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hands of Col. Jacob Whipple." Farmer.

The children of Hannah and Samuel Mouse were :

i. Hannah Morse, b. 28 Jan. 1770 ; m. Jairus Williams, of Dana,
n. Lydia Mouse, b. 1G Oct. 1771 ; m. *:ikanak Raskins, of Dana.


BENJAMIN 6 CHANDLER, Jr. {Benjamin* William,*
William* Thomas? William 1 ) and Jerusha Negus, Petersham,

She was b. 6 April, 1755 ; d. 10 Nov. 1834, in her 80th year,
and was buried at Petersham.


Mr. Benjamin Chandler was a fanner with his father. II ( >
was a small man, had red hair, was noted for his droll kind of
wit; sympathized with the "Shays men." He d. 15 March,
I"8'2f», in Potor^h:i>^.

He said in his will of 12 June, 1822 : " I give and devise to
my daughter- in-law Mary Chandler a small tenement a little to
the south-west of my dwelling-house, in Petersham, eontainino-
about one and a half acres." "All the rest of my property J
give and devise to my four children and their heirs," as follows :

"One-tenth thereof to my son Abel Chandler; one-tenth
thereof to my son Joel Chandler; four-tenths thereof to my
daughter Aehsah Sherman, wife of John Sherman, and four-
tenths thereof to my son David Chandler. And I appoint John
Sherman, of Barre, sole executor."

The children of Benjamin and Jkrusha (Negus) Chandler
were :

993. i. Abel, b. 9 June, 1778 ; m . at Charlestown, Mass., 22 June,

1 806, Mary Burrell, both of Charlestown, by Rev. J. Morse.

994. n. Joel, b. 21 Feb. 1783; m. 6 Dec. 1804, Cynthia Bemis, of

Dumnicrston, Vt., by Abiel Duncan.

995. in. Aciisaii. b. 30 Oct. 17SC ; in. 17 Feb. 1811, John Sherman,

of Barre, by Festns Foster.
99G. iv. David, b. 27 June, 1789; m. first. 15 Feb. 1816, Amarilla
Banny, by Judge A. Leland; m. second, at Weathersfield,
Vt., 2 Jan. 1845, Almira Jones, by Rev. Charles Burns.

997. v. Levi, b. 30 July, 1791; d. 2o June, 1819, a. 28, num.;

buried at Petersham.

998. vi. Flam, V). 30 Nov. 1793; d. 13 April, 1802.


WILLARD 6 CHANDLER (Benjamin, 5 William," William:"
TJiomas,- William 1 ) and Lydia Walker, Chester, Vt.

She was b. 7 Feb. 1765 ; d. 10 Oct. 1848, and was buried at
West Springfield, Vt., by her husband, who d. 2S Jan. 1822,
a. 04. He came up to Chester from Petersham, Mass., an
early settler in Chester, and lived and d. on the farm he made.
He served his country in the war of 1812.

The children of Willaud and Lydia (Walker) Chandler
were :

999. i. Hannah, b. 20 March, 1783; m. Ebenezer Martin, of
Baltimore, Vt.

1000. ii. Sally, b. 22 April, 1785 ; m. Rufus Caryl, of Chester.

1001. in. Jotiiam Rice, It. 12 Feb. 17*7; d. 15 Jan. 1850, in

Chester, aged 63 lacking 27 days, and was buried at
Chester, uum. ; laborer.

1002. iv. Chaklks, 1). 30 Dec. 17**; ,]. March, 1791.

1003. v. Willaru, b. 20 Sept. 1790; d. 17!I2.




1001. vi. Lydia, b. 1 Nov. 1793; in. 14 March, 1813, Samuel

Rawson, of Chester.
100"). vj|. \fiLLARD, b. 20 Jan. 1796; m. 22 April, 1840, Betsey

Hoar, of Chester.

1006. vni. William, b. 4 April, 1798; in. at Springfield, Vt., 17

June, 1833, Louisa Ellison, of Chester.

1007. ix. Daniel, b. at Chester. 24 March, 1800; in. at Norfolk,

N. Y., Esther Caruth, of Rutland, Vt.

1008. x. 'ZtLPAii, b. 23 June. 1802; unin. ; lived at South Village,



WILLIAM 6 CHANDLER {Benjamin, 5 Wittiamf William*
T/to/uasr William 1 ) and Lovisa Shiunvvay, Shutesbury, Mass.

William Chandler, of Springfield, pub. 10 Feb. 1787, to
Lovisa Shumwuy, of Belchertown. They resided at Lock's
Pond, and Mere buried there. He was a blacksmith, and
carried on that trade at Chicopee, and afterwards at Lock's

On the 25th Nov. 1840, there was an agreement made by
which •'William Chandler, of Shutesbury," gave " all my
estate to my son Aaron Chandler, upon condition that he shall
support myself and wife Lovisa Chandler during our natural
lives, with suitable meat and drink, nursing, doctoring, cloth-
ing, house-room and fire-wood, and also all the necessaries
which 1 or my wife may want," and to pay certain sums to his
other children, and among others, to " my dau. Lucy Gilbert,"

He was- a man of medium size, robust and healthy all his

The children of William and Lovisa (Shumway) Chandler
we e :

Eunice, b. at Springfield, Mass., 25 Aug. 1789; m. 13

Feb. 1812, Thomas Richardson.
Clakk, b. at Petersham ; m. first, Laura Stearus, of

Leyden, Mass. ; m. second, Mary Dean, widow of Mr.

Frost ; m. third, Mary White, widow of Mr. Pierce.
Lucy, b. 19 Feb. 1794; m. first, 19 Jan. 1814, Ruel

Gilbert ; m. second, William Reed.
Aaron, b. 21 Feb. 1797; m. in Wendell, 11 Feb. 1822,

Polly Clark, of Wendell.
William ; unm. at Shutesbury.
Benjamin, b. 12 Nov. 1802; m. in Wendell, 11 Jan.

1825, Matilda Reed.
Wealthy ; died young.
Lovisa Shumway, b. at Shutesbury, 28 Aug. 1810; m.

Edward Fitts, of Shutesbury.



















LUCY 6 CHANDLER (Benjamin? William* William?
Thomas,- William 1 ) and Solomon Wilson, Jr., Chester, Vt.*

He was h. 1700; «l. 20 Sept. 1840, a. 80, and was buried by
the remains of his wife near the academy in South Chester.
He was son of Solomon Wilson, one of the pioneers in Peter-
sham, Mass. Solomon, Jr. went up to Chester before he was
married, and when 28 years old he m. Lucy Chandler and
settled on the middle branch of Williams River, about two
miles, where he and his son George built the two-story brick
house on the hill.

Mrs. Wilson d. 27 Jan. 1803, a. 38 years.

The children of Lucy and Solomox "Wilson, Jr., were :

i. Solomon Wilson, b. in Chester, 24 Nov. 1780 ; lived in Bartons-

ville, Rockingham, Vt. ; farmer ; m. Fila Earl. Six children.

ii. Lucy Wilson, d. 31 May. 1800, a. 8 years and 24 days.

iii. George Wilson, b. 10 Dec. 1 704 ; lives on the homestead, two

miles west of North Chester Village ; was a tanner and currier

by trade, and had a tanyard just below his brick house ;

farmer; in. in Chester, 15 'March, 1821, Margaret Green.

She was b. 25 Aug. 1705, dau. of Jonathan and Eunice

(Rounds) Green. Seven children.

iv. Polly Wilson, b. 11 April, 1 707 : m. John Wilder, of Winchendon,

Mass. He is a tanner. ' Six children.
v. William Wilson, b. 1800 ; d. 7 June, 1800, a. 3 months and 2G

vi. Infant son, b. Jan. 1803.


HENRY 6 CHANDLER, Esq. (Benjamin? William, 4 Wil-
liamt? Thomas,' 2 William 1 ) and Abigail Ilutchins, Chester, Vt.

She was b. 18 April, 1771 ; d. 29 Dec. 1840, a. 69, and was
buried at North Springfield, Vt., by the remains of her husband.

" She hath done what she could."

When nearly 76 years old he m. second, Betsey Redfield,
who was 61. He fitted for college; was justice of the peace;
farmer on the farm he moved on to when he came up from
Massachusetts, on the 2d July, 1792. He d. 15 June, 1849,
aged 81.

The children of Henry and Abigail (Hutchins) Chandler.
were :

1017. i. Henhy, b. at Chester, 27 March, 1704 ; m. 26 Nov. 1821,
Lovisa Axtill, of Chester.


1018. ii. Charles Buckley, b. 24 April, 17%; m. first, 13 Nov.

182-1, Nancy Atherton; in. second, in Tunbridge, 1
Aug. 1838, Amanda Chapman ; m. third, Frances Ann
Caroline Coburn.

1019. rn Amelia, b. 25 April. 1798; in at Springfield, Vt., 1 Dee.

1819, Daniel Griswold, Jr., of Springfield.

1020. iv. Adaline. b. 12 July. 1801 ; in. at Chester, 13 April,

1820, Lawson Bruce.

1021. v. Makcia, b. in Chester, 2G Jan. 1801; m. 19 Jan. 1825,

John Field, of Springfield, Vt.

1022. vi. George Clinton, b. 10 March, 1807; m. 5 Sept. 1838,

Persis Warren Heald, of Chester.

1023. vn. Fbenezer Martin, b. 5 May, 1810 ; m. 28 Feb. 1812,

Emeline F. Bemis, of Lincoln.

1024. viii. Lois, b. 10 Jan. 1813 ; ni. 3 Jan. 1837, Abel A. Batchel-

der, of Andover, Vt.


WILLIAM" CHANDLER, Jr. ( William, 5 William,* Wil-
liam, 3 Tliomas,- William 1 ) and Joanna Reed, Westford, Mass.

bhe was 0. I7o4 : d. 23 Jan. 1842, a. 87 years and 3 months,
dau. of Eberiezer Reed, by his wife Joanna Fitch. He was a
clothier at the falls, near " Brookside " railroad station, by the
Chelmsford line. In 1805 he removed on to the farm of
Ephraim Chandler, in the north part of the town, on the north
borders of Flushing Pond. This farm is a poor one now, but
then it was so poor, sterile and gravelly, that his son tried hard
to persuade his father not to settle on it. But he did, and his
son has spent nearly seventy years of industrious toil on it,
with a small remuneration.

Joanna Chandler was on the list of pensioners, 1840, aged
85 years, and resided then with William Chandler, in Westford,
Mass. Mr. Chandler d. 25 Feb. 1826, in his 75th year.

The children of William and Joanna (Reed) Chandler
were :

1025. i. Joanna, b. in Westford, 28 Jan. 1789; in. 7 Jan. 1810,

Joel Keed.

1026. ii. William, b. 25 March, 1793 ; m. July, 1816, Rhoda


1027. in. Millkv, b. 25 March, 1793; m. first, 10 Nov. 1816,

Jephtha Trowbridge ; m. second, June, 1829, Ebenezer

1028. iv. Nancy, b. 5 Sept. 1795 ; ni. Jan. 1831, Jeremiah Boynton



EBENEZER" CHANDLER ( William, 5 William, 4 William*
Thomas, 2 William 1 ) and Ruth Wright, Reading, Vt.


She died 11 month* and 9 days before her husband did,
which was about 1816. They resided about one mile south' of
Reading Village, lie with others, united, k ' 12 Dee. 1790, to
form 'The Reformed Catholic Society' in Heading."

He su.,5 at White Plains, 177(1, in Capt. Zaeh. Wright's
company, in the service of his country. On his gravestone is
" died May 19, 1817, aged 63 years."

The children of Ebenezek and Ruth (Wright) Chandler,
as recorded at Reading, were :

1029. i. Ebenezek, b. in Westford, Commonwealth of Mass., 16

May, 1782; m. 16 Dec. 1810, Stilly Jones, of Reading.

1030. n. Jesse, b. 27 Aug. 1784; d. at Reading, of bilious colic.

8 Aug. 1801, a. 17.

1031. in. Sally, b. 13 Dec. 1787; num.; lived in the family of

her sister Laura, at Westford, Mass.

1032. iv. Silas, b. 1 Oct. 1788; m. first, at Massena, N. Y., 24

Dec. 1819, Nancy Farnsworth ; m. secoud, 27 April,
1856, Lomira Bradley.

1033. v. Elijah, b. 10 July. 1790; m. at Columbus, Cheuauijo

Co., N. Y., 22 June, 1820, Mary Whitney.

1034. vi. Lydia, b. 16 Jan. 1791 ; d. 1836, at Grafton, Yt., leaving

• no issue ; m. Levi Crosby, of Chester, Yt. He was a
"hatter by trade, and settled at Grafton Yillage.

1035. vn. Polly, b. at Reading, 15 Sent. 1793; m. 1815, John

Dickinson, of Weathersneld. Yt.

1036. vin. Joel, b. 11 April, 1796 ; m. 3 July, 1825, Sally Hooper,

the very day his sister Roily died.

1037. ix. Lauka, b. 15 June, 1800 ; "m. 27 Sept. 1821, Andrew-



SILAS (i CHANDLER ( William, 5 William,* William?
Thomas? William 1 ) and Mary Brown.

She d. 17 Sept. 1827, a. 63 years, and was buried by her
husband in Westford, Mass., who died 29 Dec. 1839, in his
85th year. He was out two days at the Lexington alarm.

Silas Chandler, of Westford, Oct. 3, 177*1, on the sick list.
Encamped on White Plains in Capt. Zachariah" Wright's com-
pany, under Col. Brooks. His brother Ebenezer took his-place
for three months while he was sick and on furlough. Silas
Chandler, private, was on the pay-roll of " Capt. Aaron
Jewell's company from Littleton, Westford, Groton, Shirley,
Townsend and Ashby, for travel to their respective Towns, 1
penny per mile, and Gun and Blanket ' mimy ' at 6 shillings
per man, from July 27 to August 29, 140 miles."


Silas and Maiiy (Brown) Chandler had :

L038. i. Mary, h. 31 March, 1801, in Westford; m. Benj. F. Morse
as his second wife ; lie was a farmer in Graftou, N. II.
She had no issue.


HANNAH 6 CHANDLER (Moses, 5 William, 4 William , :5
Tliomos,- William 1 ) and Col, Samuel Butterfield, Farmington,

He was horn in Dunstable, Mass. ■ d»29 July, 1808, aged <>9,
and was buried by the remains of his wife in the yard behind
the church, now the county court-house. Dark slate-stones
mark their graves.

Pie tailed to be at the battle of Bunker Hill, because he let
Moses fi Chandler, who was his brother-in-law, have his gun
while he went to Chelmsford to get the lock of another repaired.

He moved his family on an ox wagon into Farmington in
Nov. 1781. They were thirty days on the road, and had to
camp out three nights in the woods. Having no building
erected, he set up four crotches, on which he laid poles and
covered them with elm bark on the sjdes and the roof. The
iioor he covered with elm bark. His was the fourth family in
Farmington. "This [house] answered a valuable purpose,"
said Judge Thomas Parker, in his history of Farmington, " for
a dwelling house " for himself and wife and seven children for
two winters. To this bark house he added, in 1783, a small
frame house, the first of the kind in Farmington. These served
for his family and for public meetings until 1789, when he built
what was long called "the Butterfield Red House,"' which was
afterwards painted white and occupied by hi.-, son Moses.

The first meeting of kt Colburn and his Associates," held at
Sandy River, was held 15 October, 1783, at "the Bark House"
of Samuel Butterfield, where the meetings were afterwards held
as long as they continued to transact business in that capacity.
At this meeting he was chosen one of the committee to finish
the surveys. At the next meeting. 12 May, 1785, he was the

In 1790 he was one of the three who purchased the town-
ship. He was representative to the General Court in Boston,

He took up two hundred acres two miles south of Farmington
Hill, on the west side of Sandy River, where his son Moses
afterwards lived. He paid about one dollar per acre for it. He
built the first mills in Wilton.

Mrs. H. Butterfield died 3 April, 1814.


The children of Hannah and Col. Samuel F>utterfieli>
were :

i. Hannah Butterfield ; in. Solomon Adams, farmer in Farming-
n. Samuel Butteefield ; m. Rachel Sawyer, dau. of Jacob. He is

a millwright, in Wilton, Me.
iii. Ltdia Buttekfield ; m. Josiah Green, farmer in Farmington.
iv. Henry Butterfield, 1>. in Dunstable, Mass., 25 Oct. 1773; m.
first, Ruth Hillman. She died, aged 50 years, 2 ins. 7 ds. He
m. second, Huldah Gilbert. Farmer in Wilton, Me.
v. Susan Butterfield, b. 23 Oct. 1775; d. in her 14th year, in

vi. Sarah Butterfield, «b. in Dunstable, N. H., 3 Dec. 1777; m.

Jonas Butterfield, her cousin, who was killed by lightning.
vii. Moses Butterfield, b. in Dunstable, 30 May, 1780; in. June,
1801, Sarah Merrill, dau. of James, b. in Raymond, N. II., lf>
July, 17S2. He lived on the homestead in Farmington ; town
treasurer, 1832 ; representative to General Court, 1835. Ten
viii. Prudence Butterfield, b. 12 Feb. 1784, the second female born
in Farmington ; m. first, Nathaniel Russell ; m. second,

" Whittier.

ix. Gen. James Butterfield ; d. 13 Juue, 1866 ; m. Anna Clark, of
Farmington, Me., dau. of his aunt Dorothy Chandler and
Bunker Clark ; farmer in Farmington. Four children.

1. Nancy, b. 3 June, 1808.

2. Hannah, b. 1 Jan. 1810; d. 3 Oct. 1850; m. William Corbctt.

3. Julia A., b. 182G; cl. in Cambriclgeport, 27 March, 18G0; m. II. C.


4. Theresa, b. 1S29, d. 1832.

x. Isaac Butterfield ; in. Mary Hiscock ; farmer in Farmington.


^ SAMUEL 6 CHANDLER {Moses, 5 William,* William?
Thomas^ William 1 ) and Rebecca Walton, Farmington, Me.

'* "We beg leave to inform you of the Scituation of Mrs.
Rebecca Chandler, wid : of Farmington, who is deranged.

Thos. Johnson " and others.

She m. twice after his death, and died suddenly from a fall
from her chair, in Strong, Me.

He was one of the early settlers t of Tyngstown, now Wilton,

The children of Samuel and Rebecca (Walton) Chandler
were :

1030. i. Samuel, b. in Winthrop, Me., 18 Feb. 1777; first pub. 21
Jan. 1804, to Beulah Pease ; pub. second, 24 Jan. 1844.
to Lydia Fuller, of Winthrop.


1040. ii. Moses, b. G Nov. 1778; m . first, Mary Wheeler; m.
second, 1814, Lydia Nudd.
Rebecca, b. 20 April, 1791 ; m. 1800, William Walker.
Jacob, b. 9 March, 1781 ; m. Fanny Walton, of Jay.
Sarah : m. Nathaniel Walker, carpenter. Two children.
Phebe ; ra. Edward Wheeler.










DOROTHY 6 CHANDLER (Moa&t* William,* William*
Thomas, 2 William 1 ) and Bunker Clark, Farming-ton, Me.
He died in Farmington, 10 May, 1819 ; tanner.

Their children were :

i. Jonas Clark ; died young,
ii. Jonathan Clark ; died young,
iii. Lucy Clark ; died young.
., c ^ i y - Bunker Clark; d." in Farmington, 1857, aged 78; m. first.
j VS** ~ J ^ > Nanc y WilWamSj of Belgrade; m. second, Hannah Green,
* e who d. in New Haven; m. third, widow Abigail Greenwood.

v, Dorothy Clark : m. William Russell, farmer in Farmington. Me.
vi. Anna Clark ; m. Col. James Ruttcrfield, sou of her aunt Hannah

Chandler ; farmer in Farmington.
vii. Henry Clark ; farmer in Farmington ; in. Betsey Hunt,
viii. Starling Clark, Wilton, Me. ; m. first, Mary Green;, m.
second, Maria Towns.
ix. Matilda Clark ; m. Thomas Hilman, farmer in Farmington.
x. Chandler Clark ; d. in Farmington.
xi. Alfred Clark; d. in Farmington, unra. ; seaman.


SUSANNA 6 CHANDLER (Moses, 5 William, 4 William,"
Thomas* William 1 ) and Jacob Reed, Jr. Farmington, Me.

He was born near Dunstable, N. II. They both died in
^'ilton. He was son of Jacob Reed, farmer.

Their children were :

i. Jacob Reed ; d. in Wilton. Me. unm., aged about 22.
ii. Susan Reed; m. Dorson Wales, weaver of heavy cottons; lived

in Boston ; no issue.
iii. Mary Reed ; died in Dixfield, 1862 ; m. Osgood Walker, of

Wilton ; d. in 1867. Seven children,
iv. Jacob Reed ; unm.

v. Jonas Reed; was in the war of 1812; shot in the neck in the
Stony Creek fight, Canada, and died after six daj T s ; Farming-
ton ; m. Susan McLane. Four children,
vi. Asenatii Reed ; d. in Dixfield ; m. Henry King. Four children,
vii. Moses Reed ; went into the war of 1812.
viii. Leonard Reed ; d. in Wilton ; m. Priscilla McLane. One child.



Lucy Reed ; has the Riblc of family records ; m. Nathaniel
Green, carpenter, Wilton. Nine children.

Jonathan iReed, 1». 27 June. 1792; m. hy Elder Hubbard
Chandler (No. 106a), 15 Aug. 1826, in Poland, to Betsey
Herriek, who was born 24 May, 1803, dau. of Israel Herrick
by his wife Dorcas Hall ; fanner, one mile south of Wilton
village, Me. Nine children.

Isaac Reek; d. in Portland. He was in the war of 1812, with
his brother Jonas ; m. Phebc Lund. Five children.


Col. MOSES 6 CHANDLER (Moses, 5 William,* William, 9
Thomas,- William 1 ) and Sarah Berry, Farrnington, Me.

When the revolutionary conflict began, the impatience of his
youthful ardor could not be repressed. He then being 17 years
old, and, as their old firelock was out of order, he took his
brother-in-law's (Samuel Butterfield's) gun and hastened to
join the army, and so was in time to be in the Bunker Hill light,
while his brother-in-law failed to be there, as he had to go to
Acton to get his gun repaired. He was at Ticonderoga, and
was one of the eighty men in Col. Ethan Allen's corps.

He purchased of Mr. Kenny, a farm about two miles south-
east of the village in Farrnington, where his son Moses Chandler,
Esq. resided. He was chosen captain of the South Military
Company when that body was organized, and he was the second
colonel of the regiment formed on Sand}' River, lie repre-
sented Farrnington in the General Court in 1806.

He ordered " Ebenezcr Eaton, of Wilton, to be sole executor"
of his will, which was presented for probate 3 Oct. 1828. His
remains were interred in a yard on his own farm.

The children of Col. Moses and Sarah (Berry) Chandler
were :

Henry, b. in Winthrop. 2 Dec. 1784 ; d. 8 Fch. He had
rickets when young, and his limbs became crooked.

Hannah, b. in Farrnington, 4 April, 17<sr>; m. 28 Dec.
1814, Geo. Wheeler.

Levi, b. 22 Jan. 17<s8 ; d. 4 June, in Robinson, Me.

Neiiemiaii, b. 18 May, 171)0 ; m. 30 Dec. 1813, Jerusha
Ramsdell, of Farrnington.

Sarah, b. 10 July, 1792 ; m. 28 Dec. 1815, John Dodge.

Levina, b. 17 April, 1794; d. 17 Nov. 1804, aged ^10

Moses, Fsq., b. 14 Nov. 1790 ; farmer on homestead;
selectman; representative to the legislature, 1841. He
had a large frame, was six feet, of light complexion,
strong mind and will ; a democrat of 1.SG4.

Olive, b. 15 May, 1799; d. 13 Feb. 1810; buried beside
her father.













1051. vii.

1052. viii.


1053. ix. Oliver, b. 15 May, 1799; d. 27 March,

1054. x. Thomas Jefferson, b. 4 April, 1802 ; <1. 15 Feb. 18:30,

• in Farruingtoii ; unm. ; farmer.


JACOB 5 CHANDLER (JJfoaes, 5 William* William* Thom-
as,- William') and Rhoda Pollard, Jay, Me.

She was dau. of Amos, and left two children.

He m. second, Judith Pettis, who left no child ; in. third,
Love Pease, of Martha's Vineyard, then of Wilton, 1). (> April,
1763 ; she had five children by him.

He was a member of the second class of Methodists on the
east side of Sandy River, in Farmington. In his last days he
resided with his dan. Rhoda.

The children of Jacob Ciiandleu were :

Eliz.vheth, b. 14 Dec. 1784: m. Abraham Pease.

David, b. 22 March, 1787; pub. 30 Sept. 1809, to Anna
Whitney, of N. Yarmouth.

Rhoda, b. 25 Feb. 1794; ai. 24 March, 1814, Dea. James
Taylor, of Jay.

Daniel, b. 15 Feb. 17'JG; m. 7 May, 1819, Ruth Butter-
field, both of Wilton.

Aaron, b. 17 April. 1797 ; d. in Wilton, aged 19 years.

Persis Kendall, b. in Wilton 15 Feb. 1799 ;,m. "after
a pleasant acquaintance of six years" [bible record],
6 June, 1821, Rev. Increase Sunnier Eldredge, son of
Levi and Mehitable Taylor Eldredge, b. 8 March. 1799,
in Readtield, Me. He preached when a young man, but
tinned farmer in Wilton, Me. No issue.
1001. vh. Love, b. 7 Sept. 1802; d. Sept. 1821, of consumption, in
Wilton, aged 19 years.














HENRY 6 CHANDLER (J/o.<e.s-, 5 William, 4 William, 3 Thom-
as? William 1 ) and Mehitable Bean, Wilton, Me.

She was born 13 Jan. 1766 ; d. 1 April, 1814, at Readtield,
Me., at the house of her parents, Joshua and Mary Bean, and
was buried at Readtield.

She m. 16 May, 1805, John Marville, of Madison.

Mr. Henry 6 Chandler settled at Tyngstow.n. Me. "The
Town of Wilton, formerly called Tyngstown, was granted to
Capt. Tyng and company under his command, by the State of
Massachusetts, for destroying an Indian by the name of Harry."

Mr. Chandler worked with his father at the blacksmithing
trade, and was also a shoemaker and farmer. He died 7 July,
1801, aged 35 ; buried in Wilton.


In hi^ will he gave his wife " all my estate for the purpose
of her and my children's support." The children named in the
will were Sophia, Polly, Eliza and Hubbard, " and one other,
if born alive." His wife Mehitable was to be sole executrix.
The will was dated April 2i>, 1801, and presented for probate,
4 Sept. 1801. He died at Wilton and was interred there, hut
his body, was subsequently removed to the Jacob Chandler
burying ground, in Jay, Me.

The children of Henry and Mehitable (Bean) Chandler
were :

1062. i. Sophia, b. 11 Sept. 1792; pub. 20 April, 1813, and m.

first, Justin Dakin ; m. second, Lewis Bean, of Jay.

1063. ii. Mary, b. at Wilton, 11 March, 1794; d. 12 July, 1837, at

Jay, unrn.
1061. in. Elizabeth, b. 28 Sept. 1796 ; m. 24 March. 1818, Zebulou
Gilzaan, Jr.

1065. iv. John Hubbard, b. 11 Jan. 1798; m. first, 2 July, 1828,

Susanna Bobbins, of Phillips ; m. second, at Falmouth,
3 Dec. 1846, Ann Noyes.

1066. v. Nancy, b. 8 June, 1801 ; m. 14 Nov. 1822, John Adams,

of Newry.

428 -

MARIAN 6 CHANDLER (Aaron, 5 William,' William,*
Thomas,' 2 William 1 ) and Timothy Buttertield, Westmoreland,
N. H. Farmer.

Their children were :

i. Marian Buttekfield, b. 13 March, 1783; d. 8 May, 1845; m.
15 March, 1815, Allen Aldrich, who was b. 9 April, 1791, d.
6 May, 1S49, farmer in the north part of Westmoreland, N. H.
He had, in 1862, the care of the town poor. Three children,
ii. Sykil Buttekfield; d. unm. Jan. 1857.

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