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Courageous in doing right, intelligence lighted his
Path to duty, which he saw in serving God and Humanity.
He has gone to his Saviour in whom he trusted,
And left none but pleasant memories of
His earthly probation. Requiem in pace,
O ! optome filie."

( Jenks Harrington, (son of John and Catherine Harring-
ton) , by his wife Lydia Johnson, had the following children :
Alfred G., married Vestelina E. Woodworth, daughter of
Joel C. and Sarah (Eadie) ) Woodworth; Clarissa, married
Alfred Hitchcock, dead; Sidney, married Phebe Clark,
daughter of Thomas Clark, he died in Cortland, N. Y. ; Rens-
selaer, died unmarried ; Oscar, married in Canastota, N. Y. ;
Almira, married Mr. Hopkins, her husband is dead and she
resides in Cortland, N. Y. ; Norman Manuel, name of wife
unknown; Emily, married Samuel Morris, son of Simeon
Morris, resides in Homer, N. Y.

Prof. Alfred G. Harrington, (son of Jenks and Lydia
< Johnson) Harrington), by his wife Vestelina E. Wood-
worth, had the following children: Lettie, married Amos
Maxson as his second wife, resides in Scott, N. Y. ; Howard,
resides in Spafford, unmarried ; Marius, married Orra Max-
son, daughter of Amos and Lodema (Barber) Maxson;
Lilly, resides in Spafford, unmarried ; Irving, married Lina
Cleveland, daughter of John and Caroline (Doty) Cleve-
land, resides in Spafford, N. Y. ; Stanley D., died in 1892;
William, resides in Spafford, unmarried ; Harrold, resides in
Spafford, unmarried; Howard, died in 1868; Adelbert,
resides in Spafford, unmarried; Alice, married George
Brown, of Cortland, N. Y. ; and Adelle, resides in Cortland,
unmarried. Professor Harrington was a man of fine edu-
cation, and for many years a successful teacher in the


schools of this State. For a few years last past, he has
been living on a farm in this town, supplementing his labors
on the farm with literary work, for which he has a strong
predilection. The Professor has been honored with the
degree of Master of Arts.)


A John Harrington, (not related to above family) at an
early date resided on the Col. Jenney Farm (1899) Lot 32,
Sempronius, he moved to Michigan; wife, Julia M.

Howard Harrington, (son of Alfred G. and Vestelina E.
(Woodworth) Harrington) . Bom February 15, 1859, died
February 23, 1868.


Horatio, son of Aimer S. and Arminda Harrington. A
member of Company " D," 122d Regt., N. Y. V. Killed in
Battle of Cedar Creek, Va., October 19, 1864, age 22 years.
" My Country called me."

(Aimer S. Harrington and his wife, Arminda, came to
this town from Brookfield, Madison County, N. Y., about
1850, and settled on Lots 11 and 12, Sempronius; he after-
wards resided on Lot 76, Marcellus, north of Borodino.)



William Harris. Died May 17, 1842, age 54 years, 2
months, 25 days.

(He married Nancy Davis, daughter of Elias and Free-
love Davis, and by her had: Julania, married Rathbone
Barber, Jr., son of Rathbone and Robe (Wilcox) Barber,
dead; Phebe D., married John C. Tinkham, son of Russel
and Mary (Cook) Tinkham, dead; Jane, married her
brother-in-law, John C. Tinkham, as his second wife, dead ;
and Mary, married Fred Hoover of Auburn, N. Y.)

(Davis Yard.)

Mary Flaurence, daughter of Rev. I. and Mary H. Harris.
Died November 6, 1861, age 2 years, 10 months.
" Gone to live with Jesus."

" She sang sweetly here, she sings sweetly in Heaven."

(The Rev. Mr. Harris came to this town from Munroe
County, N. Y., and after a short stay, moved away.)




Medad Harvey. Born June 3, 1771, died December 16,

(Medad Harvey come to this town from Fort Ann, Vt.,
about 1800, and settled on Lot 76, Marcellus, where he
remained until the time of his decease. His wife was Anar
Buell, by whom he had the following children : Paul, mai-
ried Sally Hiscock, daughter of James and Elizabeth His-
cock, he died at Thorn Hill, N. Y. ; Lucinda, married Cj^rus
Smith, son of Job and Elizabeth (Keeler) Smith, she died in
Chautauqua County, N. Y. ; Samuel, married Mary Reed,
he died in Cattaraugus County, N. Y. ; Sally, married
Ensign Austin, she died in Skaneateles, N. Y. ; Harriet,
married Sedgv/ick Austin, she died in Sennett, Cayuga
• County, N. Y. ; John, married Theda Reed, he died in Cattar-
augus County, N. Y. ; Rhoda, married Jared Smith, she died
in Skaneateles, N. Y. ; Electa, married Henry Vary (brother
of Charles) , she died in Skaneateles, N. Y. ; Leonard, mar-
ried (1) Jane A. Rathbone, daughter of James and Mar-
garet (Ashley) Rathbone, and (2) , he

died in Illinois; Isabel, unmarried, (1898), living in Chi-
cago, 111. ; Dorwin, married Jane Anthony, daughter of Isaac
and Pamelia (Phelps) Anthony, he died in Chicago, 111.;
and Medad, married Ann Van Atten, died in Illinois.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Anar (Buell) Harvey, (wife of Medad Harvey). Born
June 24, 1775, died September 8, 1858.

(Thorn Hill.)

Paul Harvey, (son of Medad and Anar (Buell) Harvey).
Died August 22, 1852, age 53 years.

(Paul Harvey was born at Fort Ann, Vt., and came to
this town, (Marcellus end), with his parents. He married
Sally Hiscock, daughter of James and Elizabeth Hiscock,
and by her had the following children : Anna, married Seeley
Strong, she died in Ellery, Chautauqua County, N. Y.;
Adeline, she died unmarried at Thorn Hill, N. Y.; Alfred,
married Elsina Patterson, daughter of Volney and Susanna
(Green) Patterson, he resides Ellery, Chautauqua County,
N. Y. ; Eleanor, married Nelson Hillebert, son of John C.
and Elizabeth (Berry) Hillebert, (1898) residing in Social-
ity, Cattaraugus County, N. Y. ; Job, married Chloe Ann
Mason, daughter of Asa and Anna (Shelden) Mason„


December 27, 1849, he died at Borodino, N. Y., March 25,
1900, burial in Borodino Cemetery; Mark, married (1) Hen-
rietta Colton, daug-hter of Alanson and Charity (Ide) Col-
ton, and (2) Mary A. Unckless, daughter of John and Mary
A. (Snook) Unckless, (he has a son, Frank Harvey, resid-
ing at Thorn Hill), he resides at Borodino, N. Y. ; Harriet
E., married Darius S. Mason, December 26, 1849, son of
Asa and Anna (Shelden) Mason, she is now deceased; and
Mary, married Samuel Ackles, resides at Thorn Hill, N. Y.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Sally (Hiscock), wife of Paul Harvey. Died August 3,
1879, age 83 years.

(She was born in the town of Augusta, Madison County,
N. Y., and came to this town with her parents, James and
Elizabeth Hiscock, from her native place, about 1812, and
resided with them, (until her marriage), on Lot 69, Mra-
cellus. She was married to Mr. Harvey in this town. It
is claimed that her father was a Soldier of the Revolution.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Adaline Harvey, (daughter of Paul and Sally (Hiscock)
Harvey. Died April 4, 1895, age 79 years.

(She died unmarried. In her will, dated May 11, 1893,
probated June 11, 1895, she mentions: Frank Harvey, son
of her brother, Mark Harvey; and W. Harry Ackles, and
Grace Mills, wife of Frank B. Mills, children of her sister,
Mary Ackles, wife of Samuel Ackles, all residing at Thorn
Hill, N. Y. In the petition for probate, the following
brothers and sisters were mentioned as heirs at law and
next of kin : Job Harvey, Mark Harvey and Mary Ackles, of
Spafford, N. Y., Anna Strong of Jamestown, N. Y. ; Alfred
Harvey of St. Clairville, Chautauqua County, N. Y., and
Eleanor Hillebert of Dayton, Cattaraugus County, N. Y.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Jane A. (Rathbone) Harvey, consort of Leonard Harvey.
Died October 16, 1833, age 24 years.

(Leonard Harvey, son of Medad and Anar (Buell)
Harvey, married a second wife in Illoinois.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Mark Harvey, (son of Paul and Sally (Hiscock) Harvey).
Born August 6, 1832, (living in Borodino in 1899.)



Henrietta Colton, wife of Mark Harvey. Bom November
30, 1836, died June 15, 1888.

Mary Ann Unckless, second wife of Mark Harvey. Bom
July 31, 1841. (She was living in 1899.)

Paul A. Harvey, (son of Mark and Henrietta (Colton)
Harvey) . Bom June 11, 1871, died March 21, 1891.
" Trusting that all be well."

Harry J. Harvey, (son of Mark and Henrietta (Colton)
Harvey). Bom December 22, 1869, died March 15, 1891.
" To die is gain."


Jessie, daughter of Frank and Josie A. Harvey.

Died January 6, 1887, age 2 years, 11 months, 15 days.

(Frank Harvey, son of Mark and Henrietta (Colton)
Harvey, married Josie A,



Bethany Hay, (daughter of Henry and Bathsheba (Sat-
terly) Hay. Who departed this life March 15, 1832, in her
12th year.

** God calls and I must go
And leave all fleeting earthly things below."
(Henry Hay lived on the Samuel Gale place, on the Skan-
eateles and Homer road, next to the county line on lot 42,
Tully. He moved from Spafford in the Spring of 1835.)



Maria S., daughter of Erastus and Irena Hayes. Died
May 13. 1829, age 20 years, 7 months, 9 days.
" She is forever gone from things below,
Gone from a world where sorrow grows.
Gone to a world of joy and rest.
To dwell forever with the happy blest."

(Thom Hill.)

Hosea Horace Briggs, son of Erastus and Irena Hayes.

Died September 3, 1828, age 15 years, 5 months, 11 days.


(He was accidentally killed. Erastus Hayes first settled
on the east part of lot 89, Marcellus, April 11, 1825, moved
from there to lot 22, Tully, February 12, 1835, and from
thence went West about 1850, with his only surviving child
and son, Hiram W. Hayes. Erastus Hayes originally came
from Otsego County, N. Y., and settled on Lot 50, Homer,
N. Y., in 1807, and from there to the Marcellus end of this
town, as above stated, in 1825.

Hiram W. Hayes, son of Erastus and Irena Hayes, mar-
ried Almeda Tinkham, daughter of Daniel and Adah (Wind-
sor) Tinkham, and by her had: Cynthia Maria, married
Orphaniel Bessey, she died in Spafford, leaving no issue;
Briggs, married Mary McCormack, he died in Michigan;
Candace, married Dana Root, husband dead, and she now
residing in Quincy, Mich, (four children) ; Calvin, married
(1) Calista Ripley, daughter of John L. and Clarissa (Loss)
Ripley, and (2) out West, he is now (1899) residing in
Pomona, California; Olive, died unmarried in Spafford,
N. Y., and Arzena, married a Mr. Slocum, and died in
Michigan. Hiram W. Hayes was in 1898 residing with his
son Calvin, in Pomona, California.)

(Thorn Hill.)


Mercy, wife of John Hayford. Died January 10, 1849,
in her 82nd year.


Benjamin Hayford. Born in 1812, died in 1887.

(He married (1) Elizabeth French, daughter of Titus
and Elizabeth French, (2) Mercy French, sister of his first
wife, and (3) Lottie M. Baker. In the application for
Letters of Administration by Orrin I. Hayford, his son, of
Borodino, N. Y., filed March 31, 1887, mention is made of
Lottie (Loretta) M. Hayford, his widow (since deceased),
and of the following children : Orrin I. Hayford, of Boro-
dino, N. Y. ; Annette L. Harrington, of Berren Springs,
Mich.; William Francis Hayfrod, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa;
Eliza J. Quick, wife of Charles B. Quick, of Borodino, N. Y. ;
and Cyrus Duane Hayford, born October 18, 1840, (by
second wife), married Mary Schoonmaker, daughter of
Moses and Sarah (Barker) Schoonmaker, resides in Tully,


N. Y. Cyrus D. Hayford had two children: Blanche and
Alice M. Hayford. Blanche is now deceased.)

Elizabeth (French), wife of Benjamin Hayford. Bom
in 1812, died in 1846.

Mercy (French), wife of Benjamin Hayford. Born in
1822, died in 1858.

Lottie M. (Baker), wife of Benjamin Hayford. Died
August 5, 1895, age 66 years.

William Hayford.. Died at Borodino.
(He married Asenath French.)




Ebenezer Havens, son of Daniel W. and Abigail (Burling)
Havens. Born March 23, 1803, died January 18, 1875.

Daniel W. Havens was born in Washington County, R. I.,
about March 20, 1762, and settled in Scott Hollow, at the
head of Skaneateles Lake. He was a shoemaker by occu-
pation ; a member of the Seventh Day Baptist Church, and
was buried in the Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery at Scott,
Cortland Co., N. Y. His wife, Abigail Burling, of German
extraction, survived him about three years, and then died
and was buried at the same place. Their children were:
Abbie, married Joseph Cummings of Cortland County,
N. Y. ; Whitman, enlisted in the War of 1812, nothing more
of him ; Clark B., married Robey Barber, daughter of Rath-
bone and Robe (Wilcox) Barber, both dead; Ebenezer, mar-
ried Laura Pettis, daughter of Joseph Pettis; and Daniel,
he also enlisted in the War of 1812, and never returned.

Clark B. Havens, son of Daniel and Abigail (Burling)
Havens, by his wife, Robey Barber, had the following chil-
dren, all bom in SpafFord: Adelia, married Dr. Charles
Merrell, formerly of Skaneateles, N. Y., now deceased;
Hezekiah, married Daintha Oland, of Skaneateles, N. Y.;
he was killed by a falling limb of a tree; Sally, married
Stephen Randall, son of Stephen and Ruth Randall, she
died and Randall married for a second wife Diantha Oland,


widow of Hezekiah Havens. Randall was finally drowned
in Skaneateles Lake; Christina, married Jessey Pullman,
son of John and Mabel (Pettis) Pullman; Annette, married

, now deceased; twin of Annette, died

young; and Elizabeth (" Betsey"), married Gordon Mason
and moved to Illinois. Clark B. Havens married a second
wife in Illinois, where he resided for a time before his
decease, but by her had no issue.

Ebenezer Havens, son of Daniel and Abigail (Burling)
Havens, married Laura Pettis, March 9, 1825, on Randall's
Point, on Skaneateles Lake, in the town of Spafford N. Y.
By her he had the following children, all born in this town:
Mary Jane, born July 29, 1827, married (1) James Apple-
bee, and (2) William Bulfinch Allen, son of Sumner and
Mary (Sherman) Allen, resides in Spafford, has one son by
Allen: William B., Jr., married Mrs. Ann Thompson;
Joseph, and Daniel, twins, born December 4, 1829, died
young; Dwight, born July 13, 1830, married (1) Henrietta
Ball, (2) Mary Willett, he starved to death in Danville Rebel
Prison, N. C, in the War of 1861 ; Abigail E., born May 27,
1832, married (1) Washington Morris, son of Samuel and
Jane (Springer) Morris, dead, and (2) Samuel Allen;
Nancy Maria, born March 11, 1837, married (1) Andrew
NeAvman, and (2) John Jacob Volkart; Matilda A., bom
December 25, 1838, married (1) Nathan Bond, and (2)
Harvey Randall, son of Stephen and Ruth Randall, she
resides in Wisconsin ; Lauretta E., born May 23, 1840, mar-
ried Ichabod J. Wallace, son of William and Pamelia (Eddy)
Wallace, her husband is dead, and she resides at Glen
Haven, N. Y., had one son Morgan, married widow Flora B.
Wallace, and died June 9, 1891; Cornelia, born December
15, 1841, died young; and Ebenezer, born May 19, 1843,
married Myra Bradford, March 17, 1879, resides at Glen
Haven N. Y.) (No stone.)


Laura Pettis, wife of Ebenezer Havens. Born May 23,
1805, died March, 1884.

(She was a daughter of Joseph Pettis, and was born in
Jefferson County, N. Y. She came to this town when a
small child, and resided until her marriage on Randall's
Point, on the east side of Skaneateles Lake. She and her
husband, Ebenezer Havens, were two honest, upright, pure


minded and good people, and were generally respectd. They
were well known to the writer in his boyhood, and he
treasures their memory with the warmest affection.) (No



Phebe, wife of Alexander Henry. Died August 9, 1866,
age 42 years, 2 months, 26 days.

" Go home, dear friends, and dry your tears.
For I must lie here until Jesus appears."
(Alexander Henry married for a second wife Harriet
Anthony, sister of George H.)

(Cold Brook.)


Jane (Brown), wife of James Hibbard, and daughter of
Jacob and Deborah (Morris) Brown. Bom April 10, 1846,
died May 24, 1876.



Eugene A., son of William A. and Jane Higbey. Died
July 23, 1842, age 11 months, 3 days.

(Mr. Higbey also had a son John, and a daughter, Fidelia

(Spafford Hollow.)


John C. Hill. Died April 18, 1882, age 47 years.
(He was bom in England. He had the following:
George, married Nancy Randall, daughter of George Henry

and Harriet (Knight) Randall ; , married

Wilson Scribner ; , married Walter Moxsie,

son of Charles Moxsie, and William B. Hill.)

(Spafford Hollow.)
William B. Hill, (son of John C. Hill). Died February
28, 1889.

(Spafford Hollow.)
Mary A., wife of Edward Hill. Died February 15, 1869,
age 18 years.

(Spafford Hollow.)


Ella J., daughter of Edward and Caroline Hill. Died
May 21, 1881, age 6 years, 2 months.

(Edward Hill was a brother of John C. Hill.)

(Spafford Hollow.)

James Hill, son of Alexander and Ann (Kinyon) Hill.
Born June 19, 1828, died in 1892.

(Alexander Hill married Ann Kinyon; they came from
Cambridge, Washington County, N. Y., and settled first on
the Vincent Farm, in the town of Scott, and afterwards on
a farm on the Saneateles and Homer road, just south of the
county line, in the town of Scott, Cortland County, N. Y.
His wife died in Scott and was buried there ; after her death
he returned to Cambridge, his native place, where he died
and was buried. His children by his wife, Ann Kinyon,
were: Patience, died unmarried and was buried in Scott,
N. Y. ; William, moved to California, where he married and
still (1898) resides; Ann, died unmarried and was buried in
Scott; James, married Orphana Doty, daughter of Willard
and Achsah (Bacon) Doty, no issue; Avaline, married
Charles B. Lyon, son of David and Harriet (Arnold) Lyon,
husband dead, and she resides in Spafford, no issue. Alex-
ander had a brother, William Hill, who died in this to^vn.)


Orphana (Doty), wife of James Hill. Bom in Lems
County, March 26, 1834, died May 31, 1898. (No stone.)

(She was descended from Edward Doty, who came from
England in the ship, " Mayflower," and settled at Plymouth,
Mass., in the year 1620, as follows: Orphana, Willard,
Warren, Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Edward Edward. She
left no issue of her marriage with Mr. Hill. In her will,
dated May 25, 1878, and probated June 21, 1898, she men-
tions no husband or children, but the following next of kin :
Warren Doty (brother), of Homer, N. Y. ; Abigail Eadie
(sister) , of Spafford, N. Y. ; Caroline Cleveland (sister) , of
Spafford, N. Y. ; Bertha Churchill (niece), of Onondaga
Valley, N. Y. ; Mary Robinson, (niece) , of Spafford, N. Y. ;
Floyd Harrington (grand nephew), of Spafford, N. Y. ;
Job Harvey (executor but not related) , of Spafford, N. Y. ;
Mary Norton (grand niece), of Homer, N. Y., and Nellie
Barber (grand niece) , of Scott, N. Y.)


William Hill. Died May 3, 1877, age 66 years.


(He was a brother of Alexander Hill, and came from
Cambridge, Washington County, N. Y. He married the
widow Mary Jane Cotteral, daughter of Michael Vincent of
Scott, N. Y. Their children, all born in Spafford, were:
Juila A., bom June 18, 1847, married Jerome Mason, son of
Hiram and Maria (Green) Mason, resides at Thorn Hill,
N. Y.; Alice A., bom January 19, 1852, married Jay C.
Roundy, son of Uriah and Mary Ann (Tinkham) Roundy,
she resides at Thorn Hill, N. Y. ; and Sarah M., bom July
23, 1857, m-arried John Burns, son of Frank and Harriet M.
(Streeter) Burns, resides at Borodino, N. Y.)
Mary J. Vincent, died March 24, 1911, age 89.



John C. Hillebert. Died February 15, 1844, age 72 years,
1 month, 24 days.

(He married first Elizabeth Berry, sister of Jonathan
Berry, and second Anna Phillips, (widow) , mother of Mrs.
Dr. Isaac Morrell. In his will, dated December 28, 1843,
and probated March 25, 1844, and in the petition for pro-
bate, mention is m.ade of his widow: Anne Hillebert, of
Spafford, N. Y., and his children : Elizabeth, married Elisha
Newell, of Spafford, N. Y. ; Mary, married William B. Bax-
ter, of Spafford, N. Y.; Charlotte, married Mr. Merritt of
Spafford, N. Y. ; Sophia, married Zara Berry, of Spafford,
N. Y. ; Jane, married John M. Weston, (brother of Edmund
C. Weston), of Spafford, N. Y. ; Amelia Ann Hillebert, of
Spafford, N. Y. ; John J., married Elizabeth Berry, daughter
of Jonathan and Thankful Berry, of Ellery, Chautauqua

County, N. Y. ; James M., married , of

Chautauqua County, N. Y. ; Nelson, married (1) Emeline
Peck, and (2) Eleanor Harvey, daughter of Paul and Sally
(Hiscock) Harvey, of Chautauqua County, N. Y.; and
Warren, who died at 27 years, unmarried.)


Elizabeth (Berry), wife of John C. Hillebert. Died Sep-
tember 18, 1822, age 45 years, 4 months, 28 days.

(Thorn Hill.)

Warren, son of John C. and Elizabeth (Berry) Hillebert.
Died February 18, 1839, age 27 years, 5 months, 23 days.




Wait Hinman was a threshing machine manufacturer,
and resided in the Village of Borodino, where he purchased
in 1829 ; he married Maria Albro, daughter of Stephen and
Freelove Albro, (Stephen Albro was a Revolutionary sol-
dier) and by her had the following children: Albert,
married Clarissa Spaulding, daughter of George and Mary
(Westgate) Spaulding, he died in Waterloo, N. Y. ; George,
married Ruth Smith and died in Manlius, N. Y. ; Aaron,
died when a young man, unmarried, in Syracuse, N. Y. ;
John, residing in 1898 in Syracuse, N. Y., unmarried; and
Harriet, married Jerry Woodmansee, and died in Tully,
N. Y.

George Hinman (son of Wait and Maria (Albro) Hin-
man) by his wife, Ruth Smith, had the following children:
Henry, married (1) Caroline Klein, (2) Rose Wealthy, and
(3) Harriet Sheldon, daughter of Lansing and Emily A.
(Ferris) Sheldon, he is an expressman, residing in Syra-
cuse, N. Y. ; Frank, civil engineer, resides in Syracuse,
N. Y., unmarried; and Anna, married (1) Irving Northrup,
(2) Howard Penoyer, and (3) Frank Bower, resides in
Syracuse, N. Y.

Truman Hinman and his wife, Delia, came to the Mar-
cellus end of the town before 1810, and for several years
after that date resided on lot 76, Marcellus, near Willow
Glen, and at one time owned the State's One Hundred
Acres on that lot. How they are related to Wait Hinman,
if at all, is not known. He sold out his interest on that lot
about 1822.


Adin Hinds. Died September 16, 1833, age 42 years.
" He died in the triumphs of faith.
Through a crucified Redeemer."

(Thorn Hill.)
George L. Hinds, a member of the 149th Regt. N. Y. Vols.
Inft. Died December 18, 1878, age 35 years.

(He married Lucy Maria Green, daughter of Henry and
Anna Maria (Coon) Green. After his decease his widow
married Charles H. Sweet and moved to Missouri.)




James Hiscock. Died February 24, 1834, age 75 years.

He and his wife, Elizabeth Ann Cody, came to this town
from Madison, Madison County, N. Y., in 1812, and settled
on lot 69, Marcellus, they were the father and m.other of
Sally Hiscock, who married Paul Harvey, son of Medad and
Anar Buell Harvey. Job Harvey, grandson of James His-
cock, claims he was a soldier of the Revolution.

(Thorn Hill.)

Elizabeth, wife of James Hiscock. Died December 24,
1827, age 73 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


John Holmes, (son of Samuel and Mercy Ann (Winsor)
Holmes). Died July 8, 1846, age 62 years, 9 months, 26

(Samuel Holmes, of the town of Scituate, in the County
of Providence, R. I., married Elnathan Brown, of Cumber-
land, R. I., at the latter place, August 15, 1751, and by her
had the following children, recorded in Scituate: Molley,
born November 2, 1752; Samuel, born November 17, 1754;
and Margaret, born September 9, 1757. We have no record
of other children, although there may have been others.

Samuel Holmes, son of Samuel and Elnathan (Brown)
Holmes, married at Smithfield, R. I., Mercy Ann Winsor,
daughter of Elder John and Mary (Smith) Winsor, Decem-
ber 19, 1779, and by her had the following children, born
in Smithfield, R. I.; Salom.e, born May 5, 1780 ; Stephen, bom
August 8, 1781; John, bom September 12, 1783; Cynthia,

born June 6, 1787, married Larned; Sydney; and

Samuel, born April 23, 1795, died at Brocton, N. Y., at the

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