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part of the town of Waitsfield, Vt., and from whom that town
took its name. He went there from Windsor, Vt.

Ezra Wait was chosen constable in Waitsfield, 1796. He
settled on a farm just over the line in Fayston, near Waitsfield

He^and his wife (who d. 10 March, 1814, a. 48) both died
of fever and were buried in Gen. Benjamin Wait's cemetery

The children of Elizabeth and Ezra Wait were :

i. Eunice 3 Wait, b. at Windsor, Vt., Feb. 1786; died at Chazy,
N. Y. ; m. Nehemiah Merritt. He was a clothier by trade.
Four children,
ii. Samuel 3 Chandler Wait, b. May, 1787 ; farmer at Antwerp,

N. Y. ; m. Hannah Morse, of Waterbury. Three children,
iii. Anna 3 Wait, b. at Windsor, Vt., 19 Oct. 1788 ;' m. 26 July,
1815, Peletiah Sherman ; resided at Moira, N. Y. Seven
iv. Catharine 3 Cutler Wait, b. at Waitsfield, 21 Oct. 1790 ; m.
4 March, 1824, Luther Nutting, blacksmith, at New Haven,
Vt. He was b. at New Haven, Vt., 22 March, 1795, son of
Daniel and Mary (Lawrence) Nutting. Seven child , ""i.
v. Lois 3 Wait, b. at Waitsfield, May, 1792 ; C « : m. Charles

■ Skinner. One child.
vi. Heman 3 Wait; d. Oct, 1864, at Canton, N. Y. ; in. first, Miss

Hatfield : m. second, .

vii. Thomas 3 G. Wait, b. 4 Nov. 1800; resides at Adams, Jefferson
Co., N. Y. ; clothier by trade ; m. at Watertown, N. Y., Aug.
1826, Louisa Hathaway. She died March, 1865. Four

viii. Mary 3 Wait ; m. .

ix. Ezra 3 Wait, b. at Waitsfield, 28 Jan- 1804 ; resides at Water-
town, N. Y. ; clothier; m. first, 31 Dec. 1827, Emily Hildreth.
She was b. 19 April, 1807 ; d. 25 Oct. 1828 ; m. second, at
Little Falls, N. Y., 30 May, 1831, Sarah A. Phillips. Woolen
manufacturer and lumber dealer. Three children.
x. Betsey 3 Wait; m. 28 July. 1814, James Baldwin, merchant

and tavern-keeper at Waitsfield. He died at Burlington, Vt.
xi. Martin 3 Wait, b. at Waitsfield, 1796; d. 1804.


He was 1). 12 Oct. 1766; d. 12 Dec. 1852, a. 80, and was
buried at Alstead beside the remains of his wife Mary (who
died of smallpox, aged 37), in the old cemetery, West Parish.

Lieut. Nathaniel 3 Vilas was son of Noah 2 Vilas, who was
born 2 Xov. 1733, and was out at the Lexington alarm, 19
April, 1775, by his wife Abigail Baker, of Grafton, Mass., who
was born 28 March, 1735, d. 10 July, 1808. Noah 2 Vilas was
son of Peter 1 Vilas, both of whom removed from Grafton,
Mass., to Alstead about 177(>. On the margin of the leaf of
an old Bible in the keeping of Erastus Vilas, Esq., of Ogdens-
burg, X. Y., is written, "Noah Vilas his Bible given him by
his Hon. Grand Father of Dedham, Mass."

He laid logs from Koxbury to Boston to carry water in two
series of 3-inch bore each in 1794.

On a white marble slab at her grave is inscribed : " Mary
Chandler wife of Nathaniel Vilas, Died Jan. 9, 1805, M. 37.""

" Farewell my husband, kind and dear;
Farewell my children, fond and near;
Let virtue ever rill your breasts,
With pleasure then you'll yield to death."

The children of Mary and Nathaniel Vilas were :

i. Joseph 4 Vilas, b. at Alstead, 24 Dec. 1700. He was a farmer
at Oswegatchie. N. Y. ; sold out in 1857, and went to live
with his children at Manitowoc, Wisconsin ; m. 1820, Mary
White. Seven children.
ii. RnoDA 4 ^las, b. at Alstead, 19 June, 1792 ; m. first, George
Will a, of Brattleboro' ; m. second, A. R. Munson. She
resided at O^densburo - . Four children.

iii. Erastus 4 Vilas, b. at Alstead, N. H., 8 Aug. 1793; d. 19
March, 1871, in his 78th year, ki joyfully going to his final
home." Farmer at Ogdensburg ; deacon of the Baptist Church
there for forty years. He was in the flouring business with
his son-in-law, K. W. Fairchilcl, at Ogdensburg ; m. first,
Louisa Willard ; m. second, Cornelia Bowen ; m. third, Lucy
Foot. Eight children.

iv. Ann rAiL 4 Vilas, b. 19 Aug. 1794: m. Israel Brown ; resided at

Brattleboro'. Four children.
v. Nathaniel 4 Vilas, b. 19 Dec. 1795 ; resided at White Water,
Wis. ; m. first, Betsey Dickinson ; m. second, widow Moss.
Six childreu.

vi. Infant 4 son, b. 3 Oct. 1797 ; d. in four days.

vii. Caroline 4 Vilas, b. 30 Aug. 1798; d. at Turin, N. Y. ; m.

William Fay. He died at St. Josephs, Mich. Six children.
viii. Conns 4 Vilas, b. 21 March, 1800 ; d. 31 March, 1850, at
Ogdensburg. Farmer ; m. 1830, Paulina Wheeler. Six

ix. Moses 4 Vilas, b. 1 Sept. 1802; d. 1856, at Racine, Wis.; m.
first, Laura Dickiusou ; m. second, . One child.


v. Royal 4 Vilas, b. 3 April, 1804 ; in boot and shoe business at
Ogdeusburg ; m. first, Margaret B. Dollison ; m. second.
Mary W. Ashrnun, niece of Hon. George Ashmun, of Spring-
field, Mass. Two children.


JAMES 6 CHAXDLER (Samuel, 5 Nehemiah, 4 Henry?
Thomas? William 1 ) and Abigail Vilas, Aktead, N. II.

She was b. in Grafton, Mass., 25 Jan. 1775 ; d. 29 Nov. 1854,
and was buried in Paper Mill Village, beside the remains of
her husband.

She was dan. of Noah Vilas, son of Peter Vilas. [See 514.]

James Chandler was a justice of the peace, and d. 18 Nov.
1857, in his 87th year.

The children of James and Abigail (Vilas) Chandler were :

1278. i. James, b. at Alstead, 20 Sept. 1801; m. first, 20 Oct.

1831, Sophia Turtle ; m. second, Nancy Turtle ; m.
third, Polly Stowell, widow of Turtle.

1279. ii. Jonathan, b. 22 Sept. 1803 ; m. 3 Feb. 1830, Clarinda

Kidder, of New Alstead.

1280. in. Thompson, b. 25 Oct. 1805; m. 3 Feb. 1831, Lucy

Bancroft Town, of New Alstead, N. H.

1281. iv. Louisa, b. 18 Aug. 1807 ; m. 21 Dec. 1848, Amos Wood-

bui 7- M<*

1282. v. Charles, b. 2^i May, 1809 ; m. 15 Dec. 1836, Sarah K.


1283. vi. George, b. 29 May, 1812; d. 15 Aug. 1813.

1284. vii. Lyman, b. 30 April, 1814 ; m. 1 May, 1837, Mary Ann

E. Glover.

1285. viii. Franklin, b. 1 May, 1816 ; d. 17 Aug. 1842, in Macomb.



XEHEMIAH 6 CHAXDLER (Samuel, 5 JSTehemiah, 4 Henry, 3
Thomas* William 1 ) and Abigail Dustin, Winhall, Vt.

She was dan. of John Dustin, of Hancock, X. H. ; born in
Alstead, X. H., 29 June, 1785 ; d. in Winhall, 7 March, 18(30;
buried there by her sons Hiram, John D., and George K.'s
wife and Sarah Webster, of Atkinson. He was by trade a
clothier ; took up house-keeping in Hancock, June, 1803 ;
moved to Langdon in the Spring of 1805 ; to Walpole, Sept.
180G ; to Langdon again in the Spring of 1817, and thence in
March, 1833, to Winhall, where he purchased a farm about one
mile eastward of the meeting-house, and was residing there in
1863, the father of eleven children, twenty-nine grand-children
and five gr.-gr. -children. He became easy in his pecuniary
affairs at the death of his son Hiram, who died without a will,


leaving about $08,000. This estate was settled and well
husbanded, it was thought by some, by a son-in-law, who had
married two of the old gentleman's daughters.

^ Mr. Chandler, after reaching four score years, was an erect,
dignified man of medium height, with a large head ; of light
complexion, intelligent, and of clear memory.' He d. 11 July,
1863, at Winhall, in his*8bth year.


The children of Xehemiah and Abigail (Dustin) Chandler


1286. i. Hiram, b. at Hancock, N. H., 8 Oct. 1804 ; d. in Fenton-

ville, Mich., unm. He lived with his parents until
twenty-one, wheu he wont to Boston for a year, and
thence^to Troy, N. Y., which place he ever after con-
sidered his home. While there, he was a clerk, and was
engaged in various pursuits until 1833, when he super-
intended the building of the tw McAdamized road" from
Troy to Bennington, Vt. ; and from that time to his
death he was engaged in the construction of '• public
works. " He was a successful contractor on the
.. " Cleveland, Norwalk and Toledo Railroad." His last
contract was on the " Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad.
Michigan." He died 2 Nov. 1854; was a large man.
of commanding aspect, in height G feet 2 inches, of
light complexion, with blue eyes. He was a good
scholar, of gentlemanly deportment, of winning man-
ners, of sound judgment, and an honest man.

1287. ii. Maky, born at Langdon, G Aug. 1806 ; m. first, at Win-

hall, 3 July, 1834, Dr. Jonas B. Crain ; m. second, at
Centreville. Pa., 13 Aug. 1857, Elisha Kingsburv.

1288. in. Sarah, b. at Walpole, 30 Oct. 1808 ; m. at Slippery Rock,

Pa., 10 Oct. 1844, James M. Lawrence.

1289. rv. Samuel Thompson, b. at Walpole, N. H., 2 Jan. 1811 ;

m. at Plain Grove, . Pa., 26 Feb. 1844, Mary Ann

1290. v. Abiuail Emily, b. at Walpole, 6 March, 1813; m. at

Winhall, 15 April, 1841, Jacob Gale.

1291. vi. Franklin, b. 11 July, 1<X15 ; d. at Walpole, 23 Feb. 1816.

1292. vii. George Kimball, b. at Langdon, N. EL, 5 Aug. 1817;

m. at South Londonderry, Vt., 23 June, 1859, Lydia
Luthera Hazen. She was b. at Winhall, 22 Jan. 1836 ;
d. at Winhall, 11 Jan. 1860. He lives on the home-
stead ; childless.


1293. viri. John Dustin, b. at Langdon, N. H., 23 April, 1820; d.

3 July, 1835, at Winhall.

1294. ix. Frances Soviah, b. <s July, 1823; m. at Winhall, 30

April, 1849. xVustin Perkins Graham.

1295. x. Harkiet Eliza, b. 5 June, 1826; m. at Winhall, 20 Jan.

1847, Austin P. Graham.
129C. xi. Martha Ellen, b. 7 April, 1832; m. at Winhall, 8 May,
1851, Marshall Milo Cressay*, b. at Jamaica. Vt., 22
Feb. 1824 ; son of Erastus Cressay of Winhall ; fanner.
Six children :

i. Cleora Ellon Cressay, b. 11 Jan. 185S; m. 20 May, 1874. David
Abner Phillips, b. 4 Oct. 1848, son of Abucr S. Phillips; insur-
ance agent.

ii. Sarah Hattie Cressay. b. 12 Sept. 1854; d. 1 Feb. 1858.'
Hi. Abbie Eliza Cressay, b. 19 May, 185S.

iv. Annentres Milo Cressay, b. 23 Oct. 1800; died 2 Oct. 1SG1.

v. Franklin .Marshall Cressay, b. 2(1 Sept. 18C2.

vi. Setia Frances Cressay; b" 28 Sept. 18G7; d. 3 Sept. 1878.


ABIGAIL 6 CHANDLER (Joel, 5 Xehemiah? Henry? Thom-
as.? William 1 ) and Jonas Wallace, Greenfield, N. H.

He d. March, 1837, a. 67. Son of Matthew Wallace, of
Brookline, by his wife Jane Lesley. Farmer. Mrs. Wallace
died 4 Jan. 1821, a. 46.

Their children were :

i. Abigail Wallace, b. 15 July, 1810; m. 1 June, 1830, William 5
Shedd, who was b. 31 Oct. 1801, son of Silas 4 Shedd by his
wife Polly Williams ; grandson of William 3 Shedd, of Groton,
Mass., of Mason, and Alstead, N. II., by his wife Elizabeth
Parker, dau. of Gbadiah Parker ; or. -grandson of Daniel 2
Shedd by his wife Mary Tnrbell, and gr.-gr. -grandson of
Daniel 1 Shedd, of Groton, M:iss. Their Post-Office address
is Paper Mill Village, N. II. Nine children
ii. Betsey Wallace, b. 23 May, 1814; m. first, 6 Dec. 1836, Capt.
William Reed Green, who was b. 25 May, 1806, d. 19 Oct.
1841. He was son of Jonas Green, who m. 1804, Betsey
Shattuck, who was b. 19 July, 1785, dau. of Elijah Shattuck,
of Peppered, Mass., by his first wife Olive Reed, of Dunstable.
Capt. Win. R. Green was a wheelwright and carpenter,
Brookline, N. H. Three children. She m. second, 12 Sept.
1843, Simon Stevens Shattuck, who was b. 27 June, 1813., and
d. 20 Aug. 1853, a. 45 yrs. 7 mos. ; farmer. He was son of
Rowland Shattuck, of Greenbush, N. Y., by his first wife
Betsey Shattuck. The widow Betsey Wallace Green Shattuck
continued to reside at Peppered, where Mr. Shattuck died.
Two children.
iii. Naomi Wallace, b. at Greenfield, 5 Sept. 1817; m. 19 April,
1840, D. A. Bnssett, who was b. at Taunton. M;rss., 5 Jan.
1816 ; farmer, mechanic, constable. Four children.



MEHITABLE 6 CHANDLER (Joel,* Nehemiah? Henry*
Thomas? William 1 ) and Levi Townsend, Alstead, X. II.

He died 10 June, 1853, aged 83, and was buried in Alstead
Centre. Farmer. Mrs. Townsend died 17 April, 1855,
aged 79.

Their children were :

i. Joel Chandlek Townsend ; d. 1 Oct. 1826, aged 20, buried at
Alstead;. was a graduate at; West Point; commissioned
ii. James Townsend, Lowell, Mass. ; overseer in weaving rooms ;
Captain of City Guards ; m. Sophia Meigs.

iii. Charles Townsend. He was an overseer in mills at Lowell,
Mass. ; hut returned to the homestead in Alstead. and became
a farmer; m. Eliza Ann Shedd. She d. 3U May, 1847, aged
34 years.

iv. Aijel Townsend ; confectioner in Lowell.


NAOMI 6 CHANDLER (Joel, 5 ' Mhemiah* Henry* Thomas?
William 1 ) and Abel 4 Shedd, Alstead, NT. H.

He was born in 1780; d. in 1841 : son of William 3 Shedd, of
Alstead, by his wife Elizabeth Parker, dan. of Obed Parker, of
Groton, Mass. ; grandson of Daniel'' Shedd by his wife Mary
Tarbell, dan. of William Tarbell, of Groton, Mass., and gi\-
grandson of Daniel 1 Shedd, of Groton, Mass. He was a farmer
on his father's farm in the centre of the town. She died 26
Nov. 1829, aged 50.

The children of Naomi and Abel Shedd were :

i. Nathan 5 Shedd, b. Dec. 1811 ; d. 19 Nov. 1823, in Alstead.
ii. Silas 5 Pakkeii Shedd, b. 1 July, 1814 ; d. 3 Aug. 1*1*.
iii. William 5 Pllmer Shedd; d. 7 Aug. 1*1 <S, aged 1 year, 10 inos.
19 ds., and was buried in Alstead Centre.


Dea. NEHEMIAH 6 CHANDLER ( Joel, b Mhemiah* Henry , 3
Thomas,- William 1 ) and Elizabeth Sawyer, Stockbridge, Vt.

She was b. 2(5 March, 1783 ; d. lb' May, 1850, and was buried
beside her husband and two daughters on " South Hill,"
Stockbridge. She was dau. of Jonathan Sawyer by his wife
Jemima AVebster.

His name was on the grand list in Stockbridge in 1808. He
d. 2 l J March, 1836, in his 56th year.


The children of Dea. Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Sawyer)
Chandler were :

1207. i. Ruth, b. in Alstead, N. H.. 26 Feb. 1804; m. 4 July,

1825, Jeremiah Avery, of Sherburne. Vt.

1208. n. Eliza, b. 28 May, 1805; in. 14 Oct. 1829, William A.

Stone, of Rutland.

1299. in. Exos, b. 22 March, 1«07 ; m. first, at Stockbridge, 21 Nov.

1833, Mary Holland, both of Stockbridge ; in. second,
15 Jan. J8G3, Abigail Howe.

1300. iv. Abigail, 1). at Stockbridge, 1 May, 1810; m. 5 Oct. 1841,

Josiah II. Jenney, of Chester, Vt., son of Josiah Jenuey ;

1301. v. Lephe, b. 4 March, 1812; m. William H. Seaver, Lowell,

Mass. ; no issue.

1302. vi. Joel, b. in Stockbridge, 27 May, 1814 ; m. at Stockbridge,

2 Nov. 1841, Mehitable Woleott, both of Stockbridge.

1303. vn. Rebecca, 23 Sept. 181 G ; d. 21 Dec. 1848, of consumption,

unm., at Stockbridge.

1304. vin. Eli, b. (3 March, 1820 ; m. Pamelia G. Wheeler, of

Pittsfield. Vt.

1305. ix. Asa Simoxds, b. 27 Aug. 1823 ; jeweller at Pittsfield, Vt. ;

m. 1870, Ellen Sargent, of Montpelier. She died 24
July, 1880. Her two children died when about 1 year

1306. x. Electa Parsons, b. 8 Sept. 1825; d. 15 Jan. 1859, of

consumption, unm.


NATHAN 6 CHANDLER (Joel, 5 Nehemiah,* Henry, 3 Thom-
as,' 2 William 1 ) and Esther Marvin, Alstead, N. H.

She died in 1851 ; had her " dower in the estate of Nathan
Chandler, of Alstead," " a part of the homestead." Her will
was presented for probate, Jan. 1851, by Barnabas C. Peters,

Mr. Nathan Chandler was deaf and dumb; farmer; d. 4 Feb.
1825, aged 44.

The children of Nathan and Esther (Marvin) Chandler
were :

1307. i. Samuel, b. at Alstead, 17 Aug. 1820; m. 1841, Mary S.

Kilbourn, of Charlestown, N. II.

1308. ii. Polly M., b. 1 March, 1822; d. in three or four days.

1309. in. John Marvin ; went to Ohio in 1847.


Capt. JOEL 6 CHANDLER (Joel, 5 Nehemiah,* Henry, 3
Thomas,' 2 William 1 ) and Sophia Smith, Richfield, Summit Co.,
Ohio. •


His father, Joel Chandler, Esq., said in his will of 5 July,
1825, 4 'I give my son Joel Chandler all the residue of my
estate," "and lastly I appoint him sole executor of this my
will. I give to Sophia Maria and Joel A. Chandler, children of
my son Joel," " the sum of fifty Dollars each," at the age of 21.

His daughter Mary Jane was not horn when he made his will
but his property was equally divided.

Capt. Joel Chandler resided on the homestead in Alstead, N.
H., until the 3d of September, 1835, when he moved his
family to Ohio arriving in Cleveland on the 22d, where they re-
sided for a time on Prospect Street. But wishing to engage in
farming he removed to West Richfield, Summit Co., O.,
where he bought a farm one mile or so southwest of the

After the death of his wife on the 25th of April, 1854, and who
was buried in the cemetery in that village, his daughter Mary
Jane attended to the domestic duties of the house while he
managed the farm until his death 21 March, 1864, and was
buried by the remains of his wife, when she disposed of her
interest in the farm to her brother-in-law, Mr. Culver, and
purchased for herself a residence in the village of "West Rich-

The children of Capt. Joel and Sophia (Smith) Chandler
were :

1310. i. SopniA Maria, b. iu Alstead, N. H., 25 Oct. 1822; m.

Judsou Culver, of Richfield, O.

1311. ii. Joel Alonzo, b. in Alstead, N. H., 30 May, 1825; m. 17

May, 1848, Martha M. Buck.

1312. in. Mary Jane, b. in Alstead, N. H., 13 Oct. 1829, and was

six years old when her parents moved to Ohio.


ISAAC 6 CHANDLER (Isaac, 5 Isaac, 4 Henri/, 3 Thomas; 2
William 1 ) and Mary Wilson, Windsor, Conn.

She was dau. of Moses Wilson, of Windsor, b. 15 Aug.
1770. He died 12 Oct. 1831, in his 59th year.

Will. " I Isaac Chandler, of Windsor, Conn." " First,
after my just debts are paid, my will and pleasure is and I
hereby bequeath and devise unto my wife Mary Chandler all my
Estate however the same may be situated, both Real and per-
sonal. Second, my will is, and I hereby constitute and ap-
point my wife Mary Chandler and my son Roger M. Chandler,
joint executors to this my last Will and Testament."

Isaac Chandler, [Seal.]

Dated at Windsor,. Aug. 13, 1829.
Approved Nov. 4, 1831.


The children of Isaac and Mary (Wilson) Chandler were :

1313. i. Roger Moore, b. 6 May 1798; m. 14 Dec. 1826, Hannah

Rood, of Ludlow, Mass.

1314. ii. Infant, b. 23 June, 1790.

1315. in. Mary Ann, b. 28 June, 1800; d. 11 Dec. 1859, at Wind-


1316. iv. Edwajid. b. 27 June, 1802; m. 4 May, 1833, Julia Hay-

den, of Sharon.

1317. v. Matthew Allen, b. 24 July 1804 ; m. 5 Oct. 1837, Al-

mira Moore, of Great Falls, N. H.

1318. vi. Louisa, b. 13 Oct. 1806 ; unm. ; on homestead, in Wind-

sor, afterwards in Great Falls.

1319. vii. Agnes Lucinda, b. 2 Dec, 1808; m. 6 April, 1831, Gad

Shelden, West Suffield, Conn.

1320. vin. Isaac, b. 22 Sept. 1811; m. 26 Nov. 1837, at Somers-

worth, N. H., Elizabeth D. Furber.


MIRIAM 6 CHANDLER (David, 5 Isaac,' Henry? Thomas; 2
William 1 ) and Aaron Hale, Alloway, Wayne Co., N. Y.

He was b. 24 Jan. 1772 ; d. 7 Feb. 1829. Blacksmith. Mrs.
Hale d. 10 Aug. 1844, in her 73d year, in Alloway.

Their children were :

i. Alfred Hale, b. 4 March, 1805 ; farmer in Alloway ; m. 22

April, 1827, Lavina Gur, dan. of Levi Gar, of Lyons, N. Y.
ii. Aaron Hale, Patch Grove, Grant Co., Wis.
iii. Clarissa L. Hale, b. 12 Sept. 1812; d. 22 Nov. 1849; Allo-
way; m. William Page, who was b. 14 Aug. 1809, and d. 26
Nov. 1855 ; blacksmith.
iv. Isaac Chalncy Hale, b. 15 Aug. 1814: d. 12 March, 1849;
m. 5 Sept. 1839, Pamelia Hartman. He was a cabinet-maker.
v. William Hale, Catawba Co., N. C.

537 '-

C\pt. DAVID 6 CHANDLER (David, 5 Isaac, 4 Henn/, 3
Thomas,' 2 William 1 ) and Clarissa 4 Goodhue, South Hadley,

She was b. 20 Oct. 1788, dau. of Dr. Joseph 3 Goodhue, who
for twenty years was surgeon at Fort Constitution, near Ports-
mouth, N. H., and afterwards of Deerrield, Mass., by his wife
Mary, dau. of Lieut. Preserved' 2 Abel, and granddaughter of
Rev. Mr. 1 Goodhue, of Putney, Vt., by his wife Martha, dau.
of James Clay by his wife Lydia, dau. of Ephraim Walker, of

While attending school in South Hadley, she became ac-
quainted with Mr. Chandler, who was, at .that time, in mercan-
tile business there. The next year after Mr. Chandler's death,


17 Oct. 1838, she m. Mr. Jesse Aiken, of Chester, Vt., and
after Mr. Aiken's death she went to reside with her daughter,
Mrs. Mary Agnes Ware, at Batavia, Kane Co., 111.

Mr. Chandler was lieutenant in Capt. Joseph Carew's com-
pany in the war of 1812, stationed near Boston. He was cap-
tain of a military company in South Hadley ; was postmaster of
that town about twenty years, and kept tavern there, and their
house was a famous resort for dancing parties.

Capt. William Chandler died 17 Oct. 1838, aged 68.

The children of Capt. David and Clarissa (Goodhue)
Chandler were :

1321. i. Martha, b. in S. Hadley, 23 Feb. 1811 ; d. 8 Aug. 1829,

aged about IS years. She wrought a " Family Register "
at the age of 12 years, which is in the family.

1322. ii. Joseph Goodhue, b. 8 Oct. 1813 ; m. 14 Oct. 1840, Lucretia

Ann Waite, of Hubbardston. She was b. 11 Oct. 1<S20 ;
d. 10 March, 1868 ; buried in Hubbardston, Mass. ; dau.
of Joseph Waite by his wife Clarissa Grimes. She was
an artist, and painted with her husband. He is a portrait
painter, and studied with William Collins in Albany, N.
Y. He had first learned the cabinet-making trade. He
has likenesses, by his own hand, of his father and mother,
of Dr. Joseph Goodhue, his grandfather, and of Rev.
John Chandler, his uncle. His oil painting of Hon.
Daniel Webster in his old age has been well received. He
has made more than thirty copies of it. His studio was at
69 Bedford Street, Boston.

1323. in. David, b. 19 Feb. 1816; m. 18 Dec. 1844, Lavina W.

Chapin, of Chicopee.

1324. iv. Clarissa, b. 11 Oct. 1819; d. 11 Dec. 1838, aged 19


1325. v. Mary Agnes, b. 18 June, 1821 ; m. 13 June, 1843, Sam-

uel Ware, of S. Deerfield.


Capt. ETHAN 6 CHANDLER (David* Isaac, 4 Henry?
Thomas? William 1 ) and Lavina Read, Enfield, Conn., b. 7
May, 1791 ; dau. of David Read, of Maine, and died 18(13,
aged 71.

After his death she m. Seth Truesdale, who d. 1847, and
settled at Union, N. Y.

Mr. Chandler was captain in the merchant marine ; d. 7 May
1814, aged 34 years, in Entield.

_Ihe children of Capt. Ethan and Lavina (Read) Chandler
were :

1326. i. David Read, b. in Enfield, 12 Jan. 1812 ; m. 9 Dec. 1835,
Mamre B. Whittemore.


1327. ii. Ethan Azor, b. 3 Doc. 1*13 ; m. 19 Aug. 1847, Hannah
Elizabeth Powell, of Owego.


ISAAC 6 CHANDLER (David, 5 Isaac, 4 Henry? Thomas*
William 1 } and Jerusha Terry, Enfield, Conn.

She was dau. of Peter Terry, of Enfield. They resided on
the homestead of his father while it wasted away. He d. 4
Aug. 1831, aged 48. Her son Olcott Chandler, b. June 1829,
resided in Entield, and m. Mary Jane Morgan, of County
Deny, Ireland.

Two children :

1. Olcott Mason Chandler, b. 25 April, 1853.

2. Geonre Chandler, b. 1 March, 1857.

The children of Isaac and Jerusha (Terry) Chandler
were :

1328. i. Lucinda, b. 19 May, 1818 ; m. Jan. 1835, Alfred Kings-


1329. ii. Lovina ; d. 1843 ; m. Ashbel Adams, of Somers.

One child :
1. Eliza Ann Adams ; d. young.

1330. in. Lorinda ; m. Walter Holcomb.

Two children :

1. Ferdinand Holcomb.

2. Isabella Holcomb.

1331. rv. Louisa; m. Morrison.


JONATHAN 6 CHANDLER {David * Isaac * Henry * Thom-
as? William}) and Elizabeth Mctcalf, Attica, N. Y.

She was b. 1 'Jan. 179") ; dau. of Thomas Metealf, of Enfield,
Conn. After her husband's death she removed to Buffalo,
N. Y.

He was a millwright and carriage-maker; died in Attica, O.,
15 Nov. 1843, aged 52.

The children of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Metcalf) Chand-
ler were :

1332. i Elizabeth, b. 13 May, 1817; m. Nov. 1842, William Ba-

ker of Republic.

1333. ii. Horace Metcalf, b. 8 May, 1820 ; trader in Attica,

Ohio. •

1334. in. Josepiius, b. 13 May, 1827; copper-engraver, Buffalo;

oil-dealer and refiner, in Pioneer, Pa.

1335. iv. Henry, b. 23 Feb, 1830; m. 17 Dec. 18G3, Frances Emily

Long, of Holyoke.


1336. v. Harriet, b. 7 March. 1832 ; d. 8 March, 1858, at Albion,

Noble Co., Indiana; m. 1854, Dr. Stansbury Lemon.

1337. vi. Francis M., b. 31 March, 1835; m. 13 Aug. 1861, Sarah

Townsend, of Buffalo.

1338. vit. Martha Clarissa, b. 8 May, 1837; in. 29 Nov. 1859,

Daniel Schuyler, of Buffalo.


Rev. JOHN 6 CHANDLER (David, 5 Isaac, 4 Henry*
Thomas? William 1 ) and Laura Hull, Peoria, 111.

She was b. in Ballston, Saratoga Co., X. Y., 22 July, 1801 ;
dau. of Seth Hull by his wife Sarah Patchen.

He was by trade a wagon-maker. He became a Methodist
preacher in 1823, but has had no charge since 181)7. He set-
tled in Peoria, 111., where he was for 19 years the Presiding

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