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years, 11 months, 5 days.

Caroline F., daughter of William and Lucy Kirkpatrick.
Died September 29, 1856, age 15 years.



Peter Knapp. Died July 13, 1839, age 84 years, 4 months,
18 days.

(He came from Westchester County, N. Y., first to Brutus,
N. Y., and then to Spafford, where he settled on Lot 42,
Tully, in 1806. His purchase consisted of the whole of that
lot, excepting the State's Hundred Acres, and his residence
was located near where William Barker's house now (1899)
stands. He married his wife, Dinah Guion, in Westchester


County, May 18, 1775. She was bom May 7, 1757, and died
in Spafford, October 17, 1835. By her he had the following
children: Sarah, born April 28, 1776, died December, 1794,
married Elijah Hadden, in Westchester, December, 1794;
Anna, born October 13, 1777, died unmarried, October 26,
1828; Cynthia born May 13, 1780, died April 18, 1867,
married Ellis Taft, October 8, 1809 ; Elijah, born December
9, 1782, died January 27, 1867, married December 9, 1812, at
Scott, N. Y. Betsey Burdick, daughter of Thompson and
Tabitha (Wilcox) Burdick; John, born August 22, 1785, died
in Michigan, January 17, 1874, married Mamra Hotchkiss,
February 13, 1806; Hannah, bom March 9, 1789, died in
Ovid Seneca County, N. Y., December 14, 1868, married
John Ingersoll, August 20, 1807; Peter, Jr., bom February
14, 1791, died March 24, 1875, married Saberah Babcock,
daughter of Ezra Babcock of Scott, N. Y., born July 3, 1796,
died April 20, 1872, they died and v/ere buried in Scott;
Mary, born July 29, 1793, (dead), married Jonathan Pat-
terson, son of Ebenezer and Dinah Patterson, resided and
died in Ohio ; Isaac, born August 29, 1795, died in Michigan,
married Polly Berry, daughter of Jonathan and Thankful
Berry ; Silas, born December 30, 1797, died in Medina, N. Y.,
December 16, 1888, married Flora Barber, daughter of
Erastus and Joanna Barber ; James Desbrosses, born March
23, 1800, died in Michigan, September 28, 1855, married
Lois Ingersoll; and Kortright, born April 30, 1803, died
January 17, 1883, married Ginsey Skinner, he died in

Peter Knapp, Jr., by his wife Saberah Babcock, had the
following children: Stephen C, born January 17, 1816,
married Elizabeth Smith of Napoli, N. Y., both living
(1899), in Preble, N. Y. (They have the following: Ed-
ward, Cynthia, Burdett, Adelbert, Alice, and Annice
(twins), Sarah, Orville, Willard and Ezra Fred.);
Euretta bom October 1, 1817, married H. Lee Burdick of
Scott, N. Y., where they now reside, (their children are:
Emerson, Elbert, and Mary) ; Sally Ann, born February 16,
1820, married William Davis, of Lincklaen, N. Y., where
they now reside. (They have two children, names not
known) ; Asher M., born May 16, 1822, died in Wisconsin,
September 25, 1897, married Amy Potter of Truxton, N. Y.


(three children) ; J. Riley, bom April 29, 1825, married
Caroline Knoor of Bloomsburg, Pa., he resides in Scott,
N. Y. (Two children: Harry and Maggie); Minerva S.,
born December 14, 1827, resides in New Hope, N. Y, un-
married; Ezra B., born February 26, 1830, married Loretta
E. Wilson of Skaneateles, N. Y., where they now reside, no
issue; Epinetus H., born August 13, 1833, married (1)
Nancy Vandenburg, of Preble, N. Y., and (2) Amelia Dyke-
man of New York City, resides in Scranton, Pa. (one child,
Minnie) ; and Clarence N., bom April 22, 1836, married
Olivia Barber of Scott, N. Y., where they now reside, no
issue. (Spafford.)

Dinah (Guion) , wife of Peter Knapp. Bom May 7, 1757,
died October 17, 1835. (No stone.)


In memory of Ann Knapp, (daughter of Peter and Dinah
(Guion) Knapp) , who died October 26, 1828, age 51 years,
13 days.

" Affictions sore with patience bore.
Physicians were in vain,
'Till God did please to give me ease
And take me from my pain."

Elijah Knapp, (son of Peter and Dinah (Guion) Knapp).
Died January 27, 1867, age 84 years, 1 month, 18 days.

(Elijah Knapp married Betsey Burdick at Scott, N. Y.,
December 9, 1812, and by her had : Angeline, bom July 19,
1814, and died April 16, 1824 ; George Frink, born October
9, 1815, married Betsey Ann Gale, daughter of Samuel and
Sally (Manley) Gale; Emeline, bom January 30, 1817,
married William Collins, son of John and Lucy (Bur-
dick) Collins, she resides in Spafford, N. Y.; and Betsey
Ann, bom August 14, 1825, married William Barker, son of
Darius and Mary (Cooper) Barker. Elijah Knapp resided
on the Skaneateles and Homer road, on Lot 42, Tully, on
lands received from his father, Peter Knapp. He and his
family attended the Baptist Church. He was a farmer.)


Betsey (Burdick), wife of Elijah Knapp. Died Decem-
ber 30, 1872, age 79 years, 1 month.

(She was a daughter of Thompson and Tabitha (Wilcox)
Burdick, and bom (probably), in Stonington, Conn., Nov-
ember 30, 1793. She came with her parents to Brookfield,


Madison County, N. Y., about 1796, and a few years after-
wards to Scott, N. Y., where she remained until the time of
her marriage. She was descended from Robert Burdick,
first of Newport and afterwards of Westerly, R. I., as
follows: Betsey, Thompson, John, Hubbard, Robert. Her
father and mother are both buried near her grave in this


In memory of Angeline, daughter of Elijah and Betsey
(Burdick) Knapp. Died April 16, 1821, age 9 years, 8
months, 17 days.

" Sleep on dear child and take thy rest.
For Jesus called you when he thought best."


Martin E. Knapp, (son of Alanson Knapp) . Died March
28, 1875, age 76 years.

(Martin Elmer Knapp was bom in Salisbury, Litchfield
County, Conn. The name of his mother is not known, but
the given name of his stepmother was Hannah. After leav-
ing Salisbury he first settled in Hillsdale, Columbia County,
N. Y., and after a few years, according to the memory of
his daughter, Mrs. Kinney, moved to Delaware County,
and about 1835 or 1836 came to this town, where he finally
settled on the farm afterwards owned by his son, Justin N.
Knapp, on Lot 43, Tully, Cold Brook, in 1837. This farm
he subsequently sold to his son, and he moved to Scott, N. Y.,
where he died in 1875. His first wife was Lucinda Niles,
and his second wife Phebe Van Benschoten ; he had no issue
by his second wife, but by the first he had the following:
Justin Niles, married Polly P. McKay, daughter of Augustin
and Polly (Partridge) McKay, he is dead and his wife
resides in Cold Brook, P. 0., South Spafford, N. Y. ; Josiah
Niles, was a minister and died at the age of 25 years, un-
married; and Eunice A., married (1) Sanford B. Kinney,
and (2) Loami Kinney, both husbands are dead and she
resides in Homer, N. Y.)

(Cold Brook.)

Lucinda (Niles) , wife of Martin E. Knapp. Died Novem-
ber 24, 1846, age 46 years.

(Cold Brook.)


Rev. Josiah N. Knapp, (son of Martin E. and Lucinda
(Niles) Knapp) . Died August 15, 1846, age 25 years.

(Cold Brook.)

Justin N. Knapp, (son of Martin E. and Lucinda (Niles)
Knapp) . Died May 10, 1893, age 74 years.

(By his wife, Polly P. McKay, born September 30, 1821,
and living in 1899, he had the following children : Martin
Augustus, married Marion H. Hotchkiss, resides in Wash-
ington, D. C, Interstate Commissioner ; Mary Lā€ž died at 29
years, unmarried; Justin Niles, married Mary Sterling
Hobart ,of Homer, N. Y. ; he resides in Syracuse, N. Y. ; and
Alice Arzena, married Charles Kellogg, resides in New York
City, N. Y.)

(Cold Brook.)

Mary L., daughter of Justus N. and Polly P. (McKay)
Knapp. Died October 20, 1875, age 29 years.

(Cold Brook.)


Amasa Kneeland, (son of Jonathan and Mary (Spencer)
Kneeland). Died April 22, 1845, age 68 years, 7 months,
15 days.

(Amasa Kneeland was born at East Haddam, Conn.,
September 7, 1776, married Charlotte Kidder in 1807, and
by her had the following children, born in Marcellus (now
Spafford) : Stella, born January 13, 1808, died September
3, 1891, married Cephas Bassett, she was educated in Homer
and Cortland Academies, and went to East India with her
husband, as a missionary; Ellen, born April 2, 1809, died
December 3, 1888, married Seymour Tracy, and formerly
resided at Junction City, Mo.; Hon. Samuel Stillman, bom
April 2, 1811, died at Skaneateles at the age of 85 years,
married Cordelia Wrgiht of Marcellus, October 17, 1848.
He was a member of Assembly from this town in 1853, and
represented the town in the Board of Supervisors from 1857
to 1860. He also served the town in various other minor
offices, such as Assessor, and School Inspector. He was a
Republican in politics. (He had three daughters who sur-
vived him, of whom ā€” Ellen, married a Mr. Thome, the other
two are unmarried) ; Persis, bom in 1813, died unmarried
in 1844 ; Amasa Spencer, born October 22, 1814, now dead,
He was a Baptist minister. Married Almira E. Foot;


had three children, now residing at Strikersville, N. Y.
Mary, born August, 1817, died October 8, 1882, married
George Sessions and moved to Jefferson County, Colorado;
John Kidder, bom April, 1819, married and resides In
Michigan; Hon. A. Judson, born May 5, 1821, married
Esther Griswold, lawyer, died 1884 in Homer, N. Y.; Jane
Ann, born March 30, 1823, married Martin Spencer, and
resides in Galva, Illinois ; Benjamin Trumbull, bom June 3,
1825, married Harriet Mills resides at Dalton, N. Y. ; and
Dolphus Bennett, born 1827, married Miranda Charles and
lives in Ionia. The Kneeland family attended the Baptist
Church at Thorn Hill. Mr. Kneeland was descended from
Edward Kneeland, who came to this country in 1630, and
finally settled in Ipswick, Mass., as follows: Amasa, Jona-
than, John, Benjamin, Edward, Edward. According to the
Kneeland genealogy the family were of Scotch origin, and
trace their line back into the middle of the thirteenth

(Thom Hill.)

Persis, daughter of Amasa and Charlotte (Kidder) Knee-
land. Died November 4, 1844, age 32 years.

(Thorn Hill.)

Among the other members of the Kneeland family who
came to this town, but left no dead, were the following :

John Kneeland, son of John and Mary (Spencer) Knee-
land, and brother of Amasa, born at East Haddam, Conn.,
May 10, 1769, married Sally Benson, and by her had:
Ichabod, married Anna Prentice of Skaneateles, N. Y. ;
Warren, married Fanny Hyde; Amasa; Whitfield, married
Sarah Fry ; Nathan ; John B., born in 1812, married Lucinda
Sickles in 1845; Clarinda, married Benjamin Howe;
Philura, died in 1879, unmarried; Minerva; Mary, married
David D. G. Chandler; Zipporah; and Sarah. John Knee-
land moved at an early date from this town to Livingston
County, N. Y., where he remained until his death. About
1835 his five sons moved from Livingston County, in this
State, to Livingston County, in Michigan, and their descen-
dants now largely reside in that State.

Warren Kneeland, son of Jonathan and Mary (Spencer)
Kneeland, another brother of Amasa, born in East Haddam,
Conn., November 2, 1771, died 1868 at the age of 97 years,
married (1) January 3, 1809, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, daughter


of Jeremiah and Anna Fitzgerald, she died in 1818 and he
then married (2) Rachel Randell, widow of Garner Sher-
man, she died in Illinois in 1860. By his first wife he had
the following- children : Joel, bom January, 1810, and died
unmarried, June 10, 1837 ; Dr. Jonathan, born February 10,
1812, died in South Onondaga, May, 1898, married Miriam
Dwelle, February 7, 1845; David F., born in 1811 and died
at four months ; and Nancy, bom June 27, 1814, married (1)
Rev. Jeremiah B. Evarts, and (2) Minard LaFever; and by
his second wife he had the following: Elizabeth; Andrew
Jackson, born March 20, 1823, died April 17, 1886, married
Lucy Adeline Parker; Cynthia, born 1825, married A. Nos-
trand; and Warren H., born 1831, married and settled in
Oakland, California. Warren Kneeland, Sr., was a teacher
for over thirty years, having taught school in both Saratoga
and Onondaga Counties.

Asa Kneeland, born 1773, at East Haddam, Conn., and
died 1842, son of Jonathan and Mary Spencer, and brother
of Amasa, married in 1800 Hannah Green, and by her had
the following children: Edward, born January 15, 1801,
married Mary Thompson, (he has one son, Edward, the
only male descendant of Asa, now living) ; Charles, Dom
and died in 1802; Sarah, born 1803, died 1853, married
Joseph Berry (no issue) ; Horace, born May 12, 1806. He
was a sculptor, died 1875, married Lucy Ann, no issue;
Hector, born May 12, 1806 (twin of Horace) , married Maria
Smith, he died in San Francisco, California, at the age of
84 years; Charles, born June 8, 1808, married Catherine
Horr, he died in 1847 without issue ; Catherine, bom June
8, 1808 (twin of Charles) , married Alonzo Meacham, resided
in Davenport, Iowa; Angeline, born June, 1810, died April
1, 1880, married (1) Fred Knickerbocker, and (2) Daniel
Southwick; Almira, born September 10, 1812, died June,
1838 ; Cornelia, bora March 7, 1816, married Daniel Baker
of St. Paul, Minn. ; Hiram, born March 27, 1818 ; died Sep-
tember, 1840 ; and Henrietta, born January 6, 1822, married
(1) James M. Goodhue, and (2) Jasper Tarbox, living in
1897. These children of Jonathan Kneeland were, of course,
descended from Edward, the emigrant ancestor in this
country, the same as stated for Amasa above.



Sylvanus Knight. Died July 5, 1866, age 48 years, 7
months, 19 days.

(He married Mercena Randall, daughter of Silas and
Mercy (Harrington) Randall. His wife survived him, and
after his decease married Nathan Bond for her second hus-
band. She was living in 1898 at Spafford, N. Y.


Joseph K. Lamb, (son of Jeduthan Lamb). Died July
9, 1843, age 46 years, 1 month, 26 days.

(He married Malinda Ferry, daughter of Asa and
Ruhama Ferry.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Mary A. (Morse) , wife of John Lansdown. Died October
2, 1851, age 26 years.

(She was a daughter of Matthias Morse of Spafford


Marcelia S., daughter of Philemon and Sophia Lathrop.
Died August 24, 1842, age 4 years, 9 days.

(Philemon Lathrop resided in town for a short stay;
he was a stone cutter by trade and left this stone as a
specimen of his handicraft.)

Lucretia Roundy Lathrop. Died October 17, 1879, age
69 years.

(Served her country in the War of 1861 as Hospital
Nurse at Winchester, City Point, and Annapolis.)

Merritt Learned. Died July 14, 1845, age 61 years, 7

(By his wife, Clarissa, he left two sons him surviving:
Jason, and Joseph.)

Clarissa, wife of Merrit Learned. Died February 18,




Capt. Otis Legg, (son of Moses and Mary Legg) . Died
June 1, 1821, as-e 33 years, 11 months, 23 days.
" Afilictions sore a long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain,
'Till God did please to give me ease
And take me from my pain."

(The Legg family came from Mendon, Worcester County,
Mass., where Reuben Legg, the grandfather of Captain
Moses Legg, lived, raised his family and died. The ances-
tral line of Reuben, or even the name of his wife, is not
known to the writer; his children, however, were: Reuben,
Jr., he married and moved to Jenkinsville, Tioga County,
N. Y., in 1803, and there had six sons and two daughters:

Moses, married Mary , and moved to Onondaga

County, N. Y. ; Nathan, married and settled in Penn Yan,
N. Y, ; Caleb, married and settled (1) in Greene County,
and (2) in Madison or Herkimer County, N. Y. ; Joel, mar-
ried in his native town, and after the death of his wife,
moved in 1826 to Speedwell, Tompkins Co., N. Y., where his
son, Leonard, and his son-in-law, John Steams, had previ-
ously settled, he died there ; John, married and remained on
the old homestead in Mendon, Mass.; David, died in Massa-
chusetts; Sally, married Nathaniel Onley, and moved to
Speedwell, Tompkins County, N. Y. ; and a daughter, who
never married, remained at the old homestead with her
brother John, until her decease. All the male members ol
this family of Reuben are claimed to have served in the
War of th Revolution, none injured or killed.

Moses Legg (son of Reuben Legg, Sr.) , by his wife Mary,
had : John, married Emma Colvin, both died in Skaneateles,
N. Y., had one daughter, Juliette, who married Joel Thayer ;
Moses, Jr., married a Miss Chrisley; Capt. Otis, married
Polly Sabin, both died in Spafford, N. Y. ; Lewis, married
Ruth Redway; Polly, married John Knapp; William, mar-
ried Amanda Fulton, both died in Spafford, had one
daughter, Eunice, who married David Becker; Sally, mar-
ried Noble King ; and Charles, died unmarried.

Capt. Otis Legg (son of Moses Legg, Sr.), by his wife,
Polly Sabin, had: Harriet, married Philip Fisher, both
dead ; Alfred W., married Maria Manley, daughter of Elijah
and Betsey Manley, he is dead and was buried in this ceme-


tery; Col. William W., married Minerva A. Prindle,
daughter of Hon. Joseph and Elizabeth (Moore) Prindle,
both deceased, and buried in Borodino cemetery; Emma,
married (1) Truman Cross, and (2) Jonathan F. Wood-
worth, son of James and Hannah (Fish) Woodworth, both
dead; and Juliette, married (1) La Grand Rathbone, and
(2) Reuben T. Breed, all three dead. The Leggs were
among the early settlers in this town, and first resided on
the Skaneateles and Homer road, on Lot 11, Tully.)


Polly (Sabin) , wife of Capt. Otis Legg. Died March 27,
1873, age 83 years, 8 months, 28 days.

" What ere may be my earthly lot
Thy name shall never be forgot.
In joy, in sorrow, hope or fear,
I'll think of thee, my mother dear."


Alfred W. Legg, (son of Capt. Otis and Polly (Sabin)
Legg). Died in Lagrange, Chautauqua County, N. Y.,
October 31, 1842. Age 30 years, 2 months, 2 days.
" Removed he was and buried here
By William Legg, his brother dear."
(By his wife, Maria Manley, he had two children : Alfred
Otis, and Henrietta Legg.)


Col. William W. Legg (son of Capt. Otis and Polly
(Sabin) Legg). Died July 24, 1892, age 78 years.

By his wife, Minerva, he had : Philetus B., died at seven
months ; Marion F., died at 44 years, unmarried ; an invalid
from youth; Arretus M., married Mary Ann Smith,
daughter of Gilbert Smith, and resides in Washington,
D. C; and Elizabeth F., married William H. Bass and
resides in Borodino, N. Y.)


Minerva A. (Prindle), wife of Col. William W. Legg.
Died January 7, 1888, age 68 years, 11 months.


Philetus B., son of William W. and Minerva A. (Prindle)
Legg. Died October 12, 1841, age 7 months, 16 days.


" Why dost thou fond parents grieve
To wish the child that's dead to live?
Why dost thou wish him back again
To years of sorrow and pain?
How could you wish the child you loved
To leave those happy realms above
To drag a tedious, wretched life
In slavery, sickness, care and strife?"

Marion F. Legg, (son of Col. William W. and Minerva
A. (Prindle) Legg) . Died March 26, 1888, age 44 years,
11 months.

William Legg, (son of Moses and Mary Legg). Died
November 2, 1856, age 60 years, 2 days.

(He was a merchant at one time in Borodino, and traf-
ficked extensively in real estate in this town. By his wife,
Amanda Fulton, daughter of Robert and Sarah Fulton, he
ha'd one child: Eunice, who married David Becker, son of
Peter and Mary (Eadie) Becker, all dead, and buried in
this cemetery.)

Amanda (Fulton), wife of William Legg. Died Sep-
tember 4, 1856, age 53 years, 7 days.



Esther (Newell) , wife of James T. Leland. Died January
8, 1845, age 24 years.

(She was a daughter of Stephen and Mary (Cuykendall)
Newell. Her husband resided in Homer, N. Y. ; he is also



Joseph Lewis, (son of Jonathan, Jr. and Sarah (Barber)
Lewis. Died February 16, 1838, age 86 years, 10 months.

(Jonathan Lewis, Jr., of Exeter, R. I., married July 27,
1744, Sarah Barber of Charlestown, R. I., and by her had
six children : The first two in Richmond, and the last four
in Exeter, R. I. : Daniel, bom July 12, 1745, married Lydia
Barber, of Exeter, R. I., March 21 1770; John bom Novem-


ber 10, 1746, married Amie Sheldon, of Exeter, September
28, 1777 ; Jean, bom August 29, 1748 ; Joseph bom April
7, 1750, married Mary Stanton of Foster, R. I., January 6,
1774; Jonathan, (3rd) born August 15, 1752, married
Martha Bowdish, August 12, 1779, and Benjamin, bom
April 9, 1755, married Deliverance Cleveland, February 10,

Joseph Lewis (son of Jonathan), bom in Exeter, R. I.,
April 7, 1750, and died at Spafford, February 16, 1838,
married at Foster, R. I., January 6, 1774, Mary Stanton,
bom November 23, 1754, and died in Spafford, August 30,
1831, and by her had nine children, born in Exeter, R. I. :
Susannah, born November 22, 1775, married Stephen Wil-
cox as his second wife, August 14, 1800 ; Job, born Septem-
ber 10, 1776, married Margaret , died out West;

Hannah, born November 18, 1779; R. Kenyon, born Feb-
ruary 18, 1782, married and died out West; Joseph, born
July 26, 1784; Mary (Polly), born October 25, 1786, mar-
ried Easton Cole at Foster, R. L, December 6, 1807, died
in Michigan; Benjamin Stanton born August 26, 1789,
married Betsey Whiting, daughter of Dr. Jeremiah B. Whit-
ing, died in Ohio; Charity, born October 27, 1792, married
Ambrose S. Gillett, died out West; and John R., born
January 17, 1798, married Roxana Moon, daughter of Silas
and Anna Moon, died in St. Charles, Illinois.)

(Lewis Yard.)
Mary (Stanton), wife of Joseph Lewis, Died August
30, 1831, age 76 years, 9 months, 7 days.

" The head that oft the pillow prest,
This aching head is now at rest.
My flesh shall slumber in the ground
'Till the last trumpet sounds.
Then burst the chain with sweet surprise
And in my Saviour's image rise."

(Lewis Yard.)
In memory of Mary Ann, daughter of John R. and Roxana
(Moon) Lewis. Died March 18, 1831, age 6 years, 7
months, 12 days.

" When blooming youth is snatched away
By death's relentless hand,
Our hearts the mournful tribute pay
Which pity must demand."


(John R. Lewis, son of Joseph and Mary (Stanton)
Lewis, married Roxana Moon, daughter of Silas and Anna
Moon and by her had the following : Joseph, married Sarah
Eddy, daughter of John Eddy, he moved to Iowa ; Mary Ann,
died young; Dr. Jamse, married South, resides in St.
Charles, Illinois; Elizabeth, married Phineas Hutchens,
Jr., he is dead and she resides at St. Charles, Illinois ; and
John Perry, married Mary Berry, daughter of Zara and
Sophia (Hillebert) Berry, both dead, she buried in Borodino

(Lewis Yard.)

Mary (Berry), wife of J. Perry Lewis. Died April 2,
1856, age 19 years, 4 months, 17 days.


Gerusha Mehitable (Angel) Lewis, (wife of Gershom
Lewis) . Died June 2, 1856, age 52 years.

(She was a daughter of Abraham and Anna Angell. Her
husband, Gershom Lewis, was at the time of his decease a
wagon maker at Spafford Corners; he is supposed to have
been buried in this cemetery, but has no stone. He died of
a cancer in the face. Mrs. Anna Angell, Mrs. Lewis'
mother, is also buried in this cemetery. In her will, dated
in 1834, and probated in 1839, she mentions her daughter,
Mehitable Lewis, wife of Gershom Lewis, and Polly
Sprague, wife of Peleg Sprague, as her only heirs.)

Gershom Lewis died June 2, 1853, age 52 years.



Oliver Lieber. Born 1826, died 1892.

(The Spafford family of Liebers were as follows, accord-
ing to the statement of one of its members : Oliver, mar-
reid Maria Nodine, daughter of Jeremiah W., Sr., and Maria

(Strope) Nodine; James, married Clarissa ; Maria,

married (1) Miles Riggles, and (2) Albin Coon of Thorn
Hill; Rachel, married (1) a Mr. Preer, and (2) John
Riggles of Georgetown, Madison County, N. Y. ; Henry,
moved to Taylor, Cortland County, N. Y. ; Catherine,
lived in Pennsylvania; Lorenzo; and George, who married
Mary , moved West.

Oliver Lieber by his wife, Maria Nodine, had the follow-
ing children: Edward, went West, residence unknown;


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