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his wife Abby Holmes, a descendant, resided there.

This farm originally comprised about six hundred acres, of
some of the best lands in the town. It was situated about one
mile northeast of Putnam's " Wolf Den," and it included
"Chandler Hill," on which are still visible the remains of an
Indian fort, just west-by-north of his house.

May 3, 1713, Philemon Chandler was chosen clerk of "the
Proprietors of the Mashamoquet Purchase," containing about
fifteen thousand acres, deeded by Capt. James. Fitch, of Nor-
wich, Conn., for the consideration of thirty pounds, lawful
money, to Samuel Ruggles, Sen., John Chandler, Benjamin
Sabin, Samuel Crafts, John Grosvenor. Samuel Ruggles, Jim..
and six other persons whom they might choose to be joint
proprietors with them. The persons so chosen were John
Pierpont, John White, John Ruggles, John Gore, Samuel Gore
and Thomas Morcy. The deed was executed May 5, 1086. It
was signed by James Fitch, and by Owanccho, Sachem of the
Moh'can tribe of Indians, and by his son Josiah. Owanecho's
sign manual to this deed resembles the outlines of a goose.

Philemon Chandler was chosen lieutenant of the train band
May 11, 1714, and was dismissed May, 1721.

At a meeting of the inhabitants and proprietors of the
Mashamoquet Purchase, 27 May. 1713, Philemon Chandler was
chosen clerk, and at the same meeting it was ordered that the
said Mashamoquet shall be called "Pomfret," and that' the
brand for horses shall be this figure. " P."

May 3, 1713, he was one of the twenty-three inhabitants and
proprietors of the Mashamoquet Purchase who signed the
agreement to sustain preaching in this place. Heretofore they
had been accustomed to go to Woodstock to worship, to which
place even women sometimes walked, carrying their infants live
or six miles on a Sunday.

lie was one of the first deacons of the church in Pomfret,


over which Rev. Ebenezer Williams, of Roxbuiy, came as
lln'ir spiritual guide, Dec 23, 1713, and there found the
inhabitants made up mostly of his native townsmen. Tiie first
niftitiiiir-house stood on White's Plain, just north of where the
«,>;i.l turns cast on top of Meeting-House Hill. It was raised
in 1711. 11 stood about a quarter of a mile south of the
present one.

At 1 1 iv- first Town Meeting, assembled Dee. ye 7, 1719, Dea.
1'liil. Chandler 1st Selectman. Audit was voted that "a bell
( onv " be built at "• one end of the meeting house," for ts a bell
which Mr. Jonathan Belcher oilers to bestow."

" March ye 4, 1714. A committee to treat with Mr.
Williams about his ordination," &c. Dea. Sabin, Lieut.
Chandler and others, were of this committee.

** Voted that Lieut. Chandler shall have liberty to build a
pew for himself and family in our meeting house on ye south
-Me between ye great door and ye next east window."

Pomfret, Dee. 5, 1715, Lieut. Philemon Chandler was chosen
I one of the selectmen.

" At a Court of Probate holden at Plamtield Feb. 1L, 17o!»-
I I" =r Present Timothy Pierce, Esq. Judge, this Court appoints
I Mr. Deacon Philemon Chandler of Pomfret in the County of
■ Windham," " Guardian to and for Josiah Chandler, a minor
I Son of Philemon Chandler of s' 1 Pomfret deceased."

The children of Dea. Philemon and Hannah (Clary)

I ( 'handler were :


I "•'•• i. Ebenezeii, birth recorded in Pomfret, 7 June, 1708.

*7. u. Thomas, b. 25 Nov. 1705; d. 2a Nov. 1705.
I'' *•"*. in. Philemon, b. 25 Aug. 170G; m. Lydia Eaton.
I «i». iv. Josiah, 1). 4 Oct. 1708; d. 4 July, 1721, in Pomfret, and
1 was buried in the South burvins-ffroimd. and the monument

on his grave bears the earliest date of any there except
| that to J. G(ritliu), 1723.

'•'"- v. Mamkah, b. 20 Man. 1713; m. Ebenezer Grhlin, of Cam-
bridge, Mass. •

'''• vi. Maky, b. 2;; Dec. 1714; m. Thomas Dresser.

'■'-• vii. Mehitajble, b. 12 April, 171'J ; m. 20 Jan. 1712, Paul* Holt.


— 23 — 1630649

HAWAIP CHANDLER ( William? milium 1 ) and Natban-
'•' Uobbin.s, Charlestovvn, Mass. She died 15 Sept. 17 IS, in
w*r 11th year. He was son of Richard Pobbins.

I heir descendants were :

■'■ Tlios. 2 K<-!;;;i\s; died early.


i. Nathaniel 3 Robbins, Jr., bora, bapt. at Cambridge, 19 June,
IbJb; ''died of smallpox, July, 1721, suddenly, a. about 21,"
in Charlestown. « Martlia, the wife of NatU' Kobius Junr.
died of smallpox Nov. 23, 1721." ■• Martha Kobbius, young-
est child of TCiddo Robins, burvd Nov. 10, 1721. Smallpox."
n. Maky 9 Robbins, b. in Charlestown, 22 July, 1701: in. Joseph
Russell. J / l

iii. Thomas 2 Robbins, b. 11 Aug. 1703; m. RuthJ^r^Six chil-
dren, rp
iv. Hannah 3 Robbins, b. 30 Juno, 1705 ; m. Zebeuiah Johnson,
v. Philemon 3 Robbins, b. 19 Sept. 1709.
vi. Debokah 2 Robbins, b. 24 March, 1711-12; pub. to Joseph

vii. Rebecca 2 Robbins.
viii. Sarah 2 Robbins.


THOMAS 3 CHANDLER ( William? William*) and Mary
Stevens, Andover, Mass.

She died 27 Oct. 1 751 (old style), in her 73d year. Member
of the church in S. Andover; dau. of Dea. Joseph Stevens, of
Andover. She was buried in this place, by the remains of her
husband, whose monumental inscription is on a slate-stone two
and a half by two feet, surmounted by death's head. "Here
Lies buried y e Body of Mr. Thomas Chandler of the 2 ,ul Gen-
eration In Andover, Who Departed this Life November the 7
AD 1751 In y e 75 year of His Age.''

He was " Hey ward " in 1714, surveyor in 1717, and consta-
ble in 1716. He was styled Thomas " Jun r " in the records of
the town.

In his will he gives "my wife Mary, So long as She Shall
rem dn my Widow, and if after u Second Marriage, She Shall
again be a Widow and incline to come and dwell in my dwell-
ing house, I then give her ye same yearly income during her
Widowhood," ck, after making suitable provision for her."

To each of his five daughters, viz. Mary Ballard, Phebe
Dana, Bridget Wood, Hannah Burroughs, and Elizabeth Dane,
" 30 pounds Bills of public credit of ye Old Tenor."

"I give to my Six Grand children, Thomas Chandler, Rose
Tenny, William Chandler, James Chandler, Stevens Chandler
and Mary Chandler, children of my late Son William, 100
pounds Bills of Credit to be equally divided between them, to
be paid at the age of 21 years, and if Mary shall marry
younger, then upon her marriage." And "to s' 1 Thomas a
Saddle and a pair of Boots."

" To my Grand Son Joseph Chandler, only child of my late
Son Jioseph, £30.


Q "7


• •To each of the fatherless children of my daughter Hannah
llurroiurhs, viz. George, Thomas and John Burroughs, £10.

•• And to my Sous James and -John the remainder of my
Estate, and I appoint them Executors of this my Will."

Thr\ accepted that trust, 2 Dee. 1751. The estate was
inventoried 25 Dec. 1751, at £423 : 7:0:3.

Hi- died 7 Nov. 1751, in his 7">th year, at Andover.

The children of Thomas and Mary (Stevens) Chandlku
were :

\>:). i. Maw., b. in Andover, 8 March, 1702; m. 7 Aug. 1721,

Josiah Ballard, by l»cv. Samuel Phillips.
'.(I. ii. William, b. 14 July, L704; m. first. 22 Nov. 172"),

Elizabeth Blanchard ; m. second, 4 March, 17^u, Mary

Holt — t; both of Andover."
9f>. in. James, b. 10 June, 1706 ; m. in Salein, 14 Nov. 173G, Mary

Hale, of Bytield parish, Newbury, by his father-in-law,

Rev. Moses Hale.
;ul. iv. Phebe, b. 1707; m. 14 July, 1726, Caleb 5 Dana.
:i7, v. Lydia, b. 1709; in. 17 May, 172.S, Ebenezer Felch, of

;«.s. vi. Bkidoet, b. 1711 ; d. 22 Oct. 1711.
U'J. vu. Bkidg^t, b. 1711 ; bapt. 14 Sept. 1712; in. 3 Jivm, 1731,

Josiah Wood, of Rowley.

100. viu. Hannah, b. 1714; bapt. 19 Dee. 1714; m. 10 May, 1733,

George Burroughs, of Chai'lestown.
loi. ix. John, b. 13 Feb. 1717; d. 23 Feb. 1717.

102. x. Elizabeth, b. 15 May, 1718; m. 29 May, 1739, John

Dane, Jr.

103. xi. Joseph, b. 1720; m. 4 Oct. 1712, Mary Abbot.

101. xu. John. b. 14 Dee. 1723; in. first, 3 Nov. L748, Mary

White, of Haverhill, before Mr. Edward Barnard ; in.
second, 18 Jan. 175 ( J, Elizabeth White, of Haverhill.


PIIEBE 3 CHANDLER (William, 3 William}) and Jonathan

At the trial of Martha (Allen) Carryer, wife of Thomas
C'arryer, b. in England; he d. in Colchester, Conn., 1(5 March,
17.')."). aged 108 or 9 yrs., of Andover, for witchcraft, Aug. 2,
l'>!>2, which resulted in her being condemned, and hanged Aug.
l*J, on the gallows that was erected, not only for those who
were thoiujht to be possessed by the evil spirit, but for tho.«.e also
who might ridicule the idea of this popular delusion, as stated
by Dr. Cotton Mather, Phebe Chandler, then not twelve years
old, was called as a witness. She testified :

That about a fortnight before the apprehension of Martha C'arryer,
<>u a Lord's day, Kittle the psalm was singing in the Church, this


Carryer then took her by the shoulder, and shaking Lev, asked her
whore she lived. She made her no answer, although Carryer, who
lived next dour to her father's house, could not in L'eason but know
who she w;ib. Quickly after this, as she uns several times crossing
the fields, she heard a Voice that she took to be Martha Carryer's,
and it seemed as if it were over head. The voice told her she should
within two or three days be poisoned: accordingly, within such a
' little time, one half of her right hand became greatly Swollen and
very painful; as also a part of her face; Whereof she can give no
account how it came. It continued very had for several days and
several times since she has had great pain in her breast, and been so
seized on her legs, that she has hardly been able to go.

She added. That lately going to the house of God, Richard, the
Son of Martha Carryer, looked Very Earnestly upon her, and
immediately her hand, which had formerly been poisoned, as above
said, began to pain her greatly, and she had a strange burning in her
Stomach ; but was then struck deaf, so that she" could not hear any of
the prayer, or singing, till the two or three last words of the psalm.

After finishing his account of her trial, Cotton Mather makes

Memorandum. This rampant hag, Martha Carrier, was the person
of whom the Confessions of the Witches, and of her own children
among the rest, agreed that the Devil had promised her she should be
Queen of Hell.

While John Proctor, a respectable farmer and his wife, were in
prison in Salem, July. 1602, waiting their trial, the Sheriff, George
Corwin, came to his house, and seized all his goods, and even emptied
a pot of broth and took away the pot. ami left nothing in the house
foi the Support of the children. No part of said goods were known
te> be returned. Proctor earnestly requested Mr. Noye*> to pray with
him and for him ; but it was wholly denied, because he would not
own himself to be a Witch.

On the 23d July. John Proctor wrote to Mr. Mather and
others :

Here are live persous who have lately confessed .themselves to be
Witches, and do accuse some of us of being along with them at a
Sacrament. Since we were committed into close prison : which we
know to be lies. Two of the live are [Carrier's sons] young men,
who would not confess anything till they tied them neck and heels.
till the blood was ready to come out of their noses; and it is credibly
believed and reported this was the occasion of making them Confess
what they never did, by reason they said one had been a Witch a
month, and another live Weeks, and that their mother had made them
so. Who has been Confined here this nine Weeks.

Though the confessing witches were many (and those accused
were urged by their nearest relations, seeing no other way of
escape for them, "to confess their own guilt"), not one of



ihein that "confessed and abode by their confession, was put
to death."

Bridget Chandler, the mother of Phcbo, " corroborates " the
d:ni^hter's story in the trial of Martha Carrier.

Tin Kxamination of Thomas Carrier, taken this Id Ai>g. 1692, before
me Dudley Bradstreet one of their Majestie's Justices of the Peace
for Essex"

Thomas Carrier being accused of witchcraft, confessed that he was
guilty of witchcraft and that he had been a Witch a Week and that
hi.s .Mother [Martha Carrier] taught him witchcraft. That a yellow
hirtl hatl appeared to him and Spoke to him; at which he, being
affrighted, his Mother appeared to him and brought him a hook and
hid him Set his hand to it, -telling him it would <!;> hi;n good if he did
so, and that she would tear him to pieces if he did not.

That his mother baptized him in Shaw-Shine River; pulled off his
clothes and put him into the river, and that his mother then told him
Si" was her's forever. That his mother bid him afflict Maxy Waleutt,
Arm I'utnam and Sarah Phelps, And that he went the 9 th hist, at
night to John Chandler's [Cousin to Phebe Chandler, who married
.Jonathan Tyler, above] ; that there were ten in Company with him.
who rid upon two poles ; and that there were three men in the Com-
pany, and two of the Women belonged to Ipswich, whose names
wen- Mary and .Sarah: and that he saw Betty Johnson in the Com-

And confessed that he did. the 9 tb instant, at night, afflict Sarah
I 'helps and Ann I'utnam by pinching them.

Dudley Bkadstuekt, -Justice Peace.

[Vol. I., 3d Series, Mass. Hist. Coll.]

JOSEPH 3 CHANDLER ( William* William 1 ) and Mehita-
'•!(' Russell, Andover, Mass. She was received into the church
al S. Andover with, her husband, on profession of faith, ."> June.
I t'2{), and remained a member until her death.

In his Will of 18 Doe. 1733, and which was "proved and
approved,' 1 20 May, 1734, lie mentions his " wife Mchitublc,"
" my Eldest Son Thomas," whom he makes sole Executor and
to have the "Homestead," "Joseph" and "John." "My
daughter Mehitable Crosby," and daughters - Mary,"' " Phebe,"
"Bridget," and "my Youngest Daughter Hannah Chandler,"
" my Executor is to provide for her," &c. To each of his
"flier daughters his Executor was to pay £20. " My Execu-
l *»r is to provide for Ms Mother and to give her a " Christian
"uniil if she die my widow:" but, " if She See Reason to
marry again, my Executor is to be free from what I have
ordered him to do for her."

I i" d. 23 April, 1734* in his ,V2d year, in Andover.



The children of Joseph and Meiiitable (Russell) Chandler
were :

105. [. Meiiitable, b. in Andover; m. first, 7 Feb. 1732, Robert
Crosby, of Billerica; m. second, Andrew Spalding.

IOC. n. Thomas; m. 1"» Feb. 17">:>, Elizabeth Walcott, both of
Andover, by Rev. Samuel Phillips.

107. in. Mary. b. 1 March, 171.;; in. 22 Oct. L733, James Holt, of

Andover, by Rev. S. Phillips.

108. iv. Phebe; d. -13 May, 17.17, a. 23 years.

109. v. Joseph, b. 13 Feb. L716 ; in. 30~Dee. 1711. Sarah Richard-

son, of Bradford.

110. VI. RttlDGET, b. l'.l Sept. 1710; ,1. 21 Ano. 1 7;3T>, n 17 years.

111. vii. .foiis. b. 1'.) Jan. 1722; m. first, 11 March, 17b"). Prudence

Holt; m. second, 1"> Oct. 1747, Hannah 3 Phelps, wtd. of 4 Abbot.

112. vm. Infant son. b. IT) Sept. 1720, and died the same month.

113. ix. Hawaii ; in. 10 Aug. 1741, David Abbot, of Suneook.

RHODA 3 CHANDLER (William* William}) and Timothy 3
Holt, Andover, Mass. lb- was b. in Andover, 2"> dan. 1688;
d. 4 March, 1758, both members of the church of then S.
Andover. He was son of James 9 and Hannah (Allen) Holt;
and grandson of Nicholas Holt, Sen., who came to America," 3
June. 1.635, from Eomsey, Eng., by his first wife Elizabeth,
who d. 9. Nov. 1656, at Andover.

The children of Rhoda and TraoTHY Holt were :





Joseph 1 Holt, b. in Andover, 8 April, 1706.

A'non.Y 4 Holt; m. 13 Nov. 1728. Elias Whittcmore. Settled at
Pembroke, N. H. in 1738.

James 4 Holt, b. 11 Dec. 1711.

TiMOTnr 4 Holt, h. 16 April. 1714; d. July, 1708; tn. 13 Feb.
1739, Harriet Dane. She d. 6 Feb. 1802. Five children.

Joseph 4 Holt, b. 16 April, 1714; d. 20 Aug. 1714. Twin.

Joseph 4 Holt, '2d, b. 14 Feb. 171*; d. Aug-. 178!), at Wilton;
m. first, 17 Jan. 1745, Dolly Johnson. Shed. ;'.() Dee. 1753,
a. 35, leaving six children ; m. second. 1" April, 17.V>, Mary,
wid. of Mr. Russell. She left 7 children. Fie grad. at H.
College. 1739, and had charge of grammar school at Andover.
In 1765 removed to Wilton. N. FL. where he was engaged in
teaching, surveying and milling. He was in tiie Canada Ex-
pedition, and kept a journal which was published in the New-
England Historic and Genealogical Regtater. Thirteen child-

PiiEiin 4 Holt, b. in Andover, 1 June. 1722; m. 11 dan. 1712,
Francis Phelps.


viiL Hannah 4 Holt ; d. 2 Aug. 177a, a. GG"; m, 22 March, 1733,

Barraehias 4 Abbot. He was b. 14 .May, 1707; d. Oct. 1784.

" He was meek, upright, and pious' from his youth/' Sou of

Dea. John 3 and Elizabeth (Hardin) Abbot. Twelve children.

ix. Viiwtiyla 4 Hoi.r, h. in Andover.

x. Rebecca 4 Holt, b. iu Andover.


ELIZABETH 3 CHANDLER (John,- 2 Wfflktm 1 ) and Robert 3
Mason, Roxbury, Mass.

Family tradition has it that " a drummer who was killed in
battle in Cromwell's army, left three sons by the name of RoJ>-
ert 1 , John 1 , and Nathaniel 1 , who all emigrated to America.
The son Robert 1 Mason settled at Boston, and there, lor a time,
followed the trade of stay-maker, and afterwards that of tailor.
He had a son by the name of Robert 9 Mason, avIio married three
wives ; by the first he had Robert 3 , by the second he had Abi-
g.dis ^T.,:^ on,i by t-ijQ third wile he had Benjamin 3 , Edaiond 3
and Josiah 3 Mason."

Robert 3 Mason, who m. Elizabeth Chandler, was a grandson
of the " drummer."

"John Chandler Sen 7 of Roxbury, 29 March 1660, gave
security that his Son in Law Robert Mason, with his family,
should not be Chargeable to the Town." ' * 1 (i 7 <*5 month 2 day
14, Elizabeth Chandler took hold on ye Covenant y* day."
[Eliot Chh. Rec, Roxbury.]

She d. in Roxbury, 17 Nov. 1688, in her 27th year.

The children of Elizabeth and Robert Mason were :

i. Robert 4 Mason, b. 12 Jan. 1G83-4 ; bapt. 20 January, 1683—4,
iu Roxbury ; d. 5 Sept. 173!), at AshforJ, Conn.; m. first,

Mary . li She died 1 Feb. 1711 " [Woodstock, Coiin.,

Ree.J ; m. second, 15 Nov. 1711, Haunah Holmes, both of
Robert 3 Mason made a settlement in the town of Woodstock,
Conn., where his grandfather Dea. John 2 Chandler willed him land as
follows : " My land on the East Side of the Township of Woodstock,
which I value at Ten Pounds." The records of Woodstock state as
follows: •• Robert Mason was chosen Hayward Dec 9, 17UU." "■ The
Town Tax made in two lists whereof Robert Mason is to collect
£10:19$. Id. and John Marcy £11:0 9," " Robt. Mason being
directed to pay into Maj. John Chandler for Serving as Representa-
tive, before this date, £4 :18s. and to Robert Mason for Warning
Town Meetings £0 : 8s. Qd.

" Hlch' 1 Coombs of Woodstock" " for and in Consideration of £10"
■'by Uobt. Mason of Woodstock in the Co. of Suffolk, Taylor, well
and truly paid "•" do Sell a certain Lott of land situate" *• in the

42 The ciiandlek family.

North half of s d Woodstock, called 31 st Lott " "between Cap Sam 1

Haggles on tie South and Sum 1 Perry on the North containing 25
Acres." 19 Sept. 171G.

In Woodstock he served as a Soldier, to guard the Fort built to
protect the bettlers from the Indians.

'* Bobt. Mason and wife dismissed and recommended, from the
Chh. of Christ in Woodstock, Joyned and were received by us of this
Chh. Aug. (J, 1721." [Ashford Chh. Records.]

He purchased laud in its wild state in Ashford for one copper an
acre, then called one-fourth of an English penny. This land was
situated on the Hartford and Boston turnpike, commencing about
one-fourth of a mile from Ashford Centre, and extended on the south
side of the road to within the fourth of a mile of Bigelow river.

On a gravestone at Ashford Centre, is inscribed, " Here lies the
body of Mrs. Hannah Whitney, first wife of Robert Mason, wln>
died Sept. 21, 17oC, in the £>6 year of her Age." Nine children.

His son John Mason, h. at Woodstock. 25 March, 1714: cl. March,
1757; in. Dorothy 4 Chandler, dau. of Capt. Joseph and Susanna
(Perrin) Chandler.

ii. Elizadkth 4 Mason, b. in Roxbury ; d. 108G.
in. jom' Mason, o. i July, llitsl ; d. in a few days.


Hon. JOHN 3 CHANDLER {John? William 1 ) and Mary 3
Raymond, Woodstock, Conn.

She was born in Xew London, Conn., 12 March, 1671-2.
She was the tilth child of Dea. Joshua 2 Raymond, who m. 10
Dec. 1652, Elizabeth, dau. of Nehemiah Smith, by his wile Ann
Bourn (dau. of Thomas Bourn) ^ who settled at Norwich, 1600,
from New Haven, Conn. ' ^**

"Dea. Joshua'- " Rayment ", was the oldest son and second
child of Richard 1 and Judith '' Payment," baptized in Salem,
Mass., 3 March, 1639. Richard 1 Raymond and his sons left
Massachusetts as early as 1658. He was in Xorwalk, Conn.,
20 Oct. 166-1, and was one of the devisees in trust for the
Indian Sachem, and he Mas in Saybrook, Conn., in 1664.

His widow Elizabeth was made administratrix of his estate in
Block Island, 1676.

Dea. Joshua- lived on the Prentiss house-lot, and left it, at
his death, and a valuable farm in Mohegan, on the road to Nor-
wich, to his children.

" Mrs. Mary (.'handler, wife to Capt John Chandler, Esq.,
died April y e -S t!l 1711," aged 39 years and 26 days, thirteen
days after ■-he had given birth to Hannah, and was buried by
the side of her husband in the graveyard, on " Plain Hill,"


It was of her brother Joshua 3 Raymond's wife, Mercy Sands
— a woman of great thrift aval energy — that the following story
(a mixture of truth and fable) is told :

<* Capt. Robert (in the ballad, but William in history) Kidd,
the noted oirate, made the little harbor on Block Island where
Joshua Raymond and his wife Mercy Sands lived, his anchorage
"round, alternating with Gardiner's Ray — and she feasted him,
supplied him with provisions, and hoarded a strange lady,
whom he called his wife, a considerable time. When he was
ready to depart, he bade her hold out her apron, which she did,
and he threw in handsful of gold, jewels, and other precious
commodities, until it was full, as the wages other hospitality.

" Hence the source of pleasantry and gossip among the
acquaintances of the family ; and hence they were popularly
said to have been enriched by the apron." [Caulkins's Hist.
New London.]

John 2 Aleock, son of Dea. George 1 , born in England, lf.27,
was a physician in Boston, but had been in Hartford, Conn.,
with his uncle, Rev. Thomas Hooker, teaching. He married
harah Palsgrave of Charlestown. Their eight children were
baptized in Roxbury", although the youngest was born in Bos-
ton. Among his children was Mary, who married Joshua
Lamb, mentioned in Judge John Chandler's will ; and Pals-
grave Aleock, b. 20 July, 1662, and died 29 Nov. 1710, and
was buried in Roxbury ; and had married Esther Britman, by
whom he probably had no issue, as he gave her for life all his
property. But she sought consolation again on the 14th of
November, 1711, by having the Rev. Xehemiah Walter solem-
nize the holy rite of matrimony between herself and Judge John
Chandler, Esq., of Woodstock, Conn., who had been a bereaved
widower ever since the 8th of April preceding.

"Aug 8 * the Twenty fifth being mett at New Roxbury alias Wapaqua-
set luil [all] agree that the place where the horn lots Shal begin Shal
ho upon the plaine nil.

The goers or planters being mett together the twenty Eight of
August In order to drawing lots where hom lots should be," i- upon
th<; Request of John Chandler Jun r who desired to take up a twenty
uerc Whom lott with twenty acre Rights, it was granted to him by
the Company and it maketh the fortieth Lott in number. it lyeth
on the west side the highway adjoyning to the tenth Lott on the
North Side of it. The Bounds of the Lands of the Hom Lot No. 40
(Jranted unto John Chandler Juir and is a twenty acre Horn lot with
twenty acre Rights and hath an allowance of Quantity for Quallity."

•' Imp r the Horn lot w* h lyeth adjoyning unto the Hom lott N° 10,
"ii the north side and is hounded South by said Lott, West on the
Comon north on Colhon and East by a highway Extending from the
highway westward — perch to a chestnut tree from thence Southward


— perch to a crook in the brook, .and so over the brook taking in a

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