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Part II

Mortuary Records
with Genealogical Notes


Town of Spafford
Onondaga County, New York


Captain George Knapp Collins


Onondaga Historical Association



There are nine burial places within the town of Spaftord,
six public and three private, none of which have been
incorporated, although some steps have been taken in that
direction in two instances, but as yet there is no public
record of any act of that kind. Of the six public cemeteries
two, known as the old Borodino and the Nunnery Ceme-
teries, have been abandoned and are now in disuse, leaving
four, one at Borodino, one at Spafford Comers, one at Cold
Brook, and one at Spafford Hollow, still in public use and
in fair condition. Of the three private burial plots, known
as the Davis, Lewis, and Stanton Yards, only the latter is
now in the possession and keeping of the family making use
of it, and is in fair condition, but in the case of the other
two, which have gone out of the possession of the original
families for whose use they were set apart, they are sadly
neglected and gone to waste, as such plots sooner or later
always will be under similar circumstances.

Outside of the places enumerated above, there is a single
grave of a Mrs. Parker, on the Breed Farm on Lot No. 11,
Tully, and there is said to be one or two unmarked graves on
Lot 77, Marcellus ; but as to these, in the absence of stones
to designate them, even the names of those interred cannot
now be ascertained.

Just north of the town line, in the adjacent town of
Marcellus, is a public cemetery connected with the Thorn
Hill Baptist Church, which is quite generally used by the
people residing in the northern end of this town as a burial
place for their dead. The tombstone records of this Ceme-
tery also appear in the following pages, as a full statement
of the dead of this town would be incomplete without them.

In closing this brief introduction it seems proper to say
that, in the preparation of the following pages, it become
necessary to visit the several burial places located in this
town, and observe their condition. It appears that, in many


instances, private care and attention has been bestowed
upon portions of the several general cemeteries now in use,
but there has been no general or systematic care and atten-
tion given to these burial places, such as the enlightened and
progressive spirit of the present age seems to demand.
These four public cemeteries, now in use, should be incor-
porated, and proper officials appointed, who will receive the
generous gifts which tender and loving hearts are always
willing to make, for purposes of this kind, and judiciously
expend the same in beautifying, preserving and caring for
these sacred places, made hallowed by the ashes of our
beloved dead.

Mortuary Records and Genealogical Notes


Almira (Davis), wife of Ovid Ackles, died February 14,
1861, age 34 years.

Ovid Ackles, son of Horton and Mary Ackles, and
grandson of William Ackles, was bom in LaFayette, N. Y.,
and came to this town, with his parents and his brother
Samuel, about 1840; his father and mother returned to
LaFayette, where the former died in 1880, and the latter
in 1883. Ovid Ackles married (1) Almira Davis, daughter

of Zebulon and Hannah (Ames) Davis, (2) Cook,

and (3) Esther Cornue. After the decease of his first wife,
he also returned to LaFayette, where he died. His childrn
by his first wife, born in Spafford, were : Robert, married
Cecelia Woolsey; Mary, married Martin Strail; Frank H.,
married Flora Garfield, daughter of Daniel Garfield of La-
Fayette; and George H., married Jennie Carr. By his
second wife (Cook) Mr. Ackles had one daughter, Dora,
married Louis Ruhlman; and by his third wife (Esther
Cornue), Mr. Ackles had: Jennie and Lena, each now
(1899) residing in Tully unmarried.

William Ackles, the grandfather of Ovid Ackles, at an
early date came from Orange County, N. Y., first to Cayuga
County, and then to LaFayette, with five brothers and a
sister: John, Charles, Brant, Richard, Tartulus and Sarah,
and resided there until his decease.

Robert Ackles (son of Ovid) by his wife, Cecilia Woolsey,
had several children.

Frank H. Ackles (son of Ovid), who is a commercial
traveler, by his wife Flora Garfield, has one son, Horace F.
Ackles, who is unmarried, an artist, and resides in
Washington, D. C.

George H. Ackles, (the third son of Ovid), resides in
Preble, N. Y., and by his wife Jennie Carr had : Mortimer
A., married Annie Colton, daughter of David Colton, Editor
of Skaneateles Demcorat, resides in Skaneateles, N. Y.:


Harley Jaman Ackles, unmarried, assistant editor Skane-
ateles Democrat, resides in Skaneateles, N. Y. ; and Ina May
Ackles unmarried.

(Thorn Hill)

Matilda (Spaulding), wife of Samuel Ackles, Died
January 15, 1864, age 36 years, 9 months, 8 days.

Samuel Ackles, son of Horton and Mary Ackles and
grandson of William Ackles, was bom in Christian Hollow,
in the town of LaFayette, N. Y., May 20, 1819. He came
to this town with his parents and brother, Ovid Ackles,
about 1840. Like his father before him he is a farmer;
resides near Thorn Hill, N. Y. ; he married (1) Matilda
Spaulding, daughter of Isaac and Didama (Allen) Spauld-
ing, February 10, 1853, and (2) Mary Harvey, daughter of
Paul and Sally (Hisocck) Harvey. By his second wife Mr.
Ackles had two children : Grace, bom March 4, 1868, mar-
ried Frank B. Mills, (seedman at Rose Hill) , son of George
C. and Eliza J. (Finch) Mills, P. 0., Rose Hill, N. Y., (they
have one son, Frank B. Mills, Jr.) ; and W. Harvey Ackles,
bom October 22, 1870, married Nettie Smith; he is a
farmer, residing near Thorn Hill, N. Y. Mr. Samuel
Ackles' first wife, Matilda Spaulding, was a descendant of
Edward Spaulding, who settled in Braintree, Mass., about
1634, and died at Chelmsford in the same State about 1653,
in the eighth generation: Matilda, Isaac, Jeremiah, Jere-
miah, Isaac, Edward, John, Edward.

(Borodino) .


In Memory of Roderick C. Adams, Died July 27, 1844,
age 70 years, 7 months, 7 days.

(Borodino) .
Philander C, son of Roderick C. and Nancy Adams, Died
November 17, 1844, age 16 years, 9 months, 22 days.

In Memory of Timothy Adams, who died 16 August,
1812, in the 52 year of his age.

(On February 25, 1806, he received a deed of the north
half of the States Hundred Acres on lot 74, Marcellus,
and conveyed the same in March following, without wife.
In his will, dated January 29, 1812, and probated September


5th of the same year, after a small bequest to the lit
Baptist Church of Marcellus, (Thorn Hill), he gave his
estate equally to his mother, Reley Adams, and his sisters,
Lydia Case and Rebecca Woodford.)

(Old Cemetery, Borodino).


Stephen, son of Richard and Charlotte Adlam, Died
March 24, 1872, age 20 years.

(Richard and Charlotte Adlam, bom in England, were
the common ancestors of the Spafford Hollow Adlams.)

(Spafford Hollow.)
Emma Jane, daughter of Richard and Charlotte Adlam,
died July 5, 1854, age 1 year 9 months.

(Spafford Hollow.)

Alice P. (Moss), wife of John Adlam, died January 6,

1891, age 30 years, 5 months. (John Adlam, son of Richard

and Charlotte Adlam, married Alice P. Moss, daughter of

William Moss.)

(Spafford Hollow.)
R. Lewis, son of John and Alice P. (Moss) Adlam, died
January 15, 1891, age 11 months,

(Spafford Hollow).


Freelove, wife of Stephen Albro, died January 23, 1838,
age 75 years. (Stephen Albro was a soldier of the
Revolution.) (Borodino.)


Aaron Allen, died October 25, 1848, in 68 years.

(Aaron Allen, at the time of his decease, resided on lot
52, Marcellus, in the present town of Skaneateles. In his
will, dated October 17, 1848, and probated January 10,
1849, he mentioned his wife Tryphena S. Allen, and his
children: Julia S. Wiltsie, Harriet R. Benedict, Mary D.
Allen, and Arvine K. Allen.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Tryphena S., wife of Aaron Allen, died October 12, 1873,
age 90 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


Ellen M., daughter of Aaron and Tryphena S. AUctl,
died May 22, 1856, age 22 years, 5 months, 5 days.
"Reader stand still and drop a tear,
Think of the dust that slumbers here.
And when you read the fate of me
Think of the glass that runs for thee."

(Thorn Hill.)
Mary D. Allen, (daughter of Aaron and Tryphena S.
Allen) , died April 26, 1892, age 71 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


Deary, son of Thomas R. and Sarah A. (Webster)
Alvord, died September 10, 1864, age 4 years, 8 days.

(Thomas R. Alvord married Sarah A. Webster, daugh-
ter of William and Mary Webster.)

(Cold Brook.)


John Anderson, died September 30, 1890, age 83 years,
3 months, 16 days.

(He was bom June 14, 1807, and married Catherine
Olds, June 25, 1832. Mr. Anderson was, for many years,
Captain of an Artillery Company organized at Borodino,
where he resided nearly all his lifetime. In his will, dated
September 23, 1890, and probated December 1, 1890, he
mentions his wife Catherine (Olds) Anderson, and his
children : John H. Anderson of Georgetowm, California ; and
George C. Anderson of Spafford; he also mentions his
daughter-in-law, Delphene Anderson, wife of John H.; his
sister, Catherine Tupper of Michigan ; and his niece, Betsey
Tupper, daughter of his sister Catherine. George C.
Anderson is an employee of the general government at
Washington and unmarried.)


Catherine Olds Anderson, (wife of John Anderson),
died March 13, 1891, aged 78 years and 3 days.


Jennie, daughter of John and Catherine (Olds) Ander-
son, died Januaiy 11, 1880, age (No stone.)



Cornelius Anderson, died June 9, 1843, age 30 years.
(He was a brother of John Anderson and died unmarried.)

Rebecca Anderson, died October 22, 1830, age 24 years.
(She was an adopted daughter of Stephen Smith and died

(Thorn Hill.)

Among the Andersons who resided in this town, and
who left no dead were : Thomas B. Anderson and his three
sisters: Eliza, Susan and Louisa, who were bom on the
east shore of Maryland, and from there first moved to Eli-
cott Mills in the same State, and at an early date to this
town and settled in Borodino. Thomas B., married Caro-
line Grout, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Clark) Grout,
he was a merchant. He and his wife died in Pennsylvania,
but were buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, N. Y. ;
they were father and mother of Mrs. R. A. Bonta, whose
husband is Cashier of New York State Banking Company
of Syracuse, N. Y. ; Eliza, married Edward Baxter, died
and was buried in Liverpool, N. Y. ; Susan, married Thomas
Jenkins at Elicott Mills, Md., she died in Syracuse, N. Y.,
mother of Clinton Jenkins of Syracuse, N. Y. ; and Louisa,
married Orrin Stebbins, resided in Betts' Corner, but died
and was buried in Phoenix, Oswego County, N. Y.


Little George, son of Dudley and Calista (Perkins)
Andrews, died August 31, 1853, age 6 months.

(Dudley Andrews was a son of Elder Benjamin
Andrews, who came from Groton, Tompkins County, N. Y.,
and for many years ministered over the Baptist Church at
SpafFord Comers. By his wife Mary, Elder Andrews had
the following children: Dudley, m. Calista Perkins,
daughter of Hopkins and Polly Perkins; John P., m.

Harriet ; Christopher, died unmarried; Susan,

m. Nelson Perkins, son of Hopkins and Polly Perkins;
Mary, m. (1) Nelson Shaw, (2) Stephen Foote; Sophia,
m. in Groton and never came to this town; Lovlna,
m. Elder Bennett ; and Melissa F., m. Asahel M. Roundy,
son of Asahel and Hannah (Weston) Roundy.


John Andrews, by his wife Harriet, had the following:
Dudley B., m. Helen Ripley, daughter of David and Sarah
Jane (Eliot) Ripley, (7 children) ; Sophia, m. Charles
Ripley, son of David and Sarah Jane (Eliot) Ripley, (3
children) ; and Benjamin, died in the army in Florida, near
close of War of 1861.

(Cold Brook.)


In memory of Anna, wife of Abraham Angrel, died
February 17, 1839, age 79 years, 3 months, 13 days.
" Gk) home my friends
Wipe off your tears.
Here I must lie

'Till Christ appears."
(She came to this town about 1830, and probably
resided with her daughter, Polly Angel, wife of Peleg
Sprague, on lot 10, Sempronius, in the Nunnery settlement.
In her will, dated September 1, 1834, and probated April 30,
1839, she mentioned her children : Polly Sprague, wife of
Peleg Sprague, and (Gerusha) Mehitable Lewis), wife of
Gershom Lewis.)



Isaac Anthony, (son of Giles and Alice (Chase) An-
thony) , born August 12, 1796, died November 16, 1858.


(Mr. Anthony was of Quaker descent and born in Ports-
mouth, R. I. He came to this town from Cambridge, Wash-
ington Co., N. Y., where he probably married his wife Par-
melia Phelps, daughter of Daniel Phelps, and settled June
10, 1823, on Lot 12, Sempronius, where he remained until
his decease.

His emigrant ancestor, John Anthony, (born 1607, died
July 28, 1675) came to this country, April 16, 1630, from
Hemstead, England, in the ship Hercules, and finally settled
in Portsmouth, R. I., where he was made freeman, March
16, 1641. His wife Susanna died in 1675. Their children
were : John, Susannah, Elizabeth, Joseph and Abraham.
Abraham Anthony (John) , died Octobed 10, 1727. He was


Deputy in 1703-4-5-7-8-9-10-11. In the years 1709-10 he
held the office of Speaker of the House of Deputies. He
married December 26 1671, Alice Wodell, daughter of
William and Mary Wodell, and by her had: (at Ports-
mouth, R. L), the folloiwng children: John, Susanna,
Mary, William, Susanna (2), Mary (2), Abraham, Thomas,
Alice, James, Amy, Isaac and Jacob.

Abraham Anthony, Jr., (Abraham, John) bom April
21, 1682, married February 7, 1716-7 at Swansey, R. I.,
Elizabeth Gray, and had children : (first seven in Swansey,
and the balance in Portsmouth) as follows: Abraham,
Mary, Edward, Thomas, Philip, Elizabeth, Isaac, Sarah,
Elisha, Jonathan, Peleg and Daniel.

Isaac Anthony (Abraham, Abraham, John) bom 7th,
3 m 1727 at Swansey, R. I. (ml) February 15, 1758,
Ruth Russell ( daughter of Seth and Hannah Russel of Dart-
mouth, (2) November 19, 1760, Hannah Slocum, daughter

of Giles and Ann Slocum, (3) Rebecca and

had the following: (by first wife) : Honnah, Isaac, and
Seth, and (by second wife) : Giles, Ruth, and Seth, and (by
third wife) : Rebecca, Alice and Isaac.

Giles Anthony (Isaac, Abraham, Abraham, John) b.
October 20, 1761, married at Portsmouth, R. I., January 4,
1786, Alice Chase, daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth Chase,
and by her had the following (bom at Portsmouth) :
Hannah, b. October 27, 1789; Alice, b. October 11, 1792;
Giles, b. July 15, 1794 ; Isaac, b. August 12, 1796 ; Harriet,
b. July 21, 1799 ; Elizabeth, b. February 1, 1802 ; and Mary,
b. February 25, 1805.

Isaac Anthony (Giles, Isaac, Abraham, Abraham, John)
b. August 12, 1796, at Portsmouth, R. I. In his will, dated
August 2, 1858, and probated March 3, 1859, he mentions
his wife, Parmelia Anthony, and his children: Julius, P.
Anthony and Catherine Gait, wife of Thomas A. Gait, of
Sterling, Whiteside Co., Illinois; Elliott Anthony, of Chi-
cago, Illinois; Daniel P. Anthony, Jane Harvey, wife of
Dorwin Harvey, son of Medad and Anar (Buell) Harvey,
Sarah Anthony, and Ruth Anthony of Spafford, N. Y. Giles
died before his father.)


Sarah P. Anthony, (daughter of Isaac and Pamelia


(Phelps) Anthony), born October 16, 1837, died January
28,1862. (Borodino.)

Giles, son of Isaac and Pamelia (Phelps) Anthony, died
November 9, 1853, age 30 years.

" Rest brother, rest from all thy toils
Now death hath set thee free ;
Though thou art seen no more by us
Thou shalt with Jesus be."

Martha A. (Shaw), wife of George H. Anthony, died
October 26, 1868, age 35 years, 6 months.
" Gone but not forgotten."
(George H. Anthony, son of Harvey Anthony, married
(1) Martha A. Shaw, daughter of James Shaw of Spafford
Hollow, and (2) Esther Root, daughter of Henry and Anna
Root, also of Spafford Hollow.)

(Cold Brook.)
Esther (Root) , wife of George H. Anthony) .

(Cold Brook.)


Lydia, widow of Joseph Arnold, died October 1, I846,
in the 76th year of her age.

(She was the mother of Mrs. Harriet Lyon, wife of
David T. Lyon, and came from Otisco, N. Y.)



James Avery and his wife Mercy came to this town at
an early date, and settled on the southwest corner of Lot
21, Tully : these lands he and his wife conveyed to Benjamin
Homer, November 29, 1811. He then purchased and re-
sided for a short time on the southwest comer of Lot 33,
Tully, but sold it to Jonathan Berry in 1824, and moved on
to Lot 41, Tully, all of which he had purchased except Sur-
vey 50 acres in the northeast comer. His residence, during
his remaining stay in town, was near the Joseph Prindle
residence, so well known on said lot in subsequent years.
Lot 41 was conveyed by him in parcels to Thompson Bur-
dick (1819), Elmer D. Jenks (1822), Elijah Baker (1826),
and to Caleb N. Potter (January, 1829 and December 1829) .


He was Trustee of the 1st Free Will Baptist Church in
1828, and as such was one of the grantees of the lands upon
which the church edifice of that society was erected about
that time. He left no descendants in this town, and very-
little is known of him even by the old residents, outside of
his numerous business transactions, which indicate that he
was an active and successful business man. Of his family
no record remains.


Elihu Babcock, (son of John and Ruth Babcock), died
January 8, 1819, age 40 years.

(He came probably from Cambridge, Washington Co.,
N. Y., to Spafford, (then Tully) , before February 13, 1810,
and settled on Lot 10, Sempronius, amnog the first settlers.
At the time of his decease he was residing on a farm of
131 acres, owned by him in the southwest comer of said lot,
running down to the east shore of Skaneateles Lake. In his
will, dated January 19, 1819, and probated March 4, 1819,
he mentions his wife Hannah Babcock, and his children:
Thomas, Malentha, (m. Calvin Streeter), Cyrus, Ruth,
Worden and Sophia.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Ruth, daughter of Elihu and Hannah Babcock, died
March 19, 1836, age 22 years.

(She died unmarried.)

(Thorn Hill.)

John Babcock, Jr., (son of John and Ruth Babcock),
died October 24, 1849, age 68 years.

(He probably came early from Washington Co., N. Y.,
among the first settlers, and took up his residence near
his brother Elihu, on Lot 10, Sempronius, and subsequently
moved into the Village of Borodino, where he remained until
his decease; he was a cooper by trade. He married first
Nancy Stoddard, second Ellis Wallace, daughter of Daniel
and Mary (Low) Wallace, and third Lucy Sprague, widow
of Solomon Sprague. His children were: Laura Ann, m.
Asa Hall, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Macumber) Hall;
Lovina, m. Worden Babcock, son of Elihu and Hannah Bab-
cock; Ira, m. Julianna Palmer, daughter of Amos and Mary
(Barber) Palmer, April 13, 1834; Matilda; Mercy, m.


Willet Palmer, son of Amos and Mary (Barber) Palmer;
Rebecca, Hannah, John, Elihu, Darhis, Isaac, Permelia, m.
(1) Jacob Pollock and (2) George W. Breed, son of Rufus
and Mehitable Breed; and Charles, b. February 21, 1840,
died in Dallas, Nebraska, December 16, 1897, m. Charlotte
Walker, January 1, 1863, in Pennsylvania.)


Worden Babcock, died January 3, 1849, age 29 years,
7 months, 5 days.


John H. Babcock, bom October 11, 1807 died May 5,

" At Rest."

(He is not known to be related to the other Babcock
families of this town. He resided, at the time of his
decease, on the place known as " Split Rock," east of the
Skaneateles and Homer road, on the N. W. comer of lot 12,


Willie J., son of William and Elizabeth Babcock, died
January 23, 1875, age 1 year, 1 month.

(William Babcock was a son of John H. Babcock.)


Sarah Lavinda (Carr), wife of Thomas A. Babcock.
Died January 9, 1873, age 38 years 2 months, 14 days.

(She was a daughter of Thurston and Lorane (Green)
Carr. Sarah, Thruston, William, Thurston, Caleb, Caleb,
Caleb, Robert, Benjamin.)


Elizabeth (Bulfinch), wife of John Babcock, died De-
cember 18, 1851, in her 74th year.

(She was a sister of Joseph Bulfinch. Her husband,
John Babcock, was one of the first settlers in town, (Oct.
8, 1806) and lived on 47 acres west of the Skaneateles and
Homer road, on lot 21, Tully, at Spafford Corners, the same
farm afterwards owned and occupied successively by Silas
Cox, Joseph Cole and Dr. John Collins. He was at one time
prominent in town affairs, being the first Supervisor at the
organization of the town of Spafford in 1812. He went
West about 1825.




Amos Bacon, died July 24, 1840, age 72 years.

(He married Abigail Cady and had : William, m. Phebe
Isdell, daughter of Andrew and Mary (Harris) Isdell;
Amos, Jr., m. Clarissa Fowler; John, m. Sally Churchill,
daughter of John and Martha Churchill; Achsah, m. Wil-
lard Doty, son of Warren and Sarah (Wood) Doty; and
Abigail, who died at 22, unmarried.)

(Cold Brook.)

Abigail (Cady) , wife of Amos Bacon, died February 14,
1844, age 72 years.

(Cold Brook.)

Abigail, daughter of Amos and Abigail (Cady) Bacon,
died March 1, 1835, age 22 years, 1 month, 10 days.
" Death is a debt to nature due,
Which I have paid and so must you."

(Cold Brook.)
John Bacon, (son of Amos and Abigail (Cady) Bacon),
died April 22, 1844, age 43 years, 9 months.

(He married Sally Churchill, daughter of John and
Martha Churchill, and had: Warren, died unmarried;
David, m. Ruth E. House, and moved to Chautauqua Co.,
N. Y. ; Phelena, moved to Campbell, Mich., and married a
Mr. Gibson; Harrison, m. Frances Churchill, daughter of
Orville and Mary J. (Riggall) Churchill; and Irene, died

(Cold Brook.)
Sally (Churchill), wife of John Bacon, died May 24,
1899, age 90 years.

(Cold Brook.)
Warren Bacon, (son of John and Sally (Churchill)
Bacon) . Died June 6, 1850, age 24 years.
(He died unmarried.)

(Cold Brook.)
Irene Bacon, (daughter of John and Sally (Churchill)
Bacon) . Died December 16, 1836, age 15 months.

(Cold Brook.)
Cora, daughter of David and Ruth E. (House) Bacon),
died October 9, 1860, age 20 months.

(David Bacon, son of John and Sally (Churchill) Bacon,


married Ruth E, House. He moved to Chautauqua County,
N. Y.)

(Cold Brook.)
Frances (Churchill) , wife of Harrison Bacon, died Feb-
ruary 11, 1885, age 30 years.

Harrison Bacon, son of John and Sally (Churchill)
Bacon, married Frances Churchill, daughter of Orville and
Mary J. (Riggall) Churchill.)

(Cold Brook.)
In memory of John H. Bacon, who died June 18, 1834,
in the 24th year of his age.

(Cold Brook.)
Orson, son of Amos (Jr.) and Clarissa (Fowler) Bacon,
died March 3, 1857, age 14 years, 9 months, 19 days.
" ! that with yonder sacred throng
We at his feet may fall,
And pour the everlasting song
And crown Him Lord of All."
(Amos Bacon, Jr., son of Amos and Abigail (Cady)
Bacon, married Clarissa Fowler.)


Augustus, son of Amos (Jr.) and Clarissa (Fowler)

Bacon, died June 5, 1858, age 21 years, 8 months, 15 days.

Sarah E., daughter of James and Martha (Woodworth)
Bacon, died August 17, 1877, age 1 year, 9 months, 24 days.
(She sleeps."
(James Bacon, son of William and Phebe (Isdell) Bacon,

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