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It is in tradition that John 1 Coit ran away from Wales and
from his master, taking his master's daughter Mary Jennes and
his masters bible with him, and brought them to Cape Ann.

There is a traditional remembrance in New London of Mehit-
able Chandler Coit. as a person of unusual energy and power —
physically and mentally ; and possibly her numerous descend-
ants owe to her some of their most valuable qualities. She kept
a journal of one of her journeys from her New London home to
her paternal home in Woodstock, in which journey the house
of her brother-in-law — Rev. Joseph Coit, the first minister at
Plainfield — was a half-way house. This journal may have been
lost, pays Rev. Robt. Coit Learned, in a letter.

In her will, dated 20 Oct. 1752, and approved 10 April.
1759, she crave her daughter Martha Green and her grand-
daughter Elizabeth Gardiner "all my wearing apparel." To
each of whom and "to my Son John," "Joseph" and "my
grand Son Thomas Coit, Son of my Son Thomas Coit," each
" one fifth of my Estate."

John Coit and Mehitable his wife, sold to John Chandler for
£50, land in that part of Ashford, called New Scituate, " the
South East Corner thereof" — her patrimony — on the 7th of
October, 1745. [Reg. of Deeds at Worcester, Mass.]

She d. in New London, 3 Nov. 1759, in her 87th year.

The children of Mehitable and John Coit were :

i. Jons 4 Coit. Jr., b. in New London. Conn., 25 May, 1G90 ; m.
tirst, 2 July. 1718, Grace Christophers* who was b. 14 Nov.


1698, d. 9 Nov. 1745. dan. of Hon. Rich a rd, b. in Eng. 13
July, 1662, son of Christopher Christophers hy his second wife
Grace, dau. of Ezckiel Turner by his wife Mary, dan. of
- Jonathan Brewster ; Ezekiel Turner was son of John, of Scitu-
ato. and grandson of Humphrey Turner. P>y Grace he had
five children. . Married, second, 20 June. 1748, Hannah, dau.
of Henry Gardiner, of North Kingston, and widow of Thomas
Potter, of Newport, ship builder in his father's yard. Bank
street, in 1735. Town Clerk, 1758, Eight children.
ii. Capt. Joseph 4 Coit, b. at New London, 15 Nov. 1698; d. 27
April, 1787, at Norwich, Conn., in the 80th year of his age.
He was a merchant at New London until his children had
settled at Norwich, and then he removed there. tk Coit &
Hubbard, Merchants." He m. first, Mary Iluntting, of East
Hampton, L. I. She died 29 March, 1723, in the 20th year of
her age, leaving one child. She was the dau. of Rev. Nathaniel
Huntting by his wife Mary Green. He m. second, 10 Jan.
1740, Lydia Lothrop, b. 10 Jan. 1694, dau. of Thomas and
Lydia Lothrop. Sailing master, removed to Norwich where he
lies with his wife in the Old Cemetery. He died 27 April,
1787, a. 88. Ten children.

By second wife Lydia he had Lydia Coit. b. 17 June. 1741 ; va. 28 All?.
17»34, William' Hubbard, of Boston, son of Daniel 4 Hubbard, by his
wife Martha Coit. They were cousins.

iii. Samuel 4 Coit, b. in New London, 18 Feb. 1700 ; d. young.
iv. Thomas 4 Coit, b. 1 June, 1702; d. 10 March. 1724, a. 22: m.
5 Nov. 1723, Mary Prentiss, dau. of Thomas and Mary
v. Elizabeth 4 Coit, b. at New London. 22 March, 1704 ; m. 8
Nov. 1720, Capt. Samuel 4 Gardiner. Settled at East Hamp-
ton. Long Island, N. Y. He was the second son of John 3
Gardiner, the third proprietor of Gardiner's Island, by his first
wife, Mary King. He received of his father £1570. Two
vi. Martha 4 Coit, b. at New London, 1 April, 170G; m. first, at
New London, 18 Aug. 1731, Daniel 4 Hubbard, Esq., who was
b. at New Haven, Conn., 3 April, 1706, d. 24 March.. 1741, a.
35 at New London ; Y. C. 1727 ; two years tutor there ; law-
yer at New London, 1731, and sheriff for New London Co.,
Conn., 1735. He had five children.
In his will of 19 Sept. 1740. he gave his wife ik Martha" one third
of his estate, and " also mv Negro Girl," ww to be at her disposal for-
ever." He left his children as follows : Russell, £400 ; Daniel. £300 ;
William. £'300; Lucretia, £200, and Elizabeth, £200.

Sheriff Daniel 4 Hubbard was the posthumous son of Rev. John 3
Hubbard, of Jamaica. L. I., who was b. 9 Jan. 1677, and m. 12 June
1701. Mabel Russell, and d. Oct. 1705, at Jamaica, L. L, leaving
two sons, Col. John and Daniel Hubbard. The Rev. John 3 Hubbard,
minister at Jamaica, h. 9 Jan. 1(177, was the eldest son of John- Hub-
bard, of Ipswich, Mass., and afterwards of Boston, by his wife Anne
dau. of Gov. John Leverett, by his second wife Sarah Sedgwick, and
that John"- 1 Hubbard was son of Rev. William 1 Hubbard, of Ipswich


—the historian — who wash, in England about 1620, and graduated

at Harvard College in 1642, by his 'wife Margaret, only dan. of Rev. -
Nathaniel Rogers of Ipswich.

Mabel Russell, the wife of Rev. John Hubbard, of Jamaica, L. I.,
ami mother of Daniel Hubbard the first, of New Loudon, was the
( .nly dau. of Rev. Daniel Russell, son of Hon. Richard and Matilda
UtinselT. of Charlestown, Mass., by his wife Mehitable Wvllis, second
dau. of Samuel Wyllis, of Hartford, Conn., and Ruth "Haynes, his
wife. This .Samuel Wyllis was son of Gov. George Wyllis, of Hart-
ford, Conn., and was the Secretary of the Colony of Connecticut, who
concealed the charter of that Colony in the hollow of the famous
-Charter Oak" at Hartford ; and his wife Ruth Haynes was the eld-
est dan. of Gov. John Haynes. of Hartford, Conn', by his second
wife Mai. el Harlakenden, who was descended from the Emperor
Charlemagne, from Alfred the Great, and from William the Con-
queror, and from many of the kings and nobles of England. For
more full particulars of this family," the reader is referred to the ad-
mirable genealogy of the " Hyde Family," by Chancellor Walworth.

Mrs. Martha Coit Hubbard m. second, 6 Sept. 1744. Thomas
Greene [see 304], sou of Nathaniel Greene by his wife. Ann Gould,
and had four children by him. She took her five Hubbard children
».o uoo'hju v. iih her. Nine children.
By first husband, Sheriff Daniel Hubbard. .Martha Coit had.
i. Capt. RussellHubbard, b. at New London, Conn., 28 June,
1<32; d. 17«5, at his residence near the Green, Norwich,
Conn. Shipping merchant at New London, but removed to
Norwich during the Revolutionary War. Married 30 June,
1755, Mary, dau. of Eben 1 and Mary Gray, of Newport, R. L
Seven children,
ii. Lucretia Hubbard, b. 18 June, 1734; m. 16 Aug. 1764, Greg-
ory Townsend.
hi. Dankx Hubbard, b. 13 June, 1730; in. 13 July, 17.") 7, Mary
Greene, b. 1 May, 1734, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Gar-
diner Greene.
iv. Elizabeth Hubbard, b. 1738; d. 16 May, 1806; m. 5 March,

1761, Benjamin Greene.
v. William Hubbard, b. 1740; d. 1801; m. first, Lydia Coit. b.
17 June, 1741, dau. of Dr. Joseph Coit by his" second wife
Lydia Lothrop ; m. second, Miss Copley, of Boston. Merchant
at Norwich. He went to Boston 1788. Died in Colchester,

Ry her second husband, Thomas Greene, son of Nathaniel and
Ann Gould Greene, Martha Coit Hubbard had,

vi. Joseph Greene, b. in Boston, 26 Jan. 1745; m. 16 Aug. 1766,
Mary Greene, b. 3 Oct. 174.3, the fourth child of Benjamin
Greene by his wife Mary Chandler, dau. of Judge John and
Hannah Gardiner Chandler, of Worcester.

vu. David Greene, b. 20 June, 1740; d. 21 June, 1812, and buried
at Baliston Spa. H. C. 1768. He travelled in Europe and
the West Indies where he met her who became his wife — Re-
becca Eose, b. 17 Jan. 175'J ; m. 13 Nov. 1777, in Antigua, dau.


of John Rose and Alice Bacon. [See 919.] He associated him-
self with his father-in-law in mercantile pursuits in Antigua,
W. I. He had been proscribed and banished from his coun-
try, lie returned to Boston and was long president of the
Union Insurance Company in Boston. A cabinet likeness of
him was in the keeping of his grandson, Rev. -Ralph Haskins.
viii. Benjamin Gkeene, b. and d. aged one year.
ix. Martha Gkeene, -b. 1751 ; d. 1752.


SARAH 3 CHANDLER (John* William') and William 3

Coit, New London, Conn. He was born 25 Jan. 1075 ; d. 7
May, 1703, at New London, a. 27. He was son of Dea. Joseph 2
and Martha (Harris) Coit, of New London, a brother of her
sister Mehitable's husband, and grandson of John 1 Coit, the
ship carpenter, New London.

She in. second, 2 Sept. 1708, John 3 Gardiner, the third pro-
prietor of Gardiner's Island, as his second wife. He was born
1U April, 1661 : d. 25 June, 1738, a. 78 years, at Groton, while
on a visit there. His death was caused by falling from his
horse. He was buried at Xew London.

The Boston Weekly News Letter of 19 Sept. 172S, says : "A
Spanish pirate went into Gardiner's Island on the 2d hist, and
broke open the house of Mr. Gardiner, proprietor of the Island,
and rifled the house.'" [See 11-1.]

Mrs. Sarah Chandler Coit Gardiner d. 3 July, 1711, in her
35th year.

The children of Sarah CiiandIxEK were :

i. Daniel Coit, Esq., b. 25 Oct. 1698; n. first, 9 May, 1721,
Lydia 3 Christophers, dan. of Richard- Christophers, Esq., of
New London, son of Christopher 1 Christophers. She d. 22
Jan. 1741, leaving one child. He was town clerk of New
London from 17o<! to 1773, except 175'J. He was an active
business man. Miss Caulkins says, " His male descendants
are gone from New London. A rough stone covers the remains
of Daniel Coit, Esq., a man of great note in the affairs of the
town for nearly fifty years." He m. second, 21 Jan. 1742,
Mehitable Hooker, of Hartford, dan. of Samuel Hooker, of
Earmington, by his wife Mehitable. She, Mabel wife of Daniel
Coit, d. 17 Nov. 17<>3.

He m. third, 18 Dec. 1704, Elizabeth Jeffrey, of Groton,
dau. of Capt. Jonathan Starr, of Groton, by his wife Elizabeth

The records of New London say : " The above Daniel Coit
was on the 2d day of February last attacked with a Violent
Cold, which brot on a Consumption in which he languished till


the 19 of July, 1773, when lie Expired without agoiiy at about
two of the clock in the morning." Eight children.

Dr. Coit's servants :

Horn was b. May 7, 17(>0.
Dinah was b, May 9, 1762.
Cato was b. July 17, 17('>5.
Zilpab was b. Nov. 4, 17CS.

ii. Elizabeth 3 Coit, b. Due. 1700; d. young.
iii. William 3 Coit, b. Jan. 1702 ; d. young.

By her .second husband Sarah Chandleu had two children :

iv. Jonathan 4 Gardiner. Dr. Jonathan 4 , Gardiner built a trading
• vessel and went to sea and all on board were lost. Married
Mary Adams, dau. of Rev. Eliphalet Adams by his wife Lydia,
dau. of Alex. Rygan.

1. John 5 Gardiner, b. 7 Oct. 1734; in. Sarah Palmes and had Sarah 6
Gardiner, ni. Jeremiah Gates Brainard; parents of the poet John
Gardiner Calkins Brainard; was b. 21 Oct. 179<3, m New Lon-
don, Conn.

v. Sarah'* Gardiner, b. 28 Feb. 1G8G ; m. 1727. Charles Treat,
son of Thomas Treat by his wife Dorothy, dau. of Rev. Ger-
shom LUiekley. son of Peter Buckley, of Concord, Mass. Rev.
Charles Treat relinquished the ministry and gave his attention
to agriculture.

The genealogy of this family of Gardiners is as follows :

Lion 1 Gardiner; came to this country 1635, at the age of 36,

with his wife Mary. dau. of Dericke Williamson. He pur-
chased the Isle of Wight or Gardiner's Island. His son

David" 2 Gardiner, b. at Saybrook. Conn. 20 April, 1636 ; m.
Mary Leringman. On his monument at Hartford, Conn., is
inscribed •• Well, Sick and Dead in One Hours space." His

John 3 Gakdiner, b. 10 April, 1GG1 ; d. 25 June. 1738 ; buried
in New London, Conn. He was the third proprietor of Gard-
iner's Island. Married, first, Mary King, who d. 4 July, 1707;
m. second. 2 Sept. 1708, Sarah Chandler, dau. of Dea. John
Chandler by his wife Elizabeth Douglas, and widow of William
Coit; she d. *J July. 1711; m. third, Elizabeth Allen, a
widow : m. fourth. Elizabeth Osborn. By his first wife, Mary
King, he had Samuel Gardiner, who m. first, Elizabeth Coit,
dau. of John Coit. by his wife Mehitable Chandler; and Han-
nah Gardiner, who was 1). 11 Dec. 1700; d. 5 June, 1730, at
Worcester, Mass.; in. 23 Oct. 171G, Judge John Chandler.
[See 114.]



Capt. JOSEPH 3 CHANDLER (John, 2 William 1 ) and
Susanna Perrin, Pomfret, Conn. " Joseph Chandler of Masha-
naoquet Entered his intentions of marriage with Susanna J*er-
rin, b. 20 Aug. 1687, of Roxbury, April 24, 1708," and their
marriage " was Solemnized June ye 22' 1 1708." [Woodstock
Records.] She d. 22 Jan. 1755, in the 68th year of her age at
Pomfret, and was buried by her husband, by the Wappaquians
Brook, in Poml'ret. She was the tenth child of John Perrin,
Jr., by his wife Mary, whose father John 1 Perrin, sailed in the
"Safety." John Grant master, Aug. 1635. Had liberty, 1645, to
set up a '• weir " at the Cove in Rehoboth.

i. Jonx Pekrin, was at Braintree. Mass., soon after 1640. Re-
moved to Rehoboth where he held town orlices ; d. 13 Sept.
ltJT-4 ; ra. Hannah [?]
ii. John Perrin, b. in Braintree, or England probably. Held
town orlices in Rehoboth. Was buried May, 1694. He ad-
vanced uiouay to his town in King Philip's War. Married
Mary — .
hi. Susannah PeriuN, b. 20 June, 1087 ; m. Joseph Chandler. She
was the tenth child of John Perrin, Jr. [See quitclaim deed
of her brother David, recorded in town clerk's otlice in Pom-
fret, Conn. 1710.]

Rehoboth people removed to Roxbury to escape the nearer
evils of kimr Philip's war of 1675. [See Savage's Gen. Dic-

. The inventory of widow Susanna Chandler's estate as entered
in the Probate office, 30 Jan. 1755, amounted to £1,335 : 14s.

Mr. Joseph Chandler inherited the estate, 114 acres, in
'* Masaharnoquet on the Line," by the Will of his father, and
wb'ch was to be accounted to him at £20 ; and at a meeting of
the Proprietors of Poml'ret, held 13 May, 1719, he acted as
heir of John Chandler, and was one of the Committee for the
Division of land in Pomfret that, year and afterwards. He was
admitted to the church in Pomfret, 20 April, 1719. He was
collector of taxes in 1726.

His " Mark of creatures was a Swallow tail in ye near Ear,"
as recorded.

Selectmen, Dec. 3, 171b: Dea. [Phile"] Chandler, Abed
Paine and Joseph Chandler.

He d. in Pomfret, 5 Jan. 1749-50, in his (>7th year.

Court of Election* held at Hartford. May 13, 1686 : " WTiere-
as Capt. James Fitch hath purchased the native right of the
Wabaquasset country; and Lt. Rugles and others of Roxbury
are desirous to Setle a plantation in those parts, the which this
Courts grants liberty and approves of — they attending to those


things most accomadahle to the plantation and orders of the
Colony, in which case Maj. John Talcott and Capt. John Allyn
arc to be advised with."

A Patent was issued July Sth to John Blackwell, Esq.. -Capt,
Jaracs Fitch, Lieut. Wjm.' [Samuel] Rugles, Mr. John Gore,
Mr. John Pvcrpoynt, Bcnj !l Saven [Sabin] KSen r , Joseph Griffin,
Samuel Croft, John Grosse [Grosvenor] Seir, John Chandler.
Samuel Ruggles, Jr., John Ruggles, Nath' Wilson, Jr., and
others, proprietors not named, for the "New Plantation," in
the Wab&quasset country. The hounds comprise the present
Township of Pomfret and the north part of Brooklyn. In the
south-east angle of this tract Mr. Blackwell's portion (5000)
was separately laid out as a Township — afterwards named

To the Hon blc the Gen. Assembly of his Majestys Colony of
Connecticut Sitting in Hartford March 11, 1721.

The S* 1 Persons whereof Leicester Grosvenor was Chosen Levvt
and Nathaniel Sessions Ensign were chosen Each of them by n great
majority of Votes upon the Last Monday of March Last and are
humbly presented to your Honors for Approbation and Confirmation.

Certified under my hand this first day of May Anno Dom. 1721.

^JfoyaA. CharLc)u>sr /t£ar/[

Pomfret, Oct l ?t 1729. Leicester Grosvenor made a return to the
Assembly of the train band. Election of officers on the 28 Sept.
1728 of

Lieut Joseph Chandler chosen Captain

Nathaniel Sessions •• Lieut

Noah Sabin *' Ensign

The above was Confirmed by the Assembly.

The children of Joseph and Susanna (Pen-in) Chandler
were :

12.'). i. Joseph, h. in Pomfret, 1 April, 1709 ; d. 19 Aug. 1709.
126. ii. Joseph, b. in Pomfret, 16 June, 1710; in. 24 Dec. 1734,

Elizabeth Sumner.
5 27. ni. David, b. in Pomfret, 28 May, 1712; m. 3 June, 1730,

Mary Allen.
128. iv. Scsasxa, b. in Pomfret. 10 Feb. 1713, old style; m. 20

Dec. 173[5]], Dea. William Sal tin.
121*. v. Peter, b. in Pomfret. 17 May, 1710; d. 14 Jan. 1733;

buried in ' ; Wappaquians " yard. Pomfret.
'30. vi. Dorothy, b. in Pomfret. 12 April, 1718; m. first. John

Mason; m. second. 16 Nov. 1702, Jonathan Curtis.
131. vis. Hr.rzxn.vii, }>. in Pomfret, 12 Aug. 172'); m. Bryant Brown.


l.°»2. vm. Stephen, b. in Pomfret, 25 Aug. 1722: d. 21 Jan. 17.">2,
" in ye 30 th year of his age." He took the oath of
fidelity. April. 1740. in Pomfret. Cooper.

133. ix. Josiaii. 1>. in Pomfret, 2 Oct. 1721: m. first, in Ashford,

5 Nov, 1747. Freelove Carpenter ; in. second. 18 Nov.
1702. Lydia Richardson; m. third. 18 Sept. 1770, Mary

134. x. Euxick. b. in Pomfret, 17 Dec. 172G; ra. 8 Sept. 1748.

Josiah Burlingame.

135. xi. Daxiei., b. in Pomfret, 21 March, 1720, N. S. ; in. in

Ashford, 24 Dec. 1754, Violet Burnham.
13G. xn. Peter, b. in Pomfret, 23 .June. 1733; in. first, 20 Sept.
17">7. Mary Hodges; m. second. 21 Mareh, 1798,
Abigail Wales.

jjotitti] anu jTtftt) Generations.


Ensign JOHN 4 CHANDLER (John, 2 Thomas* William, 1 )
and Hannah 4 Frye, Andover, Mass. She was 1>. 12 April,
1683; d. "wife of Ensign John Chandler,*' 1 Aug. 172 r, in
child-bed, a. 44 years 3 mos. 11' days.

She was dan. of Samuel 3 Frye, b. 1650, by his wife Mary,
dan. of John Aslett or Aslebee, gr.-dau. of Robert 2 Frye. who
m. Ann, who d. in Andover, 22 Oct. 1680 ; and gr.-gr.-dau. of
John Frye, of Basing, Hants, Eng.

He was a farmer in West Parish, on "the Chandler Home-
stead,*' where his gr.-grandson Capt. Joshua Chandler resided
in 1871. "They were both admitted to full communion with
the Church in" Andover, 13 July, 1712.

" In 1713, the 12 th year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady,
Anne, Queen of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Samuel
Blunt sold to Corp 11 John (.'handler and his brother Zebadiah. 3
parcells of land in Andover, one of which was in the Russ
Meadow." Serg. John Chandler was surveyor in 1716-20;
selectman in 1720. Ensign John Chandler was selectman and
overseer of the poor in 1725, 6 and *. He "was chosen a
Trustee of the town, to take out of the Provence Treasury
their aforesaid part of £60,000." &c. Sept. 1!», 1732, Capt.
John Chandler was moderator of a town meeting in Andover.

"Ens, John Chandler was made ehoise of as a messenger to
the ordination of Rev. Timo. Walker, at Penny Cook, which is


to 1)0 on the 18 th ." [Church Rec, So. Parish, And., Nov. 8,

In those days, when athletic sports were fashionable and
excellence in them a test of manly character. Ens. John Chand-
ler acquired the appellation of ,k The wrestler."' and became
celebrated for his feats in that line ; and finding no champion
who could throw him, and being informed that the Rev. Mr.
Wise, of Ipswich, excelled in this art and had not been thrown,
he made a journey to Ipswich on purpose to try his strength
and skill. Mr. Wise, on being requested to wrestle, declined,
having -relinquished the practice as unsuitable to his ministerial
character. Being earnestly solicited, however, by Mr. Chand-
ler, they went into the door-yard, which was fenced by a wall
set in the bank, and took hold and began to play, when Mr.
Wise suddenly, with a trip and a twitch, threw him over the
wall upon his back. Mr. C. rose and requested another trial,
but Mr. AVise refused. So the Ensign returned home sadly

The gr. -grandson of Ens, John Chandler used to relate that
on one occasion, when his ancestor Ens. John Chandler, of
Andover, went to Newburyport, he was impressed by three of
the King's officers, saying to him as they laid their hands on
his shoulders. "The King needs your services." He told them
he wished to be excused, as his family required his care, dec.
To which the reply was, •* We can't help that. The King
needs your services, you will go with us." Apparently yield-
ing, he walked quietly along until they reached a spot where a
house had been burned down and where there was a deep cellar,
with ashes and half consumed timbers still burning, then turn-
ing round quickly he seized them, one by one, and threw them
all into the cellar, where he left them and went his way.

By acknowledgment 31 March, 1730, before Henry Rolfe,
Justice of the Peace, John Chandler, Sen. of Andover, Gentle-
man, sold for £4oO, "to my Son John Chandler. Jun 1 ' of s' 1
Andover. my Homestead Lot " of 15 acres on the ,k North Side
of the road against -John Wilson's dwelling house, bounded on
the North End with Abiel Chandler's land, on South East End
by road."

In the Will of Ens. John Chandler, dated 20 April, 1741,
and proved 1 June. 1741, there may be found the following-
extracts. His son Nathan was named as sole Executor.

He d. 3 May, 1741, in Andover, in his <>2d year.

L 'To my Eldest Son John one half of. the Samuel Jones Lott Lyinp;
and being in ye Township of Rumford as may appear to be bounded
on the Proprietors Book."

" To my well beloved Son Nathan." " all the Lands that I have in
Aiiflover with all my buildings on the same, That is to Say all my

62 tup: chandler family.

tillage Land, pasture, meadow ground with all the fences belonging
thereto, with all the Stock of Creatures, excepting what I shall here-
after Dispose of mentioned in this my Will (By Creatures I mean
horse kind. Cattle, Sheep and Swine) .and. all my Husbandry toois
and Tackline. Also I give to my s' 1 Son Nathan all my Cyder
Barrills. powdering tubs and Corn tubs and Sacks for Corn and all
my Blacksmith tools."

The inventory of his Estate comprised, " 1.3 Acres both sides of
the road," the Homestead: "15 Acres" on the road from the So.
Meeting House to the No. Meeting House : 20 Acres by the road to
Blanchard Pond Brook : 40 Acres on westerly side of the Pond
Brook : 4fi Acres on westerly side of the Pond Brook ; 20 Acres in
Merrimac Woods ; 5 Acres in Rough meadow and in Clay Pitts
meadow ; one Right and a half in Rumford, at £390 ; Blacksmith's
Tools £17.

Children of. John and Hannah (Frye) Chandler :

137. i. John, b. in Andover. May 1702; m. 5 Jan. 1727. Tabitha

Abbot, both of Andover.

138. n. Joshua, b. in Andover, 170"); m. 18 Feb. 172!). Sarah

Chandler, of Andover.
1-39. in. Nathan, b. in Andover, 31 Jan. 1708; -m. 14 May, 1729,
Priscil-la Holt.

140. xv. Hannah, b. in Andover, 1709; member of church in

Andover; m. 4 June, 1721). Timothy Ballard.

141. v. M.vrtv. b. in Andover, May; 1712; bapt. 11 May, 1712; d.

28 Dec. 1728.

142. vi. Phebk, b. in Andover. 2 Jan. 1715; bapt. 9 Jan. 1715;

m. 1 January, 1735, Henry Lovejoy, Jr., both of Ando-

143. vii. Auiel, b.. in Andover, 14 Nov. 1717; bapt. I Dec. 1717;

m. 18 March, 1742, Rebecca 3 Abbot.

144. viii. Samuel, b. in Andover, 14 Nov. 1717; bapt. 1 Dec. 1717;

d. 9 Dec. 1717, " One of the Twins."

145. ix. Lvdia, b. in Andover, 10 Aug. 1720; bapt. 14 Aug. 1720;

m. 30 Nov. 1711, Dea. Hezekia . Ballard, Jr.

146. x. Samuel, 2d, b. in Andover, 2 Aug. 172-'i ; •• Bapt. Samuel

Son of Ens. John Chandler, 18 Aug. 1723. by S.

Phillips" [Chh. Rec] ; d. 2i) Sept. 1723.
117. xi. Isaac, b. in Andover. 22 Feb. 1725: bapt. 28 Feb. 1725;

d. 10 March, 1725.
148. xn. Dokcas, b. in Andover, 18 July, 1727; bapt. 23 July,

1727 ; d. 2 Aug. 1727, the next day after her mother.


ZEBEDIAH 4 CHANDLER (John,* Thomas* William') and
Sarah Abbot, Andover, Mass.

She was dau. of Dea. John'-' Abbot, the oldest child of
George 1 Abbot, by his wife Hannah- Chandler, and Sarah, dan.
of Richard Barker. [See 2.]


She was b. 7 Dee. 1680; d. 6 March, 1754, a. 73. He. m.
second, 2 ( J March, 1756, Mrs. Elizabeth Abbot, who d. 29
July, 1756, the same year of her marriage. lie lived in the
West Parish, and joined the church in S. Parish, 1 Feb. 1713,
and d. a member thereof 20 June, 17l>(>, a. 84 years. He was
field driver in I714-T7-19; surveyor in 1721-26. -'1734-5
Zebediah Chandler was chosen, 3 March, Constable for the
ensuing year. At the same time, the s' 1 Zebediah Chandler paid
five pounds, and so was dismissed from serving Constable

Online LibraryGeorge ChandlerThe Chandler family : the descendants of William and Annis Chandler who settled in Roxbury, Mass., 1637 (Volume 1) → online text (page 7 of 44)