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1897, inherited the literary tastes and studious habits of his
father without his self confidence, and while he had few, if
any, peers in the community in which he from time to time
resided, as a man and a scholar, his inherent modesty fre-
quently prevented him from holding positions of public trust
and confidence, which his natural and acquired ability fitted


him to occupy. In early life he followed the avocations of
his father, farming and civil engineering, and at one time
he held a commission as Major in the Militia of the State
of New York. By his wife, Lucy Ann Eliot, who survived
him and in 1899 resided in Yankton, S. D., he had : George
W., married Jennie Swartz, he is now deceased, leaving his
widow and one daughter, Alice May Bulfinch, residing in
Williamsport, Pa.; James, a twin of George, died young;
and Alice M., who married Nelson J. Cramer, (lawyer),
resides in Yankton, S. Da.)

Lydia Harrington, wife of Joseph Bulfinch. Died De-
cember 31, 1861, age 73 years.

Lydia, daughter of Joseph and Lydia (Harrington) Bul-
finch. Died Monday, February 13, 1837, age 11 years, 6
months, 22 days.

" Pause, my young friends a while before you further go,
I once was gay as well as you, but now here lie low ;
Nor did I think I so soon must take my leave of you,
But death called loud, I must obey and bid you all adieu ;
Remember you must soon like me be mouldering in the clay,
Those earthly fleeting joys must soon pass away;
But there is a heaven of endless joy where saints immortal

There free from sin, from sorrow, from grief and every



Russell M. Burdick, Esq. Died December 29, 1850, age
53 years, 11 months, 24 days.

" Man knoweth not his time."

(Russell M. Burdick, descended form a Seventh Day
Baptist ancestry, came to Spafford from Scott, N. Y., where
he had brothers and sisters; he probably came originally
from Brookfleld, Madison Co., N. Y. He married (1)
Esther Whiting, daughter of Thomas and Esther Whiting;
and (2) Philura Seeley, daughter of Samuel G. and Ada
(Fowler) Seeley, and widow of Mr. Eldridge. He came to
this town before 1825, and from time to time held various


town offices, among which were: Supervisor, Assessor,
Tov/n Trustee and Justice of the Peace; the latter he held
for many years, and by reason of which he was commonly
called Esquire Burdick. He had eight children, seven by his
first wife and one by his last: Lovinia, married George
Youst Fisher, son of Dakin and Sally (Youst) Fisher, she
died in Seneca Falls, N. Y.; Melissa, married John S. Cole,
son of Easton and Polly (Lewis) Cole, she died in Michigan;
Oscar F., married Lovedy Tinkham, daughter of Russel and
Mary (Cook) Tinkham, he died in Michigan; R. Verona,
accidentally killed when young; Fernando Cortez, died
South; Ira Whiting, died single in Michigan; Dorleska L.,
married Porter P. Cole, son of Easton and Polly (Lewis)
Cole, resides in Michigan; and Mary E. (by second wife),
married William Cullen Bockes, the latter is dead and she
resides in Scott, N. Y.)

In memory of Esther (Whiting), wife of Russell M.
Burdick. Died July 3, 1841, age 39 years, 4 months.

Russell Verona, son of Russell M. and Esther (Whiting)
Burdick. Died October 14, 1845, age 13 years, 4 months, 7

(Accidentally killed by a wagon running over him.)

In memory of Thompson Burdick, (son of John and
Elizabeth (Babcock) Burdick). Died October 5, 1830, age
77 years.

" For the great day of his wrath cometh.
And who shall be able to stand."
(Thompson Burdick was born in the town of Westerly,
R. I., September 1, 1753, and was a soldier in the War of
the Revolution, serving as a member of Capt. Samuel Ward's
Co., Col. Varnum's 1st Reg-t. R. I. Line (Continentals) from
May, 1775, to January 1, 1777, participating in the Siege of
Boston, the battles of Long Island, White Plains and Tren-
ton, and receiving a gunshot wound in the battle of White
Plains. He was discharged from the Continentals at Cross-
wick Meeting House, in the State of Pennsylvania, but
afterwards served on different tours of duty as part of the
Militia of his native State, among which was one made in
an endeavor to drive the British from Newport, R. I. On


this latter occasion he came near losing his life, from drown-
ing off Judith Point, R. I., by the capsizing of barges used
in carrying soldiers employed in that expedition ; sixteen in
all were thrown into the water, of whom only eight were
saved, among the latter was Thompson Burdick.

Mr. Burdick was fouth in line of descent from Robert
Burdick, the first settler in this country, and the common
ancestor so far as known of the Burdick family generally
in America. Tradition says that Robert Burdick came to
this country from a small village in England, near the
border line of Wales, but at just what time is not recorded.
In November, 1652, he was baptized at Newport, R. I., and
four years afterwards was made Freeman at the same place.
In 1661 a company was formed, at the latter place, to
colonize v/hat was afterwards known as Westerly, R. I. Of
these were Robert Burdick and Tobias Saunders. In Nov-
ember of that year, Mr. Burdick and Mr. Saunders made a
clearing, and put up a log house at the latter place, but were
promptly arrested by order of Governor John Endicott, of
Massachusetts, carried prisoners to Boston, tried and fined
forty pounds apiece as trespassers, and ordered to give
bonds to keep the peace. They were kept in prison several
months, during which time they appealed to England for
redress, but in the end the colonization company paid their
fines, and they returned to Rhode Island. On November 2,
1655, Robert Burdick married at Newport, R. I., Ruth Hub-
bard, daughter of Samuel and Tacy (Cooper) Hubbard, who
was said to be the first white child born in Springfield,
Mass., (January 11, 1640) , and by her had nine children who
arrived at maturity: Robert, Hubbard, Thomas, Naomi,
Ruth, Benjamin, Samuel, Tacy and Deborah. Samuel Hub-
bard and his wife Tacy Cooper, and their three daughters,
Ruth, Rachel and Bethia were among the first to embrace
the doctrines of the Seventh Day Baptist in this country,
and to them, more than to any other persons, belongs the
credit of the establishment of that denomination in America.
Robert Burdick, after passing through various vicissitudes
incident to the settlement of the Narragansett country, in
Rhode Island, finally established himself at Westerly, R. I.,
where he reared his family and continued to reside until the
time of his decease.

Hubbard Burdick, son of Robert, resided in the Town


of Hopkinton, R. I., and was one of the grantees of 5,300
acres of land in that town, sold by order of the Rhode Island
Court, October 2, 1711. This grant was situate in the
westera part of that town. He married Hannah Maxson,
daughter of John and Mary (Moshier) Maxson, and had
four sons : Hubbard, Nathan, John and Ezekiel.

John Burdick, son of Hubbard, was bom May 19, 1721,
and married Elizabeth Babcock, by whom he had eight
children: Maxson, Thompson, Anne, John, Paul, Abigail,
Sarah, and Frances.

Thompson Burdick, son of John, married Tabitha Wil-
cox, daughter of Nathan and Tabitha (Prosser) Wilcox, at
Stonington, Conn., and by her had ten children, all of whom
were born at the latter place, except one or possibly two of
the younger, born at Brookfield, Madison Co., N. Y., to which
place he moved his family in or about the year 1796. From
Brookfield he moved to the town of Scott, N. Y., in the year
1809, and settled in the northern part of the village of that
name, and resided there until about 1819, when he settled on
Lot 41, Tully, and there remained until the time of his
decease. His children were: Paul, moved to Milwaukee,
Wis.; William, moved to Pennsylvania; Thompson, Jr.,

married Lucy , he was killed or died in the war of

1812; Ethel, died unmarried; Lucy, bom December 1, 1779,
in Stonington, Conn., and died in Brookfield, N. Y., August
20, 1833, married John Collins, December, 1796, at Brook-
field, N. Y., she was the mother of Dr| John Collins who
resided and died in this town ; Nabby, born 1782, and died
April 29, 1866, married David Gates in 1796, at Brookfield,
N. Y. ; Nancy, married George Frink ; Pollina, married John
Barber of Scott, N. Y., and died November 12, 1852, age
62 ; Betsey, born November 30, 1793, died in Spafford, De-
cebmre 31, 1872, married Elijah Knapp, son of Peter and
Dinah (Guion) Knapp, December 9, 1812, at Scott, N. Y.,
and resided and died in this town; and Sophia, born 1802,
married Hosea Palmer of this town and died in Scott, N. Y.,
Thompson Burdick, by reason of his military services, was
a pensioner of the United States.


In memory of Tabitha (Tabothy on stone) (Wilcox),
wife of Thompson Burdick. Died December 4, 1827, age
71 years, 8 months, 11 days.


(Tabitha Wilcox was of the sixth generation in line of
descent from Edward Wilcox, who came to America from
England and settled in Portsmouth, R. I., before 1638, and
was in trade there at that date, with Roger Williams and
Richard Smith. He died in Kingston, R. I., where he left
at least two children : Stephen and Daniel.

Stephen V/ilcox, son of Edward, bom 1623 at Ports-
mouth and died at Westerly, R. I., in 1690, married 1658,
Hannah Hazard, daughter of Thomas and Martha Hazard,
and by her had seven children: Edward, Thomas, Daniel,
William, Stephen, Hannah, and Jeremiah. Stephen Wilcox
was a deputy in the R. I. Court in 1670 to 1672, and the
ov/ner of 500 acres of land in the Pequoit Country.

William Wilcox, son of Stephen, died at Stonington,
December 27, 1757, married (1) January 25, 1698, Dorothy
Palmier, daughter of I\Ioses and Dorothy (Gilbert) Palmer,
and granddaughter of Walter and Rebecca (Short) Palmer
of the first settlers of Stonington, Conn., and (2) Mrs. Abi-
gail Palmer. His children born at Stonington, Conn., were
by his first wife, and were as follows : Dorothy, Anna, Wil-
liam, Jemima, Mary, Amey, Sarah and Nathan. Wliliam
Wilcox was commonly called and known as Dea. Wm.

William Wilcox, Jr., son of William, bom June 3, 1703,
married (1) March 24, 1725-6 at Stonington, Hannah
Brown, and by her had one child. She died January 4,
1826-7 and he married (2) June 5, 1727, Elizabeth Brown,
daughter of John and Elizabeth (Miner) Brown, and by
her had six children. His children were: Hannah, Pru-
dence, Nathan, William, John, Dorothy and Hannah (2),
both Hannahs died young.

Nathan Wilcox, son of Wm., Jr., bom April 6, 1730, at
Stonington, Conn., married January 25, 1753 at the latter
place Tabitha Prosser, and by her had four children, bom
at Stonington: Nathan, William, Tabitha, bom March 15,
1757, married Thompson Burdick; and Prudence.


Christopher Avery Burdick, (son of Thompson, Jr., and
Lucy Burdick) . Bora July 6, 1807, died February 6, 1882.

(Thompson Burdick, Jr., son of Thompson and Tabitha
(Wilcox) Burdick, was killed or died in the War of 1812.
By his wife Lucy he had the following children : Leonard,


David, Ezra, Aurilla, Chritopher Avery, married Eugenia
Jane Nash, daughter of Joel and Lovina (Whiting) Nash,
and granddaughter of Thomas and Esther Whiting.

Avery Burdick by his wife Eugenia Jane Nash had four
children : Elnora, married Lovinas Tinkham, son of Russel
and Mary (Cook) Tinkham, resides in Scott, N. Y. ; Medora,
married (1) Ira Hill, (2) Albert Hill, resides at Kipton, O.,
and Charles C, married Emily Norton, daughter of Erastus
and Mary (Isdell) Norton. There was another daughter
older than these, who died a young girl.


Charles C. Burdick, son of Christopher Avery, by his
wife Emily Norton has: Lillian, married Waldo Emerson
Gilbert, son of William Gilbert, attorney-at-law, resides in
Syracuse, N. Y. ; and Majestic, married Russell D. Eddy,
son of David Eddy. A third child, Dora A., died young.)


Eugenia Jane (Nash), wife of Christopher Avery Bur-
dick. Born in 1813, died in 1892.


Dora A., daughter of Charles C. and Emily (Norton)
Burdick. Died June 27, 1870, age 8 months.


Benjamin C. Burdick. Died April 2, 1835, age 44
years, 6 months.



James Burlton. Died January 14, 1883, age 56 years.

" The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want."
(Mr. Burlton was born in England; his wife, Charlotte
Greene, after his decease married (2) George Clark of

(Thorn Hill.)
Charlotte Green, wife of James Burlton. Died March
13, 1896, age 70 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


Mary A. (Travis) (Barnes), wife of Michael Bums.
Born 1831, died 1889.


" Pain and sickness has been my lot to bear,

And in the Eternal Home I hope I shall have a crown to


(Michael Bums was born in Ireland; he married Mary
A. Travis, daughter of John Travis, and widow of Edwin
F. Barnes.)


Felix Burns. Died July 18, 1872, age 85 years.

(He married Elizabeth Wallace, and by her had : Mary,
married Ward Bearse, son of Aaron and Rebecca (Earl)
Bearse; Thomas W., married Anna Earl, daughter of Wil-
liam and Polly (Pitts) Earl; Francis, married Harriet M.
Streeter, daughter of Calvin and Melentha (Babcock)
Streeter; and Phillip, married Emma Taylor, daughter of
William Taylor. Felix Bums and his wife, Elizabeth Wal-
lace, came to Spafford from Washington Co., N. Y., about
1835, and settled on Lot 12, Sempronius.)


Elizabeth (Wallace) , wife o Felix Bums. Died June 15,
1863, age 72 years, 1 month, 12 days.


Philip Burns, (son of Felix and Elizabeth (Wallace)
Burns) . Died July 10, 1882, age 48 years, 2 months.

(Philip Burns married Emma Taylor, daughter of Wil-
liam Taylor, and by her had four children : Francis, Fred-
erick, Mary and Charlotte. He was drowned in Owasco
Lake outlet.)


Thomas W. Bunrs, (son of Felix and Elizabeth (Wal-
lace) Burns) . Died June 10, 1883, age 54 years.

" An honest man is the noblest work of God."
(Thomas W. Bums married Ann Earl, daughter of Wil-
liam and Polly (Pitts) Earl, and by her had: Flora E.,
George and Emma, the latter died before her father and died


Our Little Emma, only child of Thomas W. and Anna
(Earl) Burns. Died June 18, 1869, age 5 years, 9 months,
14 days.


" Here thy laughing face we miss,
Miss thy smile, thy loving kiss.
Yet our hearts must own it best,
God has taken thee to rest."
Harriet M. (Streeter), wife of Francis Bums. Died
August 13, 1866, age 30 years, 5 months.

" Dear child ! the grave must be your bed.
Yes, thou art numbered with the dead.
That aching head and sunken eye
Now in the grave must mouldering lie."
(FrancisBums, son of Felix and Elizabeth (Wallace)
Bums, married Harriet M. Streeter, daughter of Calvin
and Melentha (Babcock) Streeter.)



John P. Burroughs, (son of Alvin Burroughs of Skan-
eateles) . Died December 9, 1884, age 62 years.

Alvin Burroughs of Skaneateles died January 4, 1877.
In his will, dated November 14, 1874, and probated Feb-
ruary 17, 1877, he mentions his wife Deborah Ann Bur-
roughs, and his children : Phebe Jane, of Skaneateles, she
died September 1, 1887, unmarried; Charles, of Groton,
Tompkins Co., N. Y. ; John P., of Spafford, N. Y., married
Eliza Lowery, daughter of William Lowery; Nancy
Ann, married Prof. Charles 0. Roundy, son of Asahel an

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