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Husband to ye best of her knowledge and judgement."

i. Saka, daughter of William Cleaves, l>orn Aug. 12. 1660.

1671 moneth 12 day 1 Klizabetb daughter to William Cleaves
Baptized. Eliot Church Records,
ii. Kuz.VDETli, dan. to W ,n Cleaves, b. uioneth 12 d 17, luTi.
iii. JIaroaket Pakkeii dau. to Widdow Cleaves cook bold on the

covenant. 1679 in 9 d 17.
iv. Hannah Cleaves (and others) took hold on the Covenant this
day 1 681 ia 1 d 20.


She had Ixeen censured and it was recorded " Sarah Cleaves,
W. of W Cleaves, Solenily owned ye Co. 19 12m 70."

" K!7. r > moneth 2 day 1<S Sarah Cleaves wife of Will" 1 Cleaves
restored to full communion. Jesus Chris! solemly confessing.

1681 M 7 day -i Sister Cleaves (alias Stevens) was publically
admonished t*>r unseasonably entertaining and corrupting other
folks servants c£ children, & hath corrupted Mr. Lambs
neger who in discontent set her Mrs. House on fire in the dead.
of night and also Mr. Swans. One- Girl was burned & all the
rest had much ado to escape with their lives.

This occurred on the night of July 12 ; mid on Sept. 22
the incendiary — a woman — this '.neger' was burnt to death
publically in Boston— the first to sutler such a death in New

On the 6 July 1675 a body of - r >2 praying Indians — Eliot's
converts — march from Boston for Mount Hope under the • in-
trepid' Capt. Isaac Johnson of Roxbury. lie with 5 other
Captains was killed while storming the Narragansett strong-
hold when that tierce tribe was destroyed at the famous Fort
ftghl 1 !• Dec. 177"). Some who escaped this sanguinary
engagement were less fortunate in the Sudbury tight in the
following April when William Cleaves and others were slain.'"
— [Town of Roxbury, Illustrated, by Francis S. Drake.

&l)iru ant) jjourtl} fenerations.

Capt. JOHN 3 CHANDLER (Thomax* William 1 ) and Han-
nah 2 Abbot, Andover, Mass.

She was born 9 June, 1650, in Andover; died 2 March,
1711, aged 90 years. She was third child of George 1 Abbot
by his wife Hannah" 3 Chandler. [See 2.~\

For £6 Edw. Phelps and wife Ruth conveyed " to Lieuut
John Chandler of Andover Blacksmith," meadow land bounded
on the north by a brook running out of said Chandler's meadow,
1 Sept. 1690.

■ k At our Annual Town Meeting for the Choise of Town
Officers, i'» March 1709—10, Capt. John Chandler was chosen
Moderator for ye day : " and he was that day chosen one of the
selectmen, to which office he was elected several times. He
was first-selectmen in 1715. He was highway surveyor.


IK' gave by (Iced his homestead on the west side of the
Siiaw-hino River to his son John, 3 July, 1707. He died 11'
Sept. 1721, in his 07th year, in Andover.

Will of John Chandler, of Andover.

I John Chandler of Andover Town, being- aged and Weak In Body
I. ui through God's goodness Composed In Mind, not knowing how
soon God may take me out of this World ;

Doe make this my Last Will and Testament." ffirst. 3 give my
Soul Into the hands of my Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, Who hath
purchased ye Same with his most precious Blood; — and my Body 1
give to my Executors and Friends to be Interred by them ; And for
wiiat portion of Worldly Goods God hath given to me 1 Dispose of
In manner following: —

Item. My Will is y l all my just debts and funeral Charges be
payed by my Executors out of my stock. Except so much as 1 shall
hereafter name.

Item. I uive my Dear and loving Wife Hannah Chandler, Kitijit
bushels of Ind" Corn, Two bush la of 'live, Two bush ls of Wheat, Two
bush u of Malt, Ten pounds of Good Sheep's Wool. 1(H) w ht of good
pork. 50 lbs of Good Beef. Butter and Cheese She Wants for her own
spending; Two Ban ,ls of Syder and What Apples She needs, and a
Garden to be kept ffen 1 and Dugg for her. and Wliot lire Wood She
Wants To be C'utt and brought into her Room, and Three pounds In
Money to lie payed by ni} 7 Son John to his Mother yearly — My Wife
to live with my Sou John and to have ye West End of ye House and
Cellar and Chamber Boom, So much as She Wants of y m . All which
She Shall have During ye Time She Lives my Widow. My Son John
to he at all ye Charge of buryall for his Mother. But if She See
Cause to Many againe, my Son John shall pay he] - flifty Shillings a
year Which Is all she shall have out of my Estate.

Item. I give my son John the Liveing I now live on (besides
What I have given him a Deed of) with all ye houseing, orchards,
pastures, Wood lots, out Divisions of Land ahead} 7 laved out or to be
hayed out. My Sou John Paying such Legacies as I shall Order in
this my Will : —

Item. I give to my Son Zebadiah besides What I have already
given him a Deed of, a piece of Meadow on ye Lower End of my
Share of ye Brook Meadow, up, so far as ye Beech known by ye name
of burch Dinner meadow. What meadow and meadow grounds Is
above It I have given to my Son John. Also I give to my Son
Zebediah four acres of Land lying on ye South Side of my Son in
law, Daniel Abbot's Pasture, as It Is bounded In Our pprietor's Hook
of Records, and Ten pounds In Money or Stock. To be payed by
my Executors within five years after his Mother's Decease.

Item. 1 give to my two Daughters. Hannah Abbot and Sarah
Wright besides What 1 have already given them, — the household
Goods, Woolen and linen eloathes, pewter, brass. Iron and. Wooden
^ -ire (excepting the Corn Tubbs, Syder Barrells and corn Kiddle.
Them I give to my Sou John) and Ten pounds In money or Cattle to
Kaoh of them ; — to be payed by my Executors within five years after
their Mother's Decease.



Item. I give to my Daughter in Law Hepzibah Chandler Two
Cows and six Sheep, and What household Goods I have given her for
her own. and so long as she lives my Son Ah kill Chandler's Widow I
give her ye use of my Back [large] Chamber and Cellar under so
mut-l as she n i 1- of tlumi, One barrel of Cyder and Six hush 1 ' of
Apples and grass and hay to keep her Cow and her Six Sheep, Sum-
mer and Winter, and barn Room for them and for her hay. Also my
Son John to Lett her have So much fire Wood as she needs. To Cutt
Itt and Cart Itt. These things Last Mentioned My Said Daughter to
have the use of so Long as She lives my Son's Widow and no longer.

Item. I give to my Grand Daughter, Abiel Chandler. flifteen
pounds in Money and Twenty pounds in household Stuff att money
price and four Cows and Six Sheep, and This to be payd hei after ye
age of Eighteen years. To be' payd her by my Executors. Butt, If
the providence of God should shorten her days y* she live not to y l
age, Then five pounds of money to be payd To my Daughter In Law
Hepzibah and the rest of the Legacy to be my Executors: —

Item. 1 do hereby constitute and appoint my Son Johu Chandler
my Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament — making void
all writings of this nature, and whatsoever I have Left out or forgott
of This my Last Will. This p mine In possession or reversion 1 give
to my Executors, and If God in his Holy Providence should so ordain
itt I out live my Son John Then I give lit to my Sous present
Children. Thus fullilling my Son Johns Obligations Whirl; are men-
tioned in this my Will as Witness my hand and Seal This Sixteenth
Day of July One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty One and In
ye Seventh Year of the Reigne of our Sovereign King George.

Joitx Chandler.

Signed .and Sealed in Presence of us,
Henry Chandler,
Samuel Chandler,
Nehemiah Chandler.

Essex ss. Ipswich Dec. 4, Anno Domini 1721. Proved — Before
ye Don. John Appleton, Esqr. Judge of y' Prob. of Wiils.

The children of John and Hannah (Abbot) Chanixleu
were :

37. i. John, b. 23 Oct. 1G77 ; d. 10 July, Km'.).

38. ii. John, '». 14 March, 167D-80 ; in. 1 June, 1701, Hannah.

Five, of Audover.
-')!). in. Zei;ei>iah, b. I April, 1683; m. !) Jan. 1707, Sarah Barker

Abbot, of Audover; m. second, 2'J March, !7f>0. Mrs.

Elizabeth Abbot.
0). iv. Abiel, 1-. '.) -Jan. 168G-7 ; m. 22 March, 1711, Hepzibab

il. v. Hannah, b. 12 May, 1600; m. 12 Sept. 1711, Daniel Abbot ;

m. second, Bartholomew.

12. vi. S.vttAH, b. 8 Oct. L()l?3 ; in. 12 Jan. I 713, Joseph Wright, by

Rev. Samuel Phillips, of S. Audover.




HANNAH? CHANDLER (Thomas, 3 William 1 ) and Dun
llixby, Andover. He died 7 May, 1717, a. 66 ; member
t!n« church in bontli Parish. He, son of Joseph I>ixl»y by
wife Sarah Wyatt wid. of Luke Heard.

In Ins will of 12 April, 1715, he appoints his wife and s
Joseph executors. He mentions "my Dear Wife Ilanna
••and my Son (Joseph) Daniel," to whom he gave all
♦-lands. Buildings," &c., ''to l>e enjoyed by them jointly
"my Sons Thomas, David,"' "my Son Mephiboseth t
pounds." " my Daughter Mary," £;">. " If my Daughter
Law H.'iehell shall have a Living child by my Son I- -give
Tliirty Shillings."

She died 20 Nov. 1730, in Andover.

The children of Hannah and Daniel Bixby Vere :

i. Daniel 3 Btxby, b. Andover, 18 Sept. 1675.
ii. Hannah 3 Bixby, b. 13 Dee. 1679.

ni. *T homas 3 Bixby, 1). 18 Dee. 1(>S1 ; m. Deborah . .

iv. Sarah 3 Bixby, b. in Andover, 19 Jan. 1688; d. 1712.
v. I)avii. ;1 Bixby, b. 1"> Feb. 1688.
vi. Mephiboseph 3 Bixby, b. 3 April, 1690; m. in Cambridge,

May, 1713, Mary Emmons, of Cambridge. Six children,
vii. Maky 3 Bixby, b. 10 April. 1693.

viii. Joseph 3 Bixby, b. o March. 1696 : d. 28 Aug. 1761, in liis C
year. .Member of church South Parish, which he joined
March, 1744; m. Experience — : — . Two children.




WILLIAM 3 CHANDLER, Jr. (Thomas 3 William,') n
Eleanor Phelps.

They were the first couple married by Rev. Francis Dane,
Andover, and that was April, 1087 : for until 1686, the expi
tton of the first charter, marriages were solemnized only
magistrates and persons appointed for that purpose. Previous
it clergymen had been present at a wedding, they were ask
to pray, perhaps, but could not legally perform the marri::

The church records of Wcstford, Mass., say, " Admitted
Nm\ 172.S, Eleanor Chandler, Widow.*' She was the forth
person admitted, to that church.

Abstract of Deed.

i William Chandler of Andover, Husbandman, Sell for 80£ b
uu acres, all that my homestead as described in :t deed of my fat



Chandler to me bearing date ye twelfth Day of June 1697 to William
Foster of Boxford, Weaver, on 3 Sept. 1G97. [He acknowledged
the above 18 Sept. 1007 — his wife Eleanor at the same time resign-
ing her right of Dower.]

William Chandleb [Seal.]

her •

Elenok ) Chandler [Seal.]


The children of William and Eleanor (Phelps) Chandler

were :

43. i. Eleanor, b. in Andover, 23 Jan. 1687-8; m. Seth Walker.

44. ii. . William, Jr., b. 20 July, 1689; m. Susanna Binge.

45. in. Benjamin ; d. >l March ye 2:5. 1705." [Andover Records.]
40. iv. Moses ; m. 13 July, 1721, Anna Sanborn.


SARAH 3 CIIANDLEB (Thomas? William*) ami Samuel
Phelps, Sen., Andover, Mass. He d. 20 January, 1746, a. 95,
in Andover.

She d. 5 April, 1757, a. 95 years, 3 mos. 15 days. Member
of church in S. Andover, which she bad joined 25 Jan. 171o.

The descendants of Saiiait and Samuel Phelps, Sen., were :

. i. Sarah 2 Phelps, b. in Andover. 10 Oct. 1082.

ii. Serg. Samuel 2 Phelps, b. 22 Nov. 108!. He ordered in his
Will of 25 April, 1745, his son Samuel to do for his Hon''
Father and Mother ail that " 1 am obliged to do for their sup-
port and maintenance. 1 ' Married, 170<s, Hannah Dane, who
v,.is b, in 1087, d. 20 May, 1740. dan. o Francis Dane. Jr.,
by wife Hannah Poor. Six children.

iii. John 2 Phelps, b. in Andover, 8 September, 1686; m. Sarah
Andrews. Seven children.

iv. Joseph- Phelps, b. in Andover, 8 Feb. 168S ; m. Elizabeth .

Two children.
v. Hannah Phelps, b. in Andover, 18 May, 1691 ; d. 24 March,

vi: Henry 3 Phelps, b. 24 September, 100:3; m. Susan . He

gave in his Will £(>. for the poor of Andover, and "to my
kinswoman Hannah Chandler, dan. of my late brother Sain'
Phelps — the sum of one pound shillings arid 8 pence," and
•' to my kinswoman, the wife of Thomas Austin dan. of my
late sister Eliza Lovejoy," &c.

vis. Thomas- Phelps, b. in Andover, 5 Nov. 1005, m. 1st. Mary

; m. 2d, Prudence . Three children.

viii. Elizabeth' 3 Phelps, b. in Andover, Sept. 1008: m. Mr.


ix. Annis 9 PnELPS, b. 22 Feb. 1701 ; m. Benjamin Stevens; settled

in Methucn. Three children.
\. I)i.i:oi;aii- Piiki. ps, b. 1703; in. Stephen Blanchard.


THOMAS 3 CHANDLER, Jr. {Thomas, 9 William 1 ) and
Mary 3 Peters, Andover, Mass. She d. 21 July, 1753, a. 85
years. She was dan. of Andrew, 2 a distiller in Boston, 1659,
hut removed to Andover ; by his wife Mercy, widow of Michael
Wilborne, daughter of William Bcamsley, and grand-dau. of
William Peters, Esq., who came 1634 from Fowey, Cornwall,
Kng., brother of Hugh Peters. They joined the church in So.
Parish, 17 Oct. 1711, from the church in the North Parish.
She, in 1727, fixed to a deed an " M " for her sign manual. He
was surveyor, 1711-12 and '25 ; and, 3 March, 1711-12, field-
man. He was called " Senior." after his father's death, to dis-
tinguish him from his cousin Thomas, who was about twelve
years younger. He was representative to the General Court.

He d. 2<> January, 1737, in his 73d year.

The children of Thomas and Mary (Peters) Chandler were :

• 7. i. Mary, b. 18 Feb. 1687; m. Kendal! Goodwin.

18. ii. Axxis. b. 24 March, 1C89 ; m. first, 19 June. 1711, Josiah

Johnson, "both of Andover"; m. second, Benjamin

19. in. Thomas, b. 4 June, 1691 ; d. 10 Feb. 1714, in his 24th


50. iv. Elizabeth, b. 13 Jan. 1693; m. 23 April, 1717, John

Stevens, by Rev. Samuel Phillips.

51. v. TtMoTTTv. b. 29 March, 1695; m. 20 Sent. 1724. Hepzibah

Hardin, wid. of Abiel 4 Chandler.

52. vi. Ephraim, b. 2 Oct. 101)0 ; in. first Surah Adams ; m. second

in Groton, 10 Feb. 1748, wid. Abigail Blood, of Groton,

•''4. vii. David ; d. " 19 th 7 th 1699."
51. vm. David, . b. 11 Jan. 1699; m. 13 (N. S.) May. 1731, Abia!

Chandler, dau. of Abiel and Hepsibah.

55. ix. Haxxah, b. 23 Aug;. 1700; m. 21 Aug. 1724. Andrew

Johnson. " both of A," by Rev. S. Phillips.

56. x. Piiebe, b. 1707; d. 13 Jan. 1719-20, in Andover.

47. \j. Doucas, d. 16 May, 1748, in childbed; m. 15 July, 1728,
Edward Abbot, both of Andover, by S. Phillips.

58. xii. Lydia, b. 4709; m. 17 May, 1728, Ebenezer Fitch, of
Reading, 0y Rev. S. Phillips.

•> ■>. xm. Jonathan : bapt. 16 Nov. 1712; d. 23 March, 1724.



HEPP CHANDLER (Tltomax* William}) and Lyd'm 3
Abbot, Enfield, Coraa She was !>. 29 Sept. Ifi75; cl. 11 March,
173!*, aged about 74 years, dan. of George 2 Abbot, tailor and
sexton at the North Meeting House, Andover, by his wife
Sarah Farnum, gr.-dau. of George Abbot, immigrant from
England to Rowley.

On the 6 March, 1710, he was chosen " tythingman" at An-
dovcr, Mass.; and, in 1720, "Ensign Henry Chandler was
chosen Surveyor." In 1723-1, it was voted in town meeting in
Andover, and passed, that there shall be one pound * i Set up
for ye Whole Town," and "that Shall be set up before Ensign
Henry Chandler's House, in the most convenient place on that
open ground."

The town of Andover had granted, in 1695, to Ins brother
Joseph and himself, " the privilege to set up a Saw mill on
Cochickewick River two or three rods above the lower ford
way." His father gave him by will, "one half of ni\ home-
stead." He purchased in Jan. 1723, seventeen hundred acres
of land situated in the Northwest part ol the Town of Enfield,
Conn., on the Connecticut River banks, for seven hundred
pounds, and he removed there, with all his family, in the Spring
of that year. Here he lived, and here he died 27 Aug. 1737, at
the age of 71 years. His house stood within 20 feet of where
the house of the Presbyterian minister of Thonipsonville stood
in 1870. Mr. Garside resided on the spot where his house stood
in 1866. They had thirteen children, all of whom were married
but the two Mehitables. Their grandchildren numbered 99.

The children of Henkt and Lydia (Abbot) Chandler were :

60. *i. Henry, b. in Andover, Muss., 3 Sept. 1096; m. Hannah

Cl. n. Samuel, b. 11 October, 1698; m. 22 Dec. 1727, Hcpzibah

• Colton. of Springfield, Mass.
62. in. Ltdia, b. 27 Nov. li; 1 )'.' ; m. 26 Dec. 1727. John Booth.
'63. iv. Daxiel, 1). 25 May, 1701 ; m. 4 January, 172$, Sarah Keep,

of Longtoeadow. Mass.

64. v. Neheuiah, b. 170-'); m, 23 Aug. 1733, Mary Burroughs, of

Ellington, Conn.

65. vi. Abigail; in. 14 Feb. 172*, John Rumrill.

66. vii. Sarah, b. S) July, 1707; m. 29 Jan. 1736, Joseph Booth,
07. vin. Deborah, )». 9 July, 1709 , m. 25 October, 17-".;;, Ebeuezer

■ Coltoiu of Snrhrjrfield.

N08. LX? Hannah. 0. March, i712; m. 10 Feb. 1732, Kzekid ['case.
69. x. M.\i:v, !>. 11 March, 17i3: in. 22 Dec. 1736, Timothy



70. xi. Mehitable, cl. 30 March, 1717. in Andover, Mass.

71 mi. Isaac, b. 1717; m. 28 JjfoAj. 1711. Abigail Hale.

', ,< mil Mi.i.iT.\r.i.E. 2d, b. 2^lii», 1720; d. 12 .June, 171-1. uniu..


-;• Mobs

\ .. about five months^tej&Khe. was published, which was on
♦ In' 8 Dee. 174:3 'w .Jonathan Chapiu, of Springfield,



('apt. JOSEPH 3 CHANDLER (Thomas* William 1 ) and
Sarali Abbot. Andover, Ma - . She was dan. of Thomas 1 tnid
Sural i (Stewart) Al>bot. of Andover. She was I). 8 .Jan. 1(571.

•• lb!)f> the Town of Audover granted to Joseph Chandler and
his brother Henry, the privilege to set up a Saw Mill on Co-
I'hu'kewick River two or throe rods above the lower ford way-'

I 'apt, Joseph (.'handler was .surveyor, chosen March 'a,
1 71HM0.

Cupt. Joseph Chandler, of A mesh my, Salisbury — N r ew Town
-..Id land 1 715-16 to Henry (/handier, oIl Andover, lying in
.\ udover.

"Joseph Chandler, of Salisbury, Blacksmith," sold to Joseph
iirown of Amesbury, •' One half of ye whole Iron Works sit-
uate Lying and being in ye' Township of Salisbury on ye falls
commonly called ye Powow River and standing on land, for-
merly taken up on Lease of Mr. Daniel Merrill." 1718.

The children of Joseph and Sauau (Abbot; CHANDLER
were :

l. ii.

•'«. IV

' ' ■ V .

7*. vi

'•' VII

HO. V , M

S.jrah, b. 10 March. 161)3; m. first, 20 Oct. 1712. John

Russell; m. second. 1786, John Rowell.
Joseph, b. 20 June, 1694 ; in. 27 March, 1718, Mary

Tucker, of Amesbury, by Rev. Thomas Wells, of A.
Is vac. b. 21 Aug. 1696; in. 7 Jan. 1720. in Amesbury,

Susan Barnard, of Anaesbury, by Joseph Parsons, pastor

of the church in Salisbury.
Mehitable, b. 27 Feb. 1699; m. first, 28 Feb. 1718, in

Amesbury. lchabod Davis, "both of Amesbury"; m.

second. John Radclirfe.
Jemima, b. 2 Miry. 1701.

Nathaniel, b. 170.) ; m. 1 Jan. 1728, Susanna Rowell.
RiiofjA, b. 1705; m. first, in Amesbury, 3 June, 1729,

James Russell, by Orlando Bailey, Jus. Peace; in. second

Richard Stubbs. ( ?)
Pman;. b. 1707; :u. ( 'r 1 ) Andrew Gray;
Jemima ; m. first, 28 Nov. 1 7 J : ) , in Salisbury, Moses Rowell,

or* Amesbury: m. second, Oct. i7"37, Jacob Brown.,



MARY 3 CHANDLER ( W%->^ William 1 ) and ,!<>ln> W/ n-
vvin, Ipswich, Muss. He cl. laH^jp 172(1, ;i. 82, in Ijp "■•■■'•..,
In his affidavit Inslbre Jbna. Curwm, the notorious witcii
in 109i>, he stated that his age was about fifty-two yeatv;

Pie had married 25 Nov. 1G67, Frances Lamase, au(
had Mary Sherwin, 1). Aug. 1(579, and Frances Sherwin,
Jan'y, 1G81. t

By his wife Mary Chandler, who long survived him, and died
lb Jan. 1745, in her 86th year, he had live children :

i. Alice 2 Sherwin, b. in Ipswich, 2 Feb". 161)3— I.

ii. Abigail 2 Sherwin, b. 4 May, 1694 ; pub. 31 March, 1722, to
Isaac 5 Fitz. both of Ipswich. His ancestors, Robert Fitz. and
Grace his wife, settled in Sudbury, Mass. Abraham* 3 Fitz in.
Sarah Tomson ; Isaac 3 Fitz, b. 3 July. LG75, lived in Ipswich
and hud Isaac 4 Fitz, who ui. Bertha, and then Mary, and was
father of the Isaac-' Fitz above. Eight children.
in. Eleanor 2 Sherwin, b. 28 dune, 161)0 ; m. 1722. Jacob Howe,
of Charlestown. One child.

iv. William 2 Sherwin, 1>. 27 July, 161)8; d. 11 Feb. 17-11; ui.
172.3, Mercy Crocker, or Cooker, both of Ipswich.

v. Jacob 2 Sherwin, b. 17 Oct. 1699.

Serg. WILLIAM 3 CHANDLER ( William* William 1 ) and
Sarah Buckminster, Andover. She d. 9 Oct. 1735, a. 71, a
member of the church in S. Andover.

They lived next to the parsonage.

I William C

dler of

In his Will of 26 June, 1722. he says,
Andover, Husbandman, do make this my last A ill. Thai is to say as
touching my worldly Estate'' (not yet disposed of) " nextly I give
Sarah my well beloved wife while she is my widow to ho paid by my
three sons twenty Shillings a piece, and Order my Son Philemon to
convey her hither and thither on horseback according to her desire.

" For and in Consideration of ye love, good will and affection
which I have and doe bear towards my Eldest Son Josiah Chandler of
Andover." "I give him" land in Andover ••lying South Side of
Little Brook," "on the west Side of the Parsonage in ye South
Parish of Andover, adjoyning s' ! Parsonage and on ye high way that
leads ou to Rogers' Brook."

" I give to my Eldest and well beloved Son Josiah Chandler besides
what is already conveyed to him, my cloak anil a third part of my
clothing besides s' 1 cloak." "To Philemon one third part, To my
youngest and well beloved Son Zachariah one third part."

"My Daughter Sarah." Uk And I appoint my wife Sarah, and my
Sons Josiah and Philemon my Executors."




Will approved 13 Nov. 1727. The Estate apprised Nov. 2S, 1727,

at >::;7<>. f?\

On a stone in the old grayaf ■■■■■vm , Andover, is inscribed, under
iljidffnriK'ad and wings: ^ ,^

Here lyes ye Body

of Mr. William

Chandler Who

Died Octo br 27 th

1727 in y e 07


The children of William and Sarah (Buckminster) Ciiaxd-
f.F.i: were.

s>. i. Josiah, b. 28 Dec. 1683; m. 27 Feb. 1707, Sarah Ingals, by

Rev. Thomas Barnard, of Andover.
83. n. Philemon, b. 15 May. 1690; in. 17 Jan. 1717, Elizabeth

Rogers, of Billerica.
Hi. hi. Sarah, b. 13 March, 1693 ; m. 15 Nov. 1713, John Dune.
K5. iv. Zachaimah, b. 1 May, 1695; in. in Roxbury, 18 Jan. 1715-

16, Margaret Bishop.


Dca. PHILEMON 3 CHANDLER (Wffliam* William') and
Hannah Clary, Pomfret, Conn. She d. 24 June, 1735, 4i in ye
<*>! year of her age," and was buried in the South burying-
•rround in Pomfret, on the bank of " The Wappaquians Brook,"
where lay the remains of her husband and sonic of her children.
Tiii< lot was a part of his farm, and was given by him to the

At a Town Meeting in Pomfret, " March 24, 1719, by Vote of ye
Town ye burying place was pretixt in y" Land of Deacon Philemon
Chandler on ye right side of Wappaquians Brook on the right hand
of the way which leads from the Meeting House over said Brook.

Attest jEnosAniAT Holmes, T. Clerk."

In this ground is —

" Here lies the Body
of Dea. Philemon Chandler

he departed this life

May 7 th 1 752 in

ye 81" 1 year of his age."

Ooa. Philemon Chandler m. second, Patience, widow of Mr.
rcrijrgs, of- Woodstock, Conn. She d. 4 Oct. 1754, in Pomfret.

I heir imnns were entered !i April. 1739, and they were mar-
rwd 2 May, IT:)!). What her maiden name was, is not certain.
A Mr. Joseph Gripxs, m. 1(3 Xov. 1728, Patience Parker, both


Mrs. Susanna 3 Perrin Chandler wrote in a letter to her dau.
Eunice 4 BurUnghamc, E. (~i./%. I. Nov. 29, 1J54, "Solomon
Griggs buried his Mother Clfijh lW and three children'. " ^

Mr. Bcnj. Griggs died r% pg. 17(3)4 in Wgj^gtejjjj,
Patience Grigg*, dau. of Benj. ami Patience Griggs, bfiJ > J?
17(2)1-, " posthumous." [Woodstock Rcc] \ f

On the 18th of May, 13th year of IIh MajcstyS4&$gn
[1714], Philemon Chandler, of Pomfrct, Conn., bought of
Thomas Ruggles, of Guilford, and Elizabeth Ruggles, of
Roxbury, children of Capt. Thomas Ruggles, oi' Roxbury,
land in Pomfret, Conn., 'about one miie square, on which
Pea. Philemon lived, and on which Mr. Samuel While, who m.
his granddaughter, lived; and in 1867, Mr. Frederick Averill,
who in. Elizabeth S. Chandler, dau. of Stephen Chandler, by

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