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age of 82 years, married at Spafford, N. Y., about 1814, by
John Babcock Justice, Eunice Calkins, of the same place.
Samuel Holmes, Sr., was a gunsmith by trade. He served
during the Revolution as First Lieutenant and Captain, in
the 3rd Company of the Smithfield Battalion, in the R. I.
Militia. After 1795 he first moved with his family to
Little Falls, N. Y., and thence to Spafford, where he was a
resident at the organization of that town and was selected
as one of the road masters at the first election in 1812. His


son, Samuel, during the War of 1812, enlisted in the United
States Service and was at Sackett's Harbor, N. Y.,
during the year 1814, as a part of the command of General
Jacob Brown. After the war he was a pensioner of the
United States, by reason of his service during that war.
Samuel Holmes, Sr., was a brother-in-law of Daniel Tink-
ham, formerly of this town, they having married sisters.
After the war of 1812 he moved from this town, and died
near Canandaigua, N. Y.

John Holmes, son of Samuel and Mercy Ann (Winsor)
Holmes, married Lydia Barnes, and by her had the follow-
ing children, born in this town : Avalinda, married Harvey-
Barnes of Spafford; Winsor, married Candace Ripley,
daughter of John L. and Clarissa E. (Loss) Ripley, (no
issue), resides at Spafford, N. Y.; Mercy, died in 1897,
unmarried, Borodino cemetery. (No stone.) Juliette,
married Rev. Windsor Brown, resides at Borodino, N. Y. ;
Ann Eliza, married H. Linus Darling, son of Jacob W. and
Mary (BufRngton) Darling, both dead, Borodino cemetery;
John, Jr., married Rebecca Crane, daughter of George W.
and Mary Ann Crane, he and his wife are both dead, the
latter died at Fairmount, November 9, 1894, at the age of
57 years, and was buried in Borodino Cemetery. (No
stone). And Sidney, he moved to Evans, Erie County,
N. Y. Mr. Holmes resided at the time of his decease in the
Nunnery Neighborhood.

John Holmes, Jr., son of John and Lydia (Barnes)
Holmes, married Rebecca Crane, and by her had the follow-
ing, born in Spafford: Georgie, married, David Olmsted,
son of Jeremiah and Lavina Olmsted, resides In Geddes,
N. Y. ; Nettie, married Frank Streeter, of Borodino, N. Y. ;
Jay Stanley Holmes, of Geddes, N. Y. ; Ann Eliza, and
Francis A., died young.)


Lydia (Barnes) Holmes, (wife of John Holmes, Sr.)
Died January 10, 1878, age 84 years, 9 months, 29 days.

" Children dear, weep not for me,
For you'r not long to stay;
If Jesus permits I will sit
And wait for you at the gate."



John Holmes, Jr., (son of John and Lydia (Barnes)
Hohnes) . Died February 13, 1888, age 57 years.

Rebecca Crane, wife of John Holmes, Jr. Died Novem-
ber 9, 1894, age 57 years. (No stone.)

Ann Eliza, daughter of John, Jr., and Rebecca (Crane)
Holmes. Died August 14, 1859, age 15 months.

Francis A., son of John, Jr., and Rebecca (Crane)
Holmes. Died February 18, 1862, age 2 months.



Nettie. Died March 14, 1875, age 8 months.
Charles R. Died October 5, 1880, age 2 years.
Children of W. H. and Ann Howtin.

(Thorn Hill.)


Rowland Hoxsie, (son of John B. and Ruhamah (Bentley)
Hoxsie) . Died September 1, 1869, age 78 years, 9 months,
28 days.

(Rowland Robinson Hoxsie came to this town from
Greenwich, Washington County, N. Y., about October 19,
1816, and first settled on the east part of lot 71, Marcellus,
bordering on the west shore of Otisco Lake ; from there he
moved to Thorn Hill where he remained until his decease.
He was a stone mason by trade and assisted in building
some of the locks on the Erie Canal, but in this town and in
Marcellus he followed farming. He married (1) Almira
Chapman, daughter of Amasa and Lydia (Hunt) Chapman,

and by her had four children : Theodore, married

Alexander; Lydia, married Briggs, of Buffalo,

N. Y. ; Mary Jane, married Dudley; and Dr

Augustus Chapman, married Anna Poole, he died in Buffalo,
N. Y. For a second wife Rowland R. Hoxsie married Lucy
Griffin of Otisco, N. Y., and by her had : Rowland Robin-
son, Jr., bom in 1846, married and resides in Skaneateles,

N. Y.; John Adams, bom in 1848, married ,

ex-Sheriff of Onondags County, resides in Syracuse, N. Y.;


and Albert Mitchell, born in 1850, married ,

and resides in Syracuse, N. Y.

Mr. Rowland R. Hoxsie had a brother, John B. Hoxsie,
who also resided in this town on lot 69, Marcellus, and who
died after 1833 and before 1837. His widow, Lucy Hoxsie,
after his decease, married John M. Cowan, of this town.
By his wife Lucy he had one son: Wanton Hoxsie, who
died April 15, 1837, aged three years. Where he or his
son were buried is not known.
R. is omitted on two stones.

(Thorn Hill.)
Almira (Chapman), wife of Rowland R. Hoxsie. Died
September 23, 1840, age 35 years, 6 months, 1 day.

(Thorn Hill.)
Lucy (Griffin), wife of Rowland R. Hoxsie. Died
October 22, 1852, age 33 years, 3 months, 8 days.

(Thorn Hill.)
Ruhamah (Bentley), wife of John B. Hoxsie. Died
November 19, 1826, age 59 years, 11 days.

(Where her husband, John B. Hoxsie, is buried is not

(Thorn Hill.)
Hamilton, son of John B. and Ruhamah (Bentley)
Hoxsie. Died November 17, 1823, age 18 years, 10

(Thorn Hill.)

Janjes D. Huffman (son of George Huffman) .
Still living in 1898.

(Cold Brook.)

James Hunt. Died June 24, 1895, age 66 years.
(He married Lavina M. Orton, daughter of Zenas and
Sally Orton.)

Lavina M. (Orton), wife of James Hunt. Died January
7, 1884, age 45 years.

Infant son of James and Lavina M. (Orton) Hunt. Died
March 16, 1870, age 3 months, 4 days.



Nancy (Converse)' wife of Alvinza Hunt. Died Jan-
uary, 1831, age 20 j^ears, 6 months.

(Mr. Hunt married (1) Nancy Converse, and (2) Phebe
Converse, step-daughter of Samuel Conklin. He moved to

(Thorn Hill.)


Charlotte (Brown) , wife of Charles Hurd, and daughter
of Jacob and Deborah (Morris) Brown. Born April 10,

(She was living in 1898. She married first Byron Van
Benschoten, and second Charles Hurd. She was a twin
sister of Jane Brown, wife of James Hibbard. Resides at
Glen Haven, N. Y.)



Col. Phineas Hutchens. Died June 17, 1870, age 85 years,
3 months.

(Colonel Hutchens was born in Herkimer County, N. Y.,
March 16, 1785, and came to this to-wn among the first
settlers and prior to 1812, and settled on Lot 22, Tully, and
rem.ained there until his decease. Among his brothers and
sisters were the following, some of whom also came to this
town: John, married Maria Roundy, daughter of Uriah
and Lucretia (Needham) Roundy, in Spafford in 1816, went
West, where they both died and were buried; Levius; Ros-
well, married a Miss Sennett and settled in Oakland County,
Mich. ; Parthena, married Orrin Britt and settled in Medina,

N. Y. ; Albanus, married Anna ; and a sister, who

married a Mr. Bennett.

Col. Hutchens married (1) Margaret Giberson, January

27, 1811, and by her had two children: Caroline, born
November 8, 1812, died in 1891, married Chester Patterson,
son of Calvin and Sarah (Thompson) Patterson, February

28, 1834, in Spafford, both dead, buried in Borodino; and
Margaret, born February 19, 1814, married Nathan P.
Thompson, son of Reuben and Sally Thompson, March 3,
1836, husband dead, and she residing in 1898 in Homer,
N. Y. Mr. Hutchens' first wife died in Spafford, February


23, 1814, and he married for a second wife Betsey Bocker,
January 11, 1815, and by her had eight children: Louisa,
born October 19, 1815, died May 2, 1883, married Frederick
McKay, son of Augustin and Polly (Partridge) McKay,
October 8, 1837, both dead, buried in Spafford Cemetery;
Parthena, born August 12, 1817, died January 29, 1862,
married (1) Lewis B. Marshall and (2) Samuel Crane, botii
dead; Jane, born February 22, 1819, died September 5,

1849, married (1) Kimberly, and (2) Lark S.

Livermore, she died before her father and left one son:
Charles B. Livermore, then a minor, residing at Chariton,
Iowa; Roswell, born May 14, 1821, died January 16, 1854,
at Spafford, unmarried; Phineas, Jr., born May 9, 1823,
died June, 1880, married Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of John
R. and Roxana (Moon) Lewis, he left no issue, wife moved
to Illinois; Clarissa, bom July 7, 1825, died September 11,
1831; Orrin, born November 17, 1827, married Mary Mc-
Daniels, March, 1854, no issue, resides in Spafford in 1899 ;
and Lucy, born April 6, 1830, died April 5, 1882 married
Lyman C. Bennett, son of Stephen and Waity (Hill) Ben-
nett, she had one child : Phineas H. Bennett, who died young,
she was buried in Spafford Cemetery. Mrs. Hutchens died
July 25, 1831, and Mr. Hutchens married for a third wife
Lydia Smith, but by her had no issue, her death occurring
January 25, 1856. Mr. Hutchens, during the war of 1812,
v\^as First Lieutenant in Capt. Asahel Roundy's Company,
in the 98th Regt., N. Y. Militia, (Lieut. Col. Christopher
Clark commanding) , which served for a short tour of duty
near Sackett's Harbor, N. Y., in the year 1814. He subse-
quently obtained the rank of Colonel in the New York
Militia. Col. Hutchens, during his residence in this town,
was an active, public spirited and useful citizen, and served
his town in a creditable manner, in the discharge of the
duties of the various town offices to which, from time to
time, he was elected, including among others : Supervisor,
Assessor, Poor Master, Town Trustee, Commissioner of
Highways, and School Commissioner. He was a man of
marked character, great physical strength, and had a pleas-
ing sense of humor. Between him and Capt. Asahel Roundy
there was always an intimate relation and abiding friend-
ship, and the two men, who generally acted in unison in
public affairs, had a strong influence in shaping the political


and economic policy of the to^vn during their active career^
which extended dovm to nearly the close of their joint lives.
Mr. Hutchens and his family generally attended the Baptist
Church, of which part, at least, were members.)

Margaret (Giberson), wife of Col. Phineas Hutchens.
Died February 23, 1814, age 23 years.

Betsey (Bocker), wife of Col. Phineas Hutchens. Died
July 25, 1831, age 40 years.

Lydia (Smith), wife of Col. Phineas Hutchens. Died
January 25, 1856, age 74 years.

Clarissa, daughter of Col. Phineas and Betsey (Bocker)
Hutchens. Died September 11, 1831, age 6 years, 2 months,
4 days.

Roswell Hutchens, (son of Col. Phineas and Betsey
(Bocker) Hutchens). Died January 16, 1854, in his 33rd

" Thy name, dear brother, is engraved
On the hearts that loved thee."

In memory of Urania,, daughter of John and Maria
(Roundy) Hutchens, who died December 21, 1816, age two

" We'd scarce received the blooming gift.
When mourned the pleasure gone."



Caleb Hutton. Died July 21, 1881, age 75 years.

(Mr. Hutton was Low Dutch and came from Ulster
County, N. Y. He married Hannah Sessions, half sister of
Amasa Sessions. After her decease he moved to Grand
Ledge, Mich., where he married a second time. After his
death, which occurred at Grand Ledge, his body was brought
back and buried beside his first wife. His widow Martha,
subsequently married Albert E. Fulton, as his second wife.)

(Thorn Hill.)


Hannah (Sessions), wife of Caleb Hutton. Died Novem-
ber 25, 1865, age 68 years, 9 months.

(Thorn Hill.)


Oliver Hyde. Died November 15, 1837, age 83 years, 13

(He was a soldier of the Revolution. By his wife Polly,
he had a daughter, Prudy, who married Isaac Biills as his
second wife. His daughter, Esther E. Hyde, died unmar-
ried; he also had two daughters, Roxana and Lydia.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Polly, wife of Oliver Hyde. Died October 1, 1833, age
75 years, 3 months.

(Thorn Hill.)
Esther E. Hyde, (daughter of Oliver and Polly Hyde).
Died November 24, 1840, age 40 years, 5 months, 15 days.
" We trust she's gone to the world of bliss
Where sorrow ends and suffering ceases,
To join the happy throng above.
And shout free grace to the God of Love."

(Thorn Hill.)


Rev. Rogers Ide. Died June 2, 1863, age 75 years, 1

" I have gone home."

(The given name of his first wife was Esther. In the
application for letters upon his estate by Daniel P. Anthony,
guardian, etc., dated February 13, 1864, mention is made
of his widow : Ada Ide, of Dillsburg, Dearborn County, Ind.,
and the following children: Charity married Alanson E.
Colton, of Spaff ord, N. Y. ; David Ide, of Eaton Valley, Erie
County, N. Y. ; and Esther Mary, married Elkanah Bur-
roughs, of Danville, Vemellia County, Illinois. Mention is
also made of the following : David H. Ide, son of Daniel M.
Ide, then a minor residing in Illinois; Roger Ide, Lemuel
Ide, Eliza Ide, and Daniel Ide, four children, and two grand-
children of his deceased son, Hiram Ide, all then residing
in Illinois.)



Esther Ide, wife of Elder Rogers Ide. Died December
21, 1855, age 76 years, 4 months, 24 days.

Henry Ide, (son of Rogers and Esther Ide). Died
December 21, 1892, age 83 years, 9 months, 3 days.

(He married (1) Harriet Colton, daughter of Gideon and
Rhoda (Fowler) Colton, and (2) Elizabeth, and had the
following children by his first wife : Francis, married Mary
Olmstead, daughter of Isaac and Eunice (Case) Olmstead;
Henry, Jr., married Jannette Rathbone, daughter of La-
Grand and Juliette (Legg) Rathbone; Hortense, married
Otis Cross, son of Truman and Eunice (Legg) Cross; Mary
Jane, married John Kinyon, of Otisco, N. Y.; and Harriet,
who died at the age of four years. By his second wife he
had one daughter, Blanche, who married a Mr. Borden, and
was at that time of the age of nineteen years and resided
in Auburn, N. Y. All others whose residence is not given
then resided in Spafford, N. Y.)

Harriet (Colton), wife of Henry Ide. Died January 13,
1871, age 59 years, 1 month, 11 days.

Harriet Ide, daughter of Henry and Harriet (Colton)
Ide. Died November 23, 1837, age 4 years.

Ina, daughter of Henry, Jr., and Jennette (Rathbone)

Ide. Died 25, 1881, age 10 years, 3 months, 28


" The angels their kind watch are keeping
Over our Ina's safe sleeping,
No pain and no sorrow or weeping in Heaven."

Maud, daughter of Henry, Jr., and Jetnette (Rathbone)
Ide. Died July 22, 1881, age 6 years, 6 months, 4 days.
" That little voice no more I hear,
No laughing child I see,
No little arms around my neck,

No maid upon my knee.
No kiss drop upon my cheek,

These lips are sealed to me,
Dear Lord ! how could we give her up

To any but to Thee." (Borodino.)


Hattie A., daughter of Francis and Mary J. (Olmstead)
Ide. Died January 19, 1876, age 15 years, 3 months.



Jonathan Ingham. Died April 23, 1863, age 78 years, 2

(He married Sarah Hicks. In his will, dated April 8,
1852, and probated May 24, 1861, he mentions his wife,
Sarah Ingham, but she died before his decease and the pro-
bating said will. In the will and petition for its probate
dated May 24, 1861, the following additional heirs are men-
tioned: His daughter, Cordelia, married Moses P. Maul,
residing in Spafford, N. Y. ; and Cordelia Simmons and
Sarah I. Butts, both of Smyrna, Chenango County, N. Y.,
children of his deceased daughter, Hannah Butts. All were
of full age, except Sarah I. Butts, who was a minor.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Sarah (Hicks), wife of Jonathan Ingham, Died April
14, 1855, age 63 years.


(Peter Ingerson, died at Vesper, N. Y., July 5, 1891, but
form^erly resided in Spafford Hollow. In his will, dated
June 1, 1891, and probated January 9, 1893, he mentions
his wife, Elizabeth Ingerson, and the following children:
Henry Ingerson, of Tully, N. Y. ; Emily Barker, widow of
Joshua Barker of Tully, N. Y ; his adopted daughter, Phebe
Maycumber, wife of Randall Maycumber, of Tully, N. Y.,
and formerly widow of William E. Fisher of Spafford,
N. Y. ; and his daughter, Mary Ann Brown, widow of Her-
bert Brown, of Truxton, N. Y.)


Mary (Harris), wife on Andrew Isdell. Died May 4,
1843, age 49 years, 2 months.

(Andrew Isdell married (1) Mary Harris, and (2)
Sabina Maxson, sister of the first wife of Albert Foster. He
had the following children by his first wife and none by his
second: James H., married Samantha Young, widow of
Ruluf Jerome Barber; Mary, married Erastus Norton, son


of Moses and Percy (Barber) Norton, husband dead and
she resides in Spafford, N. Y. ; Emily, married Seymour
Doty, son of Willard and Achsah (Bacon) Doty, both dead
and left no issue; Jane, married Lyman Carpenter (mem-
ber of firm of Carpenter and Coleman) , resides in Syracuse,
N. Y.; Phebe, married William Bacon, son of Amos and
Abigail (Cady) Bacon; and Margaret, married Orrin Cook
of Gloversville, N. Y.)

(Cold Brook.)
Jewett A., son of James H. and Samantha (Young)
Isdell. Died September 20, 1849, age 2 years, 2 months, 26

(James H. Isdell and his wife, Samantha, are both dead,
he having died at Syracuse, N. Y., October, 1886. Their
children were: Jewett A., Bradford D., Majesta H., who
each died young, and Dorwin, who still survives, was mar-
ried, and at the time of his father's decease resided in
Syracuse, N. Y.)

(Cold Brook.)
Bradford D., son of James H. and Samantha (Young)
Isdell. Died September 29, 1847, age 3 years, 5 months,
4 days.

" God took from us our loved ones.
And though our tear drops swell.
We would not dare murmur
He doeth all things well."

(Cold Brook.)
Majesta H., daughter of James H. and Samantha
(Young) Isdell. Died December 12, 1860, age 18 years,
7 months, 12 days.

" She died as she had lived beloved,
Without an enemy on earth,
In word and deed she breathed and moved
The soul of honor and of worth.
Her hand was open as the day.
Her bearing high, her nature true,
And when from life she passed away
Our hearts went v/ith her to the grave."

(Cold Brook.)
Elias Jackson. Died November 1, 1830, age 76 years.




" Our Father "— Elias Jacobs. Died April 30, 1877, age
85 years, 10 months, 15 days.

(His wife, Betsey J., died in 1867. In his will, dated
July 25, 1876, and probated June 16, 1877, he mentions no
wife, but the following children: Betsey Jane, married
Hiram Seeley, son of Samuel G. and Adah (Fowler) Seeley,
both dead, and buried in Spafford Cemetery ; Marie J., mar-
ried Rev. James Outsell, then of Van Ettenville, Chemung
Co., N. Y. ; and Milo E, married Caroline O'Farrell, daughter
of William and Dinah O'Farrell. Milo E. Jacobs and his
wife and family moved West, where his death preceded that
of his father. In the petition for probate of his father's
will, mention is made of his son's children as follows:
Francis J., of Chicago, 111. ; Charles, of Winnebago, 111. ; and
Wilber F. Jacobs, of Winnebago, 111. ; all of full age, except
the latter, who was a minor over 14 years of age.)

" Our Mother ' — Betsey G., wife of Elias Jacobs. Died
August 14, 1867, age 69 years, 23 days.



Loami W. Johnson. Died April 22, 1861, age 76 years, 1
month, 22 days.

(He came to this town from Cambridge, Washington
County, N. Y., about 1818, and settled on Lot 75, Marcellus;
he having, however, purchased an interest in lands there
before that time, in the Spring of 1810. H was a cooper
by occupation and pursued that avocation in connection
with farming, down to the time of his decease. From the
Marcellus end of the town he moved to Lot 10, Sempronius,
in the town of Spafford, about 1825, and afterwards to Lot
21, Tully, in the Village of Spafford Comers, where he
remained, carrying on the business of cooper until his
decease. He first married before coming to this town,
Margaret Berry, sister of Jonathan Berry, by whom he had
three children: Joseph B., died at 28 years, unmarried;
Jonathan, married Esther Woodworth, daughter of Elias
and Diadama (Bassett) Woodworth, both dead, and buried
in Spafford, N. Y. ; and Esther, died at 22 years, unmarried.


For a second wife Mr. Johnson married Rebecca Stanley of
Pompey, but by her had no issue.)

Margaret (Berry), wife of Loami W. Johnson. Died
September 1, 1837, age 52 years, 6 months, 18 days.

Rebecca (Stanley), wife of Loami W. Johnson. Died
December 29, 1860, age 60 years.

Mr. Joseph B. Johnson, (son of Loami W. and Margaret
(Berry) Johnson). Died March 7, 1835, age 28 years, 2
months, 9 days.

" Depart my friends, dry up your tears,
I must lie here 'till Christ appears."

Miss Esther Johnson, (daughter of Loami W. and Mar-
garet (Berry) Johnson) . Died September 21, 1835, age 22
years, 4 months, 1 day.

" Her gentle spirit soars away,
To dwell with God in endless day."

Jonathan Johnson, (son of Loami W. and Margaret
(Berry) Johnson). Died June 22, 1874, age 66 years, 2
months, 5 days.

(Jonathan Johnson, by his wife, Esther Woodworth,
had four children : Fortunatus B., died in 1854, unmarried ;
Edwin, married Helen L. Breed, daughter of Reuben T.
and Purlina M. (Patchen) Breed, both dead, left one son,
Grove E. Johnson, married in Syracuse, N. Y.; Mary Eliza-
beth, bom June 18, 1842, married in Sempronius, December
27, 1860, Fernando C. Prindle son of Moses and Purlina M.
(Patchen) Prindle, no issue, residing in Spafford, N. Y.;
and Martha J., who died young. Mr. Johnson was a cooper
by trade, but followed farming and practiced law in Justice

Esther (Woodworth), wife of Jonathan Johnson. Died
September 18, 1893, age 83 years.

" God's word we trust."
After the decease of her husband, Jonathan Johnson, she
married for a second husband a Mr. Smith, but by him had
no issue.) (Spafford.)


Fortunatus B., son of Jonathan and Esther (Woodworth)
Johnson. Died January 14, 1854, age 18 years, 6 months,
8 days. ^

" None knew him but to praise."

Martha J., daughter of Jonathan and Esther (Wood-
worth) Johnson. Died April 8, 1847, age 10 months, 3

" Sweetest little bud for earth too fair,
Has gone to Heaven to blossom there."

Edwin Johnson, (son of Jonathan and Esther (Wood-
worth) Johnson). Died April 5, 1874, age 37 years, 7
months, 5 days.

Helen L. (Breed) Johnson, wife of Edwin Johnson. Died
March 10, 1874, age 29 years, 3 months, 3 days.

Infant son of Edwin and Helen L. (Breed) Johnson.
Died March 1, 1866, age 7 weeks.


Edwin C. Johnson, son of Grove E. Johnson. Died ,

age 2 months. (No stone.)

(Grove E. Johnson was a son of Edwin and Helen L.
(Breed) Johnson.)



Olive Chloe (Churchill), wife of William Kellogg. Died
September 13, 1875, age 31 years.

(She was a daughter of Chauncey and Catherine (Merry)

(Cold Brook.)


Olive A. (Sharp), wife of William Kelsey. Died April
10, 1863, age 23 years, 10 months.

(She was a daughter of John Wm. and Lydia A. (Under-
wood) Sharp.)

(Cold Brook.)



Clarence C. King, son of Caleb E. and Mary E. (Lam-
phire) King-. Died September 11, 1888, age 4 months, 3

(Caleb E. King married Mary E. Lamphire, daughter of
John Lamphire; he is a store keeper at Spafford Comers,
and was Supervisor of the town for the year 1898-9.)



Dr. David Kingsbury. Died March 7, 1841, age 64 years,
6 months, 19 days.

" Lo ! where this silent marble weeps
A friend, a husband, a father sleeps,
A heart within whose sacred cell.
The peaceful virtues lov'd to dwell."
(Dr. Kingsbury practiced medicine in Clinton ville, Mar-
cellus, N. Y. ; he married Delia Bowen.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Ann Gennett, daughter of David and Delina (Bowen)
Kingsbury. Died September 9, 1822, age 3 years.

(Thorn Hill.)


William Kirkpatrick. Died February 1, 1861, age 66

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