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Eliot. Died September 12, 1851, age 9 months, 11 days.



Hannah, wife of George Elison. Died August 1, 1841,
age 28 years, 4 months, 12 days.

" When ere my children do draw nigh
And on this marble cast an eye.
Then on this willow drop a tear
For one who always loved you dear."

Mary, daughter of George and Hannah Elison. Died
December 24, 1830, age 4 months, 15 days.


Mary A. (Abbott) , wife of Lewis Emmons. Died April
14, 1884, ag-e 54 years.

(Lev/is Emmons came from LaPayette. By his wife,
Mary A. Abbott, he had two children : George, married Mary
L. Grinnell, daughter of Ansel and Asenath (Bennett) Grin-
nell; and Milton, married Laura Stanton, daughter of
Samuel H. and Sarah (Patterson) Stanton.

Anna M. Patten, wife of William A. Emmons. Died
February 2, 1869, age 40 years.

(William A. Emmons came from LaFayette; his wife
was a daughter of William and Fanny (Rathbone) Patten.)

Frank, son of William A. and Anna M. (Patten)
Emmon. Died June 2, 1868, age 3 years.




Mary (Taft) , wife of John W. English. Died November
14, 1849, age 33 years.

(John W. English, son of Richard and Eliza English,
married Mary Taft, daughter of Ellis and Cynthia (Knapp)
Taft. The English family, through mistake, were from Ire-
land. The family left Spafford about 1836, and settled in
Ohio and Michigan, where its descendants remain.

(Cold Brook.)


Chloe, wife of Joseph Enos. Born May 4, 1777, died
January 19, 1843.

(Joseph Enos also died at Thorn Hill, September 20,
1852, age 73 years.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Jessie, daughter of Charles H. and Josephine (Williams)
Enos. Died July 18, 1878, age 1 year, 2 months.
" God's little angel gone home."
(Charles H. Enos was an adopted son of Joseph Enos,
Jr. In 1898 he was residing at Rock Creek, Minn.)



John Fay. Died June 23, 1857, in his 68 year.
(Mr. Fay, by his wife, Isabel, had the following children :
Andrew, married Milly Harris, daughter of William and
Nancy (Davis) Harris; Jeremiah, who died unmarried at
the age of about 28 years ; and Mary Ann, married Robert
Randall, son of Silas and Mercey (Harrington) Randall.)

Isabel, wife of John Fay. Died June 2, 1859, in her 68th

Jeremiah Fay, (son of John and Isabel Fay) . Died
June 3, 1859, age 27 years, 10 months, 14 days.



Asa Ferry. Died January 9, 1864, age 84 years, 3
months, 12 days.

(He married first Ruhama , who died Novem-


ber 5, 1818, second, Christina BufRngton, who died May 11,

1852, in her 73rd year, and third. Harmony . In

the petition for letters of administration upon his estate,
made March 9, 1864, by his wife, Harmony Ferry, mention
is made of the following children : Chester, married Saba
Buffington, of Spafford, N. Y. ; Harvey, then residing in
Wisconsin; Malinda, married Joseph K. Lamb, he then
deceased and she then of Wisconsin; Dolly, married Asa
Keen, of Ohio; and Lavina, married Clark Bowker of Wis-


Mrs. Ruhama, wife of Asa Ferry. Died November 5,
1818, age 40 years.

(Thorn Hill.)

Christina (Buffington), wife of Asa Ferry. Died May
11, 1852, in her 73rd year.

(She was a widow when she married Mr. Ferry, and the
mother of Charles H. Buffington, who died January 6, 1852,
and was buried in this cemetery.)


Chester Ferry, (son of Asa and Ruhama Ferry) . Died
March 16, 1876, age 76 years, 6 months.

(He married Saba Buffington, whom he survived. In
the petition for letters of administration upon his estate by
his son, Charles H. Ferry, dated April 21, 1876, mention is
made of the following children : Charles H., merchant, resid-
ing in Syracuse, N. Y.; Asa P., of Rockford, Kent Co.,
Mich.; George H., of Canonsburgh, Kent Co., Mich.; Jane,
married Sylvester H. Sheldon, they are both dead, and
buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, N. Y. ; Harriet
Davis, of Rockford, Mich. ; Henrietta Miller, of Canonsburg,
Stevens Co., Mich.; Martha Barnes, of Navarino, N. Y.;
Ruhama Ida, of Ellery, Stevens Co., Illinois; Americus V.,
of Skaneateles, N. Y., and John T. Ferry, of Rockford,
Mich. Harriet died young.)


Saba (Buffington), wife of Chester Ferry. Died Feb-
ruary 16, 1873, age 70 years.


Harriet, daughter of Chester and (Saba) Sarah Ferry.
Died March 31, 1836, age 3 months, 27 days.




George D. Filkins. Died March 30, 1855, age 42 years.

(He married Margaret Fisher, daughter of Dakin and
Sally (Youst) Fisher, and by her had three children:
Ensign D., who was a soldier in the War of 1861, and died
unmarried at the age of nearly 26, in the year 1863;
Angeline, married George Spencer Carr, son of Thurston
and, Lorane (Green) Carr, at Spafford, March 5, 1871
resides in Heber, Arkansas; and Orrissa, married Marcus
N. Seeley, son of Hiram and Betsey Jane (Jacobs) Seeley,
her husband died in 1892 and she now resides in Syracuse,
N. Y.)


Margaret (Fisher) Churchell, former wife of George D.
Filkins. Died March 1, 1879, age 66 years, 2 months, 21

(After the decease of her first husband, George D.
Filkins, she married Alexander M. Churchell, son of James
and Hannah (Dobbs) Churchell, as his third wife. She was
buried by the side of her first husband.)


Ensign D., son of George D. and Margaret (Fisher)
Filkins. Died September 28, 1863, age 25 years, 10 months,
13 days.

(He was a Union soldier in the War of 1861.)



Sacred to the memory of Amos Fisher, who died October
28, 1833, age 82 years, 6 days.

(The Fishers came to this town from Springfield, Otsego
Co., N. Y., before 1820, and settled on the southeastern part
(of subdivision No. 6) of Lot 1, Tully. By his wife, Mar-
garet, Mr. Amos Fisher had the following children:
Rachel, married Osmer Orton of Spafford, N. Y. ; Dakin,
married Sally Youst, of Spafford, N. Y. ; Clarissa Cone of
Mayville, Chautauua Co., N. Y. ; Amos, of Otsego, N. Y. ;
Rebecca married William Billings, of Spafford, N. Y. ; Sarah,
married Ossage Cone, of Pomfret, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.;

Eli, married Nancy , of Spafford, N. Y.; Mary,

married Erastus Wait, of Chagrin, Ohio; Orrissa, married


Jeremiah Crane, of Bane, Orleans Co., N. Y. ; John, died in
Spafford, unmarried; and Margaret, married Col. Lewis C.
Davis, Margaret died before her father and left the follow-
ing children : Judson, Joline, Laura, John, and Lewis Davis.
Mrs. Margaret Fisher survived her husband, and is supposed
to have been buried with her husband in the Davis Yard.
(No stone.)

(Davis Yard.)
John Fisher (son of Amos and Margaret Fisher.) Bom
at Springfield, Otsego Co., N. Y. July 15, 1794, died
December 31, 1874.

(He died unmarried.)

(Davis Yard.)
Dakin Fisher, (son of Amos and Margaret Fisher).
Died June 21, 1849, age 68 years, 10 months, 8 days.
" How suddenly he's called away Eternity to view,
No time to regulate his house nor bid the world adied."
(He married Sally Youst, and by her had the following
children : Philip, married Harriet Legg, daughter of Capt.
Otis and Polly (Sabin) Legg; Elihu, married Lydia Ann
Collins, daughter of John and Lucy (Burdick) Collins and
widow of John Orton ; George Y., married Lavinla Burdick,
daughter of Russel M. and Esther (Whiting) Burdick;
Margaret, married (1) GJeorge D. Filkins, and (2) Alex-
ander M. Churchell, son of James and Hannah (Dobbs)
Churchell; Celinda, married William Churchell, son of
James and Hannah (Dobbs) Churchell; and Orrissa,
married Franklin Roundy, son of Capt. Asahel and Hannah
(Weston) Roundy; Mercy, died at 22 years, unmarried.)

Sally (Youst), wife of Dakin Fished. Died December
2, 1860, age 77 years, 6 months, 13 days.

" Our Mother's gone but not forgotten."

Mercy, daughter of Dakin and Sally (Youst) Fisher.
Died April 8, 1844, age 22 years, 9 months, 24 days.

Harriet (Legg), wife of Philip Fisher. Died June 8,
1844, in her 34th year.

(Philip Fisher, son of Dakin and Sally (Youst) Fisher,
married Harriet Legg, daughter of Capt. Otis and Polly
(Sabin) Legg, and had the following children : Otis, married


Maria Maxson ; Oscar, married Ann Eliza Frederick, daugh-
ter of Jacob and Rachel (Newkirk) Frederick! Angeline,
died unmarried; William Eaton, married Phebe Ingerson,
adopted daughter of Peter Ingerson ; and Mary, married (1)
Nelson Boughton at Spafford, October 2, 1854, and (2) Silas
J. White, March 19, 1863. In 1885 she resided at Pljrmouth,
Cerro Gordo Co., Iowa. By her first husband, Mary has one
daughter, Angeline, married James Allen, Jr., and by her
second husband she has a son, who is a West Point graduate
and now in the regular Army of the United States. Philip
Fisher is also deceased.)


Angeline, daughter of Philip and Harriet (Legg) Fisher.
Died March 27, 1853, age 20 years.

" To live in the memory of those we leave behind is not to


William E. Fisher, (son of Philip and Harriet (Legg)
Fisher) . Died March 30, 1868, age 32 years.

(A soldier in the War of 1861.)

" Our son is gone but not forgotten.)

(He married Phebe Ingerson, adopted daughter of Peter
Ingerson of Spafford Hollow.)


Nancy E., daughter of Eli and Nancy Fisher. Died
January 11, 1835, age 8 years, 2 months, 23 days.

(Eli Fisher was a son of Amos and Margaret Fisher;
he was born probably in Springfield, Otsego Co., N. Y.,
before 1802, married his wife Nancy before October 15,
1823, at which time she joined him in a deed, conveying land
in Spafford Hollow on Lot 23, Tully. A few days subse-
quent he purchased 25 acres of Cornelius Williamson, on
Lot 12, Tully. There are no descendants of this marriage
known to the writer. For many years Eli Fisher ran the
Potashery at Spafford Corners, before 1850; he was then
an old man and worked for Levi Hurlbut and Asahel M.
Roundy, and boarded at their houses. He and his wife have
been dead for about fifty years. They have no stone mark-
ing their graves in this town.)


Alice, daughter of Edgar and E (Brown) Fisher.

Died October 18, 1881, age 1 year, 3 months, 3 days.


(Edgar Fisher is an Englishman, and his wife is a
daughter of Truman and Abigail' (Moore) Brown of Thorn
Hill, and a granddaughter of Zenas and Abigail Moore. In
1898 Mr. Fisher was residing on the Cornelius Williamson
Farm, on Lot 12, Tully.)



Mrs. Anna, wife of Jeremiah Fitzgerald. Died August
15, 1834, age 85 years.

(Jeremiah Fitzgerald came to this town from Walkill,
N. Y., in the Spring of 1806, and settled on 300 acres owned
by him on lot 70, Marcellus. He died in 1817 (and was
buried in the old Boodino Cemetery, on the farm of Alex-
ander Becker, north of the Village of Borodino, now in dis-

(Thorn Hill.;

Jeremiah Fitzgerald. Died September 25, 1816, age 65

In his will, dated August 20, 1810, and probated Feb-
ruary 17, 1817, he mentions his wife, Anna Fitzgerald, and
the following children : William ; Elizabeth, married Warren
Kneeland, son of Jonathan and Mary (Spencer) Kneeland;

Susanna; David, married Phebe ; John, married

Abigail ; and Jeremiah, married Sylvia .

He also mentions his two grandchildren, Jane and James H.
Fitzgerald, children of his daughter, Elizabeth Fitzgerald,
who subseuent to their birth, married Warren Kneeland.
James H. Fitzgerald married Jerusha Eadie, daughter of
James and Martha Smith Eadie.)

(Thorn Hill.)


Sally Force, wife of Henry Force. Died October 8,
1843, age 54 years, 3 months, 5 days.
" Here let me rest my weary head
'Till Christ, my Lord, shall raise the Dead."
(Henry Force resided on Lot 75, Marcellus. He died
September 25, 1847, in this town (no stone) . In the peti-
tion of Dr. Isaac Morrell, a creditor, dated October 6, 1847,
for letters of administration upon his estate, no mention is


made of a wife, but of the following children: William;
Kellogg; Jane; Sarah, married Dorwin Day; Adeline, mar-
ried William Campbell; and Henrietta, married Annariah
Manley. All were then of full age except Jane, who was a



In memory of a son of John and Chloe Ford. Died April
14, 1821.

(Cold Brook.)

Daniel, son of John and Chloe Ford. Died April 3, 1820,
in his 10th year.

(John and Chloe Ford resided on the west part of Lot
44, Tully, in Cold Brook. Among their children, besides the

foregoing, were : Elisha, married Smith, and died

in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; John B., married Sally Miner, widow of
Sanford Thayer, resides in Skaneateles, N. Y. ; Lydia, mar-
ried Orrin Town, of Cold Brook, N. Y., and , married

Ansel Bacon.)

(Cold Brook.)


Albert Foster, (son of Samuel Foster). Born July 24,
1800, (in Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Conn.) Died January
8, 1879, (in Spafford, New York.)

(He married (1) Clarissa Maxson, daughter of Thomas

and (Sessions) Maxson, at Salisbury, Litchfield

Co., Conn., January 2, 1823, and settled first in Hillsdale,
Columbia Co., N. Y., where he remained about eight years,
and from there came to this town and settled in Cold Brook
about 1833. He finally settled on Lot 33, Tully, about 1841,
where he remained until the time of his decease. After the
decease of his first wife he married (2) June 5, 1867, at
Spafford, N. Y., Clarissa G. Reynolds, widow of Horace
Smith, but by her had no issue. His children by his first
wife were : LaFayette, born July 23, 1824, married October
23, 1850, at Spafford, N. Y. Sarah Jane Ripley, born De-
cember 3, 1832, daughter of David and Sarah Jane (Eliot)
Ripley, resides in Sioux City, Iowa, and has three children,
Albro; Emma and Ernest, each married and each having


three children; Thomas Maxson, bom October 1, 1826,
merchant in this town to the time of his decease, December

26, 1898, unmarried; James S., bom November 20, 1828,
died September 29, 1890 at Mitchell, South Dakota, married
April 6, 1852, in Spafford, Frances Ann Ripley, bom
January 17, 1835, daughter of David and Sarah
Jane (Eliot) Ripley; Charles W., bom May 19, 1832, died
April 11, 1875, near Yankton, S. Da., married February

27, 1853, at Spafford, N. Y., Mary A. Burroughs, bom
October 29, 1835, daughter of Alvin Burroughs, and had
four children ; and George I., bom December 29, 1837, mar-
ried at Davis, 111., December, 1873, Phila Smith, resides at
Fargo, North Dakota, and had two children.)

(Cold Brook.)

Clarissa (Maxson), wife of Albert Foster. Bom De-
cember 26, 1798, died May 5, 1866.

(She was bom in Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Conn.)

(Cold Brook.)

Clarissa G. (Reynolds), wife of Albert Foster. Bom
June 1, 1809, died November 5, 1873.

(At the time of her marriage to Mr. Foster she was
widow of Horace Smith, (second wife), with one son by
Mr. Smith, Frederick R. Smith.)

(Cold Brook.)

Bennie, son of James S. and Frances A. (Ripley Foster.
Died March 1, 1860, age 6 months.

(James S. Foster, son of Albert and Clarissa (Maxson)
Foster, married Frances A. Ripley, daughter of David and
Sarah Jane (Eliot) Ripley, and by her had, in addition to
the above, the following children : Clara J., married Osgood
H. Carney, and had three children : Foster Dewitt, married
Cora Westfall and resides in Yankton, S. Da. ; Kate Morri-
son, married Carl E. Bigelow and has one child, Ruth,
resides in Galveston, Texas ; and Carol Earl, died in infancy ;
Cora, married George H. Miner and had six children:

William Vance, married Blanche , two children,

Helen and Grace; Frances, married Ory P. Shaw, one son,
Miner; Cora, unmarried; Charity Eliot, unmarried, and
Laura, died in infancy; Albert David, married Hattie
Whalen and had four children: Fannie, James, Clara, ana
Martha; James and Martha died in infancy; Fannie An-
able, unmarried; Martha Aldrich, unmarried; and Thomas


Maxson, unmarried. Mr. James S. Foster died in Mitchell,
S. Da., September 29, 1890.)

(Cold Brook.)

In memory of Lydia, wife of Levi Foster, who died April
21, 1827, age 45 years, 3 months, 1 day.

(Levi Foster came from Onondaga, N. Y., January 2,
1816, and settled on Lot 21, Tully, on the farm now occupied
by Joseph L. Cole (1899), and from there moved to the
Nunnery neighborhood, and resided on Lot 12, Sempronius,
where his wife died. He moved away from town after the
death of his wife, and very little is knowTi of him or his
family at the present time.)



Jacob Frederick. Died March 18, 1865, age 69 years.

(Jacob Frederick came to the Marcellus end of this town
before 1823, and settled at or near the Village of Borodino,
but soon afterwards moved to a farm near Spaff ord Village) ,
his wife was Rachel Newkirk, and by her he had the follow-
ing children : Sarah M., married Roswell Brown of Moravia,
Cayuga County, N. Y.; John W., married (1) Miss Jennings
of Poughkeepsie, N .Y., by whom he had a son, William J.
Frederick, member of Board of Underwriters, Syracuse,
N. Y.; he married (2) Mary Antonette Atwater in 1868,
she died in 1879, leaving a daughter, Georgia, who in 1879
married Dr. Ernest F. Clymer of Syracuse, N. Y. ; Lewis W.,
married Louisa Beeman, resided at Homer, N. Y., and Cold-
water, Mich. ; Lucetta, married Horatio Smith, resides South
Butler, Wayne Co., N. Y. ; Ann Eliza, married Oscar F.
Fisher, son of Philip and Harriet (Legg) Fisher, resides in
Homer N. Y. ; Minerva J. married Darius Applebee;

George P., died prior to his father's decease, married S

F , and had one daughter, Mary C. Frederick of

Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Alanson S., married Sarah Thompson,
daughter of Nathan P. and Margaret (Hutchins) Thomp-
son, he and his wife are both deceased ; he is buried in Liver-
pool, N. Y., and she in Spafford Cemetery, left two children,
Roswell T., married Catherine Kingsbury, daughter of
Andrew E. Kingsbury of Homer, Roswell is a real estate
broker in Syracuse, N. Y., and Caroline Frederick, un-
married, resides in Homer, N. Y. ; Calista B., married C. B,


Miller of Cazenovia, N. Y., dead ; and Caleb H., accidentally
killed by the cut of a scythe, at the age of eleven years. At
the time of his decease, Jacob Frederick was residing in the
Village of Spafford Corners. He was Low Dutch. John
W. Frederick married for a third wife. Miss Emma Wood,
of Syracuse, N. Y., who survived him. By his third wife
he had no issue; he died in 1895.)


Rachel (Newkirk) , wife of Jacob Frederick. Died April
5, 1877, age 79 years.


Caleb H., son of Jacob and Rachel (Newkirk) Frederick.
Died August 20, 1846, age 11 years.

(Accidentally killed by the cut of a scythe in the thigh.)


George P., son of George and S F. Frederick.

Died February 8, 1845, age 5 months, 20 days.

(George Frederick was a son of Jacob and Rachel (New-
kirk) Frederick.)

Sarah Thompson wife of Alanson S. Frederick. Born
in Spafford, April 11, 1837. Died in Homer, N. Y., March
18, 1898.

(Alanson S. Frderick, son of Jacob and Rachel (New-
kirk) Frederick, died and was buried in Liverpool, N. Y.) .
(His wife has no stone.)



Alice L., daughterof Francis M. and Mary Fuller. Dlea
April 19, 1863, age 2 years, 6 months, 29 days.

(Spafford Hollow.)


In memory of Robert Fulton who died March 28, 1829,
age 78 years.

" Let not the dead forgotten lie.
Lest living men forget to die."
(Robert Fulton, by his wife Sarah, had three children
who were well kno^vn residents of this town : Eleazer Emer-


son, born February 2, 1789, died at Borodino, N. Y., March

30, 1853, married Pamelia ; Robert C, bom 1800,

died January 12, 1852, at Borodino. N. Y., married

; and Amanda, bom August 27, 1803, died at Boro-
dino, N. Y., September 4, 1856, married William Legg and
had one daughter, Eunice A., who married David Becker,
son of Peter and Mary (Eadie) Becker, both dead, and
buried in this cemetery.)


In memory of Sarah Fulton, wife of Robert Fulton, who
died May 4, 1846, age 82 years, 4 months.


Eleazer Emerson Fulton, (son of Robert and Sarah
Fulton) . Died May 30, 1853, age 64 years, 1 month, 2 days.

(Eleazer Emerson Fulton by his wife Parmelia had the
following children: Albert E., bom 1821, died August 8,
1885, at Lansing, Mich., married (1) Izabenda Bearse,
daughter of Aaron and Phebe (Simth) Bearse, and widow
of Ansel Churchell, and (2) Mrs. Martha Hutton, widow of
Caleb Hutton, of Lansing, Mich., no issue by either mar-
riage; Heman D,, married Eliza L. and resides in

Skaneateles, N. Y. ; and Hiram W., born at Elbridge, N. Y. ;
died at Forbs, Mo., March, 1884 (buried in this cemetery) .


Parmelia, wife of Eleazer Emerson Fulton. Died Novem-
ber 4, 1871, age 78 years, 7 months.
" A true wife, a faithful mother,
A devout Christian, a character worthy of imitation."


Albert E. Fulton, (son of E. Emerson and Parmelia
Fulton) . Died August 8, 1885, age 64 years, 2 months, 18


Izabenda (Bearse) , wife of Albert E. Fulton. Died May
21, 1875, age 58 years, 1 month, 15 days.

(She had one daughter only, Jennie E. Churchell, by her
first husband, Ansel Churchell, who married Erastus E.
Brown, now of Lincoln, Nebraska.)



Hiram W. Fulton, (son of E. Emerson and Parmelia
Fulton) . Bom at Elbridge, N. Y., April 23, 1827. Died at
Forbes, Mo., March, 1884, in his 57th year.


Ella A., daughter of Heman D. and Eliza L. Fulton. Died
June 4, 1875, age 20 years, 5 months.

(Heman D. Fulton, son of Eleazer Emerson and Parmelia
Fulton, by his wife, Eliza L., had the following children:
Eva P. ; Nellie L. ; Mary E., and Albert W. Fulton ; the first
three reside in Skaneateles, N. Y., with their parents and
the latter in West Satecoy, California.)

H. D. Fulton, 1822-1909.

Eliza L. Town (w.), 1828-1902.


Robert C. Fulton, (son of Robert and Sarah Fulton).
Died January 12, 1852, age 53 years.

(Robert C. Fulton married , and had

thee children : Jerome, who died in Preble, N. Y. ;

married John Weston, Jr., and , married John




John Gale, Esq. Died May 17, 1836, age 71 years.

(John Gale settled in the Marcellus end of the town
before 1807. By his wife, Martha, he had four children:
John, Jr., married Miss Grinnell, daughter of Isaiah and
Jane (Crane) Grinnell ; Samuel, married (1) Sally Manley,

and (2) Rebecca Mead ; Richard, married Amelia E. ;

and Mary, married Zebulon Davis as his second wife, she
died and was buried in Cold Brook.)


Mrs. Martha, wife of John Gale, Sr. Died May 23, 1831,
age 69 years, 2 months, 14 days.


John Gale, Jr., (son of John and Martha Gale). Died
December 31, 1852, age 53 years.


Samuel Gale, (son of John and Martha Gale). Died
October 25, 1864, in 79 years.


" And now behold his race is run,
His suffering o'er, his labor done,
May living friends be ready too.
To bid this fleeting world adieu."
(He married (1) Sally Manley, and (2) Rebecca Mead.
The latter died and was buried in Cleveland, Ohio. By his
first wife he had: Betsey Ann, married George Frink
Knapp, son of Elijah and Betsey (Burdick) Knapp; and by
his second wife he had : Judson, married Hulda Davidson,
he was a teacher, School Commissioner, and now resides in
Homer N. Y. ; Cornelia, married Joel Townsend, resides in

Texas ; and Charles, married Eliza , died out West.

Samuel Gale first resided in the Nunnery neighborhood, and
then on Lot 42, Tully, near the county line on the Skan-
eateles and Homer road.

(Thorn Hill.)
In m.emory of Sally (Manley) Gale, (wife of Samuel
Gale, who died March 12, 1821, age 27 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


Barnett A. Gay. Died September 17, 1883, age 67 years.

He came from Preble, N. Y., and married Amanda F.
Smith, who is also deceased and buried in this cemetery.
She has no stone. By his wife, Amanda, Mr. Gay had the
following children : Frances, married Albert Kemp ; Martin
Frink, married Ida May Lyon, daughter of George W. and

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