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Andrew, married Elizabeth Cole, daughter of Joseph L. and
Philura (Lyon) Cole, contractor, resides at Spafford
Comers, N. Y. ; Martin, married Lettie Applebee, daughter
of Albert Applebee; Frank, resides unmarried in Spafford,
N. Y.; and Thomas, married Susan Nearing, of Cardiff,
N. Y.)

Maria (Nodine), wife of Oliver Leiber. Bom in 1832,
died in 1874.

Laurania, daughter of George and Mary Lieber. Died
October 1, 1851, in her 17th year.

Francis M., son of James and Clarissa Lieber. Died May
15, 1851, age 6 years.

Hattie E., daughter of James and Clarissa Lieber. Died
January 12, 1852, age 8 months.

John E., infant son of Andrew and Elizabeth (Cole)
Lieber. Bom in 1874, and died in 1876.



George W., son of C. D. and Sarah Lounsbury. Died
February 17, 1856, age 25 years, 11 months.

(Dr. C. F. Lounsbury died at Navarino, N. Y., August
10, 1884, age 53 years, 8 months.)

(Thorn Hill.)


Harriet (Arnold) , wife of David T. Lyon. Died January
9, 1862, age 68 years, 7 months, 10 days.

(David T. Lyon was born at Ballston Springs, Saratoga
County, N. Y., came to this town at an early date, and first
settled at what is now known as Willow Dale, where he pur-
sued his avocation of shoemaker, and where all his children
were bom, except the two youngest, who were bom near
Thorn Hill. From near Thom Hill he moved to Spafford
Comers and remained for a number of years. After the
death of his wife he moved to the town of Lyon, Michigan,
where he died. He had a number of brothers and sisters.


several of whom came to this town, but all finally moved
away, among them were: Daniel, he married (1) Dorcas
Darrow of Otisco, N. Y., and (2) Chirstie Ann Robertson,
daughter of James and Isabel (Eadie) Robertson, and
widow of Richard C. Goodrich, he finally settled in Otisco,
where he died; Sally, married John Evans, he formerly
resided on Lot 22, Tully, but finally moved away; Polly,
married Uriah Roundy, Jr., son of Uriah and Lucretia
(Needham) Roundy, they moved West; John; Samuel, he
resided in Michigan, the town of Lyon in that State being
named after him; Betsey, married Noah Hart of Detroit,
Michigan ; and Baxter, married Mary Roundy, daughter of
Uriah and Lucretia (Needham) Roundy.

David T. Lyon, soon after his arrival in this town,
married Harriet Arnold of Otisco, and by her had : Philura
L., married Joseph L. Cole, son of Easton and Polly (Lewis)
Cole; George W., married Cornelia Barker, daughter of
Darius and Mary (Cooper) Barker, he is dead and his wife
married for a second husband John Wallace; Charles B.,
born June 26, 1825, died 1893 or 1894, married Avaline Hill,
daughter of Alexander and Ann (Kinyon) Hill, no issue;
Cyrus S., married (1) Harriet Weston, and (2) Eliza J.
Carr, resides in Spafford, N. Y.; Dr. John E., married Julia
A. Wilson, he is dead, and buried in this cemetery, after his
decease his widow married Joseph L. Cole, but is now
deceased ; and Spencer K., married a Miss Baxter, he resides

George W. Lyon, son of David T. Lyon, by his wife, Cor-
nelia M. Barker, had five children : Ida M., married Martin
Frink Gay, son of Barnett A. and Amanda F. (Smith) Gay,
she is dead, and husband resides in Spafford, N. Y. ; Rosa
A., she died unmarried ; William Henry, married Harriet M.
Brown, daughter of Jacob and Deborah (Morris) Brown,
he was a soldier of the War of 1861, is now deceased and his
widow and several children (George, Viola and Emerson)
reside at Glen Haven, N. Y.; George Nelson, died young;
and John E., also died young.)


Charles B. Lyon, son of David T. and Harriet (Arnold)
Lyon. Bom June 26, 1825, died 1893 or 1894. (No stone.)



Geoge W. Lyon, (son ol' David T. and Harriet (Arnold)
Lyon). Died Fobrauiy 3, 1864, age 43 years.
" Gone Home."

George Nelson, son of Geoge W. and Cornelia M.
(Barker) Lyon. Died January 27, 1855, age 1 year, 9
months, 11 days.

Rosa A. Lyon, daughter of George W. and Cornelia M.
(Barker) Lyon. Died May 10, 1883, age 23 years.

John E. Lyon, son of George W. and Cornelia M.
(Barker) Lyon. Died March 9, 1855.

William Henry Lyon, (son of George W. and Cornelia M.
(Barker) Lyon), Company " H," 185th Regt., N. Y. Vols.
Inft. Died January 8, 1876, age 31 years.
" Gfone but not forgotten."

Henry Emerson, son of William Henry and Harriet M.
(Brown) Lyon. Died April 27, 1893, age 23 years.
(He died unmarried.)

Dr. John E. Lyon, (son of David T. and Harriet (Arnold)
Lyon. Died March 28, 1871, age 42 years.
" Only waiting."
(He was a physician and surgeon. He had no issue by
his wife, Julia A. Wilson, who was from Homer. After his
decease his widow married Joseph L. Cole for his second
wife, but she is now deceased and buried in this cemetery.
She has no stone.



Martin Mabie. Died July 15, 1872, age 85 years, 4
months, 5 days.

(Martin Mabie resided in Cold Brook, on Lot 43, Tully;
by his wife Gertrude he had: John, resided Norwich,
Chenango Co., N. Y. ; Aaron, resided in Cortland, N. Y. He
was a soldier of the War of 1861, dead; Maria, died un-
married, buried in this cemetery ; Lucinda, married Thomas
J. Taft, resides in South Spafford, N. Y. ; Hiram, dead ; and


Sarah, married Au^stin McKay, Jr., son of Augustin and
Polly (Partridge) McKay, resides at Spokane, Washington.)

(Cold Brook.)

Gertrude, wife of Martin Mabie. Died August 13, 1868,

age 81 years, 6 months, 3 days. (Cold Brook.)

"Maria" Mabie (daughter of Martin and Gertrude

Mabie). Bom March 10, 1812, died September 29, 1884.

(Cold Brook.)


Mary E. (Shaw) , wife of Joseph J. Mahar. Died Decem-
ber 22, 1878, age 43 years, 4 months, 23 days.
" Gone but not forgotten."
" And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.
And there shall be no more death, neither sorrow,
And crjdne:, neither shall there be any pain,
For the former things are passed away."

Rev. 21 Ch. 4 v.
(She v/as a daughter of James Shaw, of Spafford Hollow.
Mr. Mahar, after her decease, married a second wife from
over the west side of Skaneateles Lake.)

(Cold Brook.)

In memory of John Mapes, who died October 26, 1826,
age 44 years, 9 months, 10 days.

(There were several members of the Mapes family, that
in early times resided in what is now the town of Spafford,
but they all went away before 1836, and very little is known
of them now. Among the names of those holding lands
were: Anson; George, ("late of Walkill, Orange County,
N. Y.") , wife Experience; John, wife Nancy; John, Jr., and
Thomas, wife Eliza. Among those who have conveyed Spaf-
ford lands, but who never lived in this town, were : Nathan
Mapes and Nancy, his wife, of Southfield, Orange County,
N. Y., from 1797 to 1818. Nothing more is known of this
family.) (Spafford.)


Jesse Manley. Died July 10, 1832, age 78 years.


Eunice, wife of Jesse Manley. Died April 20, 1853, in

her 98th year. (Borodino.)


James Manley, (son of Alanson and Margaret (Mills)
Manley) . Died October 13, 1879, age 27 years, 7 months.


Wyllys Manley. Died March 15, 1852, age 74 years.

(Thorn Hill.)

Russel Manley, (son of Wyllys). Died August 12, 1878,
age 56 years, 6 months.

(His first wife, Orpha, died in 1855, and he then married
Mary E . In the petition for letters of adminis-
tration upon his estate, made by his wife Mary E., dated
August 27, 1878, mention is made of the following children :
Rosalie, wife of Ulrick Eisde; Rosaltha Manley; Emeline,
wife of Norris Maine, each of full age; Edith Manley, age
18 years; Sarah B. Manley, age 14 years; and Willis Manley,
age 12 years, all of Skaneteles, N. Y.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Orpha, wife of Russel Manly. Died January 4, 1855, age
27 years.

(Thorn Hill.)

Elijah Manley. Died September 26, 1853, age 72 years,
11 months.

(His wife, Betsey, died in 1851. In his will, dated May
28, 1853, probated February 2, 1854, he mentions no wife,
but the following children : Maria Mear, wife of John Mear ;
Samuel E. Manley; and Hananiah Manley; and Henrietta
and Alfred Otis Legg, children of his daughter Maria, then
deceased, who married Alfred W. Legg, son of Capt. Otis
and Polly (Sabin) Legg.

Samuel E. Manley (son of Elijah) , died in 1880, and in
his will, dated August 16, 1880, and probated January 5,
1881, he mentions no wife, father, mother, brother or sister
(they all then being deceased) ; but the following nephew
and nieces : Henrietta Selkirk of Bradley, Allegan County,
Mich., and Alfred Otis Legg of Skaneateles, N. Y., children
of his deceased sister, Maria (Manley) Legg; and Emily
Briggs, of Omaha, Nebraska, daughter of his deceased
brother, Hananiah Manley.)

(Thorn Hill.)

Betsey, wife of Elijah Manley. Died February 7, 1851,
age 63 years, 8 months.

(Thorn Hill.)


Elviia Manley, (daughter of Elijah and Betsey Manley).
Died ] )ecember 24, 1837, age 32 years, 17 days.

(Thorn Hill.)
William N. Manley. Died September 23, 1888, age 80
years, 21 days.

(Thorn Hill.)
James C. Manley. Died January 11, 1851, age 23 years,
3 months, 14 days.

(Thorn Hill.)
Luther Manley. Died January 9, 1824, age 66 years, 9
months, 14 days.

Hannah, wid<
1835, age 78 yeai*s,

Morris Manley
months, 20 days.

(Thorn Hill.)
Hannah, widow of Luther ]!ilanley. Died October 7,

(Thorn Hill.)
Morris Manley. Died' September 9, 1812, age 21 years, 8

(Thorn Hill.)

Sergeant Phineas B. Marshall (son of Lewis B. and Par-
thena (Hutchens) Marshall, Ck). "D," 122 Regt., N. Y. Vols.
Inft. Died at Washington, D. C. November 23, 1862, age
21 years, 8 months.

(Lewis B. Marshall married Parthena Hutchens, daughter
of Col. Phineas and Betsey (Bocker) Hutchens, and by her
had two children : Phineas B., died unmarried ; and Orpha
Rosette, died young. After the decease of Lewis B. Mar-
shall, who died before his son, his widow married Samuel
Crane for a second husband. In the application for letters
of administration upon the estate of Phineas B. Marshall,
by his uncle, Simeon R. Marshall, in 1863, mention is made
only of uncles and aunts as follows : Simeon R. Marshall,
Margaret Thompson, Caroline Patterson, Louisa McKay,
Phineas Hutchens, Orrin Hutchens and Lucy Bennett.)


Cyrenius Marshall. Died September 23, 1857, age 62


Orpha Rosette, daughter of Lewis B. and Parthena
(Hutchens) Marshall. Died June 27, 1849, age 5 years, 8



Aaron Martin. Died October 26, 1840, age 71 years.
Lucy, wife of Aaron Martin. Died December 12, 1858
age 92 years, 4 months, 4 days.

Lucy Martin, wife of John R. Martin. Died December
17, 1840, age 31 years, 9 months, 10 days.

James Augustus, son of Lyman and Amanda Martin.
Died March, 1849, age 11 years.

Lucy Maria, daughter of Lyman and Amanda Martin.
Died August 10, 1850.

Rachel, wife of Wendall B. Martin. Died August 9, 1848,
age 51 years, 11 months 27 days.



Abigail (Udell), wife of Hezekiah Mason. Died May 12,
1836, age 73 years, 9 months.

(The Masons of Spafford trace their descent from Samp-
son Mason, shoemaker, who first appears upon the records
of Dorchester, Mass., in 1651, Rehoboth, in the same State
in 1657, and Swansea Mass., ten years later, where he
remained until his decease in September, 1676. In religion
he was a Baptist as were very generally his descendants.
The name of his wife is not known, but the following are
ascribed to him as his children: Sampson, Noah, John,
Samuel, Sarah, Mary, James, Joseph, Bethiah, Isaac, Pela-
tiah, Benjamin and Thankful.

Isaac Mason (son of Sampson, Sr.), bom July 15, 1667,
was a Deacon in the Second Baptist Church of Swansea,
Mass., from the time of its organization in 1693 to the date
of his death January 25, 1742. By his wife Hannah, he
had the following children: Hannah, Mary, Isaac, Samp-
son, Nathan, Oliver, Hannah (2), Benjamin and Mary; the
first five born in Rehoboth and the balance in Swansea.

Sampson Mason (son of Isaac and Hannah Mason), bom
in Rehoboth, Mass., February 24, 1700, married Experience
Lewis, and had the following children : Nathaniel, Nathan,
Hannah, and Benjamin.


Rev. Nathan Mason (son of Sampson and Experience
(Lewis) Mason), bom November 12, 1726, was a Baptist
minister. He emigrated to Nova Scotia in 1763, but re-
turned to Swansea about 1771. He finally settled in
Cheshire, Burkshire County, Mass., where he died in 1804
at the age of 80 years. Nathan Mason married July 10,
1748, Elizabeth Wood, and by her had: Chloe, Hezekiah,
Nathan, Elizabeth, Sampson, Daniel, Bethena, and Experi-
ence ; the first four bom in Swansea, Mass.

Hezekiah Mason (son of Rev. Nathan and Elizabeth
(Wood) Mason), born at Swansea, Mass., November 18,
1754, was also a Baptist minister, and for many years min-
istered over the Baptist Church at Cheshire, Mass. He was
an active and influential man, both in civil and religious
affairs in the latter place. On December 9, 1795, he pur-
chased four hundred and fifty acres of land in this town, on
lot 68, Marcellus, on which his two sons, Avery and Asa,
settled about June 18, 1804, but he never came here to
reside; if he was ever here at all his stay was only tem-
porary, supervising the settlement of his sons Avery and
Asa. His first wife, Sarah, died at Cheshire, Mass., in
June, 1811, and he married in the following November,
Abigail Udell, widow of William Shelden of Shepherdtown,
N. Y., where Mr. Mason had then taken up his abode. He
continued to reside at the latter place until his decease,
March 9, 1825, (age 71), his body being taken back to
Cheshire for burial. His children were: Avery, married
Sally Pierce of Rehoboth, Mass. ; Asa, bom March 21, 1782,
died March 11, 1865, married (1) Chloe Bowen, bom in
May, 1784, died March 17, 1811, buried old Borodino
cemetery (Alexander Becker farm), no stone, and (2) Anna
Shelden, daughter of William and Abigail (Udell) Shelden;
Thurstin, married Mercy (or Phebe) Bourne; Anson, mar-
ried Phelinda Mason, daughter of Levi Mason (third
cousin) ; Hiram, married Maria Green, both died in Spaf-
ford; Hezekiah, married Sybil Eddy; Chloe, married a Mr.
Popple; Sally, married Samuel Martin, of Cheshire, Mass.;
Hannah, married Jonathan Nichols; Freelove, married a Mr.
Aldridge; and perhops two others whose names are not

Mrs. Mason, before her marriage to Mr. Mason, had by
her first husband, William Shelden, eleven children, some


of whom came to this town and a record of whom appears
in these notes under the name of Shelden.)

(Thorn Hill.)
Asa Mason, (son of Hezekiah and Sally Mason). Died
March 11, 1865, age 83 years.

(He was bom in Cheshire, Berkshire Co., Mass., March 21,
1782, and married January 2, 1803, Chloe Bowen, who died
March 17, 1811, and was buried in the old Borodino cemetery
on the Alexander Becker farm, and (2) May 10, 1812, Anna
Shelden, daughter of William and Abigail (Udell) Shelden.
Mr. Mason came to town about June 18, 1804. By his first
wife he had : Nancy, born January 22, 1804, married Feb-
ruary 19, 1821, Harrison Pierce, son of Major Pierce, she
died in Michigan ; Hezekiah, bom January 16, 1806, married
(1) Betsey Chapman, and moved to Michigan, where he
married a second time; Elay, born January 31, 1808, died
young; and Destamona Adeline, born January 11, 1810,
married (1) Mason Wood, and moved to Michigan, where
she married a Mr. Harrington for a second husband, (by
her second husband she had four children : Polk and Dallas
(twins) , Maria, married a Mr. Baker, and Harriet E., mar-
ried a Mr. Goss.) By his second wife, Anna Shelden, Mr.
Mason had eight children : Philetus, bom July 6, 1814, died
young; Chloe Ann, born March 29, 1816, died young; Laura
Lavender, born June 9, 1818, died young; John Leland, bom
January 27, 1820, married November 6, 1845, Phebe Newell,
daughter of Stephen and Mary (Cuykendall) Newell ; James
Russell, born June 6, 1821, married February 1, 1844,
Betsey Ann Hicks, he is dead ; Darius Shelden, born April
4, 1823, married December 26, 1849, Harriet E. Harvey,
daughter of Paul and Sally (Hiscock) Harvey, he is dead;
Chloe Ann (2) born January 25, 1825, married December
27, 1849, Job Hsj-vey, son of Paul and Sally (Hiscock)
Harvey, resides (1899) in Borodino, N. Y. ; and Sarah
Abigail, bom September 28, 1835, died young.)


Chloe Bowen, wife of Asa Mason. Died March 17, 1811,
age 26 years, 10 months.

(She died of typhoid fever during the dangerous illness
of her husband, and was buried in a small cemetery, now in
disuse, on the Alexander Becker Farm. No stone.)

(Old Borodino Cemetery.)


Anna Shelden, wife of Asa Mason. Died September 5,
1867, in her 74 year.

James Russel Mason, son of Asa and Anna (Shelden)
Mason. Born June 6, 1821, died November 7, 1882, age 62
years. (No stone.)

Hiram Mason, (son of Hezekiah and Sally Mason) . Died
June 4, 1877, age 83 years, 5 months, 23 days.

(He married Maria Green, and by her had: Sarah;
Harriet; Elbridge E., married Almira Maxson, he is now
deceased; Martin, married Laveme Maxson; Mortimer,
married Esther Vail, resides in Borodino, N. Y. ; Jerome,
married Julia Hill, daughter of William and Mary Jane
(Vincent) Hill, no issue, resides Spafford, N. Y. ; Columbus;
Hiram, and George W., the last three died unmarried.)

Mortimer Mason (son of Hiram and Maria (Green)
Mason), by his wife, Esther Vail, had: James, married
Emma Burns, daughter of John Burns, resides near Boro-
dino, N. Y.; Hiram, married Flora Yates, resides in Syra-
cuse, N. Y.; and Ida, married Charles Briggs, resides in
Skaneateles, N. Y.)

Maria Green, widow of Hiram Mason. Born October 3,
1799, died February 24, 1890.

Elbridge E. Mason, (son of Hiram and Maria (Green)
Mason. Died February 6, 1886, age 66 years.

Almira A. (widow) . Bom May 30, 1825, died April 21,

Anice E. Mason, daughter of Elbridge E. and Almira
(Maxson) Mason. Died October 4, 1867, age 15 years.

George W., son of Hiram and Maria (Green) Mason.
Died February 5, 1854, age 17 years, 6 months.
" As quick as thought Death's arrow flew
And pierced me to the heart."
(He was drowned.) (Spafford.)

Emma A., wife of Stephen Masters. Died December 2,
1875, age 40 years, 10 months.

(Spafford Hollow.)


Adella A., daughter of Fred C. and Lydia A. Masters.
Died May 5, 1886, age 4 months.

(Fred C. Masters is a son of George and B. Masters.)

(Spafford Hollow.)
"Our Baby," Alfred William, son of George and B.
Masters. Died April 2, 1881, age 7 months.

(George Masters is a cousin of Stephen Masters.)

(Spafford Hollow.)


Reuben Maxson. Died January 20, 1883, age 77 years, 3
months, 20 days.

(He came to this town from Scott, N. Y., where his first
wife, Polly, died. He married after coming here Emeline
Pressey, daughter of Moses Pressey; she is also deceased,
and buried in this cemetery. (She has no stone.)

Elizabeth, daughter of Reuben and Polly Maxson. Died
December 16, 1861, age 15 years.



(Maby on stone.)
Thomas, son of Stephen and Phebe Maybee. Died Nov-
ember 21, 1831, age 12 years, 9 months, 14 days.



Caroline, wife of Milton Majniard. Died June 7, 1883,
age 52 years, 5 months.

(Milton Maynard married for a second wife Eliza Ben-
nett, daughter of Stephen and Waity (Hill) Bennett.)

Mary E., wife of Adelbert Maynard. Died June 1, 1878,
age 24 years, 5 months, 11 days.

(Adelbert Maynard, son of Milton and Caroline May-
nard, married (1) Mary E. Smith, and (2) Lydia Howe,
daughter of Henry Howe.)

Henry, son of Moses and Sally Maynard. Died April 20,
1842, age 5 years, 11 months.




Mary (Coon), wife of Charles McCausey. Died October
13, 1859, a.ofe 44 years.

" A faithful wife and mother.'
(Charles McCausey, 1815-1901, married (1) Mary Coon,

1816-1859, (2) Eggleston, and (3) Williams.)


John McDaniels, (son of Timothy McDaniels). Died
April 7, 1873, age 82 years, 8 months, 22 days.

(According to family tradition Timothy McDaniels came
to this country from Ireland, and settled in New York City,
where he died of Asiatic cholera, leaving two small children :
John and Bridget, who, after his decease, were taken to
Goshen, Orange Co., N. Y., and reared in the family of
Judge Wickham. Subsequently the daughter Bridget mar-
ried George D. Wickham, the only child and son of her foster
father. Judge Wickham. George D. Wickham became a
large land holder, and among his other possessions owned
the principal parts of Lots 44, Tullly, and Lot 14, Sempron-
ius, in this town, and at an early date, John McDaniels,
under a contract from his brother-in-law, Mr. Wickham,
settled on the latter of said lots, and then on 100 acres on the
northwest corner of the former of said lots, where he
remained until the date of his decease. Before coming to
this town, Mr. McDaniels (born July 15, 1790) married
Polly Hankins (born August 31, 1793) , and by her had the
following children: Eliza A., bom July 15, 1812, died
March 16, 1867, married Jeremiah Whiting, she was buried
in Scott, N. Y. ; George W., born August 31, 1814, died at
Onondaga Valley, N. Y., March 13, 1898, married Elizabeth
Winans, who also died at Onondaga Valley, N. Y., March 18,
1898, at the age of 70 years; Caroline B., bom November
13, 1816. died May 22, 1877, married Peter Ellis Taft, son
of Ellis and Cynthia (Knapp) Taft, she was buried in
Aubum, N. Y. ; Emily B., bora October 17, 1818, died May
1, 1896, married Jerum Babcock, she was buried in Scott,
N. Y.; John Nelson, born March 3, 1822, married Annls
Perkins, daughter of Hopkins and Polly Perkins, wife dead
and he was living in Buffalo, N. Y., in 1897 ; Bridget, bom
June 6, 1824, died in February, 1894, married (1) Chris-


topher Deg-0, (2) Ziba D. Baker; Benjamin, bom October
21, 1826, died December 15, 1891, married Cynthia Baker,
daughter of Ziba D. and Sally Ann (Taft) Baker; Julia A.,
born February 22, 1829, married Joseph L. Cole, as his
third wife, she is living in 1899 in Spafford, N. Y. ; Richard

H., born June 24, 1831, married (1) , and

(2) Mary Hopkins, living in 1897; Edgar B., bom July 30,
1833, married and living in 1897 in Vermillion, S. Da. ; and
Mary, born January 8, 1835, married Orrin Hutchens, son
of Col. Phineas and Betsey (Bocker) Hutchens, no issue,
residing 1899 in Spafford, N. Y.)


Polly (Hankins) , wife of John McDaniels. Died Decem-
ber 24, 1882, age 84 years, 3 months, 24 days.


Benjamin McDaniels, (son of John and Polly (Hankins)
McDaniels) . Died December 15, 1891, age 65 years.

(He married Cynthia Baker, daughter of Ziba D. and
Sally Ann (Taft) Baker, and by her had one son: Charles
B. McDaniels, born August 21, 1871, unmarried, residing
at Spafford, N. Y., in 1899.)


John W., son of George W. and Elizabeth (Winans)
McDaniels. Died February 13, 1866, age 12 years, 4
months, 27 days.

(Cold Brook.)

In memory of Ruth McDuffee, (daughter of James
McDuffee) . Died August 22, 1840.

(James McDuffee was an Irishman, and by trade a


Augustin McKay, (son of Sylvester and Elizabeth (Bos-
tich) McKay). Died August 21, 1849, age 62 years, 2
months, 13 days.

(Sylvester McKay, born August 2, 1760, died in 1804,
was a son of Alexander and Mary (Sackett) McKay.

Alexander McKay, born February 19, 1732, died in 1812,
was a son of Elkanah McKay, who, family tradition says,
was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, about 1700.


Sylvester McKay, by his wife Elizabeth Bostich, had the
following children : Silas, bom July 7, 1783, died July 30,
1843; Philo, born July 28, 1785; Augustus, born June 8,
1787, died August 21, 1849, married (1) October 15, 1809,

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