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Carried forward ... ... ... f 83,372


Brought forward ... ... ... I 83,372

Among Pomeroon Indians ... ... ... 1,632

For Resident Missionary, Upper Essequebo River... 1,632

For Resident Missionary, North We.^t District ... 1,632
In aid of Potaro Mission, conditional on an equal

sum being raised from private sources ... 816

Grant in aid of Supenaam Mission ... ... 612

Allowance to Bishop of Roman Catholic Church —

For Missionary purposes. North West District ... 1,6.32

Allowance to Wesley an Methodist Societ}' ... 1,700

Allowance for repairs to Parsonage houses ... 840

Total sum provided for ecclesiastical purposes ... § 93,868

The following are the salaries being paid under the Clergy
List Ordinance (of 1907) —

Church of England.
Very Revd. E. G. H. Caswell, M.A.
Venerable Arthur Gwyther, M.A.
Venerable F. W. T. Elliott ...
Revd. Canon E. Sloman, M.A.
Revd. Canon F. P. L. Josa
Revd. Canon H. Gainer
Revd. A. M. Jemmott, B.A. ...
Revd. F. S. Pringle...
Revd. O. H. Wilson
Revd. A. D. Price ...
Revd. J. H. Williams
Revd. F. L. Quick ...

Church of Scotland.
Revd. W. B. Ritchie, M.A. ...
Revd. J. B. Wallace, M.A.
Revd. R. ]-. Macn e, M.A., B.D.
Revd. J. W. MacGill, M.A. ...
Revd. J. Rae, M.A.
Revd. J. Millar

Diocese op British Guiana.

Iq'1842 the Diocese of British Guiana was separated from
the Diocese of Barbados and a separate See established.

Lord Bishop — the Right Reverend E. A. Parry, D.D.,
(£1,000 and £200 upkeep of house — paid from church funds),
ChanceUor of the Diocese — the Hon. Sir T. C. Rayner, K.C..
Examining Chaplain — Very Reverend E. G. H. Caswell, M.A.,
Begintrar — H. H. Laurence^ B.A. (paid by fees). Clerical
Asssesor — Venerable Archdeacon Gwyther, M.A.

Archdeaconry op Demerara and Essequebo.

Archdeacon — Venerable A. Gwyther, M. A., Rural Dean;
Demerara — Rev. Canon H. Gainer, Rural Bean ; Essequibo —
Rev. O. H Wilson, Rural Dean ; Berhice and Archdeacon of
Berhlce— Yen, F. W. T. Elliott.

.$ 3,360 per annum,

. 2,480

. 2,400

. 2,400

. 2,000


. 1,440

. 1,440 „

. 1,440

. 1,440

. 1,410

. 1,440

." 3,360

. 2,400

. 2,400


. 2,400

.. 2,000














■M^.*^ ~


8t. George's.

Cathedral — Accommodation for 1,500 ; Dean — Very Rev.
E. G. H. Caswell, M.A., Citrates — Revs. L. J. Rowe and
C. T. Pritchard. Canons F. P. L. Josa, Yen. A. Gwyther, M.A.,
Ven. Archdeacon F. W. T. Elliott, E. Sloman, M.A.,
H. Gainer and J. T. R. Rea.

Chapelry of St. James the Less, Kitty — ^accommodation
for 300. Served by Cathedral clergy.

Chapelry of St. Sidwell, the Lodge — accommodation for
280. Served by Cathedral clergy.

Chrid Church, Georgetown — Accommodation for 1,100 ;
Incumbent — Rev. Canon Josa. Curate — Rev. M. E. Turpin.

St. Philip's, Werk-en-Rust — Accommodatiom for 780.
Vicar — Ven. Archdeacon Gwyther, M.A. Assistant Curates —
Rev. W. L. Kissack, M.A. (on duty in Paramaribo). Rev.
J. Persaud (for East Indian work) and Rev. H. Gregory.

St. Saviour s Church, Chinese — Accommodation for 180 ;
Priest in charge — Archdeacon Gwyther.

St. Ambrose, Albert-town — Accommodation for 200.
Served by Christ Church.

St Barnabas, Bourda — Accommodation for 450. Vicar
—Rev. Canon J. T. R. Rea, M.A.

St. FauVs, Plaisance — Rector, Rev. D. Duffns, B.A.,
Parish Church — Accom. for 1,000.

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Beterverwagting — Accom.
for 500. Vicar— Rev. A. M. B. Jemmott, B.A. ; Parochial
Mission to East Indians, worked by Third Order of Saint

Parish Church, Buxton — Vicar — Rev, F. S. S. Pringle.

Parish of Enmore — Vicar — Rev. Canon H. Gainer, the
Vicarage, Enmore. Rural Dean of Demerara. Assistant
Curate — (for East Indian Mission) Rev. B. Masih-Das.
St. Mark's Church, Enmore. St. Andrew's Church, Cove
and John.

St. Stephen*s Parish, Cane Grove — Vicar — Rev. A. E.
Jones. Accom. for 252. St. Nicholas, Supply (East Indian.)

St. Matthew's Parish — Rector — Rev. A. D. Price. Parish
Church, Accom. for 254. St. Anne's, Agricola. St. Agnes,
Craig. Chinese Mission, Plantation Diamond. Supply Mission.

Up^yer Demerara River — Chapel of the Ascension, Hyde
Park, Priest in charge — Rev. T. Wilkes. The Epiphany, Kanai-


mapu. St. David's, DalgiD. St. Hugh's, Muritaro. St.
Saviour's, Mallali.

St, Sivithin's Parish — Rector — Rev. F. L. Quick.
Parish Church. Accom. for 650. St. Thomas' Chapel, Minden-
burg, now forms part of St. Swithin's Parish.

Deiwirara River Missions — (1) Chinese Mission, Hope-
town. Aboriginal Indian Mission, Santa. (2) St. Augus-
tine's. Dora, under Rev. F. L. Quick.

Anglican Church, Missionary Distrv-t, West Coast —
Incumbent — Rev. A. M. Hale, B.A., St. Jude's, Blankenburg ;
accommodation for 700. St. Simon's, De Kinderen ; Church
of the Good Hope, W.C. Incumbent — vacant; St. Stephen's,
Parika ; Anna Catharina, St. John's ; Met-en-Meerzorg,
St. Simon's Chinese Church.

Church op England, Essequebo.

St. Peter^s Parish — Rector : Rev. S. G. Grant ; Parish
Church — accommodation for 350 ; St. Barnabas' Chapel
School ; St. Stephen's ; Richmond Hill ; St, James' ; Hog Is-
land. Warapoko Mission, Waini River. His Majesty's Penal
Settlement — Chaplain — Rev. T. Loiigley,

St. John's Parish — Rector — Rev. J. Harrop Williams;
Parish Church ; accommodation for 400 ; St. Peter's ; Golden
Fleece ; St. Paul's, Aurora ; Ituribisce Creek Indian Mission.

The Holy Trinity ParM— Rector— Rev. O. H. Wil-
son, R.D. ; Parish Church — Holy Trinity, Anna Regina, ac-
commodation for 740 ; St. Lawrence, Hampton Court ; St.
Barnabas, Dartmouth ; St. Agnes's Mission Room, Danielstown ;
St. Saviour's, Aberdeen and St. Bartholomew, Queenstcwn — -
vacant ; Pooraeroon — Missionary, vacant ; St. Matthias,
Cabacaburi ; St. Denys, Tapacooma ; St. Mary, Hackney ;
St. Lucian, Wakapoa ; St. James, Waramuri.
East Indian, Chinese and Aboriginal Indian Missions.

Georgetoivn District — Superintendent — Rev. J. Persaud ;
Beterverwagting — Superintendent — Rev. A. M. B. Jemmott,
B.A. ; St. Augustine s District — Superintendent — Rev. F. S.
Pringle ; Enmore District — Superintendent — Rev. Canon H.
Gainer ; Missionary — Rev. B. Masih Das ; St. Stephen's — ■
Superintendent — Rev. A. E. Jones : East Bank District —
Superintendent — Rev. A. D. Price ; West Banlc District —
Superintendent — Rev. F. L. Quick ; ]Vest Coast — Superin-
tendent—Rev. A. M. Hale, B. C, ; St. Johns, Suddie—


Superintendent — Rev. J. H. Williams; Holy Trinity—
Superintendent — Rev. O. H. Wilson ; St. FatricTcs,, Berbice
District — Superintendent — Canon Sloman ; All Saint' s. New
Amsterdam District — Superintendent — Rev. W. G. Andrews ;
St. Mi'haeVs, Fort Wellington — Superintendent — Archdeacon
Elliott ; Por^ Mo^^mw^ ; St. Margaret's, Skeldou—Uev, J. H.
Elstob, M.A. ; Camounie Creelc, Demerara River — Superin-
tendent — Rev. F. L. Quick ; Indian Missions, Pomeroon —
Superintendent — vacant ; St. Matthias Church, Cabacaburi,
accommodation for 250 ; St. James', vacant ; St. Lucian,
Wakapoa, accommodation for 250 ; St. Hilda's, Warapoko ;
Tapacooma Lake ; Bartica Didrict — Missionary — Rev. J. Wil-
liams ; St, John's ; St. Edward's ; Groete Creek ; Votaro —
Superintendent — Rev. F. S. Pringie ; North West District —
Superintendent — Rev. F. Harding; Per6?ce Eiver- Superin-
tendent — Rev. T. M White ; Corentyne Biver — Superintendent
— Rev. E. Josa ; Epera and Orealla ; Demerara Biver — Superin-
tendent—Rev. T. Wilkes ; Santa— Uev. F. L. Quick.
Church of England, Beubice.

All Saints' Parish — Rector — Rev. W. G. Andrews ;
Parish Church — accommodation for 800 ; Curate Rev. E. F. C.
Josa ; Stanley Town Chapel of Ease — served by the Clergy
from Parish Church: St. Clement's Chinese Church;
St. Thomas' East Indian Church; St. Ambrose, Sandvoort
and All Saints', Deutichem.

Berhice River Mission — Missionary — Rev. T. M. White ;
St. Peter's, Sand Hills : Chapel, Coomacka.

St. Patrick's Parish — ^ Rector — Rev. Canon Sloman, M.A.

Parish Church — accommodation for 520 ; St. John's
Chapel, New Forest ; St. Columba's Chapel, Sheet Anchor
St. Joseph's, Port Mourant ; Corentyne — ^ Vicar— Rev. T. E,
Quick ; St. Mark's, Alness ; St Barnabas, Gibraltar.

St. Margaret's Corentyne — Vicar — Rev. J. H. Elstob, M.A.

St. Margaret's Skeldon ; Chinese Church, Skeldon ; New
Market Chapel ; St. Mary's, Leeds, No. 50 ; Missions at Orealla
and Epera, Corentyne River. — Rev. E. Josa.

St. Michael's Parish — Rector — Ven. Archdeacon Elliott,
R.D. ; Parish Church — accommodation 256, St. Gabriel's
St. Raphael's, Hopetown ; Chapelries of St, Alban's (Bella-
drum) and St. Jude's (Lichfield); Curate— Rev. G, E. Connell,


Missions to East Indians and Chinese ImiMigrants.
The Anglican Church carry on missions for East Indians
and Chinese immigrants^ the objects being : —

1. To maintain an efficient institution or college for
training catechists.

2. Maintain, or assist in maintaining, duly ordained mis-
sionaries in certain districts, the limits of which shall, from
time to time, be determined by the Committee of Management.

3. To maintain, or assist in maintaining, duly qualified
and licensed catechists in certain districts, to be determined as
in the case of missionaries.

4. To supply, or assist in supplying, suitable books for the

President of Committee of Management — The Lord Bishop
of Guiana.

Missionaries — Plantation Enmore — Rev. B. Masih Das ;
Georgetown — Rev. J. Persaud.

Guiana Diocesan Church Society.

Patron — His Excellency the Governor ; President-
The Lord Bishop ; Yice-F residents — Very Rev. E. G. H.
Caswell, M.A., Ven. Archdeacon Gwyther, M.A., J. E.
Tinne, Stewart Gardner, Esqs., Hon. B. Howell Jones, W.
A. Wolseley, Esquire ; Secretary — Rev. A. M. Hale, B.A.,
Met-en-Meerzorg; Treasurer — F. W. Hopkinson, Esquire, 159,
Waterloo Street ; Auditor — the Diocesan Auditors ; Standing
Committee, Members ex officio. — The Lord Bishop, Ven. Arch-
deacon Gwyther, Ven. Archdeacon Elliott, Very Rev. Dean
Caswell, Rev. Canon Josa, Rev. Canon H. Gainer, Rev.
Canon J. T. R. Rea, Rev. 0. H Wilson, Rev. A. M. Hale,
F. W. Hopkinson ; Elective Members — Rev. W. G. Andrews,
Hon. B. Howell Jones, H. A. N. Burrowes, N. Chapman,
M. U. Hing, T. A. C. Maskell, C. Wieting, Dr. Wharton. East
Indian Committee — VervRev. Dean Caswell, Ven. Archdeacon
Gwyther, Revs. Canon H. Gainer, W. G. Andrews, A. E.
Jones and the Hon. B. Howell Jones. Lije Members — Sir J.
A. Swettenham, K.C.M.G., and Stewart Gardner, Esquire.
Church of Scotland.

*S'/. Andrew's Parish — Joint Ministers — Rev. W. B.
Ritchie, M.A., and Rev. James Millar ; St, Andrew's Church
—Rev. W^. B. Ritchie; Rev. W. B. Ritchie, Moderator;
St. Thomas' Church— Rev. J. Millar; St. Stephen's Church

Pj.ate 49.


Phoio hy J. Williatui


— Rev. D, F. Drayton ; St. Bernard's, Albouystown ; St.
Ninian's, Wortmanville.

St. Mary's Parish, East Coast Demerara^ — Minister — "R.
L. Macnie, B.D. Parish Church at Mahaica, Churches at
Mahaicony and Belmont.

St. Mark's Parish — West Bank, Demerara ; Minister —
Rev. J. L. Mansfield — -Christianburg and Wismar; Bagotville ;
St. Paul's, Canal No. 1.

St, Luke's Parish — Minister — Rev. James B. Wallace,
M.A. Churches — Uitvlugt, Den Amstel, Vergenoegen, Farm,
Blake, Blankenburg.

St. James Parish — Minister — Rev. J. M. Binnie, M.A.

Churches at — Melville, Concordia, Maria Johanna, Cale-
donia, Troolie Island, Chalk Hill, Saxacalli.

Church of Scotland^ Essequebo.

St. David's — Mission Station.

St. David's, Aurora ; St. Paul's, Good Hope ; Mission
Station, Coolie Settlement, Huis-t'Dieren ; Minister — Rev.
J. E. A. Jeffrey.

Church of Scotland, Berbice.

All Saints' PaWs/z—Minister— Rev. J. W. MacGill, M.A.

Parish Church — All Saints', New Amsterdam ; Edinburgh ;
and Baracara Mission, upper Canje Creek.

St. Clement's Parish — Minister — Rev. George Petrie,
M.A. ; Parish Church — St. Clement's, " Friends," 400 sittings ;
Mara ; Highbury ; Hollandia.

St. Catherine's Parish — -Minister — Rev. J. Aiken, M. A..

St. Catherine' s Ithaca Village ; Schumakers' Lust.

o^. Saviour's Parish — Minister — Rev. James Rae, M.A.

St. Savioar's, Achlyne ; Churches at Gibraltar, Fyrish,
Rose Hall, Manchester, Kildonan, Eversham, Massiah, and

E. Indian Mission of the Presbyterian Church of Canada
— Demerara — Rev. J. B. Cropper ; Berbice — Rev. A. D.
McKenzie, M.A., B.D. ; Fssequibo —'Rev. R. Gibson Fisher.

Roman Catholic Church.
Georgetown, Brick dam — Cathedral Church of the Immacu-
late Conception — Right Reverend C. T. Galton, S. J., Bishop of
Petenissus, Vicar Apostolic of British Guiana ; Very Rev. V.
Hornyold, S.J., V.G., Religious Superior; Revs. T. Lickert, J.


Wilson, P. Lauder, G. Pollen, S.J., C. Cooksey, S.J. ; Convents
— Ursuline, Superior — Rev. Mother Bonaventure ; Mercy ;
Superior — Rev. Mother Margaret Mary; Church of the
Sacred Heart — Revs. J. Justino, S.J. and T. Heaney, S.J.,
J. Victorine ; East Bank, Demerara River — Meadow Bank,
Church of St. Mary, served by Rev. J. Victorine ; West
Bank, Demerara River, Malgre Tout, Church of the [Annunci-
ation — Rev. J. Gordon, S.J. ; West Coast, Demerara, Ha^ue —
Church of Our Lady Do Monte and Leguan served by Rev. J.
Gordon, S.J. ; East Coast, Demerara, Kitty — Church of Our
Lady of the Rosary by Rev. C. Cooksey, S.J. ; Plaisance —
Church of St. John the Baptist, Rev. A. Casati, S.J. ;
Beterverwagting — Church served by J^ev. A. Moran, S.J. ;
Buxton Church — Rev. A. Moran, S.J. ; Victoira — Church of
the Immaculate Conception — Rev. J. Purcell ; Leper Asylum,
served by Rev. J. Baroni, S.J. ; Mahaica Church — Revs. H.
Beauclerk, S.J. and J. Baroni, S.J. ; Berbice, Netv Amsterdam,
Church of the Ascension and Glasgow — Rev. J. Darby, S.J. ;
Stations, Mahaicony, and Trafalgar ; Port Mourant, Carnar-
von and Skeldon, served by Rev. H. Beauclerk S.J. ; Ursuline
Convent, New Amsterdam, Superior — -Rev. Mother Mary
Evangelist ; Essequebo, Henrietta, Church of St. Joseph — Rev.
F. O'Donnell, S.J., Abram Zuil, Suddie ; Wakenaam, served by
Rev. F. O'Donnell, S.J. ; Bartica Church, served by Rev.
A. Moran, S.J. ; Pomeroon River — -Marlborough Church, Rev.
S. Gillet, S.J. ; S. Francis, served by Rev. S. Gillet, S.J. ;
Moriica, Santa Rosa, Rev. S. Gillet, S.J. ; Stations — Assacotta
and Barama Mouth ; Moraivhanna — Church of St. Peter
Claver, Rev. C. Cary-Elwes, S.J. ; Stations on Aruka and
Waini Rivers.

Wesleyan Methodist Church.
Georgetown {First Circuit) — Trinity, Rev. E. Donald Jones
(Chairman and General Superintendent) ; Rev. J. F. Denny —
Rome, Mocha and Diamond ; Rev. E. O. Robertson — Goed
Fortuin, Nismes, Sisters, Supply and Soesdyke ; Georgetoivn
{Second Circuit) — Rev. J. B. Wood, Kingston, Georgetown,
and Kitty, East Coast ; Rev. R, Eustace Wade, Bedford,
Georgetown, and Plaisance, East Coast ; Mahaica — Rev. E. H.
Creed, Mahaica, Supply, Virginia, Stanleyville, Mahaicony and
Catherineviile ; Friendship — East Coast, Rev. R. W. Hasler —
Friendship, Golden Grove, Victoria and Ann's Grove ;


Essequeho — Revs. J. B. Hill and F. McKeiizie Turner—
Queenstown, Abram Zuil, Zorg, Aurora, Bush Lot, Daniel's
Town, Liberty (Pomeroon) and Wakenaam ; Berhice — Rev.
W. H. Richardi?, New Amsterdam, Cumberland, Rosignol and
Glasgow ; East Indian Mission (Georgetown) — two Hindustani
Catechists, Bourda.

London Missionary or Congregationalists.

Revs. F. C. Glasgow and A. W. Wilson, Georgetown',
Rev. J. H. Hendricks — Plaisance, Beterverwagting atd ^ux-
tun ; AniLs Gi'ove, Sujyply and Victoria — (vacant), Dr. J. E,
London in charge ; Rev. F. C. Glasgow, Lowood Chapel and
Elizubeth Chapel ; Netv A7)isterdam, Providence, Saiidvoort,
Ghisgow and Calcuni — (vacant). Rev. T. B, Glasgow in charge;
Rev. H. Algernon — Hojjetotvn. No. 8 and Roome, Ithaca, and
Hanover — (vacant). Rev. H. Algernon in charge ; other
Chapels at — Light Town, Canje, and Fyrish, Rev. Jas. T.
Isaacs; Bagotville and Vauxhall, Canal 1, Rev. A. Wilson;
Blankenburg, and Wolga, Rev. T. B. Glasgow ; Bethesda,
Benevolence, Canal 2, Potosi, and La Harmonie, West Bank,
Demerara, Rev, J. E, London, M.D.


Tlie Moravian Mission has three churches in the colony,
the iiewrst of wljicl), in Queenstown Ward, was dedicated in
December, 1902. It receives a giant from the Mission Board
which must be augmented by local efforts to meet the
exigencies of the work. The Directing Board of the Moravian
Missionary Church is at Berthelsdorf, 8axony. The address of
the Secretary for its foreign mission is Rev. C. J. Klesel, 32
Fetter Lane, E. C, London.

Queenstown Church — Missionary — Rev J. Dingwall,
Superintendent and Warden of the Mission ; Graham's Hall
Church, Cuming's Lodge — Missionary — Rev. C. F, Francis ;
Tabernacle Church — Missionary — Rev. H. W. Grant ; Queen's-
toivn (Comenius) Secondary School — Rev.J. Dingwall, Director ;
East Indian Evangelist for Queenstown, Graham's Hall and
Tabernacle — (vacant).

Lutheran Church, Ber6ice.

Minister of all the Stations— Rev. J. R. Mittelholzer,
New Amsterdam, Berbice ; Vestrymen, President — Rev. J. R.
Mittelholzer ; Missions— Maria Henrietta, Kibilibiri and
Auraima, and St. Lust.


African Mfthodist Episcopal Church.
Right Rev. C. T. Shaffer, M.D., D.D., Presiding }3ishop,
Chicago, Illinois, CS.A. ; St. Peter's Church, Georgetown —
Re\^ P. A. Luckie.

Demerara Missionary and Industrial Institute.
Principal — Rev. P. A. Luckie.

Buelah A.M.E. Mission.
Alexander Village, East Bank.
Bethel Church, Anna Catharina, West Coast.
Pastor — Rev. J. E. R. Franklin.


Supreme Court of British Guiana.

{Constituted hy Ordinance No. 7 of 1893.)
The Supreme Court of British Guiana is a Superior Court
of Record, and consists of three Judges (a Chief Justice and
two Puisne Judges, called the Senior and Junior Puisne
Judges) and sits in various jurisdictions.

Officers of the Court.
Chief Justice — His Honour Sir Henry AUeyne Bo veil, Kt. ;
Senior Puisne Judge — His Honour John Edwin Hewick ;
Junior Puisne Judge — ^His Honour Maurice Julian Berkeley;
Attorney General — Sir Thomas Crossley Rayner, Kt., K.C. ;
Solicitor General — Joseph John Nunan, B.A., LL.B. ; Regis-
trar — M. P. Olton ; Accountant — Edward Loveluck. The
Sworn Clerks and Assistant Sworn Clerks of the Regish-ar's
Office of British Guiana also discharge the duties of Registrar.
Besides the Registrar, who is the chief executive officer, there
are five Marshals who are also executive-officers of the Court-
Jurisdiction of the Court.
Criminal Jurisdiction — Exercised by a Judge of the Court
and a Jury. Days of Session — Demerara — the 2nd Tuesday
in January, the 1st Tuesday in April, the 1st Tuesdciy in June
and the 1st Tuesday in October, Essequebo — the 3rd Tuesday
in February, the 3rd Tuesday in May and the 4th Tuesday in
October. Berbice — the 1st Tuesday in February^ ihe 3rd
Tuesday in June and the 3rd Tuesday in October. Provided
that the Governor may by Proclamation suspend or jDOstpone
any sitting, and also direct any special sitting.












General Civil Jurisdiction — Exercised by the three Judges
or any two of them, for the trial of all matters not coming
within the Limited Jurisdiction of the Court. Sittings — This
Court sits throughout the year for the disposal of business pend-
ing before it. Subject to any Order in Council from time to time,
an appeal lies in civil cases involving £500 or upwards to His
Majesty in Council.

Limited Civil Jurisdiction — Exercised by a single Judge
for trial of the following matters :— (1) Where claim for debt
or damages does not exceed $2,500; (2) for recovery of
immovable property or in which the transport of immovable
property is claimed, for the recovery of any specific chattel or
penalty which does not exceed $2,500; (3) for enforcing any
mortgage claim subject to proviso (2) ; (4) in opposition suits
where amount of claim or value of property does not exceed
$2,500 ; (5j for orders in the nature of Interdict, Mandament or
Mandamus or in which a Receiver may be appointed where the
subject matter of the action does not exceed in value $2,500, and
also where such orders are sought in actions within the Limited
Jurisdiction; (6) for partition or sale in lieu of partition
where value of property does not exceed $5,000; (7) for an
account of administration of estate or boedel where value of
same does not exceed $5^000 ; (8) dissolution or winding up of
partnership, where value does not exceed $5,000; (9) against
agents for accounts where claim does not exceed $2,500 ;
(10) by way of counter claim in actions in the Limited Juris-
diction of the Court ; (11) in respect of such debts or claims
that may be recovered by a specially indorsed Writ, i.e., in all
actions to recover a debt or a liquidated demand in money
arising (a) upon a contract expressed or implied, e.g., upon a
Bill of Exchange, Pro ]S"ote or Cheque or other triple contract
debt, (/>) on a Bond or Mortgage, (c) on a Statute for a fixed
amount or in the nature of a debt other than a penalty, (d) on a
guarantee for a liquidated demand, (e) in actions for recovery
of land by a landlord against a tenant : provided that if leave
be given to defend, jurisdiction is only exercised if amount
claimed does not exceed $2,500; (12) parties consenting in
writing, jurisdiction may be exercised whatever may be amount
of claim or value of subject matter of action or matter. Two
or more Judges may sit separately and hear cases in the same
or in any other jurisdiction of the Court.


Sittings — This Court sits throughout the year except
during the months of July and August. An appeal lies to the
Full Court composed of three Judges.

Appellate Jurisdiction — Exercised by a single Judge for
reviewing decisions of Magistrates either in Petty Debt or
their Sumniary Jurisdiction. Sittings throughout the year.
An appeal lies to the Full Court composed of three Judges.

Admiralty Jurisdiction — Tliis Court is a Colonial Court
of Admiralty within the meaning of the Acts of 1890 of the
Imperial Parliament.

Vacation of the Court continues from thn 1st July to the
last day of September. The Holidays of the Court besides
Sundays and Public Holidays are Christmas Day and the three
succeeding days, Good Friday^ Easter Eve. Monday and
Tuesday in Easter Week, the King's Birthday, Ascension Day,
and Monday and Tuesday in Whitsun Week.

Petty Debt Court. (Established 1835.)
Ordinance 11 of 1893.

Georgetown- — Presided over by the Stipendiary Magis-
trates — J. K. D. Hill and A. Earnshaw. Courts held dailv.





Place of


Hour of

Days of Sitting.


Easb Coast,

West Coast,


North Esse-

South Esse-




Sparendaam. ..

Vreed- en-Hoop
La Grange
Stewartville ,.

Hyde Park
Christianburg ..

Anna Regina






Fort Wellington
New Amsterdam




10 a.m.
10.30 a.m.

10 a.m.

10 a.m.

10 a.m.

9.30 a.m.

10 10 a.m.

10 10 a.m.

9.55 a.m.

10.10 a.m.






1 10.30 and f
J 11 a.m. "I

10.30 a.m.
10 a.m.
10.30 a.m.

On arrival
of steamer.

On arrival
of steamer.



9 a.m.

9 a.m.

10 a.m.

10 a.m.

10 a.m.

7.15 a.m.

All Week days.


Mondays and Friday.
Alternate Tuesday.


Tuesday, 1st week every month
Thursday, 2nd do. do.
Friday, 3rd do. do.

Monlay, 4 th do. do.
Wedne-iday,4th do. do.


Online LibraryGeorge D. BayleyHandbook of British Guiana, 1909. Comprising general and statistical information concerning the colony → online text (page 31 of 56)