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for the Ensuing year," and signed his Will 23 Sept. 1763, with
an -f- mark. He d. 20 June, 17(H), in his 84th year.

The children of Zebediah and Sarah (Abbot) Chandler
were :

11 ( J. i. Sarah, b. 1708; m. 18 Feb. 1729, Joshua 5 Chandler. [See

I.jO. ii. Joanna, b. lrlO; in. 3 June, 1728, Joseph Shattuck, of

151. in. Pkiscilla, b. 2G April. 1713 ; m. 22 .Inn. 173G, Samuel
- Phelps,

1.32. iv. Mehitable, b. 1717; in. 2ij Jan. 173.S. Caleb Lovejoy : she
was dismissed from ehh. in Andover to church in Sun-
cook, 21 May, 1738.

153. v. Eeizabeth, b. Feb. 1721 ; m. 26 March. 1741. David Love-
joy, of Suneook.


ABIEL 4 CHANDLER (JoJin* Thomas* William^) and
Hepzibah Hardin, Andover, Mass. She was dau. of Richard
Hardin in Boston, and Ilarridon in Reading, where she was

They were published 20 Jan. 1711, and married "2'2 March,
1711 ; he died 1 Sept. 1711, in Andover, and she m. second,
20 Sept. 1724, Timothy 4 Chandler, son of Thomas 3 and Mary
(Peters) Chandler, cousin of her first husband.

Child of Abiel and Hepzibah (Hardin) Chandler was :

• 54. i. Ar.iAL. b. 11 Dec. 1711; d. June. 1780; a member of the
church in S. Andover, into which she was received 18 Sept.
1774, from the church in Pembroke, N. II. ; in. 13 May,
1731, David 4 Chandler, both of Andover. [See 54.]


HANNAH 4 CHANDLER (John, 3 Thomas* William 1 ), and

lHtnicl a Abbot, Woodstock, Conn. He was b. in Andover,


Mass., 10 Jan. 1688; d. in Woodstock; son of Capt. George 2
Abbot, by his wife Dorcas Graves. [See 2.]

He was selectman in Woodstock, 1 728.

At a Court of Probate held in Woodstock in and for the
County, .of Worcester, 19 July. 1731, the Will, of which the
following is an abstract, was presented for approbation. In
this Will of 3 Nov. 17i )( J, and which was proved 30 Aug. 1731,
he says : " I Daniel Abbot of Woodstock, in ye Co. of Suffolk
in his Majesty's Prov. Mass. Buy, give to Hannah, my beloved
wife, all my household goods'' during her being my widow and
the profits of one third part " of all my other estate." " But,
in ease my wife shall marry again, then I give and bequeath j
unto her during the term of her natural life only one half of
what is above Expressed." " 1 srive unto niv Son, Daniel
Abbot the sum of £30 to be paid him by my Executors when
he shall arrive unto the age of twenty one years. Also I give j
him a gun." " I give niy son Joseph Abbot £lo, at the age of
twenty one. Also I give him a gun. I give all my wearing
apparel to, my Sons-" equally, " I give unto my Daughters all
my household goods," " one half of them when and as soon as
my wife shall marry again, the remainder" at her decease. All
the rest k ' of my Estate I bequeath unto my nine Children"
Daniel, Joseph, Nathan. John, Hannah, Dorcas, Elizabeth,
Phebe and Sarah. To each of my Sons £100 and to each of
my Daughters £60, at their arriving at the age of twenty one
years respectively, or at their marriage.

"And my will is that my children be all put out into good
families to be brought up in the fear of God and to some proper
calling suitable to their capacity," " and for as much as it is
probable that my wife may' be with child," " the charge of
bringing it up to six years, shall be bourn out of my Estate
and it shall have an Equal portion with his brothers and sisters."

"• Finally 1 make and ordain my well beloved friend Maj.
John 3 Chandler, Sole Executor of this my last will, and I
hereby confide cheerfully in ye prudence and faithfulness of
him ye s 1 John Chandler to Execute my true intent in this my
last will.

Daniel Abbot."

The inventory of this Estate exhibited 30 Aug. 1731,
embraced the homestead of about 40 acres, dwelling house and
barn and •* cyder mill "' at £500. !> cows and 4 calves, £, r )3 : 13.
Shoemakers' tools, 5s. Total, £1,285 : 6:11.

The children of Hannah and Daniel Abbot were :

i. Hannah* Abbot, b. 12 Sept. 1712; d. 3 March, 1734; in. 2
Jau. 173U, John Liartholoinew, both of Woodstock.


ii. DORCAS 4 Abbot, b. 1G Dec. 171o; d. 22 Aug. 1798; m. 11
Sept. 1740. Thomas Chaffee.

iii. Damki. 1 Abbot, V>. 18 Feb. 1 7 1 ."> ; d. Feb. 1741; farmer in
Woodstock. Benj. Frissell was executor of his estate, iu
which was included a gun and a cutlass. He gave in his will,
approved o Nov. 1741, "My Honored Mother Hannah
Bartholomew." " the Sole use and benefit of my Estate,"
during her life. And then to his brothers and sisters, and
children of his sister Elizabeth.

iv. Joseph 4 Abbot, I). 19 Dec. 171G; d. 22 Sept. 1770; in. 25
April, 17o'S. Abigail Cutler, of Woodstock. Conn.

v. Elizabeth 4 Abbot, b. 9 July, 1719; d. I Jan. 1785; m. 27
May, 1737, Matthew Murray, both of Woodstock.

vi.;' Abbot, b. 7 April. 1721 ; d. 30 May, 1756; m. 2U Aug.
1712, Ebenezer Holmes, both of Woodstock.

vii. Nathan 4 Abbot, b. 1G Aug. 1723; d. 14 Jan. 1793, at Wood-
stock. 7
viii. Infant. 4

ix. John 4 Abbot, b. 11 Jan. 172G; d. 7 March, 1806; m. 28 Nov.
1750. Mary Wright; she was b. 2'J Sept. 1730; d. 30 May.
1<SJ1. in Woodstock. Two children.

v. S.u;ai! 4 limox, b. 5 May, 1728 ;d. 7 Aug. 1802.

xi. Gkouoe 4 Abbot, b. 21 Jan. 1730; d. 16 March, 177G.


SAUA1E CHANDLEE (John* Thomas* William 1 ) and
Lieut. Joseph 1 Wright, Woodstock, Conn. He was !>. in
Andover, Muss.

At a meeting of the proprietors and other inhabitants of the
:-outh half of Woodstock, 1") April, 174(5, it was " Voted y l
Capt. Joseph Wright, Mr. W™ Lyon, Lev 1 Edward Morris and
Henry Lknven l>e the Committee"**' for Disposing of Sundry
piece, of Land Given by the Proprietors of the South half of
Woodstock to the Inhabitant.- for public uses," " for y" Benefit
of a School in y South half ot* Woodstock. That is to Say,
the Principle to be Kept Good for Ever and the Interest to be
annually laid out lor that Sarvis and no other." This action
was probably the origin of the Academy there.

Lieutenant Joseph" Wright and Mrs. Elizabeth Chamberlain,
of Woodstock, were married, 5 Dec. 17o7, by Hon. John
Chandler. Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, wife to Capt. Joseph
Wright, died in Woodstock, 28 Dec. 1746. He had by his
second wife four children. Capt. Joseph Wright, of Wood-
stock, was published to Mrs. Hannah Ashley, of Hartford,
l * ve 10 day of October 1747/'

Delivered for collection to constable Joseph Wright, tax for
the town of Woodstock, £24 : 4 : 4.


The Boston Xcws Letter of 24 March, 1737, has the follow-
ing: "On Wednesday the 16th instant, at Night, a very
Sorrowful Providence happened at Woodstock. A very fine
house belonging to John Chandler, Jun. Esq. of Worcester,
hut then hi Occupation of Lieut Joseph Wright, eatch'd on
Fire and was Consumed with" all the Furniture and Provisions,
together with three Persons — Mr. Wright's wife, his Son and
a Xegro Servant. We hear that Mrs. Wright had got out and
Escaped the flames, but perceiving her dear Child left behind,
She, out of tender affection and Concern for him, ventured in
again to Save his Lift-, but in the attempt lost her own."

The town records of Woodstock have this notice of the above
calamity: •• Mrs. Sarah Wright, the wife of Lieut. Joseph
Wright, aged about 44 "years and Abial Wright Son of Said
Joseph Wright by Sarah his wife, having just completed the
11th year of his age, and John Page a Servant to Said Wright
aged about 30 years, were all burnt to (jeath the following night
after the loth day of March 173(5-7 in the Dissolution of his
House by Fire."

On account of having received and paid out "Land Rank
Bills," which had become legally obnoxious; the militia officers
in Wood>tock voluntarily gave up, 1740, their commissions.
The officers of the first company were : Samuel Chandler,
Capt. ; Joseph Wright, Lieut. ; John Frizzel, Ens.

John Chandler, jr. of Woodstock, for £90 paid by Joseph
Wright, of Woodstock, husbandman, sold "a Certain peice or
Lot of land Seituate in Woodstock aforesaid near adjoining to
Wabaquassett Hill, containing by Estimation nine acres and
three quarters more or less, bounded Southerly and Easterly on
Highway, West on land of John Johnson and North on land now
belonging to the s a Joseph Wright," and signed '< IS May, in
the Eleventh year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord Geonie
of Great Britain and 1725.

John Chandler [seal.]

I am Content Hannah Chandler [seal.]

In presence of Daniel Abbot, Sam 1 Lillie, 1726,"

After 1749 when Woodstock went off from Massachusetts
constable Durkee ordered a number of citizens assembled in
Joseph Wright's public house to assist him in releasing the
prisoner Seth Hodges from the hands of the Massachusetts
Sheriff Flagg of Worcester.

The children of Sakaii and Joseph Wiiioht were :

i. Joseph- Wright, b. at Andover, Mass., 171.) ; admitted freeman
in Woodstock. Conn., 1 74'J ; m. 2'2 May, 1735, Abigail
Chaffee. Five children.


ii. Sarah- Wright, b. at Andovcr, 17 Aug. 171") ; m. 5 Jan. 1734,

Edmund Chamberlain,
iii. Hannah- Wright, b. 20 June. 1717, m. 8 Jan. 1735, Beniley

iv. Hefzibah 2 Wright, b. at Anclover, 14 Oct. 1720; m. 16 Dec.

173«*., Enos Bartholomew, both of Woodstock.
v. Mary 2 Wright, b. in Woodstock, Conn.. 5 Aug. 1722.
vi. John 2 Wright, b. 20 April. 1724; d. 13 Jan. 1731. in Wood-
vii. Abiei/ 2 Wright, b. 11 March, 172G ; was burnt to death "the

night following the 15 day of March, 1736-7," a. 11 years,
viii. Abigail 9 Wright, b. 15 Feb. 1728; bapt. 18 Feb. 1728; m. 20

Apr. 174'.'. Abigail Corbin.
Lx. Dorothy 2 Wright, b. 3 April. 1730.
x. Dorcas 2 Wright, b. 11 March, 1732; m. 26 April, 1750,

Thomas Jewell, of Mansfield,
xi. John 2 Wright, b. 29 June, 1734.


ELEANOR 1 CHANDLER ( William* Tliomas? William')
and Seth 1 Walker, Charlestown, N. H. lie died 7 July, 1772.
On a slate-stone, two by two feet, in the graveyard at Gharles-
town, is inscribed :

Here lies Buried

Mr. Seth Walker

Who dyed July 7 th

1772 In the 81 5t year of

his age.
Strength and Heart fail.

And on another stone by its side is inscribed :

Mrs. Eleanor Walker

died Nov. 6 th 1769

in her 75 th year.

He was one of the proprietors under the X. H. Charters of
Charlestown. Xo. 4. He was there as early as 1750.

He was probably son of Joseph Walker, of Billerica, for Mr.
Joseph Walker, in his old age, came to Charlestown and resided
with Seth and Eleanor Walker.

'* My Father, as I [Rev. A. Chandler] have heard him say,

had an aunt who was married to Walker, and lived at

Charlestown Xo. 4."

Rev. A. Chandler, of Greenfield, said: " Eleanor Walker,
vvifc of Seth Walker," as tradition has it, "was a small, but a
very strong woman. She could set barrels of Cyder into the


cart as fast as a man could roll them up to her." And he said,
" Col. Seth Walker, of Cftarlcstowrt, was a Cousin of my father,
Mr. Moses Chandler, of Deeriield."

" T Elener Chandler of Andover spinster, for forty fire
pounds Current Money of New England paid me by Joseph
Phelps of Andover. do sell land and meadow," containing about
8 acres, " housing and orchard in Andover, tenth Dec-ember in
the 13 th year of the- Reign of- our Sovereign Lady Anne, Queen
of Great Britain, 1713.

In presence of her

Christopher Osgood, Elcner E Chandler."

Stephen Barnard. " i:irk

The children of Eleanoh and Setti WiLLKEii were :

i. Samuel 2 Walkek, b. 30 Oct. 1721 : d. 15 Doc. 1817, a. 00. in
Shirley, Mass. ; m. Mary Stratton, of Wajbertown. She died
7 Dec. 1794, a. 72. in Shirley. Capt. Samuel Walker was
chosen treasurer of the town of Shirley at its organization.
Seven children.

ii. Abel 2 Walker, b. at Groton, 20 April. 1734 ; published 23 Jan.
1707. and m. 26 Feb. 1707. to Elizabeth Parker, dau. of Isaac
Parker, Jr. by wife Mary and widow of Phincas Graves. She
died 8 Oct. 1800, a. 62, at Charlestown, N. H. Abel Walker
was Inn Holder. He was Captain of a Company to join the
Continental forces at Quebec, 1770: went to Ticonderoga —
became Colonel. Abel Walker, nonstable at Charlestown. N.
H., 1704. chosen 13 March. Six children.

iii. Stbil 2 Walkek, b. at Groton, 23 March, 1736.


WILLIAM 4 CHAXPLER ( William? Thomas? William 1 )
and Susanna Burge, Westford, Mass.

William Chandler, of Billcrica, bought of William Gaines,
of Billcrica, 18 Dec. 1714, land in Billcrica; acknowledged 9
Aug. 1716, and recorded 14 July, 1720. William Chandler,
of Billcrica, clothier, bought of N. Longlcy for £133, several
messauges of land in Chelmsford. 3 July,. 1724: 1st parcel on
Key's Brook, of 10 acres ; 2d parcel, of 20 acres, on both sides
of Stone Brook: 3d. saw-mill land: 4th. land by Flushing
Pond; 5th, land, 60 acres, bounded east by land of Map
Henchman, deceased.
• William Chandler, of Billcrica, sold to X. Spake, for £300,
one messuage or house lot of !>. r > acres in Billcrica. on the west
side of Concord River, with dwelling house and barn, bounded
northerly by Broad Meadow, westerly by Chelmsford line.
Deed signed, William Chandler, and his wife Susannah by her
mark, Aug. 4, 1724.


Mr. Chandler, of Chelmsford, for £150 paid by X. Spake,
Jr. of Billenca, sells !>5 acres of land in Billerrca, bounded on
west side bv Concord River, westerly by Chelmsford line, 16
July, 1727/

In the graveyard in Westford. Mass., on a slate-stone, two
by three feet, is inscribed :

Here Lies the Body of

Mr. William Chandler

who departed this Life

July the 27 th 1756

Being 67 Years

and 7 days old.

"We William Chandler, clothier ; Moses Chandler, Black-
smith; Isaac Chandler, Husbandman, all of Westford, Mass. ;
John Chandler of New Plantation, called New Ipswich, X. II..
for £U» paid by Aaron Chandler and Joseph Chandler of Peters-
ham, Mass. ,T scl! land, £e. in Petersham, Nov. 12, 1756, in
the loth of His Majesty's reign, in presence of Lawson Peed,
Sylvanus How. Samuel Chandler and John Chandler. March
15, 1774, the above-named William, Moses and Isaac, all
personally appeared and owned the instrument, &c. June 2,
1774, the above John Chandler appeared, &c. " Feb. 2n,
177(5, Pec' and Entered, Timo. Paine. Registry of Deeds,
Worcester Co."'

"I Aaron Chandler, of Westmoreland,*' X. II., for £100
paid by Joseph Chandler of Winthrop, County of Pownal-
borough, Mass. Bay, sell land in Petersham, Mass., 22 March,
1774 — 14th of His Majesty's reign. Signed, Aaron Chandler.

The children of William and Susanna (Purge) Ciiandlei;

155. i. Benjamin (-pwka-kly son of William and Susanna). I).
about 1718: m. first, 2 Oct. 1743, Hannah Dutton, hoth
of Westford ; m. second. Martha Rice, to whom he was
published 21 April, 17X1. both of Petersham.

I5fi, n. William; m. 28 Nov. 17.30. Dorcas Blood, both of West-

157. in. Moses, b. 10 Aug. 1720; <1. 16 March. 1800, at Wilton,

Me. ; m. first, 28 June, 1712. Dorothy Marble, resident
in Andover : ra. second. 19 March, 1 702, Elizabeth
Kendall of Leicester, N. IT.

158. iv. Aauon; m. 4 April, 174!), Ruth Butterfield, hoth of West-


159. v. John. b. in Chelmsford, 27 Sept. 1 72.7 ; d. 10 Jan. 1812;

in. 14 Feb. 17."»4. Lydia Taylor. He *• of New Jpswieh,"
and she •• of Towusend." ►*


100. vi. Hf.jtky. b. 20 March'/ 1727 ; killed 14 July, 1748, by a band
of French and Indians, about half ;i mile from Fort
Dummer. and his body was found by Capt. Stevens.
who with thirty men set out on the news of a conflict j
having reached No. 4 (Charlestown, N. H.)i for North- I
• field. [Hist. Eastern Vermont.] " "}

161. vrr. JosEpn, b. at Westford, 20 Jan. 1720; d. 26 July. 1807, "

a. 78 years, at Winthrop. Me. He resided with his
niece, Deborah (Jennings) Chandler, at Winthrop, and
left her his property. [See 4.">o.] Did he enlist for the
town of Hingham, in Capt. Robert Allen's Co. under
Col. Z. Alden ; M. Barker, muster master? -

162. vm. Isaac, b. at Westford. 7 Dec. 1730; m. 1 Nov. 1750,

Betty Proctor.

163. ix. Rachel, b. 2 April, 1732; bapt. April. 1732. in West-

ford: m. 29 Aug. 17.")7. Thomas Spalding, both of

164. x. Sarah, b. 17 May, 1734; bapt. 27 May, 1734, by Rev.

Wm. Rogers.

165. xi. LvniA. b. 10 Dec. 173') : bapt. 14 Dec. 1735 : m. in Town-

send. 22 Dec. 1757. Jonah Crosby, of New Ipswich.
Was he son of Robert Crosby by his wife Mehitable 4
Chandler, dau. of Joseph 3 and Mehitable (Russell)
ir»f>. xn. Samuel: bapt. 24 April. 1736.

167. xin. Sarah, b. 18 March. 1739; bapt. 25 March, 1730; died 3

Oct. 1706; m. Benjamin"' Spalding, who was b. 15
March. 1738. son of .lames, 4 son of Andrew, 3 son of
Andrew- and son of Edward 1 Spalding.

a.' Susan Spalding, b. 1 Jan. 17fi0; cl. in Jeffrey; in. John Wheeler.

b. Willard Spalding, b. 7 Dec. 1701; m. 1785, Anna Brown.

c. Ben jam in Spahlinir. b. ."> Sept. 1703; in. 1780, Sarah French.

d. Sarah Spalding.

e. William Spalding.

f. Reuben Spalding, h. 21 March, 17G8; in. 17f>o, Polly, dan. of Rufus


168. xiv. Jacob? [Hist, of Winthrop, p. 177.]

46 •

MOSES 4 CHANDLER (William, 3 Thomas? William 1 ) and
Anna 4 Sanborn, Lancaster, Mass! She was 1>. 10 Sept. 1600;
dau. of Stephen 3 Sanborn, of Hampton, \. II.. who was !>. 4
Sept. 1671. and who married 26 July, 160H, Hannah Philbrick ;
and gr.-dnu. of William- Sanborn, Esq., by his wife Mary
Mouiton : and great gr.-dau. of John 1 Sanborn, by his wife Miss
Bachelor, dau. of Rev. Stephen Bachelor, of England, Lynn,
Mass., and Hampton. N. II.

Extracts from Capt. John Lovcwcll's Journal :

11 Jan. "27. 1721. Groton find Lancaster men eame to Dunstable."
t; .Jan. 28. Haverhill and IMlIerica men came to Dunstable."


«» Feb. 18. We encamped at (4 rout l J ond on Siico River."
"Feb. 20. Killed 10 Indian men."

" Record of Person" W'n ye 10 Indian men were killed [among the
<;i was] Moses Chandler."

The tamou* hut fatal expedition of Capt. John Lovewell-
oeeurred the next year, for some account of which, see " Ser-
inon occasioned bv the Fall of the Brave Capt. John Lovewell,
at Piggwacket, pronounced at Bradford, Slay lb", 1725, by
Thomas Symmes, V. D. M." Extracts iVoin the same:

" About the 16 April 1725, the Brave Lovewell began his
march from -Dunstable for Piggwacket, with 4<> men under his
command. " The *• Chaplain was Mr. Jonathan Frie, only son
of Capt. James Frie, of Andover, educated at the College,
1723. *' kb The Indian who shot (apt. Lovewell with beaver
shot," '* was shot-by Ens. Seth Wvman," "and Mr. Frie TKev.
Jonathan] with another, scalped him." This chaplain Frie
" fought with undoubted courage till the middle of the after-
noon, when he was mortally wounded."

I Moses Chandler of Lancaster, for 618 paid by Gamaliel Bcanian,
of s u Lancaster, Sell one half part of all after Divisions hereafter
granted, and land that belongs to the Lott. I have or Right in ye
Town Lately grunted by ye Great and General Court to those that
were Volunteers under the Command of Capt. Lovel and Capt. John
White. Dee' 1 ; and said Township Lyeth adjoyning on ye West and
North Westerly-Side of Portland, and ye s d Lott. Share or Right is
No. 38 which Division I reserve unto myself and the other half of all
after Divisions of upland and meadow I have sold unto my Brother
William Chandler, and ye above said Half-Division hereby sold unto
Gamaliel Beaman his heirs and assigns. 31 May. 1735.

Moses Chandler, [seal.]

Recorded 11 May, 173S.

Moses Chandler, late of Lancaster, now. 3 April, 173(5, of Shrews-
bury, bought land in Shrewsbury for which he paid £80.

The children of Moses and Anna (Sanborn) Chandler
were :

1G9. i. Hannah ; m. at Harvard, 7 Aug. 1744, Joseph Whitney.

170. u. Sanbokn" ; m. Hannah .

171. m. Emphalet ; d. at the taking of Cape Breton. The estate of

•' Eliphalet Chandler, husbandman," was appraised at
Lancaster. Mass., 21 May. 1747. Wages and bounty,
£8:16. Land in Road Town. 3: 15. His whole estate
amounted to £52 : 19 : 9, old tenor. His debts to £10:
15 : 6. His brother Sanborn was administrator, and made
oath to the above. 20 Aug. 1747, at Worcester, before
Joseph Wilder, Judge of Probate. .

172. iv. Mosks, b. at Laueaster, 13 July, 1732; in. first, 14 June,

1754, Persia Harris; m. seeond, Susan May, widow of
Mr. Ballard.
*73. v. As in ; m. at Lancaster, 11 Jan. 1758, John Farrar.



ANXIS 1 CHANDLER .( llmmas? Thomas? William') and
Josiah 1 Johnson. They were " both of Andover." She in.
second, Benjamin Bobbins.

Her children were :

i. David 5 Johnson, 1>. 20 Aug. 171.3.

ii. Mart 2 Johnson, b. 10 Nov. 1711).

iii. Josiah 2 Johnson, b. 2 April, 1722.

iv. Isaac 2 Johnson, b. 17 July, 1724.


ELIZABETH 1 CHANDLER (Thomas? Thomas? William')
and John 1 Stevens, Andover.

Their children were :

i. John- Stevens, b. in Andover, 23 Jan. 1 718.
ii. Isaac- Stevens, b. 18 Aug. 17,19.
iii. Dk^otlui 2 Stevens, b. 21 July^ 1721.
iv. Elizabeth" 3 Stj-.vens, b. 7 Aug. 1723.
v. Thomas- Stevens, 1>. 9 Aug. 1724.
vi. Daniel 2 Stevens, b. 27 Jan. 172U.
vii. Elizabeth 2 Stevens, b. 21 Oct. 1730.
viii. Dorcas 2 Stevens, b. 22 Feb. 1733.


TIMOTHY 4 CHANDLER (Thomas? Thomas? William')
and Hepzibah Hardin, widow of Abiel 1 Chandler, his cousin,
'' both of Andover." Timothy 4 Chandler and Hepzibah Chan-
dler, both of Andover, published 20 Sept. 1724. She, "relict
of Timothy 4 Chandler, died March 17, 1783,'' in Andover,
"aged 5*4 yrs. t> m." He was chosen, 171(5, constable in

"I Timothy 4 Chandler of Andover, do make this my last
Will,"' &c. •• That is to say principally and first of all. I give
and recommend my Soul into the Hands of God that gave it,
and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be decently buried
at the Discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but [ shall
receive the same again at the General Resurrection by the
Almighty Power of Cod : and touching such temporal Estate/'

" Imprimis, I give Hepzibah my beloved Wife, so long as
she remains my Widow, the use and Improvement of the South
East Corner room of my Dwelling House, the lower room, Cel-
lar, Chamber and Garret, and I will that my Son-in-Law Ben-
jamin .Vines shall provide all things for my said wife, both for


I Ik> Comfort and Necessaries of Lite, both food, raiment and
tire (wood) and wherewith to treat her friends that shall eoroe
io see her and provide nurses and Doctors in ease of Sickness
or Lameness, and as her aire or Infirmities shall require, and
( roc a Suitable Horse and Person to ride before her to
Meeting, and as she shall see reason at other times."

" Item. I give my s d wife the use of all the House Hold
Goods that she brought with her when married, and at her
Decease they shall be divided, the one half to her Daughter
Abial that she had by her former Husband, and the other half
Equally between my two Grand Daughters, Hannah and Ilepzi-
l»ah, Daughters of my said Son" in Law Benjamin Ames."

"Item. I give," &c. to Benjamin Ames, "my Negro Ser-
vant named George."

" Item. My Grand Son Timothy Ames." " My will is that
my Grand Son Benjamin Ames be brought up to Learning ; and
through College, if capable and he is inclined to learn, and if it
is thought best for him. But if he does, then I give his part to
my Grand Daughters Hannah and Hepzibah Ames."

•• 1 give my Grand Daughter Hannah Ames one Cow and
£40." And ; ' my G. D. Hepzibah Ames, one- cow and £40, to
be paid them by my Son in Law Benjamin Ames, their Father,
who is to be the sole Executor of this my Will."

Signed " his mark," Timothy Chandler.

The estate of Timothy Chandler, inventoried 2b Nov. 1771,
at £1012 : 7 : 5, and - included Ten Tun of hay, 200s. ; 40 lbs.
Flax, His. ; Quick Stock, 5 Cows, 300s. ; one pr. Leather
Breeches, os. ; one Negro Servant, £(>6 : 13 : 4."

Timothy and Hepzibah (Hardin) Chandler had :

174. i. Hepzibah ; m. 4 Dec. 1746, Benjamin Ames.


EPHRAIM 4 CHANDLER (Thomas, 3 Thomas, - William')
and Sarah Adams, Westford, Mass. ; m. second, Abigail, wid-
ow of Mr. Blood, of Groton.

Samuel Cowy, of Littleton, sold 4<> acres of land, 15 Nov.
1 720, lying in Chelmsford, to Ephraini 4 Chandler, of Andover,
tanner, for £70. Ephraini 1 Chandler, of Chelmsford, tanner,
"old, 2 Aug. 1721, certain land and meadow land in Chelms-
ford. 40 acres, to Benjamin Chamberlain, for £75.

Kphraim 4 Chandler lived on the farm two miles north of the

Online LibraryGeorge ChandlerThe Chandler family : the descendants of William and Annis Chandler who settled in Roxbury, Mass., 1637 (Volume 1) → online text (page 8 of 44)