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corner being ahout halfe an acre."

1688 March the Eighteenth, We whose nairris are underwritten
being Inhabitants of New Roxb y chosen and hnpowered by the In-
habitants to Locke oner John Chandler Jun" his Lott and to giue
allowance as need Requird for the badness of the Land; We have.
on Consideration, allowed him thre acrs for two prouided lit rake it
so as to secure the stecpnes by the crook in the brook, and he may
take halfe an acre on. the other Side the hrooke if the s' 1 Quantity be
between the highways the chestnutt tree and a crook in the Brooke.

This is a true Coppy giuen under the hands of Ed' 1 Morris, \V m
Bartholomew, Benj a Sabin, Joseph Bugbe Sam" Rice and John

"att A gen. Town Meeting of the Inhabitants of Woodstock held at
the house of Benf Sabin Feb. 24 1690-1

then wos Voted that those chosen this day Shall stand In then-
Respective [places] until March come twelue month:

Then was chosen John Chandler Jun r for Town Clerk of the writs
for the year Ensooing." v

The town of Woodstock had its first organization 27 Nov.
1690, and was then named Woodstock, and chose for Town
Clerk John Chandler, Junior, and for first Selectman John
Chandler, Senior, and chose John Chandler, Junior, to instruct
the children to read, write and cipher.

And every planter was required to procure a ladder for his
house by 1st of Feb. 1691, or suiter a penalty of five shillings,
for safety against fire. That was six years before a fire insur-
ance company, k 'The Hand-in-Hand," existed, 1696, in Loudon,

1692-3 March 8 th . Att a Publique town Meeting of the inhabitants
of Woodstock,

Whereas, John Chandler is againe chosen Town Clarke for the
town of Woodstock ; it was

Voated and granted he should haue for his paines twelue pence for
Euery town Meeting for writing the Voates and Six pence for Euery
Record of all grants, he.giueing a Coppy into the bargaine.

In 1693-4, he was one of the Town Committee ; and in 1694,

It was granted by a clear voat that John Chandler Jun r should have
five acres of land over the way against J no Morris' and 1 "> acres more
about Muddy Brook, prouided it intrench nott <>n any land already
layed outt, which shall lie deducted out of his next diuision ; he ac-
cepting of the Same, on his ace' and as sufficient Satisfaction for his
Writing in the Town Books Hither unto: and Recording all Ear
marks ; and the Committee appoynted for Laying out Land to See it
damn i fie no propriety or High way.

He resided several years in Xvw London, Conn., where he


married, and where the births of their tour eldest children are
recorded. .

In lfJDS, he was licensed to keep :i house of entertainment in
New London.

I It- removed hack to Woodstock, and lived in South Wood-

kt Capt. John Chandler was appointed Town's Surveyor, Apr.
3, 1703."

"April 1721 — Jack English (an Indian Lad) Servant to
Ma}. John Chandler died.*' [Town Rcc. of Woodstock.]

For the encouragement of those who should go to settle in
N'ew Roxlmry, the south half of the township was granted to
those who went, and a gratuity of £100, which was the occa-
sion of the following letter :

"Gentlemen : The time being much about expired wherein all things
between us are to be accomplished, according to the Articles betwene
our Committees, these are therefore to desire that the remaining part
of the hundred pounds and Surveying part of Money, together with :i
<leed of our land, according to agreement, be delivered to Capt.
•losiah Chapin, whom the Town doth appoint & depute to receive it,
«!C to give a full discharge in our behalf thereof. Thus expecting
your willingness and readiness to comply with our rightious and rea-
sonable demands and requests, we rest your very loving friends &.
neighbors. John Chandler, Jr. In the name

and by order of the Town

Woodstock, 12 Sept, 1G94.

This is a, true Copy of what was sent to the Selectmen of Roxbury
from the Town of Woodstock,

as Attest, Ju. Gore, Clerk."

He was a representative to the General Court at Boston as
carl}" as 1711, and for several years.

" To his wisdom raid prudence the order and regularity of
Woodstock (under God) has been vastly owing." [Boston
Xews Letter, Aug. 18, 1743.]

Jan. 14, 1724-5, the town was indebted to Col. John Chand-
ler for sixty-nine days services as a Representative, £15 : 8 : 0.

" In 1722 the peace of the country was disturbed by the
.renewal of hostilities by the Eastern Indians, and resulted in
the war or tight that derives its distinctive appellation from
Lovell, its hero and martyr. The native tribes of Massachu-
setts had ceased to be formidable ; but the incursion of the allies
of the French from Canada spread alarm along the exposed
frontier, and rendered military forces necessary for the security
of the settlements. Worcester in 1722 furnished five men for
the country's sendee in the Company of Scouts under Maj.
John Chandler. Two were posted at Leicester, and two others


under Sergeant Bonj. Flagg, kept garrison in Worcester or
ranged the woods."

A letter addressed, June 24, 1724, to CoL Chandler, giving
a vivid description of the distressed condition of the people of
Worcester, is as follows:

"Honored Sir: * * Through God's goodness the Indians have
made no attack upon us as yet, but we are under Surprising fears of
it. We rec' 1 the Caution from your honor, with the late intelligence
of the Indians coming over the Lake ; also we hear of the late mis-
chief done in Hatfield, and just now, we have a post from Rutland
with account of continual discoveries of the Enemy, and last night
our Town was alarmed by discovering an Indian. So this day Sun-
day, we have but a thin meeting. Our Town is not only very much
Exposed, being so near the Enemy, but we are no way Capable of
defending ourselves. We have an Expectation upon your honor to
be a father to us. We now have five of our Soldiers at Rutland. We
are informed that we are allowed ten Soldiers."

Col. Chandler, then at Watortown, writes, Juno, 1724: 4k I
am sorry that the poor people of Worcester, Leicester and
Brimfield find themselves mistaken in having men allowed them
to scout and guard said towns. I pray your honors considera-
tion,'^ &e. " for the Encouragement of whom I shall always' be
ready to obey such orders as your honors shall be pleased to

In July, 1724, orders were issued to Col. Chandler to impress
twenty men for the frontier service.

The presence of these soldiers may have saved Worcester
from desolation, as Col. Chandler wrote on the 7th of August,
1724: " An Indian was discovered from a garrison house and
tired on by the guard. A soldier and a boy being out near
th( meadow, spied an Indian nearer to the garrison than they
were. The boy ran away. The soldier presented his gun and
was ready to tire when two more rose up by his side ; Where-
upon he did not venture to tire, buttled ; and both came safe to
the garrison. During the night their noises were heard, crying
as Wolves. The people made an alarm, and the Indians beat
upon a deserted house drumming violently upon its sides, and
so went off'.'*

After the erection of Worcester County by an act of the
Legislature of Massachusetts, 2 April, 1731, from the counties
of Suffolk and Middlesex, the first Probate Court in Worcester
County was held by Col. Chandler, as Judge, in the meeting-
house, on the loth July, 17ol ; and the first Court of C. Pleas
and Genera] Sessions on the 10th of August" following, by Hon.
John Chandler, of Woodstock, commissioned H<> June, 1731, by
virtue of act May 31, 1 <>!''.>, Chief Justice. His son John


Chandler, Jr. was clerk of both tribunals and one of the Jus-
tices of the General Sessions. These offices he held until his
death, as well as that of colonel of the militia. " To which sta-
tions of civil, judicial and military honors," says Lincoln in his
MisLor) ui U oiceoler, "he lose by force of his strong mental
powers with but slight advantages of education. While in
Woodstock, he represented the town in the General Court of
Massachusetts Bay. and was appointed to His Majesty's Coun-
cil. He was the father not only of Judge Thomas Chandler, of
Chester, Vt., but also of Judge John Chandler, who resided in
Worcester, and who was the progenitor of that most respectable
and influential family of Chandlers that flourished there prior
and up to the Revolution. "

By appointment Hon. John Chandler waited upon and read
an address, Aug. 31, 1735, to Gov. Belcher and his Council,
on their way to Albany to hold a conference with the Six

" He was n earl v forty years n Commissioner of the Peace;
seven years of His Majesty's Council. He left a widow and
rive sons.*' [Boston Eve. Tost, 21 Aug. 1743.]

Pomfret, Conn., 1st Society Records. "Voted," 27- Aug.
1714, "That Captain John Chandler shall have ye like [Mr.
Belcher] liberty to build a Pew in Our Meeting House at ye
Xorth West Corner."'

*' Woodstock, Conn. Dec. 24, 1740. According to adjourn-
ment met this day at ye House of ye Honourable John Chandler
Esq. ye Society for Propag-' Xtian & Useful Knowledge." This
Society included Woodstock, Pomfret, and Brooklyn, Conn.
The remains of its library are (1602) at the house of Rev. D.
Hunt, in Pomfret, Conn. Its records say, ' 4 For Mr. Chand-
ler's Doctrines of Grace" paid, " Feb. 19° 1748-9, £2 : 1"j :(").'"

Judge John Chandler died in Woodstock, Conn., 10 Aug.
1743, in his 79th year, and was buried, as desired in his will, in
W oodstoek, and a flat stone covers his remains, without any

Woodstock Revolt. The death of Col. John Chandler, 10
Aug. 1743, the father of Judge Thomas Chandler and the
father of Col. William Chandler, said Miss Ellen D. Larned.
historian of Windham Co., Conn., " Severed the strongest tie
that bound Woodstock to Massachusetts."

March 31, 1737, Woodstock began to agitate the question of
Uevolr, and, at a Town meeting that day, it was voted :
"choose Col. William Chandler to lay the affair before the
general assembly of Connecticut."


Afterwards it was voted "Togo on with its efforts'.* Col.
William Chandler was appointed "to prefer said affair to the
Prove nee."

Afterwards Thomas Chandler and Henry Bowen were appointed
**to go on with tiie Conneetieuts movement ; and. in the most
moving and effectual manner, lay their ease before that colony
and, if not succeeding there, send to ye Great court of Eng-

Priority of right of location of Pews in the meeting house
erected in Woodstock, Nov. 1, 1722, No. 1 was assigned to
John Chandler, Esq., for his high social standing in the town —
No. 3 to John Chandler, Junior.

Extracts from the Will of Hon. John Chandler.

In the Name of God, Amen. I John Chandler of Woodstock, In

the County of Worcester, Esq. being now in a Good Degree of
Health and of Sound Memory and Judgement, Do make this my Last
Will and Testament In manner following.

First. I Willingly and Cheerfully Resign my Soul to God who
gave it whenever he shall, in his Over Ruling Providence think tit to
put and End to my Life in this World, hoping to obtain foregiveness
from him of all my Sins through the mediation of his Sou, Jesus
Christ, who hath Redeemed his True followers from Death unto Lite
into whose Kingdom I hope to be Rec rt as a true Penitent, notwith-
standing my uuworthiness thro. God's Infinite Mercy at the Resurrec-
tion of the Small and Great.

Item, as to my Body, I will that it be Buried In the Burying place
In Woodstock near to my Dece d wife Mary, and two of my Children
and uiy Dece d Father in Case I Die in or near Woodstock, but, if I
die Elsewhere, in the nearest Burying Yard and in the most private
manner and with the Least Expense that may he. And as touching
such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me with
in this Life (my just Debts and funeral Expenses, of all Sorts bein<*
Truly paid and Discharged) I give Demise and Dispose of the same
as followeth.

Imprimis. I give and Bequeath unto Esther my Dearly Beloved
wife (if she Survives me) During her being my widow, the West End
of my Dwelling House above and Below to Dwell in with Egress and
Regress and suitable yard room and Garden Room and necessary use
of the well and Bakehouse with the Sole use and Improvement of my
Ten acres of Land on the East Side of the highway adjoining to the
Land of Nathaniel Sanger. Also the West Knd of my New Barn
(so called) with suitable Yard Room ami free passage to the Same
and one side of orchard adjoining, also two beds and furniture at her
Election and all the Other Goods She brought with her at our mar-
riage, that are yet in being or the Value thereof being Esteemed one
hundred pounds. Also Twenty pounds in Bills of public Credit or
Equivalent to be provided and paid by my Kxec tr , for tar Support,
the first year after my Decease, and Ten pounds pr. annum every
year after, Besides Ten Cords of wood (cut short) per annum from


the time of my Decease, Also Two Cows and my Bay mare, but if it
please God that She shall marry again, I-giye and Bequeath unto her
and her heirs forever the movable Goods she brought with her or
t'100 in Bills of Public Credit of the Old Tenor in Lieu thereof at
her Election, and also the Sum of Three Hundred and fifty pounds in
Hills of Credit of Old Tenor as aforesaid or the Value thereof to lie
paid in the space of Twelve months after such marriage. The above
named to be in Lieu of her Dower or thirds of and in my Estate,
always provided that my Estate suffer no loss on account of an
obligation of mine made to Joshua Lamb, Esq. Relating to the
Estate of Mr. Palsgrave Alcock. late of Roxbury Dec' 1 and provided
also that my said wife shall make no other challenge or Demand to
my Estate or any part thereof by any way or means whatsoever.

Item. That the Surplussage herein Before Granted or herein after
Disposed of, or the true Value thereof be divided among my children,
that is to say John. Joshua, William, Samuel, Thomas, Elizabeth and
Mehitable or Such as may represent them — first Deducting from
Either of them (Samuel and Mehitable only excepted) so much as
they have Respectively Ree 1 in equal Shares and not otherwise.
Which upon the most Serious Reflections Relating to the Circumstances
of my family and what I have done for sueh of them, I Judge to be
Jutland Equitable — Further my Will is ghat my Son Samuel shall
have, hold and Enjoy my Homestead — Lying on both sides of the
Way, with the Edifices, Buildings and fences, to be to him and his
heirs and assigns forever, he to allow Three Thousand pounds for
the Same and no more In Consideration of his great Prudence,
Industry and Dutiful Behaviour and application in my Business ever
Since his arrival to the age of Twenty one years and that he shall not
be obliged to allow anything for the use of the same, Saving the
annual provision herein before made for the Support of my wife,
during her being my Widow, he providing for her annual support as
per these presents is provided, and also that he pay unto ye four
children of my Dec' 1 Daughter Mary M e Coy, the sum of four pounds,
which I hereby give and Bequeath unto them to be Equally Divided
among them at their arrival at the age of Twenty one years Respec-
tively And, if any of them shall die Before the time of payment,
then ye Said four pounds to be Equally Divided Between the Survi-
vors or Survivor, which S' 1 Sum of 4£ with what I formerly Gave to
my S ,J Daughter Mary, and have Since Done for Some of her children,
amounts, in my opinion, to ye full Share or Child's portion of my

Item. My Will is that my Son John Shall have my Lands Lying
at a place Called Housatonock Containing 1000 acres at what it shall
bo apprised, he to allow for it accordingly in the Distribution of my
Estate to be to him, his heirs, assigns for ever. And, whereas I have
Settled my Son Joshua upon a Tract of Land Containing 268 acres,
as by Deed duly Executed in the Law, Bearing Date the "fifth Day of
December 1~2C> may appear, which Because he hath wrought for me
Some years after he came to man's Estate was then Reckoned' to him
at the Sum of 1<S0£ and for which S tl Sum I have his Bond.

Also my Will is that my Exec tr or Exec tor ' advance and pay unto my
daughter MehitaL'le, so much of her portion as he or they conve-


niently can or may, as Soon after my Decease as her occasion may
require or call for ; but it is not ray Interest that a full Distribution
of my Estate be made until the Space of Two Years be Expired from

and after the Decease of my wife. In Case She dies my Widow or.
If she glial! marry again, then not until three years after her marriage.

Finally. I make and Ordain my well-beloved Sons, Samuel Chand-
ler and Tfiomas Chandler to be Executors of this my Last Will and
Testament, and 1 cheerfully confide in their prudence and faithfulness
to Execute my true Intent in this my Last Will and Testament, and I
hereby Revoke and make null and void all Wills, Testaments and
Bequests, whatsoever by me heretofore made, and I do hereby
Declare these presents to be and contain my only Last Will and

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal in
Woodstock, this Twenty fifth Day of July in the fourteenth year of
his Majestyes Reign. Anno Domini 1740.

John Chandler. [Seal.]

Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced,
and Declared by the S' 1 John Chandler to
be his Last vViil and Testament in presence of

Phebe Abbott

Joseph Lawrence

Benjamin Jacobs

Worcester ss. Worcester Aug. 12, 1743.
(Witnesses.) Sworn before me, John Chandler, Jus. Pads.
Will proved Aug. 17, 1713.

Inventory of the Estate of John Chandler Late of Woodstock,
Exhibited to us by Samuel Chandler and Thomas Chandler Exec tors
Taken this 13 Sept. 1743.

Real Estate in Thompson .... 169 : 00 :

Bartholomew & Mason place Land &c, . . 740 :

A Small piece of Land nigh Capt. Win. Chandler's

in Thompson . . . . . . 15 :

10 acres and f at Hearth Stones

a 6 th of an acre, . . . . . . 32 : 5:0

Housatonick Land 1000 acres . , ... 700 :

Total of all Land £2473 : 05s. Od.
Library Books . . . . , 7.

Horses and horse kind . , . 224.

Neat Cattle 471.

Husbandry Utensils .... 77. 7.
Butter and Cheese .... 55. 18. G

Due from Sam 1 Chandler as per Will 3000.

238G. G.

Personal G221 11 G

£8*699: 16: 6


The children of John and Mary (Raymond) Chandler
wore :

114. '■ Jons, b. in New London, Conn., 18 Oct. 1693 ; m. first, 23

Oct, 1710. Hannah Gardiner, of the Isle of Wight; m.

second. 28 Jan. 1739-40, Sarah Clark, wid. of Hon.

Nathaniel Paine, of Worcester.
Ilii. ii. Joshua, b. in New London, Conn., 9 Feb. 1095-6; m. 16

Feb. 1726-7. Elizabeth Cutler, of Med way, Mass.

116. hi. William, b. in New London, Conn., 3 Nov. 1698; m. 22

May, 1725, .Jemima Bradbury, of Salisbury. Mass.

117. iv. Makv. b. in New London, Conn., 30 April, 1700; m. John

McCoy, of Pomfret.

118. v. Elizabeth, b. in Woodstock, 13 May. 1702: m. 13 Feb.

1728-9, James Frizzed, of Woodstock.

119. vi. Samuel, b. in Woodstock. Conn., 5 Jan. 1703-4; in.

Dorothy Church, of Bristol, R.I.

120. vii. Sarmi, b. in Woodstock, Conn., 11 Oct. 17U5 ; d. 7 March,

1721-2, a. 15 years 5 mos.

121. vtii. Mehitable, b. in Woodstock, Conn.. 10 Aug-. 1707; ni.

1747. Thomas Buckminster. of Brookfield, Mass.
ii2. ix. Thomas, b. in Woodstock, Conn.. 23 July, 1709; m. 23

Nov. 17:32, Elizabeth Elliot, of Windsor, Conn.
123. x. Hannah, b. in Woodstock, Conn., 27 March-, 1711 ; d. 23

May, 1711.


HANNAH 3 CHANDLER {John? William 1 ) and Moses
Draper, Roxbury, Mass.

" 1683 Moses Draper Confessed Jesus Christ, was received
to full Communion and baptized month 12 day 17.'" "1684
Month 1 day 30 . . . Hannah Chandler . . all these female
youtl s took hold on ye Covenant." She bad been baptized,
*• 19 Day 7 month 16(59." [Eliot Church Records.] "A grant
was made, # by the Town, to Moses Draper near Stony River
Bridge, by* Dedham Road, for a blacksmiths shop, to him and
his Successors, for this use and no other." He d. 19 May,

The Estate of Moses Draper, late of Boston, blacksmith, was
administered by his second wife. Mary, who took letters out
for .that purpose "-9 Nov. 1693," on which day an inventory of
it was rendered of £2*5 : 2 : 1 ; consisting of blacksmith's tools.
*tock, &c. and "his first wives wearing cloathes and child bed
Linen £6 : 3 : 0" ; and "Dec. 16 1695" the adm ix exhibited to
She Court a further account of '• £43 : 10 : 0," making the sum
of £29«S : 12:1. One item ot* the charges against the Estate
was "P* for 'Hannah's Schooling 1-8," and another, ''funeral
charges of £10 : 14 : 10, and Munford for grave -tones £1 : L0 : "


" January 2, 1(>05-P> Whereas it appears unto me That there
is remaining clear of the personal debts of the Estate of the
Dec' 1 Moses Draper the sum of £175 : 13 : 9 to be divided and
distributed to and among the s" Mary Draper widow of s d Dec' 1
and Hannah and Moses Draper, Ids two only children (over and
above the Housing and lands of the dec 1 lying at Roxbury in
the County aforesaid, which rest to be settled and divided as
the Law in such cases directs).

" Therefore I order the £1 75 : 13 : 9 surplusage of the per-
sonal Estate, in the manner following to wit. One third part
thereof amounting to ye sum of £58 : 11 : 3 unto the s 1 Mary
Draper widow of the deceased. All the remaining two thirds
part thereof unto the s' 1 Hannah and Moses Draper, only child-
ren of the s d dec' 1 in proportion as following, Viz : To the s' 1 Moses
his only son the Sum of £78 : 1 : 8 being his double part oi
portion of the above, and the s 1 ' Hannah the Sum of £3!) :0 : 10
being her single part or portion thereof to be paid unto the
respective Guardians of the s' 1 children when they arrive at full
a ere . "

Hannah Draper was buried in Roxbury, in the Eustis St, or
Eliot burying-ground, and on the small stone at her grave is,
" Hannah Draper ye wife of Moses Draper aged 22 years 8m"
and 21 Da s dyed June ye 9 1692."

The children of Hannah and Moses Draper were :

i. Hannah Draper, b. in Roxbury, 8 April. 1686 ; m. Jt*hn Gore.
James Draper, her uncle, was, 1 Aug. 1695, appointed guardian
to Hannah, dau. of Moses Draper, of Boston, and he was
ordered by the Court to "take into your possession all and
Singular Such parts and portions of y" Estate" &c. " left by
y r S d Moses."
ii. Elizabeth Draper, b. 17 Nov. 1688 ; d. 17 Nov. 1688.
iii. Moses Draper ; baptized 17 Sept. 1693, at 2d church. "June
27, 1710, Moses Draper, aged upwards of 16 years. Son of
Moses Draper late of Boston, Blacksmith." chose " my hon* 1
uncle Joshua Gee of Boston, Ship wright my Guardian."
Jan. 19, 1711. Administration on the Estate of Moses Draper, of
Roxbury, deceased, shop keeper, was granted to Joseph Grout and
Samuel Gore.

March 15, 1715. Boston appraisers of the estate of Moses Draper,

" House and lands in Roxbury, one smith's shop. Land on Meet-
ing House Hill, bounded towards the north by or on land of Heirs of
John Ruggles late of Roxbury, containing 24 ft. square as may more
fully appear by Deed from Sarah Allen and William Cleves to s' 1
Draper, £3:00:00

Item. S' 1 Draper's interest &c. with his sister Hannah Gore, in
two 19 acre Lots lying within the Township of Woodstock in ye part


<>f it commonly called ' The Old Town Half,' "with the after rights —
his part."

Total, £127:00:0
Sam 1 Gore and wife Hannah, of Norwich, Conn., sold land in
Woodstock to Kben r Wold.


MEIIITAHLE 3 CHANDLER (John, 9 William 1 ) and John
Coit, New London. Conn. He was b. 1 Dec. 1670 ; d. 22 Oct.
1744, a. 74, at New London. He was son of Dea. Joseph 2
Coit, ship carpenter, of New London, who m. 13 July, 1607,
Martha, dan. of William Harris and Edith, of Weathersfield :
and grandson of John 1 Coit. of Glamorganshire, Wales, the first
ship-wright of New London, whose wife Mary died 2 Jan. 1070,
at the advanced age of eighty. This John 1 Coit had a shipyard
on Close Cove, where he worked in company with his son
Joseph 2 Coit and his sons-in-law, Hugh Mould and John
Stevens. He came from Gloucester, Mass., and had a grant
of lind in Xfw London 1650, but died in Gloucester, 29 Aug.

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