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following children : Albert, born April 1, 1834, died April
12, 1834; Lucy, born May 27, 1835, died June 8, 1836;
George Knapp, born April 15, 1837, married June 9, 1858,
Catherine Sager, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca Smith
(Grote) Sager, attorney and counsellor at law, resides at
Syracuse, N. Y. (five children) : Charles, bom December
14, 1841, died July 5, 1843; Henry, born 1844, died 1844;
John Asahel, born July 17, 1845, died August, 1900, married
February 18, 1862, Eliza Button, at South Hollow, N. Y.;
Edwin, born May 19, 1847, died July 22, 1849, and Frank,
born April 27, 1850, married Julia Holzer, January 22,
1874, residence, Syracuse, N. Y. (Spafford.)

Albert, 1834-1834. Henry, 1844-1844.

Lucy, 1835-1836. Edwin, 1847-1849.

Charles, 1841-1843.
Children of John and Mary Ann (Roundy) Collins.




Gideon Colton. Died September 10, 1832, age 70 years,
3 months, 2 days.

(Gideon Colton came to this town from Whitestown,
Oneida County, N. Y., and settled on one hundred acres in
the northeast corner of lot 10, Sempronius, which he pur-
chased from Nicholas Fish, the soldier who drew that lot,
January 17, 1806. He probably came to Whitestown from
Vermont, and perhaps earlier from the State of Massachu-
setts. By his wife, Rhoda Fowler, who was buried in Boro-
dino Cemetery, he had two children : Alanson, bom Decem-
ber 18, 1813, died April 27, 1885, married Charity Ide,
daughter of Rev. Rogers and Esther Ide ; and Harriet, born
January 2, 1812, died January 13, 1871, married Henry Ide,
son of Rev. Rogers and Esther Ide.

Rhoda Fowler, (wife of Gideon Colton). Died April 9,
1842, age 65 years.

Alanson E. Colton, (son of Gideon and Rhoda (Fowler)
Colton.) Born December 18, 1913, died April 27, 1885.

(In the application for letters of administration upon
his estate, dated February 23, 1886, mention is made of his
widow, Charity (Ide) Colton; and his children: Hiram A.,
married Sarah Van Allen ; Henritte, married Mark Harvey ;
Frank, married a Harris ; Harriet, married Wiltsie of Mar-
cellus; Eudora, married Henry I. Haight of Spafford; ana
David Colton, married Mason, daughter of John L. and
Phebe (Newell) Mason, all of full age.)
Charity Ide, his wife, 1814-1901.



Elnora, daughter of Russel and Amanda (Cole) Cook.
Died October 21, 1843, age 2 months, 4 days.

(Russel Cook, son of Joseph and Mary Cook, born in
Springfield, N. Y., married Amanda Cole, daughter of
Joseph Cole, half brother of Easton Cole. His father and
mother, Joseph and Marj^ Cook, cam_e to this country from
Falmouth, Cornwall Co., England, settled in Springfield,
N. Y., and had a large family of children, among whom


were: Mary, bom in Falmouth, England, married Russel
Tinkham, son of Daniel and Ada (Winsor) Tinkham; Pea-
body; Elliott; Russel, married Amanda Cole, both died in
Michigan; Lovedy, married Zenas Tinkham, son of Daniel
and Ada (Winsor) Tinkham; Susan, married Mr. Curtis;
Charlotte, married John R. Conine; Fanny, married Mr.
Benson; Isabel, married Erastus Stark. All of this
family, except Mrs. Russel Tinkham, so far as known, moved
to Michigan, and most of them died there.)



Samuel Conklin. Died November 22, 1839, age 73

" 'Tis finished, 'tis done, the spirit has fled.
The prisoner is gone, the Christian is dead,
The Christian is living through Jesus love.
And gladly receiving a kingdom above."
(Samuel Conklin settled on Lot 76, Marcellus, before
December 22, 1796, on which day he received a deed of 109
acres of land in the northwest corner of that lot, from Gil-
bert Palmer the first settler within the present limits of this
town. His first wife was Elizabeth, and after her decease
in 1821, he married the widow Converse of Onondaga, but
had no issue by either marriage.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Conklin. Departed this life
April 1, 1821, age 58 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


David Coon. Died August 16, 1857, age 80 years, 1
month, 22 days.

(David Coon, born in Saratoga County, N. Y., married
(1) Phebe Van Camp, born in Cayuga County, N. Y., and
died in Skaneateles, N. Y., and (2) Elizabeth Nye, born In
Saratoga Co., N. Y., and died in Spafford. His children
were: Polly, died in Skaneateles; Parmelia, died in Skan-
eateles; Ruth, married Edwin S. Edwards, both dead, and
buried in this cemetery, (no stone) ; Betsey, died in Cayuga
County ; Sylvia, died in Skaneateles ; James Van Rensselaer,


died in Michigan ; Phebe, died in Pennsylvania ; Catherine,
died in Lysander, N. Y. ; and Samuel, died in Skaneateles,
N. Y. David Coon and his son, Van Rensselaer, were both
harness makers by trade.)

James Coon. Died November 16, 1817, age 38 years.
(His wife's name was Olive.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Olive, daughter of James and Olive Coon. Died October
31, 1838, age 28 years.

(Thorn Hill.)
Atlanta, daughter of James and Olive Coon. Died Feb-
ruary 2, 1842, age 26 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


Timothy Copp. Died March 24, 1836, age 81 years.

(In his will, dated May 1, 1835, and probated August
10, 1837, mention is made of his wife, Patience Copp, and
of his children : Jesse of Skaneateles, N. Y. ; Isabella Han-
sen, wife of John B. Hansen of Lysander, N. Y. ; Sally Enos,
wife of James Enos of Allegany Co., N. Y. ; Daniel ; Rebecca
Wood, wife of Orry Wood ; Anna Coville, wife of Jonathan
Coville; Lovina Coville, wife of Elisha Coville; John E.;
Timothy D. ; Sally Ann Benedict, wife of Odin Benedict ; and
Alcina Baldwin, wife of Philander Baldwin, each of Chau-
tauqua County, N. Y. ; and Thomas Copp of Spafford, N. Y.,
all of full age.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Derinda, daughter of John and Mary Copp, died January
18, 1824, in 17th year.

(Thorn Hill.)


Pardon, son of William and Hannah (Green) Cornell.
Died November 11, 1844, age 5 years, 29 days.

(William W. Cornell, son of Pardon and Candace (Otis)
Cornell, married Hannah Green, daughter of John Green.
Pardon Cornell was a teacher, and supposed to be a son of
William D. Cornell, who died January 3, 1866, at the age of
80 years, and was buried in Borodino Cemetery. He and
his brother William moved to Michigan. By his wife, Can-


dace Otis, he had the following children: Cynthia Ann;
Jane ; William W., married Hannah Green, daughter of John
Green ; Blakely and Pardon.


William D. Cornell. Died January 3, 1866, age 80 years.

(His wife was Jane . He is supposed to be

the father of Pardon and William Cornell, who moved to


John Cornell, of a different family, resided on the " Side
Hill." He married Miranda Cady, and by her had the fol-
lowing children : James Cornell, he died at Cedar Springs,
Kent Co., Mich., February 22, 1894, age 56 years ; Mary Ann,
married Simon B. Wallace, son of Daniel and Caroline (Mar-
shall) Wallace, resides at Borodino, N. Y. ; and Adelia,
married William Quick, son of William Quick from London,
England, resides at Navarino, N. Y.


John William, son of Thomas M. and Keziah D. Cowan.
Died June 11, 1843, age 6 years, 11 months, 13 days.

David H. Cowan. Born in 1838, died in 1887.
(He married Biancy E. Crane, daughter of George W.
and Mary Ann Crane. Their children were: George
Thomas, married Nora Woodworth, daughter of Arlo and
Emma (Bacon) Woodworth; Flora B., married Charles M.
Davis, son of John Davis; Nora M., now residing in Spaf-
ford, N. Y., unmarried; and Lena K. Cowan, died young.
The Cowan family came to this town from Cambridge,
Washington Co., N. Y.)

Biancy E. (Crane), wife of David H. Cowan. Living
ing in 1899.

Lena K., daughter of David H. and Biancy E. (Crane)
Cowan. Died October 4, 1881, age 1 year, 8 months, 12

" This sweetest bud of earth so fair,
Has goile to Heaven to blossom there."




Harriet S. (Smith), wife of Ebenezer Corning Cowles.
Died December 25, 1871, age 43 years, 1 month, 11 days.

(Ebenezer Corning Cowles, son of Ebenezer and Lydia
(King) Cowles, married Harriet S. Smith, daughter of Jared
Smith. He was one of the famous "Cowles' Triplets," who
formerly resided at the head of Otisco Lake, in Otisco
Hollow, N. Y., Ebenezer Coming, Cornelia, and Cordelia
Cowles. After the decease of his wife, Harriet S. Smith,
he moved to Lawrence, Kansas, where he married a second

(Thorn Hill.)


David, born September 30, 1821, died December 4, 1831.

Harriet, born May 9, 1827, died August 8, 1833.

Children of Silas and Abigail R. (Spaulding) Cox.

(Silas Cox came to Spafford on or before 1819, and
settled on lots 12 and 14, Sempronius, where he remained
until 1825; he then bought the farm at Spafford Corners
owned by John Babcock, on Lot 21, Tully, afterwards owned
by Dr. John Collins, and resided there until about 1835 or 6.
He then moved into the town of Otisco, N. Y. From Otisco
he moved to Battle Creek, Mich., and died there July 29,
1855. He married February 4, 1815, Abigail Rowland
Spaulding, daughter of David and Ruth (Clare) Spaulding,
and sister of Ann Spaulding (teacher) , who married George
Spaulding of Borodino, N. Y.; she died August 12, 1864.
Besides the foregoing infant children, Mr. Cox had by his
wife, Abigail R. Spaulding, the following additional chil-
dren: Ruth, married Dr. Simeon French, she is dead and
Dr. French was living 1898, at Battle Creek, Mich., at the
age of 82 years; Susan, married Rev. Mr. Gardner, resides
at Battle Creek, Mich.; Edward, moved to Michigan;
Adeline, residing at Battle Creek, Mich. The descent
of Mrs. Cox through the Spaulding Line is as follows:
Edward, Benjamin, Edward, Benjamin, Asa, David,




William H. Craig (son of John and Polly Craig) . Bom
August 18, 1818, died November 2, 1890.

" Gone but not forgotten."

(William H. Craig was born in Wells, Hamilton Co.,
N. Y. He first settled in Truxton, where he married
Hannah Hollenbeck, and by her had four children. She died
in 1852, and he then married Phebe Ann Brown, daughter
of Jacob and Deborah (Morris) Brown, and by her had four
more children, making eight in all. In 1854 he moved from
Truxton to Glenville, and from there to Cold Brook, in the
town of Spafford in 1867. He remained at the latter place
until the time of his decease. Among his children, who have
resided in Spafford, are: Esther A., married William H.
Brown, son of Jacob and Deborah (Morris) Brown, resides
in Spafford, head of Buck Tail Road ; Abram, married Mary
J. Randall, daughter of Robert and Mary Ann (Fay) Ran-
dall, (he has four children) : William, married Jennie Weeks
and has two children, Olive E. and Ralph; Ella J.; Robert,
and Mary E.) ; Wesley, married (1) Amy Randall, daughter
of Silas and Anna (Alvord) Randall, and (2)

(Cold Brook.)

Horace, infant son of William H. and Phebe (Brown)
Craig. Died February 1, 1856. (Cold Brook.)


Stephen Crane. Born 1775. Died May 17, 1851.

" Gone but not forgotten."
(He married Elsie Grinnell and by her had: George

W., married Mary Ann ; Samuel, married (1)

Almira L. Bishop; (2) Parthena Hutchens, widow of Lewis
B. Marshall and daughter of Col. Phineas and Betsey
(Bocker) Hutchens, and (3) Catherine Shaw, daughter of
James Shaw of Spafford Hollow; and Harriet, who died
single.) (Spafford.)

Else (Grinnell), wife of Stephen Crane. Died March
12, 1844, age 67 years.

" I have fought a good fight.
I have finished my course,
I have kept the faith."

2 Timothy 4 :7.



Harriet Crane, daughter of Stephen and Else (Grinnell)
Crane. Died June 10, 1865, age 44 years, 11 months, 11

(She died single.)

George W. Crane, (son of Stephen and Else (Grinnell)
Crane) . Died February 26, 1879, age 67 years, 7 months,
16 days. (No stone.)

(In his will, dated May 18, 1878, and probated in 1879,
mention is made of his wife, Mary Ann Crane, and his chil-
dren: Moses, married Margaret ; Rebecca Holmes,

wife of John Holmes; Biancy Cowan, wife of David H.
Cowan; Lucinda Streeter, wife of George Streeter, and
Lovilla Purchase, wife of Charles H. Purchase.)

Mary A., wife of George W. Crane. Died December 22,
1885, age 71 years, 1 month, 9 days.

Samuel Crane, (son of Stephen and Else (Grinnell)
Crane) . Died June 10, 1887, age 72 years.


In memory of Abigail, wife of Joseph Cross, who died
February 3, 1829, age 73 years.

(Thorn Hill.)
Truman Cross. Died November 17, 1842, age 34 years
1 month.

" Go home, dear wife, dry up your tears,
I must lie here 'till Christ appears.
I trust we soon shall meet again
To celebrate redeeming love."
(He married Emma Legg, daughter of Capt. Otis and
Polly (Sabin) Legg, and by her had one son Otis, who mar-
ried Hortense Ide, daughter of Henry and Harriet (Colton)
Ide, late of Borodino, N. Y. After the decease of Mr. Cross
his widow, Emma, married Jonathan Woodworth, son of
James and Hannah (Fish) Woodworth. She and her
second husband are now deceased.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Otis Cross, (son of Truman and Emma (Legg) Cross).
Born in 1840, died in 1892.


(He married Hortense Ide, daughter of Henry and Har-
riet (Colton) Ide, and by her had one son, Frank Cross,
married Ida Hicks, October 2, 1889, and resides in Syracuse,
N. Y.)


Hortense Ide, wife of Otis Cross. Bom in 1836.

(Still living, Borodino, N. Y.)



Helen E., daughter of Nathan and Amanda (Skellie)
Culver. Died March 3, 1853.

(Nathan Culver, son of Moses and Amy (Boughton)
Culver, was born in Cambridge, Washington Co., N. Y., he
married Amanda Skellie, daughter of William I. and Eliza-
beth (Boughton) Skellie, and came to Spafford about 1844,
and resided there and in the Village of Scott for a number
of years, and finally settled in Syracuse, where he died;
(buried in Oakwood Cemetery, in that city) . Besides him-
self, his father and mother had other children, as follows:
Andrew, twice married and lived and died in Cambridge,
N. Y. ; Maria, married James Donahue, moved to Brooklyn,
N. Y., and finally lived and died in Vermont; Azor, married
Caroline Pratt, and resided in Lyons, N. Y. ; Rhoda, married
David Doagg (Scotch) and moved to Washington Territory j
Mary Ann, married Mr. Hornbeck and resided in Vermont ;
and three others, who died young.

Nathan Culver, by his wife, Amanda Skellie, had the
following children: Elizabeth, died young in Cambridge,
N. Y. ; Helen E., died young in Spafford; Eva A., living
unmarried in Syracuse, N. Y. ; Oscar W. Culver, living
unmarried in Syracuse (letter carrier.)



Peter Curtis, son of Eli Curtis. Died September 9, 1869,.
age 43 years.

" He is gone but not forgotten."
(He married Clara Marisa Churchill, daughter of Alvin
and Sally (Seeley) Churchill.)

(CJold Brook.)


Leonidas M., son of Peter and Marisa (Churchill)
Curtis. Died February 3, 1860, age 2 years, 6 months, 19

" So do our treasures ever die."

(Cold Brook.)


Squire Darbey, son of Truman Darbey. Died February
20, 1851, ag-e 28 years, 10 days.

(Mr. Truman Darbey lived on the west side of Spafford
Hollow, a short distance south of the head of Otisco LaRe.
Besides his son, Squire, he had a daughter Rebecca, who
married James R. Williamson, son of James B. and Charity
(Rainey) Williamson.)

(Spafford Hollow.)


Joseph Darling. Born November 11, 1806, died May 6,

(He married Polly Spaulding.)

Polly Spaulding, wife of Joseph Darling. Born August
16, 1822, died September 28, 1876.

Hiram Linus Darling, (son of Jacob W. and Mary H.
(BufRngton) Darling.) Died November 1, 1874, age 48

" Good night dear friends, nay do not weep,
I am weary now and want to sleep ;
But I shall wake with the morning light of day
Eternal ; good night, good night."
(Jacob Darling, commonly called Elder Darling, was a
Free Will Baptist minister. He came to Spafford early and
was first known as a teacher. He attended the Free Will
Baptist Church, presided over by Elder John Gould, which
then had its place of worship near the school house, on the
hill east of Spafford Comers. After the Mormon exodus,
which materially affected the membership of this church,
Elder Darling came forward as a leader, and ministered
over the remaining membership for many years thereafter.
About 1827, he settled on a farm on the west side of the


Homer and Skaneateles road, on Lot 12, Sempronius, and
remained there until about 1855 or 6. He then moved to
Virgil, Cortland Co., and soon after to Caroline, Tompkins
Co., both in this State. By his wife, Mary H. BufRngton,
he had the following children : Hiram Linus, married Annie
Eliza Holmes, daughter of John and Lydia (Barnes)
Holmes; James H., of Waverly, Van Buren Co., Mich.;
Francis A., of Eleroy, Stevenson Co., 111.; Eugene M., of
Luveme, Rock Co., Minn.; Harriet D. Cox, of Leseur, Minn.;
Helen M. Miller, of Lanar, Carroll Co., 111.; Ella L. and
Carrie A. Darling, of Freeport, Stevenson Co., Illinois.
Elder Darling was deceased at the time of the death of his
son Linus, and his widow was then residing at Eleroy, Stev-
enson Co., 111., and his children as above stated. His son,
Linus, was by profession a dentist, but was also a respect-
able practitioner of law among his friends and acquaint-
ances. He was never admitted to practice in the higher
Courts of the State, but in Justice Court he was generally
recognized as a competent practitioner. He left no issue of
his marriage with Miss Holmes, who survived him.)

Annie Eliza (Holmes), wife of H. Linus Darling. Died
June 30, 1892, age 65 years, 5 months.

" My trust is in Jesus."



Elias Davis. Bom in 1763, died June 17, 1851, age 88
years. (No stone.)

(Elias Davis was one of the first settlers in this town,
to which he came in 1806, in a boat from Skaneateles, where
he first settled in 1803. The deed of his farm of 200 acres,
(in the southwest corner of lot 14, Sempronius) , was dated
April 27, 1812, but in this he is described as a resident ol
Spafford, showing that he was already residing on the land,
which he probably held under a contract of much earlier
date. He is claimed to have been buried in this burial yard,
by the side of his wife Freelove, although no stone marks
his last resting place. By his wife Freelove he had the
following children: Nancy, married William Harris; Col.
Lewis C, married (1) Margaret Fisher, daughter of Amos
and Margaret Fisher, and (2) Mary R. Pressey, daughter


of Moses Pressey ; Capt. John, married Sybel ; and

Julia, married a Mr. Canfield.)

(Davis Yard.)

Freelove, wife of Elias Davis. Died August 20, 1840,
age 72 years, 1 month, 21 days.

(Davis Yard.)

In m.emory of Capt. John Davis, (son of Elias and
Freelove Davis.)

Who died after an illness of one hour. Died in a fit at
Onondaga, on the 27th day of May, 1829, aged 33 years, 2
months, 13 days.

(In the application of his wife Sybel, June 23, 1829, for
letters of administration upon his estate, no mention is
made of any children of the deceased.)

(Davis Yard.)

Col. Lewis C. Davis, (son of Elias and Freelove Davis).
Died May 7, 1853, age 63 years, 1 month, 12 days.

(He married (1) Margaret Fisher, daughter of Amos
and Margaret Fisher, and (2) Mary R. Pressey, daughter
of Moses Pressey. In the petition for letters of administra-
tion upon his estate, by his widow Mary R. (Pressey) Davis,
dated May 13, 1853, mention is made of the following chil-
dren: Joline, of SpafFord, N. Y. ; Laurette, wife of Ben-
jamin Wallace of Niles, Cayuga County, N. Y. ; John C,
married Maria Arvilla Conine, daughter of Richard Conine,
of Preble, N. Y. ; Lewis B., of SpafFord; Rhoda, wife of
Richard Van Vranken of Geddes, N. Y. ; Moses J., of Spaf-
f ord ; Van Buren, married a Miss Hathaway and moved to
Dakota ; Porter ; Mary E. ; Prery ; Emeline A. ; Orlanda, and
Julia E. Davis, all of Spafford, N. Y. Judson Davis, an
older son of Lewis C. Davis, married Elizabeth Spaulding,
daughter of David and Lucy Carry Spaulding ; he moved to
Missouri and died there. As he is not named in this peti-
tion he may have been dead at that time.)

(Davis Yard.)

In memory of Margaret (Fisher), wife of Lewis C.
Davis. Died October 26, 1833, age 41 years, 26 days.

(Davis Yard.)

Perlina Davis, (daughter of Judson and Elizabeth
(Spaulding) Davis). Died August 28, 1849, age 6 years,
1 month.


(Judson Davis was a son^of Col. Lewis C. and Margaret
(Fisher) Davis.)

(Davis Yard.)

Jefferson Davis, (son of Judson and Elizabeth (Spauld-
ing) Davis) . Died May 21, 1849, age 4 years 2 months, 25

(Davis Yard.)

Byron Davis, (son of Judson and Elizabeth (Spaulding)
Davis). Died August 26, 1849, age 2 years, 4 months, 23

(Davis Yard.)
Porter Davis, (son of Col. Lewis C. and Mary (Pressey)
Davis) , Co. "F," 122 Regt., N. Y. V., Civil War. Died April
17, 1889, age 49 years.

Zebulon R. Davis. Died May 23, 1871, age 71 years.
" Though lost to sight to memory dear."

(Mr. Davis married first Hannah Ames, and second,
Polly Gale, daughter of John and Martha Gale of Spafford,
N. Y. He and his first wife were from Washington Co.,
N. Y., and first settled in Marietta, N. Y. From there they
moved to Skaneateles, and thence to Thorn Hill, where his
first wife died and was buried. At the time of his decease
he and his second wife were residing with his daughter,
Mrs. John Maxson, in Cold Brook. He had no issue by his
second wife.)

(Cold Brook.)
Hannah (Ames), wife of Zebulon Davis. Died August
25, 1835, age 31 years.

(Thorn Hill.)
Polly (Gale), wife of Zebulon Davis. Died December
24, 1869. age 76 years.

" Mother, we miss thee."

(Cold Brook.)
Farrand, son of Zebulon and Hannah (Ames) Davis.
Died September 4, 1844, age 20 years, 2 months, 23 days.

(Thorn Hill.)
Esther, wife of Farrand Davis. Died September 4,
1865, age 89 years.

(Thorn Hill.)



William Dedrick. Died October 25, 1855, age 61 years.

(He came from Rhode Island, married Thurzy McCausey
and by her had three children: William John, married
(1) Sophronia E. Babcock, and (2) Sarah Lindsey; Eliza-
beth, married Isaac Eglin ; and Robert A., died unmarried.
William Dedrick had a brother, Constant H. Dedrick, who
died in Skaneateles after his decease. In his will, Constant
mentions no wife or children, but the following: Thurzy,
" widow of my brother William Dedrick, deceased, his son
John, and his daughter Elizabeth Eglin, wife of Isaac
Eglin." He also mentions the following: Sarah Bennett of
Skaneateles ; Helen A. Young, wife of Orsen Young ; Sophia
Stiles, wife of Ezra Stiles; and Minerva J. Vandenburgh,
wife of John H. Vandenburgh.)


Note. — Hon. Sidney Smith, writing of Constant H.
Dedrick, says : " Constant H. Dedrick had a wife, but no
children. His wife probably died before his decease.
Sarah Bennett was the daughter of Cephas and Stella
(Kneeland) Bennett, Baptist Missionary to Burmah and
gYL^d daughter of the distinguished Baptist minister. Rev.
Alfred Bennett of Homer, N. Y. She was sent to America
and lived for a considerable time with the Dedricks. Sophia
Stiles was a sister of this Dedricks' wife, and Helen A.
Young and Minerva J. Vanderburgh were the daughters of
Mrs. Stiles."

Thurzy (McCausey), wife of William Dedrick. Died
March 20, 1878, age 82 years, 7 months.


Robert A., son of William and Thurzy (McCausey)
Dedrick. Died October 28, 1850, age 30 years.


William John Dedrick, (son of William and Thurzy
(McCausey) Dedrick). Born February 26, 1822, died


Sophronia (Babcock), (wife of William John Dedrick).
Died September 9, 1878, age 49 years, 8 months.


Sarah (Lindsey), wife of (Wm.) John Dedrick. Bom
November 13, 1843, died December 24, 1893.




Mrs. Pruella, wife of Zacharia Derbyshire. Died Au^st

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