Rider, of Norwich, Conn.

894. xi. Rebecca Ann, b. at Enfield; d. Aug. 1857; m. Edwin

Merrick, of Monsou. She died in Foxboro', Mass., in
childbed, with her only child, and they were buried in
the same grave at Monson, Mass. He was a " bleacher
and presser of straw."

895. xn. Pliny Fisk, b. at Enfield, 18 Aug. 1829 ; m. 5 March,

1854, Harriet Jane Dexter, of Hardwick, dau. of Hinck-
ley Dexter. She died 5 April, 1866, by hanging herself
while insane, aged 29 years. He resides atWest War-
ren, Mass. ; cabinet-maker ; makes the woodwork of
table salt sprinklers. Married second, L. Ellen Davis,
dan. of Barzilla Davis, of Brookfield, Mass.. widow of
Mr. Barney. He is with his brother Josiah H. in furni-
ture business in Springfield, Mass.


TRYPHEXA 5 CHAXDLEP (Daniel,* Joseph, 3 John, 2 Wil-
liam 1 ) and Col. James Bellows, Fairfax, Vt.

He was born on Long Island ; d. 10 Sept. 1813, in his '57th
year, at Fairfax.

He had been a soldier in the company of Capt. Daniel Chand-
ler in the war of the Revolution ; and after the war was over,
he visited the family of Capt. Chandler and there became
acquainted with her who became his companion through life.
He was a blacksmith, and they settled about one mile north of
" the New Hampton Literary Institution," in Fairfax. He
there took up one hundred acres of land, and his one-story
house was standing (1862), just north of a large and handsome
two-story brick house of his son, James Bellows, Esq., on the
" one hundred acre " lot.


Col. James Bellows kept a tavern in Fairfax, had an ashery
there, and was selectman.

Mrs. Chandler died 14 Aug. 1S25, in her 68th year. He
and his wife were buried in the Safford graveyard, Fairfax.

The children of Trtphena and Col. James Bellows were :

i. Elias Bellows, b. in Lebanon, N. H., Jan. 1781; farmer in
Fairfax, Vt. ; m. Dorcas Wales. No children.

ii. Tkyfhena Bellows, b. 1783 ; d. young.

Hi. Susanna Bellows, b. 28 May, 1785: m. Elisha White, Ohio.
Two children.

iv. Diantha Bellows, b. 16 Aug. 1787; d. in Fletcher; m. Joseph
Holmes, merchant in Fletcher ; had Elias Bellows Holmes, b.
27 May, 1807, who went to Monroe as teacher, member of
• Congress from 1845 to 1849, lawyer in Rockport. m., and had
Ira Holmes, of Chicago, 111., who m. Jennie Burton, dau. of
Stiles Barton, and they had Elias Burton Holmes in Chicago,
8 Feb. 1870.
v. Col. Ira Bellows, b. 30 Aug. 1789; d. suddenly in the cars;
gracL Burl. Col. ; lawyer in Pittsford, Monroe Co., N. Y. ; m.
14 Feb. 1»2V, Mary, dau. of Francis Buck, of Shaftsbury, Vt.
After his death she resided in Rochester, N. Y. Five child-

vi. Daniel Bellows, b. Sept. 1791; d. in Halifax; merchant; m.
Susan Northup.

vii. James Bellows, b. in Fairfax, 29 Jan. 179G; farmer on home-
stead in Fairfax ; justice of the peace ; m. Semantha Cheney.
Four children,
viii. Hiram Bellows, b. in Fairfax, 13 Feb. 1798; successful mer-
chant in Fairfax ; removed to St. Albans in 1850 ; selectman
in 1843 in Fairfax; m. Susan Barlow.

ix. Sophia Bellows, b. 19 May, 1805 ; m. first, John Southerland,
who d. in Pittsford, 'N. Y. ; m. second, William Saxton. Two


ABU AH 5 CHANDLER (David,* Joseph* John* William^)
and Sabra Mann, Nicholville, St. Lawrence, Co., N. Y.

She died 19 June, 1837, in her 75th year, and was buried in

He and his brother Daniel took goods and carried them to
Lebanon, N. H., and traded at the outlet of Enfield Pond. Pmt
they were not successful. In 1701 he was taxed in Lebanon,
£1:10:6. He left Lebanon in 1806, and went to St. Law-
rence Co., and Mrs. Chandler was the first white woman in
what is now Hopkinton, N. Y. He bought land two miles east
of Nicholville, on the Alalonc road, and built a house on the
south side and kept a tavern there. Danforth Ellithrop lived


in the same house in 1863. This house is about one mile east
of Nicholville. lie worked at the stone mason business, which
he probably learned of his father, and he built the stone grist-
mill in Nicholville on the east branch of the St. Regis. He was
a justice 01 the peace and tried causes. He was one of the
original members of the Baptist Society formed in Hopkinton,
17 Feb. 1818, and was a trustee thereof. This church was
removed to Nicholvillc. He died 4 Nov. 1830, in his 67th

The children of Abijaii and Sabra (Mann) Chandler were:

890. i. Abijah, b. in East Hartford, Conn., 5 Nov. 1787; m. 20
Oct. 1810, Olive Cheney.

807. ii. Sabra, b. March, 1790; d. 3 March, 1843; m. Dec.
1805, James Trussell. He was a carpenter and joiner by
trade. He built the tavern in Nicholville, which they
kept. He was land agent for that region. Thev both
died 18-13, he d. 28 Feb. 1843, aged 63, she d. 3 March.
1843, of a malignant epidemic that desolated Nicholville
that >ear, both buried in one grave in Nicholville. She
had no child.

898. in. Amy, b. in Lebanon, 7 Jan. 1791 ; m. first, March. 1809,

Heman Gray ; m. second, Jan. 1818, Joseph Stevens, of

899. iv. Sophia, b. 12 March, 1793 ; d. suddenly, 1805, in Fairfax,

where she had gone on a visit to her uncle, Col. James

900. v. Lemuel, b. 10 May. 1790 ; m. first, 9 Feb. 1818, Eosina

Olive Brown, of Plattsburg ; m. second, 15 March, 1859,
Harriet S. Squier.

901. vi. Harry, b. 14 Feb. 1798; m. 5 March, 1825, Dolly Ferris,

of Williston, Vt.

902. vn. Clarissa; m. 2S April, 1817, Fbenezer Frost.

903. vin. Piiilo Sage, b. 9 Sept. 1800 ; m. 3 1 Dec. 1822 ; Nancy

Maria Castle.

904. ix. Hiram, b. 10 Oct. 1801 ; m. Sunday, 3 July, 1831, Lucinda

Peck, of Hopkinton, N. Y.

905. x. Lew-is, b. 10 Sept. 1804 ; m. 15 Feb. 1839, Orinda Beecher

of Hinesburgh, Vt.
900. xi. Polly, b. 28 Dec. 1805 ; m. Otis Farrar.


DANIEL 5 CHANDLER (Daniel, 4 Joseph, 3 John? William 1 )
and Polly Aycrs, St. Armand, Canada East.

She was b. at Haverhill, X. H., 22 Aug. 1700 ; d. 3 March,
1853, aged 86 years, and was buried by the remains of her hus-
band, who died a few days before her, in the yard of the Epis-
copal church at Erelighsburg village, St. Armand.


Mr. Chandler bought out the heirs of his father's estate at
East Hartford, Conn., but failed there through his partner in
business. He' then removed to Lebanon, N. H., where he
traded in partnership with his brother, Abijah Chandler, but
they were .not successful, and he "• moved into Canada, January
16, 1799 j" and he wrote in his bible, " My wife arrived Feb.
10, 1799." He traded at St. Armand in what was then called
" Slab City." He had a farm a mile cast of that village. lie
worked at brick-laying and was a master builder. lie was a
soldier in the war of the Revolution, and a pensioner. He went
to the war at the age of 15 for his brother Abijah, who was
drafted. He died 15 Jan. 1853, aged 82.

The children of Daniel and Polly (Avers) Chandler were :

907. i. Horace Mitchell, b. at St. Armand, 5 Dee. 1S00 ; m. at
Berkshire, Vt., 30 March, 1825, Lydia Leavens, of Wind-
sor, Vt.

008. ii. Harlow, b. 28 Aug. 1802 ; m. at St. Armand, 7 Dec.
1823, Olive Hibbard, of St. Armand.


HANNAH 5 CHANDLER {Daniel,' Joseph, 3 John; 2 Wil-
liam 1 ) and Capt. Amos'- Jvimball, Norfolk, N. Y.

He was son of Eliphalet 1 Kimball* of or near Salem, Mass.
He had brother- Eliphalct, Jr., and Jonathan. In the Hale
burying ground in Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. is his
monument, on which is inscribed: "Amos Kimball died, 11
June, 1836, in his 70 year." And beside that is his wife's
monument : " Hannah C. wife of Amos Kimball, died Dec. 7,
1848, in her 82 year."

They lived in the west part of Williston, Vt., on " the Gov-
ern' >r's Right." He attended the sawmill for Capt. French.
He was captain of the light infantry company in Williston ; was
a shoemaker by trade.

The children of Hannah and Capt. Amos Kimball were :

i. Hannah 3 Kimball ; d. in Williston ; m. Philip Sanford, farmer

in Williston, Vt.
ii. Amos 3 Kimball, b. in Burlington, Vt., 22 March, 179G; farmer

in Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., just east of where his

father lived ; justice of the peace ; m. Hannah, dau. of Elijah

Poor, of Madrid. Three children,
iii. Daniel Chandler 3 Kimball, farmer; died of consumption,

aged 24 years, in Norfolk.
iv. Henry 3 Kimball : was stage-driver in Canada : merchant in

Massena, N. Y. ; has been three times in California ; cast away

on the Golden Gate ; in 1863, a farrier in Hooker's army on

the Potomac.



v. Lyman 3 Kimball; d. 1861 ; m. PhebeOdell, of Lisbon, N. Y. ;

farmer. Three children,
vi. Myron 3 Kimball ; d. on his way to California; was a fanner on
the homestead in Norfolk; m. Eliza Allen, of Canton, N. V.
Four children.


SUSANNA 5 CHANDLER {Daniel* Joseph* John,' Wil-
liam 1 ) and Lebbeus Andrus, Homer, X. Y.

He was b. 31 Dee. 1771 : d. 23 Oct. 1847, in Homer. He
worked at the stone quarry of Capt. Daniel 4 Chandler in East
Hartford, Conn., and afterwards carried on the business of
quarrying there. He removed to Homer.

Mrs. Andrus died 9 Dec. 1858, aged 87 yrs. and one day.

The children of Susanna and Lebbeus xYntdkus were :

i. Sisan* Chandler Andrus, b. in E. Hartford; d. April, 1857.
aged 57. in Homer ; m. first. James Clark, of Pennsylvania,
son of Caleb Clark, of Yolney. Mr. James Clark learned the
hatter's trade in Homer, where he lived and died. Six child-

ii. Fanny Cook Andrus, b. 19 March, 179-; m. 8 Oct. 1826,
Phineas Sargent Mofiitt, who was b. 4 March, 1805/ while his
father Dr. Joseph Mofiitt resided at Montpelier, Vt. This Dr.
Mofiitt was Judge at Montpelier, and at one time candidate
for governor of Vermont. He was son of Dr. Mofiitt, of
Brimfield, Mass. Mr. Phineas S. Mofiitt resided at Batavia,
N. Y., where he carried on the business of painting and glaz-
ing, and where he died 21 April, 1863, and where his widow
continued to reside after his death. She was a rather short,
fleshy woman, of light complexion, light eyes, brown hair;
intelligent, kind and pleasing in her manners. She fell into
the creek at Batavia, on 8 Oct. 1871, and was drowned, aged
72. Seven children.

iii. Violet Burnjtam Andrus, b. 24 Feb. 1799 ; m. 6 April, 1820,
William Andrews, son of William and Lucy (Goslin) Andrews ;
lawyer ; justice of the peace ; provost marshal, with his office
at Syracuse, N. Y., during the war of 1861 ; resides at Homer,
in the house built by his father-in-law, Lebbeus Audrus. Four


LEMUEL 3 CHANDLER (Peter* Joseph,* John? William 1 )
and' Alice 3 Thurber, Keene, X. II.

She was b. 2 July, " 17(51 ; d. 9 Oct. 1798, at Providence, R.
I. ; dau. of Benjamin- Thurbcr. who was b. 14 July, 1734, d.
28 April, 1807, in. 13 Dec. 1756, Phelxj Dyer, who was 1>. 12
Aug. 173b\ died 1 Sept. 1818, aged 82, dau. of Charles Dyer,


of Rhode Island ; granddaughter of Samuel 1 Thurber by his
wife Rachel.

Mr. Lemuel Chandler was at New Haven, Conn., 13 Sept,
177(>, in Gapt. Caleb Clark's company of forty-two men, the
fir©t company in cue 11th regiment of soldiers, mostly from
Pomfret, Conn., on their march to West Chester, N. Y. ; and
at that time and place, Capt. Clark *•* was paid 20 shilling" for
each man in his company.

In connection with his father-in-law he advertised in the
"Connecticut Gazette," of Xew London, on the 21st of June,
1782, as follows :

"To be sold by Thurber and Chandler, late of Pomfret, Conn., at
their store at the sign of the Bunch of Grapes, North End, Provi-
dence, li. I., near Maj. Thayer's Tavern, on the most reasonable
terms for cash only, West India and New England Rum. French
Brandy," &c.

" N. B. Said T. and C. have for sale warranted Cotton and
Woolen Cards of their own manufactory, by the dozen or single pair.
They are also to be sold by Capt. Caleb Clark and Mr. Elijah
Vv'iiihuiia in Pomfret j" cV:C.

"Providence, April 27, 1782."

In 1781, Maj. Jonathan Hale removed his card-making
business from Concord, X. II., to Pomfret, Conn. So said his
apprentice, Timothy Chandler. [See 942.]

Mr. Lemuel Chandler removed to Keene, X. II. , where he
was iu trade with his half-brother, William 6 Chandler, and was
connected in business with his relative, Mr. William McClellan.
He kept a public house on the spot where the Cheshire House
now stands in Keene.

Mr. C. died 4 Dec. 1789, at the age of 30, and was buried
at the south end of Main Street, Keene., and his estate was
administered on by his brother-in-law, I) •. Thomas Edwards,
and Elijah Dunbar, of Keene.

The inventory of Lemuel Chandler's estate, inn-holder,
amounted, 27 Sept. 1790, to £746 : 16 : 1.

To tho widow Alice Chandler there was set off, 18 Dec.
1790, her thirds, consisting of a farm in Packersfield, X. II.,
buildings and land (100 acres), and one-eighth part of a forge,
grist-mill and saw-mill, with five acres of land in Winchendon.

After her husband's death Mrs. Alice Chandler removed to
Providence, where her father had gone, after selling his farm in
lomtret, Conn. ; and there she advertised in the "■Providence
Gazette" of Oct. 27, 1797, that she had "removed her Goods
to the store lately occupied by Dr. Throop, opposite the Episco-
pal Church, at the sign of the Bunch of Grapes, where she
offered for sale a very good assortment of English, Irish and
Scotch Goods."


The children of Lemuel and Alice (Thurber) Chandler
were :

909. i. Mary. b. 3 Sept. 1782; d. 16 Sept. 1782.

910. ir. Bekmajiis Tin :iibkr, b. 9 Sept. 1783; m. 19 Nov. 1807,

Mary Tillinghast, of Providence.

911. m. Lemuel, b. 23 Oct. 1788; m. 21 May, 1812, Elizabeth

Gorton Tillingbast, of Providence.


MARY 5 CHANDLER (Peter, 4 Joseph? John,- William')
and William 5 Bowen, Esq., Woodstock, Conn.

He was b. at Woodstock, 26 Dec. 17G3; d. 14 May, 1837,
aged 74, son of Capt. Matthew 4 Bowen, 1). 22 Oct. 1724? d.
16 Feb. 180(3, *aged 81, by his wife Mary 4 (probably Dana,
who was b. 3 March, 1726-7, d. 26 June, 1813, aged 87 years,
3 inos., dan. of Isaac 3 Dana and Sarah Winchester his wife,
granddau. of Benjamin- Dana by Mary Buckmiuster, and great-
granddau. of Richard 1 and Anne Dana) : gr.-son of Henry 3
Bower., Esq., who was b. at Roxbury, 1700, d. 1 Jan. 1758, a.
58, a weaver by trade, by his wife Margaret Davis, who d. 14
April, 17G2; great-grandson of Isaac' 2 Bowen, b. at Roxbury,
20 April, 1676, and gr.-gr. -grandson of Henry 1 Bowen.

The ancestor came from Roxbury, Mass., 1686. The family
was of Welsh origin, and its history extends back until it
becomes tradition ; but the name became Anglicized to Bowen
from Ap Owen, or son of Owen.

William 5 Bowen was a man of medium height, of thin and
spare make, of highly nervous temperament, and of light
complexion. He was by trade a harness-maker and saddler.
He was, 1804, proprietors' clerk of the South half of Wood-
stock. He kept a tavern at the north end of the Common.
He had a store of goods there, and was postmaster and justice
of the peace. In later life he removed back on to the Bowen
homestead, at the south end of ik Plain Hill," just west of
where stood the first meeting-house.

Mrs. Mary Chandler Bowen was very handsome when young,
as a portrait at the house of her grandson, Capt. Andrew W.
Bowen, will show. She was rather slender, had black eyes
and hair, clear dark skin and chin receding. She made a most
excellent housekeeper and landlady. "• She was," said her
pastor, Rev. Wm. M. Cornell, " like. Lois, truly a mother in
Israel ; and she united with the church after more than twenty
years of unfeigned faith and desire." In her advanced years
she wasted away in her physical, and failed in her mental,
powers. She died 10 Feb. 1834, in her 74th year, in Wood-


The children of Mary and William Bowen were :

i. Gkorge 6 Bowen, b. at Woodstock, 8 June, 1780 ; d. G Jan. 1S4G,.
at Woodstock, aged 56. He succeeded bis father as inn-
keeper, merchant, postmaster and justice of the peace; m. 13
Oct. 18.12, Lydia Walcott Eaton. She was horn 14 July,
1793; d. 3U Oct. 1864, of pneumonia, at the residence of her

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