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ence Andrews, of Ann Arlior, Mich., who ac-
companied him as a medical missionary, and
died at the same place.

Samuel Xeal was educated in the common
schools and at an academy. Since his youth
he has always been a farmer, toiling hard and
with success, to accumidate a competence for
his family. He takes little interest in poli-
tics, but has ser^Td his township as school di-
rector. Samuel Xeal married Xancy, daugh-
ter of William and Sarah (Gorsuch) Mc-
Divitt, both of Scotch-Irish descent. The
children of this union are: Martha; Miriam
(Mrs. Samuel Landis), of Oneida township;
Robert McDivitt, of Schuylkill county, Pa.;
H. Annie, at home; and John B., at home.
Samuel Xeal is a member of the Second Ad-
ventist church, at Huntingdon, Pa.



FRAXK O'COXXOK, Mill Creek, Hunt-
ingdon county, Pa., was born in Oswego coun-
ty, X. Y., August U, 1S55. He is a son of
Ueujamin and Martha (Thayer) O'Connor, na-
tives of the same county as himself. They
now reside at Majtleton Depot, Huntingdon
county, where Benjamin O'Connor conducts
a general store. Their children are: Dewitt;
"William, who died in infancy; William,
named for the child that died, is niaiTied;
Christian, deceased; and Frank.

Frank O'Connor was educated in the Os-
wego county schools, at AVhitesburg Semi-
nary, and at Eastman's Business College,
Fie began business life as a bookkeeper;
served as clerk for B. O. O'Connor & Son,
formerly running a general store. He then
came to Mill Creek and embarked in busi-
ness on his oftii account about twelve years
ago. He is connected with the Easton Glass
Company, at Mapleton, and they do a thriv-
ing business. Mr. O'Connor is a free trader,
and a Democrat, adhering faithfully to the
"grand old party." He has never filled
any office, but was councilman in Mapleton
for five years. He has no objections to se-
cret societies, but is not a member of any of

Frank O'Connor was married to Carrie,
daughter of John S. and ilargarct Hender-
son, born in ISC),"). Their children are: Em-
ma; ilartha; Puith; all at home.

CEORGE W. SIMPSOX. ^\. D., ^[ill
Creek, Huntingdon county, Pa., was born in
Brady to-\vnship, December 31, TS4-1-, son of
James and Anna M. (Goodman) Simpson.
His paternal ancestry was Irish. His grand-
father, Alexander Simpson, came to America
with his family about 17S6, and settled in
Huntingdon county, where he and his wife
-spent the remainder of their lives. At the time
of their emigration, their son James Simpson
was about a year old. Other sons of Alexan-
der Simpson were: Robert, of ]\IcKeesport,
Pa., maiTied Catherine Houck; and Foster,
resided in Henderson township, where he died
in the fifties. His daughters were Mrs. John
Westbrook; Mrs. Caleb Armitage; and Mrs.
William Copeland. James Simpson was edu-
cated in the rural schools of his time, and was
all his life a farmer of Brady township. He
was an intelligent and active man, interested
in local progress, and served the township for

several terms as a school director. He married
Anna M. Goodman, a native of Berks county,
Pa., and had ten children: Sanmel G., who
died at the age of sixty-three; Mary A. (Mrs.
A. \. Westbrook); James X., deceased;
William H., of Mercer county. 111., served
in the war of the Rebellion as second
lieutenant of Company H, Fifteenth Penn-
sylvania Volunteers, and as captain of
Company F, One Hundred and Twenty-
tiftli Pennsylvania Volunteers; was seriously
wounded at the battle of Gettysburg; David
R., of Mill Creek, served in the same war as
private of Company I, One Hundred and
Second Illinois Volunteers; Alfred, died aged
eighteen; John M., of Mill Creek; George W.,
M. D.; Andrew, of Mill Creek; and Martha
(Mrs. Edward Sharrer), of Mercer county, 111.
James Simpson died in 1S62; ]\Irs. Simpson
died in Philad.'li.liia about l^Mt.

Dr. Simjisou iv.-,-i\'(M| his literary education
in the public scli.,ols of llriidcTson township,
and at the Kishacoquillas Seminary, in
Mifflin county. His medical training was be-
gun under Dr. S. L. McCarthy, of Mdl Creek,
and at the Jefferson Medical College, where
he matriculated in 1873, and from which he
graduated in 1876. Since March, 1876, he
has been continuously in practise at Mill
Creek, and for the past ten years has been also
surgeon of the Pennsylvania Railroad Com-
pany. He has served for twelve years on the
board of pension examiners for Huntingdon
county. In 1863, when he had barely at-
tained his majority, he enlisted in Company
A, Twenty-second Pennsylvania Cavalry,
served about six months, and was discharged
at Han-isburg, Pa. He is a member of Post
127, G. A. R. For many years he has been
connected ^vith the I. 0.0. F. The Doctor
is a member of the International Association
of Railway Surgeons. He is a Democrat; he
has served the township as school director.

Dr. George W. Simpson was married in
Philadelphia, May 23, 1882, to Harriet,
daughter of Henry and Abbie (Law) Pratt.
Their children are: Frederick P. S., born Sep-
tember 20, 1883; and Jay Africa, bom May
3, 1886. Mrs. Simpson's father, Hem-y Pratt,
was a native of ]\Iassachusetts; his wife was
born in Connecticut. They resided for many
years in Pennsylvania. Mr. Pratt died in
Mill Creek in A*^ugust, 1883; his wife died in
1S74, in Philadelphia.



MRS. JULIA rOrST, widow of lion.
Benjauiiii'It. Foust, Mill Creek, lluutiiigdon
county, Pa., is the youngest daughter of Peter
and Martha Elizabeth (Smalley) Etnier. Her
father was born in Germany valley, Hunting-
don county, June 23, 1788; he was a farmer.
His wife was born April -i, 1791, in Hunting-
don county, at the mouth of Aug-wick Creek.
Their children are: Hannah, born December,
ISIO, married to William Pollard, of Phila-
delphia, is deceased; Oliver, born August 16,
1812, man-ied Catherine Long, both deceased;
Martha, born February 2, 18] 4, was man-ied
to Samuel Miller, who died in 1851, and she
resides in Illinois; David, deceased; Lewis;
Sarah, of Cambridge, Ohio; Levan B.; Eliza;
Margaret; Jane; Han-iet; Julia, deceased;
Julia (Mrs. Foust); and twins, who died in
infancy. Mrs. Peter Etnier di^d Februaiy
27, 1862; Mr. Etnier on October 13, 1870.

Julia Etnier obtained a good common school
education in Shirleysburg, Huntingdon coun-
ty. She was married in that town in 1856, to
Benjamin E., son of Anthony and Xancy
(Ripple) Foust, born in Shirleysburg, October
23, 1823. Hon. Mr. Foust was a man of large
experience in business and in public atfairs.
He early learned the trade of cabinet-making,
but did not continue very long in that busi-
ness. After a few years of independent work,
his ambition for a thorough education led him
to study at the Juniata Academy, perfecting
himself, while earning the means for carrying
out his plans, by teaching during the winter
school terms. He was afterwards for many
years in mercantile business. He was always
interested in public affairs, and rendered var-
ious services in offices conferred upon hihi by
his fellow citizens. He served his township
as tax collector, and was for many years a
member of the school board. He was elected
in 1878 to represent his district in the Legis-
lature. Hon. Mr. Foust was a Democrat, The
only son of Mr. and ]Mrs. Foust is Ira Xewton,
who married Charlotte, daughter of James and
Catherine "Wilson, and had four children.
Mrs. Charlotte Foust died, and by a second
marriage Ira W. Foust has also four children.
He is a man of excellent business ability and

The Foust family are connected with the
Methodist l-'piscopal church. Mrs. Foust has
been for tliirtv vcars an invalid.

Creek, Huntingdon county. Pa., was born in
Huntingdon, Huntingdon county. Pa., Feb-
ruary 15, 1824. He is a sou of Levi and Mary
(Thompson) Westbrook, also natives of Hunt-
ingdon county. Their children were: John;
Martha; Elizabeth; Levi; George A.; Abra-
ham v.; and James A. His wife dying in
1823, Levi Westbrook was again married, to
Rebecca Parkson, by whom he had four
daughters: Mary Catherine; Margaret A.;
Louisa; and Rebecca.

Mr. A. V. Westbrook was educated in the
common schools of Huntingdon county. His
first business engagement after leaving school
was to drive on a canal-path opposite his
home. The next w^as hotel keeping. This
business, after some time, he exchanged for
farming, and while not now actively engaged
in the work of cultivating, he still superin-
tends the farm. He is not a member of any
church or society.

Abraham V. Westbrook was married to
Mary Ann, daughter of James and Annie
(Goodman) Simpson, bom in 1831. Their
only child is Vance W., who mai-ried Julia
W^ick, Philadelphia, Pa., whei-e they reside.

A. Himes, of Mill Creek, Huntingdon county,
Pa., was born December 7, 1845, in Union
township, Huntingdon countv. Her parents
were James and Leah (Dell) Fields, the for-
mer of Irish extraction, a mason and farmer,
bom in 1812, the latter five years younger
than her husband, a daughter of Henry and
Anna (Crawford) Dell. Their children w-ere:
William, married to Margaret Claybaugh, of
LTnion township, Himtingdon county, resides
in Altoona, Pa. ; Margaret (Mrs. David John-
ston), of Clay township, Huntingdon county,
resides in Unio;i towmship; Mary J., died in
1872, of infiamniatory rheumatism, was mar-
ried to David Hanawalt. of Mifflin county,
where he resides; Elisha, married first to
Sarah J. Korbin, deceased, afterwards to his
present wife, Mary Brown, resides in Dun-
cansville; Rachel (Mrs. L. A. Himes); Han-
nah (Mrs. Marion Robley), of Brady towm-
ship, now resides in Union tow^lship; Robert
C, married to Delena Truax, of Union to\\m-
ship, Huntingdon county, resides in Mapleton,
Pa.; Leah, wife of Jacob Edgons, of [Mifflin



county, Pa., where they reside; Matilda (ilrs.
Thomas Swiler), resides in Brady towaiship,
Huntingdon county; and some who died in in-
fancy. The father died in lss,5; tlie mother
in 1889.

Eachel Fields was educated in the common
schools of Union township, Huntingdon
county, and by school and home training was
prepared for the important position of wife
and mother. She is married to Mr. L. A.
Himes, foreman of sub-di^^sion, Xo. 38, Penn-
sylvania Kailroad, and has a family of five
children, nearly all arrived at matiuity, and
in positions of eminent service and responsi-
bility. Mr. Himes has been a school director
for three terms. He is a Democrat, and al-
though not professionally a politician, takes
an active interest in public affairs. Their chil-
dren are: Flora A., born April 21, 1867,
teaches during the winter in Mill Creek,
where she has charge of a primary school of
forty-five girls and boys, and in the summer
conducts a pleasant select school; Robert
Lewis, Louisiana State Institute conductor,
maiTied to Laura Black, resides in Xatehi-
toches. La.; Dr. Edwin B., single, resides in
Newton Hamilton, Pa.; Oscar K., resides in
Natchitoches; and William D., born in 1880,
resides at home, is one of the three hundred
students of Juniata College, and is preparing
himself for teaching. Mrs. Himes is a mem-
ber of the United Brethren church, of Maple-
ton, Pa., Rev. E. J. Hummel. Her daughter
is a member of the Baptist church, and two
sons are members of the Dunkard Brethren.

Mill Creek, Huntingdon county. Pa., was
born February 15, 1842, in Henderson town-
ship, Huntingdon county. His parents were
Samuel B. and Eliza (Laird) Goodman; the
former, who was born in 1812, near Oley,
Berks county, was a mUhvi-icht. Their chil-
dren were: David, deceased; Joseph, deceased;
Benjamin; Thomas and George, twins; John;
an infant, who died; Elbert; another infant,
deceased. Samuel B. Goodman died about

Dr. Goodman was educated in the common
schools of Brady and of Henderson townships.
He first began to learn the business of his
father, that of a millwright, and afterwards
entered upon the profession of veterinary sur-
geon. He read tViur years wirli Dr. .Tiihn

Showalter, of Grafton, Huntingdon county,
and began to practise in 1880. His skill and
careful attention to cases entrusted to him
have won for him a large practise among the
farmers of Huntingdon and surrounding coun-
ties. The Doctor made a good war record,
having enlisted twice, the first time in 1863,
in Company A, Captain Mon-ow, and the sec-
ond time in 1864, in Company K, Capt.
John LI. Boring, both Twenty-second Penn-
sylvania Cavalry. He is a Democrat; has
served his township for three terms as super-

Dr. Benjamin F. Goodman was niamed
June 9, 1867, to Louisa, daughter of George
and Christiana (Ely) Hawn. Their children
are: Charles, at home; Samuel, resides in Al-
toona. Pa. ; Minnie (Mrs. William Souders), of
Brady township; Eliza, at home; Polla H.,
Chester county. Pa. The Doctor is an active
member of the Lutheran church at Mill

DAVID R. SIMPSON, Mill Creek, Hunt-
ingdon county. Pa., was bom in Henderson
township, January 23, 1838. He is a son of
James and Anna M. (Goodman) Simpson.
His parents' family is mentioned in the sketch
of George W. Simpson, M. D.

Having acquircil a o-.i,,d common school
training in Bradv ruwu-liip. Mr. D. R. Simp-
son began in<lc|iciidciit life as a tiller of the
soil, first in the employ of others, afterwards
on his own account. Except during the war
of the Rebellion, he has always continued in
the same useful calling. In 1862 Mr. Simp-
son enlisted in the One Hundred and Second
Illinois Infantry, in which regiment he moved
through Kentucky and Tennessee, engaged in
all the battles of the western army. He assist-
ed at the capture of Atlanta, Ga., participat-
ing in the whole campaign, and was with Sher-
man on his march to the sea. In peace he has
served the community in which he lives both
as school director and supervisor. He belong's
to the G. A. R. Post, No. 44, of Huntingdon.

David R. Simpson was married to [Minnie,
daughter of Levi and Rachel (Chilcott)
Wright, who was born ten miles from her
present home. Their children are : Vance W. ;
and [Minnie May. [Mr. Simpson and family at-
tend the Presbyterian church, of which body
Mrs. Simpson is a mendier.



II. R. CAEOTHERS, postmaster, ^lill
Creek, Iluutingdon county, Pa., was born
February 2, 1861, in Huntingdon county.
He is a son of James G. and Eliza Carotliers.
James G. Carotliei's was of Scotch-Irish extrac-
tion, and was born in Lancaster county, June
25, 1809. Mrs. Carothers was_ a native of
Fannettsburg, Franklin county, Pa. Their
children were: AV. M. C, married to Felicia
Mattern, resides at Mill Creek; Albert, mar-
ried to Joyce Smith, resides at Mill Creek;
Annie, resides at Mapleton Depot, wife of D.
B. Miller; George D., married to Clara Kin-
kelin, resides at Temstowai, Pa.; Newton,
married to Jennie ]\IcElroy, resides at Belle-
ville, Pa.; Virginia B., married to A. M.
Menold, resides at Mill Creek; and H. R.
James G. Carothers died in 1892; his wife in

The common schools of ]\Iount Union and
of Mill Creek atforded Mr. H. R. Carothers
his early intellectual training. His course of
studies there being ended, he began his self-
supporting life as a clerk. Haxang won confi-
dence as a private citizen and as a man of
business, he has been placed in the responsi-
ble position of postmaster. Mr. Carothers be-
longs to Lodge No. 468, L O. O. F., of which
he is vice-grand. He is a Democrat.

H. R. Carothers was married to Sarah A.,
daughter of James and Sarah Weiner, of
Temstown, born in 1864. They have no chil-
dren. ]\Ir. and Mrs. Carothers are members
of the Methodist Episcopal church, at Mill

Huntingdon county. Pa., is a native of Dela-
ware, Mercer county. Pa., born April 1, 1857.
His parents were William B. and Sarah (Bum-
ham) Menold. William B. Menold was a cab-
inet-maker, and spent his life in fiercer
county. Albert M. is their only child. W.
B. Menold died in 1859; his widow resides at
Greensburg, Pa.

After an education acquired in the common
schools of Blair and Huntingdon counties.
A. M. Menold took up the business of agricul-
ture. He was some time later employed by
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, has
proved himself efficient, and is now passenger
and freight agent at Mill Creek. He is a
staunch Repulilican, and a member of Lodge

No. 117, I. O. O. F., Huntingdon county, also
of Encamitment No. 180, same order.

Albert M. Menold married Virginia B.,
daughter of James G. and Eliza T. Carothers,
born in 1850. Their marriage ^ook place in
1879. Their children are: J. LeRoy; Mary
Ethel; Charles, deceased; Harry; and Paul,
deceased. !Mr. ]\renold is a memljcr of the
Presbyterian church.

CHARLES FULTZ, Mill Creek, Hunting-
don county, Pa., is a son of Jacob and ilary
(Smith) Fultz. Jacob Fultz was a native of
Lancaster county. His calling was that of a
tailor; he was twice married, his second wife
being Mary Smith. The children of Jacob
and Mary (Smith) Fultz are: Sarah, deceas-
ed; Abraham, of AllensA-ille, Pa.; Samuel,
residing in Kansas; Philip, of Allensville;
Joseph, residing in Centre county, Pa.;
Charles; Susan, deceased; and Margaret, de-
ceased. Jacob Fultz died in 1857 ; Mrs. Mary
Fultz in 1890. Mr. Fultz's gi'eat-grandfather
was German liy birth, and a faithful member
of the Baptist church.

At Allensville, ]\lifilin county. Pa., Charles
Fultz oljtained a good common school educa-
tion. He first began business as a farmer, and
afterwards learned the trade of blacksmith-
ing, which he carries on five miles from the
borough of Huntingdon. Mr. Fultz enlisted
during the war of the Rebellion, and served
four years and two months in Company C,
Forty-ninth Pennsylvania Volunteers. He is
a member of Post No. 44, G. A. R., Hunting-
don, Pa. He has been supervisor of Brady

Charles Fultz was married to Jane Hazlett,
born in Mifflin county. Their children are:
Irvin; Alice May (Mrs. R. Lxitz), resides in
Mill Creek; John Walter; and Margaret
Alice. Mr. Fultz is a member of the Baptist

MRS. RACHEL DAVID, wife of Amau-
dus David, Mill Creek, Huntingdon county.
Pa., was born in Trough Creek valley, Hunt-
ingdon county, March 14, 1821. Her father,
Samuel Pheasant, was a farmer, and is men-
tioned in the sketch of Abraham W. Pheasant,
in Cass towTiship.

]\rrs. David enjoyed none of the educational
advantages now so common, but received a
good plain school training in her native town-



ship. She is married to Amaudiis David, a
farmer. He is an industrious, faithful and
economical man, who worked hard for his
family, and saved what he could until they
were able to purchase the comfortable home-
stead upon which they reside in Brady town-
ship. Mr. David is a Republican, ilrs. Da-
vid was brought up in the Presbyterian
church, but during all her married life she has
been, with her husband, a member of the
Lutheran church, at Mill Creek.

JOHN M. GROVE, Mill Creek, Hunting-
don county, Pa., was born in the eastern part
of the county, in the little town of Arden-
heim. May 12, 1845. He is a son of Samuel
B. and Mary (Yocum) Grove, both German
by birth. They were the parents of seven
children: "Watson, married to Sarah Mun-
dorf, resides in Brady township; Martha
(Mrs. J. T. Himes), of Mifflin county. Pa.;
Anderson, deceased; Samuel, married to
Elizabeth Rupert, resides in xliry Dale, Pa.;
George W., a traveling salesman; and John
M. Mrs. Samuel Grove died August 30,
1890, aged sixty-eight. Mv. Grove survives
her, and lives with his son, Watson.

After only a few years of school training,
John M. Grove began to work in the line of
his calling, that of a tiller of the ground. Be-
ginning with work by the day, he persevered
diligently until he had saved the purchase
money for a farm, the one that he lives on
and cultivates in Brady township. His labors
were only interrupted by the call to war, dur-
ing the Rebellion, when he enlisted, Septem-
ber 5, 1864, and served for a year in the Xiiith
Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company K. He is
a Democrat.

John M. Grove was married to Sarah El-
mira, daughter of Henry and Malinda Touder.
Their cliildrcn are: Mary; Samuel; "Watson;
James; Laura; Ernest; Esther; and Annie.

J. :\1. GOODMUX, Mill Creek, Hunting-
don county, Pa., was born in Henderson town-
ship, Huntingdon county, starch 26, 1854,
son of Jacob and Catherine (Rupert) Good-
mun. His father was a native of Bucks
county, Pa., born September 24, 1813, ami
was a millwright. !Mrs. Goodmun was l)cini
August 30, 1818. Their children are: Wil-
liam: Aiiilrcw; Andcvscnr, Samuel; .Tacol);
Edwin, Catlicrine; J. .M.: D. T.; :\larvA.;

Reliecca; and an infant that died. The
father, Jacob Goodmun, died in 1881, after
ha^•ing been for a long time a sufferer from
Bright's disease. His wife is still living, and
resides with her son, J. M. Goodmun, who is
unmarried. Mr. Goodmun, after a common
school education in Brady township, learned
carpentry, but later exchanged that trade for
farming. He owns the farm on which he lives,
and has besides a half interest in the Farmer's
Hotel, corner of Fourth and Penn streets,
Huntingdon, Pa. He has served his township
as tax collector and as school director. Mr.
Goodmun is a Democrat. He is a member of
the Lutheran church at Mill Creek.

HARRIS H. PRESSLER, telegraph oper-
ator, Pennsylvania Railroad, at Mill Creek,
Fluntingdon county, Pa., was born in 1867,
at Mill Creek. His father was a native of Ju-
niata county, born April 6, 1840; was em-
ployed as a brakeman on the Pennsylvania
railroad, and was killed January 16, 1879, at
Bellwood, on the line of the road, while in the
dischai-ge of his duty. Having cut his engine
loose east of Bellwood coal station, in order to
let it take coal, he slipped and fell under the
moving train, and was dead before it could be
stopped. He had been for sixteen years in the
employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad Com-
pany, and had also served in the United States
army during the war of the Rebellion. He
Avas married to Elizabeth, daughter of ^lartin
and ]\Iarv (Snyder) Holler, a native of Mary-
land. The Snyders were a Maryland family,
and the Hollers of York county, Pa.; both
were of German nationality. The children
of Mr. and Mrs. Pressler were : Anna L. (ilrs.
A. L. Cams), of Philadelphia; and Harris H.

After his education in the common schools
of Brady township was finished, Mr. H. H.
Pressler was for two years clerk in a mercan-
tile establishment in Altoona, Pa. He then
learned tclcgTaphy, at Coal Siding, Pa., and
has been operator for the railroad com]iany
for ten years. He is also agent of the Fidel-
ity Life Insurance Company, of Philadelphia.
He belongs to the Order of Telegi-aphers, 'No.
3, of Harrisburg, Pa.; also to Juniata Lodffe,
Xo. 117, L O.'^O. F., of Huntina-don. Pa.;
to tlic p. O. S. ,.f A., and to the Jr. O. F.
A. .M.. Xo. no. of .Mt.HUia. :\lr. Pressler

interest in ]ioliti,-al atl'airs. lie has scrvi-d on



the election board of Brady township. Mr.
Pressler is a member of the First Methodist
Episcopal ehureli of Huntingdon, Kev. Mr.
Gilbert, pastor.

JOHX METZ, Mill Creek, Huntingdon
county, Pa., was born in Brady township,
Huntingdon county, December 25, 1833, son
of John K. and Susan (Steel) Metz. John
K. Metz was also a native of Huntingdon
county, was a farmer, and of German descent;
he died February 12. ISO-i. His wife was a
daughter of John Steel, and was descended
from a family who were among the earliest
settlers of the Kishacoquillas valley. Their
children are: Louisa (Mrs. Ei^hraim Hazlett),
whose husband was killed on the Pennsylvania
railroad, resides in ilitSin county, near Al-
lensville; Frances (Mrs. Rudolph Xeff), of
Florida ; John ; Elizabeth (Mrs. George Wal-
heater), of Delaware; Samuel, of Ohio; Sarah
(Mrs. William Altz), of K'ebraska; Louis, de-
ceased; and Maria (Mrs. Isaac Headings), of
Mifflin county.

After attending school in Kishacoquillas
valley, John Metz began life as a farmer, in
which useful vocation he has been steadily
and diligenty engaged ever since; for many
years he has also conduetd a mill in addition
to the farm. He is a supporter of Democratic
principles. John Metz married Sarah, daugh-
ter of James McDonald, of Brady township;

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