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He was son of John Lowder by his wife Mary 5 Chandler, dau.
of Zachariah 4 and Margaret Chandler, of Roxbury. [See 261.]
They resided on the old Chandler place, on Austin Street on
the road to Dedham, in West Roxbury.

The children of Elizabeth and John Lowder were :

i. John Lowder, b. 23 March, 1770.

ii. William, son of John Lowder. Junr. and Elizabeth, b. 22 Jan.

iii. Henry Lowder,. b. in Roxbury, 30 Nov. 1773 ; d. 30 Dec. 1851,
a. 78, on the old Chandler place, where he had lived ; m. Jan.
1799, Mary Searle, of Boston, who died in 1843.

iv. Isaac Lowder : d. 29 Feb. 1804. He resided at Roxbury and
Boston; m. Miss Wells.

v. Hannah Lowder, lived in Andover, Mass., West Parish; m.
John Goldsmith, who d. 20 Dee. 1843, a. 67 at Andover. She
was dismissed from the church in Roxbury to the church in
South Andover, and 28 Nov. 1826, was dismissed from S.
Andover church to the church in the West Parish, at its forma-
tion. Twelve children.

vi. Elizabeth Lowder ; num.


ISAAC 6 CHANDLER. 2d ( William 5 Philemon,* William, 2
William,- William}) and Abigail Holt, Andover, Mass.

She was b. 18 June, 1758; d. 2 Oct. 1824, aged GO yearl ;
dau. of James and Sarah (Abbot) Holt; granddaughter of
Nicholas Holt by second wife Dorcas Abbot. They lived on
her grandfather Benjamin Abbot's farm, half a mile south-west
of the Seminary, on the hill in Andover. He married, second,
Hannah .

He died 12 June, 1832, aged 78, and was buried in S.

The children of Isaac and Abigail (Holt) Chandler were:

1459. i. Ann. ail. b. in Andover, 13 Dee. 1781 ; d. 20 Sept. 1788.

1460. ii. Dor.OTiiv, b. 28 July, 1782.


14(51. in. Isaac, b. 11 June. 1784; m. 26 Nov. 1812, Stilly Thomp-

/ son.

1402. iv. Mary, b. 5 June, 178G ; m. 1 July. 1810. David Hidden.

1463. v. Abigail, b. 3 Sept. 1794 ; d. 22 Oct. 1800, a. 72 yrs. 1 in.

19 ds. ; unin.

1464. vi. Hannah, b. 10 Jan. 1798; d. 1 May, 1807.


HANNAH 6 CHANDLER (William, 5 Philemon,* William*
William* William 1 ) and Phineas Parker, Bath, N. H.
He was of Concord.

Their children wefe :

i. Phineas Parker.

ii. Hannah Parker; m. Capt. Darnel Bartlett. He died iu New-
bury, Vt. Three children.

iii. Betsey Parker.

iv. Lucy Parker.

v. Sarah Parker.

vi. Rebecca Parker; m. Maj. Abraham Thomas. * k Know all men,"
&c, "that I. Abram Thomas, of Bath, Blacksmith, for 300
dols. to me paid by Abram Thomas, Jr.. of Bath, Blacksmith,
sell all my furniture," &c., Aug. 3, 1832; and -'I Abram
Thomas empower Win. V. Hutchins, my Attorney, to divide all
partnership debts with Abram Thomas, Jr.," Aug. 3, 1832.
Nine children.


PHILEMON 6 CHANDLER ( William , 5 Philemon , 4 William?
William* William 1 ) and Betsey Tarr, Dover, N. H.

She was b. 20 Dec. 1779: d. 11 Dec. 1812, aged 33, and
was buried in/' Pine Hill" graveyard; was dau. of Andrew
Tarr, of Dover.

Philemon Chandler m. second, Abigail Nute, of Dover, who
was b. 9 Oct. 1780; d. 27 Jan. 1862: dau. of Lieut. Paul
Nute by his wife Hepzibah Carney. [See 1468.] He fitted
for college, then taught school seven years in Tewksbury, and
afterwards was a merchant in Dover and farmer. Mr. Chandler
d. 17 Jan. 1840, in his 74th year.

He said in his will of 6 July, 1833 : " I give and bequeath
to my beloved wife Abigail my mahogany bureau and my great
Bible, and whenever there shall be sold any of my real estate,
either to pay my debts or for any other purpose, on her signing
the deed and quitting her dower on said property, she >hall be
entitled to one per cent, on all money arising therefrom ; and
that she shall live with my son William Chandler and have a
good living out of my estate, and that he the said William shall

424 the chandler family.

provide well for her both in sickness and in health so long as
she shall remain my widow and no longer ; and if she should
marry again, 1 order him to pay her $20 per year during her
natural life if she should need it, and she is to be the sole judue
of that, which is in full of her dower out of my estate."

The children of Philemon Chandler were :

1465. i. Elizabeth, b. 10 Sept. 1797; m. 24 Jan. 1822, William

Pitt Wingate.

1466. ii. MARrANU, b. 15 March, 1799; unm.

1467. m. Lydia Gray, b. 20 June, 1801 ; in. April, 1827, William

Pitt Wingate.

1468. rv. William Lovejoy, b. 29 May, 1805; m. 27 Oct. 1831,

Mary Nute. • *

1469. v. Joseph Socrates, b. 7 Oct. 1813; d. 11 Feb. 1816.


PEGGY 6 CHANDLER (Thomas, 5 Zachariah, 4 William*
William,- William 1 ) and Dea. Richard 5 Ward, Mt. Vernon,
N. H.

He was b. 9 Sept. 1730 ; d. 27 Dec. 1795, aged 56, and was
buried on the hill on the east side of the middle branch of
" Williams River," in what was called k< Simsbury," in Chester,
Vt., near where he had resided.

He was son of Dea. Ephraim 4 Ward, of Newton, by his
second wife Mary Haven, dau. of Moses, and the widow of
Samuel Stone ; grandson of Dea. Richard 3 Ward by his wife
Thankful, dau. of James Trowbridge and his wife Margaret,
dau. of Maj. Gen. Humphrey Atherton ; gr. -grandson of John-
Ward and Hannah, dau. of Edward Jackson : and gr.-gr.-
grandson of William 1 Ward, an early settler of Sudbury,

They settled at Mount Vernon, w T here he was deacon of the
church; and in Feb. 1794, removed to Chester, Vt., where he
soon died, and she followed, March, lbl2.

The children of Peggy and Dea. Richard Ward were :

i. William 6 Ward, b. 1765 ; physician, at , Me.

ii. Maroaret 6 Ward, b. 1767; d. 1841, at Andover, Vt. ; unm.
iii. Mary 6 Ward, b. 1768 ; d. 26 July, 1799, at Chester, Vt., a. 31 ;

m. 1798, Caleb Barton, of Chester, sou of Maj. Barton, of

Warwick. R. 1., who surprised and made prisoner Gen.

Preseott, of the schooner Gaspee, in Narragansett Bay, 1772.
She was his second wife, and bore him only one child,
iv. Sarah 6 Ward, b. 1772; d. 1792; unm.
v. Richard 15 Ward, b. 1774; d. 6 June. 1832, at Chester, Vt., a.

58; m. 1798, Hannah Smith, who d. 1838, a. 60, at , 111.

Four children.


vi. Ephraih 6 Wahd, b. 1777; d. at Canaan, Me. ; m. Putty Snow.

vn. Zachakiah 6 Chandler Ward, b. 1781 ; d. 14 Au<r. 1842 aged

Gl years, at Bolton, Warren Co., N. Y. He settled at Bolton,

and removed thence to Hague ; m. 1802, Elizabeth Willard,
who was b. 31 March, 1777. Eight children.

Their daughter Mary Ward, b. 8 Oct. 1803: m. 2 Feb. 1825, Samuel 7
Shattuck who was b. 3 March, 1800. He was a descendant, accord-
ing to the "Shattuck Memorial," from William 1 Shattuck, b. in
England, 1621 or '22, and d. at Watertown. Mass., 14 Aug. 1(5.72 a-ed
T°r VL 'i U ^ - By bis wife Susanna they had born to them 11 Feb. 1647
John- Shattuck, who was with Capt. Beers (killed by the Indians, 4
Sept. l67o) on his march from Hadley to Northfield. Sergeant John*
Shattuck was one of sixteen— of the thirty-six in Capt. Beers's
company who were ambushed that day — that escaped; and he was
immediately despatched as a messenger to the Governor of the
Colony, to announce the result of the expedition. He was drowned
while crossing the Charlestown ferry ten days after the massacre
Serg. John- m. Ruth Whitney, and by her had William 3 Shattuck, b.
11 Sept. KbO. m. Hannah Underwood, and d. at Groton Mass His
son, Capt. Daniel 4 Shattuck, b. 1G92, built " Shattuck's Fort/' which
was partly burnt by a party of Indians on the night of March 30,
1-47, "with faggots of dried spruce with the ends clipped in brim-
stone," while Capt. Shattuck himself was at Fort Dummer three
miles north. His first wife was Martha Sargent, dau. of "Digory
Serjent," the unfortunate pioneer settler of Worcester, Mass., who
with his wife was killed by the Indians— he in their own house on
Sagatabscot Hill at night, and she on Tataesset Hill in their flight —
in the winter of 1702, ami his children carried into Canada by them
He (Capt. Daniel 4 Shattuck) shared in the division of the estate of
Digory Serjent. He m. second, Rebecca Boltwood, dau. of Serj.
Samuel Boltwood, of Hadley, Mass., and by her had Capt. Daniel 5
Shattuck, b. 11 April, 1727, farmer on the old homestead in Hinsdale,
N. H. He commanded a company at the battle of Stillwater. He
was the " Great Hunter" of wild animals. He m. Mary Smith, dau.
of Stephen Smith, of Sunderland. Their son Gideon 6 ' Shattuck, b.
27 Aug. 17<U; d. G Aug. 1838, at Ticonderoga, N. Y. ; m. 2'J Sept.
1785, Experience Ingram, dau. of Philip Ingram, of Amherst, Mass.
Their seventh child was the Samuel 7 Shattuck, b. 3 March, 1S00, who
m. Mary Ward. He was a farmer at Ticonderoga, N. Y. Seven

viii. John 6 Ward, b. 1781; Hague, N. Y. ; r_. Sally Lord, b. 1782.
Five children.
ix. Sally 6 Ward ; m. first, Jonas Putnam, of Windham ; both

became Mormons. After his death she m. second, , and

lived in , N. Y.

x. Thomas 6 Ward, b. 1788 ; d. April, 1S49, at Northfield, Vt. ; m.
Rebecca Gerald ; no issue.


HANNAH 6 CHANDLER (Thomas,* Zachariah,* William?
William, 2 William 1 ) and Col. Stephen 5 Peabody, Mt. Vernon,
N. H.

^ He was born 3 Sept. 1742 ; d. Sept. 1780, aged 38; son of

Capt. William 1 Peabody, of Amherst, N. H., by his wife

Rebecca Smith ; grandson of Capt. Stephen 3 Peabody, of

Boxford, Mass., by his wife Hannah Swan; gr. -grandson of



William 2 Peabody, b. 1646, d. 1699, Boxford, m. 1684, Hannah
Hale, of Newbury ; gr.-gr. -grandson of Lieut. Francis 1 Peabody,"
of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, born 1514, and who
came to New England in the ship " Planter," Capt. Nicholas
Trarice, in 1635. Lieut. Francis lived in Topsfield, Mass., and
his wife was Mary, dan. of Reginald Foster, whose family is
mentioned in the "Lay of "the Last Minstrel," and in
" Mannion."

Col. Stephen 5 Peabody, of Mt. Vernon, was colonel in
the Army of the Revolution. He was selectman in 177o;
representative to the State Legislature in 1779. Mrs. Peabody
d. Aug. 1«S2<5, a. 79.

Of his estate the widow had her dower ; and, as agreed among
themselves, on 18 Oct. 1786, Thomas, as eldest son, had his
double share, and Hannah, John, Stephen, Sarah and Asenath,
had their single share each.

His sister Hannah m. David 6 Chandler, of Andover, Mass.
[See 607.]

The children of Hannah and Col. Stephen Peabody were :

i. Thomas 6 Peabody ; physician. lie was in the war of the Revo-
lution. He m. first, Sarah Perkins ; m. second, Miller,

widow of James Bird. She was sister of Gen. James Miller,
of Lundy's-Lane renown.

ii. John 6 Peabody, b. 17 May, 17GG ; d. 1801 ; physician; m. 1704,
Kesia Hubbard. Three children.

iii. Hannah 6 Peabody, b. 2 July, 17G8 ; m. Enoch Carlton, of
Amherst, N. H.

iv. Rebecca 6 Peabody, b. 17 July, 1770 ; d. 5 Feb. 1854. Like her
brothers, she studied medicine and surgery, and praetised both
with great skill and usefulness in Montpelier, Vt. ; m. 4 Nov.
1794, Gen. Perly Davis, who was b. in Oxford, Mass., 31
March, 17G6, d. 14 April, 1848, at Montpelier. He was son
of Nathaniel and Sarah Davis. Gen. Perly Davis and his
brother, Col. Jacob Davis, settled in the north part of
Montpelier, and were among the earliest settlers there. The
General was the first constable of the town, and afterwards
had much influence in town affairs. Three ehildren.
v. Stephen Peabody, b. 23 Aug. 1772; physician, Orange, Vt. ;
m. Martha Trow. One child.

vi. AsENATn b Peabody ; d. aged 3 days.
vii. Sarah Peabody, b. 2 Dec. 1774; died suddenly the very day

she was to have been married,
viii. Asenath 6 Peabody, b. 14 Dee. 1777 ; d. March, 184G ; m. Lewis
Parker, of Cambridge ; no issue ; lived at Amherst, N. H.


SALLY 6 CHANDLER (Thomas? Zachariah, 4 WtiliamJ
William,' 2 William 1 ) and Euos- Bradford, Mt. Vernon, N. II.


The Amherst (N. H.) Town Records say: Enos 2 Bradford,
son of William 1 and Mary Bradford, was b. 3 Nov. 1744. He
was a farmer about a mile south-east of the meeting-house of
the Second Parish in Amherst, now Mt. Vernon, N. H. He
died of starvation — not being able to swallow food.

The children of Sally and Enos Bradford were :
i. Chandler 3 Bradford, b. 20 Nov. 1772 ; d. 29 Jan. 1775.
ii. Enos 3 Bradford, b. 2G Dec. 1771.

iii. Lamrert 3 Bradford, b. IS March, 1775 ; m. Phebe Varnrnn.
iv. Sarah 3 Bradford, b. 24 Jan. 1780..

v. Chandler 3 Bradford, b. 13 Au<r. 1783 ; d. 22 Feb. 1784, '
vi. Nancy 3 Bradford ; d. 23 Jan. 1812, aged 20, in Mt. Vernon ; in.

John Lumtnis Lamson, of Mt. Vernon ; laborer. After his

wife's death he m. Elizabeth Gage, and lived in Brookfield, Vt.

His wife Nancy died in childbed, leaving an infant, William,

who lived in Mataraora, III.


ZACHARIAH 6 CHANDLER (Thomas, 5 -Zachariah * Wil-
liam, 3 William,- William 1 ) and Sarah Patten, Bedford, N. II.

She was b. 17 March, 1749 ; d. 20 Nov. 1842, aged 93 years,
8 J ms., suddenly, in the full enjoyment of her mental faculties;
dau. of Samuel and Mary (Bell) Patten.

Mr. Samuel Patten came to America when he was 19 years
old, and settled in Bedford, N. II., about one quarter of a mile
a little south of west from where his son-in-law Zachariah
Chandler lived.

Zachariah Chandler lived at Roxbury, Mass., during his
minority, and drove a milk-cart to Boston, which work and his
living below (in Roxbury), was an objection to him in his
obtaining a wife, for which reason the Pattens opposed it ; but at
a suitable age he came back to Bedforc to reside, and to take
care of the patrimonial estate ; and before he was 21 years old
he married. He lived in the house opposite the residence of his
son, Samuel Chandler, Esq. He bought one of the old Billings
Collection of Sacred Music for his sons Thomas and Samuel,
who were then about ten and twelve years old, which is supposed
to have lvcen the first singing book in Bedford. Josiah Chandler,
of Andovcr, was their teacher. [See 612.1

Zachariah Chandler was one of the Revolutionary patriots of
Bedford; selectman in 1784. Pie said in his will of 1(5 July,
1827, " I give one undivided half part " " of the farm in
s d Bedford which I bought of one James Martin," to each of
" my sons."

In 1791 it was voted in town meeting at Bedford, " that
Zachariah Chandler serve (with others) as fish reaf." He died
20 April, 1830, aged 78.


The children of Zactiariah and Sarah (Patten) Chandleu
were :

1470. i. Thomas, h. 10 Aug. 1772; in. 20 Nov. 1793, Susanna


1471. n. Samuel, b. 28 May, 1774 ; m. 11 Nov. 1800, Margaret Orr.

1472. in. Sarah; d. 15 Oct. 1853, aged 72, iu Red ford, unm. She

resided on the homestead.

630 .

PHILEMON 6 CHANDLER (Josiah, 5 Philemon,* Philemon, 3
William,- William 1 ) and Mary Sabin, Pomfret, Conn.

She was b. 30 March, 1752, and d. 3 March, 1825, in the 73d
year of her aire. She was dau. of Peter Sabin by his wife
Sarah , of Killingly.

The muster roll of the grenadiers of Capt. Daniel Lyon's
company of thirty-nine men, on the 13th Sept. 177G, at New
Haven, Conn., on their march to West Chester, had the name
of Philemon Chandler on it. Of this company Samuel Wales
was clerk.

"March 7, 1777, Pomfret, Conn. Philemon Chandler
drafted, who hath not yet paid his tine nor enlisted." [State
Papers, Hartford, Conn.]

He was tithingman in 1783 ; worked at farming. " He was a
good singer, and assisted in the choir;" he also taught singing
schools. " Of him it must have been that Dr. Albigcnee Waldo,
of Pomfret, in describing Pomfret in rhyme, wrote : —

" Old uncle Phill with visage grim,
For tythingman he was."

In his last da}-s he sat in the deacon's seat in the meeting-
house at Abington. He died 9 May, 1834, aged 80.

The children of Philemon and Mary (Sabin) Chandler were :

1473. i. Polly, b. in Pomfret, 25 Aug. 1782 ; m. Nathaniel Hamlin.

1474. ii. Sally Peck, b. 10 Aug. 17.S4 ; m. 1813, Walker Lindsley,

Cornwall, Vt.

1475. in. Squire, b. 25 Aug. 1786; d. 21 Dec. 1812, at Richmond,

Ontario Co., N. Y. ; m. Sally Howard; farmer; left no
living issue,

1476. rv. Ekastus, b. 8 May, 1788 ; .m. 13 Aug. 1815, Mary Ann


1477. v. Elizabeth, b. 1 Sept. 1791 ; m. at Cornwall, Vt., 9 May,

1820, Jacob Elithrop.

1478. vi. Josiaii, b. 6 Jan. 1794; d. 8 June, 1852, aged 56, in

Rrimfield, Mass. ; unm. He worked at farming, and
died seized of 25 acres of pasture land on Coy's Hill, in
West Rrookfield, inventoried at 8600. His personal
estate was 816.16. His grave-stone, of white marble, is
in the cemetery at Warren, Mass.


1479. vn. John Sabin, b. 7 Nov. 1798; m. 31 March, 1833, Abigail
C. Durfee.


JOSIAH 6 CHANDLER (Josiah, 5 Philemon* Philemon*
William; 2 William 1 ) and Eunice 5 Dana, Chandler's Valley,
Sugar Grove, Warren Co., Pa.

She was 1). 7 Nov. 1758 ; dau. of Samuel 4 Dana by his wife
Sarah Holdridge ; granddaughter of Samuel 3 Dana by his
second wife Susanna Starr; gr. -granddaughter of Jacob 2 Dana,
of Cambridge, by his wife Patience; and gr.-gr.-granddaughter
of Richard 1 and Anne (Billiard) Dana. ' She died 2(3 April,
1825, in her 68th year.

They moved late in the autumn of 1791, from Pomfret,
Conn., to Aquaga, now Windsor, Broome Co., N. Y., and
lived there till 1810, when he moved to and settled in Cone-
wango township, now Sugar Grove, in the valley called after
him and his two oldest sons who also settled there"" Chandler's
Valley." There was but one small clearing in the valley then.
He took up two hundred acres there. The soil is light, on a
gravelly subsoil, easy to till, and better to settle on when the
soil was new, as his son John said, but not as good as the hills
around it, where his children afterwards lived." His house was
burned in 1814. He was on Newfoundland Banks, cod-fishing,
when he first heard of the breaking out of the Revolutionary
War, in 1775. He entered a privateer and helped take ten
prizes, three of which were retaken by the British. His share
of the prize money was $1,800 old continental currency. He
was a pensioner, and died in the log cabin of his daughter,
Cclinda Evans, near where he had lived in the Valley, 30 Oct.
1840, in his 85th year, and was buried beside the remains of
his wife, in the graveyard taken from his farm in the Valley.

The children of Josiah and Eunice (Dana) Chandler were :

1479a. i. Charles, 1). in Pomfret, Conn. ; m. in P>ridgewater.
Alcinda Fletcher.

1480. it. Celinda, b. 12 Oct. 1785; m. at Windsor, N. Y., 15

Nov. 1806, Randall Evans. ■

1481. in. John, b. 31 Aug. 17H7; m. at Windsor, N. Y.,-1 Jan.

1810, Mabel Wassoni

1482. iv. Alva, b. at Windsor, N. Y., July, 1794; unm. He has

labored at farming and lumbering ; resided at Cone-
wango, Warren Co., Pa.

1483. v. Sally, b. at Windsor ; m. Levi Rogers.

1484. rv. George, b. at Windsor, N. Y., July, 1796; m. in Chand-

ler's Valley, Huldah Barnes, of Vermont.

1485. vn. Eunice, b. 13 Aug. 1804 ; m. first, 10 March, 1822, Judah

L. Spenser; m. second, 18 Feb. 1855, Jonathan Hoag.



HANNAH 6 CHANDLER (Josiah, 5 Philemon,* Philemon*
William,- William 1 ) and Ebenezer Force, Wrentham, Mass.

They were both original members of Rev. Oliver Dodge's
Society, the Catholic Christian Reformed Church, in Pomfret,
Conn., which was organized <) Feb. 1793, and worshipped in
the old house of Col. Thomas Grosvenor, some forty rods south
of his mansion where he resided at his death.

Mr. and Mrs. Force resided in Abington Parish. She d. 12
May, 1826, aged 68.

The children of Hannah and Ebenezer Force were :

i. Jerusha Force, h. in Pomfret, 8 Jan. 1782 ; d. 1858, a. 76, in
Wrentham, Mass. ; m. Jason Cobb, of Wrentham, Mass. He
d. 18G0, a. 80 years. Eight children,
ii. Elisha Force, b. in Pomfret:, 31 July, 1783 ; d. 10 Aug. 1783.

iii. Ei'.knezer Force, b. 30 Nov. 1780; d. 20 Sept. 1788.

iv. Ekenezer Force, b. 2") June. 1789; d. Aug. 1825; lawyer at
Middle Haddam, Conn., in 1819. '20 and '21. He then went
to Middletown, Conn., and after a few years enlisted in the
army of the United States. Mr. Force read law in the otiice
of Hon. Sylvester Gilbert, who was b. 20 Oct. 1755; Dart.
Coll. 1775 ; Chief Justice of Courts in Tolland County, in 1807,
which otiice he held until 1825, when he was 70 years old. the
limit of eligibility by the then existing laws of Connecticut.
Mr. Gilbert was member of the 15th Congress in 1818 and '19.
In 1780 he was the youngest member of the House of Repre-
sentatives in Connecticut, and in 1820 he was the oldest mem-
ber of that body, or ''Father of the House." He had in seven
years from 1810, fifty-six students in his law office. He died
in 1840, then the oldest graduate of Dartmouth College. Mr.
Ebenezer Force m. Mary Gilbert, one of the five mute children
of his law preceptor by his wife Miss Barber, dan. of David
Barber, Esq., of Hebron, Conn. Mr. Force left five children.
v. William Chandler Force, b. in Pomfret, 13 March, 1793; d. 3
Nov. 1802, a. 09, in Providence, R. I. He was a cripple, but
was a most ingenious mechanic, at 17 Waterman Street,
Providence; m. first, Mary Morse, of Wrentham, who died;
m. second. July, 1835, Betsey Weeden. Two children.

vi. George Force, b. at Pomfret, 25 Jan. 179,7; in. Miss Dean.


ELIZABETH 6 CHAXDLER (Josiah, 5 Philemon,* Phile-
mon* William,- William 1 ) and Samuel 3 White, Pomfret, Conn.

He was b. 11 April, 1758 ; d. 4 June, 1847, in Pomfret ; son
of James- White — the Episcopalian — who came from Boston,
by his wife Jemima Town, of Thompson, and grandson of
Richard 1 White,


Mr. Samuel 3 White was a fanner oh part of the homestead
of his wife's gr. -grandfather, Dea. Philemon 3 Chandler, just
under the .south-east side of " Chandler Hill," where Mr.
Frederick Averill resided in 1666.

Mrs. White died 17 Nov. 1848, aged 83.

The children of Elizabeth and Samuel White were :

i. Samuel 4 White, b. 11 Feb. 1786; d. 1866, iu Grafton. Mass..
where he was a farmer, tint his remains were carried to
Pom fret ; in. first, 23 March, 1814, Cynthia Child Trow-
bridge, who was b. 9 July, 1788, dau. of William Trow-
bridge, of Porafret, by his second wife Susanna Sessions,
whom he in. 13 Jan. 1774 ; m. second, 28 April, 1833, Phebe
Baker, b. 1796, dau. of .Tared Baker, of Pomfret. Eight

ii. Mary 4 White, b. in Pomfret, 6 Jan. 1788; d. 4 Sept. 1825, in
Pomfret ; m. 2 Oct. 1809, Htm. Job Williams, b. in Raynham,
d. in Pomfret, 5 March. 1863, aged 7-S yrs. 2 mos. 6 days ;
and was son of Seth Williams by his wife Mary Snow, who
moved from Raynham. Mass., 1791, to Pomfret. He was a
shoemaker by trade, merchant. Judge of Probate and deacon
of the Congregational Church iu Pomfret. He in. second, 16
May, 1826, Sophia S. Parrott. dau. of Daniel Parrott. shoe-
maker, of Lynn and Pomfret. who d. 25 Dec. 186.5, aged 90
yrs. 22 days, in Pomfret. Seven children.

iii. George 4 White, b. in Pomfret, 6 Oct. 17 ( J0; kt 15 Feb. 1794,
a child of Samuel White consumed by lire in ye burning of
his House."

iv. Thomas 4 White, b. 20 Jan. 1793 ; d. 5 Oct. 1793.

v. Betsey 4 White, b. 3 Aug. 1794 ; m. Joseph Williams, Brooklyn,
Conn., son of Samuel. Four children.

vi. Sarah 4 White, b. 20 July, 1796, Salem, Mass.
vii. Chloe 4 White, b. 7 Dec. 1798, New York city.
viii. Hannah 4 White, b. 14 Nov. 1800; m. first, Charles C. Field,
who d. 3'0 Dec. 1831, aged 40; m. oecond, Othuiel Pray, of
Killingly, Conn. (Danielsonville).

ix. Ben'amin 4 White, b. 14 Feb. 1803 ; cashier, Providence, R. 1. ;
m. Oct. 1831, Julia Taylor, of Providence. She left two
children. He m. second. Frances Aborn, dau. of Richard
Aborn, and granddaughter of Capt. Jackson, of Provi-
dence. Two children.
x. Nancy 4 White, b. 21 June, 1805 ; d. in Illinois ; m. Lodowick
Gallop; resided at Macedon, Wayne Co., N. Y., and
removed to , 111.


PEGGY* CHANDLER (Josiah, 5 Philemon,' Philemon, 3
William,' 2 William 1 ) and Timothy Hitchcock, Cauadea, Alle-
gany Co., N. X.


He was b. 18 March, 1768; d. 26 April, 1849, at Canadea;

son of David and Mariam (Merrick) Hitchcock; fanner.

They moved to Chenango Co., and thence to Cayuga Lake,
and then removed back to Bainbridge, Chenango Co!T, N". Y. ;
and again moved to the Holland Purchase in Canadea, Allegany
Co., N. Y. The family all suffered from sickness and the
privations of all pioneers in a new country. The mother was
afflicted with paralysis during the last year of her life, and
died the 2d of April, 1808, about six months after the birth of
her seventh child, Margaret, aged 40 yrs. and 10 days.

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