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iii. Clarissa Buttekfield ; m. Samuel Grilhn, farmer, Walpole.
iv. Clark Buttekfield ; d. aged 20 years.


KUTPP CHANDLER (Aaron, 5 William,* William, 3 Thom-
as,- William 1 ) and Jonas Buttertield.

Their children were :

i. Jonas Buttekfield.

ii. Rufus Buttekfield.

iii. Polly Buttekfield.

iv. Lucy Buttekfikld.

v. Ruth Buttekfield.

vi. Sophia Buttekfield.

vii. Rachel Buttekfield.



SUSANNA 6 CHANDLER (Aaron, 5 William, 4 William,*
Thomas,- William}) and Samuel Works, Esq., Westmoreland.

He died 19 July, 1795, aged 42; farmer; justice of the

Mrs. S. Works died 3 Oct. 1810, aged 50 years.

Their children were :

i. Aaron Works ; ra. Polly Read. Eleven children,
ii. Susan Works ; m. Josiah Marsh. Three children,
iii. Samuel Works ; m. Hannah Pillsbury. No issue.
iv. James Works ; died young.
v. Sally Works ; m. Samuel Marsh. One child.
vi. James Works, 2d; m. Aimira Aldrich. Five children.
vii. Rachel Works ; m. William Lincoln. Four children.
viii. Eliza Works.


JOHN 6 CHANDLER, Jr. (Jo/.//, 5 William,* William, 3
Thomas? WiUiam 1 ) and Hannah Streeter, Winthrop, Me.

She was bora 15 March, 1765; d. 11 Jan. 1854, aged SS
years, 10 ms.

He took care of the saw-mill and grist-mill erected by his
father, in what is now the village. He was constable in 17*2.
In the cemetery of the village, on a white marble slab, about
'one and a half by three feet, is inscribed :


John Chandler


Nov. 7, 1837

JEt. 83.

Settled in this town 1769,

Then a Wilderness.

The hoary head is a Crown, if it be
found in the way of righteousness.

The registry of births of his family is headed :

" All human things are subject to decay,
And when fate summons, mortals must obey."

The children of John and Hannah (Streeter) Chandler
were :

10G7. i. Alfred, b. 16 Sept. 1784; m. 29 April, 1810, Elioonai


IOCS. ii. John, 3d, b. 9 Aug. 1786 5 d. 14 June, 1821, and buried
in Winthrop ; m. 17 Sept. 1817, Julia Harris, both of
Winthrop. She was b. 10 Sept. 1788 ; d. 3 June, 1832 ;
dan. of Charles Harris, b. in Wareham, Mass., m.
Meletiah Howes; gr.-dau. of Obadiah Harris. She
» was appointed, 3 July, 1821, executrix on Mr. Chand-
ler's estate. She m. second, 10 April, 1828, Col. John
May, of Winthrop. Mr. Chandler left no issue.

1069. m. Levi, b. 14 Nov. 1787; m. 11 June, 0. S., 1809, Clarissa


1070. iv. Milton, b. 31 March, 1789; m. 22 June, 1817, Nancy

Thomas, both of Winthrop.

1071. v. Tillotson, b. 12 Sept. 1790; m. 27 Jan. 1820, Trypheua

Sears, both of Winthrop.

1072. vi. Samuel, b. 1G April, 1792; m. 10 Sept. 1823, Deborah

Wood Shaw.

1073. vii. Hannah, b. 21 Oct. 1793; m. 3 Nov. 1817, Israel Perley,

both of Winthrop.

1074. viii. Lydia, b. 31 Jan. 1795; m. 1G July, 1821, Dr. Oliver

Fresco tt, of Vassalboro'.

1075. ix. SorniA, b. 12 April. 179G ; m. 3 Nov. 1817, Cornelius

Bennett Morton, both of Winthrop.
107G. x. Daniel, b. 3 Feb. 1798 ; d. 4 Dec. 1804, aged 7 years.

1077. xi. Calvin, b. 13 Oct. 1799; m. first, 13 Jan. 1832, Maria

Howard, of Winthrop ; m. second, 2G July, 1837,
Martha Howard, of Winthrop.

1078. xii. Maky, b. 28 Aug. 1802 ; m. 27 Feb. 1827, Edward H.

Mitchell, Esq., of Sangerville.

1079. xiii. Luther, b. in Winthrop, 26 April, 1804 ; m. Elizabeth

It. Richardson.

1080. xiv. Lavinia, b. 8 Sept. 1806. She d. 21 Sept. 1834, and was

buried with her infant, who died aged three weeks ; in.
15 Feb. 1831, Thos. 3 S. Fullen, son of Capt. Jonathan 2
Fullen by his wife, Lucy Barrows, and grandson of
James 1 Fullen. He was a merchant in Dover, Me.

Two children :

1. Frances Eineline Fullen ; in. Mr. Gower, who d. in Bangor.

2. Infant.

1081. xv. Emeline, b. 1 April, 1810; m. first, 17 Feb. 1831, Hiram

Folsom ; m. second, Taylor, of Mouson, Me.


JOEL 6 CHANDLER (John, 5 William,* William* Thomas, 2 '
William 1 ) and Deborah Jennings, Winthrop, Me.

She was born in Sandwich, Mass., 7 Dec. 1760; d. Feb.

Mr. Chandler lived nearly opposite the Congregational church
in the village, and had a farm. He died 11 April, 1794, aged
36. His three eldest children chose 4 May, 1803, Samuel


Wood to be their guardian. Mrs. Deborah Chandler took care
of a Mr. Joseph Chandler [see 161], her husband's uncle, and
had his property for her care of him : but all that property
went to pay the debts of Jeremiah Glidden, of Readfield, to
whom she was published i June, 1800.

The children of Joel and Deborah (Jennings) Chandler
were :

1082. i. Noah, b. in Winthrop, 28 Dec. 17*4; m. Lucy AYoeks.

1083. n. Joel, b. 9 June. 178G; pub. 22 Feb. 1824, to Margaret

White, of Readfield.

1084. m. Joseph, b. 4 Aug. 1788; d. 17 Sept. 1812, in Winthrop,

by hanging per se.

1085. iv. Susanna, b. 21 Sept. 1790; d. 15 March, 179G, in Win-

throp, from the kick of a horse.
108C. v. Lafayette, b. 2i] Feb. 1792; m. in Wayue, 29 Dec. 1817,

Sophronia Weeks.
1087. vi. Deborah, b. 10 June. 1794; m. G July, 1817, Enoch

Farnum, Esq., of Wayne.


MARY 6 CHANDLER (John, 5 William* William * Thomas*
William 1 ) and Dr. Moses Wing, village of South Wayne, Me.

He was born in Sandwich, Mass., 25 April, 1759 ;. d. July,
1837, in Wayne. He practised his profession in Winthrop for
a time. He was a member of the Congregational church ; and
by recommendation of some aged ministers he preached to the
destitute. He was much esteemed as a man, and did a large
medical business for the times and the place. He was many
years town clerk. He wore a wooden leg. Mrs. Mary Wing

died 5 Jan. 1788, aged 25. He m. second, a Miss Patty ,

of Wareham, Mass.

The children of Dr. Moses Wing were :

i. Betsey Wing, b. 30 Oct. 1781.

ii. Mosks Wing, b. Dec. 1783; m. Clarissa Spear. Eleven child-
iii. Polly Wing, b. 15 May, 1786; d. 15 Feb. 1787.
iv. John Wing, b. 26 Dec. 1787; m. Polly .


LUCY 6 CHAXDLER (John," William, 4 William* Thomas; 2
William 1 ) and Ebenezer Wing, Wayne, Me.

They lived on Wayne Xeck. Mrs. Lucy Wing became
deranged. She took her young child in her arms, got into a
boat with a boy, who rowed out into a pond, and then she
jumped into the water. The boy got help and rescued Mrs.
Wing, but her babe was drowned.


The children of Lucy and Ebenezeb Wlng were :

i. William Wis ,. b. 2-"< Aug. 1789 : in. Lois .

ii. Lvi'iA Wi>.,. b. 6 April. 1792.
iii. Rimu-s Wise, b. 26 Fel .1797; d. 1 May, 18
iv. Llcixiia Wixg. b. 8 Nov. 1802; resided in Hallowell. Me. : m.

Bowen Si.iith.
v. Abisha Wdjg, b. 13 June. 1805; d. 16 Nov. 1842, in Hallowell,

. but buried in Wayne: farmer in Wayne; m. Hopkins,

of Monmouth.

HANNAH' CHANDLER (John, 5 William* Willi
Tkoma&* William 1 ) and Daniel- Morrow. Jr., Winthrop, Ale.

He was son of Daniel. 1 of Medway, Mass. She was recorded
as •• Mrs." when married.

The births of their nine children are recorded in Winthrop.
and were :

i. LrniEK 3 Morrow, b. 26 Ansr. 1787.

ii. Hahsah 3 Morrow, b. 28 Aug. 1788 : m. James Wheeler.
Hi. Achsah 3 M ierow, b. 17 March, 1790; m. Peaslv Hovt.
iv. Lewi; 3 Morrow, b. 19 Nov. 1791 : d. 25 I)-;-. 1791. '
v. Alice 3 Morrow, b. 14 March. 1793.
vi. Dajtiel 3 Morrow, 3d, b. 28 Not. 1794.
vii. Lois 3 Morrow, b. 19 June. 1796.
viii. David 3 M« brow, b. 12 June. 1798.
ix. Rhoda 3 Morrow, b. 20 March. 1800 : m. Ebenezer Keen.


DAVID 6 CHANDLER (John, 5 WVJiom^ William * Tltomas*
William 1 ) and Sally Pollen, Canaan. Me.
She was b. 3 July. 177'.': d. 3 Sept. 1836, and was buried

in Canaan Centre : dan. of William Pullen by his second wife
Sarah Fairbanks, of Winthrop.

Mr, David Chandler lived on his father's place in Winthrop
for awhile. He then removed to Waterville. and thence to
Canaan, where he bought about one hundred acres of land a
mile .south of the village, in 1819, for which he paid £250.
His sons Leonard and William P. lived on it after him. He d.
13 June, 1>47, in his 73d year.

The children of David and Sally (Pullen) Chaxdler were :

10S8. i. Lcctjjda, b. at Winthrop. 9 Dec. 1796: m. 1 June. 1817,
S rauel Gower.

1089. n. William Pellex. b. 9 March. 1800; m. 22 Dec. 1819,

Marv Holmes.

1090. in. Aw^ian b. 14 Feb. 1802; d. 20 Dec. 1826, in Canaan.

1091. rv. Harlow, b. o Feb. I8u4 ; unm. ; d. S June. 1-74.


1092. v. Leonard, b. in Monmouth, 14 Feb. 1806 ; m. first. 22
Feb. 1835, Sarah Holmes, d. 6 July. 1850. aged 51,
dau. of Samuel Holmes by his wife Mary McGrath ; m.
second, G March, 1860, Mary Nason, who was b. 14
Deo. 1813, dan. of William Nason by his wife Lydia
Weymouth, dau. of Samuel Weymouth, of Berwick,
Me. He resided On part of his father's farm, and had
done so by undisturbed sufferance for more than twenty
years, when his father came to the conclusion to divide
his property among his children. The part of the farm
he was on he claimed and held by right of peaceable
possession. Sharp practice is apt to cut family ties.

109.3. vi. Sally .Tank, b. in Waterville, 11 May, 1808 ; m. 14 April,
1834, John Longley Wetherill.

1094. vn. Rhoda Ann, b. in Waterville, 19 Nov. 1811 ; d. 14 Dec.


1095. viii. James Lord, 1). 19 Nov. 1812.

1096. ix. Chaules Kimball, b. 10 July, 1814; d. 14 Aug. 1818.

1097. x. John Danforth, b. 14 March, 1816; m. at Norridge-

wock, 22 Dec. 1841, Julia Ann Brown.

1098. xi. Lydia Taylor, b. 9 .June, 1819; pub. 12 April, 1837, to

Daniel Spalding, of Canaan.

1099. xii. David \Vinthkoi\ b. at Canaan, 25 Nov. 1826: d. 12

July, 1828.


ISAAC 6 CHANDLER (Isaac," William, 4 William, 3 Thomas;'
William 1 ) and Rachel Proctor, Reading. Vt.

They lived in South Reading, one mile south of the village.
He was surveyor of highways in 1789, made freeman in 1795,
and 12 Dec. 1796, united to form kt The Reformed Catholic
Society" there. He went to Canada with his family.

The children of Isaac and Rachel (Proctor) Chandler
were :

1100. i. Betty, b. kt in Westford, Commonwealth of Mass.," (!

May, 1787; m. Mr. Wyman? of Stanstead.

1101. ii. Racfiel, b. 17 Sept. 17<sx.

1102. in. Isaac, b. 30 June, 1790; m. .

1103. iv. Anna; d. 22 March, 1792.

1104. v. Benjamin, b. 8 Jan. 1793; d. in State Prison at Windsor,

Vt. ; convicted for passing counterfeit money ; went to
Canada, came back, and was arrested.

1105. vi. John, b. 18 Nov. 1794.

1106. vii. Jeremiah, b. 1 May, 1798.


HENRY 6 CHANDLER (Isaac," William,* William* Thom-
as,- William}) and Polly Proctor, Brandon, Yt.


They lived awhile at the " Borough," in Reading, Vt. "Henry
Chandler and family warned out of Town." [Reading Town
Records, 28 Nov. 1810.]

" Ebenezer Robinson, lawful guardian to Henry Chandler,"
" appointed to apprise all the Estate of Henry Chandler, made
an inventory of his estate, which amounted to $172.43."
[Rending Town Records, 5 April, 1811].

He was a cooper by trade. They removed to Brandon, where,
in 1828, he gave a mortgage to secure to each of his children
$50. They lived just north of where the " frozen well " was
since dug, on the west side of Otter Creek, in the village.
This frozen well was dug in the loose gravel. It is about forty feet
deep. The last few feet of it, when dug, was through frozen
earth ; and soon after it was stoned up a rim of ice formed on
the stones just above the water, which is said to have remained
ever since. When this well was visited, in Sept. 1861, it had
been dug some ten years. As a lighted 'candle was let down by
a boy, who came out of the nearest house, through this rim
of ice about thirty feet from the top of the well, the ice was
plainly seen. It was about 15 inches thick, leaving an opening
for the bucket of about 15 inches, to the water, which, on being
drawn up, tasted as cold as, but more sparkling than, iced water,
The water in the well has stood about five feet deep.

The children of Henry and Sally (Proctor) Chandler were :

1107. i. Orson ; d. in Brandon.-

1108. ii. Sophia; m. George Swift, who died in Brandon, Vt. ; a

baker by trade. Their only child, George Swift, inherited
the Chandler place in Brandon. He was agent for Dr.
Horace Greene, of New York city, famous for his " swab-
bing " method of cure for ulcerated sore throats, but died
Dec. 1*06, aged 04.


MOSES CHANDLER (Sanborn, 5 Moses, 4 William* Thom-
as? William 1 ) and Sarah Glines, Moultonboro', X. H.
They lived on the " Neck." He was a day laborer.

Their children were :

1109. i. Israel, b. May, 1786; m. in Moultonboro', 30 Aug. 1807,

Ruth Batchelder.

1110. ii. Aretas ; m. in Moultonboro', 'J Feb. 1804, Rebecca Bradbury.


JOSEPH 6 CHANDLER (Sanborn, 5 Moses , 4 William? Thom-
as? William 1 ) and Abigail . Wheeloek, Vt. Wife speech-
less, crazy ; went to Canada.


Their children were :

1111. i. Amos.

1112. ii. John.

. 1 IO T

1113. in. Josiah.

1114. iv. Sally; m. Peter Hildrieh, who went into the war of 1812,

and that was the lust known of him.

1115. v. Lovina ; m. Mr. Austin; for awhile in Wlieeloek ; a


1116. vi. JosEcn ; m.


EBENEZER 6 CHANDLER (Sanborn,* M,.*e.s-, 4 William, 3
Thomas? William 1 ) and Sally Sargent, Wheelock, Vt.

She died 10 Aug. 1839, aged 82, and was buried beside her
husband, her son Ebenezer, and her daughter Patty, one mile
north of Chandlers Pond.

He was out in the Revolutionary war under Col. Cilley. He
came up and lived two years in Danville, Vt., and then bought
a man off of one hundred and fifty acres, for 650, after he had
fallen only a few trees, at the pond, in the south part of
Wheelock, afterwards called " Chandler's Pond." Mr. Chandler
settled in the wilderness, and began to cut the trees to let in
the sun-light, and he cleared up every foot of his farm that was
brought under cultivation. After buying the man off, he had
to pay one crown per acre for it. His sons John and Theophilus
resided on this farm. He died 12 June, 1842,. aged 87, and
was buried one mile from Chandler's Pond.

From the Town Records: kt Canterbury, N. H., Dec. 14,
1702. Now. recorded the births of Ebenezer Chandler's

The children of Ebenezer and Sally (Sargent) Chandler
were :

Submit, b. 30 Aug. 1782 ; m. John Heath, of Canterbury.
Sarah Sanborn, b. 10 March, 17S4 ; in. Jaeob Foss.
Johk, b. 29 Oct. 1785; m. in Wheelock, 17 Oct. 1810,

Miriam French Darling.
Hannah, b. 5 Aug. 1789 ; m. Reuben Darling.
Elijah, b. 3 July, 1790; m. first, 10 Oct. 1818, Sally

Watson, of Danville ; m. second, 8 Nov. 1837, Minerva

Patty, b. 21 May, 1792 ; d. 15 July, 1857, in Wheelock;

Theophilus, b. in Wheelock, 12 March, 1796 ; ra. 17 Oct.

1824, Ruth Hoyt.
Comfokt, b. 1G Feb. 1798; d. 1870.
Ebenezek, b. 1800; d. 12 Feb. 1814, aged 14, in























ABRAHAM 6 CHANDLER (Sanborn, 5 Moses, 4 William, 3
Thomas, 2 William 1 ) and Abial Drake, Moultonboro', N. H.

He died 20 Nov. 1805, aged 4G. He had a good farm, which
was in 1864 owned by the town, and occupied as the pauper
farm, on the Neck, in -Moultonboro'. Mr. Reuben Smith was
guardian of the children after his death.

The children of Abraham and Abial (Drake) Chandler
were :

112G. i. Bethia, b. 6 Oct. 1785; in. first, in Moultonboro', March,
1812, Jacob Wallace; m. second, John Goodwin, of

1127. n. Stephen; m. in St. John, N. B. ?

1128. in. Jonathan ; enlisted in the U. S. service in the war of 1812,

and died in it.


. COMFORT 6 CHANDLER (Sanborn, 5 Moses, 4 William*
Thomas,- William}) and James Sanborn, Moultonboro', N. H.
They lived south of what became the Poor Farm on the Neck.
He m. second, Christina Paine, widow of Mr. Rogers.

The children of Comfort and James Sanborn were :

i. Hannah Sanborn; m. James Oilman, of Meredith, N. H., and

resided on Meredith Neck,
ii. Sally Sanborn ; d. at Roxbnry, num.
iii. Judith Sanborn ; died nnm.
iv. Jonathan Sanborn; b. at Moultonboro', 6 March, 1788 ; d. 27

Nov. 1857, at Orford, N. II. ; m. at Moultonboro', 17 Dec.

1812, Susan Batchelder, who was b. 30 Nov. 17'J3, dau. of

Davis and Sally (Hull) Batchelder, of Northwood, N. H.

Eight children.
v. Levi Sanborn, b. in Moultonboro' ; m. in Moultonboro', Hannah

Fullerton. He was a farmer on homestead ; moved West.


MOSES 6 CHANDLER, Jr. (Moses," Moses, 4 William 3
Thomas, 2 William 1 ) and Anna Whitney, Shelburne, Mass.

She was the dau. of Joseph Whitney by his wife Hannah
Chandler. [See 169.]

He died 24 Aug. 1821, in his 62d year, in Shelburne. He
owned the farm in the north-west part of the town where his
son-in-law, Thomas Goodnow, lived in 1864. This farm was
inventoried after his death, 5 Aug. 1821) (140 acres), at $1,650.


The children of Moses and Anna (Whitney) Chandler
were :

1129. i. Louis; m. Elisha Edwards.

1130. ii. Cynthia, b. 21 July, 1788; d. 9 June, 1859, unm. " She

was deaf, dumb and blind. She never a school attended
for mutes. Her sense of feeling was very acute, her
judgment good, her example worthy of us all."

1131. in. Elkcta, b. in Shelburne, 4 March, 17 — ; m. 24 Jan. 1814,

Thomas Goodnow.

1132. rv. William, b. 2 May, 1794; d. 1 Sept. 1794, aged 3 mos.

1133. v. Hannah, b. 12 Sept. 1795; m. 12 Jan. 1815, Amasa

Shumway, of Whitingham, Vt.

1134. vi. Amy, b. Nov. 1797; pub. 21 Aug. 1820, to Danforth

Johnson, of Coleraine.


PERSIS e CHANDLER (Moses, 5 Moses, 4 William, 3 Thomas*
William 1 ) and Daniel 7 Wilder, Burlington, Vt.

He was born at Shutesbury, Mass., 21 Jan. 1761 ; d. 3 July,
1854. He was son of Daniel 6 Wilder, Daniel 5 W., Aholiab, 4
Nathaniel, 3 Nathaniel, 2 Thomas. 1

" They resided at Bennington, Waitslield and Fayston, Vt.,
and then settled, about 1800, at Burlington. He was an archi-
tect and master-builder. He planned and built most of the
first-class residences of the early settlers of Burlington ; and
his work may be seen there to this day, 1866. He was a
workman that needeth not to be ashamed of his work."

Mrs. Wilder died 4 Feb. 1838, in her 76th year.

The children of Persis and Daniel Wilder were :

i. Emily 8 Wilder, b. at Bennington, 29 Oct. 1797; m. 4 July,
1824, Gilbert Selleck, of Fayston. They resided at Benning-
ton, Vt., Mt. Clemens, Battle Creek and Port Huron, Mich.
He died at the latter place. They had one daughter, who m.
Mr. Brockway, of Port Huron. She died Feb. 1846. He was
in the war of 1861.
ii. Persis 8 Chandler Wilder, b. at Burlington, June 20, 1799 ; d.

iii. John 8 Chandler Wilder, b. 1 Aug. 1802. He pursued for two
years collegiate studies at the University of Vermont ; studied
theology with Dr. John Todd, of Pittsfield, Mass., then of
Northampton. He was settled first at Royalton, then at
Enosburg, and afterwards at Charlotte, Vt. He preached
about twenty years, mostly in Vermont, and then retired on to
a farm. He m. Edna Saniantha Smith, of Strafford, Vt., dau.
of Gen. Frederick Smith. She was b. 1813. Seven children.


iv. Harris 8 Barnard Wilder, b. at Burlington, 19 Aug. 1804; m.
Phebe Carpenter High. He was a joiner, and lived at Waits-
field and Burlington, Vt., and at Kalamazoo, Mich. He held
offices of public trust at the last place, and died there. Two
v. Caroline 8 Wilder, b. 30 May, 1807; m. 20 June, 1831, Rev.
Theron Baldwin, D.D. He was b. at Goshen, Conn., "21 July,
1801 ; d. 10 April, 1870, in Orange, N. Y. ; sou of Elisha
and Clarissa (Judd) Baldwin.
In the autumn of 1831 they settled at Jacksonville, 111., in the
vicinity of which place he was laboring under the direction of the
Home Missionary Society. Mrs. Baldwin there with others assisted
in the formation of the tk Female Education Society," which has done
much towards supplying that young and growing State with well-
qualified teachers. In 1847, her husband having been called to take
charge of the Monticello Female Seminary, at Montieello, 111., they
removed to that place. This Seminary afforded peculiar facilities for
the education of teachers ; and here she continued her labors in
behalf of those whose means were limited, during a residence of
seven years. About this time, Mr. Baldwin having accepted the
appointment of corresponding secretary of the " Society for the
Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education at the West," he
removed with his family to New York city — afterwards to Newark,
N. J. ; and in 1851 to Orange, N. J. His office was in New York
city. Five children.


NAOMI 6 CHANDLER (Moses, 5 Moses,* William* Thomas; 2
William 1 ) and Elisha Barnard, Shelburne, Mass.

He was born 28 July, 1703 ; d. 17 Sept. 1845, aged 82. He
m. for his second wife, Prudence Hunt, and had by her nine
children, and removed to Patten.

Mrs. Naomi Barnard had three children who died in infancy,
and were buried by their mother in the yard on the hill, near
where stood the old meeting-house, in the centre of Shelburne.
On her monument is inscribed :

Mrs. Naomy, Consort of

Mr. Elisha Barnard
died July 4 179G in her
28 th year.
Smitten Friends
Are angels sent on
Errands full of Love. .
For us they languish.
For us they die.
The children of Naomi and Elisha Barnard were :
i. Eliel Barnard, b. in Shelburne, 12 April, 17'J1 ; d. 2 May,


ii. Eliel Barnard, 2d, b. 8 May, 1793 ; d. 27 Oct. 1794.
iii. Elisha Barnard, Jr., b. 5 June, 1796 ; d. 29 Aug. 1797.


STEPHEN 6 CHANDLER (Moses, 5 Motes, 4 William?
Thomas^ William 1 ) and Lydia Nichols, Northampton, Mass.

She was born 7 Feb. 1766 ; d. 26 Aug. 1844, in Mt. Clemnes ;
dan. of Isaac Nichols by his wife Lydia Phelps, of Brookfield.

He was a cooper, and died 29 July, 1832, aged 61, at the
residence of his son, Col. Daniel Chandler.

The children of Stephen and Lydia (Nichols) Chandler
were :

Infant son, b. in Troy, N. Y., 23 and d. 24 March, 179G.
Alva, b. 2(3 Sept. 1797 ; d. 20 Sept. 1802, in Troy.
Infant son. b. 3 and d. 4 April, 1800.

John Henry, b. 27 Dec. 1801 ; m. 8 Jan. 1824, Pamelia
1139. v. Daniel, b. 12 Jan. 1804; m. in Northampton, 15 April,

1824,- Caroline Peck.
"1140. vi. Gillkkt, b. 26 July. 1806 ; d. 2 Sept. at Grafton, Mass.
1141. vn. Harriet Gilbert, b. in Coleraine, Mass., 12 Feb. 1812;
m. 23 May, 1835, William Hayden.










EUNICE 6 CHANDLER (Moses? Moses? William? lltomas?
William 1 ) and Elijah 2 Seaver, Jr.

He was born 24 March, 1772; d. 1862 or '63, in the alms-
house, in Coleraine. His father, Elijah 1 Seaver, came from
Westminster to Shell mrne. He was a smart young man, and
while in Shelbume lived about one mile north of the old centre ;
taught singing school. He m. second, widow Faulkner ; and
third, widow Sally (Harris) Woods. His wife Eunice was a
very amiable, good woman, and d. 21 Sept. 1814, in her 37th

The children of Eunice and Elijah Seaver, Jr., were :

i. Stillborn. 3
ii. David 3 Chandler Seaver, b. 26 Jan. 1801 ; pub. 16 Dec. 1822,

to Cynthia Sumner. He lived at Halifax.
iii. Samuel 3 Ross Seaver, b. 30 July, 1803 ; m. Diantha Thompson,

of Coleraine, dau. of the tavern-keeper there. He went into

the U. S. service.
iv. Roger 3 Leavitt Skaver, b. 28 July, 1806. He was in Gen.

Gideon J. Pillow's division in the Mexican war, and was

wounded, being shot in August and died in September.
v. Melinda 3 Fish Seaver, b. 80 April, 1808; m. Kinney.

She lived only two weeks after marriage, dying of fever.


vi. Sopfironta 3 Seaver, b. 24 Feb. 1811; m. Henry Evans, of

Cicero, N. Y. ; farmer at Mud Mills.
vii. Seth 3 Seaver.


Rev. Dr. AMARIAH 6 CHANDLER {Moses* Moses, 4 WU-
liam* Thomas* William 1 ) and Abigail Whitney, Greenfield.

She was b. 13 Feb. 1786 ; d. in Greenfield, Mass. ; and on a
gray marble slab at her grave in "the Meadows " Cemetery is

inscribed :

" Abigail, wife of Amariah Chandler, Minister of the first Parish
in Greenfield, Died June 19, 1833, JE. 47.

Beloved in youth, more loved in age^
But dearer far in memory."

She was dau. of Joseph Whitney, Jr., of Shelburne, by his
wife Abigail Barnard, and gr.-dau. of Joseph Whitney and
Hannah 5 Chandler. [See 169.] She left five children.

He m. second, Mary Nims. On a gray marble slab in " the
Meadows," is inscribed : «■« Mary N. wife of Rev. Amariah

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