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Polder. His portrait in oil was taken by his nephew, John
Goodhue Chandler, of Boston.

He died in Peoria.

The only child of Rev. John and Laura (Hull) Chandlek
was : •

1339. i. Caroline Augusta, b. 9 Feb. 1831 ; at North East. Erie
Co., Pa. ; m. Ira E. Benton.


PENELOPE 6 CHANDLER [Henry, 5 Isaac, 4 Henry, 3 Thom-
as,- William 1 ) and Hardon 2 Burnett. Elbridge, N. Y.

He was b. at Brattleboro', Vt., 8 July, 1781; d. 31 Dec.
1863; was son of Benjamin 1 and Elizabeth (Coburn) Burnett;
cooper and Carpenter by trade ; farmer at Elbridge, where he
settled in 1831. . She d. 20 Sept. 1863, iged 8(T lacking one

The children of Penelope and Hardon Burnett were :

i. Florilla 3 Burnett, b. at Coventry, 22 Nov. 1806 ; m. Isaac
Pettys, who was b. April, 1806, son of Charles Pettys, of
Rhode Island. Cabinet maker at Bainbridge, N. Y. Five

Her dau. Susan Pettys, b. 23 Oct. 1830; m. March, 1850, Raymond
Stockwell. [See 5H6.]

ii. Nancy 3 Burnett, b. 6 Sept. 1808; m. 29 Sept. 1825, Elizur

Olmsfead, who was b. at Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y., 22 Nov.

1800, son of Ashbel and Rachel (Lusk) Olmstead. Farmer;

removed to Union City, Mich. Seven children.
iu\ Benjamin 3 Burnett ; resides in Ohio. Six children,
iv. Betsey 3 Burnett ; d. May, 184!); m. 10 Sept. 1834, Geo.

Rossman. One child.


v. Eleanor 3 Burnett, b. 21 July, 1814; m. 1830, Chauncy H.
Bailey, who d. 28 April, 1845. Six children.
Mrs. Eleanor Bailey m. second, Jan. 1846, Abram Cole. Seven

vi. Henry 3 Chandler Burnett, b. 1 Feb. 1818; m. 18 Jan. 1840,
Mary Narracong. He worked for the government as mill-
wright at Talakoma ; was captured by the rebels on a train of
cars at Nashville. ' They compelled him to march and wade
streams for two hundred miles, which exhausted him so that
he died soon after reaching their place of destination, Corinth,
Miss. He was stripped of his clothes by the rebels after his
capture. Eight children.

vii. Marshall 3 Terry Burnett ; m. Mary ; resides at Ithaca,

N. Y. Boating,
viii. Sophia 3 Burnett ; m. first. Alanson Sealey, who d. at Ithaca,
N. Y. ; m. second, Edward Garrison, who enlisted in the U.
S. service. Three children.

ix. Roena 3 Burnett, b. at Hartland, Niagara Co., N. Y., 31
March. 1825; m. 21 Dec. 1848, Charles M. Eaton, who was
b. 21 Nov. 1827, son of Dea. M. Eaton. He has been to
California twice ; works at a pail factory in Elbridge, N. Y.
Two children.


SOPHIA 6 CIIAXDLER {Henry, 5 Isaac," Henry* Thomas?
William 1 ) and Phineas Bennett, Bennettville, Bainbridge,
Chenango Co., N. Y.

He was b. 25 Dec. 1784, at Pownal, Vt. ; d. 28 Dec. 1856,
a. 72, at Bennettville. He was brought to Bennettville while
yet an infant, and there he spent his days in grinding grists for
his neighbors, " like his father before him," at the same mill.

She died 24 Au£. 1863, in her 67th year.

The children of Sophia and Phineas Bennett were :

i. Eunice Bennett, b. 10 Jan. 1807 ; m. 2 Sept. 1824, Samuel Y.
Schofield. They resided at Afton. N. Y., where he was a
merchant and tavern-keeper.

Five children :

1. Augustus Schofield; m. Cordelia Smith.

2. George Schofield; ra. Hannah Thurher.

3. Phineas Schofield ; m. Ellen Cornwell, of Afton.

4. Abel Schofield ; died a. 4 years.

5. Pliny Schofield ; ra. Clarissa Bennett.

These four brothers were excellent musicians, and formed the " Schofield

ii. Susan Bknnett, b. 16 Oct. 1808; m. 25 March, 1830, Elder
Henry Robertson. He was a Baptist clergyman at Avoca,
Steuben Co.. N. Y. He was son of Jabez and Luciuda
(Young) Robertson. Four children,
iii. Clarissa Bennett, b. 18 Oct. 1810; m. 14 Oct. 1830, Pliny
Kirby, farmer at Bainbridge, N. Y. Four children.


iv. Sophia Bennett, b. 24 Sept. 1813 ; d. 5 Nov. 1861, a. 48.

v. Phineas Milton Bennett, b. 26 Doc. 1815 ; postmaster at
Bennettville, N. Y. ; has a farm of 300 acres. He and his
wife are members of the Baptist Church; m. 2G Oct. 1837,
Hile Ann Humphrey, his cousin, dau. of Nathaniel Humphrey
by his wife Michael Chandler. [See 551.]

One child :
1. Erwin Delos Bennett, b. 3 May, 1840; was prepared for college;
enlisted Oct. 1861, in the U. S. service; d. 30 April, 1802. at Ship-
ping Point, of fever — beloved and honored by all who knew him.

vi. Ira Bennett, b. 9 Dec. 1817; d. 27 March, 1860, at Bennett-
ville ; m. 25 June, 1839, Jane Robertson. Four children.
vii. Reels Bennett, b. 4 April, 1820 ; m. by her father Eusebius
Hoag, 26 Oct. 1841, Charlotte Hoag. Resides at Baiubridge.
One child.
viii. Benjamin Bennett, b. 15 Jan. 1823 ; farmer at Bainbridge, N.
Y. ; m. Emily Shepard. Two children.
ix. Augusta Bennett, b. 6 Aug. 1825 ; m. Samuel Corbin, miller

at Bainbridge. One child.
x. Jane Bennett, b. 15 April, 1828; m. 17 Oct. 1848, Bennett
Porter Van Horn, a successful merchant. Three children.


ABIGAIL 6 CHANDLER {Henry* Isaac,* Henry* Thomas?
William 1 ) and Calvin Niles, Lebanon, Pa.

He d. at Lebanon. They removed from Coventry to

She d. Feb. 1843.

Their children were :

i. Calvin Niles ; Lebanon, Pa.
ii. Harriet Niles ; m. first, Charles Ripley, of Bainbridge ; m.

second, Bennett, of Pa.

iii. Henry Chandler Niles ; Pa.
iv. Marshall Niles.
v. Solomon Niles.
vi. Arthur Niles.
vii. Belinda Niles ; m. Mr. Beach.

viii. Augustus Niles ; enlisted in the U. S. service ; was wounded in
the rebel war.


MICHAEL 6 CHANDLER {Henry,* Isaac,* Henry* Thomas, 2
William 1 ) and Nathaniel Humphrey, Bennettville, Bainbridge,
N. Y.

He was a grist miller. She took the name of " Michael "
for her grandmother Terry. She had seven children and died
May, 1834. He m. second, Rhoda Chase.


The children of Michael and Nathaniel Humphrey were :

i. Nathaniel Hewett Humphrey, b. Coventry, Chenango Co.,
N. Y., 30 April, 1813; resides at Marshall, Calhoun Co.,
\ Mich. ; m. 15 April, 1835, Bethia Bixby. She was a seam-

stress and he a wagon-maker ; and they were among the first
settlers at Marshall, and by their mutual efforts were success-
ful ; no issue.

ii. Selah Teiuu' Humphrey, b. 30 Sept. 1814 ; resides at Jonesville,
Hillsdale Co., Mich. Wagon-maker and painter by trade,
and a good citizen ; m. March, 1S38, Diadamia Tucker
(Aldrieh). Two children.

iii. Charles Milton Humphrey, b. 14 June, 1816. Both he and his
wife are pillars of the Baptist church at Bennettville ; wagon-
maker ; m. 27 Dec. 1838, Emeline, dau. of Asa Chase.
Three children.

iv. Hile Ann Humphrey, b. at Geneva, N. Y., 10 Oct. LS18 ; resides
at Bennettville ; m. 2G Oct. 1837, Phineas Milton Bennett,
Esq., her cousin, son of Phineas Bennett by his wife Sophia
Chandler. [See 549.]
v. Henry Chandler Humphrey, b. at Masonville, Delaware Co.,
27 July, 1822 ; died in his third year.

vi. Aleord D. Humphrey, b. 21 Sept. 1824; m. 5 Nov. 1851,
Esther Stannard, ;t a smart, frugal and home-keeping wife."
Two children.
vii. Edward B. Humphrey, b. 21 Sept. 1824 ; twin ; d. 26 Dec.



HENRY 6 CHANDLER {Henry* Isaac," Henry? Thomas?
William 1 ) and Sally Munger, Portage, Livingston Co., N. Y.

•She was b. in Brimfield, Mass., 6 Jan. 1795; dau. of Simeon
and Eunice (Needham) Munger. She died 15 April, 1875.

_>^^ jCDj^ / /9 - He went with his parents,

tflJbTlAy (pneun cL&sr^ i 8 03, to Bainbridge,N. Y. ,

C^s v and lived with his uncle

Israel Smith two years. After marriage they lived at Nunda,
on the "East Hill," for twenty years, on a farm. He bought
a farm in Portage on the hill on the " Short Track" road from
Mt. Morris to Angelica, and there built a new house. He was
much interested in his relations, and was, as well as his wife,
4 ' eminently social and hospitable." His death, 18 Jan. 1803,
was sudden. He worked on Friday, and died on the Saturday
following, of congestion of the lungs, in his 70th year. His
remains were buried at Nunda. His seven children were all
born at Coventry, N. Y.

^The children of Henry and Sally (Munger) Chandler
were :

1340. i. Henry, b. 29 June, 1817; d. 15 April, 1839; unm. ;


1341. ii. Melancy, b. 29 Jan. 1820; m. Feb. 1845, Philip


1342. in. Rufus, b. 10 June, 1821 ; m. Rebecca Frost, widow of

Mr. George Barber.

1343. iv. Eunice, b. 14 July, 1823 ; d. 19 Sept. 1842, at Nunda.

1344. v. Sarah Anne, b. 2 Dec. 182G ; m. Joshua 8. Pittenger.

1345. vi. Ciiauncv, b. 30 May, 1831; d. 7 Aug. 1834 ; buried iu


1346. vii. Mary Jane, b. 7 July, 1834 ; in. Byron Seelye.


SELAH 6 T. CHANDLER (Henry? Isaac," Henry? Thom-
as? William 1 ) and Wealthy Gillett, Bainbridge, N. Y.
• She was b. 11 July, 1802; dau. of David and Susanna.
After his death she m. Oct. 1847, Allen Spencer,- of Caneadea.
Mr. Selah T. Chandler was a chair and cabinet-maker. He
was drowned in the Susquehanna River, 17 March, 1839, in
Bainbridge, aged about 44 years.

The children of Selah T. and Wealthy (Gillett) Chandler
were :

1347. i. William w\ ; d. l'J July, 1S33, a. 11 yrs., in Bainbridge.

1348. ii. Augustus ; ) . . ( d. 27 March. 1825, a. about 3 months.
1341). in. Augusta ; j ' { d. 30 March, 1825, a. about 3 months.

1350. iv. Susanna, b. 5 Aug. 182G ; m. 21 March, 1850, Abel Rice.

He was b. 30 April, 180G ; son of Josiah and Sardis Rice ;
farmer, Caneadea, N. Y.

One child :
i. Wealthy A. Rice, b. 23 March, 1S52.

1351. v. Helen, b. 18 March, 1828; in. 18 March, 1849, Sylvester


1352. vi. David, b. 21 Dec. 1837; m. 8 Aug. 18C0, Ann Willard.

She died in a few months after mrrriage. He worked on
farms and on the canal. In the Autumn of 18G2, he
enlisted in Co. C. of the 130th Reg't of N. Y. Vols. ;
was at Suffolk, Va.


Col. RUFUS 6 L. CHANDLER {Henry? Isaac? Henry?
Thomas? William 1 ) and Laura Benedict, Coventry, Chenango
Co., N. Y.

She' was was b. 4 March, 1799 ; dau. of Eden 6 Benedict, of
Coventry, but a native of Winchester, Conn., by his wife
Miranda Culver, of Wells, Vt. ; granddau. of Benjamin 3
Benedict; Benjamin, 4 James, 3 James, 2 and Thomas 1 Benedict.
He was a merchant in Coventry, farmer and cattle drover. He
buys cattle in his vicinity and drives them towards New York
City, and sells them to farmers on the way and to N. Y.


butchers. Some years he has purchased and sold on an
average, one hundred head a week. He is energetic, and has
been pecuniarily successful.

The only child of Rufus L. and Laura (Benedict) Chandler
was :

1353. i. Lydia Miranda, b. 25 Aug, 1826 ; in. 25 Aug. 1847, James
Miller Phillips, of Coventry, who was b. 22 Nov. 1823,
son of Gilbert D. Phillips by his wife Betsey Miller, of
Greenville, N. Y. He is a farmer and drover with his
father-in-law, and lives by him in Coventry. They have
no issue, but they adopted Louisa Mary Phillips, who was
b. 12 Jan. 1862.


Dea. DAVID 6 CHANDLER (Henry, 5 Isaac, 4 Henry,*
Thomas,' 2 William 1 ) and Melinda Salisbury, Coventry, Che-
nango Co., X. Y.

She was b. 13 Feb. 17i>7, in Brattleboro', Vt. ; died 12 Jan.
1880 ; dau. of Hale Salisbury, of Greene, a native of Vermont,
by his wife Haehel Stoddard. They resided at the head of
Page Brook, where he was a fanner. He clicTl at the a^e of 42,
on 11th April, 1842, and was buried in "Page Brook," in
Greene. He was long a prominent member of the Coventry
and Greene Baptist church, located at Page Brook, and his
death was deeply lamented. " Although he has been dead 29
years, his virtues are often referred to." "He was a great

The children of David and Melinda (Salisbury) Chandler
were :

1354. i. Leroy, b. at Coventry, 4 Dec. 1825 ; d. 4 June, 1826.

1355. ii. Augustine Henry, b. 16 Sept. 182'; m. 10 Nov. 1852,

Julia Ann Osborn.

1356. in. George Augustus, b. 21 March, 1829 ; went to California,

9 July, 1852.

1357. iv. Jake, b. 21 March, 1829; twin; d. 30 Dec. 1831.

1358. v. Anne Judson, b. 21 Ma}', 1836 ; m. 31 Oct. 1864, Seldou

Sanders, son of John Sanders by his wife Miss Alma
Chalker ; mechanic, Coventry, N. Y. He was born 15
Nov. 1837.

Two children :
i. Clara Imogene Sanders, b. 1 June, 1865; m. 16 March, 1881, Reuben

C. Hall.
ii. Jennie M. Sanders, b. 7 April, 1876.


LOCKWOOD 6 CHANDLER (Henry* Isaac,* Henry, 3
Thomas,' 2 William 1 ) and Mary Ann Bennett, Bainbridge, N. Y.


She was b. 27 April, 1803 ; dau. of Joshua Bennett, of
Providence, R. I., by his wife Abigail Spencer, of Providence.
He lived in Coventry until he was twenty-two years old ; then
settled at Bainbridge : farmer ; after a while he rented his farm
over the river and moved into the viljage, where he had a
smaller farm. He died 18 Sept. 1871.

The children of Lockwood and Mary Ann (Bennett)
Chandler were :

1359. i. Adaline Sophia, b. at Bainbridge, 7 Oct. 182(5; m. 1 Aug.

1852, William Douglas. He was b. at Horse Head,
N. Y., 29 April, 1826 ; farmer ; son of James and Flora

Two children :
i. James Welter Douglas, b. Feb. 18.^7 ; d. 10 March, 1857.
ii. George Lockwood Douglas, b. 31 Jan. 1858.

1360. ii. Sarah AuCtUSta, b. at Masonville, Delaware Co., N. Y.,

27 July, 1828 ; m. Lcroy D. Smith.

1361. in. Jane Anne. b. 17 June, 1831 ; m. 21 Jan. 1858, Dr. Blinn

S. Sill.


LOIS 6 CHANDLER (Henryf Isaac, 4 Henry* Thomas, 2
William 1 ) and William Wilson, Benncttville, Bainbridge, N. Y.

He d. 8 April, 1861, at Bennettville ; farmer. Mrs. Wilson
d. 4 Aug. 1864, aged almost GO.

* Their children were :

i. Merton Wilson, b. 12 April^ 1830; killed 4 Dec. 1864, by a
stage slidiug down " The Dug Way," at Unadilla. He was a
cooper, at Masonville, Del. Co., N. Y. ; m. first, 15 Sept.
1856, Olive Bennett. She d. Dec. 1860, dau. of Hiram
Bennett, a brother of Mr. Phineas Bennett, who m. Sophia 6
Chandler, a sister of Mrs. Lois Wilson. [See 549.] He m.
second, 4 Nov. 1861, Olivia Bennett, who d. Sept. 1862, twin
of Olive, his first wife.
ii. Grata Wilson, b. 30 Jan. 1832; m. 8 Oct. 1851, William
Tilley Cook, who died 9 Oct. 1863. Cooper at Bennettville,
N. Y. Three children.
iii. Henry Chandler Wilson, b. 8 Sept. 1833 ; stage-driver from

Bainbridge to Deposit ; m. 16 Nov. 1864, Mary T. Lloyd.
iv. Orville Wilson, b, 13 Sept. 1835 ; cooper. Enlisted, Dec.
1863, in the U. S. service ; sergeant in 13th N. Y. Cavalry.

v. Benjamin Wilson, b. 31 Oct. 1837; farmer; m. Jan. 1864,

Elizabeth Earl,
vi. Theodore Wilson, b. 12 Aug. 1840 ; cooper by trade. He
enlisted in the U. S. service, served in 61st N. Y. Vols. ; became
sick and was discharged ; returned home and recovered, and
again enlisted, Oct. 1861, in Co. E, 61st N. Y. ; was discharged


on account of ill health, Sept. 18G2. He again enlisted Jan.
1864, in Co. II. in 5th Heavy Artillery. He was in hard
fought battles ; was taken prisoner Oct. 10th ; made his escape
from the cars while being taken from Richmond to Salisbury,
and, after sixteen days travel, got (by.the aid of the colored
people) buck to ins regiment. He held the ollice of corporal.
He was discharged June, 1865.

vii. Chandler Wilson, b. 19 Sept. 1843; d. 10 May, 1853.

viii. George Wilson, b. 18 May, 18 15 ; d. 21 Nov. 1846.
Lx. Cordelia Wilson, b. 2 April, 1847 ; d. 25 Ang. 1854.

5 GO -

PHIXEAS 6 H. CHANDLER (Nathaniel, 5 Isaac, 4 Henry?
Thomas? William 1 ) and Olive Salisbury, Booneville, Oneida
Co., N. Y.

She was b. 11 Feb. 1789; d. 3 April, 1813, at Greene,
Chenango Co., X. Y., leaving one child.

He m. second, Annis Nurse, who was b. 28 March, 1798 ;
dau. of Caleb Nurse by Lucy Fields, of Bainbridge. After Mr.
Phineas H. Chandlers death at Orville, 30 Oct/ 1845, she m.
Jan. 1851, Jonathan Steward, fanner, in Western, Oneida Co.,
N. Y. She died 15 Nov. 1881, aged 83 years, 7 mos. 8 days.

The children of Phineas Chandler were :

Emarilla, b. 1 Oct. 1810; in. George Putnam.

Arao, b. at Bainbridge, 9 May, 1815; m. in Oneida Co.,

N. Y., 24 Feb. 1842, Hannah Drake.
Calvin Harris, b. 4 Uec. 1820 ; m. at Booneville, 13 June

1850, Anna Maria Kingsbury.
Stanford, b. 6 Dec. 1822 ; d. 9 July, 1823, aged 8 months

and 3 days.
Archelals Kingsbury, b. 18 March, 1820 ; m. at Ash-
ford, -N. Y., Miss Franks.

Azor, b. at Booneville, 12 July, 1827 ; m. 30 Oct. 1852,

Cornelia Adelaide Potter.
Stephen Hawkins, b. at Booneville, 27 March, 1829 ; d.

27 April, 1829.
Lewis Austin, b. 27 July, 1830 ; m. Sarah Fuller, of Lloyd.
Chester Smith, b. 17 Sept. 1835 ; m. 3 June, 1862, Try-

phena Roselpha Kingsbury, of Booneville.
1371. x. Maryette, b. 2G June. 1838 ; d. 6 May, 1840, aged 1 yr.

10 mos. 6 days.












136 1.








ARAD 6 CHANDLER (Nathaniel? Isaac? Henry? Thomas?
William 1 ) and Melinda Brown, Brattleboro', Vt.

She died 18 Dec. 1854, aged i)i> years, and w T as buried in
Brattleboro'. Pie d. March, 1832, aged 40, in Brattleboro'.


Their children were :

1372. i. Infant.

1373. ii. Angeline Elizabeth ; d. S Dec. 1851, aged 30 years.

1374. in. Gertrude Melinda, b. 12 July, 1825; m. 11 Nov. 1850,

Rev. Joseph Chandler, of Brattleboro', Vt. [See 1819.]


NATHANIEL 6 CHANDLER {Nathaniel, 5 Isaac,* Henry*
Thomas ^Wfflliam 1 ) and Sylvia Smith, Nunda, Livingston Co.,
N. Y.

She was b. 21 Nov. 1805 ; dau. of Phineas Smith, of Heath,
Mass., by his wife Sylvia, who m. second, Joseph Waldo, and
was buried by the remains of her daughter, Sylvia Chandler,
who d. Jan. 14, 1848, a. 42 years. Mr. Chandler was a mer-
chant in Coleraine, Mass. ; removed to Nunda, where '* he had
a most beautiful place," one mile X. E. of the village on the
" Creek Road."

After his wife's death he went to Delavan, Wis., where he
died in a few weeks after his arrival, on the 25th of Oct. 1853,
aired 60. He left a large estate.

The children of Nathaniel and Sylvia (Smith) Chandler
were :

1375. i. Edward Hopkins, b. in Heath, 19 Oct. 1829 ; in. 19 Dec.

1849, Naucy Ann Bradford.

1376. ii. Mary Elizabeth, b. in Nunda, 12 Dec. 1831 ; d. 14 July,

1834, in Nunda.

" Stay, fond parents, stay thy tears,
And weep not o'er my tomb ;
Think not thy Mary's fate severe,
Since God has called me home."

1377. in. George Webster, b. 23 Aug. 1839 ; m. 18G2, Nellie

Whitcomb, of Nunda.


AZOR G CHANDLER (Nathaniel, 5 Isaac,* Henry * Thomas?
William 1 ) and Lucinda Butler, Hinsdale, N. H.

She was b. 9 Oct. 1798, in Hinsdale ; dau. of Valentine But-

He was a farmer on his wife's homestead, near the Dummer
ferry, in Hinsdale.

Their only child was :

1378. i. Nathaniel, b. 26 Aug. 1823; m. 9 Aug. 1851, Abigail
Smith, of Fitzwilliam, N. H.



BETSEY' 1 CHANDLER {Nathaniel, 5 Isaac,* Henry* Thom-
as,- William 1 ) and John Wilcox, Brattleboro', Vt.

Their children were :

i. Nancy Wilcox.

ii. Betsey Chandler Wilcox ; d. 1 July, 1861, aged 31 years ; m.
3 April, 1849, Heury Barrett (or Bennett), of Hinsdale.


RAYMOND' 5 CHANDLER (Nathaniel* Isaac,* Henry*
Thomas* William 1 ) and Harriet Wellman, Hinsdale, N. H.

They removed to Windsor, Dane Co., Wis. Carpenter by

Their children were :

1379. i. Frances ; d. aged about 6 years.

1380. n. Willard II. ; m. Lucinda Wellman, of Hinsdale.

1381. in. Francis; d. 1857, in Delavan, Wis.
13S2. iv. Augustus ; d. young.


LOIS 6 CHANDLER (Nathaniels Isaac, 4 Henry, 3 Thomas*
William 1 ) and Leonard Stockwell, Bainbridge, N. Y.

He died at Guilford. She m. second, Timothy Davis, who
was born in Ballston, N. Y., 1789. Mrs. Davis died 26 May,
1862, in her 62d year.

Their children were :

i. Raymond Stockwell, b. in Guilford, 23 June, 1826 ; harness-
maker in Bainbridge ; m. March, 1850, Susan Pettys, who was
b. 23 Oct. 1830, dau. of Isaac Pettys by his wife Florilla
Burnett. [See 548.]

Six children :

1. Gertrude Stockwell, b. 5 May, 1S51.

2. Clara Stockwell, b. 26 Aug. 1854.

3. Jennie Stockwell, b. 20 June, 1857.

4. Charles R. Stockwell, b. 8 Jan. 1800.

5. Mary Stockwell, b. 20 Aug. 1862.

6.- Cornelia Stockwell, b. 29 June, 1864.

ii. Betsey Stockwell, b. in Guilford, 7 April, 1829 ; m. Ste-
phens, clothier, in Geneva, Wis. One child.

iii. Susan Davis, b. in Bainbridge, 18 April, 1837; m. 6 March,
1859, George Burton, of Guilford, N. Y., farmer. One child.

iv. Frederick Davis, b. in Bainbridge, 29 Sept. 1H40 ; farmer; m.
20 Sept. 1864, Sarah Merritt, of Harpersville, N. Y., who was
born 2 April, 1844.
v. Anna Davis, b. in Bainbridge, 22 June, 1843.


• 567


AGNES C CHANDLER {Nathaniel? Isaac? Henry* T

as? William 1 ) and Elisha Smith, Bainbridge, N. Y. Far

Their children were :

i. Russell G. Smith, b. 8 Feb. 1833 ; d. 12 Nov. 1862.
\\. Anoeline Smith, b. 3 April. 1836 ; m. Amos B. Clark, farmer

in Bainbridge. Three children.
iii. Elihc Chandler Smith, b. 14 April, 1842; d. 27 Oct. 1862.


NATHANIEL* CHANDLER {Joseph? Joseph? Joseph?
Thomas? William 1 ) and Anna 5 Prescott, New Hampton, N. H.

She died March, 1810, in Meredith. She was a descendant
of James 1 Prescott, of Dryby, England, who came in 1665 and
settled in Hampton, N. H., m. 16(58, Mary, dau. of Nathaniel
and Grace Boulter- Their son " Sergeant " James- Prescott, b.
1671, m. 1695, Maria, dau. of William Marston, Jr., and Re-
becca Page, dau. of Robert and Lucy Page. Their son
Samuel 3 Prescott, b. 1697, m. 1717, Mary Sanborn, dau. of
Joseph (son of John, Sen., one of the early settlers of Hamp-
ton) and Mary Gove, dau. of Edward, Sen., an early settler in
Hampton. Their son Maj. Joseph 4 Prescott, b. 17 Nov. 1725,
m. Molly Norris. They removed to Epping, N. H. He was
major of a regiment commanded by Col. Stephen Evans, of
which regiment Dr. Thomas Peabody was surgeon. Was in the
battles of Bennington, Ticonderoga, and at the taking of Bur-
goyne. They were the parents of the Anna 5 Prescott above.

Mr. N. Chandler was a blacksmith, and worked several years
in Sanbornton Centre, where he was, in 1866, remembered as a
most excellent and ingenious shoer of horses. He settled in the
north part of New Hampton, where he carried on blacksmithing.
He had a farm there on the hill overlooking the village of Hold-
erness. He went, as agent, to Sheldon, Vt., with the intention
of settling colonists there, but he sickened and died there 21
Aug. 1795, in his 47th year. His remains were brought back
to her homestead.

The children of Nathaniel and Anna (Prescott) Chandler
were :

Stephen, b. in New Hampton, 1 Jan. 1775; m. Peggy

Joseph Prescott, b. 29 Dec. 1776 ; m. in Hampton Fulls,

22 Feb. 1816, Hannah Cram.
Polly, b. in Northwood ; in. Elder Samuel Thompson.
Nancy ; m. Stephen Baker.










John Casey, b. in Sanbomton ; in. '180G, Locady Marston.


Sally Saxhorn, b. 9 July, 1789 ; m. 1811, Moses Merrill
of Meredith.

Nathaniel P., m. Sarah Browned, of , N. Y.

Nathan Taylor, d. "23 June, 1818, at Holderness, of con-
sumption, aged 25 ; a farmer, and currier by trade ; unm.












MOLLY 6 CHANDLER (Joseph, 5 Joseph* Joseph , 3 Thomas*
William 1 ) and Maj. James Norris, Monmouth, Me.

A Capt. James Norris was taken prisoner, 7 July, 1777, at
Hubbardston, Vt. [Gen. Keg. for 1861, p. 302.] He was in
the Revolutionary war, and in New Jersey about 1778, when
his brother-in-law, John 6 Chandler, was on his return home,
after his escape from the prison-ship in South Carolina, and call-
ed at his quarters for aid in his very destitute condition, not
knowing that the commander of the camp was his brother-in-

Mrs. Mary Norris d. 3 June, 1818, in her 68th year.

The children of Molly and James Norris were :

i. Nathaniel Nokkis ; d. iu Wayne ; m. Allen.

ii. Joseph Nokkis ; surveyor-general of wild lauds in Maine, of

which he made maps and charts ; m. first, Sally Fairbanks ;

m. second, Sarah Cram.
iii. James Frederick Nokkis; m. Polly, dau. of Maj. Benjamin

White, of Winthrop ; high sheriff of Co., Me.

iv. George W. Nokkis. He lived in Chandlerville, which was

afterwards Detroit. Me., where he died ; farmer; m. Sally C.

Maloon, his cousin, and widow of David R. Chandler. [See


Two children :
i. Wesley Norris ; farmer in Burnham.
ii. Henry Norris.

v. Daughter ; m. Jirah Swift.

vi. Gkeenleaf Rufus Nokkis ; Methodist minister,

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