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Berry. Died July 27, 1841, age 21 years.


Nelson Berry, son of Jonathan and Thankful Berry.
Died March 30, 1884, aged 84 years. (No stone) .

(He married (1) Lucretia Lyman, (2) Amy Ann Eddy,
and (3) Abigail Stringham, who after his decease married
(2) George Maxson of Scott, N. Y.)


Lucretia (Lyman) , wife of Nelson Berry. Died January
22, 1856, age 36 years.


Amy Ann (Eddy), wife of Nelson Berry. Died June
22, 1857, age 42 years.


Zara Berry. Bom February 22, 1801, died March 14,

(He was a nephew of Jonathan Berry, and probably
came from Washington Co., N. Y., the home of the Berry


family. He married (1) Harriet Rathbone, daughter of
James and Margaret (Ashley) Rathbone, and (2) Sophia
Hillebert, daughter of John C. and Elizabeth (Berry) Hille-
bert. By his first wife he had Harriet, married Shuler
Conover of Skaneateles, N. Y.; and by his second wife:
Mary, married John Perry Lewis, son of John R. and
Roxana (Moon) Lewis, now dead and buried in Borodino
Cemetery; Charles and Helen, who died young; George,
married and living at Grand Lodge, Mich.; and Frank,
married and living at Minneapolis, Minnesota.)

In memory of Harriet (Rathbone), wife of Capt. Zara
Berry. Died October 12, 1828, age 21 years, 10 months, 16

(Thorn Hill.)
Sophia (Hillebert), wife of Zara Berry. Born Decem-
ber 26, 1813, died April 29, 1886.

Charlie, son of Zara and Sophia (Hillebert) Berry. Died
November 16, 1865, in his 9th year.

Helen, daughter of Zara and Sophia (Hillebert) Berry.
Died September 14, 1838, in her 4th year.



Several members of the Bierce family formerly resided
in Cold Brook and the town of Scott ; Augustin Bierce mar-
ried the widow Niles, and by her had the following children :
Chauncey, married Harriet Brown, daughter of Judge
Brown of Scott, N. Y., he resided both in Spafford and in
the town of Scott, N. Y. ; Datus W.„ married Emily Cole of
Cazenovia, N. Y., he resided in Cole Brook, but died in Cort-
land, N. Y. ; Niles H., married (1) Laura Smith of Roches-
ter, N. Y., and (2) Mary Smith of Batavia, N. Y., he resided
first in Scott and then in Batavia, where he died; and
Emeline, married Albert Rowe of Scottsville, N. Y., she last
resided in Albany.

Mrs. Bierce, by her first husband Niles, had four chil-
dren (half brothers and sisters of the foregoing) who also
resided in Spafford and Scott: John E., married (1) Sarah


Peters, and (2) of Smithport, N. Y.;

George, married Mahala Bowdish and resided in Scott,
N. Y. ; Lucinda, married Martin E. Knapp as his first wife,
resided in Cold Brook, and later in Scott, where he died,
buried in Cold Brook; and Harriet, married Ambrose S.
Higgins and resided in Scott, N. Y.


William Billings. Died July 3, 1846, in the 76th year
of his age.

(He married Rebecca Fisher, daughter of Amos and
Margaret Fisher, and by her had: Delos W., married
Rhoda Stanton, daughter of Benjamin and Amy (Perkins)
Stanton; Clarinda, married Mr. Ausmond; and Waterman
Billings of Seneca Falls, N. Y.)


Rebecca (Fisher), wife of William Billings. Died June
15, 1864, aged 75 years.

" Gone but not forgotten."
" She was the sunshine of our hearts.
An angel to us given,
Just when we came to love her most
God called her back to Heaven."



Samuel Bittles.

(The headstone in this case is so badly weather worn
that no part of the inscription can be read except the name.
Mr. Bittles came to this town from Homer, N. Y., with his
brother Thomas Bittles, October 26, 1818, and settled on
lot 88, Marcellus, where he remained until the time of his
decease in 1827. In his v/ill, dated June 12, 1827, and pro-
bated December 18, 1827, he mentions his wife Mary Bittles,
and his children: Margaret Bittles, and Eliza Shearman,
wife of Charles Shearman.)

(Old Borodino Cemetery.)



Eliza (Alvord) , wife of Thomas Blunden. Died January
15, 1888, age 74 years.

" Our dear mother at rest."
(She was a sister of Anna Alvord, the last wife of Silas
Randall, and of Thomas R. Alvord of Kellogg Settlement,
in the town of Scott, N. Y.)

(Cold Brook.)


Mary A., wife of Henry Bodley. Died June 26, 1886,
age 84 years.

(The Bodley s came from Cayuga County, N. Y.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Olive E. Bodley. Bom March 15, 1839, died August 23,

" I would not live always."

(Thorn Hill.)


The Boughton family was represented in the town of
Spafford in the persons of Rev. Alanson Boughton, Nathan
Culver and Mrs. William I. Skellie, the mothers of each of
the two latter being a Boughton.

Alanson Boughton was of the seventh generation, in
line of descent from John Bouton, born about 1615 and came
to America in the " Assurance," July 1635, and landed in
Boston, Mass., in December of the same year. After resid-
ing in Boston and Watertown, Mass., he finally settled in
Connecticut, first in Hartford and afterwards in Norwalk.
(John, Joseph, Jackin, Ebenezer, Timothy, John, Alanson.)

Alanson Boughton, born in Scipio, N. Y., May 23, 1807,
died in Moravia, N. Y., March 21, 1878. He was a Baptist
minister, but first followed teaching in Jamesville, Onon-
daga County, N. Y. He first ministered over the Baptist
Church in Volney, Oswego Co., N. Y., then in Nonesuch and
Sempronius, Cayuga Co., N. Y. Also in Milan and Locke,
in the same State, and then in Spafford, N. Y. In 1857 he
was School Commissioner in Cayuga County. He married
(1) April 15, 1829, at Onondaga, N. Y., Charlotte Keeler,


daughter of Jeremiah Keeler; she died in Jamesville, Sep-
tember 12, 1835, and then he married (2) at that place,
March 29, 1836, Hannah Squire, formerly of New Baltimore,
N. Y. His children were: Nelson, born in Nunda, N. Y.,
October 1, 1830, murdered September 6, 1859, married Mary
Fisher, daughter of Philip and Harriet (Legg) Fisher, at
Spafford October 2, 1854; and perhaps others.

Nelson Boughton (son of Alanson and Charlotte
(Keeler) Boughton), by his wife Mary Fisher, had two
children, one of whom, Angeline, was born in Skaneateles,
N. Y., November 7, 1855, married December 11, 1875, James
Allen, Jr., and settled in Julian, Clark Co., Da. (3 children:
Harly Hall, William Nelson, and Daniel Hall Boughton
Allen, the latter is a graduate of West Point Academy, a
son-in-law of General Thomas Wilson, and is now 1st Lieu-
tenant or Captain in the regular army.) Nelson Boughton
died in Nunda, Freeborn Co., Minn.

Elijah Bowen. Died May 20, 1807, age 50 years.

(Thorn Hill.)

Patty Bowen, widow of Elijah. Died July 15, 1851, age
90 years.

(Elijah and Patty Bowen were related to Delina Bowen,
wife of Dr. David Kingsbury of Clintonville, N. Y.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Joseph W. Bowen. Died Januaiy 3, 1875, age 68 years.
" An honest man is the noblest work of God."

(In his will, dated March 11, 1874, and probated in 1875,
he mentions his wife Hannah Bowen, and his son Alonzo

(Spafford Hollow.)


Hannah, wife of Alpheus Boutell. Died November 8,
1849, age 75 years, 9 months, 3 days.

(Alpheus Boutell lived and Died in Spafford Hollow. By
his wife Hannah he had : Samuel, married Catherine Wil-
liamson, daughter of James and Hannah Williamson; Lor-
enzo, married (1) Margaret Rainey, daughter of Robert
Rainey, (2) Cornelia (Stanley) Rood, widow; David B.,
married Anna Hobert, and lived and died in Tully, N. Y.;


Harriet, married Warren Kinney, lived and died in Amber,
N. Y.; and Parmelia, married Charles Kingsley, and lived
and died in Otisco, N. Y.

Samuel Boutell and his wife, Catherine Williamson are
both dead. Their children were: Samuel G., married
Carrie Fish, both dead and left one child ; Carrie E. Boutell ;
Alexander J., married Jennie M. Gay, daughter of Bamett
A. and Amanda F. (Smith) Gay, wife dead and he resides
in Tully, N. Y.; and Martin J. married Helen Grout,
daughter of John and Elizabeth (Brown) Grout, he is an
astrologer and resides in Syracuse, N. Y.) )

(Spafford Hollow.)
]\Iargaret (Rainey), wife of Lorenzo Boutell. Died
April 19, 1850, age 38 years, 7 days.

(Lorenzo Boutell, son of Alpheus and Hannah Boutell,
married (1) Margaret Rainey, daughter of Robert Rainey,
and (2) Cornelia Stanley, widow of a Mr. Rood of Moravia,
N. Y., deceased; he died and was buried in Amber, N. Y.
He first settled on the west side of Spafford Hollow, on the
first farm south of the Buck Tail Road, and for twelve years
was Justice of the Peace in that town, commencing his term
in 1838. From there he moved to the Village of Amber,
where he remained to the time of his decease. He had
seven children, (three by the first and four by the second
wife), among whom were: Spencer, Catherine, Parmelia
and Charles ; the latter by the second wife, now residing in
Amber, N. Y.)

(Spafford Hollow.)
In memory of Sarepta A. P., daughter of David B. and
Anna (Hobart) Boutell. Died April 28, 1830, age 4 years,
1 month, 8 days.

(Spafford Hollow.)
Parmelia M., daughter of David B. and Anna (Hobart)
Boutell. Died October 24, 1883, age 10 years.

(David B. Boutell, son of Alpheus and Anna Boutell,
married Anna Hobart, and resided over the Spafford line
in the Town of Tully. In his will, dated July 28, 1876, pro-
bated October 30, 1876, he mentions his Vvife Anna
(Hobart) Boutell, and his children: Emily Boutell; Mary-
Barker, Harriet Waggoner, Herbert Boutell, Edward Bou-
tell and Martha Boutell.)

(Spafford Hollow.)



Rufus Breed. Born April 24, 1785, died 1865.

(Rufus Breed married his cousin Mehitable Breed,
daughter of Allen and Lucy (Taylor) Breed, November 28,
1805, and came to this town from Hope, Hamilton County,
N. Y., July 12, 1839, and settled on Lot 11, Tully, on premises
formerly owned by Samuel Parker, and now known as the
Breed Homestead, on the Skaneateles and Homer Road.
His children, all born before coming to this town, were:
Asa, born September 11, 1906, married October 30, 1828,

; Elizabeth, born November 11, 1808,

married May 20, 1828, ; Rufus, born

June 3, 1811, married April 2, 1834, ;

Nathaniel, born July 2, 1813, married Tryphena Proper of
Trumansburg, N. Y. ; George Washington, bom April 12,
1818, married (1) March 20, 1840, Polly Ann Owen,
daughter of Timothy and Lydia Owen, (2) Parmelia Bab-
cock, daughter of John, Jr. and Ellis (Wallace) Babcock,
and widow of Jacob Pollock, he died in Sempronius, Cayuga
Co., N. Y. ; Allen, bom August 25, 1820, married Minerva
Rounds, daughter of Russell and Lydia (Harrington)
Rounds; and Reuben, born July 24, 1825, married April 2,

1834 , and moved to California where

he died.)


Mehitable (Breed), wife of Rufus Breed. Born in Nel-
son, N. Y., December 8, 1783; died February, 1865.

(She was a daughter of Allen and Lucy (Taylor) Breed.
Her father, Allen Breed, was born in Marblehead, Mass.,
July 14, 1759, and died at her home in Spafford, April 2,
1842. Allen Breed was a soldier in the War of the Revolu-
tion, having enlisted in the beginning of the war in 1775,
at the age of 16 years, and served during nearly the entire
period of that conflict to its close, and for meritorious
service was advanced from Private to Lieutenant. At the
time of his decease he was a pensioner of the United States.
His wife, Lucy Taylor, died March 23, 1825, and was buried
in a private cemetery at Mayfield, Montgomery Co., N. Y.
Allen Breed died of old age, and may have been buried in a
private plot, on the farm occupied by his son-in-law, Rufus
Breed. (Allen Breed's wife says he was buried in Spafford
Cemetery but has no stone.) Mehitable Breed, through her


father, was descended from Allen Breed, bom in England
and settled in Lynn, Mass., in 1630, as follows : Mehitable,
Allen, Josiah, John, Allen, Allen Allen.)

Nathaniel Breed (son of Rufus and Mehitable Breed).
Died May 18, 1876, age 63 years.

" Dead but not forgotten."
(He married Tryphena Proper of Trumansburg, N. Y.
In his will, dated April 17, 1876, and probated April 15,
1888, he mentions his wife, Lorantia E. Breed, and his chil-
dren, Delia and Frank Breed. In the petition made by the
widow she described herself as Lorantia E. Anthony,
formerly Breed.)

Allen Breed, (son of Rufus and Mehitable Breed). Bom
August 25, 1820, died 1891.

(He married Minerva Rounds, daughter of Russell and
Lydia (Harrington) Rounds. In his will, dated December
19, 1891, and probated February 4, 1892, he mentions his
wife Minerva Breed, and his children : Helen Breed ; Anna
Trip, wife of George Trip; and Lettie Burns, wife of
Charles Burns. His wife still resides on the old Breed
homestead, on Lot 11, Tully.

George Washington Breed, (son of Rufus and Mehitable
Breed) . Born April 12, 1818, died 1898.

(No stone.)
(He married (1) Polly Ann Ov/en, daughter of Timothy
and Lydia Owen, and (2) Parmelia Babcock, daughter of
John Jr. and Ellis (Wallace) Babcock. He moved to Sem-
pronius, Cayuga County, N. Y., where he died. He had at
least three children by his first wife: Martha, married
Horace G. Cady, of Auburn, N. Y. ; Mary, married Alonzo
Cady, now deceased, and Jewett, married Miss Williams.

Polly Ann (Owen), wife of George W. Breed. Died
June 7, 1869, in her 54th year.

" Dearest Mother how we miss thee,
And thy loss we deeply mourn.
But again we hope to meet thee
Where we never shall part again."
(She was a daughter of Timothy and Lydia Owen.)



Reuben T. Breed, (son of Allen and Lucy (Taylor)
Breed. Died June 20, 1888, age 82 years.

(He married (1) Purlina M. Patchen, widow of Moses
Prindle, (2) Juliette Legg-, widow of LeGrand Rathbone.
By his first wife he had one child : Helen Breed, who married
Edwin Johnson, son of Jonathan and Esther (Woodworth)
Johnson, she is now deceased and left one child: Grove
Johnson, residing in Spafford, N. Y.)


Juliette. Died June 6, 1899, age 78.

Purlina M. Breed. Died October 27, 1861, age 61 years,
4 months, 10 days.



Daniel Briggs. Died August 17, 1849, age 80 years.

(Daniel Briggs resided over the Spafford line in the
town of Skaneateles. In his will dated May 15, 1848 and
probated in 1849, he mentioned his wife Rhoda Briggs, and
his children : William S. Briggs, Russel Briggs, and Harriet
De Reimer, wife of Cornelius D. De Reimer ; his son Hiram
Briggs was then deceased since 1817. Hon. Sidney Smith
says : " Russel Briggs, one of the sons of Daniel and
Rhoda Briggs, settled in Michigan ; his son, Clinton Briggs,
grandson of Daniel and Rhoda, settled in Omaha, Nebraska,
and was the first Maj^or of that City."

" William. S. Briggs, the other son of Daniel and Rhoda
Briggs, succeeded his father as owner of the farm upon
which he settled when he came to Skaneateles, and occupied
it until his death in 1898, at the age of 89 years.")

(Thorn Hill.)

Rhoda, Avife of Daniel Briggs, died August 17, 1857, age
78 years.

(Thorn Hill.)

Hiram, son of Daniel and Rhoda Briggs. Died October
25, 1817, age 16 years, 6 months and 23 days.

(Thorn Hill.)

Nettie H., daughter of Charles and Ida (Taylor) Briggs,
died February 15, 1884, age 1 year, 9 months.
" Our loved one has gone."

(Charles Briggs, son of George W. and Charlotte M.


(Rich) Briggs, married Ida Taylor, daughter of Rev. Albert
Taylor, she is now deceased and buried in Borodino Ceme-
tery. No stone. George W. Briggs, married Charlotte M.
Rich, daughter of Dorr and Anna (Becker) Rich, and by
her had: Charles, married Ida Taylor; Phylitta A., died
young; and Gertrude, married Albert Thompson.)


Jacob Brown, (son of John and Catherine (Ritiker)
Brown) . Born May 17, 1809, died November 2, 1891.

John Brown, born in Massachusetts, married there Cath-
erine Ritiker, born in Germany, and after his marriage
settled in Rome, N. Y., where his son Jacob was born; from
there he moved to New Hope, Cayuga Co., N. Y., where he
died. He was a cooper by trade, as also was his son, Jacob,
who followed him to his new home in Cayuga County

Jacob Brown, married Debora C. Morris, daughter of
Samuel and Jane (Springer) Morris, born April 7, 1815.
By his wife Debora C. (who in 1898 resided in Fair Haven,
in the town of Scott, N. Y.),he had the following children:
Phebe Ann, m. William H. Craig, residing in Cold Brook,
N. Y.; Jefferson Jacob, born August 5, 1836, m. (1) An-
geline Hibbard, died in Seneca Falls, N. Y., (2) Juliette
Daniels, born November 4, 1842, died November 5, 1884,
and (3) Jennie Harrison, resides at Fair Haven, in the
town of Scott, N. Y. ; Ellen, born January 7, 1838, died Sep-
tember 22, 1859, m. Clark Spencer; William H., born Feb-
ruary 29, 1839, m. Esther A. Craig, resides in Spafford,
N. Y., (member of Co. " H," 16 N. Y. Heav. Art. Vols. War
of 1861) ; Charles, m. Melissa Webster, residing in Borodino,
N. Y.; Charlotte, born April 10, 1846, m. (1) Byron Van
Benschoten, (2) Charles Hurd, residing in Fair Haven in
the to^vn of Scott, N. Y.; Jane (Tian), born April 10, 1846,
m. James Hibbard, she died and was buried in Spafford;
Diadama Lucy Ann, born May 31, 1848, died April 4, 1864,
unmarried; Harriet M., m. William Henry Lyon, son of
George W. and Cornelia (Barker) Lyon, husband dead and
she resides at Fair Haven, town of Scott, N. Y. ; Schuyler,
m. Angeline Hibbard (dead) ; James, m. Catherine Almy,
residing in Borodino, N. Y. ; and Vincent, m. Emily Bennett,
residing in Fair Haven, town of Scott, N. Y.)



Debora C. Morris, wife of Jacob Brown. Born April 7,

Diadama Lucy Ann, daughter of Jacob and Debora C.
(Morris) Brown. Born May 31, 1848, died April 4, 1864.
(She died unmarried.)

Juliette Daniels, wife of Jefferson J. Brown. Died Nov-
ember 5, 1884, age 42 years, 1 day.

(Jefferson J. Brown was a son of Jacob and Deborah
C. (Morris) Brown.)

William H. Brown, (son of Jacob and Deborah C.
(Morris) Brown.) Bom February 29, 1839. (He married
Esther A. Craig) .

Esther A. (Craig), wife of William H. Brown. Bom
April 29, 1840.

Arthur E., son of George H. and Jennie (Craig) Brown.
Died January 13, 1892, age 11 months.

(George H. Brown, son of William H. and Esther
(Craig) Brown, married Jennie Craig, daughter of Wesley
and Amy (Randall) Craig.)

Melissa (Webster), wife of Charles Brown. Died Sep-
tember 26, 1879, age 33 years.

(Charles Brown, son of Jacob and Deborah C. (Morris)
Brown, married Melissa Webster. She was from a New
Hampshire family.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Margaret, wife of Aaron S. Brown. Died April 24, 1874,
age 37 years, 6 months.

" Gone but not forgotten."

Jedidiah Brown. Died July 28, 1838, age 65 years, 6
months, 6 days.

(Jedidiah Brown was killed by the kick of a horse. In
the petition for Letters of Administration by his widow,
Emma Brown, dated August 7, 1838, she mentions his chil-
dren as follows : Clarissa, Jedidiah, Jane, Huldah, and Loa
Brown, of Spafford, N. Y. ; Hannah Pool, wife of Alfred


Pool of Erie Co., N. Y. ; Alvah Brown, and Stephen Brown
of Ann Arbor, Mich. ; Lovina H. Hosford, wife of Isaac D.
Hosford, and Lucy Brown, of Grass Lake, Jackson Co.,
Mich. ; Phebe Lawrence, wife of Zimie Lawrence, of Addi-
son Co., Vt. ; and Betsey Brown of Addison Co., Vt. ; all of
full age except : Jedidiah, Jane, Hulda and Loa, who were

(Thorn Hill.)


Edward J. Brownell, (son of Simon and Mary Ann
(Churchell) Brownell).

Born September 19, 1821, died October 4, 1851.
" Farewell my wife and children dear,
Farewell my father and mother near,
My brothers and sisters all farewell,
I am going home with Christ to dwell."

(Simeon Brownell married Mary Ann Churchell, daugh
ter of James and Hannah (Dobbs) Churchell, and had the
following children: Lorenzo, married South and died in
St. Joseph, Mich. ; Charles, married in Navarino, N. Y., and
died in Dowagiac, Mich.; Mary Ann, married a Mr. Wilder

and died in Dowagiac, Mich.; Sidney, married (1)

Scrivens, (2) Springer and resides in Cleveland,

Ohio ; Edward J., married Rachel Martin, daughter of Ran-
dall B. and Rachel (Clark) Martin; Jane, married Stephen
Tinkham, son of Relly and Chloe (Grinnell) Tinkham;
George, married (1) a Miss Wellington and (2) in Michigan
where he now resides ; and Simeon, Jr., who married West.
Simeon and his wife, Mary Ann Churchell, also moved
West about 1852 or 1853.

Edward J. Brownell, by his wife Rachel (Martin)
Brownell, had two children: Irving and Edna Jane, the
latter married Perry McKay, son of Frederick and Louisa
(Hutchens) McKay, as his first wife, she is now deceased.
After the death of Edward J. Brownell his widow, Rachel,
married (2) Richard E. Loss of Skaneateles, N. Y.)


"Mother" — Rachel (Martin) Brownell, (wife of Ed-
ward J. Brownell). Born October 3, 1823, died August 5,


" Servant of God well done,
The glorious warfare past,
The battle is fought, the race is won,
And thou art crowned at last."
(She was a daughter of Randall B. and Rachel (Clark)
Martin. After the decease of Mr. Brownell she married
Richard E. Loss of Skaneateles, N. Y.)



Lena L. Bryan, (daughter of William and Fannie (Mas-
ters) Bryan). Died May 24, 1895, age 3 years, 8 days.

(William Bryan married Fannie Masters, daughter of
Stephen Masters.)

(Spafford Hollow.)
Clara M. Bryan, (daughter of William and Fannie
(Masters) Biyan). Died April 22, 1895, age 9 months.

(Spafford Hollow.)


Louisa (Gregory), wife of Thomas Bryant. Died June
28, 1873. age 37 years.

(Thomas Bryant married (1) Gregory, (2)

Louisa Gregory, a sister of his first wife, all three bom in
England, and (3) Ruth Eggleston, daughter of Deacon Ben-
jamin and Elizabeth (Wiltsie) Eggleston of Thorn Hill.
He had one child: Anna, married Eudelbert Churchill, of
Cold Brook, by his first wife, and two: Sarah, married
Seymour Churchill of Cold Brook; and Joseph Henry, who
died young, by his second wife. No issue by the third

Joseph Henry, son of Thomas and Louisa (Gregory)
Bryant. Died August 26, 1872, age 5 years, 9 months, 23



Charles H. BufRngton. Died January 6, 1852, age 35
years. 3 months.


" This stone was erected by Borodino Lodge, I. 0. of
O. F., as a token of esteem for their deceased brother."

(He was a teacher and died single. At the time of his
decease he was reading medicine with Dr. Isaac Morrell, of
Borodino. He was related to Mrs. Jacob W. Darling, prob-
ably a nephew.)



Joseph Bulfinch. Died October 3, 1873, age 88 years.
" Where the weary are at rest."

(Joseph Bulfinch was born in Boston, Mass., was liber-
ally educated, and in early life was a teacher in a Vermont
Seminary. In 1818 he came to Spafford and settled on a
farm on Lots 32, Sempronius, and 21, Tully, where he
remained until the time of his decease, pursuing the occu-
pation of farming and civil engineering. He was frequently
called upon by his townspeople to fill tov/n oflEices, and
seldom during his active life did his name fail to appear in
the list of town officials. Among the offices held by him
were Supervisor, Assessor, Poor Master, School Commis-
sioner, Inspector of Schools and Town Trustee, but most
f reuuently his name appears in the town books as Inspector
of Schools; in fact for many years teachers in the schools
of Spafford obtained their permit to follow this vocation
from Joseph Bulfinch. He married Lydia Harrington be-
fore coming to this town, and by her had the following
children : Sarah Ann, married Andrew J. Eliot, son of Elias
and Charity (Warner) Eliot, he is dead and she is residing
(1899) in Onondaga Valley, N. Y. ; Lydia, died at 11 years;
Joseph Harrington, married Lucy Ann Eliot, daughter of
Elias and Charity (Warner) Eliot; and Mary, married Dr.
Daniel George Frisbie, residing in Grinnell, Iowa.

Joseph Harrington Bulfinch, born in Boston, Mass.,
December 6, 1816, and died at Yankton, S. D., November 12,

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