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Cornelia (Barker) Lyon; Theresa, married Wesley Moonj
and Jennie M., married Alexander J. Boutell, son of Samuel
and Catherine (Williamson) Boutell. She is now deceased.)

(Cold Brook.)

Ida May Gay, daughter of George W. and Cornelia M.
(Barker) Lyon. Died May 27, 1884, age 26 years.

(She married Martin Frink Gay, son of Barnett A. and
Amanda F. (Smith) Gay).


Mrs. Galista Gay. Died November 25, 1885, age 70
years. (No stone.)

(She was the wife of Robert M. Gay, formerly of Spaf-
ford Hollow.)




Thomas Garuthers. Died May 17, 1857, age 73 years.
(His wife Maria, after his decease, married John T.
Gregory. They were all English.)

(Thorn Hill.)


Morris Geer. Died at Thorn Hill, December 23, 1888,
age 90 years. (No stone.)

(He was bom in Ireland, and married Mrs. Joanna
Dunn, widow, and by her had one son: James Geer, of
Syracuse, N. Y. Mrs. Dunn by her first husband also had
one son : Peter Dunn.)


Joanna Dunn), wife of Morris Geer. Died September
20, 1855, in her 50th year.



Henry A. Gifford. Died March 18, 1892, age 83 years.
" Dearest loved one we have laid thee
In the peaceful grave's embrace.
But thy memory will be cherished,
'Till we see thy heavenly face."
(Mr. Gifford was the father of Morey Gifford, of
Marietta, N. Y.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Betsey, wife of Henry A. Gifford. Died at Thorn Hill,
July 27, 1881, age 69 years. (No stone.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Filura, daughter of Nicholas and Rebecca (Caton)
Gifford. Died August 9, 1853, age 1 year, 6 months.

(Nicholas Gifford came from the South, and settled in
1853 just north of the county line, on the State's Hundred
on Lot 44, Tully; by his wife Rebecca Caton he had:
Andrew J.; Dennison; Manly; Vinal, married Mercy A.
Barber, daughter of Charles and Betsey (Randall) Barber,
he is now in Auburn State's Prison ; Almus, in 1876 was in
House of Refuge at Rochester, N. Y. ; Devillo, formerly of
Cortland, N. Y. ; Rosetta and Filura, died young. Nicholas


Gifford died in Auburn State's Prison, April 15, 1876, and
his wife, prior to his incarceration, perished of cold in a
neighbor's dooryard, in Cold Brook, having been driven from
home by her husband, on a cold winter's night, clad only in
her night clothes. She was buried in this cemetery. (No

(Cold Brook.)


Mary (Enos), wife of Nathan Gilbert, and daughter of
Joseph and Chloe Enos. Died February 3, 1886, age 53

(Thorn Hill.)


In memory of Norman L., son of Ambrose S. and Charity
(Lewis) Gillett. Died October 16, 1828, age 8 years, 7
months, 5 days.

" Ye weeping friends your tears refrain.
This blooming youth shall bloom again."
(He was accidentally killed by the cut of a scythe in the
thigh. His mother. Charity Lewis, was a daughter of
Joseph and Mary (Stanton) Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Gillett
left Spafford and went West.)

(Lewis Yard.)


Mariam Green. Died October 20, 1866, age 98 years, 8
months, 13 days.

" Asleep in Jesus."

(She was the mother of Mrs. Thurston Carr and Mrs.
Hiram Mason, who were sisters.)


Eber, son of Christopher and Elizabeth S. (Newman)
Green. Died July 5, 1834, age 7 years, 3 months, 3 days.

(Christopher Green, son of John and Mary (Hill) Green,
married Elizabeh Newman and lived in Spafford on Lot 1,
Tully. He came to this town from Otisco, and purchased
Sub-division 5 ( S. W. corner) , containing 132 acres on said
lot, of Joel Palmer, who held the same under contract, dated
February 11, 1807. Mr. Green took a deed February 23,


1818. From this town he moved to Warren County, Pa.,
where he died in 1867. He was bom in Hoosick, Rensselaer
County, N. Y., 1794, and by his wife Elizabeth Newman
had: Harriet, Sally, Morrell, Lyman and Eber, who died

John Green, the father of Christopher, in the United
States Census for the year 1840, was returned as a Revolu-
tionary soldier, residing in Spafford, aged 79 years, and in
the Green genealogy is claimed to be descended from John

Green of North Kingston, R. I., as follows : John ( ) ,

John, Benjamin, John. He was born in Rhode Island
1760-1, married Mary Hill, and resided first In HoosicK,
Rensselaer County, N. Y., and from there came to Spafford,
where he died after 1840. His children were : Christopher,
born 1794, died 1867, in Warren County, Pa., married Eliza-
beth NewTnan ; Henry, born April 16, 1796, died in Spafford,
April 6, 1879, age 83 years, married Anna Maria Coon in
Marcellus April 7, 1831, she was born in Marcellus October
10, 1813, and died in Spafford in 1874; Joel, bom August 4,
1799, married Nancy Frink, daughter of George and Nancy
(Burdick) Frink, August 24, 1826. He was a Seventh Day
Baptist Preacher, he had three children, of whom Albert C.
only survives, he married Caroline F. Meyer and resides in
Mosiertown, Pa. ; John, married Lucy Stoddard, and resided
in Spafford. He is now deceased and his wife has since
married twice and resides in Georgetown, N. Y. He had
three children : Henry A., Philo, and Hannah ; Amon, died
in 1868, married Eunice Belknap, and lived at Eagle,
Warren County, Pa.; Esther, married Samuel W. B. San-
ford, and lived at Sanford, Pa.; Mary, married Seneca
Stevens and lived in Michigan ; and Electa, married Horton

Henry Green, second son of John and Mary (Hill) Green,
born in Hoosick, N. Y., by his wife, Anna Maria Coon, had
the following children:, bom in Spafford: Albert, born
August 11, 1832, died in Skaneateles and buried in Spafford,
married. Melissa Wheeler in Scott, N. Y., December 3, 1852 ;
Alexander, born December 15, 1833, married in Scott,
Matilda Rounds, daughter of Russel and Lydia (Harring-
ton), Rounds, blacksmith, resided in Spafford (dead);
George W. M., born April 17, 1835, married Persis Hazzard
at Great Bend, Pa., resides in Pennsylvania ; Mary A., bom


June 12, 1836, died in Otisco, January 20, 1861, married
Erastus GrifRn in Auburn, N. Y., November, 1855; Henry
M., born July 6, 1839, married June 2, 1864, in Preble,
N. Y., Phidelia Riggals, resides in Spafford ; Lucy M., born
September 7, 1840, married (1) in Auburn, May 24, 1869,
George Hinds, (2) Charles H. Sweet, resides in Carthage,
Mo.; Martha L., bom April 3, 1842, ; Rhoda A., bom Novem-
ber 30, 1844, unmarried, resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Ben-
jamin S. born March 5, 1846, died March 22, 1847; Caro-
line, born April 18, 1847, married in Syracuse, N. Y.,
October 20, 1869, Devillo Norton, son of Sejnnour and Sally
(Lyman) Norton, resides in Spafford; Frances, bom Janu-
ary 12, 1849, married George Springer, resides in Brooklyn,
N. Y.; Orlando M., born January 18, 1851, died May 16,
1874, in Spafford; and Helen, bom June 18, 1853, married
William Dennis, resides in Auburn, N. Y. Henry Green
and his wife are supposed to have been buried in Spafford
Cemetery. (No stone.)

(Stanton Yard.)
Albert Green, (son of Henry and Anna Maria (Coon)
Green) . Died March 28, 1878, age 45 years, 7 months.
" There is rest in Heaven."
(He married in Scott, N. Y., December 3, 1852, Melissa

Orlando M. Green, (son of Henry and Anna Maria (Coon)
Green). Died May 16, 1874, age 23 years, 4 months, 5

" Around my bed stood those that wept.
And sighed to part with one so dear,
But he in Jesus gently sleeps

Without a groan, without a fear."



William, son of J and Lucy C. Golden. Died

June 18, 1837, age 1 year, 10 months.

Abigail (Gale), wife of William Golden. Died February
12, 1840, age 33 years, 5 months, 4 days.



Albert, son of William and Abigail Golden. Died March
30, 1835. age 10 years, 9 months, 15 days.



Jane R., daughter of Richard C. and Christie Ann (Rob-"
ertson), Goodrich. Died November 2, 1843, age 6 years,
7 months, 11 days.

(Richard C. Goodrich, married Christie Ann Robertson,
daughter of James and Isabel (Eadie) Robertson. After
the decease of Richard C. Goodrich, his wife married Daniel
Lyon of Otisco, N. Y., as his second wife. Mr. Lyon and
his wife Christie are both now deceased, and buried in



Louis Goodwin. Died June 16, 1856, age 42 years.

(He came to Cold Brook from Columbia County, N. Y.,
but was born in Germany. He married Julania Smith,
daughter of Lemuel D. and Polly (Seeley) Smith, and grand-
daughter of Samuel G. and Ada (Fowler) Seeley.)

(Cold Brook.)


Alexander Gordon. Died October 3, 1885, age 63 years.

(He married Matilda Wallace, a sister of John Wallace;
they were all born in Ireland. In his will dated June 6,
1885, and probated November 18, 1885, he mentions his
wife Matilda Gordon, and the following children : Eliza J.,
married Lyman C. Bennett, son of Stephen and Waity
(Hill) Bennett; William J., married Ella Mason, daughter
of Elbridge Mason; Wallace, (dead), married Helen Nor-
ton, daughter of Erastus and Mary (Isdell) Norton; Car-
son; and Emmett Gordon, married Florence Patten,
daughter of George A. Patten, resides in Borodino, N. Y.


Matilda Wallace, wife of Alexander Gordon.

(She was living in 1898 with her daughter, Mrs. Bennett,
in Spafford. Died in 1900.)




Reuben Grove. Died January 28, 1860, age 25 years, 1
month, 24 days.



John T. Gregory.Bom at Ashton, Somerset, England.
Died at Skaneateles April 4, 1882, age 82 years.

" My dust returns to dust, all for the best,
My soul will go to God and be at rest."
(He married Maria Caruthers, widow of Thomas Car-

(Thorn Hill.)

Maria, wife of John T. Gregory, and former wife of

Thomas Caruthers. Died February 17, 1885, age 84 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


Infant son of Erastus and Lilly (Craig) Griffin. Died
January 1, 1889, age 11 weeks.

(Erastus Griffin married Lilly Craig, daughter of William
H. and Phebe A. (Brown) (Craig.)

(Cold Brook.)


Isaiah Grinnel. Died January 19, 1861, age 88 years.

(He resided on Lot 13, Sempronius, where he settled be-
fore 1824. He married Jane Crane, probably a sister of
Stephen Crane, and by her had: John, married and lived
in Orleans County, N. Y. ; Eliza, also married and lived in
Orleans County, N. Y.; Seymour, married Elizabeth Bab-
cock, daughter of John and Betsey (Bulfinch) Babcock;
Ansel, married (1) Asenath Bennett, and (2) Emeline A.

Kinyon, widow of Joseph Monk; , married John

Gale, Jr., son of John and Martha Gale ; and ,

married Jane (widow) , died March 24, 1866, age 89 years.


Jane (Crane), wife of Isaiah Grinnell. Died May 24,
1866, age 89 years.



Seymour Grinnell, son of Isaiah and Jane (Crane)
Grinnell. Died November 24, 1887, age 74 years. (No

(By his wife, Elizabeth Babcock, he had three children.)


Elizabeth (Babcock), wife of Seymour Grinnell. Died
at Scott, N. Y., September 28, 1891, age 77 years.


Ansel Grinnell, son of Isaiah and Jane (Crane) Grinnell.
Died January 25, 1889, age 72 years. (No stone.)

(He married (1) Asenath Bennett, of Spafford Hollow,
and (2) Emeline A. Kinyon, widow of Joseph Monk. In the
application for Letters of Administration upon his estate,
made by his widow, Emeline A. Grinnell, dated November
12, 1889, she mentions the following children : George Riley,

married Lucinda , she died at Scott, N. Y., June

6, 1886, buried in Borodino Cemetery (no stone) , he resides
in Scott, N. Y.; Eliza Ann, married Adelbert C. Stanton,
resides in Spafford, N. Y.; and Mary L., married George
Emmons, resides in LaFayette, N. Y.)


Asenath (Bennett), wife of Ansel Grinnell. Died
October 10, 1862, age 44 years, 10 months, 22 days.


Mary Jane, daughter of Ansel and Asenath (Bennett).
Died November 9, 1857, age 1 year, 1 month.



Abigail Hudson was born October 15, 1753. Was married
to John Grout, October 15, 1770. Was married to William
Clark, October 4, 1780. Died December 17, at 4 o'clock
A. M., 1820. Age 67 years, 2 months, 2 days.
" God my redeemer lives and often from the skies
Looks down and watches all my dust 'till he shall bid it rise."


Adeline M., daughter of John and Elizabeth (Clark)
Grout. Died September 17, 1836, age 19 years, 2 months,
12 days.

(John Grout bom June 14, 1776, came to Spafford before
1819, and settled on Lot 21, Tully; by his wife, Elizabeth


Clark, born May 27, 1781, he had the following children:
Joel H., born October 29, 1808, married Lucretia Roundy,
daughter of Daniel and Laura (Hoyt) Roundy; Sylvanus
N., born September 28, 1806, married (1) Julania Stanton,
daughter of Benjamin and Amy (Perkins) Stanton, and
(2) Elizabeth Brown of Scott, N. Y., sister of his brother
John's wife; John, bom October 13, 1831, married Sarah M.
Brown, born August 14, 1831, of Scott, N. Y., they are both
deceased. (In the petition for Letters of Administration
upon his estate, dated June 12, 1891, the following children
are m.entioned: Helen, married Martin J. Boutell, son of
Samuel and Catherine (Williamson) Boutell, resides in
Syracuse, N. Y., Lyra E. Russell, of Rock Rapids, Iowa,
John J. Grout, of Roch Rapids, Iowa, and Ernest Eugene
Grout) ; Caroline E., born February 12, 1814, married
Thomas B, Anderson; and Adeline M., born July 5, 1817,
died Sept. 17, 1836.)


Joel H. Grout, (son of John and Elizabeth (Clark)
Grout.) Died February 16, 1858, age 49 years, 3 months,
18 days.

(By his wife, Lucretia Roundy, he had two daughters:
Adeline and Laura, both married and residing in Illinois.
His wife also moved to Evanston, Illinois, after his decease,
and died there in 1895.)


Julania (Stanton), wife of Sylvanus N. Grout. Died
March 9, 1849, age 34 years, 8 months.


Celia, daughter of Sylvanus N., and Julania (Stanton)
Grout. Died October 3, 1844, age 2 years, 8 months, 15


Helen M., daughter of Sylvanus N. and Julania (Stanton)
Grout. Died June 15, 1836, age 8 months, 1 day.


Edwin, son of Sylvanus N. and Julania (Stonton) Grout.
Died March 1, 1844, age 3 days.



James, son of Eebnezer and Polly (Perkins) Grout.
Died January 4, 1823, age 3 years, 2 months.
" Let parents warning take
And not of a child an idol make."
(Ebenezer Grout was a brother of John Grout, who
married Elizabeth Clark.)



Charles M., died September 11, 1861, age 2 years, 10
months, 17 days.

Milo J., died September 10, 1861, age 1 year, 3 months,
10 days.

Children of James and Maria (Jacobs) Gutsell.
" Our Little Ones."
" Lovely and pleasant in their lives ;
And in their death they were not divided."
(James Gutsell was a minister ; he married Maria Jacobs,
daughter of Elias and Betsey G. Jacobs.)



Hannah (Wilcox), wife of Simeon Hall. Died July 20,
1838, age 52 years.)

(Simeon Hall's wife was a sister of Mrs. Rathbone
Barber. Mr. Hall lived on the lower lake road, on Lot 31,
Sempronius, just north of Rathbone Barber. He was not
related, so far as known, to the Samuel Hall family living
east of him. Among his children were: Alzina, married
Darius Plumer; and Sophia, married Solomon Burdick.)


Asa Hall, (son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Macumber)
Hall.) Died February 11, 1882, age 70 years, 14 days.

(Samuel and Elizabeth (Macumber) Hall were Rhode
Island Quakers, and came to Sempronius from Mayfield,
N. Y., where their son, Asa, was born, in 1818. Rufus Hall,
the father of Samuel, probably was born of Samuel and
Dinah Hall, in Exeter, R. L, June 8, 1744. He married
Anna Hoxsie. His son Samuel, born May 10, 1772, and
died January 24, 1846, married February 23, 1797, Eliza-
beth Macumber, born February 17, 1772, died September


13, 1853, and by her had the following children : Anna, bom
December 29, 1797, died April 28, 1818 ; David, born April
7, 1799, died December 12, 1829, married Juliette Knight,
September 29, 1824 ; Silas, bom October 4, 1800 died August
22, 1804; Mercy, bora June 22, 1802, died unmarried Nov-
ember 2, 1871, buried Spafford Cemetery ; Lydia, born Jan-
uary 25, 1804, died September 25, 1875, married John Rich-
ardson September 28, 1828; Hannah, bora November 27,
1805, died January 2, 1875, married Reuben S. Palmer,
November 29, 1834; Rufus, bora January 10, 1808, died
June 1, 18 — , married Clarissa Belknap, January 6, 1833;
Daniel, bora October 2, 1809, died June 20, 1811 ; Asa, bom
January 28, 1812, died February 11, 1882, married Laura
Ann Babcock, November 16, 1834, and Elihu, born January
30, 1814, died February 12, 1814.

Asa Hall,. son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Macumber) Hall,
married Laura Ann Babcock, daughter of John, Jr. and
Nancy (Stoddard) Babcock, and by her had: Philetus, of
Sempronius, N. Y. ; Arthur F., married Clarissa A. Ripley,
daughter of John L. and Clarissa (Loss) Ripley, October 6,
1869, resides in Spafford, N. Y. ; N. Elizabeth, married Jona-
than D. Ripley, son of John L. and Clarissa (Loss) Ripley,
she died November 13, 1866, and left two children : Arthur,
and Lillian; and Julius J., died November 17, 1845. Asa
Hall was a miller by occupation, and attended the Baptist
Church at Thorn Hill, where his wife was a member.)


Laura Ann Babcock, wife of Asa Hall. Died September

30, 1845, age 27 years, 7 months, 3 days.


Julius J., son of Asa and Laura Ann (Babcock) Hall.
Died November 17, 1845, age 2 years, 5 months, 27 days.


Mercy Hall, (daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Macum-
ber) Hall. Died November 7, 1871, age 69 years, 4 months,
10 days.

" Asleep in Jesus."


James T., son of Nicholas and Lydia Hall. Died January

31, 1832, age 3 years, 13 days.


" Adieu my sweet and precious babe,
I give thee back to God.
With flowers I'll deck thy early grave."



Rhoda F., daughter of Mott and Mary Haight. Died
March 17, 1840, age 5 months.

(Mott Haight was a teacher. He had a brother, William
Haight, who died in Skaneateles, N. Y., about 1884, and on
account of the death of his only child, Arthur Haight, prior
to his decease, it was necessary in probating his will, in
1884, to cite all his collateral kinsmen, who were at that
time as follows: (1) Children of his deceased brother,
James Haight: John Haight of Johnstown, Rock County,
Wis.; Lindley D. Haight, of Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo Co.,
Iowa; (2) children of his deceased brother, Mott Haight:
Arthur M. Haight, of Parma, Jackson Co., Michigan; (3)
children of his deceased brother, Titus Haight: Hannah
V/anzer, of Austin, Cook County, 111. ; Sarah W. Cornell, of
Appleton, OutagamJe County, Wis.; Mary J. Haight, of
Mandana, Onondaga County, N. Y. ; Catherine J. Irish, of
Mandana, Onondaga County, N. Y. ; Henry J. Haight, mar-
ried Eudora Colton, daughter of Alanson and Charity (Ide)
Colton, resides in Borodina, N. Y. ; and Francis E. and
Egbert Cornell, children of Elizabeth S., deceased daughter
of Titus Haight, who married Francis E. Cornell, her chil-
dren then resided with their father at Verbank, Dutchess
County, N. Y. ; (4) Children of his deceased brother, John
S. Haight: Charles H. Haight, of Sycamore, DeKalb Co.,
111. ; Edgar Haight, of Sycamore, DeKalb County, 111. ; Char-
lotte M. Bockes, wife of Dennis Bockes of Skaneateles,
N, Y. ; (5) Children of his deceased brother, Zebulon
Haight: Anna Haight, of Salina, Salina County, Kansas;
Lewis Haight, of Pawnee Rock, Barton County, Kansas;
Amy Arnold, of Stanfordville, Dutchess County, N. Y. ;
Maria Duell, of Stanfordville, Dutchess County, N. Y.;
Phoebe Jane Griffin, of Clinton Comers, Dutchess County,
N. Y. ; Esther Alley, of La Grangerville, Dutchess County,
N. Y. ; Charlotte A. Underbill, of Croton Landing, West-
chester County, N. Y. (6) Children of his deceased sister,
Anna M. Sutton : Silas H. Sutton, of Breckenridge, Summit


County, Colorado ; George H. Sutton, of Maple City, Cawley
County, Kansas; Melissa Sutton, of Coffin's Summit, Dut-
chess County, N. Y. ; Sarah E. Gardner, of West 45th Street,
New York City. (7) Children of his deceased brother,
Enoch Haight: Charles B. Haight, of Owosso, Shiawassee
County, Mich. ; and Charles Ripp, Alice I. Fenton, both of
Chicago, Illinois, and Charles W. Kipp, of Clay Center, Clay
County, Kansas, children of Mary Kipp, deceased daughter
of Enoch Haight, deceased.)

Ernest C. Haight, (son of Henry I, and Eudora (Colton)
Haight) . Died January 15, 1887, age 11 years.

(Henry I. Haight was a son of Titus Haight; his son,
Ernest C, was killed by accident.)



Lydia C, wife of John Hamilton. Died June 28, 1852, in
her 53rd year.



Joseph Harmon. Died April 23, 1892, age 73 years.

(He came to this town from Sempronius, Cayuga County,
N. Y., and married (1) Mary Jane Williamson, daughter of
Cornelius and Eliza (Ostrander) Williamson, and (2)
Mary Jane Rajnuond, daughter of Nathan and Maria (Wil-
liamson) Raymond, and niece of his first wife. He left no
issue surviving him, his only child, by his first wife, Jennie,
died in 1865. His will, dated December 25, 1883, and pro-
bated July 13, 1892, and the petition for its probate men-
tions his wife, Mary Jane Harmon, no children, but the fol-
lowing next of kin: Elizabeth Burdick (sister), of Homer,
N. Y. ; Orrin S. Harmon, (brother), of Forrestville, Chau-
tauqua County, N. Y. ; Lorinda Case (sister) , of Sempron-
ius, Cayuga County, N. Y. ; Edwin L. Harmon (bother), of
Moravia, Cayuga County, N. Y.; Mary Van Schoick (sister)
of Greenwood, Steuben County, N. Y. ; Maria Graham and
William B. Harmon, (daughter and son of Alexander Har-
mon, deceased brother), both of Sempronius, Cayuga
County, N. Y. ; Morris G. Craft, (son of Almira Craft,


deceased sister) , of Homer, N. Y., and Frank Harmon, (son
of Franklin Harmon, deceased brother), of Buffalo, N. Y.
At the time of his decease Mr. Harmon resided on Lot 31,
Tully, on the Skaneateles and Homer road, just south of
Spafford Corners — Russel M. Burdick farm.)

Mary Jane (WilHamson), wife of Joseph Harmon. Died
February 17, 1879, age 53 years.

Mary Jane (Raym.ond) , wife of Joseph Harmon.
(Living in 1898.)

Our Jennie, only child of Joseph and Mary Jane (William-
son) Harmon. Died March 16, 1865, age 9 years, 6 months.
" Of such is the kingdom of Heaven."



John Harrington. Died September 15, 1869, age 76
years, 7 months, 4 days.

(John Harrington came to this town from Foster, R. I.,
(where he was born), with his wife Catherine, and settled
east of Skaneateles Lake, on Lot 41, Tully. His children by
his wife Catherine were: Catherine, married her cousin,
Whipple Harrington, who died in Homer, N. Y. ; Jenks,
married Lydia Johnson, he died near Oneida Lake; Lydia,
married Russel Rounds, he is dead and she is living in 1898,
with her son-in-law, John Odell, in Spafford, N. Y. ; Cary,
married widow Martha Barker, both dead, reputed son,
Marion Harrington, inherited his estate; Sally, married
Hiram Coon, moved to Michigan ; Paulina, married Simeon
Morris, son of Samuel and Jane Springer Morris; Polly,
married Simeon Morris, son of Samuel and Jane Springer
Morris, as his second wife; a son, drowned in Skaneateles
Lake ; and Phebe, married Truman Worden, both dead, and
buried in this cemetery.)


Catherine, wife of John Harrington. Died September 23,
1867, age 78 years, 8 months, 28 days.

" Gone but not forgotten."



Gary Harrington, (son of John and Catherine Harring-
ton). Died October 23, 1884, age 64 years, 1 month, 2

(His wife, Martha Barker, was buried at Watkins, N. Y.)


Stanley D. Harrington, (son of Alfred G. and Vestelina
E. (Woodworth) Harrington). Bom November 23, 1869,
died November 25, 1892.
" A model Christian son, brother and friend.
Industrious, economical, charitable and affectionate,

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