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(Spafford Hollow.)

Willis Case, (son of Kelley and Mabel Case). Died
September 15, 1884, age 70 years, 4 months.

(In his will, dated 1885 and probated July 13, 1885, he
mentions his wife Chloe M. Case and his son, Ansel K.

(Spafford Hollow.)

Ansel K., son of Willis and Chloe Case. Died August 24,
1855, age 3 years, 10 months, 20 days.

(Spafford Hollow.)

Infant daughter of Willis and Chloe Case. Died Sep-
tember 2, 1847, age 7 weeks.

(Spafford Hollow.)

Isaac C. Case. Died May 23, 1864, age 78 years. 3
months, 12 days.

(His first wife was Polly ; and his second,

Nancy . His children were: William, married

Asenath Warner ; Aaron G., married Rebecca Monk, daugh-
ter of Benjamin Monk ; Arvilla M., married Charles Nichols ;
Eunice, married Isaac Olmstead; Mary Ann, married
Stephen Crane; Betsey, married Henry Howe; Lydia, mar-
ried Picket, and Isaac E. Case.)


Polly, wife of Isaac Case. Died August 27, 1859, age 69
years, 1 month, 18 days.



William Case, son of Isaac and Polly Case. Died August
26, 1852, age 42 years, 25 days.

(He married Asenath Warner.)


Asenath Warner, wife of William Case. Died January
28, 1886. age 74 years, 4 months.

(She first married William Case; second Calvin Patter-
son as his second wife; and third Peter Becker, as his
second wife.)


Rebecca (Monk), wife of Aaron G. Case. Died March
18, 1852, age 28 years.

(Aaron G. Case, son of Isaac and Polly Case, married
Rebecca Monk, daughter of Benjamin Monk. He died in
Memphis, N. Y., March 7, 1888, age 66 years.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Isaac E., son of Isaac and Polly Case. Died December
22, 1837. Age 9 years.

(Thorn Hill.)

A man by the name of Russel Case formerly resided at
the foot of the Buctail, in Spafford Hollow, who had four
sons: Stephen, Lewis and Leonard (twins), and Reuben,
who afterwards moved to Marcellus, N. Y.


Joshua Chandler. Died August 19, 1834, age 71 years.

(He came from Connecticut and left no issue. In his
will, dated February 19, 1827, and probated November 15,
1834, he mentions his wife Hannah Chandler, and brothers
and sisters: John Chandler, Polly Chandler, Thomas
Chandler; nephew Nathan Chamberlin; niece Fanny Eaton;
Emily Nye (probably a sister), and her son, Benjamin

(Thorn Hill.)

Hannah, wife of Joshua Chandler. Died February 2,
1841, age 79.

(Thorn Hill.)


Lydia (Hunt), wife of Amasa Chapman. Born March
9, 1780; died April 13, 1849.


Amasa Chapman is also dead, and buried in this ceme-
tery. He married Lydia Hunt, sister of Deacon John Hunt
of Thorn Hill.

Amasa Chapman, bom June 29, 1771, died March 21,

(Thorn Hill.)


Martin Chappell. Died Au^st 24, 1836, age 32 years.

He married (1) , and (2) Adeline

Force, daughter of Henry Force. He left him surviving
two children : Zipporah and John, aged respectively at that
time 6 and 3 years.)

(Thorn Hill.)

, wife of Martin Chappell. Died

February 16, 1834, age 27 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


James Churchell. Died March 8, 1821, age 60 years, 4
months, 23 days.

(He came from Rensselaer County, N. Y., with his wife,
Hannah Dobbs, and settled on Lots 1 and 2, Tully, in this
town, in the year 1816. By his wife, Hannah Dobbs, he
had the following children: James, Jr., he resided in
Auburn, N. Y. ; Frederick (" Fade "), married a Miss Wil-
lard; Peter, married (1) Lucina Crane, daughter of
Stephen and Elsie (Grinnell) Crane, and (2) Charity
Rainey, widow of James B. Williamson, and sister of Robert
Rainey ; William, married Celinda Fisher, daughter of Dakin
and Sally (Youst) Fisher; Alexander M., married (1)
Lydia McKay, daughter of Augustin and Polly (Partridge)
McKay, (2) Jane Robertson, daughter of James and Isabel
(Eadie) Robertson, and (3) Margaret Fisher, daughter of
Dakin and Sally (Youst) Fisher, and widow of George D.
Filkins; Gilbert Ward, married (1) Elnora Rainey, daugh-
ter of Robert Rainey, and (2) Harriet Littlefield; he is
now deceased ; John, married Polly Palmer, daughter of
Amos and Mary (Barber) Palmer; Ansel, married Izabenda
Bearse, daughter of Aaron and Phebe (Smith) Bearse; and
Mary Ann, married Simon Brownell.))



Hannah (Dobbs), wife of James Churchell. Died June
17, 1843, age 72 years, 5 months, 24 days.
" We leave you here till Christ shall come the sleep of death

to break,
Thou mayest then leave this silent tomb and in his likeness


Alexander M. Churchell, son of James and Hannah
(Dobbs) Churchell). Born April 10, 1809, died September
10, 1890.

(He survived his three wives mentioned above. In his
will, dated August 11, 1885, and probated October 16, 1890,
he mentions no wife, but the following children : Aderesta,
wife of H. B. Swetland; Jane, wife of Orlando Grinnell; and
grandson: Milton A. Swetland.)


Lydia (McKay) Churchell, (wife of Alexander M.
Churchell) . Born March 30, 1818, died June 14, 1843.

(She was a daughter of Augustin and Polly (Partridge)


Jane (Robertson) Churchell, (wife of Alexander M.
Churchell) . Bom October 5, 1818, died November 5, 1850.

(She was a daughter of James and Isabel (Eadie) Rob-
ertson. Mr. Churchell's third wife, Margaret Fisher, was
buried by the side of her first husband, George D. Filkins,
in this cemetery.)


Elnora (Rainey) wife of Gilbert W. Churchell. Died
October 3, 1851, age 35 years, 7 days.

(She was a daughter of Robert Rainey.)


Harriet (Littlefield) , wife of Gilbert W. Churchell.
Bom April 24, 1828, died June 16, 1868.


Anson Churchell, (son of James and Hannah Dobbs)
Churchell.) Bom November 30, 1813, died October 25,


" Disease I met with when far from home,
No friend or kindred to me come,
And when to native land returned
The vital spark had ceased to burn,
My wife and child with tears and pain,
Cannot call back from deaht's cold chain."
(He married Izabenda Bearse, daughter of Aaron and
Phebe (Smith) Bearse; and by her had one daughter, Eliza,
who married Erastus E. Brown. After his decease his wife
married (2) Albert E. Fulton. She died May 21, 1875, and
was buried by the side of her second husband in Borodino

Peter Churchell, (son of James and Hannah (Dobbs)
Churchell) . Born May 29, 1798, died July 23, 1876.
" No sighs are heard in this shadowy place.
No voice of them who weep.
He has fought the fight and finished the race,
God giveth him rest in sleep."
(He married (1) Lucinda Crane, daughter of Stephen
and Else (Grinnell) Crane, and (2) Charity Rainey, widow
of James B. Williamson, and sister of Robert Rainey. His

children were: James, married Carr, daughter

of Almon and Arathusa (Morse) Carr, residence Onondaga
Valley, N. Y. ; he died May 21, 1899, leaving widow, one son
and three daughters: George, married Eveline Norton,
daughter of Robert and Susan (Hill) Norton; Caroline Gale
of Otisco, N. Y. ; and Lorilla Patten, wife of George A.
Patten of Spafford, N. Y., the latter has two children, Alton
W., of Spafford, N. Y. ; and Flora B., wife of Emmett L.
Gordon, of Preble, N. Y.)

Lucinda (Crane), wife of Peter Churchell. Bom Feb-
ruary 10, 1800, died February 16, 1831.

Charity (Rainey) , wife of Peter Churchell. Born April
14, 1799, died March 1, 1869.

" When the day at last is done.
When the race of life is o'er,
God will give his wearied one
Rest for evermore."



William Churchell, (son of James and Hannah (Dobbs)
Churchell). Died May 15, 1882, age 76 years, 2 months.

(He married Celinda Fisher, daughter of Dakin and
Sally (Youst) Fisher. He left no descendant, but an
adopted daughter Jennette, who married Sullivan A. Carr,
son of Almon and Arathusa (Morse) Carr.)


Celinda (Fisher), wife of William Churchell. Died
May 15, 1878, age 69 years, 25 days.


George Churchell, (son of Peter and Lucinda (Crane)
Churchell) . Died October 4, 1893, age 64 years, 5 months.

(He married Eveline Norton, daughter of Robert and
Susan (Hill) Norton, and left him surviving, his wife Eve-
line, and the following children: Arthur B., of Syracuse
N. Y. ; Lena E., of Titusville, Pa.; and the following grand-
children: Mabel E., Russel, Arthur, Harold, and Edward
J. Churchell, minor children of his deceased son, Edward J.
Churchell, then residing with their mother, Olive Churchell,
at Syracuse, N. Y. ; Eveline, Mary, Bessie, John, and Flora
Morgan, minor children of his deceased daughter. Flora
Morgan, residing with their father, William H. Morgan, at
Cortland, N. Y.)



In memory of John Churchill, who departed this life Sep-
tember 27, 1817. Age 59 years, 6 months, 15 days.

(Mr. Churchill by his wife, Martha, had the following
children. John, Alvin, married Sally Seeley, daughter of
Samuel G. and Ada (Fowler) Seeley; Chauncey, married
Catherine M. Merry; Sally, married John Bacon, son of
Amos and Abigail (Cady) Bacon ; Irene, married (1) Lucius
Vail, and (2) Harvey Anthony, Jotham, and Joab, who died
at 18 years.)

(Cold Brook.)

Martha, wife of John Churchill. Died February 13,
1839, age 63 years.

Joab, son of John and Martha Churchill. Died Novem-
ber 24, 1846, age 18 years, 14 days.

Alvin Churchill, (son of John and Martha Churchill).
Died March 27, 1878, age 84 years, 4 months, 20 days.


(He lived on the East hill in the Cold Brook neighbor-
hood, jnst over the county line in the town of Scott, N. Y.
He married Sally Seeley, daughter of Samuel G. and Ada
(Fowler) Seeley, and by her had the following children:
Mary Fidelia, married Edwin Pratt of Homer, N. Y. ; Clar-
issa Marisa, married Peter Curtis, of Scott, N. Y. ; Orville
C, married Mary J. Kigali, daughter of Milo Kigali, resi-
dence Corning, Steuben Co., N. Y. ; Ljnnan S., married (1)
Mary Ann Alvord, widow of Ezra Kandall, and (2) Harriet
A. Alvord; Philena S., died young; and John M., died in
the War of 1861.)

(Cold Brook.)
Sally (Seeley), wife of Alvin Churchill. Died June 23,
1885, age 79 years, 6 months, 6 days.

(Cold Brook.)
Philena S., daughter of Alvin and Sally (Seeley)
Churchill. Died August 16, 1834, age 3 years, 2 months, 19

" Gone to rest."

(Cold Brook.)

John M. Churchill, (son of Alvin and Sally (Seeley)

Churchill.) Company " D " 157 Kegt., N. Y. V. Died at

Annapolis, Md., September 4, 1863. Age 22 years, 4

months, 14 days.

" He rests in God"

(Cold Brook.)
Little Martha V., daughter of Samuel Lyman and Har-
riet A. (Alvord) Churchill. Died June 3, 1882, age 5 years,
4 months, 26 days.

" Suffer little children to come unto me."
(Samuel Lyman Churchill, son of Alvin and Sally
(Seeley) Churchill, married (1) Mary Ann Alvord, widow
of Ezra Kandall, and (2) Harriet A. Alvord.)

(Cold Brook.)
Mary Ann (Alvord) , wife of Samule Lyman Churchill,
and formerly wife of Ezra Kandall. Died April 6, 1862,
age 34 years.

(She was a half sister of Silas Kandall's second wife.)

Chauncey Churchill, (son of John and Martha
Churchill) . Born in 1808, died in 1896.

(He married Catherine M. Merry, and by her had the


following children: Sylvester, married Helen Doud; John,
married twice in Illinois, where he resides; Senneth, mar-
ried Mr. Shaw and died in Illinois without issue ; Sylvenus
A., married (1) Caroline Eadie, daughter of John W. and
Abigail (Doty) Eadie, and (2) Minnie Woodworth, daugh-
ter of Cyrenus and Charlotte (Norton) Woodworth, (he
had two boys and a girl by first wife and a boy and a girl

by his second) ; Oliver, married Roe, daughter of

John Roe, (one daughter) ; Caleb W., married (1) Achsah
Eadie, daughter of John W. and Abigail (Doty) Eadie, and
(2) in Illinois, where he resides, (two sons and a daughter
by first wife and several children by second) ; Benjamin,

married Carrie Churchell, daughter of James and

(Carr) Churchell, residence Onondaga Valley, N. Y. (one
daughter) ; Jason, married in Illinois, where he resides;
LaFayette, married Amelia Pratt, resides in Illinois ; Olive
C, died young in 1838; Olive (2) married William Kellogg;
Helen, married George Burroughs, son of John P. and Eliza
(Lowery) Burroughs; Anice, married Chester Sharp and
moved to Michigan.)

(Cold Brook.)

Catherine M. (Merry), wife of Chauncey Churchill.
Born in 1812, died in 1865.

(Cold Brook.)

Olive C. Churchill, dauhter of Chauncey and Catherine
M. Merry) Churchill. Bom in February and died in May,

(Cold Brook.)

Carlie (Eadie), wife of Sylvenus A. Churchill. Died
September 2, 1888, age 44 years.

(She was a daughter of John W. and Abigail (Doty)

(Cold Brook.)

Achsah Eadie, wife of Caleb W. Churchill. Died August
11, 1882, age 32 years.

" Asleep in Jesus."

(Cold Brook.)


John G. Clark. Died October 7, 1855, in his 50th year.
(He married a Town.)

(Cold Brook.)


Ann, wife of Richard Clark. Died April 5, 1860, age 54

(Spafford Hollow.)
Elvira, ^ife of John Clark. Died April 7, 1864, age 34

(Spafford Hollow.)
Asa G. Clark, (son of Amasa P. Clark.) Enlisted at
Albion, N. Y., July 15, 1862, in Co. " C," 4th N. Y. Heavy
Artillery, and was killed at the Battle of Reams Station, Va.
August 25, 1864, age 27 years.
" No bugle call now disturbs the weary one ;
Rest noble spirit in thy grave unknown.
We will find and know you among the good and true,
When the Robe of White is given for the coat of blue.'"



Benajah Cleveland. Died December 18, 1862, age 73
years, 10 months, 20 days.

(He married Maiy Clark and by her had: John, mar-
ried Caroline Doty, daughter of Willard and Achsah
(Bacon) Doty, dead; Lydia S., married William S. Smith,
son of Ira and Ruth Smith; Mary, married Charles H.
Ferry, son of Chester and Saba (Buffington) Ferry; Emily,
married Lansing Sheldon, son of Caleb and Lillis (Howard)
Sheldon, she is dead and buried in Oakwood Cemetery, and
he resides in Syracuse, N. Y. ; and Martin H., died March
20, 1838, at 4 years.)


Mary Clark, wife of Benajah Cleveland. Died April 19,
1883, age 86 years, 1 month, 2 days.


Martin H., son of Benejah and Mary (Clark) Cleveland.
Died March 20, 1838, age 4 years, 2 months.

(Spafford Hollow.)


In memory of Elizabeth, wife of Caleb Cobb, who died
September 26, 1827, age 39 years.

(Thorn Hill.)



Almena A, Coe, wife of Ira Coe. Died January 27,
1843, age 42 years.

(Ira Coe, from 1823 to 1839, owned lands on lot 10,

Coe, Edward B., son of Ira and Almena A. Coe. Died
January, 1837, age 1 year, 2 months.



Electa A., daughter of Easton and Polly (Lewis) Cole.
Died January 2, 1838, age 20 years, 8 months, 22 days.
" Weep not for me, my parents dear.

Because I leave your arms ;

My work is done, I am going home

To feast in Jesus' arms."
(Easton Cole, son of Ebenezer and Chloe (Easton) Cole,
and grandson of Samuel and Anne Cole, bom at Foster,
R. I., married Polly Lewis, daughter of Joseph and Mary
(Stanton) Lewis, at Foster, R. I., December 6, 1807, and by
her had children: Nelson, married (1) Sarah Savage, and
(2) Amy Vincent, daughter of Michael and Amy Vincent,

formerly of Scott, N. Y., and (3) Babcock, he

died in Michigan; Susan, married Asa B. Knoble, died in
Michigan; Purlina, died unmarried in Michigan; Electa,
died young in Spafford; Joseph Lewis, married (1) Philura
Lyon, daughter of David T. and Harriet (Arnold) Lyon, (2)
Julia Wilson, widow of Dr. John E. Lyon, and (3) Julia A.
McDaniels, daughter of John and Polly (Hankins) Mc-
Daniels, resides in Spafford, N. Y. ; Lauren, married and
died in Michigan ; John S., married Esther Medissa Burdick,
daughter of Russel M. and Esther (Whiting) Burdick, she
died in Michigan and he now resides in Norville, Jackson
Co., Michigan; and Porter P., married Dorleska Burdick,
daughter of Russel M. and Esther (Whiting) Burdick,
resides in Brooklin, Mich.

Easton Cole, his wife and family, excepting Joseph L.,
all moved to Michigan many years ago, and he and his wife
died there.)

(Lewis Yard.)


Philura (Lyon) Cole, (first wife of Joseph L. Cole).
Died May 4, 1872, age 53 years.

" Thou art gone loving mother,
Where the weary are at rest."
(She was a daughter of David T. and Harriet (Arnold)

Cassius E., son of Joseph L. and Philura (Lyon) Cole.
Died October 17, 1848, age 3 years, 5 months, 2 days.

Charles E., son of Joseph L. and Philura (Lyon) Cole.
Died May 7, 1851, age 8 months, 9 days.

J. Bardett, son of John T. and Esther Medissa (Burdick)
Cole. Died January 2, 1852 age 11 days.

" Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest,
God called thee home when he thought best."

Joseph Cole, who in 1835 purchased land at " Spafford
Corners," on Lot 21, Tully, was a half brother of Easton
Cole, and came from Foster, R. I. His first wife was an
Arnold and his second was Mercy, who came to this town
with the Biddlecoms. He had two children: Silas, who
married a Miss Nostrant of Preble, N. Y. ; and Amanda, who
married Russel Cook, son of Joseph and Mary Cook, of Fal-
mouth, England. The whole family moved to Michigan,
and all the older members of it died there.


John Collins, M. D. (son of John and Lucy (Burdick
Collins). Born February 10, 1804, died August 15, 1853.

(" Dr. John Collins was born in Brookfield, Madison
Co., New York; graduated from Hamilton Academy, and
from the Medical College at Castleton, Vt., in 1829; came
to Spafford in 1830, and practiced medicine there until his
decease. On his paternal side he was of the seventh gener-
ation, in a continuous line of succession of Johns from
Henry, starchmaker, and Ann, his wife, who came in the
ship " Abigail," with their three children and five servants,
June 29, 1635, from Stepney Parish, London, England, and
settled in Essex Street, Lynn, Essex Co., Mass.


Henry Collins was possessed of property, was a man of
influence and more than ordinary intelligence, and his name
is often spoken of in connection with the early transactions
of Essex County. He was at one time a member of the
General Court ; was one of the men in charge of the public
lands, and his name on one or two occasions is spoRen of as
an advocate, employed in the defense of persons tried in
Court for public offenses. By his wife, Ann, he had four
children: Henry, John, Margery, and Joseph; the latter
probably born on shipboard during the passage to America,
as his name is not mentioned in the Custom House Clear-
ance bill, or in public records of Essex County.

John Collins (son of Henry and Ann) , was a ship owner,
and was lost at sea with a son bearing his name. By his
wife, Abigail Johnson, he had sixteen children, Mary, John,
Samuel, Abigail, John, Joseph, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Mary,
Daniel, Nathaniel, Hannah, Sarah, Lois, Alice and William,
twelve of whom survived him. The name of the youngest,
a young child still in the arms of the mother, was on the
death of the father changed by her from William to John
and afterwards was so called.

This John Collins, who was a Quaker, married Susanna
Daggett and, probably on account of religious persecution,
moved to Rhode Island, and with five others took up a tract
of 3,000 acres of wild land, in what is now the northeastern
part of the town of Hopkinton, Washington Co.

Of Susanna Daggett, who was born in Saco, Me., tradi-
tion has handed down this story, which years ago found its
way into print. When a small child, she was taken to the
wigwam of an Indian Chief by his squaw, who found her
lost in the woods. Late at night the Chief, returning home,
told the squaw of a plan to exterminate the whites. She
cautioned him, saying there was a little pale face sleeping
in a bed of skins in the wigwam. The Chief then told her
the child must die, to which she remonstrated, saying that
she had promised to take her home in the morning. The
Chief, passing a firebrand over the face of Susanna and
observing no signs of consciousness, spared her life, and she
was able afterwards to give her friends timely warning of
the plans of the Indians. From John and Susanna are
descended a large share of the numerous Collins families
who have resided or originated in Washington Co., R. I.


Their descendants have been scattered to all parts of the
Northern States, and everywhere have been classed among
the reputable men and women, in the communities in which
they have resided. They have been represented in all pro-
fessions and business pursuits, and notwithstanding the
Quaker stock, in times of war have contributed generously
of their numbers to the armies and navies of the United
States. This John Collins, by his wife Susanna, had ten
children : Rebecca, Hazekiah, Sarah, Jedediah, Lydia, John,
Ebenezer, Benjamin, Samuel, and Abigail of whom:

John Collins, the great grandfather of the subject of this
sketch, was a Quaker preacher of unusual talents, and great
power and influence in the denomination to which he be-
longed. According to the custom of this sect his remains
and that of his wife, Mehitable Elizabeth Bowen, now repose
in unmarked graves, in the " burial yard " near the little
Quaker Church one mile west of the Village of Hopkinton,
R. I. To John and Mehitable were born nine children, six
in Hopkinton, and three of the youngest in the town of Ston-
ington. Conn.: John, Susannah, Amos, Benjamin, Samuel,
Sarah, Abigail, Stephen and Ruth.

John Collins, the first born of John and Mehitable, had
a large family of children ; by his first wife, Mary, he had :
Mary, John, Mehitable, Stephen, Samuel and Daniel. The
last named :

John Collins, bom at Hopkinton, R. I., April 18, 1771,
moved to Brookfield, Madison Co., N. Y., before 1796, with a
party of first settlers in that town, from Washing-ton Co.,
R. I., and Stonington, Conn. After arriving in Brookfield
he was united in marriage with Lucy Burdick, daughter of
Thompson and (Tabitha (Wilcox) Burdick, another first
settler from Stonington, Conn., and a Revolutionary soldier
in the 1st Regt. of Continentals of the Rhode Island Line.
Lucy Burdick, wife of John Collins, was of the fifth genera-
tion by descent from Robert Burdick, one of the first
settlers in the tow^n of V/esterly, R. I., and one of the first
Deputies for that tov/n in the General Court of Rhode Island.
He came from England between 1633 and 1650, and prior
to coming to W^esterly, was a freeman in Newport, R. I.
By his wife Lucy Burdick, John Collins had eleven children,
all born in Brookfield, N. Y., as follows : Lucy, born August
30, 1798, died October 17, 1798; Polly, born October 20,


1799, died August 9, 1875, at Unadilla Forks, N. Y., un-
married; Betsey, born April 12, 1801, died May 2, 1843,
married William Palmiter, October 12, 1829; John, bom
February 10, 1804, died August 15, 1853, married Mary Ann
Roundy, daughter of Capt. Asahel and Hannah (Weston)
Roundy, widow still living, 1899, with her son, Capt. George
K. Collins, in Syracuse, N. Y. ; Oliver, born August 8, 1805,
died in Ohio, leaving him surviving two sons and a daughter,
among whom is Hon. A. P. Collins, President of the Wes-
leyan College of Salina, Kansas ; Alvin, born April 19, 1807,
died March 23, 1811 ; Nancy, bom May 27, 1809, died April
16, 1875, married William Lewis March 4, 1830; William,
bom June 1, 1811, died March 5, 1878, at Unadilla Forks,
N. Y., married (1) Esther Spicer, (2) Susand Crandall, and
(3) Emeline Knapp, daughter of Elijah and Betsey (Bur-
dick) Knapp, the latter residing 1899, in Spafford, N. Y. ;
Henry, born July 14, 1815, killed in 1864 by Rebels in
Missouri, married Lucinda Wheeler; Lydia Ann, bom
August 15, 1820, died in Niles, Mich., married (1) John
Orton, son of Osmer and Rachel (Fisher) Orton, and (2)
Elihu Fisher, son of Dakin and Sally (Youst) Fisher;
Samuel, born March 17, 1822, married Mary Yaw. John
Collins and his wife, Lucy Burdick, were buried at Unadilla
Forks, N. Y.

Dr. John Collins, by his wife Mary Ann Roundy, had the

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