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The children of Peggy and Timothy Hitchcock were :

i. Merrick Hitchcock, b. at Chenango Co.. N. Y., Oct. 1797;

died umn.. 17 April, 1861, at Angelica, N. Y.
ii. Chandler Hitchcock, b. 10 Jan. 17 l J'J ; died at Cayuga, aged

4 yrs.
iii. Chakles Hitchcock ; died at Cayuga, aged 3 years.
iv. David Hitchcock, b. 1801 ; d. 28 (Jet. 1859, in his 59th year,
at Orleans, Ionia Co., Mich., where he moved in 1846 ; married
and had four children,
v. Eleanor Hitchcock, b. at Bainbridge, N. Y., 3 June, 1802; d.
Dee. 1863 ; m. 20 Nov. 1822, Charles Gleason, b. at Rocking-
ham, Vt., 9 Aug. 1800; lived at Belfast, Allegany Co., N. Y.
Nine children.
vi. Hannah Holbrook Hitchcock, b. at Bainbridge, N. Y., 1 July,
1804: m. 25 June, 1S26, Alpheus Estabrook, farmer at
Canadea, Allegany Co., N. Y. Seven children.
v ii. Makgaket Hitchcock, b. at Canadea, 18 Oct. 1807 ; m. first,

Arial Wadsworth ; m. second, ; m. third, . Two



WILLIAM 6 CHANDLER, Eso. (Josiak, 5 Philemon, 4 Fhile-
mon, 3 William,- William 1 ) and Clarissa Guy, Aurelius, Cayuga

She was b. in Eastown, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 3 Aug. 1780;
d. 13 Dec. 1848, of consumption, and was buried in the yard
by the Chandler School-house near where they had lived, in
Chardon, Ohio, and where rest the remains of her husband.
She was daughter of William Guy, a soldier of the Revolution,
by his wife Phebe Galucia, b. 9 July, 1760.

In the Spring of 1797 he went with a team of four oxen and
one horse to find for himself a new home, and arrived, 4th
April, at Aurelius, N. Y., where he settled. He built a cabin
and kept bachelor's hall until he was married, 4 Jan. 1798. He
suffered a great deal by sickness and by privation while the
country was new. His farm was about half a mile east of the
" Free Bridge."


He was elected justice of the pence there, and served four
years ; was also elected to the same oiiiee in Mount Morris,
Livingston Co., X. Y., where he went in the spring of 1824 ;
but he did not qualify himself there to act. At Mt. Morris he
lived just south of the "Brooks Grove." A part of that grove
he sold to Maj. Gen. Mieah 5 Brooks, "a pioneer in Western
New York," who settled there in 1830. A granite monument
at Nunda says he "was son of Rev. David 4 Brooks, of Cheshire,
Conn., the son of Enos, 3 the son of Thomas, 2 the son of Henry 1
Brooks, who came from Cheshire, England, 1660, to New
Haven, Conn."

In 1837, William 6 Chandler, Esq., moved with his family to
Chardon, Geauga Co., Ohio, and settled four miles north of the
court-house, where he bought a farm of 100 acres, on which
resided, 1864, his daughter Clarissa G. Kockafellow. He died
there 5 Sept. i860, aged 6G years 2 mos. 7 days, "in hope of
a blessed immortality beyond the grave."

The children of William and Clarissa (Guy) Chandler
were :

1486. i. Sarah, b. at Aurelius. 11 Aug. 1800; d. 2 Aug. 1807,

and was buried on her father's farm, one aud a half
miles east of the " Free Bridge," N. Y.

1487. ii. Elijah, b. 24 Feb. 1802 ; d. 8 Sept. 1802 ; buried on the


1488. m. Josiah Holbrook, b. 30 Nov. 1803 ; m. at Mt. Morris, 6

May. 1827, Elizabeth Liuk.

1489. iv. Walter Daniel, b. 2D April, 1807; m. at East Genoa,

N. Y., 4 Jan. 1832, Chloe W. Church.

1490. v. Clarissa Guy, b. 14 July. 1809; m. 8 Nov. 1832,

Jeremiah M. Rockafellow, of Mt. Morris.

1491. vi. Sarah Paulina, b. 29 Aug. 1.811 ; m. at Chardon, Ohio,

3 Mav, 1842, Noble Carroll.

1492. vii. Sarajj Maria, b. 11 Oct. 1813; drowned 21 May, 1815,

while playing with lish in a tub of water.

1493. viii. Berentha Maria, b. 21 Oct. 1815 ; m. at Mt. Morris, 2G

April, 1837, Henry Hagadorn.

1494. ix. Piieue Cordelia, b. 28 Jan. 1819 ; m. at Chardon, Ohio,

1 May, 1856, Benjamin Breekenridge.

1495. x. William Elijah, b. in Mt. Morris," 28 Aug. 1824; m.

first, 23 May. 1849. Flora Lavinia Wescott, of Win-
stead, Conn. ; m. seeond, 9 April. 1«72, Annie Teal,
in De Kalb, 111.


ELIZABETH 6 CHANDLER (Thomas, 5 William,* Thomas, 3
William* William 1 ) and Enoch 3 Parker, Andover, Mass.

He died July, 1828, aged 75: son of Dea. Asa' Parker, of
Boxford, by lus wife Sarah Marble, of Andover.



They resided in North Andover, near the Boxford line, and
were buried at West Boxford, Muss. He was a farmer, but
had a mechanical turn.

Mrs. Parker d. 16 Dec. 1832, in her 80th year.
The children of Elizabeth and Exocn Parker were :
i. Olive 3 Parker; died, aged 76, at Groveland; m. Phineas
Hardy, of Groveland. He d. 18.34, aged 68, very suddenly.
Seven children,
ii. Klizvisktii 3 Parker; m. John Marble, of Bradford, stonecutter ;

d. aged 67. One child,
iii. Capt. Enoch 3 Parker ; d. May, 1828. aged 45 ; carpenter; lived

on homestead. North Andover; unm.
iv. Mehxtable 3 Parkeb ; died of haemorrhage, 1833, aged 38, while

ou a visit in Bradford ; unm.
v. Sarah 3 Parker, b. in Concord, N. H., 23 April, 17*7; teacher
seven years ; kept shop in Andover and Lowell, and for
fourteen years, including I860, kept the boarding-house No.
28, on Suffolk corporation in Lowell,
vi. Apphia 3 Parker.
vii. Col. John 3 Parker ; teacher, and farmer on homestead. North

Andover; rn. Sophia Gage, of Andover. Two children,
viii. Moses 3 Parker, b. 5 May, 1797; d. 14 Jan. 1841. in Charles-
town ; in. 26 Dec. 1820, Dorcas Ballard Chandler. [See 2164.]
'She was b. 1 April, 1800 ; d. 13 Dec. 1867. aged 67 years, and
was buried in the \Vest Parish beside her husband and only
child, Dorcas Caroline Parker, who d. 15 Oct. 1822, aged 11
inos. They were fourth cousins.


ABIGAIL 6 CHANDLER (Thomas,-' William,' Thomas;-*
William,- William 1 ) and Samuel 2 Long, Tewksbury, Mass.

His birth is recorded in Tewksbury thus : " Samuel, son of
Glode 1 and Mehitable Longgon, was born Feb. 23, 1755." The
family soon omitted the last syllable of Longgon.

She died at her daughter's home in Peru, Vt., " lacking only
a few months, of being a hundred years old, and a nice good
woman she was."

The children of Abigail and Samuel Long were :
^£.(13. C- i. Polly 3 Long ; m.jJosiah.Mears.

LjA- ii- Ika 3 Lono ; m. first. Eliza Gould, of Andover. who died, leaving

« - ^ five children ; m. second. Louisa (Smith). Nine children.



L.v** WILLIAM 6 CHANDLER {Thomas,* William,' T?to?nas, 3

William,'- William 1 ) and Sarah Saunders, Billerica, Mass.

She died, leaving two children. He m. second, Rachel
Frost, who was b. in Tewksbury, 23 Sept. 1765, d. Dec. 1813,
aged 49, dau. of Joshua and Rachel (Saunders) Frost.


Mr. William Chandler was ;i shoemaker, and he lived in the
hired house of Asa Patten, about half a mile west of the depot
in Billerica, where Philip Mills bought and lived. His wife
died there, Dee. 1813, and he took his kit of shoemaker's tools
and went to Samuel Foster's, in Tewksbury, to make up the
family shoes ; was taken with fever and died in five days,
March, 1814, aged 54 years, and was buried near the house of
Dea. Shedd, in Tewksbury.

The children of William Chandler were :

i. Sally, b. at Tewksbury, 19 Aug. 1791 ; d. young.
Polly ; m. Asa Wright.
William, b. about 1800 ; learned the shoemaker's trade

of Seth Johnson, in Billerica, and then went off.
John, b. Jan. 1802 ; went off towards Albany, N. Y. ;

Sarah, b. 6 June, 1804; m. at Lowell, 28 Jan. 1828,

Philip M. Rollins.
vi. Lucinda, b. in Billerica, 29 May, 1806; m. 1 Jan. 1835;

Moses Foster.














JEREMIAH* CHANDLER ( William? William* TJtomas, 3
William,- William 1 ) and Martha Parker.

He- was a private in Capt. Thomas Mighill's Co. of Infantry,
under Col. Baldwin. Stationed at Sewall's Point, in Brookline,
as per return of eight months men, 2<> Sept. 1775, from Rowley.

Their children were :

1502. i. .Sarah, b. in Andover. 17 July, 1773.

1503. ii. Solomon Nelson, b. in Rowley; cl. 5 Jan. 1776, in Row-

ley, a. 2 nios.


Cai>t. WILLIAM 6 CHANDLER ( William, 5 William*
William? TJtomas,' 2 William 1 ) and Hannah Lowell, Salem,

At the Lexington alarm he was out from April 19, 1775, live
da^rs as a private, and received therefor 7 shillings 1 penny and
3 farthings. He was in Capt. Thomas Mighill's Co. in the 38th
Reg't. commanded by Col. Baldwin, and was stationed at .Sow-
all's Point, Brookline, as per return 2b Sept. 1775, from Row-
ley. In May, 17,78, William 6 Chandler, Jr., of Rowley, was
one of the twenty men raised by Rowley for eight mouths' ser-
vice, and was described in his enrollment as "21 years old,
light complexion, light eye*, light hair and resided in Rowley."

Leavitt. in his History of Essex Lodge of Free Masons, says :
" No. 74, William Chandler Junr. son of Wm. Chandler, No.


41, horn in Rowley, died 23 Jan. 1804, Tailor," in Salem. IL>
commanded the Salem Artillery Company.
^ " William Chandler of Salem Gentleman," for £42 by X. &
E. Perley of Boxford, sold "one acre of land with buildino-s
thereon,'' situate in Rowley, » and Hannah Chandler the wife of
the s' 1 William, hereby gives up and relinquishes all her right
of dower in and to the premises aforesaid."

"Wm. Chandler, [Seal.]


Hannah x Chandler, [Seal.]


Acknowledged .24 March, 1792, before

Richd. Ward, Jus. Peace."

"To the Judge of Probate for the Co. of Essex: We the sub-
scribers, relation to Mr. William'' Chandler of Salem, do hereby in-
form you. that, in our opinion the sd Chandler is a person Non Com-
pos Mentis, and not capable of taking care of himself and his estate,
and we request you to appoint him a Guardian agreeably to the law
in such case provided."

Signed by Moses Short. Wm. Farrington. Sally Low. James Short.


Hannah X Chandler.


"Salem, Jan. 9. 1804. Examined by Daniel Noyes, Reg'r. The
Selectmen were made a commission of lunacy to enquire into his con-
dition, who made the following report :

To the Hon. Samuel Holden, Esq., Judge of Probate :

Pursuant to the above order, we the Selectmen of the town of
Salem, have made inquisition as to the state of mind of William 6
Chandler and find that the said Chandler is very much deranged in
his mind, and do judge that he is incapable of taking care of himself
or his property.

Jno Punchard, ^ A majority of
Jno Buffington, ,' the Selectmen of
A. Richardson, ) Town of Salem.

Salem. Jan. 10, 1804."

" Mr. Moses Short of Salem is appointed William 6 Chand-
ler's Guardian " Jan. 10, 1804. Rut Capt. Chandler lived only
two weeks, having departed this life 23 Jan. 1804, in his 47th
year. His estate was inventoried and returned to the Probate
office 27 March, 1804.


His Homestead wras valued at $1,800.00

(Sold to Ebcnezer Shillaber for $1,500).

Personal Estate, 140.70

There were claims against his estate of $1,706.26

And there were allowed, Sept. 29, 1804,

To the widow, Hannah Chandler, 80.00

" 5 Doctors. 82.20

Jane Chandler, Note, 60.50


WILLIAM 6 CHANDLER {Stevens, 5 William, 4 Thomas*
William^ William 1 ) and Matilda Burt.

He was killed by a tree falling upon him, and she m. second,
Mr. Isher, and resided at Waterford (Erie Co., Pa.), and had
a large family by Mr. Isher.

Their children were :

1504. i. Joel, b. at Ashford ; m. Philinda Bronsou. He had no

children ; was a farmer at Genoa, N. Y. About t860,
he went off to Waterford and she went to Peekskill.

1505. ii. Sally, had falling-sickness fits. She went with her



STEVENS 6 CHANDLER, Jr. (Stevens, 5 William, 4 Thom-
as, 3 William,- William*) and Polly Winchester, Homer, Cort-
land Co.. N. Y.

She was b. 6 June, 177V) ; d. 14 Jan. 1844, and was buried
at Cortland ; dau'. of Amariah Winchester, of Ashford, Conn.,
by his wife Miss Spaulding. They settled in that part of
Homer now Cortland.

He was a shoemaker, farmer and mason : d. Oct. 1850, in
his 59th year.

The children of Stevens and Polly (Winchester) Chandler
were :

1506. i. Lucy, b. at Cortland, 7 May, 1802 ; m. 1820, James


1507. ii. Polly, b. 15 Jan. 1805; d. 29 Nov. 1870, in Cortland;

m. 7 April. 1846, Rnfus Ilawley, of Cortland, son of
Rufns Hawley, of Pittsfield, Mass. She d. 29 Nov.
1870, in Cortland Co., N. Y.

1508. m. Olive Smith, b. 19 Feb. 1807; m. at Seneca, N. Y., 29

Aug. 183:3, Lyman Clark.


1509. iv. Louisa, b. ti Sept. 1809; m. Ira Bradley, of Barrington,


1510. v. Stevens, b. 10 Oct. 1811; in. first. May, 1836, Mary

Shute, of Westmoreland. N. Y. ; m. second, 18 Aug".
1846. Julia Spalding ; in. third, Julia Releigh.

1511. vi. Julia, b. 1813; d. aged about 5 years.

1512. vii. Albigestce Winchester, b. 3 Nov. 1815 ;m. in Hamilton.

Madison Co.. N. Y.. 13 Nov. 1836, Mary Marin Fair-

1513. vm. Lois, b. 1818; d. 1820.

1514. ix. James, b. 6 Feb. 1X20; m. 1840, Jane Johnson.


BENJAMIN 6 CHANDLER (Stevens, 5 William,* Thomas, 3
William? William 1 ) and Charity Carpenter.

She was dan. of Simeon Carpenter, of , Conn.

He was in the war of IS 12, and died of sickness at Youngs-
town, about three miles from Fort Niagara, 21 Sept. 1813,
aged 28. Farmer.

Their children were.

1515. i. Avert; d. aged about 18.

151G. ii. Benjamin, enlisted in the U. S. service about 1850, and
went to Green Bay.

1517. in. Asenath ; m. Philander Mack, saddler, near Rochester.

N. Y.

Two children :
i. Harriet Mack,
ii. Daniel Mack.

1518. iv. Reuben; d. 1828, in Homer, a. about 16. He lived with

Mr. Tisdale.


MOLLY 6 CHANDLER (Joseph/' Joseph, 4 Thomas/ Wil-
liam/ William 1 ) and Stephen Heath, Sandown, N. H.

Their children were :

i. Joseph Heath ; farmer. Sandown.
ii. Sally Heath; Chester, N. H. ; m. Mr. Couch, of East Hamp-

stead, N. H.
iii. Isaac Heath ; m. first, Miss Emma Jaquith ; m. second. Miss

Susan Jaquith.
iv. Judith Heath ; m. first, Mr. Ryan ; m. second, Mr. Ludovicus

Towle, farmer. Kingston, N. H.
v. Moody Heath ; farmer on homestead, Sandown, N. H.
vi. Hannah Heath.


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